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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 21, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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probably not very don't think there's a lot of things that would've happened in my life if my last name wasn't biden. i think it's impossible for me to be any of the boards without saying i'm the son of the vice president of the united states. >> come on everybody knows it very joining us tomorrow night, i know you will at midnight for a can't miss reaction to the final presidential debate the fox news at 19 take it all from here. shannon? >> i am looking forward to a. popping the popcorn, ready to go . >> we will be watching. >> you are looking live at nashville for the set up for that final presidential debate. hunter biden will most certainl be a part of the discussion especially in light of the breaking news tonight brayed several sources confirming to fox news that the fbi's decisio to subpoena a laptop allegedly belonging to hunter came in connection with a money laundering investigation. in minutes we will talk with th ranking republican on the
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intelligence committee about what we're learning in that cas tonight. to the fbi says tonight iran with an assist from russia cooked up and carried out an effort to undermine confidence in the upcoming presidential election. why would iran send fake is mel to people in florida, and alask posing is the broad boys and a voter intimidation effort who stands to benefit? on cable news the conversation shifted to claims the president may be considering replacing th fbi director. >> if there is a second trump term, and if he decides to fire director ray, the question is who does he bring in behind chris ray? >> the director of fbi have obviously convinced the directo of national intelligence that this is real, and the nation needs to know about it. >> here's how other experts are describing the iranian effort read clearly organized and very much planned for it and other claims this is absolutely something to be concerned about. another says this incident mark
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a fundamental shift in our understanding of their willingness to interfere in the democratic process. we will also examine coming up whether there is foreign influence campaign to re-create conditions from 2016. he may recall, candidate hillar clinton continues to put the blame for her loss on the kremlin. hello and welcome to fox news a night we will get to the breaking news on that mysteriou laptop allegedly belonging to hunter biden, but we kick thing off with david lee miller on th fbi announcement tonight. >> the director of national intelligence joined by the director of the fbi tonight accused iran of being behind efforts to send out e-mails to threaten u.s. voters. additionally now, the intelligence chief, john ratcliff also said independently , russia is trying to undermine the upcoming u.s. election. according to radcliffe, iran
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sent out spoofed e-mails to intimidate voters incite unrest and damage president trump in the last few days democratic voters in alaska, florida, and possibly other states received e-mails seem to be from the proud boys warning you will vot for president trump on election day, or we will come after you. for spokesman for the proud way denies any involvement in the e-mails. radcliffe offered this advice t voters that receive such a threat. >> do not allow these efforts t have their intended effect. if you received an intimidating or manipulative e-mail in your inbox, don't be alarmed, and do not spread it. >> in addition to sending out the e-mails, radcliffe said the are posting videos online implying fraudulent ballots could be cast both domestically and from overseas. as for russia, radcliffe says i has also obtained some voter registration information just a they did in 2016. he warned both russia and iran could try to use that data to
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spread false information to sow chaos and confusion undermining confidence in the election. while it appears democrats are the voters being targeted now b iran, radcliffe says what's happening is a threat to all americans. >> this is not a partisan issue. i've had conversations today with members of congress from both sides of the aisle. and there is complete unanimity in the u.s. government in our resolve to combat the enemies o freedom. the president has instructed me to keep the public informed as appropriate, to get a report in the washington post said sarvis and saudi arabia, estonia, in the uae seemed to be used to send the threatening e-mails by the fbi says it's working with both technology and social medi companies to make sure their platforms are not being used by foreign adversaries to spread disinformation as well as propaganda.
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in the words of the u.s. intelligence chief, efforts to undermine our electoral system are desperate attempts by desperate adversaries. he also said you can be confident your votes are secure. shannon? >> that is what every american wants and needs to believe in this election. david lee miller, thank you in your tonight. jill biden weighing in today on the view. leland vittert has the latest for us tonight. >> joe biden took the day off from the campaign trail, but said the hunter biden reporting is trump trumps henchman going after him. what's most noteworthy is what he doesn't say in this upcoming soundbite. never once does he or anyone from his campaign, or even hunter biden say these e-mails our fake.
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>> as activity returns downtown maryland closed a the majors, please,. laura karen only watch under th rules, her micra spot must remain closed. >> i went from being for forcefully booked, working ever single day, almost even too much , to absolutely nothing very direct 15th i had to close my doors, and had to shut everything down. >> she applied for and was denied approved forcing her to lay off her one employee. >> i set up e-commerce on the website which i didn't have before. >> clearly that was not joe biden and his soundbites. 3d julie anna, terms henchman, the latch to separate from this campaign to smear me and my family, joe biden on the view today, never said the e-mails were fake. fox news has obtained a series of e-mails allegedly from hunte biden including one from may 2017 with chinese energy executives, a source on the e-mail chain has verified its
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authenticity. it discusses payment for six people including a reference to 10 percent of the equity in the deal to be held by each. that presumably hunter. we think we have that soundbite from joe biden, take a listen. >> this is the same garbage rud giuliani, trumps henchman, the last ditch effort just hear me and my family. the same goes for dr. jill bide on the view today. not a single denial. >> you know, as a mother, it really, i don't like to see my son attacked and certainly i don't like to see my husband attacked, but for me, or to me, these are just distractions. >> fox news attained a series o the e-mails including this one from may of 2017. correspondence with chinese energy executives as source on the e-mail chain, verified its
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authenticity. it discusses payment for six people including a reference to 10 percent of the equity in the deal to be held by h, presumabl hunter, for the big guy. texas senator ted cruz jumped o that. >> the china e-mails are offering to pay over $1 million to the big guy, to joe biden himself, cash in his bank accounts. >> documents obtained by fox news indicate the laptop was seized in 2019 as part of an fb money laundering investigation. for property receipt for the laptop is labeled with a to 72 kees rd number which is the classification for money laundering nba indicating the baltimore field office that has jurisdiction over wilmington, delaware, bridge if a criminal case was opened the government official told fox, that means there is a high likelihood, but both the laptop and higher driv contained fruits of criminal activity. >> we did get the right story. keeping with a long-standing practice, the fbi will neither
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confirm or deny any possible investigations into the younger biden. >> we appreciate that, leland vittert we will continue to follow that story. new developments in connection with the laptop, plus breaking news tonight on foreign interference in our elections. let's break it down with author of the book, countdown to socialism. the ranking member of the house intelligence committee committe devin nunes. walking back to my congressman. >> shannon, great to be with you . it's been a while. >> so, we are told that you are were briefed a little bit of what we heard from the fbi director about the fact that iran with some help from russia had been pushing phony stuff ou primarily to cause chaos in our days going into the election. what can you tell us about what you know? >> i want everybody to know tha the election, a lot of people
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have their ballots now, the bes thing they can do is get the ballots turned into the elections office. throw them in the mail, just ge them to the elections office. i think we have come along way in terms of what the department of homeland security has done working with all the other 50 states to ensure that this election goes off without a hitch. i think that is the key commission unburied the idea that foreign countries are goin to meddle in our election is nothing new. in fact, before four years ago when the democrats brought up this phony russia hoax issue that we've dealt with for so many years, this was pretty normal that the intelligence agencies would monitor what are foreign adversaries would do. in the meantime, i'm glad that the director of the national intelligence has come forth and made this public think it just makes sense for people to be careful what e-mails you open. >> former cia officer himself tweeting tonight, he says iran is interfering in our election
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on behalf of joe biden. by the rules established by our media, in 2016, this now means that if trump loses we can spen four years whining about how iran stole the election for biden and unleash a special counsel on him congressman, i'm guessing that's not going to happen. >> look, i'm hopeful everybody understands now through all of this mess, that foreign countries are going to play games in elections. if they have intelligent services and don't like the united states, they will play these games. what we need to make sure we don't have happen is for are ow fbi and the department of justice to get corrupted by the clinton campaign like what happened in 2016. i think everybody is watchful for this. there is a lot of ballots out there, so the best advice i hav for the american people is to get your ballots in. >> i want to talk about the hunter biden story and the that they've run down.
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they say the fbi subpoena which we have seen the document and leland reported on this, the laptop and hard drive came in connection with the money laundering investigation in 2019 . multiple lot force meant that officials are telling us that now. we don't know if that still ongoing or if it's directly related to hunter biden. senator johnson has tried numerous times to get information from the fbi. he has now gone to the inspecto general at the doj insight i can't get answers about this laptop, whether the fbi has hasn't come out when they have it, why wasn't it turned over t you you-all who wears dealing with with impeachment. he's asked for an investigation by the expected general. >> it will take too much time. or investigated team we have also independently verified tha these that the laptop is indeed real, and that the computer technician and delaware was jus trying to be helpful. i think you hit the nail right
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american people, after dealing with three and a half years of phony russia hoax of $40 millio investigation by robert mueller and i know a lot of people have forgotten about this, but in august of 2019, all of a sudden out of nowhere, there was this ukraine hoax where it was a leak , the president talking to the new president of ukraine, talking about corruption. and we started dealing with thi all through the end of 2019. the computer technician came forward because he thought he might have relevant information that the congress should have i you in fact are investigating ukraine and we ended up actuall impeaching the president of the united states over this. the fact that the fbi didn't take with that american's concern was, the reason he took that to the fbi was twofold, troubling pornographic images, and also because it was in the news. the fact that the fbi did not bring that to the united states congress during the impeachment
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of the president of the united states is appalling. somebody needs to answer why that wasn't brought to the congress. this would have been in decembe of 2019, the very time the president was being impeached, and remember, it was delayed by nancy pelosi for like 45 days. the fbi had plenty of time to get that to the united states senate to say here are some e-mails involving joe biden, hunter biden come up money moving around. the other thing that can't be explained as if any american received three and a half million dollars from a russian oligarch for any reason, the fb would knock down the door of their house or business to figure out why did somebody get three and a half million dollars . hunter biden has yet to tell us why that is very joe biden doesn't answer the question. the media continues to cover this up and of course the socia media companies our covering this updo. you can't even see it on twitter . the new york post can't even
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tweet any longer. >> they are having a tough time getting that information out. we can't verify. we have a reporting confirmed that the fbi has that. we will learn more we hope in the future. i have a president the feeling the president will bring this u tomorrow night. and i'm sure the former vice president is prepared with his answer as well. to get the big headlines about tomorrow night's debate is abou what you may not hear from the candidates because the organizers say they will be abl to mute their microphones at some parts of the event to avoi the kind of interruptions that took over the first debate. >> good evening. this is going to be the first time that the presidential to pate commission has ever muted the candidates microphones prid that's going to be the job of a audio text, not the moderator. both campaigns have been given
8:16 pm
the opportunity, or the option to have somebody come inside that audio booth to monitor thi now very powerful audio tech. so far only the trunk campaign has opted to do so. >> in a year unlike any other, the third and final debate is shaping up to be equally unprecedented. after the first debate devolved into this. >> joe you would be with bernie sanders. could get the question and has. >> will you shut up, man predicated the presidential debates said they will be cutting off one candidates microphone while his opponent delivers his to minute long opening statement. after that, all mics will be ho for the remainder of the 15 minute segment. they say during the times open for discussion it is the hope o the commission that they will b able to be respectful of each other's times which will advanc civil discourse to the benefit of the viewing public.
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>> i think there should be more limitations on those not interrupting one another. >> president trump doesn't like the new roles and think the debate camp mission as favoring his opponent. >> think they mute is very unfair, and i think it's very bad that they're not talking about foreign affairs. they want topics like china, iran, iraq and afghanistan, issues where he believes he has the image. instead fighting covid 19 is that the list of topics followe by american families, race in america, climate change, national security, and leadership. >> another change from the firs presidential debate, it looks like there will be some kind of plexiglass separating the two o stage. the commission has not came out and physical announce that this will be the case, but you can see it on stage earlier today, their is a good thing that it will stay that way for the big debate which is now just hours away.
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>> we know you will be live on the scene therefore is thrown night. thank you. >> why some on the right are saying they don't think president trump should say hunter trumped brown night. we will debate that next.
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>> the debate before the debate is about whether it will help o hurt the president to press joe biden on hunter's e-mail controversy tomorrow night. the biden campaign working to a says when the because he knows his presidency is a weak pathetic failure and that is wh he built on the second debate. if he recycles that same strategy that lost in the first debate he will also lose the third grade we're going to have are own pre- debate tonight wit
8:23 pm
democratic strategist rnc committee woman for california and fox news contributor, welcome back to all of you. >> thank you. >> good evening. >> and want to start with you. we continue to get more information like our folks brok tonight about the fact that thi laptop was subpoenaed in connection with the lawn money laundering investigation. we don't know if hunter is a target of that or if it's ongoing, but we know it was in some connection this laptop was subpoenaed. we might know the moderator is not going to bring it up. most of the mainstream media as acting like it's crazy town anyway. >> he should bring it up in the following way, at the real issu is not hunter biden and all of his weirdness and his personal problems and his drug addiction and so forth. its weather joe biden is a pay to play politician. whether he has sold out to his country previously, these are the documents were looking at,
8:24 pm
that is a big big question, it would be political malpractice not to raise it, so i hopefully that he will talk about all the evidence that we have seen, the ongoing investigation. that none of the mainstream media seems to be able to get him to answer, which is are you selling out the country and do you operate for cash. >> he has not governed many questions about the spirit couple of folks have tried to get it from him. a report or from cbs over the weekend tried to give it to him and he turned on that my kite a if he was some part of a right ping conspiracy to come after. he hasn't been pressed on this and we know the debate topics tomorrow night are not going to include it. wall street journal had an interesting piece today saying whether he gets elected or not, you need to answer these questions. is that fair? our own mike emanuel has been able to authenticate some of these e-mails and very to the big guy which one source says i
8:25 pm
the armor vice president. >> yes, shannon, i don't know i the moderator will bring it up tomorrow, but certainly donald trump will. he's been previewing these attacks on the campaign trail i north carolina tonight. in pennsylvania yesterday. i think with the news coming ou about the secret bank account i china held by donald trump and his. >> alleged where it can get millions of dollars. we're going to say that the allegations of hunter are alleged, then that is also an allegation. >> ed total allegation about hi tax returns in china. the fact that he has potentiall paid more money in tax returns then he has in this country in the last two years of his presidency. think the vice president has strong counterattack. you want to go after my son, let's go after your tax returns here in the fact that you may have the secret of this chinese bank account.
8:26 pm
whether they be chinese tech returns or american tax returns right i think the vice presiden will be on the attack at defending his son and taking th fight to the president on this issue. >> so, is that unfair strategy, for the new york times to information from the tax return which is a crime by the way, nobody's talking about that, bu to publish things into say that the president you need to bet that down. meanwhile these things we've been able to confirm in connection with hunter biden, and a lot of things we don't know and can't confirm, those same things aren't to say you need to knock these things down because so far they haven't. >> i think there are two issues here come, one is whether this is a legitimate talk pick for the media to investigate, perhaps for other people in politics to investigate the justice department. the other issue is whether this is topic that will help donald
8:27 pm
trump close the deal in terms of getting them as i can turn. i think i'm the first question, yes, this is a legitimate issue. on the second question i'm not sure this is the best clothing argument for donald trump heard this might be the last chance for him to face a large audienc and make his case against joe biden paradigm not sure that focusing on hunter is the way t go. i think people want two things out of the president tomorrow bright one is some of the reassurance about covid, people are hurting, they're facing evictions, unemployment, they want some reassurance from the president that he has a path going forward. second i think he should talk about the economy. talk about contrasting going forward, economically in this country. with where biden and the progressives want to go. i think if they make this a choice selection.
8:28 pm
rather than a referendum on his character and so forth, he will do better. focusing on hunter biden only helps the base which is already voting for him. i don't think it runs into new voters that he needs, the seniors, the suburban women, th groups he struggling with. i don't think hunter biden focu helps with those groups in the closing days of the election. >> we were told initially that the plans for this debate was going to be foreign policy and the trump administration says they have a lot to talk about commit middle east peace deals, things that are going forward all kinds of changes and things he's done on the foreign policy front. now we are told it was always u to the moderator to change or t decide the topic and we are bac to things that a lot of people think we're discussed in the first one. there will be raised issues, those kinds of things should th president try to make his case on foreign policy. >> absolutely he showed, he has
8:29 pm
a strong record on foreign policy. i think americans care about that. to jason's points, obviously th 90 minutes of the debate should not be focused on hunter biden' laptop and under biden's corruption. in the course of as three questions i think he's dead to getting in jabs and i'm sure we will hear some there. it's correct that he needs to focus on the closing argument o his strong points. the fact that we have not gone into another endless war and th president is bringing troops home, a lot of americans care about that. i think he has something good t say on all the other topics as well. hopefully we will hear a little more exchange than we did in some of the last exchanges we'v had on the campaign trail and the president will make his case . >> i can't wait to see how the mute button works and if i coul schedule one further show as well. >> we appreciate your time. thank you all. >> thanks, shannon.
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transitions. >> it doesn't get you anywhere bashing people like that bird i would like to see them presto biden on his policies that wher we can compare the college it's pretty kate was about his fathe allowing influence in the country. >> trump supporters in north carolina weighing in on his
8:35 pm
potential strategy ahead of the president charlie there tonight and has new polling shows an ever tightening race in several battleground states. reach edson reporting from gastonia, north carolina tonight . >> good evening. as activity returns,. >> good evening shannon. president trump says he wants more rallies in the closing stretch of this campaign and he is getting them in an event by about three and a half percentage points for the real clear politics average shows th president in another tight race with a slight edge to former vice president. state officials say voters have cast more than to .1 million early ballots already more than 43 percent by registered democrats. about seven and half from registered republicans. nearly 675,000 of those are absentee making the case to voters here.
8:36 pm
>> under my administration we built the greatest economy in the history of the world, and now we're doing it again. when the virus hit we experienc the smallest contraction of eight any major country anywher in the world bright and we also are now witnessing by far the fastest recovery. >> senior republicans say they want more of that message from president trump, that and other points he made tonight -like foreign policy. president trump ripped the media . they detailed impeachment, coverage of his inaugural crowd in his recent 60 minutes interview. fox news has also released new polling numbers of likely voters , the president has resumed his pulling lead in ohio . though he trails by a dozen in michigan, and five percentage points in pennsylvania and wisconsin. while former vice president biden is up overall, voters are even on who they trust to handl the economy.
8:37 pm
their president leads by severa percentage points on that issue. with less than two weeks to go before election day, it's a debate tomorrow for the president and then a couple of rallies friday in florida. shannon? >> rich, thank you very much. >> one of two houston police officers shot tuesday morning has died. to sergeant harold preston was wounded during a domestic disturbance call at an apartmen complex and later died where th suspect in the case 51 -year-ol elmer manzano is in the u.s. illegally and has been charged with capital murder. also some record early voting numbers our hearts break every time we hear one of these cases. we know these folks and their families know this is something they could face every day but when they head out there. >> i've been to too many funerals in my years. this is a multiple facet story,
8:38 pm
shannon, ears first of all, apparently the black lives matter, the organization, lives don't matter that they're black. lebron james has been tweeted out anything about harold preston, answering a domestic call, basically executed by thi alleged shooter here was here illegally, i might add per head how about this black life? black lives matter, apparently all black lives do not matter. to me, i'm actually bigger and bolder and i think most republicans and most americans, white, black prompt, and brown say all black lives matter. joe biden has talked about he wants to send a psychologist. he says these was his last debate with police officers on domestic calls, every person in law enforcement knows that domestic calls are the most dangerous to go on. in fact, i talked to the u.s. attorney brian patrick tonight who filed two charges and he told me in the last five officers killed since last december in his district alone,
8:39 pm
the southern district of texas, four have been on domestic shooting straight if you look a all shootings in domestic shootings, 40 percent of them happen before the officers get to the house bird there ambushed . joe biden wants to put a psychologist in the car with a police officer to the most dangerous call that they can respond to. this officer was just the best of the best of the best. he went there because a woman was being beaten by this cowardly person that then kille the officer. >> there are allegations about everything that happened there. that will play out in a courtroom for just to be clear, black lives lighter matter had nothing to do with a shooter an we don't know if the leaders know about this case or how the might feel about it, so i don't want to assume they don't care. >> i'm asking lebron james, and black lives matter to put out a tweet tomorrow about this black man, about this family of
8:40 pm
a police officer. the same joe biden that says i' going to train police officers to shoot people in the leg pretty obviously never talked t a police officer or listen to them. >> every law enforcement office that says they are not what the are trained to do. i want to ask about texas, quinnipiac says they are both a that's where they put it, bio can win, texas and in this thin on election night. if your state turning blue? >> absolutely not. he lost his election he forgot and he didn't even make it very far in the debate because even the democrats realized he didn' know what he was talking about. he was never really asked by th media. when he was ask the hard questions he was clueless. here's what's happening in texas , we have had the biggest early turnout we've ever had. we have added a week. we go from 11 days of early
8:41 pm
voting to 17 days of early voting to give people time to vote during cold boot. about 86 percent are showing up in person. here is what we know because we look at the data every night. there aren't any new voters. there's no big wave. every election every cycle, the registered to vote, that is steady, their is not 20 percent of new voters. the people who voted already ar the same people because we know them by looking at the voter files that voted in 2018 and 2016, about 10 percent more, an more republicans with voting history in a primary that's ver close. the democrats are running out o voters, shannon. they voted a lot of their voters . may be by the end of the week a 60 percent of all the democracy voted in 2018.
8:42 pm
there just voting early. the president will win, texas,. i talked to the president yesterday as today and i said you can focus on pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, minnesota, you will win, texas,. beto or rourke is talking through his hat. >> which is a huge prize, everybody wants to win at. we will be watching on election night. >> thank you. >> just days before facebook an other face lawmakers on capitol hill, their social media compan is at war with the paddle on base. getting in my way. joint pain, swelling, tenderness...much better. my psoriasis, clearer... cosentyx works on all of this. four years and counting. so watch out. i got this! watch me.
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thresponds to snoringse from automatically. so no hiding under your pillow. or opting for the couch. because it's our first system that detects snoring and automatically adjusts to help reduce it. your best sleep. all night. every night. he gave the satirical conservative site continues to be accused of violating their community standards this bushel networks at a fictional quote used in a joke on that site tha incites violence freight let's dig a little deeper on the stor
8:47 pm
tonight. >> thank you for having me on. >> can you briefly tell us what the story was about and what part was considered to be inciting violence? >> well, this story was about the senators grilling amy coney barrett during the confirmation hearing and comparing her to a duck in order to determine whether or not she was a witch. that sounds really crazy and silly because it is crazy and silly. that's what we do is make up crazy and silly stories. the part was said to be incitin violence was a quote about how we must burn her once they determined that she was a witch. it's a direct quote from an old mind he python movie. so it's not an actual incitemen to violence. anybody who takes any care to pay attention to the context of the story would clearly see that . the interesting thing with this
8:48 pm
is that facebook's algorithm is what triggered this article got flagged for review and got take down that's excusable i guess i you have a the and algorithm ca do that, but then they had a person manually review it and uphold that ruling. that's when it became chief crazy for us and we went to social media and let everybody else know what's going on. >> i think you're not supposed to talk about it either, what was behind the scenes. they said how the babylon be right ring satire site on confusion. a lot of the babylon bees most successful articles in terms of online engagement are the ones that are less obviously satirical. i thought that is what good satire was supposed to be, but apparently, ears gardening too close to the truth, and the new york times doesn't think people can figure it out. >> jokes are funny at because their proximity to the truth,
8:49 pm
that not any can they're not going two commercial it's actually successful when satire is supposed to be just exaggerating the truth a little bit. that is becoming more difficult because the world is so crazy today it's hard to go beyond where reality is. that is one of the challenges w face is making up things that are so crazy that people can tell it satire. >> i think something else that you all did very well was to file the hunter babylon be profile for c filled. it is actually happening. please keep us updated. >> thank you for having me on. >> our jewish businesses in new york city being unfairly targeted during the pandemic? that story next. who's supporting prop 15?
8:50 pm
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it's time to limit taxes. who'sgovernor gavin newsom. the governor says prop 15 is, "fair, phased-in, and long overdue reform", that "will exempt small businesses and residential property owners." join governor newsom. vote yes on 15. >> new york city continuing efforts to crack down on the dining guidelines. even as he expresses his regret over how the city is enforcing those deadlines in brooklyn. how this is all working. good evening, doctor siegel.
8:54 pm
>> and outbreak of cosa caseloads among orthodox jewish committees in queens and brooklyn has led to an attempte walk on by the state. protest by the effective group. >> and willing to show the mayor , this is for you pretty accusations of discrimination against the mayor and the governor without evidence that has slowed the spread of the dreaded virus. both leaders have apologized, yet the rules remain in place. >> i'm sorry that they are disrupted. their religious ceremonies are disrupted. how many people can have a synagogue is disrupted. >> orthodox jewish news site reported that the undercover inspector had walked into the café and ask the owner identified as mike if he could sit down and eat. he said that café was not open for dining, and then the allegedly inspector issued this summons for a january court date
8:55 pm
. >> we work so hard, and were struggling to begin with becaus of covid, and it's really it's really disheartening when your business is already so slow because of this invincible he walks in and issued you a citation. >> new york city councilman tol him that he looked at a copy of the summons and it stated that the café was cited for not keeping the door closed for pedestrian traffic. >> there are instances of businesses being given summonse that we're erroneous and later did resented. the fact that there have been these instances of fines given is just a feeling that the inspectors are looking to get tickets and community is being targeted. >> heat notes the inconsistency is money and the community are trying to comply with public health measures. at community i might add that has already suffered so much.
8:56 pm
shannon? >> doctor steagall, thank you s much for looking into that. we have special postdebate coverage tomorrow night. we will see you here at 1:00 a.m. good night from washington. i'm shannon bream. wow. that will save me lots of money. this game's boring. only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. to listen, is to hear more than what's being said... and offer the answers that make someone feel truly heard. i understand, let's get started call a dell technologies advisor today. that cannot be extinguished. it rages on to give us a glimmer of what we can do, and of who we can become. because hope fuels opportunity. university of phoenix is awarding up to
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