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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 21, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> martha: that is a "the story" for wednesday october 21st 2020 but "the story" continues, we kick off special coverage of the final presidential debate tomorrow night, will next see you then -- have a great night. ♪ >> tucker: so the fbi just had what appeared to be a hastily
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organized news conference, the director of national intelligence john ratcliffe announced breaking news on election interference, u.s. intelligence has learned that iran and russia have obtained some u.s. voter registration information, he said there's evidence iran sent fake emails mimicking conservative groups to intimidate voters and damage the sitting president, as part of what he said, there was more -- what did he say, what we believe? we are still sorting it out, a full report on that is just a minute or two from now. as you can tell, even by the standards of a late october thursday in a presidential year, there's an awful lot going on. in a normal year, that would be considered a big deal, presidential debates give voters critical information about the candidates in the days before an election. they used to be considered a good thing, an essential part of our civic life but it's not anymore. this year the debate commission has decided to cut the participants microphone if they talk too much, you won't be able to hear the people you're supposed to be boarding for in a week and a half when they speak. that's an odd decision but in a way it makes perfect sense given the moment. if there's a unifying theme on the left or right now it's that more information is bad. scary. voters should know too much, they have no right to know. stop with your imperious questions about what's happening around you, questions about george soros are mandatory flu vaccines or blm long-term agenda for your children, and above
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all, please shut up about hundred biden's laptop -- not another word about that. this is not a suggestion by the way, it's an order and it has been delivered by the most powerful people in the world. silicon valley billionaires, the federal spy agencies, even borat himself. everyone of them wiser and much richer than you are would like you to know there is no reason to ask a single question about the documents on hunter biden's computer and there are countless reasons not to ask. for starters, it's all russian disinformation, planted by vladimir putin himself to discredit washington lobbyists who honestly have done nothing wrong. the documents are also "hacked material." , not only are they fake a month someone stole them. you want to be part of the theft? didn't think so. and while you're at it, you should also know rudy giuliani could very well be a sex offender that means hunter biden's emails cannot be real. i started to get the picture
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here? normal questions america, curiosity killed the cat if you know what we are saying. if you care to keep your social media privileges, you won't say a word about the laptop, just as "the new york post" what happens when you get uppity and start to think the first amendment is real. that's where we are right now october 21st 2020, it will all be amazing. it's instructive too, what we really learned is the class system in this country is real, more real than we ever knew. if you're at the member of the group in charge right now, jeffrey epstein understood that early on. when you're on the right team, you can publish someone else's tax returns or private phone calls and no questions will be asked. is that legal? who cares? you can broadcast your fetish live on a zoom call and keep your life on cnn -- you're too important to fire. those of the new rules. if you're on the wrong team and
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many are, it can be frustrating to watch all of this. if you dared to behave like these people behaved, you would be in trouble. actually there is hope because people this awful cannot rule this country forever, they aren't capable of it. they are too arrogant and too stupid. stupid enough to let their hypocrisy show, you cannot impose rules refused to follow, it's too infuriating. tonight we've got an amazing example of this, it's worth putting on the museum of hypocrisy -- this is a good one. chris cuomo, prime time anchor
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on cnn, brother of a sitting governor, before we tell you the story, some context -- the one thing you are likely to know about chris cuomo about the obvious, he really believes in masks. and really believes sincere religious intensity. if there was a shrine to the patron saint of paper surgical masks somewhere in portugal, chris cuomo would go there each summer, he would crawl on his knees if he had to -- such as his devotion. here is chris cuomo. >> how do we help -- put on the mask. if you're in california in riverside, where the mask. if you want to avoid situations like this where you live, where the mask. if we care about doing the right thing -- i wear the mask for you as much as i do it for me. you need to wear a mask and you have to take care of people in your community. it's me when i wear a mask for you as much as i wear it for me.
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chew on that for a minute, it's a powerful statement if you think about it. it's deep. this man is suffering for us and for our sake and all on a cable news salary. there's something holy about it. the question is is it real, is this man actually dietrich bonhoeffer or is he jimmy swaggart. it's clear with his building superintendent thinks, this show has obtained a letter from the management of the new york city apartment building, the letter is address directly to chris cuomo, the date is august 62020. "dear mr. cuomo, i'm sure as you know because of the ongoing covid-19 health crisis, on aprio issued executive order which orders anyone over the age of two to wear a mask that cover their mouth and nose in a public
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space. "it's fair that he would know that, because he's the mask guy. with that in mind, listen to how the letter continuous. "you have been observed entering and exiting the building and riding the elevator without the required face coverings. even though staff members have asked you to comply with this requirement, you have refused to do so. this is a violation of the executive order, building policy, and it places other residents and our staff at risk. there are no exceptions to this rule and who are required to comply." the letter goes on to threaten chris cuomo with a $500 fine if he continues to endanger his neighbors and the city with his massless in the spirit of that's with the letter says. let that sink in for a moment. at this point we can guess what you're thinking, this has got to be russian disinformation. vladimir putin hates masks, obviously, he's vladimir putin, he's bad.
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bad people don't like masks, that's simple. he would like nothing more in the world than to discredit chris cuomo because chris cuomo is this country's foremost and fearless defender of mask nests. that's what we assume is going on but then we did some reporting. in short order, it pains us to tell you but we have to, this show has confirmed the letter is in fact real, it's not a russian plant. we call the building manager and she spoke perfect english, not a hint of slavic inflection. she admitted to writing the letter. we should tell you she became upset when we mentioned chris cuomo by name but we don't blame her for that, you don't want to tangle with a man who doesn't squat thrusts while eating lunch, you don't know what might happen. you do wonder about chris cuomo and you worry. we'll his brother had him arrested? back in may we learned that very well could happen. in new york, no one is above corona law. >> i think it's disrespectful of
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people not to wear masks. think about it, do i think local governments should be enforcing it and there should be sanctions? yes. because it is a public health emergency, i think there should be a penalty because you could literally kill someone. you could literally kill someone because you didn't want to wear a mask. >> tucker: you could literally kill someone. that's coming from andrew cuomo who knows something about literally killing people in new york, you could say it's a specialty. we don't expect them to ship his brother to rikers, the governor didn't do anything earlier this month when we showed you that photograph of chris cuomo without a mask outside at a crowded restaurant on long island. governor cuomo didn't do anything either when his brother faked being in quarantine earlier this year and spent the afternoon hassling bicyclists. chris cuomo is a good persons of the ideas he deserves a fourth
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chance, watch him make his own case. >> while most americans are staying inside or should be if they aren't out protesting like fools. they aren't happy about being told to stay home. staying home saves lives. the rest of us should be staying at home for our mothers and the people that we love and to keep us farther apart, it will ultimately bring us closer together. no matter where the virus goes, the way to stop it will always be the same, our collective conscientious actions, staying home. >> tucker: you've got a feel for the guy, we are mocking him but let's take this to a more human level. imagine being him. by day there he is giving you more sermons about how you must wear masks, but by night, he's wondering mask list through his own building, endangering his neighbors and ignoring demands that he put on a mask. if chris cuomo must be deeply upset with chris cuomo which we
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already guessed from his exercise regimen. it's not an exaggeration to say chris cuomo is a man at war with himself. how will this end? mark steyn is our expert on interpersonal crises and he joins us now for his assessment -- what do you make of this fascinating case study in hypocrisy? >> i'm sympathetic because i think at the strain obviously getting to him. like many celebrated, and in people in our society, he is happy instagram himself standing at top of mount washington in a windstorm wearing a mask just in case any droplets should emerge from his mouth and go down the mountain and out to bangor, maine, to infect the entire town, then he goes to the ferry and goes all the way over to infect nova scotia. one mask list moment from chris cuomo and there goes the planet. but then you see him behind
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closed doors in the crowded elevator mask list, enjoying the crowded elevator ride, breathing all over the other people as he ascends to his penthouse. that actually is the history of the last seven months and one masked crusader. a literal masquerade. in denmark, people have worn masks or face coverings in this situation, they did in the 1665 great plague of london, a lot of people went about with face coverings, there is a danish study on whether masks are any use and they can't find a peer-reviewed journal willing to publish it because right now we have a public health crisis with an unknown disease where all the experts have been wrong for seven months and yet not just facebook and twitter but also the peer-reviewed journals are saying we can only have the
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government line -- it's the only line we will permit you to see as we go back to the point you are making at the top of the show. that is worse than the public health crisis, we are stuck in the public health crisis because of the insistence that there is a one-size-fits-all solution to this thing that flies across the planet. if >> tucker: my eye ask you a question sincerely? this is a public health crisis, it should be a matter of scientific precision, we should be figuring out the right thing to do based on the data -- why the religious inflection? why has this become a moral crusade, i don't understand th that. >> i think america is slightly at odds with the rest of the world because i think early on basically the democrats took a decision to politicize this thing and keep it going because they had a candidate who could not withstand the exposure that
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normally occurs during a traditional presidential campaign. and also because it's the best cover for the chaos they are planning on november 3rd. around the rest of the world, they made a more basic mistake. it essentially two weeks to flatten the curve was never correct and they can't admit that mistake and in a sense they are stuck with this thing. northern italy where this started is not like what we've seen since, they were trying to hold the virus in, not keep it from getting out to the rest as new york and company are. it's been interesting, i think it's a really insightful point, they were wrong and they can't admit it. this freedom and admitting you're wrong, we all are. >> absolutely. >> tucker: mark steyn, great to see you. we don't want to focus on one man for the sake of just humiliating someone, much as he may deserve it but as a metaphor for what is happening in this
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country. people making the rules aren't following them, they are certainly enforcing them in your case. in new york city for example, officials are working hard to harass the very few businesses that have maintained open doors. a video uploaded on twitter on tuesday show health inspectors issuing a citation to a restaurant because it's a front door open on a hot day. >> you're giving me a ticket because my doors are open? there is nobody sitting in the restaurant, everything is okay, you're giving me a ticket because my doors are open? i'm not allowed to open the do door?
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>> tucker: he's a cousin of the man in the video, the restaurant is called mixed greens cafe, it's in. thanks so much for coming on, what do you think that was about? it didn't seem like you were endangering anyone. >> it's kind of crazy because there's no one in the restaurant and aside from that, when he came in, he came in as a plain closed person and asked to sit down and eat and my cousin the manager told him i'm sorry, we're only take out an delivery, then he pulled out his badge and he proceeded to write a summons. my cousin is brokenhearted because he really -- he runs this place and he loves it. he couldn't understand why he was getting this citation.
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this person was giving him no information at all and he wasn't yelling or screaming or throwing something, he was very kind. you can hear that he was hurt in his voice. we work so hard and are struggling to begin with because of covert and it's really disheartening when your business is already so slow because of this and somebody walks in and issues usa tatian and he calls you up literally on the verge of tears not understanding what's going on. there's a debate whether to stay open or not to begin with, it's amazing. the thing that baffles me most is that i'm in the red zone but if i want to go eat in a red zone restaurant is closed, i'm going to a different restaurant outside of the red zone. if i want to buy a pair of shoes, i'm going to a different shoe store. what's going on here? our schools are closed, synagogues are closed, small businesses are suffering and
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there is no progress being made to because you could just go anywhere else, is not like they lock you in your house, you still have freedom to move and work. it's baffling to me, it really is. >> tucker: meanwhile people are afraid to use the subway because it's so dangerous. why do you think when women are literally afraid to go on the subway and people are living on the street and in trash cans and making a mess of our biggest city, why are they picking on you? >> i have no idea, i have no idea. but i will say after this whole thing happened, the -- it was rescinded the summons. the councilman was instrumental in that and he said if any other small businesses are having the same issues, he wants to help them out and fight it as well. the outpouring of support we've
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had is something i've never seen before and i really believe that america is the greatest country to live in. i have people ordering online. >> tucker: i think you're right and you're braved a fill not end to put it on this show and we are grateful that you d did. thank you. >> my pleasure, thank you so much. >> tucker: we told you at the top of the show the fbi press conference that just happened, they announced that iran and russia have been working to interfere with our election, here's more on what they told us. >> this perhaps goes beyond influence by a foreign adversary, to outright voter intimidation by an american enemy. you will vote for trump on election day or we will come after you -- "the washington post" reports one email from avon said just that, iran has created the emails to appear to have been sent by a group called the proud boys which are supportive of
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president trump, "the post" reports iran compromised the proud voice servers to send that in other emails. the fbi says they have evidence iran obtained publicly available voter registration data that would allow them to target democrats in swing states and instruct them to change their registration. >> iran and russia have taken specific actions influence public opinion relating to our elections. we have already seen iran sending spoofed emails designed to intimidate voters, insight social unrest, and damage president trump. >> the fbi says the russians so far have not done much but promises to be on watch between now and the elections. it's noteworthy one american adversary wasn't mentioned by the fbi or director of national intelligence tonight, china. >> tucker: i did notice that. great to see you, thank you so
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much. feel manipulated yet? everything they said the press conference might be factually true but what they are really telling you is the real threats to you and our country are iran and russia -- maybe poland and hungary too, but not china. heard that before? do you believe it still? joe biden has come out of hiding to address the hundred by an email scandal, glenn greenwald joins us after the break to assess.
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♪ >> tucker: joe biden emerged to speak to a local news station in milwaukee, we haven't heard from him much recently -- he said virtually nothing about that new york post serious about his son's laptop and the emails on it that suggested hunter biden profited and perhaps his father profited from changes to foreign policy -- here is biden's response to the story. >> this is the same garbage rudy giuliani, trump's henchmen -- it's a last ditch effort in the desperate campaign to smear me and my family and the vast majority of the intelligence people have come out and said there's no basis at all. >> tucker: okay, you notice he never says the laptop or emails on it are fake, he does point to
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intelligence people talking about a letter written to former intelligence officials who admitted they don't know anything about the laptop because they haven't seen it. don't listen to the current director of national intelligence, listen to john brennan on msnbc. the weirdest part of the clip is joe biden denied his son ever profited from his connection to joe biden, even though hunter biden has admitted that on camera. >> you didn't have an extensive knowledge of natural gas or ukraine also. >> i think i had as much knowledge as anybody else on the board. >> in the list you gave me for the reasons why you were on that board, you did not list that you are the sum of the vice president, what role do you think that played? at >> i think it is impossible for me to be on any board without saying on the son of the vice president of the united states. >> tucker: this kind of garbage is ubiquitous in washington, it's how the entire private sector of the city makes its living, it's how they make
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mortgages and send their kids to school. maybe the biden campaign admitted that, they would be able to get past the story. but they're not. glenn greenwald is the cofounder of the intercept and he joins us tonight, thanks much for coming on. where do you think this story is right now? >> the problem with the story is not that joe biden i isn't answering questions because that's what a president candidate will do if he is not forced to which as of eight questions posed to him, the problem is the corruption absently pervasive in the u.s. news media. there are newsrooms all throughout new york and washington, d.c., were top editors are explicitly saying they do not want this story investigated and they are being clear that the reason they don't want to investigate it is because they think even if there is corruption that's exposed here, in their view, trump is worse and therefore it would be malfeasance on the part of the media to report corruption on the part of biden when trump is so much more corrupt.
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if what they are saying is, they see their role as journalists not as informing the public to let the public decide which candidate is better and which is worse, they see journalism, the function of it is to defeat donald trump and elect joe biden. so many faced questions that journalists should be demanding joe biden -- are the emails authentic, do you claim any of them have been fraudulently altered or fabricated, did your son drop off that laptop and the delaware repair store? did you ever discuss with him meeting with charisma executives -- why was the prosecutor that you accepted as a replacement for the one you demanded to be fired if someone who had no experience as a prosecutor, was himself in prison for embezzlement, was a lackey of the ukrainian president -- why was somebody like that acceptable to you if the goal is good government in ukraine as opposed to benefiting police not -- maybe there are good answers to those questions but he's not answering them because the media has said you don't have to.
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>> tucker: it feels like there's a lot of stuff here, a lot on that computer, also documents floating around not from that computer. what have we learned recently, what didn't we know yesterday? >> things are at suggested strongly by these emails that we ought to know the answers to. biden has always said he never acted on behalf of hunter biden or burisma but the emails suggest the opposite, that he actually did in fact meet with burisma executives at hunter's request which is why there is an email thanking hunter for the opportunity to meet with his father. is that true? that he meet with those executives, there are emails that suggest the fact that hunter gave part of his salary to the vice president negotiated deals in china intended to personally benefit joe biden, remember when he was in government for 50 years he never made much money, he was looking to get rich once he did when he left the white house, did he ever consummates those deals or
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discuss any of those deals with hunter, the key question that is provoked by a lot of these emails is if it was the case that there was a noble and benevolent motive in trying to get this ukrainian prosecutor fired and it wasn't to help burisma but instead to clean out corruption, why did they release the funds after one of the most corrupt people in all of ukraine was appointed to that position, what is joe biden's answer to that? if we had a working press, we wouldn't know what -- that's exactly right. >> thank you for always directing the conversation back to the foreign policy part of this, which is the most outrageous part, it's been completely ignored except by you basically and i think you're exactly right about that. glenn greenwald, thank you. why is the vice president of the united states firing a prosecutor in ukraine? how does that help our country? it doesn't. we are less than two weeks out election day, hearing directly from the president about how he
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feels, plus the senate hanging in the balance, what are the chances the republican majority survives? that's a straight-ahead spirit of the trump rally wrapping up north carolina. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: there's so much going on we haven't spent a lot of time discussing what happens in the senate and control of that body could change, soon. republicans have a 53 seat majority there, a lot is at stake with that majority, the filibuster, nine-member supreme court, statehood for d.c. and puerto rico, two of the most dysfunctional places in the world, new voting rights for illegal immigrants and so on. the country may look very different in a little over two
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weeks but a total of 23 republican seats are now up for reelection compared to only 12 seats for democrats. so what are the specific races you ought to be paying attention to as you try to assess who is going to control the senate going forward? lisa boothe has taken a close look at these races, a fox news contributor, we are happy to have her on tonight. what should we be looking at tonight? >> three races, 11 races that republicans should be a little bit concerned about whereas with democrats, there's only two of those 12 races that are in play that a potential republican pickups. that's what the dynamics of the senate means so much. as you mentioned, if they get rid of the filibuster they can push forward with a lot of radical policies particularly if they have the white house as well as the house and the senate. one of the races that i'm looking at that i find so interesting is the michigan senate race and it's really in play because john james who is the republican candidate is such a rock star.
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he's such a strong, compelling candidate. if he wins, he would be the first black senator in this state, running against a democrat incumbent gary peters. john james has an incredible background, a former combat veteran, a businessman, he likes to talk about how his dad grew up in the jim crow south, wanted to detroit and became a successful businessman and when you look at gary peters in contrast, he's unremarkable. this is a guy who's been in office, public office since 1995, he was a state senator and even the lottery commissioner, what is that? he's been in public office for quite some time, he's a backbencher. i guarantee your viewers don't know much about him or couldn't pick him him out of the lineup. john james is picking up some split ticket support, regardless of who wins whichever presidential candidate wins michigan, he could potentially still pull it off as long as it's close. that's an interesting race for people to watch, potential republican pickup. the other race that i'm
5:40 pm
interested in as well as the north carolina race, democrats are hoping to take this race from republican incumbent thom tillis, however they thought they fielded a strong candidate in cal cunningham who's a lieutenant colonel in the army reserve. however he's been caught up in a sex scandal, take a listen. >> i'm deeply sorry for the hurt i have caused my personal life. and i also apologize to all of you. and i hope each of you watching at home will accept this sincere apology and that we will continue to work together to change the direction of our country and strengthen our sta state. >> i'm sure a lot of people are saying we've seen a lot of sex scandals with politicians, but the reason why this matters is cal cunningham has run on honor and integrity, value, he's put family at the center of his campaign and it's all a lie.
5:41 pm
everything he has purported to be as a candidate is false. that's why this race matters for the pure hypocrisy of cal cunningham. those are a couple races to keep on your radar. >> tucker: thanks for that update come appreciate it. jason whitlock talked to the president today about his outreach efforts to african-american voters and how they are working out, here's part of that interview. >> we've seen ice cube work with you guys, 50-cent another popular rapper endorsed you, are we seeing a turn where people are starting to evaluate you on your record and policy and performance rather than personality? >> i think so, and what happened is for 100 years, the democrats have had the black vote, 100 years. it's been forever. look at the baltimore, look at oakland, look at all these places that are doing horribly. i think a lot of people are
5:42 pm
saying wait a minute, this is not right. it's almost like i don't know why they keep going, it's a habit to vote for a democrat. now you have a lot of people going into the republican party, black representatives, you have a young woman in baltimore -- she's fantastic, i don't know if she can win or not because it's like almost 100% democrat but it shouldn't be. >> tucker: jason whitlock of out kick it did that interview, we are happy to have him on tonight. what struck you about what he said the? >> i think there's some clear momentum for president trump particularly with black men. i think we have been carrying on a facade for three and a half years as black men that somehow we can't relate to donald trump that we didn't celebrate him in hip-hop music for decades that he wasn't friends with countless
5:43 pm
black athletes, entertainers, celebrities -- in a part of this interview that we'll air in full tonight on out kick, he mentioned at one point he and jesse jackson were friends. jesse jackson may still say positive things about me -- so there's been a charade i think particularly among black men pretending that they don't have something in common with president trump and that facade is starting to end and i think that's why you've seen the wrapper ice cube, you've seen 50-cent and kanye starting to reach out and acknowledging the truth that they really don't have a problem with donald tru donald trump. >> tucker: that's part of the reason that from day one tram, his opponents are saying trump is a racist thing, i remember pulling from 2,000 that showed black men specifically kind of like trump and that's why they
5:44 pm
went after him that way. >> i'm someone that grew up during the hip-hop -- at its beginning and if you go listen to hip-hop music and what black men and our mentality -- it's just not that inconsistent with president trump. so yeah, do i think they have feared that? the masculinity of trump, he represents the patriarchy, he's not politically correct -- those are things -- i'm sorry, a lot of black men can relate to and it's not really surprising to me that he's starting to make headway in that direction. if you look at his support at hbcus the first step act, criminal justice reform, the opportunity zones in black communities the investment that he's sparked and go back when the economy was going well, the
5:45 pm
record unemployment for black men and black people in general. when you go evaluate the record, not the personality -- i get it. he doesn't act presidential and i get why that's off-putting to people. but when you go evaluate the policy, it says holy cow, this guy is not only a man of his word, look at the money directed from the federal government toward hbcus. this deal he negotiated with ice cube about the platinum plan, he may actually follow through on it and i think that rings true and compelling to a lot of black men. >> tucker: i can't believe he used the term patriarchy in a nonpejorative way on tv and i'm really glad that you did. jason whitlock, great to see y you. so-called reporter at nbc has been caught talking about her efforts trying to find personal details of anonymous trump supporter's online and expose them. one of the creepiest stories of
5:46 pm
the year, we have details straight ahead. ♪
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>> tucker: randy's addressees a reporter with nbc news. her job in seeking out and identifying information about anonymous trump supporter's. they have acknowledged, media sleuth learned about the subject in real life, family, friends, personal and political affiliation paid what does that mean? it includes phone records, property records, what is this about exactly? thank you so much for joining us. tell us specifically what this -- what does this mean? >> she is up to no good. as he mentioned, she used her technical tools to dig up information about trump
5:52 pm
supporter's online. as he mentioned, even amazon wish lists, you name it, to unearth an anonymous trump supporter centering their lives. >> tucker: don't you think it would be their job to tell us the news? >> it's a great question. it's really disgraceful, even by modern journalist standards. what they're doing is acting as comment cards and effectively in order to crush the rebellion of the american people against their corrupt ruling class associated with the victory of donald trump. if there's one aspect of the story that may be even more disturbing than what you described, and that is that they
5:53 pm
used the term disinformation as a pretext to go after trump supporter's and destroy their lives. it disinformation is a new buzzword, the new pretext used to silence trump supporter's, what is especially dangerous about this is that it brings this course to bear in a nationl security context, disinformation is a national security term. it invites the force of our own national security apparatus to silence trump supporters domestically. as part of this trend that we are seeing, a broader swath of our own national security apparatus being repurposed and redeployed domestically to silence suppressed and destroy the energies associated with donald trump's victory in 2016. >> tucker: for a news organization to work in concert
5:54 pm
with the federal agency to repress dissent domestically, i would never imagine that would happen, but that is happening is happening. >> right. at the full story of this i would need hours to explain, just a little detail, she wrote for her final dominic hello fellow journalist who feels ethics classes. one of her sponsors of her manual on how to ruin trump supporter's lives by uncovering their personal information is belly cat, an organization funded by an eb and our own government. taxpayers are funding this. >> unbelievable. >> tucker: the guy who leaked the access hollywood tape to "the washington post." great to see you tonight, congrats on the story. >> great to be here, thank you. we do lots more news developing
5:55 pm
tonight, we will bring you up-to-date, after the break.
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>> tucker: we are out of time, sadly. we will leave you with what russia dominic america wants you to know, russia and iran are real threats. we will see you tomorrow. have a great night, sean hannity, right now right now. >> tucker, thank you. welcome to "hannity." the fbi issued a serious warning detailing arends involvement in an election interference scheme. apparently, malignant actors inside of iran posing as members of a fringe group and attempting to intimidate voters here in the u.s. with violent threats, likely in an effort to help joe biden. we will have a lot more coming up throughout the hour. at first tonight, we are only 13 days away from the election. we are only 24 hours away from what will be the last and final presidential debate. coming up, bill hemmer is going to join us at


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