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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 21, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> tucker: we are out of time, sadly. we will leave you with what russia dominic america wants you to know, russia and iran are real threats. we will see you tomorrow. have a great night, sean hannity, right now right now. >> tucker, thank you. welcome to "hannity." the fbi issued a serious warning detailing arends involvement in an election interference scheme. apparently actors inside i run posing as members of a fringe group. ps an attempt to intimidate voters here in the us. we have a lot more coming up throughout the hour. we are only 13 days away from the election. twenty-four hours away from what we do last and final presidential debate.
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we've got a state-by-state election analysis. we have the very latest from the campaign. wrapping up yet another massive rally in north carolina less than e two weeks until -- this is more than joe has done in the last three days for the last four or five days. d he's been resting comfortably. taking his f naps, having hot cocoa, debate prep every waking moment of the last five days. naturally, obama had some rather typically nasty things to say about the president and to the president's supporters. we will play the worst moments for mr. hope and change. when they go below, we go high and in a minute. joe is still nowhere to be found.
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he spent another day, for the w last five days hold up in his basement bunker with less than two weeks to go before election day. no rallies, no press conferences, no big events. maybe he had a nice, leisurely breakfast, a couple of naps, hot cocoa, early dinner inside maybe he is watching "hannity." we hear that there is a big breaking news story coming that we will be telling you. what we do know is that joe bidenn is still hiding. you could say he is in thear candidate protection program. last night we sent a camera to joe's house in delaware to see if we could get a glimpse of the democratic nominee outside of the basement bunker or did tonight, we sent "hannity" election correspondent lawrence jones, he is now standing right outside of joe biden's compound. joe, he could see right there
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the cameras right there. if you have anything you want to tell america, you've been very quiet four of the last five days in the middle of an election. if you want to make a pitch to voters, if you're able to answer a couple of questions not about what your favorite milk shake is, just come outside, we will be happy to hear from you. free any time. unlike the phony, lying misleading propaganda ads that your campaign keeps running. there are lies in almost every ad. we are not going to hold our breath, and he probably doesn't have the mental capacity to speak extemporaneously anymore without days of preparation. that's allegedly what he's been doing the past week memorizing his lies for the debate. he's trying to avoid any and all questions surrounding the massive corruption candle that is rocking his campaign. conducted from his sofa in his basement bunker, biden blasted a local reporter for daring to ask if hunter profited off of the biotin name. the obvious answer is yes. to take look.
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>> this is the same garbage rudy giuliani, trump's henchmen, it's the last attempt to smear me and my family. at the vast majority of intelligence people have come out and say there is no basis at all. >> sean: joe is lying to america. at the very least, we know for a fact zero experience hunter hayes uncommented uses father's name and office to rake in millions of dollars from sketchy foreign nationals. now he admitted as much on an interview "good morning america." well gas energy, got paid millions. why? i don't know, may be because your dad is the vice president. probably, that's not in dispute. the media gave him a pass. it's a now, because of several major revelations surrounding the emails, no serious questions must be answered. did joe communicate with hunter
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about his business dealings? did he offer special access treatment, invitations to the white house or anything else to any of these sketchy international clients? did he profit financially in any way himself? was u.s. foreign policy compromised in a brand-new article off "the wall street journal" is now demanding that joe answer these questions about his son's influence peddling and his own financial dealings notably regarding china after allow fox news has now confirmed an email appears to detail and equity distribution to joe biden from one of his sons sketchy deals with a state backed chinese entity. these are serious concerns, and they will be raised at tomorrow night's debate, probably not by the moderator -- probably trump will have to bring it up himself. one way or another, it will come up. coming up, we will lay out all of hunter's sketchy business
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deals in detail. we will connect all of the dots follow all of the money from ukraine to russia to kazakhstan to china, 200 biden's own while appear to buckle up, more bombshell revelations are on the way. also, senator ron johnson will join us.s. it makes you wonder former president obama, what did he know about any of this, about biden and their families elicit behavior in the profiting off their position. according to multiple reports he reportedly urged biden not to run for office in 2016, you can recall he endorsed hillary clinton. in 2020, he waited to the final weeks to endorse joe. now with only 13 days to go until you are the ultimate jury obama finally stepped out on the campaign trail during a speech to basically a couple of cars in a parking lot in philadelphia. he didn't exactly have an uplifting message, sadly for
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barack, there's no more hope, no more change, no more positive vibes. there is no more if they go low we go high. he is filled with nothing but hate and rage for all things donald trump. of course, obama also taking several shots at his favorite ge to villain, fox news. obama has been obsessed with fox, me in particular, for years. to take a look.r, >> i explained that i never thought donald trump would embrace my vision or continue my policies, but i did hope for the sake of the country that he might show some interest in taking the job seriously. it hasn't happened. he hasn't shown any interest in doing the work or helping anybody but himself and his friends and treating the presidency like a reality show he can use to get attention. >> sean: this is a far crya from trump rallies where supporters line up for hours and hours to hear the president speak. it's like a concert like
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atmosphere. tonight's valley north carolina, no exception. the president at this to say about the weak, frail cognitively struggling opponent joe biden and of course, talked about tomorrow's big debate. take a look. >> president trump: the first thing washington democrats will do, if sleepy joe was elected is go to sleep, i guess. w i had a leader that called me a really dynamic leader called me up about two weeks go inside, i don't want to deal with them he's always going to be sleeping. can you imagine that? the word gets around. if biden wins, the flag burning demonstrators in the street will be running your federal government. don't worry, it's not going ton.
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happen. it can't happen. you know my statement, our country will never be a socialist country. >> sean: as we do get closer and closer to the election, the, polls are very, very tight especially in all of these battleground states like florida, georgia north carolina, ohio pennsylvania, arizona, iowa every state matters. michigan, wisconsin, minnesota filed where has it at 46-46. we saw a very similar trend in 4 2016 and the once overly competent democratic party is now experiencing a sense of deja vu all over again especially given the biden campaigns obvious attempt to coast across the finish line and remain in hiding the entire time. it tonight, like most nights joe is not visiting any battleground states good he's not in wisconsin, michigan florida, ohio, he's in the comfort of his own home likely taking a nap, not campaigning at all anyway. four of the last five days, he's been on vacation. every american needs to examinel what's going on here.
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this is now a conscious decision of joe biden's campaign. you need to look at this closely.y. this campaign has now decided that they can no longer risk joe biden being out in public for any prolonged period of time. they are obviously hiding something about joe in all likelihood, they arer hiding the full extent of joe's cognitive struggles. when he does go out two or three days in a row, it's an unmitigated disaster. this is unprecedented, frankly it is dangerous for this country if his whole campaign does not believe he has the strength stamina, the mental acuity, the
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mental alertness, to be the president of the united states which is the hardest job in the world. he looks frail, he looks weak and we can see he is struggling cognitively. america needs to now demand a physical, a full physical and cognitive assessment of joe biden. the country deserves to know why are they putting him in hiding and on vacation with the two weeks to go into election day. this is uncharted waters, this never happens. at their reluctance to evenin leave his basement bunker with the full approval of his campaign, we thought we would make it very easy for him. joe, you want to answer a couple of questions? you want to give a pitch to voters around the country? as we speak, hannity election correspondent is outside of the biden compound. he is not been invited in the bunker, but he joins us with an more.ed anybody bringing in vanilla and chocolate shakes, lj? >> no movement just yet. good evening. it is the eve of the final presidential debate and vice president joe biden called
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in his campaign on monday. we have been asking questions on when we are going to see the vice president. people are starting to ask if he is running out the clock. i had the opportunity to talk with voters in delaware, this is what they have to say about the issue. >> what about going out for the campaign, less than two weeks should he be out there talking to people? >> no, i don't think so. i think he has done a great job. >> he needs to stay in his house, because he's nuts. h t >> it's not going to help them by leaving the house? >> no. he's cuckoo for cocoa puffs. >> do you think the best strategy is to sit back and let the election play out? >> i wouldn't agree with that. he is going to have to get out. obama is doing some of the legwork for him, that's fine but joe has to make an appearance. >> you think he staying in the house because if he goes out he may win? >> he's not going to win. he doesn't need to win, he needs
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to stay in the house. so nobody will vote for him. >> this is going to come down to the final days. if what we need to know is this if he is up in the polls like they suggest, may be this is a good strategy. the polls are wrong like they were in 2016, he may regret this decision. we made a very easy for him tonight, we will be out here all night and the vice president can they suggest, may be this is a moment. >> sean: of lawrence, you are there in last night they turned the light off a little bit.s i know the basement bunker is in the back of the compound. has there been a lot of activity, anybody there? >> it's actually funny, the car of the secret service is there. some of them are waving, saying see one hannity. i think they just want to know where the former vice president is.
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>> sean: yeah, starting with me. these are uncharted waters. something is radically wrong. it don't go on a vacation with five days and two weeks to go before election day. it doesn't happen. thank you as always. this just breaking right now breaking news from and brooks dignan, she is reporting with a laptop is in fact linked to an fbi laundering pro. the fbi allegedly subpoenaed the laptop and the hard drive and 2019. they've known about this 2019 which is a whole series of issues. according to this report, it is unclear at this point whether this investigation is ongoing and if it was directly related to biden.
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multiple federal law enforcement officials have no confirmed thet authenticity of these documents which were signed by fbi special agent joshua wilson who did not immediately respond. we will stay on the story, we're going to get reaction in just a minute from senator ron johnson. it is now breaking as we speak. first, let's turn to the cameras standing by some very important analysis. we invited you on, we need a little more practice. nobody is better than bill. >> nice to see you. it's sort of where we think the state of things are right now. this is pennsylvania, you mentioned obama was there earlier today. this is pittsburgh, allegheny, t lot of democratic votes thing if you are a democrat, this is
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where you win pennsylvania. hillary clinton with half a million votes in 2016 montgomery county she picked up another quarter million votes. the concentration of focus. watch carefully, 2016 this poem is clinton. what changes on the map? it's very -- just slightly here there are a total of three counties that flip to for 2016. really, they made this significant difference with turnover here and then erie county here in the northwestern corner. they had a rally there last night, very close. if you go back to 2012 you see how well barack obama did.
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you saw what a rally about a week ago, this is cambria -- i think you covered it yourself. white, rural voters, the president has 70% of this county, is going to rely on all of these places to offset places like pittsburgh and philadelphia. take you to 2020, now. you vote by mail or you show up and pick your ballot up and fill it out. at 2.8 million requested or sent. 1.2 are returned so far pennsylvania has a little bit of a way to go when it comes too that.o pop on down undaunted 2016 state of north carolina. this is raleigh and durham in the north end east, this is charlotte. just to the west of charlotte 66% of the vote. 60,000 in the county alone as compared to met romney's turnout.
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that's the reason why -- in a big way, as far you go gaston county. north carolina has been rather impressive. that's 2012, i'll take you to 20/20 no. you had early voting there for about six days. 1.4 million ballots sent out or requested, 660,000 returned. the early in-person voting is very popular. if they like that they are, and have 1.5 million so far. i think of all of these numbers here, the one to think about is the percentage of registered voters that have turned in their vote so far. a little more than 26 -- 20.6%. four years ago that number was 30.6%. we are two-thirds of the way there appeared with early in-person voting you're going to eclipse that so far in the state of north carolina. i'm throwing a lot of numbers that you, but i think this is
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really important thing keep out the changes with covid, absentee ballots, the mail balloting, all that factors into an election. you could argue it's a rather unpredictable. as of tonight at 6:00 5.8 million in florida of which close to 3 million have been returned.. if they do early in-person voting now for just a couple of days. this is where i think that numbers important, and 2016 the early in-person voting was almost 4 million. you can wager, sean, pretty good money that we are going to fly by that number in 2020. as for the percentage that i pointed out, 31% four years ago this year in 2020, we are about 17%. a little more than halfway there. all of this goes into our equation as we try to figure out which way 20 20/20 is going to go. the three states that i just showed you, 2016, what was the real vote difference in all three? pennsylvania, north carolina anw
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florida. it was 330,000 votes. that is the margin so far that we are looking at. that's compared to four years ago. >> sean: a bill hemmer, i willho tell you, everybody should take this to mean the following in my view, your vote matters. and every one of the swing states, it matters a lot. we will be watching all election night, two weeks from yesterday 13 days away, anything can happen. ultimately, it's in your hands. you, the american people are the ultimate jury. not big tech companies that are biased, not the media mob with their abusive bias against all things trump, not the democratic party that hates donald trump every second, minute, hour of every day, and not establishmen
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republican rhinos that also hate the president. only you have the power to shock the world and send it donald trump back to the white house and prevent the socialist policies of joe biden from ever being implemented which would render this country pretty unrecognizable. joining us now, executive vice president of the trump organization, eric trump is with us. you look at all of these numbers, very similar except in many ways, we are in a better position if you look at the real clear politics average. from where hillary was four years ago to where we are today your dad is doing what he does best and that is going out working his you know what off. this guy has been on vacation for the last five days. is it just me or is there something off with that? >> something is off with a beard is something i admire most about my father, he has instilled work ethic and a spirit i watch them campaign and what he's doing what he did in erie pennsylvania, last night, what he did north carolina this evening and the energy he brings to that office -- on the contrast you have biden who
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hasn't left his house, as you've been saying. work ethic is important, showing up is important. the respect you want to show the voters. i couldn't be more proud of my father, i couldn't be more proud of what he's doing. i could tell you, i'm out there every single day. i was in michigan yesterday pennsylvania at the day before une energy on the ground it's unbelievable. i did this in 2016, you know that, we spent a lot of time together. i've never seen anything like that. people appreciate my father the energy on the ground it's from socialism and the radical left, and people love him. at this is no longer about politics, this is a movement of love.ic i couldn't be more proud of the man. >> sean: somebody with less than two weeks to go before election day, you are taking a vacation for that out of 5 days. i think joe biden, we need to demand that he take a physical exam and to release the results and a cognitive exam like your father did, and release the results.
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this is beyond unusual. no candidate i can think of in 30 plus years of doing this job on radio and tv has ever acted this way. they put him in the candidate witness protection program, eric >> it's a 47 year politician. he doesn't have that work ethic. he is hiding from the biggest scandals in american history. there are emails where hunters asking for 10 million to be held by hunter for the big guy joe biden. then there is emails with his sister, you've seen those as well. unlike what dad makes me do, i'm not going to make you pay half of your salary to me. sean, you can't make this stuff up.
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he's getting money from russia he's getting money from ukraine getting money from china, now kazakhstan and romania and other places. he knows he can answer these questions, they have his laptop they have the receipt with hunters a phone number on it his signature on it. you had people on these emails corroborating the emails. they are testing to the fact that this was sent by hunter. how's he going to answer for all of this? america wants to know what is happening. that's why he's hiding out. first, he doesn't have the stamina. second, he doesn't have the work ethic. third, he knows he's got a real problem with his son. quite frankly, his own fraud and his own bad judgment. >> sean: eric trump, thank you for being with us.s we have breaking news now. the laptop connected to hunter biden link to fbi money laundering probe. this just breaking, full reaction from senator braun johnson coming out on right now. we will tell you more about it on the other side. also tonight, breaking as well
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we have new news as senator braun johnson has formally requested the doj and their inspector general open a investigation into the fbi's handling of this laptop.r senator johnson who knows more than anybody in this country coming up, next.
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>> sean: fox news alert, >> sean: fox news alert according to a breaking report from and the laptop connected to hunter biden is linked now to an fbi money laundering probe. as we learned yesterday, the fbi is in fact in possession of the laptop. the u.s. intel officials say it is not in any way -- this is the director of national intelligence doj, fbi, they are all saying it's not connected in any way to any russian
10:30 pm
disinformation campaign. this development tonight is massive. sources telling fox news that this suggests sufficient evidence that a crime had been committed.d. the evidence was on that laptop. biden, the media mob, they can't hide from this story anymore. evidence piling up, it is. pay attention. this is not hard to understand. your experience hunter has criminally convicted partners they made millions of dollars as people believe they buy access and favor from then vp father. we had no experience, why else would you be paid millions? ron johnson is pressing the secret service for more information related to joe and hunter biden's travel while he was the vice president. but it's also be clear, the biden campaign has not denied the authenticity of anything even a crack pipe photo that has been released. to be fbi, the doj, they all
10:31 pm
this has nothing to do with the russian disinformation campaign. this is verified change for a chinese investment firm. this means joe biden is correct as of the core, and his family f benefited to the tune of millions of dollars and even a billion deal with china and no experience created just like zero experience in energy, oil gas, and burisma holdings. by the way, he clearly believes in nothing, will say anything to cling onto power. he's trying to duck, dodge we've for the next 13 days and hope this doesn't rise to the level that it should. it china was on the rise joe biden downplayed the threat his son got rich.d joe biden had a chance to stand up for america's interest around the world, he did the exact
10:32 pm
opposite. he leveraged your tax dollars. tomorrow, it's time for joe to answer the tough questions. what did you know, when did you know, how did your son with no expands make all of these deals with china, russian oligarchs ukrainian oligarchs, cosmic oligarchs, again, no experience. we have the wire transfers. no more lying, no more selling access to america's adversaries at the expense of our safety and security. we will keep developments throughout the night, but also breaking tonight, u.s. intelligence officials have confirmed that threatening emails were sent to democratic voters were not from a far right group as reported in the media mob, but in fact came from the country of iran as part of an election interference scheme. senator ron johnson just sent a letter to the doj inspector general asking for a probe into the hunter biden email case.te i know you have been briefed on
10:33 pm
this breaking news story senator, it means is you have your answer. the fbi has apparently had possession of this hard drive since december 2019, and in fact, the fbi received for-profit property from the mac shop, which is where they got it. it is likely that a criminal case was opened and subpoenas were issued, which means the high likelihood that both the laptop and the hard drive contained fruits of criminal activity according to this reports reports. your reaction? >> i think they're doing a greao job of investigative reporting. we have some good john solomon catherine herridge, they're actually very well investigating the scandal. the vast majority are completely ignoring it. that's a scandal in and of
10:34 pm
itself. no, from our own standpoint, as we continue to validate and verify based on emails that have been emerging, all we have found its verification. we haven't found any discrepancies, we checked great service travel records, thoses tie out to different travels. one thing we noticed, it sounds like hunter biden stopped secret service protection in july 2014, and yet, they are talking about buying a couple of tickets for secret service production in 2015. trying to get to the bottom of that, as well. >> sean: it they have some explaining to you to do because you've been asking him if he had it, he won't even answer your question. does he not believe in congressional oversight? >> that's why it's so important for investigative reporters to start using their sourcesve because they actually have sorcerers who will give you information way, obviously
10:35 pm
people like cia directors are not responsive to legitimate congressional oversight. we are starting to gett. more information out of the fbi, this is 13 days before the election we should of had this information months if not years ago. if that's the other scandal. the deep state, slow walking legitimate congressional oversight request keeping important information from the american public before an election, that's a scandal. >> sean: that means he would have that information during eseeimpeachment. that would've been relevant. let me put up on the screen tell me if any part of this is wrong. there you have hunter biden okay? you have rosemont seneca, you have burisma holders. you have this one guy who is in jail, devon archer whose name we hear a lot, he is a convicted criminal awaiting a jail term. hunter biden, tell me where i am wrong. hunter biden made money and energy from ukraine with noer experience, millions of dollars. he had 1,000,000,005 deal with
10:36 pm
the bank of china, no experience that i've seen as it relates to private equity. he got three and a half millions from a russian oligarch first lady of moscow. and another wired transfer from a kazakhstan oligarch earmark for a purchase of a new car. if you don't have any experience at all and any of these fields of endeavor, isn't that an awful lot of money to be making? i mean, sounds like a great deal if anyone can get in on it. what did those countries think they were getting? it has nothing to do with expertise in any area that he was hired for. >> the vice president with favorable policies f of the u.s. government. you mentioned devon cooney and devon archer. these are two -- unsavory characters that hunter biden associates with.
10:37 pm
i think they both have been convicted of -- of this the plot they hatched, hatched and implemented during 2014, the exact same year that the conflict of interest was set up in the ukraine on burisma.ex here's the first question i would ask out of 100 different questions, mr. vice president why did you meet with devon archer five days before you wenc to the ukraine and were named the face of u.s. policy in ukraine? why did you eat with devon archer and five days later he was named of the board a few weeks later, hunter biden was named to the board. and now we are finding out that hunter biden might've been on the board to three days before this meeting.
10:38 pm
this was a meeting in the white house with devon archer now a convicted felon. what did vice president biden -- what did they talk about? who else was in that meeting? those of the first questions i would ask the vice president with 100 more. >> sean: was hunter holding the big guys money without joe biden? director wray either needs tobi show up or out of a job.b. it's time for him to clean up the premier law enforcement agency in the world. in queue, we got a lot of hopefully, tomorrow night we will find out where to tomorrow night, the biden and the president face-off. here's a shocker, joe biden loves the rule change that the debate commission made in his favor. by the way, we have another liberal moderator just like scully and the last one they didn't have because that got canceled because they decided it would be a zoom called debate. straight ahead. you too! so really, how are you? oh well, look! that's what we're both taking right now, fanapt. you know it's really been helping me manage my schizophrenia.
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>> sean: tomorrow night the last and final presidential debate, they go head-to-head before the voters head to the polls, here's a preview of this showdown, fox news contributor dan bongino and huckabee host mike huckabee. all right governor, people thought the president was too hot in the first debate.'v now, you've got the hunter information, which i don't think the moderator will bring up. you've got a threaded needle here, your advice? >> i think he goes after joe biden and the connection not so much about hunter, it's about it did he get money, why did he get money? what did he know? it was he telling the truth when he said he would never talk to his son about it? he spent the time about hunter it distracts from the real issue which is, do you want someone running, being elected, serving as president, who is basically a subsidiary of china which joe biden would be if this is
10:44 pm
true. i think he focuses on it, but let me tell you the big issue right here. if president trump doesn't get reelected, this all goes away. nobody, i mean nobody is ever going to be in trouble for it. the number one thing that i pray we see is the reelection of donald trump. he will do great in these debates, i've been on the stage with him, trust me, he's going to be fine. he's going to do fantastically well. when he talks to the american people and reminds them why they should reelect them, i think that's the turning point in this entire election. r >> the governor is right about it being about joe. there is this picture now with joe and the oligarch that is involved in that part of the scandal, but there is also joe leveraging $1 billion to fire a prosecutor, zero experience hunter doesn't get investigated and keeps making millions.
10:45 pm
i'm not for a second believing that joe didn't know what he was demanding, and he had six hours to do. >> this story is super damaging sean. everyone knows what it's like sadly, to have someone abused their power for cold hard cash. someone know someone or heard of someone with the biden crime family. that's the story that pretty much takes off everywhere. that's why the left -- the media are like, president trump should stay away from it. president trump should do a couple of things tomorrow, i'm not kidding. i'm not saying this and just. you should bring the fbi receipt with them. a copy, you should read out the case number. at the case number 272d. y at 272 is the fbi three letter designation for money laundering, d means transnational, it's from the baltimore field office, they should say, why are they involved in the money laundering
10:46 pm
investigation, is that anything to do with the big guy? is this anything to do with allegations that money potentially billions of dollars was shuttled through latvia that may have wound up somewhere near someone in your family? you should also bring the signed receipt for hunter biden. he turned over the computer to the store and signed his name to it. he should say, whose signature is this? i'm not getting. if they are going to mute his might, at least he should have that. >> sean: got advice from both of you. i'm next on my 50-cent doubles down on his opposition to biden disasters tax plan and charlamagne tha god says he understands why more african-americans are starting to support donald trump. straight ahead. more african-americans are starting to support donald trump. history also destroyed the lives of thousands of jewish survivors
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so i'm voting 'yes'. nineteen allows seniors and all homeowners 55 and older to transfer their home's low tax base to another home. it also protects the right to pass my family home to my son. we've all worked hard for our house and we should be allowed to give it to our kids without a tax penalty. it's time to limit taxes. vote 'yes' on 19.
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10:51 pm
>> sean: wrappers 50 cent double down on learning of biden's tax pan saying i don't want to be 20 sent, because $0.62 of every dollar will go to joe biden's federal government. here with reaction, radio talk show host larry elder. r out there stumping for the president. you brought him along all of these years, you should finish the job. >> you got joe, you have to have joe in hiding, and then you have his agenda and hiding to pack the courts, his real agenda on fracking and energy, higher taxes, d.c., puerto rico state
10:52 pm
the whole thing is one big hide. how does america absorb that anticorruption? m >> if you weren't a joe biden campaign manager, you would advise him to do with exactly what he's doing. of the more he gets out, the more likely he is asked about hunter biden. he has no good answers for coronavirus or his son. on january the 30th, called it an example of donald trump hysterical xenophobia. he's got nothing to say. whether it's fracking, whether it's the amendment, he's got all of these things to talk about. if i were joe biden, i would be hiding as well. at the polls are getting more and more narrow. you got investors business daily putting two and half-point difference nationwide. donald trump has a strong debate performance, and i believe he will, he could pull this thing out. >> you are on the road, talking to people, what about the every
10:53 pm
liberal loved saying that dramatic turn of younger african-americans toward trim double digits in both cases, is that translating into votes, and what is the reaction on the campaign trail? >> before i give you the answer let me do i am sean hannity's special reporter in ohio. the distance front country. ohio is trumped country.s let me tell you why. i am telling you that there is a tremendous amount of support in ohio. i was in michigan yesterday what happening is the spirit of the people are energized to vote for donald trump. there's a divide. i think larry can understand it. older african-americans, 60 or older, they are still thinking that it is 1960. the 50 cent's, the ice cubes those individuals under 40, they understand appeared at the trump economic fan benefits african-americans, the platinum plan, $500 billion of investments.
10:54 pm
setting all that aside, trump has again lower unemployment for black americans, he created the first step act, and by the way for education he has funded historical black colleges. a joe biden has done nothing. i will tell you right now donald trump is going to get the largest number of black male boats the history for any republican candidate. we are live out here, sean. >> sean: it's the numbers show, the polls show that. will they translate devotes? >> i think they will. the polls to show that. what's going on, the race cars overdrawn. do you have 700 counties that voted in 2008 and 2012 for barack obama. some of them switched to donald trump. with the radioactive spider that bit him in 2016 dormant for eight years over 100,000 voted t mostly for donald trump. they also voted for a black
10:55 pm
mayor. the race card is overdrawn. >> sean: our correspondent on large, when we come back, we will check in with lawrence jones still outside of the hide in joe biden, his house.
10:56 pm
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>> check back in with lawrence jones. one more time. he's outside biden's home in delaware. he didn't say hi? o >> we thought we had breaking news for you. we did a hannity investigation. turns out it was raccoons. >> i heard people are driving bt to say hello. >> it's a trump parade in front of joe's mansion. fox news, l.j. this, hannity news. everybody is calling me l.j. because of you. >> tell them to vote. that's what matters. we have 13 days.
11:00 pm
it's the entire country at stage. see you tomorrow. that's all the time left for tonight. thanks for being with us. after the debate, 11:00 eastern we'll have full reaction. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham takes it from here. >> laura: hannity, a moneyon laundering investigation that started in 2019. we're not supposed to talk about it. don't make joe wake up from the slumber. >> it's a conspiracy theory. >> laura: fantastic show tonight, sean. with all the breaking news. >> have a great show. >> laura: see you tomorrow. i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle." breaking news, just in regarding what the fbi was investigating on hunter biden's laptop. the fox news subpoena came in connection with a money laundering investigation in late