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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 22, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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board? >> i don't know. probably not very don't think there's a lot of things that would've happened in my life if my last name wasn't biden. i think it's impossible for me to be any of the boards without saying i'm the son of the vice president of the united states. >> come on everybody knows it very joining us tomorrow night, i know you will at midnight for a can't miss reaction to the final presidential debate the fox news at 19 take it all from here. shannon? >> i am looking forward to a. popp shannon: looking forward to it, the popcorn ready to go. you are looking live at nashville for the setup, hunter biden will most certainly be part of the discussion in light of the breaking news, several sources confirming to fox news the fbi decision to subpoena a laptop allegedly belonging to
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hunter in connection with money-laundering investigation in minutes, ranking republican devon nunez about what we are learning in that case. the fbi said iraq with an assist from russia cooked up and carried out an effort to undermine confidence in the upcoming presidential election. why would iran since we emails to people in florida and alaska posing as the proud boys in a voter intimidation, who gains to benefit. the president may be considering replacing the fbi director. >> if there's a second trump term and he divides to fire director ray who does he bring in behind chris ray? >> the director of the fbi has obviously convinced the director of national intelligence that this is real and the nation needs to know about it. shannon: there's however experts are describing the iranian effort.
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clearly organized, very much plan. another claim, this is something to be concerned about. and the this is this incident marks a fundamental shift in our understanding of iran's willingness to interfere in the democratic process. we will examine whether this sophisticated foreign influence campaign underway to re-create conditions from 2016. candidate hillary clinton but much of the blame for her loss on the kremlin. welcome to fox news at night. we will get to breaking news on that mysteries laptop allegedly belonging to hunter biden before we kick things up, david lee miller on the fbi announcement tonight. >> the director of national intelligence joined by the director of the fbi tonight accused iran of being behind efforts to send out emails to threaten us voters. additionally the intelligence chief john ratcliff also said
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independently russia is trying to undermine the upcoming us election. iran sent out spoof emails to intimidate voters to damage donald trump, democratic voters in alaska, florida and other states receive emails purported from the proud boys warning, quote, you will vote for donald trump on election day or we will come after you. a spokesman for the proud boys denies any involvement in the emails, ratcliff offer this advice to voters who receive such a threat. >> do not allow these efforts to have their intended effect. if you receive an intimidating or manipulative email in your inbox don't be a lot and do not spread it. >> reporter: in addition to sending out the emails iran is posting videos online, fraudulent ballots could be passed domestically and from overseas which is the resurrect lives that it is also obtained
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voter registration information as they did in 2016. he warned russia and iran could use that data to spread false information to say okay as and confusion undermining confidence in the election and while it appears democrats are the voters being targeted now, what is happening is a threat to all americans. >> this is not a partisan issue. i've had conversations today with members of congress from both sides of the aisle and there is complete unanimity in the us government in our resolve to combat the enemies of freedom. the president has instructed me to keep the public informed is appropriate. >> report in the washington post soon service in saudi arabia, estonia and the uae were used to send threatening emails. the fbi says it is working with technology and social media companies to make sure their
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platforms are not being used to spread disinformation and propaganda. in the words of the us intelligence chief efforts to undermine our electoral system are, quote, desperate attempts by desperate adversaries. he also said you can be confident in your votes are secure. >> that is what every american wants and needs to believe in this election. joe biden calling the alleged email scandal involving his son hunter garbage. jill biden weighing in on the view. >> joe biden took the day off from the campaign trail, but the hunter biden pouring is trump pension going after. what he doesn't say in this upcoming soundbite, never once does he or anyone from his
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campaign, even hunter biden say these purported emails are fake. as activity returns downtown bethesda, maryland closer major street allowing spacing. laura karen can only watch under the rules, her micro spa must remain closed. >> working every single day. almost too much. and to absolutely nothing. march 15th i shut everything down. >> she was denied up a protection program own forcing him to layoff her one employee. >> i set up my e-commerce on my website which i didn't have before. >> clearly it was not joe biden and his soundbite was what he said this is garbage, rudy giuliani, trump pension, last-ditch effort in this desperate campaign to smear me and my family joe biden never said these emails were fake. fox news has obtained a series of emails allegedly from under
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biden including one from may of 2017, chinese energy executive. a source on the email chain verified mike emanuel reporting, discusses payment for six people including a reference to 10% of the equity in the deal, we think we have the soundbite from joe biden. >> this is the same garbage rudy giuliani, trump's henchmen, last-ditch effort in this desperate campaign to smear me and my family. >> the same goes for doctor jill biden, not a single denial that the emails are real. >> as a mother, it really, i don't like to see my son attacked and i don't like to see my husband attacked, but to me these are distractions. >> reporter: fox news obtained a series of the alleged hunter biden emails including this one from may of 2017, correspondence
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with chinese energy executives verified its authenticity. it discusses payment for six people including a reference to 10% of the equity in the deal to be held by h, presumably hunter, for the, quote, big guy. 2 crews jumped on that. >> the china emails are offering to pay $1 million to the big guy, to joe biden himself, cash in his bank account. >> document obtained i fox news indicated was seized by 2018 as part of an fbi money-laundering investigation. property received to the laptop you labeled with a 272 case id number, the prosecution code for money-laundering and va indicates the baltimore field office which is jurisdiction in wilmington, delaware. a, cases opened government official told fox that means there is a high likelihood the laptop and hard drive contain proof of criminal activity.
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>> reporter: keeping with long-standing practice the fbi will confirm or deny possible investigation into the younger biden. shannon: we appreciate that and got you the story so we will continue to follow it. new development in connection with the laptop allegedly marked as hunter biden's plus breaking news on foreign interference in our election. let's break it down with the book to socialism, ranking member of the house and diligence committee given nunez. welcome back, congressman. >> great to be with you, it's been a while. >> we are told you were briefed on what we heard from the fbi director about the fact that iran with some help from russia has been pushing primarily to cause chaos in our waning days going into the election. what can you tell us about what you know. >> i want everybody to know
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people have their ballots the best thing they can do is get the ballots turned in, get them to the election office, no sense sitting on some. we come a long way in terms of what the department of homeland security has done, working with all the other 50 states to ensure this election goes off without a hitch and that is the key. the idea that foreign countries are going to meddle in our election is nothing new. before four years ago when the democrats brought up the phony russian hoaxes we dealt with for so many years this was pretty normal that the intelligence agencies would monitor what our foreign adversaries do but in the meantime i'm glad the director of the national intelligence has come forward and made this public. it makes sense for people to be careful what emails you open. >> former cia officer tweeting
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iran is interfering on behalf of joe biden. by the rules established by biased and moronic media this now means of trump abuses we consume four years whining about how iran stole the election for biden and unleash a special counsel on him. i'm guessing that's not going to happen. >> i'm hopeful everybody understands through all of this that foreign countries are always going to play games in elections. if they have intelligence services and don't like the united states they will play these games. what we need to make sure we don't have happen is our own fbi, department of justice, to get corrupted by the clinton campaign like what happened in 2016 so everybody is watchful for this. there's a lot of ballots, the best advice, get your ballots in. jillian: i want to talk about the hunter biden store, the
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revelation a couple of our reporters of run down tonight, the fbi subpoena, leland reported on this, the laptop and hard drive are purportedly belonging to and to came in connection with the money-laundering investigation in 2019, multiple law enforcement officials telling us that. we don't know if that investigation is still ongoing. or directly related to hunter biden. that's what we know about the laptop. senator johnson has tried numerous times to get information from the fbi. he says they are not complying. he has gone to the inspector general and said i think it answers about this laptop whether the fbi had it, when they had it, why wasn't it turned over to you all were dealing with impeachment. he asked for an investigation by the inspector general. do you expect it to be approved? >> it will take too much time but i can tell you our investigative team, we've
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independently verified the laptop is indeed real and the computer technician in delaware was just trying to be helpful. i think you hit the nail on the head, the american people after dealing with. have years of phony russian folks, $40 million investigation by robert mueller, a lot of people have forgotten about this but in august of 2019 out of nowhere there is this new ukraine hoax where it was a week, the president talking to the new president of ukraine talking about corruption and we started dealing with through the end of 2019. the computer technician came forward because he thought he might have relevant information the congress should have if you are investigating ukraine and we ended up impeaching the president of the united states over this. the fact the fbi didn't take what that american's concern was, the reason he took the to the fbi was twofold, troubling pornographic images and also
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because it was in the news and the fact the fbi did not bring that to the united states congress during the impeachment of the president of the united states is appalling and somebody needs to answer why that wasn't brought to the congress. this would have been in december of 19, the very time that the president was being impeached and it was delayed by nancy pelosi for 45 days. the fbi had plenty of time to get that to the united states senate, to say here are some emails involving joe biden, hunter biden money moving around and the other thing that can't be explained is if any american received $3.5 million for russian oligarchs for any reason the fbi would knock down the door a house or business and figure out why did somebody get 3 and a half million dollars and hunter biden has yet to tell us why that is, joe biden doesn't answer the question. the media continues to cover this up and the social media companies are covering this up. you can't see it on twitter.
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the new york post can't even tweet any longer. shannon: a tough time getting that information out. we can't verify what may be on the laptop, we have our reporting confirms the fbi has this. we will learn more in the future but i have a feeling the president will bring this up tomorrow night and the former vice president is prepared to answer. one of the big headlines is about what you may not hear from the candidates, organizers say they will be able to mute their microphones to avoid the kind of interruptions the took over the first debate. kristin fisher has a look at the ground rules. >> reporter: this will be the first time the presidential debate commission muted the camera's microphones. that is the job of an audio
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text, not the moderator. both campaigns have been given the option to have somebody come inside the audio booth to monitor this powerful audio tech. only the trump campaign has opted to do so. in a year unlike any other the third and final debate is shaping up to equally unprecedented. after the first debate filling to this. >> you will -- with bernie sanders at the far left, bernie sanders -- >> no idea -- just as radical left -- >> will you shut up, man? >> reporter: the commissioner presidential debates will cut off one candidate's microphone while his opponent delivers his 2-minute opening statement but after that all makes will be hot for the remainder of the 15 minute segment. the commission says during this time dedicated for open discussion it is the hope of the commission the candidates will be respectful of each other's time which will advance civil discourse for the benefit of the
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viewing public. >> i think it is a good idea. there should be more limitations on us not interrupting one another. >> reporter: donald trump doesn't like the new rules and think the debate commission is favoring his opponent. >> very unfair and i think it is very bad to not talk about foreign affairs. he once topically china, iran, and afghanistan, issues where he believes he has the edge. instead fighting covid-19 is at the top of the list of topics released by the moderator followed by american families, race in america, climate change, national security and leadership. another change from the first presidential debate, looks like there will be some kind of plexiglas separating the two candidates on stage similar to what we saw during the vice president will debate. the commission has not come out and formally announced this will be the case that you can see on
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stage earlier today, there's a good chance it will stay that way for the big debate now just hours away. jillian: we know you will be there live on scene, thank you. to the president, invoke the name of hunter biden tomorrow night, some on the right are saying they don't think he should. harmeet dhillon and jason riley debate that next.
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shannon: the debate before the debate, whether it will help or hurt the president question biden on his son's hunter's email controversy. the biden campaign will flip the strip with the statement that he invest in these tainted smears because he knows his presidency the weak pathetic failure, this is why he bailed on the second debate.
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if he recycles the strategy but lost the first debate he will lose the third. the are in c committeewoman harmeet dhillon, fox news contributor jason riley. >> good evening. shannon: i want to start with you. we get new information like our folks broke about the fact this laptop was subpoenaed in connection with a money-laundering investigation. we don't know if under is a target of that or if it is ongoing but we know it was in some connection this laptop was subpoenaed. the president avoid talking about this? know moderator will bring it up at the mainstream media is acting like - >> he should bring it up in the following way, real issue is not hunter biden as all of his weirdness and personal problems and drug addiction and so forth. it is whether joe biden is a paid to play politician.
12:24 am
whether he has sold out his country previously which these are the documents we are looking at and whether he would do that in the white house. that is a big big question but it would be political malpractice not to raise it so i hope in that context the president talks about all the evidence we have seen, the ongoing investigation and ask joe biden to answer the question none of the mainstream media seems to be able to get an answer to which is are you selling out the country and to you operate for cash. >> he has not gotten many questions about this was a couple folks have tried to get it. a report from cbs tried to get it to him and he immediately turned on that guy is if he was part of a right-wing conspiracy to come after him. he hasn't been pressed on this. the debates are not going to include it. the wall street journal said whether he gets elected or not biden needs to answer these questions which make a manual has authenticated some of these
12:25 am
emails which had an interesting conversation about money flying to hunter biden and big guy which one source says is the former vice president. >> i don't know if the moderator will bring it up, but donald trump will. he has been previewing these attacks in north carolina tonight in pennsylvania yesterday but i think with the news coming out about his secret bank account in china held by donald trump, millions of dollars -- >> allegations about hunter are alleged, that is also an allegation. >> absolutely, total allegation about tax returns in china, the fact that he potentially paid more money and tax returns in china than he has in this country the last two years of his presidency, the vice president has a strong counterattack, you want to go after my son let's talk about
12:26 am
your tax returns and the fact that you have a secret chinese bank account. one way to prove that's not true is to release your tax returns, chinese tax returns or american tax returns, the vice president will be on the attack, taking the fight to the president on this issue. shannon: is that a fair strategy? will the new york times published things like information from the president's actual tax returns which is a crime, no one is talking about that but to publish things and say to the president you need to back down, these things we've been able to confirm in connection with hunter biden and a lot of things we don't know and can't confirm, that are not presented to joe biden to say you need to knock these things down because they haven't. >> there are two issues which one is whether this is a legitimate topic for the media to investigate. the justice department, congressional committees and so forth and that is the subject,
12:27 am
the other issue is whether this is a topic that will help donald trump close the deal in terms of convincing voters to give him a second term. on the first question, a legitimate issue. on the second question i'm not sure this is the best closing argument for donald trump. this may be the last chance for him to face a large audience and make its case against joe biden. i'm not sure closing in on hunter is the way to go. people want two things, what is reassurance about covid-19. people are hurting, facing evictions, bankruptcies, unemployment, they want some reassurance that there is a path going forward and second we should talk about the economy which is a strong suit, talk about, contrast to the vision going forward economically, what he did in the first three years before the pandemic with were biden and the progressives wants to go. if donald trump makes this a
12:28 am
choice election rather than a referendum on his character and so forth, he will do better. focusing on hunter biden helps his base which is already voting for it. doesn't bring in new voters that he needs, seniors, suburban women, those you struggling with. i don't think the hunter biden focus helps those groups in the closing days. shannon: we were told initially the plan was foreign-policy in the trump administration says they have a lot of talk about with regard to peace deals, things are moving forward. all kinds of different changes and things you've done on the foreign policy front but now we are told it was always up to the moderator to change or decide
12:29 am
the topics and we are back to things a lot of people think were discussed in the first one, covid-19, race issues, climate change, those kind of things, should the president try to make its case on foreign policy, doesn't look like you don't get asked about it. >> he has a strong record on foreign policy. i think americans care about that. jason's point, the 90 minutes should not be about hunter biden's laptop but in the course of answering questions, he's adept at getting in jabs, he needs to focus on the closing argument on the strong point. the fact we've not gone into another endless war, a lot of americans care about that and that's a great selling point. he has something to say on all those other topics as well. we will hear in exchange more than we did in the last exchanges on the campaign trail and the president will make its case. >> i can't wait to see how the mute button works. we appreciate your time, thank you all.
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12:35 am
allowing influence in the country. >> trump supporters in north carolina weighing in on his potential strategy ahead of the president's rally. fox news polling shows an ever tightening race in several battleground states the president carried in 2016. richardson reporter from gastoni a. >> is activity returned downtown bethesda >> reporter: donald trump says he wants more rallies in the closing stretch of this campaign. he is getting them. tonight an event in north carolina estate he won in 2016 by 3.5%. this year the real clear politics average shows the president and another tight race with a slight edge to joe biden. state officials say voters cast 2.1 million early ballots already, more than 43% by registered democrats, 27.5% to registered republicans, 675 of
12:36 am
those are absentee. making the case to voters the president pushed of economic message. >> we built the greatest economy in the history of the world and now we are doing it again. when the virus had we experienced the smallest contraction of any major country anywhere in the world and also are now witnessing by far the fastest recovery. >> reporter: republicans want more of that message from donald trump and others when foreign-policy, pushing on iran and violence in cities, donald trump ripped the media, hunter biden and tech companies, impeachment, coverage of his inaugural crowd in a recent 60 minutes interview. they released new polling numbers of likely voters the president has resumed his polling lead in ohio the trails by a dozen in michigan, 5 percentage points in michigan and wisconsin. former vice president biden is well and overall in michigan,
12:37 am
voters are even on who they trust to handle the economy, the president leads by several percentage points in ohio, pennsylvania and wisconsin. with only two weeks before election day, the debate tomorrow for the president of the couple rallies friday in florida. shannon: with two houston police officers shot has died. harold preston was wounded during a domestic disturbance call at an apartment complex and later died. the suspect, elmer is in the us illegally and has been charged with capital murder. also some record early voting numbers, lieutenant governor dan patrick, good to have you with us. our hearts break when we hear one of these cases, this is something they could face every day when they head out there.
12:38 am
>> i've been to too many funerals of law enforcement over my years as lieutenant governor and this is a multifaceted story. first of all, apparently black lives matter, the organization can't lives don't matter a black, lebron james hasn't tweeted anything about harold preston, 41 years service, answering a domestic call, basically executed by this alleged shooter who was here illegally i might add. how about this black wife? black lives matter, apparently all black lives do not matter. to me i'm bigger and bolder and think most republicans, most americans say all black lives matter including police officers. secondly joe biden talked about he wants to send a psychologist, said this in the last debate with police officers on domestic calls. every person in law enforcement those domestic calls are the
12:39 am
most dangerous to go on. i talked to the us attorney ryan patrick tonight to file two charges and he told me in the last 5 officers killed since last december, in his district alone, the southern district of texas four have been on domestic shootings and if you look at all shootings, the mystic shooting, 40% happen before officers get to the house, they are ambushed so joe biden, wants to put a psychologist in the car with the police officer to the most dangerous call that they can respond to. this officer was just the best of the best of the best, he went there. a woman was being beaten by this cowardly person then kilby officer. jillian: there are allegations about everything that happened, that will play out in a courtroom. black lives matter has nothing to do with the shooting and we don't know if leaders know about this case or how they may feel about it so i don't want to ask them if they don't care.
12:40 am
>> i'm asking lebron james to put out a tweet tomorrow about this black man, about this family of a police officer. i am asking that, the same joe biden who said i will train police officers to shoot people in the leg, joe biden has never talked to a police officer or listened to them. >> every law enforcement officer will say that's not what they are trained to do, you have to neutralize the threat. quinnipiac says biden, trumpet 47% data work tweeting biden can win texas and end this thing on election night. is your state turning blue? >> absolutely not. beto o'rourke did lose his election, didn't even make it far in the debate because even the democrats realize he didn't know what he was talking about. when he was asked the hard questions he didn't have any answers. he's clueless. is what is happening in texas. we've had the biggest early
12:41 am
turnout we have ever had and we have added a week. we went from 11 days of early voting to 17 days of early voting to give people plenty of time to vote during covid-19 and 86% are showing up in person at this point. most aren't mailing their ballots but there will be more than before but here's what we know because we look at the data every night. there is no, there are none, there aren't any new voters, there's no big wave. every election we had 10% of new voters, people move here, people registered to vote, turn 18 or whatever, there is not 20 or 30% of new voters, people who voted already are the same people because we know them by looking at the voter files that voted in 2018-16, 10% more and more republicans with the voting history in a primary are voting than democrats, primary voting at this point. it is very close and democrats are running out of voters because they voted, all of their voters, they may be by the end
12:42 am
this week at 60% of all the democrats who voted in 2018 so they are just voting early. the president will win texas. i talk to the president yesterday and i said you can focus on pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, minnesota. you will win texas, beto o'rourke is talking through his hat. shannon: a huge prize, they want to win it. thank you. days before facebook and other tech giants face lawmakers on capitol hill, social media company is at war with the babylon d, the ceo is here live next. also destroyed the lives of thousands of jewish survivors still suffering today. god calls on people who believe in him to act on his word. "comfort ye, comfort my people."
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12:47 am
on its -- with dignity brown the story. 7 dylan, good to see you. shannon: can you tell me what the story was about and what part was considered to be inciting violence? >> the story was about senators grilling amy coney barrett during the confirmation hearing, comparing her to a duck, determining whether she was a witch. that sounds crazy and silly because it is crazy and silly. the part that was determined to be inciting violence with a quote talking about how we must burn her once determining she was a witch. this is a direct quote from an old monty python movie. it is not an actual incitement to violence was anybody who takes any care to pay attention to the context of the story
12:48 am
would clearly see that. but the interesting thing with this was facebook's algorithm is what triggered this article got flagged for review and taken down. that is excusable to have a phrase like that and an algorithm to do that but a person manually reviewed it and upholds that ruling. that is where it became crazy for us. shannon: i think you are not supposed to talk about it. the babylon be, right-wing satire site capitalizes on confusion, it is about distortion and misinformation and one thing i have noticed is all a lot of the most successful articles in terms of online engagement are the ones that are less obviously satirical. i thought that was what good satire was supposed to be but you are skirting too close to the truth, new york times
12:49 am
doesn't think people figure out. >> jokes are funny because of their proximity to the truth, not your distance from it. if you make something up the so absurd that no one could believe it is true they are not going to laugh at it because it's too detached from reality. it is successful when satire is supposed to be exaggerated truth, that's becoming more difficult because the world is so crazy today it is hard to go beyond where reality is. reality is a parody of itself, that's one of the challenges, making up things so crazy people can tell that it is satire. shannon: something else you do very well is highlight things you made jokes about that have come true. this is 2020. thank you, keep us updated. are jewish businesses in new york city being unfairly targeted during the pandemic? that story next.
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>> new york city continuing shannon: new york city continuing efforts to crack donna establishment seem to be violating their covid-19 dining guidelines. even as he expresses his regrets over how the city is enforcing those guidelines in brooklyn. doctor mark siegel has more on
12:54 am
how this is all working. >> not break of covid-19 cases among orthodox jewish communities in queens and brooklyn has led to an attempted lockdown by the state. protest by the affected group. >> i'm going to show the mayor this is for you. >> accusations of dissemination against bill diblasio and governor cuomo, that is slow the spread of the dreaded virus which both leaders of apologize yet the rules remain in place. >> i am sorry that they are disrupted, their religious ceremonies are disrupted. how many people they can have in a synagogue is disrupted. >> you are giving me a ticket because my doors are open? >> a jewish site reported the undercover inspector walked into the café and asked the owner, identified as mike, if he could sit down in the. mike told him the café was not open for dine in and the alleged
12:55 am
inspector issued summons for january court date. >> we worked so hard and struggling because of covid-19 and it is disheartening when your business is already slow because of this and then somebody walks in and issued a citation. >> reporter: new york city council and told him that he looks at a copy of the summons and it stated that the café was cited for not keeping, quote, the door closed for pedestrian traffic. >> being given summonses that were erroneous and later rescinded. just a fact that these instances of fines being given erroneously, the inspectors just looking to give tickets in the community being targeted. >> reporter: the inconsistency even as many in the community of trying to comply with the public health measures. a community i might add that has
12:56 am
already suffered so much. shannon: thank you for looking into that. we have special postdebate coverage tomorrow night at 1 am. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington. i am shannon bream. ♪ since pioneering the suv in 1935, the chevy suburban has carried many things. nothing more important than family. introducing the most versatile and advanced chevy suburban and tahoe ever.
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get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again! shannon: of fox news alert. iran and russia trying to middle in our 2020 elections. todd: the director of national intelligence says iran is behind the emails intimidating voters as russia obtained us voter information but ratcliff and christopher fraser americans their votes are secure. >> reporter: the fbi all the press conference on wednesday detailing all russia and iran are trying to influence the 2020


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