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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 21, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> 13 days. big debate tomorrow night. >> out outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: we begin with this fox news alert. 13 days until the election and new calls for joe biden to answer questions as fox news learns the f.b.i. does have his son hunter biden's laptop, the one thatting allegedly contains emails which may detail overseas business dealings including china and ukraine. the f.b.i. is not confirming or denying there is an investigation although officials at the d.o.j. have told fox news they do not believe the laptop is part of a russian disinformation campaign as a top house democrat has claimed. meanwhile the president and a growing number of republicans
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are calling on attorney general bill barr to appoint a special counsel. they want that special counsel to investigate the hunter biden allegations. congressman jim jordan. >> let's get to the facts. let's figure out exactly how much joe biden knew about this because it sure looks like joe biden misled american people when he said i don't know. it sure looks like he misled the entire country. >> harris: you are watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. fox business anchor degan mcdowell, town hall's katie pavlich, marie harf and jankovic us brian kilmeade. host of "fox and friends." one of the busiest men in the
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business. the hunter biden story. where the investigation sits. d.o.j., f.b.i. where do you put it all? >> brian: one of the craziest things i have seen for lack of a better term is people saying this is a smear campaign or this is the russians. really? excuse me. can we get to the question we asked? it's like asking a football game and saying why aren't they playing baseball? this has nothing to do with the russians. the d.o.j., the director of national intelligence said we got the laptop. what they did with it is intriguing. the fact that "wall street journal" took time to say we need answers on this and it's not about hunter biden. the issues that he has. the challenges that he faces. a lot of families and individuals face. no one is judging him on that. we are asking if he used the influence of his father knowingly to get a deal in
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kazakhstan, china, possibly romania. there are frafdz with that. i have questions -- there are fraftz with that. i have questions why you would drop a laptop off in your local, neighborhood computer store and leave it for 45 days if you had any sense of what was on it. and don't blame the computer store guy. he called the f.b.i. then he called senators. then he called rudy giuliani's lawyer. it doesn't look like someone looking to profit. >> harris: that question is really interesting. it isn't whether or not somebody would drop something off and forget it's there. it's would you forget it if it had all this type of alleged information on it. that's an excellent question. marie harf, oovm curious to know the strategy -- i'm curious to know the strategy now not just for joe biden and his presidential campaign but for all democrats. once one opinion won't answer a question like court-packing then it spreads and my goodness
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they're going to get to you. what did you know about hunter biden, marie harf? why not manage this before it becomes an actual messaging crisis? >> i think joe biden will address this in the debate tomorrow night, and he will say, i think, that everything he did regarding ukraine or other foreign policy issues was obama-biden whole government foreign policy that he was acting on behalf of the administration and there is no evidence taanything different is the case. there is no evidence that that meeting in one of these alleged emails took place. joe biden, when it comes to ukraine has repeatedly said we were open about what our policies were at the time. i also think, harris, democrats will say, look, joe biden is willing to answer questions about this. there is no evidence of wrongdoing. but if he answers questions, donald trump should answer questions why he has a chinese bank account, why he paid more in taxes to the chinese communist party than he did to
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the american i.r. s., so if we want to talk about foreign entanglements, democrats are happy to have that discussion, harris. >> harris: what if joe biden tries to punt yet again? is he in trouble? >> i don't think so, because i don't think that joe biden is hiding anything here. look, we have no idea the provinence of this laptop. the whole story is -- we have no idea of provenance of this laptop. the whole story is murky. >> harris: katie pavlich, there was a lot to unpack with some of what marie was saying and i want to give you a chance to talk about the china bank accounts. your take. >> president trump was involved in an international business, legitimate hotel business that he had experience in real estate
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for years as did his family, so to compare that to hunter biden or joe biden's dealings with the chinese communist party in terms of selling influence is apples and oranges and there isn't much of a comparison there. in terms of what marie is saying about what joe biden should or should not address, she's given a defense of that but the problem is that the biden campaign and joe biden himself have not denied the legitimacy of any of these emails, anything on the laptop, they haven't come out to say the laptop is a fake laptop that somebody dropped off, hunter biden hasn't issued any kind of statement whether his signature at the shop is real or not, whether someone forged his signature, we have an email now allegedly from this laptop that shows reporters asking hunter biden about his odd conflict of interest to join the burisma board. we know that the obama administration was asked by reporters during the second term of the obama administration about this conflict of interest. if it's good enough to ask
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during the obama administration when joe biden was vice president about his record, it's certainly good enough to bring up in a debate when joe biden wants to be the president of the united states and has to answer for what his decision making was, especially when he said that china is no longera threat to us. that we shouldn't be worried about it. his policy positions and maybe some of the ways he was behaving as vice president, those could be in conflict. >> harris: dagen. >> the question is why didn't joe biden manage this problem better, sooner. i'll go back to an article that karl rove wrote a year ago in "wall street journal" saying hunter will dog joe biden. he has danced around the issue, the vice president for some time. norah o'donnell on cbs asked him about it and the response was why didn't you wave hunter off this board seat at burisma and his reply was he was already on the board and he's a grown man.
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turns out he did not do a single thing wrong. joe biden had between april 2014 and december 2015 to tell hunter biden to get off the board. i don't care that you're getting paid twice the amount of an exxon board member. it looks bad. i'm the vice president. it at least looks like influence peddling. why didn't joe biden turn to president obama and say this is a conflict of interest. i can't be representing the administration dealing with ukraine. some time ago the press used to have an interest in the story. when hunter biden joined the board of burisma, "the washington post" and other news sources raised questions about it. "wall street journal" in 2015 quoted a ukrainian anticorruption official, again, raising issues about it. any investigator will become uncomfortable pushing forward a case because of -- against burisma because hunter biden is
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there. so to the point of the press, the fact that the left wing liberal media is so quick to ignore this story or dismiss it belching up the russia, russia, russia leftover says to me that's the very reason we need to investigate what's going on with this laptop and whatever else was happening with other countries and china, hunter biden and joe biden. >> harris: i would add to that, brian, as i come back to you that, yes, living in the lane of they're not giving it much coverage at all, 51 hours, i think it was like 14 minutes or something was the average, but also bigger than that is joe biden isn't being asked tough questions and now you have two situations. court packing. doesn't want to answer that. maybe he will do it before the election. maybe he won't. it depend on other people in the senate. whether or not he has an opinion he wants to share that he thinks voters need to know before the election but wait, he will
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answer it when he's ready and that's kind of what's happened but we as journalists don't get a crack at it because he's got his lid preparing for tomorrow night's debate and around and around we go and it becomes a bigger issue, by the way. >> brian: you as a voter don't get to ask or get answers. that's disrespectful for the persuadables. for the undecided, for those who say i have seen enough. i'm going to flip. i'm going to change horses at this point. insulting to the voter. i will stay indoors five of the last six days to one event and hide again until you're ready for a debate that i spent 47 years getting ready for? meanwhile just keep in mind. fox news has confirmed the veracity of an email with one of its recipients that sources say the big guy referred to it is not joe biden. it's not the problematic son, hunter biden. it is joe biden. and i would say this. trump is making a mistake, though, if he focuses too much on this.
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that's not what's going to change people's lives. the coronavirus. how you handled it. what joe biden said he would do that you were already doing when he declared he was going to do it. how they were off base. how there were 100,000 cases in seven separate nations have over 100,000 coronavirus cases around the world but yet it's donald trump's fault that we're experiencing what might be a second wave here, and i think he's got to define what we're up against. what he did. more about that because that affectsesh's lives and less about hunter biden, but bring it up as the big picture of what you are getting if you choose the vice president. >> harris: that's very interesting because you're starting to see so many people in the republican party -- not so many but a few big voices in the republican party saying, try to keep the focus, if you can, to make that closing argument for the american people. do you want hunter biden to be your closing argument? is your question. ok. we'll move on. we are fewer than 48 hours from the final face-off in the
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presidential race. whether we will see a different president trump at tomorrow night's debate as some of his g.o.p. allies are urging him to focus on policy not personal attacks. we'll get into what we can expect. >> i don't want to get ahead of what the president will or won't do but corruption is a major issue. i try to put my arm around any vet that i can, absolutely. at newdayusa that's what we're doing. we put our arm around the veterans. when i think of the veteran out there that needs to refi his home, he may want to purchase, we can help them and provide that financial solution for they and their families. it's a great rewarding feeling. everybody in the company, they have that deference and that respect and that love for the veteran that makes this company so unique.
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>> the it's very unfair. the moderators very unfair. i know her so well. it's a very -- it's a stacked deck. it's incredible. >> harris: president trump railing against tomorrow night's debate moderator and the format and the whole debate itself,
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which will feature a mute button or power button as our peter doocy likes to call it when he's reporting, the very first time we will have seen that. senators spoke to the hill urging the president to focus on policy. some saying the worries that attacks on for instance hunter biden could backfire. here is a sampling of their advice. senator mike braun. a lot you could talk about in terms of what's been accomplished. john thune advising. win those people over in the middle. john cornyn saying, unfortunately it's been more of a personality contest. marie harf, i come to you because we talk about the big personality of donald trump but joe biden is no wallflower himself. he called the president a clown in the first debate. he kind of went there too -- not kind of. he did. what do you expect to happen
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tomorrow night? >> marie: well, first, i think that donald trump is going to spend the next day and a half trying to work the ref. you heard in that clip you played. i know kristen welker, she's a very fair reporter, she was tough on the obama administration when i worked there as well but that's trump's play, right, but those senators are saying something to donald trump that many republicans saying privately that so many of trump's will rallies and his debate performance are focused now on personal grievances that he feels. lesley stahl isn't fair to mede me. the media isn't fair to me. not talking about the voters. the interesting whether trump moves beyond his base strategy to speak to issues that suburban women, the 5 to 6% of undecided voters as we know of in polls, what they care about. it's not hunter biden's laptop. it's not lesley stahl.
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it's coronavirus. it's health care. it's the economy. >> harris: what's interesting about what marie is saying that candidates will put a lid on -- not a several day lid like joe biden but a day or so to get ready for the debate, you do want to wipe away what you say on the stump. it's about how they felt when they left that rally sometimes that they will take into the voting booth. sometimes. but this is different. without taking that beat. with being there going after joe biden personally and those things right up until you make your final argument, is that wise? >> katie: love him or hate him, president trump's brand is to be authentic and the reason he doesn't put lids on things ahead of big events is because he wants to be himself and go out and do what he's always done rather than be a politician in that position but that being said this is a last opportunity
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for both candidates to give the american people the kind of debate that they deserve, and considering the trump campaign is now being outraised and has more cash on hand than the trump campaign has, this is an opportunity for the president to use earned media to get out, there is a lot to talk about, the trump campaign frustrated there is not a foreign policy focus but the president could take time in these positions and time slots when there is a mute button from the other candidate to talk about his foreign policy record which is very long, right? so i do think the american people deserve a debate where they can hear about the issues that affect them. we'll all be watching to see if that actually happened. >> harris: i mentioned peter doocy, our correspondent who has been spending a lot of time trailing after joe biden. he's in wilmington. he said it's a power button because there is power behind it. right? it isn't just that they're being muted. you're completely off.
9:21 am
the moderator doesn't have the same thing. so it's not like equally applied. it is an interesting concept. brian, let me first get your response to that. it feels a little bit like it's being stepped on like a flipflop, that free-speech thing. >> brian: a little bit but in the big picture we're going to be thankful it's there especially donald trump because it takes the pressure off of saying i'm the tough guy, i know this stuff, i'm great at disruption. i don't have a choice. jot notes down. listen to what vice president trump is saying and not saying. go at him point by point. frank fahrenkof told me, the chairman of the debate commission told me joe biden was interrupting too. this is for both of them. if i was donald trump or you were senator braun, the president could go after joe biden on libya. he took out gadhafi and had no
9:22 am
plan. it's now a terrorist university. you've got isis. your boss called it the j.v. team. boy, was that wrong. secretary of defense gates that you worked with said he's been wrong about every single foreign policy and national security decision over the last 40 years. man, that is a body blow. he has not been forced to absorb. he was wrong on the behind raid. and the other things he accomplished. go ahead. >> harris: we don't know if that foreign policy topic is going to slide in. >> harris: your time in those two minutes when the other guy's mic is literally powered off for you to be able to pivot, perhaps. interesting. i want you doing my debate prep when i run for -- i'm not running for anything.
9:23 am
>> marie: run against -- >> brian: run against dagen. >> dagen: this is about one issue. the economy and getting us out of this economic depression if you will because of the shutdown and i can go through the topics and pivot to the economy on every single one of them. president trump polls better on the economy. he wins on the economy. 56% of people told gallup that they feel like they're better off than they were four years ago in the middle of a pandemic, in the middle of an economic downturn. fighting covid-19. topic one. pivot to private industry. we're going to have two vaccines approved in january. enough doses notoriety r for the american people by the middle of next year. private industry is vibrant. median household income grew the biggest annual increase on record. race in america. median household incomes last year increased more for hispanic families, black families and asian families than whites in
9:24 am
this country because of deregulation and tax cuts. climate change. you want to get rid of fossil fuels from power production in 15 years? guess what's going to happen. your energy prices are going to go up. you want to be california? they have to buy power from other states. 60% higher electricity prices in california because of some type of joe biden's plan. national security? you want to target oil and natural gas production? guess what that does. it puts us at terrific to other countries. we're the number one oil producer in the world. guess what. we're handing over power to nations that hate us. if you hurt our energy producing industries. >> brian: that was pretty good, harris. i'll go with that. >> harris: i told you i would vote for her. i can't run against her. what we need is a link to your plans. both of you. for debate night. everybody sit tight. we're going to move. i'm going to pivot to this. how about that, brian. programming reminder.
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our special coverage of tomorrow night's final debate kicking off 6:00 p.m. eastern with bret baier and martha maccallum hosting an in-depth preview before the candidates take the stage. keep it here on fox news. the face-off over the coronavirus relief package continues. however, lawmakers on beth sides of the political debate say we could be getting closer to a deal. >> i think we have a faired value that's going to change from even over the weekend when they put forth language that wasn't respectful of what we needed to do from the standpoint of science. for over 25 years, home instead has helped seniors stay home. now, staying home isn't just staying in the place they love. it's staying safe. home instead. to us, it's personal.
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>> harris: let's get a quick check of the headlines. perdue pharma is expected to pay
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for its role in fueling the nation's open yoid epidemic. -- opioid epidemic. a group of protesters outside an ice building during a demonstration honoring those who died in custody of our customs. fox 12 oregon says 13 people were arrested. one of two police officers shot at an apartment complex in houston has died. 41-year-old veteran was planning to retire this year. police identified the suspect arrested as an illegal immigrant from el salvador. >> she says that this is all about respecting the science. it's really more about her political agenda, maria, but i am optimistic. while we have not seen a lot of movement from speaker pelosi, we have seen more movement from the rank and file democrats in the
9:31 am
house, i can tell you that the negotiations have entered a new phase which is more on the technical side of trying to get the language right if we can agree upon the numbers. we're still apart. still a number of issues to work upon. but the last 24 hours have moved the ball down the field. >> white house chief of staff mark meadows updating fox business this morning on the status of covid relief talks as secretary steve mnuchin and speaker house pelosi plan to meet this afternoon. both sides say they made progress yesterday with pelosi saying she's optimistic about reaching a deal by the end of the week. the house speaker denied claims that she has been stringing the white house along to avoid giving the president a win before the election. this comes during division within the republican party with
9:32 am
senator leader mitch mcconnell urging not to seek a deal with pelosi before election day but he would bring it to the floor for a vote. that's the sticking point, brian, a large deal, the type that the white house and pelosi are negotiating won't fly with many republicans in the senate. >> brian: also logistics because amy coney barrett has a situation where he's going to get voted out of committee and go to the floor. senator mitch mcconnell believes if you bring up something like this it's an opportunity for a delay of game by the democrats. they're scheming to delay her. if they say the american people need this more than the judge. you don't want to get in the way of this. senators in tight races. mitch mcconnell should talk to them and say, listen, what would work better for you if i added to the debt or if i showed them
9:33 am
taking action in washington to meet your needs, you're flat on your back economically, you just went over the numbers, part of the reason is it's no fault of your own. we're trying to beat this. no country has beat it. this is money to help you out. we haven't tried to help you out since june. >> dagen: the republicans if the senate tried to do something. half a billion dollar rescue bill that would have helped children trying to go back to school, it would have helped the unemployed and small businesses and the democrats wouldn't allow it to go up for debate last month so we have to watch the democrats bemoaning during the amy coney barrett hearing how the republicans wouldn't do anything. it was the democrats that shot that down. >> katie: the senate will vote today on a $500 slimmed-down -- i say slimmed down, $500 is a ton of money talking in the billions and trillions these days to go for more paycheck
9:34 am
protection, more testing, more money for schools and this is something that nancy pelosi has said she's going to reject because it's not enough money. the bottom line is yesterday president trump said $2.2 trillion is what he's willing to negotiate on with nancy pelosi, senate republicans a are not gog to go for that if sweetheart deals with blue states that have mismanaged their deals are part of that. you saw the white house say they're getting close on the number but issue is how the money is spent and the issue about state and local governments is still a problem they're having negotiating with nancy pelosi who has been trying to get the money for localities who have been bad at managing local funds. >> dagen: i've called it, marie, a bailout for blue states that don't know how to do math. what do you say? >> marie: donald trump and steve mnuchin and nancy pelosi clearly want a large relief package.
9:35 am
they're all on a very similar page. the problem has been senate republicans and i know there is hesitancy in the republican caucus and the senate about giving the money to blue states but it doesn't go to line governor cuomo's pockets, it goes to first responders, to goes for state unemployment,it goes toward residents of those states, americans not just the democratic leadership so i think it will be interesting, mitch mcconnell i'm sure is hearing from the jonni ernhvts and thom tillises of -- joni ernsts and tom tillises of the world. saying the democrats in the house passed something in may and passed something three weeks ago so mitch mcconnell does feel pressure but he has always prioritized judicial appointments over everything else and that's what he's doing now. we'll see if something actually gets done. i remain skeptical, i think.
9:36 am
>> dagen: harris, i'll point out that the bill that passed by the democrats in may this $1 trillion to the states and the blue states in the first rescue package got an outsized portion of the rescue money versus the red states, and nancy pelosi said no to a $1 trillion offer from the white house. she said no to a $1.6 trillion offer from the white house. and she rejected the latest which was close to $1.9 trillion. who is saying no here? >> harris: i'm going to give you the numbers that matter to americans today and that is the spike that we're seeing in the midsection of the country and the numbers on the clock. and nancy pelosi has done what she does. she's pushed this down the road. not by herself. she's had some help from the rest of the swamp. but this has gone down the road now to where we are back and there were just two republican governors -- vermont and missouri. they saw their covid cases in
9:37 am
missouri with an open economy go down by 10% or more and now, they're going back in the other direction. i just interviewed that governor from that state. governor mike parsons of missouri. it is frustrating for them, and it is dangerous for the american people as we head into cold and flu season. why does all that matter? because the pressure is on all of them, and you may not think that republicans would vote for a big number. we'll have to see, because as brian mentioned, some of them have got people going to the polls in the next few days and they're going to have to do something because some of those states are in trouble again. >> dagen: and the republicans would vote for reauthorization of $400 billion left over from the spring that hasn't been spent. all nancy pelosi has to do is reallocate it. it's unspent money. she needs to reallocate it. what are we doing? we're talking and not walking with more money. president trump slamming "60 minutes" reporter lesley stahl over what he calls a fake and
9:38 am
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>> harris: president trump is threatening to release an interview with "60 minutes" reporter lesley stahl ahead of
9:43 am
sunday's airing after what sources describe as lesley stahl's extremely hostile questioning of him yesterday. the president tweeted this. >> harris: the president also reportedly cut the interview short and scrapped a scheduled joint walk-and-talk between him and vice president pence. katie, is the president making too much out of this? >> katie: i don't know. i haven't seen the interview. what i do know is that the press has roundly been very biased and they have never corrected a number of stories that they've written about the administration that had serious consequences when it came to the russia investigation and so forth. i haven't seen the interview but i would say that any reporter moving forward that is going to have an interview with president trump, you might want to do it live so he doesn't send it out
9:44 am
before it airs on your program. >> harris: brian? >> brian: if you watched the jonathan swan, the chris wallace interview, the savannah guthrie interview you know the president doesn't shy away from tough interviews. there are criticisms you can bring on the president and everyone does but staying away from hostile interviews is not one of them. the town hall he had three weeks ago was nothing but hostile. lesley stahl was in a place where she opened up and set the table saying are you ready for a tough interview? do you remember her face, lesley stahl when she got to do the first interview after the stunning victory by president trump? how disdainful her body language showed, he upset she seemed? that same attitude was brought, i imagine, to this interview and my question is why not take a pass on this? why not just say, hey, i would rather do four events than sit down for 90 minutes with -- >> harris: why didn't he? >> brian: i don't know. i think he takes his own
9:45 am
counsel. i think it's his own decision. i don't think he's afraid of anything but he hears alleged laptop problem. he hears obama didn't spy on me. here we go again. >> harris: he doesn't shy away from anything, and isn't that what particularly his base likes? right? it's kind of -- it's that word that scombatie used. authenticity -- >> harris: it's that word that katie used. authenticity. dagen. >> he proves that "60 minutes" is still relevant. i would love to see someone here at the fox news channel, a seasoned, hard-core journalist to sit down with joe biden and grill him in a fair way, but again, trump is -- president trump is willing to step up in a way that joe biden is not.
9:46 am
>> harris: i have interviewed multiple presidents. we reach out every day from "outnumbered overtime." this doesn't help anybody's cause not to have the juxtaposition that dagen is talking about, though, you can say whatever you want to say about president trump but joe biden is crickets. >> marie: we're going to hear from him tomorrow night at the debate and he's done a number of interviews -- >> harris: not an interview. >> marie: as his kamala harris and a number of the -- >> harris: what kind of ice cream do you like? >> marie: when it comes to the lesley stahl interview. donald what donald trump is doing means more people will watch it. if he doesn't want people to watch what he thinks is a hostile interview, all he's doing is encouraging the opposite and his base may like the fighting with respect to journalists like lesley stahl but i keep going back to the suburban women he's struggling with. they're sick of the name
9:47 am
calling. they're sick of the tweets. they're sick of the chaos. they're sick of these kinds of arguments. for donald trump's closing message to be anti-lesley stahl, sort of a fight with a reporter about an interview that no one has seen yet, that's taking oxygen away from what could be a more policy-based closing argument and that's why republicans are pushing him to do more of that, harris. >> harris: i mean, i hear what you are saying but then we have the visual of joe biden as he was on the campaign a few nights ago yelling at a reporter when he was asked about hunter biden. hfs nasty. i'll leave it there. -- it was nasty. i'll leave it there. fallout after the ranking member on the senate judiciary committee, dianne feinstein praised the republican chairman for his handling of the amy coney barrett confirmation hearing. how senate minority leader chuck schumer is reacting.
9:48 am
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>> make any changes to the judiciary committee? >> i have had a long and serious talk with senator feinstein. that's all i'm going to say about it now. >> katie: senator minority leader charles schumer.
9:52 am
dissatisfaction growing within the party with senator dianne feinstein's line of questioning of supreme court nominee amy coney barrett and how he hugged chairman lindsey graham and praised his handling of the hearings. the goal to confirm judge barrett by next wednesday. it seems like democrats are upset that senator feinstein didn't accuse judge barrett of having the dogma living in her in this hearing as she did for her nomination for the federal bench. >> brian: i guess they had a debate in the democrats and liberal groups and katie, you know better, you're so tapped in with washington whether they should use this at all and they said we're going to use this to talk about roe v. wade and
9:53 am
dianne feinstein said thanks for running a good hearing and hugged him at the end. when you are ridiculed for being a am human being, the basic things that we learn in school, i think we hit an all-time low in washington. of the >> katie: marie, i have given you a hug before. the soul of the nation. being civil. wasn't senator feinstein being civil that we're all being told? >> not covid, katie. >> marie: dianne feinstein has been out of step with a lot of the democratic party for a number of years now on issues like climate change, on her leadership of the judiciary committee so this is the latest example of how it seems like she's playing under rules from a different era that republicans don't play under, and what republicans have done something very smart in congress. they have much better -- done of the much better at getting new leadership into committees so they bring up young leaders.
9:54 am
they put them in charge of committees. give them a leadership role. democrats haven't been good at doing that and you get into situations like this. i think they need new leadership if the democrats take the senate. >> katie: what should senator feinstein have done differently in the hearing? gone after judge barrett's family? what didn't they do that they should have done during the three days of hearing? >> dagen: was he upset it wasn't a sexist treatment of an accomplished woman? what did chuck schumer and the democrats want to see in that hearing? by the way, after all of her years of service, does senator dianne feinstein need to be man-splained to by chuck schumer? it's very 1950's. do as i say not as i do is the
9:55 am
mantra from so many democrats and sheldon white house has his eye on running judiciary, he and chris coons too are open to packing the court. you watch. >> katie: if senator white house gets it, brian, we'll need lots of taxpayer money for charts. >> brian: on this whole thing, i believe in the big picture you can look back at what republicans did for sotomayor and kagan. they knot voted through. no one was screaming at them. no one was diminishing them. i don't think lindsey graham -- >> marie: not merrick garland. >> brian: no one was screaming at him. >> dagen: chief john roberts, moderate -- all of the last democratic candidates for president voted against him starting with john kerry. >> katie: senator graham said he has credibility on the issue
9:56 am
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>> dagen: brian wanted me to spend the last seconds thanking him. thanks to katie and marie. harris. >> harris: goodbye, brian. the controversy is growing over joe biden's son hunter's overseas business dealings. 13 days to election day. "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. fox news has learned the f.b.i. is in the possession of the alleged hunter biden laptop purported to contain emails on his dealings with ukraine, china and other countries. the agencies not saying whether an investigation exists as per the norm. they usually don't comment on that. however, d.o.j. officials say there is no evidence the email controversy is part of some russian


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