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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  October 21, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> dagen: brian wanted me to spend the last seconds thanking him. thanks to katie and marie. harris. >> harris: goodbye, brian. the controversy is growing over joe biden's son hunter's overseas business dealings. 13 days to election day. "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. fox news has learned the f.b.i. is in the possession of the alleged hunter biden laptop purported to contain emails on his dealings with ukraine, china and other countries. the agencies not saying whether an investigation exists as per the norm. they usually don't comment on that. however, d.o.j. officials say there is no evidence the email controversy is part of some russian disinformation campaign
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as top house democrat adam schiff claimed just days ago. meanwhile, the president last night hit social media giants over their attempt to block the hunter biden allegation. >> the big test -- they're desperately trying to cover up everything. they don't want to hear speeches like this. they don't want to hear anything about it. this is a massive scandal that they're trying to depress. where is hunter? we made the t-shirt. the number one selling t-shirt. where is hunter what what happened to hunter? where is hunter? >> harris: chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel is live. >> mike: f.b.i. officials breaking their silence on the hunter biden laptop matter. senator ron johnson demanding answers from the f.b.i. wanting a background briefing. now the f.b.i. is responding via letter echoing what d.n.i. john
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ratcliffe said on fox this week that the f.b.i. does not believe this is part of some russian disinformation campaign. the letter says. >> mike: fox news has obtained a series of alleged hunter biden emails including this one from 2017. correspondence with chinese energy executives. a source on the email verified its authenticity. six people including a reference to 10% equity in the deal to be held by h for the quote big guy, texas senator ted cruz made reference to it today. >> obviously we want to know if they're fake but there is no allegation they're fake. if they're true, fox news has reported from sources that the big guy referred to in the emails is joe biden himself, and
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that is an important point. this whole issue is not about hunter biden. hunter biden by all appearances has led a very troubled life and a challenging life. >> joe biden was asked about the laptop story by a local station in milwaukee last night. >> this is the same garbage rudy giuliani, trump's henchman, a last ditch effort to smear me and my family, the vast majority of people have come out and said there is no basis at all. >> mike: while biden wants to dismiss these questions, trump wants to press the matter in tomorrow night's debate. >> harris: moving to this. counting down to the final presidential debate tomorrow night. former vice president joe biden taking the stage in nashville, tennessee. fewer than two weeks before election day. i mentioned those 13 days. debate commission co-chair is defending the topics selected
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and the plan to mute the candidates' microphones during part of the debate. >> it's not a new rule. the campaigns agreed early on -- they both agreed to live with it. it provides very clearly that the first four minutes on each of the six segments, each candidate gets to speak for two minutes without interruption. they both violated that rule. >> harris: griff jenkins reporting from nashville. on the eve of the big event. griff. >> harris, everyone here is wondering whether we are headed for a repeat of the cleveland chaos despite fahrenkopf's statement. the tennesseean, the paper of record here. bracing for a brawl in belmont debate. the reason being because this change in the commission is not an at-will mute button as some have characterized it, it is a rule change as frank sort of laid out and that is that each
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candidate gets two minutes of uninterrupted time to answer a question. in the format, which is six 15-minute segments, that means depending on how many questions the moderator, kristen welker asks the remaining time both mics will open in open discussion and, of course, that could lead 13, 11, 10 minutes where both mics are hot and you could get right back to the fighting and brawling that we did see, so what's going to happen? only time will tell. we have already seen differing opinions on this change. if you listen to the candidates. biden. was off the campaign trail. spoke to a local wisconsin station. here is what he said. >> good idea. i think there should be more -- limitations on us not interrupting one another. >> but president trump disagree and was accusing the commission of muting him last time around in 2016. >> i think the whole thing is crazy. this commission. i had problems with them four
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years ago where they stifled out my mic during my conversation with crooked hillary. >> for the record, this will be the first time the commission is employing any kind of muting of candidates. now questions are, does welker have the option to use the mute button additionally beyond what the commission has put out if things get out of control? unclear. we're seeking clarity right now from the commission for guidance on that. then there is the fight over the topics. >> does she raise the hunter biden story? if she doesn't, if president trump interjects it how does she rein that in? it is going to be very interesting. one thing is for sure. the only other debate that happened here was in 2008 between obama and mccain. i think it's safe to say it's going to be feistier tomorrow night. harris. >> harris: i think that's a safe bet. griff jenkins, thank you very
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much. a reminder, now, we will have special coverage of the final presidential debate. bret baier and martha maccallum live in tennessee. our national coverage begins at 6:00 eastern tomorrow night. >> question of weighing the equity, if this works out but we do need more money and we need it to be spent in the way to crush the virus and they finally have arrived at that after all these months, and we have more that we can do. >> harris: house speaker nancy pelosi saying she's optimistic about reaching a deal with the white house on that new coronavirus stimulus bill. she's set to talk again with treasury secretary steve mnuchin set to happen sometime this afternoon. however, majority leader mitch mcconnell has not said if senate republicans would support a deal. >> if such a deal were to clear the house, obviously, with the president's signature promised, we would put it on the floor of
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the senate and let the senate decide. >> harris: congressional correspondent chad pergram is live on capitol hill. >> house speaker nancy pelosi and secretary mnuchin did not get a deal yesterday, they are not expected to get a deal today. optimism here. sources close to the speaker tell me she thinks that a deal is within range and there is also a lot of cautious optimism coming out of the white house. the white house chief of staff mark meadows. >> she says this is all about respecting the science. it's really more about her political agenda, maria, but i am optimistic. we do share one goal and that is hopefully to get some kind of deal in the next 48 hours or so. >> meadows said they were trying to get the numbers right. meadows did add they were quote
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far apart. one senior congressional aide described this as quote happy talk and that's why a lot of republican senators remain doubtful. >> you can always spend money on things. any time you deal with nancy pelosi, your ceiling is her floor. >> disputes remain over state and local government and how they would handle rental assistance. it's not clear how much money they would pour into the paycheck protection program. the right cocktail -- democrats and republicans to pass this in the senate. you have to get 60 votes to overcome a filibuster and mitch mcconnell is skeptical they can do anything shortly before the election and whether or not they will do anything at all. harris. >> harris: when you see nancy pelosi, speaker of the house pounding her fist that you have to get to some magic number to
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crush coronavirus, i think we all want to know what the number is because who doesn't want to crush coronavirus. chad pergram, thank you very much. democrats are fuming. the full senate was told could take a full vote on monday. and this. >> right now, the biden strategy is to count on the press and count on big tech to protect him from answering even basic questions. >> harris: whether joe biden is getting a big assist from the media as he dodges questions about his son hunter biden's work in ukraine. governor mike muckabee shares his thoughts and experience next. uckabee shares his thoughts and experience next. h his thoughts and experience next. veterans, record low mortgage rates
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>> harris: breaking news as the joe biden campaign has now weighed in on president trump's plan to bring up the hunter biden controversy at tomorrow night's debate. part of that statement i have here, and it says. "why do you think trump's campaign is balling about coronavirus questions right now? he invests in these tainted smears which intelligence experts say bear all the hallmarks of russian information disinformation attacks because he knows his presidency is a weak, pathetic failure. this is why he bailed on the second debate and if he recycles the same strategy that lost him the first debate then he will also lose the third. meanwhile, again, that coming just now, just moments ago from the joe biden campaign. meanwhile, jim jordan, congressman among a dozen house republicans calling for a
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special counsel now to investigate hunter biden's foreign business dealings in several countries. the president echoing the call for those investigations. this as new data courtesy of newsbusters is showing the major networks devoted only 14 minutes to the story in more than 51 hours of news programming. meanwhile, piers morgan went after the media silence as he says joe biden can no longer dodge questions about it. >> when a story like this drops, and it's not being denied by the people it's accusing, for six days now, clearly, there is something there that they want to hide. >> harris: former arkansas governor and fox news contributor mike huckabee is with me now, and first of all finally we're hearing from the biden campaign in detail, and part of that is when donald trump obsesses over right wing fringe conspiracy theories he
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merely reinforces what we have said, this is the biden campaign, the whole time that he's forced to run from his own record because the pandemic response continues to be a train wreck and it goes on, i read some of it earlier. what's your reaction? >> first of all it's sad that a british man, piers morgan seems to know more about the responsibility of the press under the first amendment in the united states than the american reporters do. that's tragic. but here is something -- if you parse carefully what's being said by the biden people, they're not denying it, they're saying it's a smear, they're saying that intelligence officials say it's a disinformation campaign but look who those officials are. james clapperment john brennan. the same cast of characters who were the ones responsible for an absolutely phony russia story that led to an impeachment, and it was all a bunch of nonsense. they're covering their tracks, harris. none of them has come out and outright said that was not
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hunter's laptop, the big guy isn't joe biden, joe biden didn't get a dime off his son's activities. when he says that, it's a different story. but right now there is a lack of curiosity among the press. they're not asking questions, and that is tragic, and it proves donald trump right when he says the press is irresponsible, reckless and biased. >> harris: yeah, it's interesting that there is no follow-up -- you could just as journalists ask the question. we'll see if that actually happens at the debate tomorrow night or how it comes up. it's not on the list of topics so far from the moderator. frank lunts is going after the campaign for think -- frank luntz is going after the campaign for thinking the issue. why is the president spending all of his time on him? hunter biden does not help put food on the table. hunter biden does not help anyone get a job. hunter biden does not help provide health care or solve
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covid and donald trump spends all of his time focused on that and nobody cares. what do you say? >> i don't think the president is spending all his time on hunter biden. he's bringing it up. i don't think it's the defining issue in these last days. i think the defining issue is that president trump has kept the promises that he made to the american people. he lowered taxes. he's protected us. he's gotten us into amazing peace deals in the middle east. he's done things in terms of protecting human life. he's deregulated and created jobs for millions of americans. before covid hit, we had extraordinary economic growth, and we're coming back because we're in a strong position. the that's the message that certainly is going to help him win, but it's not wrong for him to at least mention it. it's just that hathat's not the biggest issue on the minds of americans. frank is only part right. it's not the most important issue but it is an issue to ask. did joe biden profit off his son's shady business dealings? it's not about hunter biden.
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it's about joe biden. i don't care what hunter biden did. that's none of my business. but i care if joe biden was in on it. that is my business if he wants to be my president. >> harris: interesting. and you know, governor, you were talking about foreign policy. you were talking around the abraham accords. you and i were in jerusalem when they moved the u.s. embassy from tel aviv. it is a big issue. even democrats have said it's a big issue. it didn't come up last time. i'll be curious to see if foreign policy is brought up. senators are talking to judge amy coney barrett today as democrats are fuming that there is little they can do to stop her elevation to the u.s. supreme court, the senate judiciary voting on judge barrett's confirmation tomorrow with a full vote expected in the senate monday. meanwhile, the polling shows a majority of the people approve of coney barrett's confirmation, a majority disproof of the idea of expanding the supreme court.
10:21 am
your last, quick thought on this. >> it's amazing the democrats are more upset that dianne feinstein and lindsey graham had a hug than the fact that they're trying to change the court, amy coney barrett is going to be confirmed because she's a great nominee and proved in the hearings. they couldn't lay a hand on her. she completely destroyed their attempts to go after her. she's going to be a great justice. i would say get your moving van and lined up and plan to move. you're going to be confirmed. >> harris: governor huckabee, always good to see you. thank you. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: former president obama is holding his very first in-person rally for joe biden. that will be tomorrow night. we'll ask why he waited until now to hit the campaign trail. >> i mean, this guy -- all he does is, like, stay home. you know why? you know why? because he can't take any questions now from the press. >> harris: president trump taking aim at joe biden days
10:22 am
before their final debate tomorrow night. will it be another slugfest? or do the candidates need to shift their strategies? ari fleischer is with me next. >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. this couple was on a camping trip... ...when their windshield got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> harris: former president obama is campaigning. set to hold his very first in-person event for joe biden tonight in the battleground state of pennsylvania. this is one day after president trump held a rally in that same state. jackie heinrich is live for us in philly. jacqui. >> the site of former president barack obama's first in-person campaign event for hillary clinton. in mid september. this comes just two weeks before the election. it is a place of a lot of significance in philadelphia to the former president. he delivered a pivotal speech on
10:27 am
race as a candidate in 2008 and this year during the d.n.c. issued a stinging rebuke of president trump accusing trump of stoking racial fears and today obama is expected to direct a portion of his remarks toward black men highlighting the importance of african-american turnout in philadelphia which contributed to hillary clinton's loss in the state in 2016. obama will try to drive up turnout enough to bring biden to victory but the push comes a little bit late in the game. according to "the atlantic" obama has been absence from the trail in part because he's been finishing his book due in part two weeks after the election. his absence has at times been questioned. however, obama's virtual remarks rank among the highest for the biden campaign in terms of views and also furnd raising and recently he's been praising his former v.p. virtually like on
10:28 am
his podcast this month. >> he understands the importance of surrounding himself with people who are smart and are -- you know, believe in science and believe in expertise and believe in -- you know, institutional knowledge and experience and -- so you get that combination, it means that -- you know, his north star will be good. >> obama will urge people to make a plan to vote and to vote early as this state has been home to multiple ballot disputers and also lawsuits this cycle. -- disputes and also lawsuits this cycle. >> harris: jacqui, thank you very much. i bring in ari fleischer. why are the democrats worried about the vote of black men and you've got barack obama down in pennsylvania trying toer to
10:29 am
shore that up. -- trying to shore that up. d. >> they need every last vote to show up and they didn't in 2016 for hillary. african-american turnout historically has been 10% to 11% of the overall electorate. it shot up to 13% in 2008 and 2012 for obama. it was black pride in our first black president. it dropped to 12% for hillary and that's why they need every last black american vote. >> harris: i'll add this to the mix. one time obama advisor david alexrod said former presidents tend not to delve deeply into politics and not the politics of their successor. but trump changed that plan. he doesn't view it as a personal grudge match with trump. he views it as an existential matter for the country and for
10:30 am
democracy. ari? >> president obama also viewed the 2016 election in the same way and he did everything possible as a sitting president to help hillary and it wasn't enough, so i've always been dubious, harris, about what role typical politicians play in their endorsements in changing or getting people to vote as opposed to other taetting president obama to young black mails is a smart strategy for the democrats but at the end of the day i don't think it's going to matter much. elections are about the people on top of the ticket and endorsements don't mean much and i would include former president obama in that category. everybody knows he's for joe biden. endorsements don't have a lot of juice unless they're really unusual when it comes from outside the political realm. >> harris: maybe something like what we saw with cindy mccain, for instance, going with joe biden. you're right. who wouldn't think that barack obama wouldn't go for joe biden. i often say it about you even publicly that if i were getting ready for a debate i would want
10:31 am
you coaching me. some republicans are pushing president trump now -- and i have heard you say in in of this too pushing him to tweak his strategy for tomorrow night's debate. a former aide for the 2016 campaign said this. republicans win when we argue the issues. democrats win when we get into personalities. but a former staffer for former 2020 democrat candidate andrew yang said that won't happen. you want to look presidential. you want to be measured. thoughtful. that's never been donald trump at any point. ari? >> i think that's both right. president trump looks at politics very personally. you're for me. you have been my friend. how come you're not for me today? biden is a loser. i think the president really does personify and that's why he wants to run hard against hunter. my advice is you're not running against dr. fauci. you're not running against hunter biden. your running against joe biden and what he will do to america,
10:32 am
you have to make the case that his policies are so liberal they will hurt america. he might be lying about the computer and never meeting with anybody from burmgs. joe biden won't tell you the truth. he won't tell you the truth about what he's going to do with america either. it's about policy. a dose of personality but the winning formula for the president is to continue to go after him for being a liberal. >> harris: the economy. covid-19? >> the economy. the president has been making a strong case about restoring the greatest economy we have ever had as the president puts it and it was a blockbuster economy particularly for low-income and middle-income americans. people who were previously poor made more money than any economic recovery. he's got a great story to tell. covid -- the covid story is already written and that's been hurting the president, and i think one of the debate segments will be about covid.
10:33 am
the president will clearly play defense. >> harris: ari, always a pleasure to have you on the show. >> thanks, harris. >> harris: 13 days until election day, joe biden is leading president trump in some national polls. what impact did the first debate and the president's covid-19 diagnosis have on the rails so far? we'll get into that. twitter and facebook are being criticized for blocking "the new york post" stories on hunter biden. the big tech c.e.o.s may find themselves on a hot seat before the senate judiciary committee. andy mccarthy is next to break it down legally. >> big tech is acting like big government. that is what is done in north korea. that is what is done in iran. that is done in rogue regimes. that is not done in the united states of america where we value free expression. veterans save thousands of dollars by refinancing
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>> harris: news stories developing this hour. the justice department saysoxy contin maker purdue pharma will plead guilty to three federal criminal charges as part of the settlement of more than $8 billion. prosecutors say the powerful prescription pain killer sparked an opioid epidemic. the national transportation safety board blaming lack of oversight that caused the deadly fire to break out. 33 passengers and one crew member died during a labor day weekend scuba diving trip off the coast of santa barbara in california. pope francis is backing civil unions for same-six couples. the pontiff voiced his support in an interview for a documentary that premiered in rome today. he also supported civil unions for guy couples while serving as the archbishop of buenos aires.
10:39 am
the senate judiciary committee is scheduled tomorrow to take up the issue of subpoenas for twitter and facebook c.e.o.'s and there is a lot of scrutiny on big tech right now over its suppression of "the new york post" stories on hunter biden. >> whether or not you agree with big tech's politics, who in their right mind would want a handful of silicon valley billionaires, american olgarks, having total -- american oligark -- american oligarchs. it's dangerous and it's a threat to our freedom. >> harris: in a fox new op-ed, andy mccarthy writes. >> harris: andy mccarthy is here
10:40 am
to speak for himself. fox news contributor and former assistant u.s. attorney. andy, great to see you. why do you put it that way? why is that significant for people to know? >> harris, i think there is a lot of misunderstanding about this provision of the law which is known as section 230. it's really actually very simple. what congress did in the mid 1990's is give a form of legal protection to basically big, social media platforms if they simply acted as a platform for people to transmit messages and content, but they didn't create the content and they didn't politically shape the content. if that's what a platform like twitter wants to do, that's fine. if they dent want to do that, and they want to be like a publisher where you're shaping political messages and producing content, they're allowed to do that. they have first amendment rights
10:41 am
like everybody else does. but they shouldn't get the protection that congress designed only for platforms that don't engage in that kind of publishing activity, so i think the simple thing here is if they want to be political, if they want to act like a publisher, that's fine. they're allowed to do that. but don't immunize them for the stuff that's on their site. >> harris: i would think they would have to have complete transparency about that with the public. there is another development today with twitter and i found out when i tried to retweet something completely innocuous. i'm into recipes. who cares. it won't let you do that. now twitter is forcing you, i read their whole program today it's forcing you to drill down deeper to really decide if you want to retweet that and if you want to make a comment it makes you stop before you go on. it's interesting. let me get to this. four republican members of congress have signed onto a letter to the f.t.c. chairman
10:42 am
asking if twitter has violated regulations. if twitter is suppressing journalists before an election it will have done great harm to our democracy. what do you say about that? >> i don't want to see companies come under f.c.c. guidance and come under any more of the regulatory regimes that we have than is necessary. i think the simple thing to do here is to tell them if they want to be political and they want to suppress political views that they don't have legal protection from being sued, and if that doesn't clean up their act, i don't think anything will. >> harris: it's always the money, right? and again, on that other issue we'll see because it just happened. we'll see how people feel about -- by the way, the rule about not being able to automatically retweets stops after november 3rd. it is definitely a question of politics. not saying it is that but i
10:43 am
would ask them. my friend andy mccarthy, always good to see you. thank you. >> thanks, harris. >> harris: election security. top of mind in the middle of this covid-19 pandemic. we have new information on just how safe your vote is. at humana, we believe your healthcare should evolve with you. and part of that evolution means choosing the right medicare plan for you. humana can help. with original
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>> harris: well, 13 days until election day. security obviously a big concern with poll watchers and voters on high alert, to be sure every ballot is counted. eric shawn reporting on it for us. eric. >> harris, some states are extending the time it will take to count the ballots. pennsylvania has three more days. north carolina joins the list. it is being given more than one week. federal appeals court rules that ballots in the state can be counted up to nine days after the election, that is as long as they are post marked by november 3rd. the court cited concerns over the speed of the u.s. mail. this comes as some say the warnings and worries about the election could make this presidential election the safest yet. they say authorities and voters are on high alert for problems and have taken steps to
10:48 am
strengthen the election system, among them more polling places, beefed up ballot procedures, adding ballot boxes opponent streets and increasing cyber security measures. for example, four years ago the fed did not share classified intelligence about foreign hacking with election officials. illinois and florida were hacked by the russians but not told at the time. now that type of information is being shared. the center for justice says that change makes a huge difference. >> there is now a network that is in place for election officials to communicate with the federal authorities to get information, to get updates, if approximate you talk to election officials around the country they will say for the most part that it is really like night and day compared to what they had in 2016. >> here in new york, police say they will have extra officers to protect polling places and watch for any possible problems including potential voter
10:49 am
intimidation or voter fraud. nypd says, harris, there are no credible threats at all to the right to vote but they are ongoing. back to you. >> harris: eric, thank you very much. california is releasing new reopening guidelines for theme parks in the state. however the industry is calling the conditions unworkable and says that it will keep many big destinations closed until next summer wiping out thousands of jobs. william lajeunesse is looking at it for us from l.a. william. >> 214 days closed so far, harris, it's been so long and it could be another eight months before reopening disney, universal, legoland, sea world, yesterday governor newsom said big amusement parks must remain closed as long as infection in surrounding areas remain high.
10:50 am
>> these are mom-and-pop businesses. these are generational families that have been here in anaheim for a very long time. >> survival. it's getting down to that here. i don't know how much longer we can keep doing this. >> disneyland alone employs 32,000 workers. universal cut 2,000 jobs. by contrast theme parks in florida including for disney reopened almost four months ago with limits. disney paris, shanghai and hong kong reopened as well. in a statement, the company said in part. we have proven we can responsibly reopen. nevertheless the state of california continues to ignore the fact. instead mandating arbitrary guidelines that it knows are unworkable, so california operates on a tier system. if more than seven people out of 100,000 get sick per day the county remains mostly closed. that's the purple.
10:51 am
when cases fall below one case per day, that's yellow, large parks can reopen but stopping the virus the state says is more important. >> when they are millingly around the community their guard may go down and that could be just enough to create outbreaks and transmission risks that california just doesn't want to see. >> disney execs say rules discriminate allowing outdoor pro sports like football or college to reopen on a less restricted tier. disneyland generates $8 billion a year in southern california where the unemployment rate is around 11%. >> harris: no protesting without masks, then? >> probably not -- not in public, we're supposed to wear a mask. >> harris: william lajeunesse. a key poll showing joe biden in the lead but there is one finding that could offer the
10:52 am
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the ninja foodi air fry oven, the oven that crisps and flips away. >> polling from "the new york times" says the race has not changed nationally despite the president's debate performance and the covid-19 response. joe biden edged up one point leaving 50-41%. power panel now. with have wendy and t.w. here. wendy, what happened? why didn't joe biden do better? critics say oh, no, the president will lose and you're going to gain. didn't happen that way. >> he gained, but he gained one point. i think it's because right now biden has a sick -- significant
10:57 am
lead against trump. whether it's its handling of the pandemic, the next supreme court pick or whether it is who will unify this country, biden is leading trump by 20 points. we didn't see a boost after the first debate and after hearing president trump was hospitalized due to the coronavirus, he's still leading. i applaud that. it's not about the polls. polls don't determine who the next president is. it's the individuals that go to the polls to actually vote that will determine who the next president will be. >> t.w., what does it show about the president though that joe biden with that lead that he has couldn't pick it up further. >> this sound like deja vu all over again. the fact that we hear people from the left saying there's no way president trump can win.
10:58 am
the over. the race is done. it's nonsense. we know the enthusiasm for the trump campaign is real. everywhere i go across this country, people are excited to go line unfor president trump. republicans are overperforming where there was early voting. so i'm pretty confident on election night president trump will be victorious. when you look at the enthusiasm gap, it's incredible. president trump has the momentum and we're going to win. it's going to happen election night and excited to see it happen. >> the sienna people says most people are better off than four years ago. 55% of the country says things
10:59 am
are worse off. wendy? >> that notion of what matters. the collective or the individual. right now with our country being in a global pandemic facing social injustice, we want this country to be better for everyone. we want to unite our nation and want all of us to be better off. right now when we lack at what is coming out of both campaigns, the person that is using the language of uniting us and pushing us forward as a united front is joe biden. people want to see that. we don't want to be -- >> i have to jump in, wendy. forgive me. i'm short on time. i want to give t.w. a few second to respond. go ahead. >> harris, i'm surprised to even hear wendy say that. the reality is this: people are admitting even with a global pandemic, race wars, a shut down economy, people are still better off than they were when joe biden was in the white house. that's just the reality. it because of the policies of
11:00 am
president trump. >> good to see you both. next time hope to have more time. thank you for watching "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: president trump and joe biden gearing up for their final face-off on the debate stage. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing" live from belmont university in nashville. hope to the last presidential debate. the election 13 days away. president trump is once again hitting the campaign trail. he will be -- meantime, former vice president joe biden's team says he's home prepping for tomorrow's big event as he was yesterday. jacqui heinrich has more hahn the biden campaign. first, let's begin with john roberts. you're live here in nashville


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