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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 20, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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back tomorrow night. the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. have a great evening. sean hannity takes over now. >> sean: welcome. a fox news alert. a senior law enforcement official is telling fox news that the fbi and the doj concur that hunter biden's laptops and emails are not part of any russian disinformation campaign. let me repeat to the media mob and the democratic party that is russia obsessed, we can report that the emails detailing the biden's family sketchy international business deals are not part of any russian
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disinformation campaign as some democrats suggest. the official told fox news that the fbi has possession of hunter biden's laptop, the one in question. joe biden, you have a lot of questions to answer. it's time for you to answer them. what did you know? when did you know it? can you take a cut of your son's pay for play schemes? i know it's 9 p.m. eastern, joe, but if you are awake, we have a camera right outside of your house right now. you could walk outside of your house. leave your basement bunker, step out and answer these pressing questions. we will be happy to hear you out. we have a lot more on this huge bombshell development coming up. whether or not joe steps up to the mic is anybody's guess. tonight the president is gaining massive momentum. democrats despite what they say and the media mob, it's hard to
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believe. november 3rd two weeks from tonight you will be the ultimate jury. 2020 is not a coronation for joe biden. over the past week the race has become extremely tight. polls in every battleground state are showing this is well within the margin of error. we will show you the bolls. you will hear from the pollster who predicted donald's landslide in 2016 and believes donald trump is on track to do it again. a full report from lawrence jones in erie, pennsylvania where the president wrapped up another massive rally. with 14 days to go the trump campaign is planning an aggressive travel schedule. the president criss-crossing the country. vowing to hold up to 5 rallies a day in the closing days of this campaign. the same can't be said for the weak, frail and struggling joe
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biden who is still hiding in his basement bunker like he has all summer. he is continuing a light schedule through september. calling a pre-noon lid on campaign activities for september. and in october, they have already 7 over the second. he held one public event on sunday. he is off until the debate. with two weeks to go the former vice president biden is taking off 5 of the last 6 days. we don't expect to see joe biden again in public until thursday's debates. two weeks from tonight and joe won't or can't leave his house to campaign. i have been doing radio over 30 years. i am in my 25th year on the fox news channel covering elections.
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it's my passion. i have never nor has anybody ever witnessed anything like this. clearly, questions need to be answered. his campaign, joe biden's campaign has made what are unprecedented decisions, unusual political calculations and top democrats believe that keeping joe biden, their own candidate, away from the public eye for 6 of 7 days in two weeks leading up to an election is better for the campaign. this raises real serious concerns. why on earth is this happening? what is wrong with joe biden? what are they trying to hide from we the american people? obviously we are already well aware of joe's declining mental alertness. according to senate colleagues joe has never been particularly intelligent and now can barely
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string together two co herrent sentences -- and also quick to fly off the handle in fits of rage. the 77-year-old democrat is obviously struggling. that's obvious to anybody watching him but also tonight we know there is something far worse that the biden campaign is trying to sweep under the rug and run the clock out. there are serious charges of public corruption. a high level official is telling fox news that the fbi is in possession of that laptop that it belonged to zero experienced hunter biden who made million dollars. the official told fox that the contents of that laptop are not part of a russian disinformation campaign. the liar adam schiff and other top democrats are full of it. they are lying to our faces about russia again. the only russian interference in
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2018 was hillary clinton and her bought and paid for russian disinformation dossier. the source was a known russian intelligence official to our fbi and said none of it was true. >> i will speak live with congressman adam schiff about a new probe into the russia disinformation campaign targeting joe biden. >> the origins of the smear are from the kremlin. the president is only too happy to have kremlin help. >> to say there is no evidence that somehow these emails and text messages or this hard drive is part of a russian disinformation campaign doesn't make sense to me. >> this looks like russia intelligence. this walks like russian intelligence and talks like it. >> sean: we know this is not
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part of a russian disinformation campaign. the democrats lied for 3 years. we know the emails and documents detailing joe and hunter biden's scheme might be legitimate. we have joe biden bragging you are not getting $1 billion unless you fire the prosecutor investigating my son who is paid millions with no experience. it include an email thread with a chinese equity fund and more held by h for the big guy. fox news reporting that the big guy is a reference to joe biden. remember, hunter biden began wheeling and dealing with well connect connected chinese nationals 10 days after he was on air force-two with his dad. joe, it would you allow your son
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with no experience in gas, oil or energy in the ukrainian or russia or china to cash in on your name and putting you in a compromising position? did you get a cut of your son's millions he made in china? all of these were struck when you were vice-president. what about the shopping spree that we know about the grassley and johnson memo about a chinese national? what about the millions you made from the russian oligarch the first lady of moscow? and the money that hunter's firm received from an oligarch if this report? also breaking. this picture obtained bid "new york post" shows joe and hunter along side that oligarch who wired hunter biden and his firm
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$142 grand earmarked for a brand new car. fox news can't independently verify the photograph but joe said he never spoke to his son about this. so joe, explain the picture. let's be clear. hunter biden is not an investment genius. he is not goldman sachs or deutsche bank. according to the new yorker hunter biden is a long time serious drug addict. he was likely selling access to his father and special treatment from his father in the obama
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administration. tonight serious questions. did the former vice-president profit in any way and did he lie when he said he knew nothing about it? was u.s. foreign policy compromised? joe, if this is a really big smear campaign as you suggested over the weekend when you got one hard question -- that's joe biden's house -- come out and tell us why. you have a full hour of the show. it's all yours. these are serious questions for a guy running for president. instead of socalled journalists attempting to cover it up. abc, nbc, and cbs they dedicated only 14 minutes out of 51 hours of coverage to the looming scandal. and leslie stahl from "60
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minutes" berated white house staff for not wearing masks while she was also not wearing a mask. i doubt that leslie or anybody at "60 minutes" has any intellectual curiosity about hunter biden and the million dollars he made without any experience and connecting them to china and russia and ukraine. why is it so important that president trump continue to get his message out via twitter and through his rallies? that's why. lawrence jones is in erie, pennsylvania and joins us with more. >> good evening. the president was fired up at his rally today. zeroing in on vice president biden flip flop.
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on fracking. i talked to the president's supporters about fraccing and so much more. -- who will pull off the victory in pennsylvania? is joe biden's home state? >> i don't care. it's all about trump because he cares about everybody. >> fracking has been a big issue. if joe biden for or against fracking? >> it depends on what medications he is on. i am pretty sure he is against it. >> he is flip flopping all over the place. i think tell hurt him. the american people want to know what you are about. we know what president trump is about. >> did they ban fracking, how will it impact this state? >> devastate a lot of people. >> president obama is coming to down to campaign for joe biden. will that have any impact on the
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voters? >> i don't believe so. obama is old news. biden is more of the same. >> sean, this is the vice-president's home state. it's a battleground. the president won it in 2016. no republican won that state since 1988. all eyes on this county, the president won that county as well. democrats are flooding this county because they are worried about it. we will see what happened on election day. 14 days out. a week from today. >> sean: two weeks from today. thank you. tonight if you are looking for honesty you won't get it from team biden on. this program we detailed the biden campaign lies on fracking and the green deal and lying about hunter biden and his scandal.
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this weekend more blatant dishonest. a biden ad in michigan features a bar owner struggling to keep his business afloat during the pandemic. well that's actually a wealthy millionaire tech investor who supported governor whitmore's stay at home order. joining us now is one of the only pollsters in the country predicted in 2016 that donald trump would win michigan and pennsylvania. robert, good to see you. you predicted it would be as close as it was in 2016. you predicted it accurately. i have you right now wisconsin 1 point lead for biden.
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michigan 1 point lead for trump. florida trumping up we two. pennsylvania biden up by 1. ohio trump up by 4. we have north carolina the president up by a point and a half. minnesota is a dead heat. dead even. and the president winning georgia which other pollsters do not have. what are you seeing that others are not seeing? >> what we have noticed is that these polls are missing the hidden trump vote. the shy trump voter. there is a clear feeling among conservatives and people for the president that they are not interested in sharing their opinions on the telephone. we have seen people be harassed
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and have their houses torn up for expressing political opinions that are not in line with the politically correct establishment. if you are not trying to give them a poll they can participate in with a lower threshold to be anonymous, you won't get honest answers. >> sean: there is a reluctance. there has been hostility. people who wear a maga hat, they are open to attacks and people are afraid to put up lawn signs. this would tell me this is a very close race. we are two weeks out. we have one more debate on thursday night. certainly, this ever growing
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scandal might play an impact or will it not? if can be shown that joe biden lied when he didn't know about hunter biden making millions from russia and ukraine and china and elsewhere, would that have an impact on the race? >> it certainly could. right now it's mainly the conservative media and creating its own scandal. the online providers and mainstream media are acting like it's not happening. people are seeing a level of corruption being hidden. it's not something anybody experienced before. i think if the president uses it effectively in the debate when a more bipartisan audience is paying attention and puts him on the spot, i think biden might crack like he did in the
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primaries. if that happens the mainstream media will have to cover it. >> sean: you see this intensity with early voting in a lot of states right now. i don't see a lot of passion for joe biden. i see a lot of passion for donald trump and then you have a lot of trump haters. you mentioned big tech companies. i thought them as part of the group and the media and everybody in the democratic establishment in that group. how do we read all of the early voting and the change in voting laws that has been happening in the last 100 days? >> it's very confusing. we are having court decisions. i warned about corruption in pennsylvania. then there was a court ruling on
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monday. they brought vote stealing to an arta in parts of pennsylvania. it's great concern. right now what we see are people voting on election day seem to be for the president. we have been digging around looking at the low propensity voters. they are clearly in favor of trump. these are people who only voted once or twice in the last 20 years. we see a strong enthusiasm for them to turnout and they are not being measured. >> sean: i started in radio in 1987. i am in my 25th year at fox. joe biden is in hiding in his basement half of the month of september. 14 days to go. joe biden was off saturday. joe biden did one event on sunday. he is off yesterday, today, tomorrow and most of the day on
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thursday until the debate. you obviously love politics and you are a keen observer of presidential politics. you have ever seen anything like it. do you agree with me that some sort of calculation had to be made by the biden campaign they are better off keeping him away from campaigning? i have never seen anything it like in my life. your thoughts? >> i agree. it doesn't seem like an accident. hillary clinton talked about a 3 a.m. phone callism wonder if is a noon phone call is a problem here. -- >> sean: if you have had to make a final prediction, how do you predict this race goes? when we will know based on if your mail-in ballots have a post mark 10 days after, we will
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count it, in some states? >> i see the president winning with a minimum and going up based on how big this under current is. as to when we know i won't try to predict. >> sean: this is nate silver which the liberal news as a holy grail. they are showing a significant increase in the number of african-americans and hispanic-americans supporting the president. do you see that translating into no votes for the president? >> absolutely. across the battleground states, we see a significant number. in the high to mid teens among the african-american vote and biden not getting anywhere near
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the 80% he needs. hispanic north of 35% and even above 50 in some states like arizona. >> sean: thank you. joining us now fox news contributor karl rove. i don't know, taking 5 out of 6 days off. very unusual to me. >> yes, but deliberate on their part. 1 they need to get him ready to the debate. that means rest and relaxation and counselling by his aids. he was out of sight during june, july and august. the end of september he showed up at their convention. but he's been basically in the basement. it served him well. he has a lead in the national polls. they made the decision it keep the spotlight on president trump
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and not on joe biden. if we go out there, we will have to start answering the questions of the press and maybe eventually the president will ask difficult questions we don't want to answer. i think they said there are problems with us being off the campaign trail, but we have a mass of money for advertising. let's let the surrogates do the hard work and keep the presidential candidate in the basement. >> sean: i am not sure that's going to work with the american people. we have the growing scandal of hunter biden. you have read the reports. russian oligarch. ukrainian oligarch and chinese nationals. talking about million dollars. your thoughts? >> even before this latest one and it will take time to play out. the democrats did a good job last weekend blaming it on russia and disinformation. it will take a while for this to
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work out if for us to reach a level of tolerance by the american people that that sounds right. hunter biden used his father to make money. he was paid a vast sum of money with no expertise and it paid. w why? because he is the son of the american vice-president. he flies over to china with his father on air force-2. and palling around with a bunch of people who paid him lots of money in a fund. the mayor's widow and the oligarch's widow and he gets money and we don't know why.
6:25 pm
we have seen the picture of him with a oligarch who is a slinky guy helped him on u.s. investments. when was hunter biden trained as an investment analyst? he got these jobs for one reason. his father was the vice-president of the united states of america. if that doesn't stink enough, i don't know what is. what is almost worse than hunter doing that, that the vice-president said two things. hunter did nothing wrong. where is his ethical compass? he said i never talked with my son about this. oh, sure. there you are in a picture. hunter biden is standing next it you. and a stinky oligarch and you don't say who is that guy? and you don't say i need to know who these people are. it doesn't make sense.
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>> sean: karl rove, two weeks from tonight. senate republicans pushing big tech companies accountable for their anti-republican bias. ted cruz is next and later lindsey graham confronted by two crazy women at the airport. his response coming up. are you ok? it's just a cold. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. most cold medicines may raise blood pressure. choose coricidin hbp. the brand with a heart. for powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure.
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>> sean: big tech is in the tank for joe biden. senator republicans are taking notice. senator judiciary chairman lindsey graham considering subpoenas for twitter and facebook executives over their suppression of a hunter biden email story. senator ted cruz of texas is also sounding the alarm calling
6:31 pm
big tech censorship the single biggest threat to democracy and lawmakers are praising a lawsuit against google. here's the author of "one vote away," senator ted cruz. how do you quantify between the 99% of media in the tank for joe biden and all things democrat socialists and now big tech won't even publish from the fifth largest newspaper in the country a story that is negative to the bidens. >> it's extraordinary and it's getting worse. the media hates the president. many mainstream outlets have lost it in their loathing. big tech we have seen a pattern of them censoring conservatives
6:32 pm
and silencing views they don't like. last week was a pivotal moment with big tech. what they did with the "new york post" articles, they have never done before. there were two back-to-back block buster stories on two consecutive days. one alleging information about joe biden's corruption with the ukraine and the second alleging information about joe biden's corruption with communist china. twitter and facebook prohib hitted anyone from learning about that. -- you would get blocked and get a warning saying this information is potentially parmful. -- harmful. it was only harmful to joe biden. they blocked the "new york post" from posting on social media its own stories. that's a major escalation from silencing individual americans
6:33 pm
to now big tech is telling the media we have a veto power on what stories the american people can hear. if anyone in the mainstream media had a shred of integrity they would be outrain delay. -- outraged. instead because they want donald trump to lose they will go by big tech's incredible. censorship power. >> sean: what about packing the u.s. supreme court? -- and amnesty for 15 million americans. something of great value, i would assume in the hopes they would forever vote democrat. if those things happen, would we
6:34 pm
ever in our lifetime see a republican as a president again? >> i think we would. you think we would come back from it. but you focussed on the top priority for democrats. it's not even the crazy stuff they want to do. it's trying to entrench their power. pour into concrete they will be in control. they it would add voters to the rolls by granting amnesty to illegal aliens and they will pack the court. joe biden and kamala harris won't answer that question because the answer is yes. i urged the senate to take up legislation that would prohibit the democrats from packing the court. either a constitutional
6:35 pm
amendment. >> sean: that's a hard process. >> but there is an easier process. i also introduced a bill to create a point of order in the senate for any legislation changing the number of justices, it would take two-thirds of senators to move that forward. i hope in the next two weeks we will vote on it. >> sean: if democrats controlled the senate, they just couldn't over-ride that? >> they could but it will take repealing that legislation. the legislation would create a two-thirds point of order. listen, if they keep at it with the majority, they can do massive damage. it's important to remember why they want to pack the court. they want to take away our free speech and they want to take away our religious liberties and they want to take away our second amendment. you mentioned my book "one vote away." every chapter brings readers
6:36 pm
inside how there are 4 justices willing to take away your constitutional rights. that's why this election is so important is to defend the constitution and bill of rights and defend our freedom. >> sean: it seems like john roberts is the other liberal justice on the court. some of his decision visit been awful. senator, thank you. appreciate you beinguous. up next lindsey graham confronted by two women at the airport over amy coney barrett's nomination. senator graham will respond right here. (fisherman vo) how do i register to vote? hmm!.. hmm!.. hmm!.. (woman on porch vo) can we vote by mail here? (grandma vo) you'll be safe, right? (daughter vo) yes!
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(four girls vo) the polls! voted! (grandma vo) go out and vote! it's so important! (man at poll vo) woo! (grandma vo) it's the most important thing you can do!
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>> sean: judge amy coney barrett is set to be confirmed by the u.s. senate this monday and how is the left reacting? fuelling more blind hate and rage. look at this video. senator lindsey graham harassed by two women at the airport in d.c. and one woman caming barrett and a racist and insane. >> look me in the eye? >> where are you from? >> seattle washington. >> she is an american. you are going to take her rights away by voting for this woman who is a racist? >> sean: the good news is the american people side with judge barrett and reject the democrats
6:42 pm
court packing agenda. 51% of americans support a barrett confirmination. "new york times" poll found 58% are against packing the court. democrats are aligned to take down republicans at all costs. two weeks from now and now barack obama is being deployed to back senator graham's challenge jamie harrison in south carolina. now they are bringing in barack obama. joining us with reaction. senator lindsey graham. did they raise like $100-million? you are the new ted cruz in this election cycle going up against bozo with $100-million?
6:43 pm
>> those two ladies were trying to intimidate me. some showed at my house and broke my window. i will be stuck up here getting the judge confirmed. i am more determined than i have ever been to make sure judge barrett gets on this court next monday and take her to the floor this weekend. i will manage the bill. my answer to those two ladies is to put this fine woman on the supreme court where she needs to be. lindsey help me stand up to this mob. if these people take over our government, god help us all. they were trying to ruin diane feinstein's life for giving me a hug. >> sean: chuck schumer said no
6:44 pm
more filibuster. they will pack the courts and they want puerto rico statehood. you have your race and mcsally and tillis in north carolina and pursue -- purdue. the senate is as important as the president winning because this would be the biggest power grab in the history of the country. if you pack the court and amnesty is something of value to attraction people to your party, it seems to me lindsey graham, i don't know if we will see another republican president in our lifetime. >> well, they will did away with the electoral college or new york and california will pick the president from ever and go from 9 to 13 members to the
6:45 pm
supreme court and do away with the filibuster in the senate. anything coming out of nancy pelosi's house will go to joe biden's desk. we have to win this election. we have to get president trump elected and keep the senate. they are going to spend 120-million dollars to take me out and all of my colleagues. if you can help me, i will be up here all week. i won't be at home want lindsey grah help tillis. he will be on the committee. whatever you can give will help us get our message out. we won't them take over our country. we will fight for barrett and you need to fight for us. i have judge barrett's back and you need to have my back, please. >> sean: and susan collins. >> oh, yes. >> sean: and martha mcsally in arizona. this is not our first rodeo. we had fights over the years.
6:46 pm
>> absolutely. >> sean: but, i have never watched a presidential candidate hide -- 14 days away and biden is taking off 5 of the last 6 days. how do you justify not campaigning as a better idea than going out and actually answering questions and talking about what you are going to do for the country? >> he can't carry the message for 5 or 6 days. president trump is going all over the country with a lot of energy. accomplished a lot in his first time. joe biden is in his basement because he can't carry a message. this debate thursday will be defining. we will win this race. a lot of americans are afraid of what the democratic party would do to our country. they should support donald trump because he's been a good president and support me. i have been fighting for judge
6:47 pm
barrett. we are taking the country in a good direction. the only thing between social and free enterprise is this election. the only thing about law and order and chaos is this election and between conservative judges and liberal judges is this election. take it like our country and your life depend on the outcome, it does. >> sean: i wrote "live free and di die. america on the brink. i may have understated that. rap 50 cent says people should vote for trump. that and more straight ahead. prop 19 provides tax savings for family homes.
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>> ♪ >> sean: one endorsement for president trump, 50 cent is endorsing president trump and urging fans to vote for the president's reelection. no polling suggests that donald trump has jumped over 10 points with young african-american voters. here with more former nfl player herschel walker and a radio talk show host. larry, you have seen this with hispanic americans and african-americ african-americans doubling or tripling numbers we got in 2016. does that translate into votes? >> absolutely. it's tough to beat historically low black unemployment.
6:53 pm
it's tough to do what donald trump is doing with illegal immigrants who take jobs from others. what president trump has done for black colleges. he has a record he can run on it and get trouble or triple support he got in 2016. >> sean: herschel walker, if donald trump fought against integration of schools because he didn't want his kids going to schools he called racial jungles, do you think the media might cover that? >> [laughing]. i think they would cover it
6:54 pm
non-shep. -- non-stop. herschel walker would not be his friend. i want everyone to it listen to me because i have not been offered a vice-president job or cabinet nob. -- job. you better get out and vote republican. as lindsey graham said if you don't vote republican, you won't recognize america if you let the democrats in control. your grandkids and kids won't recognize america. they don't like america. they will take your freedoms away. i won't stand for it. >> sean: larry, look what have you done. campaigning for donald trump. >> right. that's why i did the movie uncle
6:55 pm
tom. they are saying maybe we ought to rethink our allegiance to a party that advocates a welfare state. it's the number 1 problem facing the country and black america in particular. the left is not talking about this at all. >> sean: herschel walker, how much heat have you gotten over supporting donald trump? >> well, i really have not gotten any heat. i had to educate some people. and most african-americans are being educated. they know the plan biden won't work. i encourage everyone else to do the same thing. >> sean: thank you both. more "hannity" next.
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>> ♪ >> sean: that's all the time we
7:00 pm
have left. imagine this. two weeks from tonight, you will be tuning into the fox news channel and it will be election night in america. you don't want to wake up the morning after the night before wishing did you more. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham who is going to fry her first turkey this thanksgiving is next. >> laura: i will be socially distanced from the new fryer you gave me. >> sean: do you think "hannity" put covid on your turkey fryer? >> laura: dr. fauci has strict rules and they want to follow them. >> sean: that's cnn and fake news. >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle." what is the real disinformation campaign waged r