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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 21, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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it's the entire country at stage. see you tomorrow. that's all the time left for tonight. thanks for being with us. after the debate, 11:00 eastern, we'll have full reaction. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham takes it from here. >> laura: hannity, a money laundering investigation that started in 2019. we're not supposed to talk about it. don't make joe wake up from the slumber. >> it's a conspiracy theory. >> laura: fantastic show tonight, sean. with all the breaking news. >> have a great show. >> laura: see you tomorrow. i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle." breaking news, just in, regarding what the fbi was investigating on hunter biden's laptop. the fox news subpoena came in connection with a money laundering investigation in late 2019. at this moment, it's unclear
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whether the invest is ongoing or directly related to hunter biden. we'll bring you the details in moments. there's hum dingers in there. on a related topic, why is hunter biden's former business associate fearing for his life? the journalist working with hunter's joseph partner had breaking news on that front for us. plus, why is president trump suddenly getting these endorsements from minority celebrities? raymond arroyo explains it all in seen and unseen. first, the real fighter for the working class. that's the focus of tonight's angle. for years we've heard about how much the liberals care about the working poor and all of those poor people out there. no one -- no one on the left was supposed to care more than barack obama. >> if you like your private health insurance plan, you can keep your plan. period.
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>> reducing premiums by as much as $2,500 per family. >> creating up to five million new green jobs that pay well and can't be outsourced. >> laura: obama said middle american does better. he said that. but not only did the promises not come true, but the middle class ended up doing so well under obama that 19 months later, millions from that group of middle class voters switched parties to vote for trump. and their instincts, were they right. trump delivered big for the working class americans. lower end and middle class workers saw their biggest wage increase under trump's policies ever. that's why even after the challenges caused by this pandemic, they line up to see
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him by the thousands come rain, or shine or cold temperatures or hot, day or night. a recent "new york times" poll reveals that people without a college education, the working class, are voting overwhelmingly for trump. they know who is looking out for them. >> with your vote, we will continue to cut your taxes, cut regulations, support our great police, protect our second amendment. defend our borders, keep jobs and wealth in america where it belongs. thank you. >> laura: look at the crowds. obama knows this is joe's weak spot, so he traveled to pennsylvania late today to lay it on thick. >> joe is no stronger. he's a native son. scrappy kid from scranton. a man who has learned early on to treat everybody he meets with
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dignity and respect. and empathy. that decency. >> laura: well, that scranton line is almost as tired as the candidate himself. but they keep going back to it. because they know that joe can't beat trump's record for the middle class. the big banks and the big business are not shovelling hundreds of millions at joe's campaign because they want to raise middle class wages. no, no, no. bloomberg and sorros are not spending millions to get tougher on china. they're in for biden because they know that he will be their yes man on everything from trade, energy, manufacturing. now, this means that the tariffs against china, they're gone. biden will enter the tpp and u.s. industries will be flattened. illegal immigrants, they'll flood the labor market in almost
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everyone's taxes are going to go up. don't believe that $400,000 deal for a moment. the left knows middle america is not going to willingly choose to sabotage its own prosperity, lower their own wages, so they obscure the true agenda. they cloak the real intentions with these appeals you heard obama mention to decency and unity. sounds great, doesn't it? means nothing. because the first chance that they get to line their own pockets at the expense of the middle class workers, that's exactly what they're going to do. remember, the liberals used to support free speech. now they're for cancel culture and social media censorship. >> the leading false information comes from the time. >> silence the president of the united states. the liberals used to support the
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separation of powers. now they're for letting a single person shut down an entire state. >> i'm ready to work with the legislature, but i'm never going to negotiate when it comes to doing the right thing and protecting the people's health. ly continue to use every tool at my disposal to combat covid-19. >> laura: they used to support openness and transparency for politicians. now they're for the candidate that refuses to answer any questions on any serious topic. >> i have to ask you about packing the courts. the number one thing i've been asked about the past couple days. >> you've been asked but the viewers that are probably republicans. >> don't the voters deserve to know -- >> no, they don't. i'm not going to play his game. >> laura: they used to support human rights. then they decided they were going to side with a guy that is a long-time china fan. >> the rising china is a positive development not only for the people of china but for
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the united states and the world as a whole. >> you think in retrospect you were naive and china? >> no. >> laura: no, not at all. the camps? forget about those. they used to oppose endless overseas military adventures. now liberals are linking arms with neoconservatives that still support the iraq war. >> we all had a conviction that there are millions of republicans that look at this debacle and reject it. >> imagine if you traveled the country for 30 years fighting for republican principals and you learned it was all a lie. >> we're not out of this fight in until the fight is done. >> you have endorsed joe biden. >> we have. we have endorsed joe biden, yes. >> laura: that's a motley crue. the liberals used to be suspicious of big business and
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now they're suing a president that just sued google. >> president trump seems to be attempting to make up for troubling numbers in the polls by spreading nastiness disinformation. >> the right wing media wants it back in the news. >> they are attempting to try to spread their propaganda in the mainstream media as facebook posts four years ago. they've been successful. >> laura: now, going through all that, it's embarrassing for the liberals to even be part of that. and i can't imagine that all democrats, the ones that really do have principles, i don't believe that they sign on to all of it. tonight i'm speaking directly to you. i'm time to find a new political home. you want to be with rick wilson and that crowd of the lincoln project? get involved in more wars? how could that be what you want? president trump has created a
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movement that has delivered peace and prosperity with huge benefits going to the middle class that i know a lot of you do care about. much more so than during the bush or obama years. their wages went up because trump kent the labor markets tight. only the trump economy would outperform almost every economy in the g-20, even during a pandemic. the truth is that a biden administration, it's going to be four dreary years of lock downs and shut downs, rolling blackouts and increased inequality. workers seeing jobs shift offshore, antitrust laws being left unused, any triumphbe punished.
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when silicon valley has defunded independent media voices. >> socialists will have free reign. >> one of our first demands is rent cancellation. >> there needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there's unrest in our lives. >> laura: isn't that pleasant? they want to spend time with that for four years? smart liberals have to know this unholy alliance between big business and the far left is not sustainable. this moment requires that we come together across party lines to stand for the time-tested principles that drove america's success. so we america first conservatives, i think most of us have done our part. we pushed out the old open borders perpetual war hawks in the gop. we took on the big lobbying
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firms that work for china. now we need help from the voters that claim they oppose big bus and loathe the human rights supporters but have not joined our cause. if we remain divided because you don't like trump's tone or tweets, the old guard that you never liked is going to return. this time with a side of marxism and none of that in that circumstance will get what we want. that's the angle. joining me now, herschel walker, former nfl player and heisman trophy winner. herschel, president obama made a big appearance in pennsylvania. he was kind of pinch-hitting for biden, who was still preparing for the debate to try to shore up african american votes with this pitch to decency. so why should voters actually be weary of this? >> one reason they should be weary of it is because, you
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know, president -- former president obama, he had eight years to do something to change things. nothing changed. he made promises and nothing ever happened. not saying that he should have done anything for the african american because you shouldn't do but at the same time, but he talks about systemic racism today. but yet he had two terms and didn't do anything. president trump is the one that fund historically black colleges, did prison reform. even today at his rally, he claims that the economy was because of what he left over president trump. saying i got fired from the nfl team and the coach won the super bowl but it's my team that did it. they should be weary. when he was elected, many african americans voted for him because he was an african american. i think some whites voted for him because they thought it was time. but yet, look at his policy.
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when african americans look smart, people get angry. you shouldn't know that. you shouldn't do that. that's when the cancel culture come in that you shouldn't become intelligent, to have your own way of thinking. >> laura: obama said a lot tonight. but he actually commented, herschel, on the black lives matter inspired unrest and even violence that we've seen in recent months. >> they understand that protests on behalf of social justice isn't un-american. that's the most american thing there is. that's how this country was founded. protesting injustice. >> laura: how about burning police buildings? how about setting up encampment in entire american cities and destroying businesses. >> that's what so sad, laura. it's so sad. the democratic party did not denounce the riots that's going on. you can continue to talk about
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protests, peaceful protests. peaceful protests is okay. anyone throws a brick, setting things on fire, which people have seen. people have died, people that lost their businesses. they don't talk about that. you know, it's true. protest was -- america was born on peaceful protests. but there's not been peaceful protests, even now. you have people dying. you want to say black lives matter? former president obama? let's talk about black lives matter. they're trained marxists. i don't know if any one knows that they means, they don't like government or god or the nuclear family. maybe you agree with that. i don't. like i said, you made promises when you was elected and you fell short. that's what the democratic party has done for years to the american people. not just to the african americans but to the american people. >> laura: i'd say, herschel, delivered so much prosperity to the middle class that after eight years of obama and biden,
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they went with a guy that had never been in politics before donald trump. so that's how much people thought he did a great job on the economy. great to see you tonight. while obama and kamala are out doing the leg work, biden is once again hiding and his campaign is refusing to answer basic questions regarding the hunter biden revelation. now biden has a new reason to hide. fox news confirming moments ago that the fbi seized hunter's purported laptop last year in connection with a money laundering investigation. it's unclear in the investigation is ongoing or related to hunter. lots of questions remaining. david marcus from the federalist joining me now. david, what can we conclude from the information that we do have tonight? >> well, we've been treating this as an election story. how is this going to impact the election for is biden and will
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his democratic allies be able to ignore and obfuscate everything happening for 12 more days. those are interesting questions. it's not the important question. clearly now are the e-mails real. if they're real, at best, joe biden was involved in some sketchy stuff that he lied about. at worst, laws were broken. so they can try to pull grandpa joe over the finish line at this point. the problem is that every piece of evidence that has come out over the past seven days since this story dropped including tonight, suggests that these e-mails are real and joe biden's still refusing to refute that they are. so even if they manage to get biden across and he wins, this scandal is not going anywhere. this scandal is very serious. he's going to have to deal with it as president-elect if he wins. the american people need to think seriously about that.
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>> laura: what we found out through our sourcing at fox news is that an official confirmed that if they subpoenaed that laptop, there were the fruits of criminal activity. probable cause to believe fruits of criminal activity on that laptop. they didn't subpoena it for fun. they subpoenaed it because there was concerning information that a prior ongoing investigation had to have been underway. the laptop and hard drive contain fruits of criminal activity according to that official. david, what do you make of that? >> yeah, i mean, this is why the media needs to stop with this absurd, you know, delaying action with where they spent a week with this ridiculous notion that it was russian disinformation. that's been shot down. now every piece of information that we're getting as i said,
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suggests that this is real. now, listen, donald trump is going to find a way to get this issue in the debate tomorrow, mute button or no mute button. is it hunter's laptop? he's going to put this out there. biden's probably going to continue to deflect. then it really comes down to the question is our media going to their job or are they partisan hacks. >> laura: no, they're not. >> i don't think they are either. it's a disgraceful situation. >> laura: it's incumbent on the president to discuss his record, why his record and his view on the economy is indisputably positive and handling of covid, which we'll get to later on in the shown. just as good if not better, i'd say much better than europes given their case numbers going up and the damage that they have done to the economy. david, he should pull out an e-mail out of his breast pocket,
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read it and joe explain this. >> without question. and if there was any question as to whether that is a reasonable thing to do in a debate, he has a complete license to do it. our ludicrous media won't do it. many americans don't know it's a story because facebook censors it, twitter censors it. media doesn't report it. this is his chance and he needs to take it. >> laura: and be respectful and calm. if he's respectful and calm and clear, i think he wins this debate. david, so great to have you on tonight. good to see you. coming up, the media are telling the american public a lie about covid in south dakota and states like it. governor kristi noem is here to respond next. speaking of the virus, could it be weakening? a doctor has answers in moments.
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>> if one governor makes bad decisions, that spills over. i speak of south dakota. >> the republican governor there has refused to order any statewide covid restrictions. >> we remember south dakota's massive biker rally in sturgis.
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>> i'm not trying to fear monger. south dakota and its icus are under surge. >> laura: under surge, under siege. whatever. we all do that. i do that. it's late at night. those claims of this covid explosion in south dakota deserve some fact checking. yesterday the state reported 621 new cases. seven deaths. as to the idea that hospitals are being overwhelmed, covid patients only occupy 12.4% of south dakota's hospital beds. that doesn't tell the whole story. the talking heads you just heard want south dakota to fail because they didn't lock down in south dakota. what has that produced? something people love. it's called a job. unemployment rate that is the second lowest in the country. look at how this compares as blue states where things are really blue. new york, illinois, california,
7:26 pm
hawaii. they had the most draconian of lock downs and restrictions. total disaster zones. joining me is kristi noem. governor, have you gotten any apologies from those individuals? >> no, no apologies, laura. my people are happy. they appreciated the fact that we didn't shut down their businesses, we allowed them to be flexible, take care of health and protect the public while still taking care of their customers and employees as well. we're doing good in south dakota. we're managing covid-19. also our economy is thriving. i think people are recognizing that leadership has consequences. what we're doing in south dakota is republican leadership. >> laura: governor noem, when you toured the country and done some campaign events for president trump, there is still a lot of women out there that especially women, more so than men, for whatever reason, they're really freaked out and
7:27 pm
worried, this has been a terrible tragedy for the country about covid. many of them think the president hasn't handled it well. given what we're seeing in europe with 200,000 cases now there and the economic damage, what can you say to the women of this country that are -- they're concerned? >> they're concerned about health but laura, we're having honest conversations. also concerned about their children, their education. they recognize they're falling behind every day. in some of these democrat-run states, the kids are not in the classroom. they're worried about law and order. about raising their children on safe streets. that's not happening in these blue states either. so you know, the women are recognizing that they care about keeping their children healthy but also their children are not the ones that are the most vulnerable during this pandemic. they're the ones suffering the biggest consequences. they're not getting the education that they deserve, living in a world that is filled
7:28 pm
with anxiety and fear, which the media is perpetuating, which is a grave disservice to our kids. they're also living with more crime on their streets and concerned about even being able to let their kids walk down the street. i've been telling folks that it matter whose is in charge. it matter whose is making decisions. we all get emotional during campaigns and this is not the time to be emotional. we have to look at policies. >> laura: and what about the debate tomorrow? advice for the president. he has his solid supporters locked down. there's a couple of percentage points that you can move the electorate either way. what does he needs to do tomorrow to convince people who feel slightly uncomfortable about voting for him because of tone or temperament. >> i'm not worried about the president at all. he knows the message that this country needs to hear and it's a message of hope. it's what he's done.
7:29 pm
he's the only guy i know that literally has followed through on everything he promised. he said what he was going to do in 2016 and he has done it. he's done more to defend our fundamental freedoms than any president in 50 years. if he talk about his accomplishments and lets joe speak, we'll be fine. people will see the president that has deliver well for the american people. >> laura: we heard that mitt romney did not vote for president trump. apparently he voted early. a former governor from massachusetts, now a senator from utah. what about republicans, a small sliver, that are not voting for him? >> shame on them. this is a situation where we have a president that fights to defend this country. joe biden's policies that he's embraced will destroy america. you know, the only reason i'm going to these states is because
7:30 pm
the choice is so clear and what president trump does for us by fighting for us to keep our constitution in place, to defend our founders envisioned for our country, to give our kids hope and a vision for what really is possible with the american dream, we need him back in the white house. what joe biden has stood for, fought for and the policies he's embraced in this campaign are extreme. we will suffer the consequences if he's allowed to be in the white house. >> laura: governor, great to see you tonight. thanks for joining us. no apologies for you coming. last night we reported on this important piece from npr. two new peer review studies are showing a shop drop in mortalities in covid-19 patients. the drop is seen in all groups including older patients and those with underlying conditions. the great news is that obviously due in part to improved therapeutics. could there be something else at play?
7:31 pm
could this virus be aating -- attenuating. dr. grace, can you confirm that? >> it's hard to prove that. we do know there's three reasons why this is going down. the death rate is going done like a stone, laura. one is doctors. the second is patients and the third is the public. doctors have come up with great inpatient protocols like the use of inhaled and intravenous steroids. remdesivir does not work. the third study that anthony fauci touted has turned out to be a negative study along with the chinese and english study. remdesivir doesn't work. high dose vitamin d does work and has remarkably lowered the icu rate from 52% to 2% and the earth the rate from 7.7 to 0 in
7:32 pm
randomized controls trials. and then the patients. they tend to be younger. finally, there's the public. i went into my pharmacy the other day. inhaled flonase is selling off the shelf as people with covid as an outpatient are giving themselves inhaled corticosteroids and they're treating themselves with vitamin d and zinc. these are the elements that prevent oxidative stress and the inflammatory and clotting campaign that has to be arrested. >> laura: i have to write that down. i thought i knew this. dr. grace, in addition to that, now we have -- all of that good news is out there about the reduced mortality. it's fantastic news.
7:33 pm
the medical establishment still has to sell the panic. so they're going -- they've ruined trick-or-treating for most kids and now they're going after thanksgiving. >> we need to be safe. we need to make sure we're limiting the number of people that comes to our thanksgiving dinners and so on and make sure people are separated, wearing masks. >> if you want to do it, probably get tested and go into essentially a quarantine for 14 days, possibly get tested again after that, at the point where you visit, you want to wear masks as much as possible. >> masks and eating stuffing with gravy, dr. grace. is any of that necessary? >> i don't know. i saw there was a man that had a mask with a zipper on it. maybe that will become popular around thanksgiving. it's best to recommend people take high doses of vitamin d. 1,000 international units reduces your risk of getting covid by 77%.
7:34 pm
>> laura: we're going back -- we have to write that down. what is it? say it again. >> any zinc salt will protect you. my patients that have it, they don't even know they got covid. >> it's amazing. thanks, dr. grace. wonderful to see you. ahead, hollywood reuniting costs of iconic movies and shows for biden and kamala harris. finally answering questions? they're not from voters or the media. raymond arroyo breaks it down. that's next in seen and unseen.
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>> laura: to bring us the latest on politically charged reunions and surprising pop culture defections, all going to trump, we go to our seen and unseen segment. joining us, raymond arroyo, author of the best seller "the
7:40 pm
spider that saved christmas." raymond, what are these reunions? >> they're mostly hollywood for biden campaign ads. the old casts reunite to perform and lecture the public about the need to vote. the most ambitious was an hbo max west wing reunion. >> freedom is the glory of god. democracy is the birth right and our vote matters. >> in between the restaging of an old episode, laura, messages from when we vote board members, a group that they performed this for like michelle obama, lynn miranda and others lecture people about voting. watching this it was clear the west wing actors felt the need to apologize for their brazen politicizing of a beloved show. >> we understand that some people don't fully appreciate
7:41 pm
the benefit of unsolicited advice from actors. the risk of appearing obnoxious is too small a reason to stay quiet if we can get even one new voter to vote. >> the question is do they have that kind of influence, laura? this week there was an avengers reunion with kamala harris. i'm sure you caught that. actor chris pratt caught help for skipping out on it. harrison has spoken to the avengers than to the media since joining the ticket. >> i'm a huge fan. i'm just like a kid right now being with all of you guys. all of those super powers in particular coming together at the end, right? to deal with thanos. there's such symmetry around that and this moment. >> laura, i don't know which avenger kamala harris is but her super power is dispersing hard
7:42 pm
questions with laughter. >> laura: the cast of hamilton also reunited for a biden fund raiser. ♪ >> laura: hunter biden introduced joe to the iranian oligarchs. >> that i did take away his laptop. there's other reunions being planned. ron howard has announced a "happy days" reunion. 46 years after the reunion. it's a funds raiser for wisconsin democrats. chichi tweeted out it's shameful.
7:43 pm
>> laura: i love that. this is all they have. they did this with hillary. remember, they had all of these celebs out for hillary. ben affleck went out for john kerry. they always do this. they send these people out there and to limited effect i think in the end. >> my problem, laura, they're using nostalgia campaigning. they're bringing us apart and ripping us apart with politics and diffusing the things we love them for. it's a bad move. there's fascinating things happening on the pop culture front with black and latino votes. okay? 50 cent and ice cube have endorsed trump. what they think of their work, they're hugely influential in the community. the sentiment is showing up in the polls. in 2016, trump attracted 10% of young black voters. ucla's nation scape poll has trump now at 21% with those same
7:44 pm
black voters which is pretty amazing. >> laura: i hope that holds. i hope they continue to build on that. they're doing more for the african american vote and outreach than any other republican has. and now the results for african americans, it's not kanye, it's the results. they just delivered results. but raymond, there's also the mexican mma fighter, jorge mosvedal. he's making his case for trump in the hispanic community. >> the democrats think they're entitled to the latino vote. we're not growing to buy the same false promises that destroyed great countries like cuba and venezuela. it's not going to happen. and you know what else won't happen? playing on your cell phone to pander to us. hell no. >> laura: he's cuban, not mexican. >> laura, nobody reports on the hispanic community. we make up 13% of the voting
7:45 pm
population. that will be the largest minority vote in the country. have a huge influence in places like florida and arizona. look at these numbers. from in 2016, trump attracted 22%. it's now 35%. the trump campaign is capitalizing on the moment with a new ad. ♪ >> if these numbers hold, laura in the black and hispanic community and broaden them, he will make it very difficult for biden to win in the swing states. >> laura: i hope they have money left over in that campaign after blowing through a lot of it early on to put real ads in hispanic media. they need ads there for sure. thanks. >> see you in columbus tomorrow night. >> laura: see you in columbus ohio.
7:46 pm
we have a great focus group there. why does hunter biden former associate fear for his life in prison? journalist matthew tireman who we had on the other night has an update to share with us in moments. stay there.
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>> laura: earlier this week, we told you how hunter biden's former business associate in prison turned over thousands of e-mails. now he's fearing for his life? just days after making that e-mail exchange public, federal agents moved him from his cell and what they say was an order to protect him. tyrmand has been communicating with the family. matthew tyrmand is here with us. is this really about protecting his physical safety in prison? >> perhaps it is. but at the same time, he was in a work camp for white collar criminals and serving relatively short stays. these were not violent criminals and eligible to be released in a month. now they take him and moved him
7:52 pm
today to a higher security facility where he's now in solitary confinement, which is not a great place to be. there's not a lot of oversight when you're in that situation, so there's a lot of nervousness on his part and the family's part. he was eligible to be out in a month and he took this risk to get me these e-mails and it's a risky situation. >> laura: putting him in solitary confinement makes zero sense. he's in a minimum security work camp. why do you -- i mean, the cynic in me or maybe's been around washington too long or it's too swampy over there at the bureau of prisons, but seems like somebody doesn't want him to talk or communicate with you or
7:53 pm
sc schweizer or anybody else about what hunter biden was up to. >> i think this guy is a walking, talking, evidence dossier that has opened up to be read and learned from. it's dangerous for a lot of people in the federal complex. i'm hoping what fox reported about a trans national money laundering complex, what we talked about 48 hours ago, money laundering for a russian oligarch. if there's an investigation that was recently taking place or maybe still active, i would think that somebody with subpoena power, the u.s. attorney in or governor on d.c. of the fbi would want to take to bevin given the implications of what he has shown with his e-mails and what is on hunter biden's laptop. his e-mails corroborate hunter biden's laptop. if there's doubt about hunter biden's e-mails, then they should be talking to bevin so
7:54 pm
there's a corr robbive effect. >> laura: we learned tonight there was open a money laundering investigation last year. it was a criminal enterprise suspected obviously that was evidence of it inside this laptop. otherwise, it would have been subpoenaed according to the source for the fox news report. matthew, this -- we'll have your bake later this week as this unfolds. i hope we get to talk to the family and i hope he gets out of solitary confinement, this is outrageous. even hunter biden knows he was playing a rigged game. we explain.
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>> joe biden denies that hunter ever profited off the family name, but even hunter knows tha his bunk. >> if you're last name wasn't biden, do you think you would have been asked to be on the board? >> i don't know.
8:00 pm
probably not very don't think there's a lot of things that would've happened in my life if my last name wasn't biden. i think it's impossible for me to be any of the boards without saying i'm the son of the vice president of the united states. >> come on everybody knows it very joining us tomorrow night, i know you will at midnight for a can't miss reaction to the final presidential debate the fox news at 19 take it all from here. shannon? >> i am looking forward to a. popping the popcorn, ready to go . >> we will be watching. >> you are looking live at nashville for the set up for that final presidential debate. hunter biden will most certainl be a part of the discussion especially in light of the breaking news tonight brayed several sources confirming to fox news that the fbi's decisio to subpoena a laptop allegedly belonging to hunter came in connection with a money laundering investigation. in


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