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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 22, 2020 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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bain brian all right. steve: all right. so tomorrow we will be the postif game show. join ugh tomorrow at 6 a.m., and we will recap what you're going to watch tonight at 9 p.m. brian: are we staying up for the whole thing? and run further radio brian kilmeade radio
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>> bill: president trump warning his opponent could alter the shape of the supreme court if i elected. >> president trump: the first thing washington democrats will do if biden gets elected is pack the supreme court with radical left judges who will eliminate your second amendment and many other things. look at the things they have to rule on. they will pack it. somebody said 16. i said why not 18, 20, 22? >> sandra: fox team coverage. bret baier, martha maccallum, jonathan turley and chris wallace. bret, to you first on what we're about to see on capitol hill. lindsey graham has entered the room. today is the big vote that goes through committee and on to the senate tomorrow. >> there is not a lot of
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surprise here what will happen. republicans have the numbers on the committee and why he is the chairman. the surprise is that democrats are not showing up. and that's different. it's a boycott that is making a statement but it is not going to make a difference as far as amy coney barrett making it to the floor and getting a full vote in the senate. this, you know, it's just a visual picture of how divided this country is and this nominee and how it was handled for the democrats, this is the way they are expressing it. >> sandra: bret. thank you. >> bill: executive business meeting. martha, your reaction? things are hot today? >> indeed they are. it's a very big day. tonight is the final presidential debate. president trump will go in there sinking in the polls across the country. whether or not he can turn around the situation this evening is a big event of the
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day. lindsey graham on your screen here is the chairman of the judiciary committee, the senate is also at stake in this election which is now just 12 days away. they are trying to leave their mark on this either way. whether they maintain control of the senate or whether they don't, putting amy coney barrett on the court is the biggest priority of the senate judiciary committee and the full senate dominated by a republican majority at this moment. lindsey graham saying she is very deserving of this seat on the court. she performed brilliantly over the course of her hearings and that despite all of the opposition that he has been confronted with including people breaking a window at his house and basically hounding him everywhere he goes he is determined to push for her nomination through and get her confirmed in the coming days and weeks, guys. >> bill: we were all together last week. cory booker the senator from new jersey who said this goose is pretty much cooked. we're about to see that
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continue today as we go inside the room. >> sandra: chris wallace joining us as well. chris, lindsey graham has gaveled in. you also have the subpoena authorization vote as we've seen this continued push, growing push on the part of republicans to know more from these technology executives how they control the flow of information over their social media sites. >> yeah. this is not specifically about what's in the hunter biden emails. it is the question whether or not the public at large had a right to find out what was in the hunter biden emails. you saw both twitter and facebook take steps to restrict that. look, there has been a lot both on the right and the left of concern whether or not these big social media giants have gotten too big. and you are going to see now the right -- i don't know if they can subpoena them and get them there before the election but real anger at these platforms like facebook, like
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twitter just deciding there are certain things we aren't going to let the american public, the users on their platform see. and that's a real concern. in terms of the hearing today, you know, there is not much drama. the republicans have the vote. there will be political theater. the democrats on the committee will hold a press conference on the steps of the capitol to say why they aren't participating. i think you will also see some of those pictures of people who would lose their healthcare coverage if the supreme court with amy coney barrett on it moves ahead to strike down the entire affordable care act. that's what the trump justice is asking for. not just the individual mandate. but to say if that goes the entire aca is unconstitutional and all needs to be taken down. >> sandra: chris, bret, martha, thank you. stand by with us. >> bill: a week ago yesterday, sandra, senator graham said, quote she is going to the courts.
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today is the next step toward it. let's drop in with senator graham. >> denying judge gorsuch the votes necessary to go to the floor was just the beginning of the end of a process that had served the country well. how can anybody in their right believe that judge gorsuch wasn't as qualified as sotomayor and kagan. how could anybody in their right mind after listening to judge barrette not understand she is incredibly qualified. so qualifications apparently don't matter anymore. trying to create a situation for your favor politically. i don't know how it ends. i do know this after listening to the excerpt of vice president's biden about court packing i'm more confused than ever. one thing i can say is that the
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real energy in the democratic party is to pack the court. is to expand it from 9 to whatever number they need to make it liberal. and as to my good friend senator feinstein, what happened to her by showing kindness to me shows you all you need to know about what a way a senator who gets in the way of the agenda they have for our nation beginning with the court. the day we start changing the number after every election to make it the way we would like politically, partisan-wise is the end of the independence of the court. lots at stake in this election. but today i want to celebrate. i want to celebrate the fact that judge amy barrett will be reported out of this committee unanimously. that to all the young women out there like amy barrett, this is a big day for you. to the country as a whole, you
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are going to have an associate justice on the court that you should be proud of. this is a good day. if you don't believe me, just listen to what the aba said. american bar association is not high on senator lee's list and many of you. i think they do give some republican nominees a hard time but i have continued to use them because trying to keep as many traditions in place as i can. but the folks who are watching this hearing, their job is to evaluate the nominee in three categories, professional competency, character, judiciary disposition. they spent hundreds of hours, talked to hundreds of people from all walks of life about
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this judge. judge barrett. and here is what they found. the american bar association standing committee on the federal judiciary has completed the evaluation of the professional qualifications of judge amy barrett. as you know, the standing committee confines its evaluation to the qualities of integrity, professional competence and judicial temperament. a substantial majority of the standing committee say she is well qualified. the minority of the opinion she is qualified to serve on the supreme court. the majority represents the standing committee's official rating, the highest you can get. i asked the two presenters a question. would both of you feel comfortable going before judge barrett? they replied absolutely.
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another piece of information was from ms. o'hara. she was the dean of notre dame law school while judge barrett was a professor. remember what she had to say. i have only communicated with this august committee on two occasions. the first was two years -- 10 years ago when i wrote a strong letter in support of now justice kagan. whose term as dean of harvard law school overlapped with my own. the second is today introducing and endorsing amy coney barrett, in equally strong
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terms. some might find these recommendations in juxtaposition but i find them entirely consistent. so do i. i voted for both. the committee will hold over s46.32 modernization act. i ask unanimous consent that notwithstanding the motion of october 15th setting the vote on the barrett nomination at 1:00 p.m., the committee proceed immediately to vote on the barrett nomination. any objection? without objection. on the motion to report the nomination of amy coney barrett to be at associate justice of the supreme court of the united states, the clerk will call the roll.
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favorably to the floor the clerk will call the roll. [clerk doing roll call] [no answer from senators being called now] >> the votes are 12 yays, 10 no votes. >> the nomination will be reported favorably to the floor with a unanimous vote.
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senator cornyn. >> mr. chairman, i'll just take a couple of minutes. i just find this to be a surreal environment we're in where our democratic colleagues announced yesterday they will boycott one of the most important votes this committee will have probably during our entire senatorial tenure, that is a vote to confirm, provide advice and consent to a nominee for the supreme court of the united states. i just want to comment on the pictures that are in their chairs like this is some sort of sporting event during covid-19 rather than show up and do their job, they choose to continue the theater that was part of the hearing. and, of course, this is all pretextural, their argument as i understand it is somehow amy coney barrett will violate her oath of office contrary to
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everything she has done and who she is. and somehow that the affordable care act is in jeopardy. she explained with great skill the issue before the supreme court. it is really one of severability which a very technical doctrine and nothing to do with the merits of the affordable care act, it has to do whether you can server the unconstitutional portion from the rest of the aca and that it will survive. but the fact is democrats have already moved on from the aca and senator cruz in my state the premiums for an individual in the aca have gone up 57%. the average deductible is $3,000. for a family of four it's $12,000. that means you don't have insurance coverage and you are
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self-insured. what democrats have done is they realized that all of the promises that were made to the american people leading up to the passage of the aca, they have been broken. i remember president obama saying if you liked your policy you could keep your policy. if you liked your doctor you can keep your doctor. none of that is true. they said that we would have essentially universal health insurance coverage. that's obviously not true. so aca has failed our democratic colleagues recognize that and that's why they have from the presidential candidates running in the primary all the way down to people running in this election on november 3 have odd vacated a single payer system sometimes called medicare for all and the public option. a slippery slope toward a single payer system. i think it's important to point out what they are advocating.
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because it is extraordinarily radical for the 180 million americans who get their health insurance on the job, they would eliminate that. they would take that away from them in order to put them on a single payer government program. medicare as we know has its own financial problems and something we obviously need to shore up. it is a commitment we made to our seniors that if you pay into the medicare program you will have health coverage when you became eligible. but dumping 330 million people into the medicare program in the single payer system will bankrupt it. we know that providers depend on a payment mix between medicaid, medicare, and private insurance in order to pay the bills. without the private insurance premium, or payments, our
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healthcare providers, our hospitals, including those in rural parts of our states, would be bankrupt. so i just think it is really important to just lay out the facts here. this is all for show. they have given up on the aca because they realize that it did not fulfill the promises that were made when it passed. now it's unaffordable to most ordinary texans and americans and so they have thrown that out the window in favor of a single payer system. finally, senator schumer said everything is on the table if they win the majority. i think you've observed, mr. chairman, if the shoe were on the other foot we have no doubt what they would do under these circumstances. but beyond that, senator schumer has said that the legislative filibuster is in jeopardy. they'll turn it into a partisan body where you don't need to do
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the hard work to get bipartisan support. they would consider turning d.c. into a state. the state would get two senators, puerto rico, a state, and get two senators. they want to permanently transform this country. this isn't about incremental change. this is about revolutionary changes in our country. and then finally, as we have all observed, they are advocating packing the supreme court with additional partisan judges. and as ruth bader ginsburg pointed out, there goes the crown jewels of the american republic, which is our independent judiciary, it is nothing but another political body. a second political branch. i just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your patience to lay out my thoughts and observations with regard to
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this -- these theatrics which our democratic colleagues are presenting us today. this is all for show. this is to try to capture a narrative which is simply false and to cover up what they are really about. so thank you, mr. chairman. >> thank you, senator cornyn. i have agree with what you said. why don't we do the business of the committee. we have a few more judges and the subpoena request. let's get through that and i will stay around and anybody who wants to speak we'll do so. on the motion to report the nomination of benjamin j. bee ton to the united states district judge for the western district of kentucky. the clerk will call the roll. [roll call] >> sandra: in the words of lindsey graham the nomination will be sent to the floor with a unanimous vote as we all just witnessed, no democrats on that committee showed up today on
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capitol hill to vote through committee amy coney barrett for supreme court justice. that means there was 12 yays, all republican members of the committee were in attendance. as far as the no votes, the no show by democrats is essentially a no vote which is why you saw on the tally on your screen 12-0. nonetheless she goes through for a full vote to the senate where mitch mcconnell has promised he has the votes. they conduct their meeting throughout the morning and we'll monitor it for you. >> bill: it would appear that the vote in the full senate on monday october 26th, we'll stand by for more on that. there are five other judges that are now being voted on in committee. we would expect all five including judge barrett after she passed through her nomination today, all six of those in total will proceed from committee and come out of committee today. back to nashville and bret
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baier. we'll go back inside. they make take the subpoenas on social media giants. your reaction to what we just saw. not a huge surprise but it came quicker than we thought. >> yeah, also it gave lindsey graham and john cornyn, two senators up for reelection, two senators facing tough reelection bids, even cornyn is tighter than it has been for him in texas, gave them a platform to speak not only about judge barrett but the democrats' move about not showing up. that was the forum for them to speak. in the meantime, joe biden has 60 minutes has put out a clip in which the former vice president says about court packing that he, if elected president, would set up a blue ribbon commission that would take 180 days of conservative and liberal scholars to look at the possibility of adding justices to the supreme court
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or reforming the court system overall. that is a washington answer, a blue ribbon commission is basically the answer that punts the ball to the decision next year. but that was 60 minutes as of this morning. >> bill: tonight during the big debate. >> sandra: lindsey graham said he would not allow the democrats to take over the committee and, of course, they would go on to vote in the committee for amy coney barrett. in the seats of those missing democrats were people who would be affected by losing their healthcare. they were displayed in their seats and this is a move not totally unexpected but did happen and lindsey graham had a reaction and shared that with the american people when he saw it. >> yeah. i think that they see this as theatrics as a bit of a show. it was interesting that john cornyn pointed out this is what we've seen at sporting events
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during covid-19 and also took a moment to go after aca in terms of how it has actually served people in his view. i also thought that john cornyn had an interesting moment. he and graham are in difficult senate races. nobody would have anticipated this at the beginning of the election cycle. john cornyn used interesting wording. adding washington, d.c. and puerto rico as states giving them statehood, talked about packing the court which joe biden has gone closer to hinting at by appointing this commission. he said those are revolutionary changes that would be represented. they are not incremental changes, they are revolutionary changes. those are exactly the words that barack obama used several months back when he talked about during the primary process for democrats when he talked about what he thought was needed on the democrat side. not revolutionary change. he said people in america like
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incremental change. joe biden being the nominee on the stage tonight opposite president trump and john cornyn saying don't be fooled by this. these are revolutionary changes, not incremental changes. making a very strong case for his own reelection in texas as lindsey graham was doing for himself in south carolina today hammering points election-related in the judicial back drop. >> bill: this is rather historical when you think 12 days from an election judge barrett is on track to become the 115th u.s. justice at the supreme court in american history. the overwhelming majority of them have been white men. today a catholic woman from louisiana. law school at notre dame. mother of seven. she now is well on her way to be fast tracked to the u.s. supreme court and based on the schedule, will be confirmed by the u.s. senate eight days before the big vote on the 3rd
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of november. want to get back in. promised we would take you back when they talked about big media. i believe that's the topic now. [roll call being taken] >> the votes are 12 yays and 10 not present. >> most is passed. thank you. thank you all. i'll be glad to listen to any comments you would like to make but we did it. we did it. judge barrett is going to the floor. i hope you look back on this
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time on the committee and say i was there when it mattered and you were. >> thank you, mr. chairman. it is indeed an honor to be here on this historic occasion when we've confirmed judge barrett and forwarded favorably to the floor our recommendation. as i've said ever since she was nominated to this position, judge amy coney barrett is one of the most impressive legal minds in the united states. she is a thoughtful and fair minded lawyer. a loving daughter, wife, and mother. and a devout believer in her faith and in the constitution. she was arguably the most impressive judicial nominee i've ever seen in any of these hearings and i've been watching them intently since i was a kid.
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judge barrett is going to make an absolutely outstanding supreme court justice and the american people will be really lucky to have her on the bench. it is a shame that our colleagues on the other side, having failed to lay a glove on judge barrett during the hearings, have chosen to walk out on this process. and in so doing walk out on the american people. this is sad but in context it is not really that surprising. i suppose we should be grateful that a walk-out is all the democrats will do to judge barrett today. not all nominees have been so lucky. this is an important point for those watching these proceedings who might be tempted to believe the pious pearl clutching and performance art of the media and minority party about this particular nomination. i would like to take a few
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moments to set the record straight about the history of this process and why america needs and deserves to have judge barrett on the supreme court. for the first 200 years of the history of our republic supreme court nominations of both political parties were almost always polite and even boring. relatively nonpartisan, non-political affairs. judicial nominees were examined for their qualifications and rejected by the senate only in relatively rare instances. but that era of generally common mutual respect ended in 1987 when a democratic controlled senate shamefully and slanderously defeated the nomination of one of the country's most respected lawyers and constitutional scholars, that is judge robert
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bork. the cynical attacks against judge bork, whose only offense was he was a conservative, were dirty and they were down right dishonest. but like the boy who cried wolf, senate democrats got away with it, at least the first time. four years later president george herbert walker bush nominated judge clarence thomas then serving on the u.s. court of appeals to replace justice thurgood marshall. democrats on the judiciary committee, democrats, not republicans, tried to do to judge thomas what they had done to judge bork a few years earlier. the public was wise to the democrats' game and that particular attack while injurious, failed. so they resorted to the next tactic, organizing what thomas rightly called a hi-tech lynching of a black man who dared disagree with the rich
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white liberals who ran the democratic party. when democrats won back the white house in 1992, when the shoe was put on the other foot, senate republicans did not retaliate. senate republicans did not respond the way they did. they did not respond in kind. in 1993 the famously liberal judge ruth bader ginsburg was confirmed to the supreme court with 96. now, did republicans good faith behavior influence or improve the democrats' behavior? no. the record suggests that it only encouraged them. within a decade democrats once again preached norms. they unilaterally escalated their war over the judiciary by
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filibustering a judicial nominee mr. estrada. he was and remains to this day one of the most respected lawyers and constitutional scholars in the country. he was a natural at inspiring choice. to serve as a federal appellate judge. but to the left you see that was precisely the problem. mr. estrada was latino and brilliant and charismatic and young and widely seen as a future nominee to the u.s. supreme court. so the left decided to strangle mr. estrada's nomination with false, insincere attacks and unprecedented obstructionism. they filibustered his nomination seven times.
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hateful leftist groups and political cynicism and racial condescension. during this ordeal his family suffered irreparable tragedy. at least "the new york times" was happy and the left sentd a clear message to latino americans about what they can expect if they, too, dare question liberal orthodoxy. thus democrats ushered in yet another new era in their -- not the but their judicial culture wars, the era of judicial filibusters. now remember, at the time of the estrada filibuster republicans had control of the white house and of the senate. they could have invoked the nuclear option to break the democrats' unprecedented obstruction. we didn't. we did not retaliate, not after
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the estrada filibuster or after the democrats' malignant smearing of then judge sam alito on his way to the supreme court. it is not the narrative but it is the truth. once again, democrats went low cruelly, disgustingly low. and once again republicans took the high road. under president obama republicans accepted the democrats' practice and required super majority cloture votes for judicial nominees. after a few years of this democrats got tired of having to play by their own rules so they broke them. in 2013 with a number of obama policies being challenged on constitutional and other grounds in the courts, democrats invoked the nuclear option over senate rules so that they could confirm judges with only 51 votes. republicans pleaded with
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democratic leader harry reid not to do it. we warned democrats that they would soon live to regret it. but hubris makes the powerful deaf as well as blind. they rammed through their appellate court justice. we could not stop them. they did it because they could and in response, the american people did what they could in the next election and in fact in every single congressional election since the democrats went nuclear in 2013. the american people returned a republican majority to the senate. that included the election of 2014 which meant that when president obama appointed judge merrick garland to replace the late justice scalia, the republicans rejected that nomination and included the election of 2016 when donald trump was elected president.
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when he selected judge neil gorsuch to replace justice scalia democrats filibustered and then raged and triggered the nuclear option on supreme court nominations. now, let me go on record. i initially had concerns about this move. in conference meetings for some time i argued to my colleagues we ought to try to find another way. try to see if we could figure out a way to restore the judicial filibuster and also preserve this important part of the senate's institutional design. and of presidential prerogative. i lost that argument. my position may have been principled but in the context of the democrats' relentless, relentless and endless pattern
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and practice of abusing their power, it was untenable. i tried to persuade my colleagues to seek a good faith bipartisan solution. the problem was that while solutions were easy to imagine, the left's good faith was not. the only precedents democrats had given us to work with were bork, thomas, estrada, and the nuclear option. my colleagues pointed out the obvious. democrats embrace of judicial power and of judicial total war was not a slide down a slippery slope. it was a giddy, enthusiastic leap that they still don't regret. just look at the record since then. in 2018, when justice anthony kennedy retired and judge brett
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kavanaugh was nominated to replace him, was there any sign -- any evidence whatsoever of intent to lower the temperature? any indication that democrats were rethinking their decades of vicious, unilateral escalation? just as before, of course not. during the kavanaugh nomination they stooped to new lows concocting a false accusation of teenage sexual assault against an honorable and innocent ban. breaking norms and rules to slander and strangle the nominations of constitutionalist judges. it's simply what the left does. this is a feature, not a bug. this is how they operate. this is what they do. liberals, not conservatives,
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turned the supreme court of the united states into a super legislature of sorts. democrats, not republicans, escalated supreme court confirmations into ideological knife fights and worse and made political outcomes the defining issue of this process rather than judicial philosophy and qualifications. what has happened to this problem isn't a bipartisan failure, it is a unipartisan strategy. every norm broken, every act of escalation, one party, the democrats, has been the aggressor in every single instance. at every step along the way our side has used our constitutional authority and the other side has abused its authority. there is no tit-for-tat, there is just ta*t. democrats killed judge bork's
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nominations for partisan political reasons and estrada's and slandered justice thomas, justice alito and justice kavanaugh for partisan political reason. they nuked the filibuster for partisan reasons. now they are trying to scuttle this hearing and vote for partisan political reasons. when it comes to the judiciary, abuse of power is their agenda. now, the left seems to think that the supreme court exists for this purpose and that it exists to impose their very worst ideas onto the public. onto those members of the public, those people we call citizens who refuse blindly to go along with their entitled extremism. they want the court to empower abortion activist and campus
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and corporate elites and social media-out rage addicts to tell everyone how to live without votes, accountability or debate. taking debatable matters and placing them beyond debate seems to be their formula. they don't want democracy or representative government. they want does illty and judge amy coney barrett will not give it to them and not politicize the supreme court. they will help depoliticize the court that the democrats have spent decades trying to make philosopher kings. she will turn back policy decisions and political base back to the people and their elected accountable representatives where they properly belong. judge barrett understands that under our constitution policy is supposed to be determined by the priorities of the people, not editorial boards or twitter
6:41 am
trolls or safety school faculty senates. that is why the left is so furious about this nomination. for all the pious things you hear on msnbc and for all the pius things you'll here on msnbc and the other networks tonight, understand they aren't angry because this process isn't fair, they're angry because it is. not because they think amy coney barrett is going to be a partisan justice, but because they know she will not be. they are not afraid judge barrett will legislate from the bench, but that she will force democrats and republicans to legislate from legislatures as the constitution itself requires. judge barrett threatens their power not because she has a hidden agenda or powers but because they do and she won't
6:42 am
enact those powers or exercise them by judicial fiat. and that is exactly why we need to have amy coney barrett on the supreme court of the united states. not to avenge bork, thomas, estrada, alito or kavanaugh but rather to restore the institutional integrity of the supreme court. and to the senate, and all the public institutions that leftist judicial abuse has twisted and desecrated for two generations. we need to confirm amy coney barrett not to give political power to conservatives and republicans but to finally give it back to the american people from whom it was stolen so many years ago. the left has taken the political low road on the judiciary.
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for decades. amy coney barrett will take the constitutional high road for decades to come. every day her name in more ways than one, her new title of justice, thank you, mr. chairman. >> thank you. i have a full statement i'll introduce into the record without objection about the process. i think senator grassley would like to speak for about five minutes. is that correct? >> i hope it won't irritate you, mr. chairman. >> sandra: two votes happened this morning. the most recent was a vote to subpoena the facebook and twitter ceos, part of a growing call from republicans to expose those social media giants for what they say is bias and in some cases suppression or censorship and before that you saw the vote go through committee, 12-0. it was 0 because 12 republicans voted yes, no democrats showed up from that committee to vote
6:44 am
on passing amy coney barrett through committee onto the senate. it was a 12-0 vote. but lindsey graham in his words said we did it twice, i think. >> bill: judge barrett is one story. the other one the subpoenas of the ceos is a big deal. the "new york post" twitter account has been blocked for eight days now. still no tweets going out. this is happening while there is significant developments from overnight and again this morning on hunter biden and perhaps joe biden in turn. we'll go to john roberts who is reporting that before the sun came up this morning. john, good morning to you. >> bill, sandra, good morning to you. we're hearing today for the first time publicly from tony bobulinski. he said he was the ceo of a company that involved hunter biden, joe biden's son and jim biden, joe biden's brother. he was also the primary
6:45 am
recipient of the email fox news has been reporting on that laid out percentage how a deal with the chinese entity cefc would be split up including the infamous 10% for the big guy. in a statement he tells fox news the reference to the big guy in the much publicized may 13, 2017 email is in fact a reference to joe biden. he goes on to say hunter biden called his dad the big guy or my chairman and frequently referenced asking him for his sign-off or advice on various potential deals that we were discussing. i've seen vice president biden saying he never talked to hunter about his business. i've seen firsthand that that is not true because it wasn't just hunter's business. they said they were putting the biden family name and its legacy on the line. the senate homeland security and governmental affairs committee and senate committee on finance have requested
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documents business documents and we're now in the process of going through them. among them is a text message in which he thanks jim biden for a meeting with joe at the beverly hilton hotel in may of 2017 which it should be pointed out is long after joe biden left office. at a rally last night in north carolina just west of charlotte president trump continuing to hammer the issue. >> president trump: the big guy. he doesn't look so big when he walks on the stage. he is the big guy. one document shows a plan to take money from chinese state owned enterprises. >> some republicans have cautioned the president not to dwell too long on the issue of hunter biden at tonight's debate. white house officials and the president supporters suggest he will go there. listen here. >> i do think we are going to whether it's asked or he has the opportunity to bring it up. he will get into this issue of
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hunter biden. the american people need to know if the biden family in any way is beholding to china. this is our biggest geopolitical adversary. the fact that most of the mainstream media is refusing to cover this story is gravely concerning but the president is willing to bring it up himself if necessary. >> the statement that we got today from bobulinski sure to add fuel to the fire. bill and sandra, we'll see where it goes during the course of the day. >> bill: thank you, john. back to you with developments in nashville shortly. >> sandra: let's bring in "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace. we all have read through the elements of what tony bobulinski has confirmed reference ns joe biden the big guy and calls the emails genuine and hunter sought his dad's advice on these deals. how do this play into
6:48 am
everything so close to election day with the debate tonight? >> well, it will certainly be brought up tonight and you heard alyssa farah, the communications chief for the white house say if kristin welker doesn't bring it up. she probably will if the president hasn't already. the president will bring it up and he has plenty of opportunity in his two-minute statements with the other candidate in this case biden's microphone muted, or in the discussion to go at this. it will come up tonight. it is interesting you saw yesterday governor huckabee if you want to bring it up fine but you have to talk about what people's concerns, their daily lives are. healthcare, economy, jobs, all that stuff. marc thaoesen said the same thing and i think the president has to be a little careful here because you heard barack obama yesterday point out that "the new york times" had revealed that donald trump has -- has a secret bank account in china
6:49 am
and said that, you know, if that had come out when he was president people would have called him beijing barry. it seems to me biden will have something to come back at him on. the only other point i guess i would make on this, if all this stuff is true and there are still some ifs about it. if it is all true it would seem to contradict biden's statement he had never discussed his son's business dealings with him. that may well be blown to smithereens. the question is whether or not he personally benefited financially. the 10% for the big guy. remember that the hard drive that -- it gets complicateed here, the computer guy in delaware gave to the f.b.i. in december of 2019, so about 10, 11 months ago, they had and one assumes that had biden taken money from a foreign entity while he was vice president and had he lied because we've seen his tax returns from 2019, that we would have seen the fruits
6:50 am
of that investigation by now. i think that's a question as well in the debate tonight. >> sandra: thank you. bill, interesting, chris talked about it being complicated the elements of this story. that was huckabee's point. it would be a mistake for the president to lead with this in the debate tonight not because it is not an important story but suggested so many of the american people don't quite understand it. >> bill: it could be. or he could shed some light depending how he frames the issue. fox polling was released yesterday, sandra, showed how strong the president lines up in some of these battleground states when it comes to the economy. we'll see how he frames that case later tonight. i want to bring in martha from nashville. last evening in the 9:00 hours and our colleague and jay gibson working the source talked about the laptop coming into the f.b.i. in december of
6:51 am
2019 in connection to a money laundering investigation. that's been out there at least behind closeded doors, martha, for about 10 months. >> you know, it raises a lot of questions, bill. i spoke to someone enforcement official on this a couple of days ago who hinted that the reason that they hadn't been more forthcoming what was on this laptop it was a broader investigation. we did get a little more detail on that last night with regard to this money laundering issue. but i think in a way that is -- there was information on this laptop that they say is authentic that was germane to the impeachment investigation of president trump. it talked about ukraine, discussions with officials there about, you know, that lead to corruption and money involvements. when you think back to fiona hill and these ambassadors who were going after president trump in such a big way during
6:52 am
that impeachment trial, they also talked about their own concerns about hunter biden's involvement. they felt it was compromising and they were worried about it. the obama administration was worried about it. my question is why, when the f.b.i. had this information for the last 10 months, why didn't that come out during that hearing and say look, this might be relevant, may or may not be. we want to put this in front of the panel for discussion here. i think it raises more questions than it answers really. i think we may hear a little bit about that from the president tonight. it's true, it is complex. i think a lot of american voters are mostly concerned with other things. if the president can make a very clear and targeted question raising about what was going on here, why did you say, joe biden, that you didn't know anything about these business dealings? and are you the big guy? did you ever benefit from any of this? something along those lines that will be sort of clear and cogent for people is potentially a point of attack for him as he goes through his plan for tonight. >> bill: we all remember 2016
6:53 am
when james comey was -- he went public a couple times now about hillary clinton's emails. a lot of people think in retrospect he was putting his finger on the scale against her and perhaps the leadership of the f.b.i. now had given some consideration to. they have not stated that but that is what is suggested between the lines there. stand by in tennessee. >> sandra: bret, your thoughts as things change quickly 12 days from election day. >> we're talking about how complicated it is. i think voters get it. what is crystal clear is that it's not being covered. why is that? you have someone now on the record who was on the email chain who confirms he got the email in may of 2017, who says that he references joe biden as the big guy. this is a guy who received the email and now he is coming forward with all these documents on the record.
6:54 am
he is out there. he is a decorated military man. he is -- there is not a reason why this story is not being covered other places. we've been digging into this for since the "new york post" first put it out we started trying to get the authenticity of all these elements. and now day-by-day there is more and more. and i think that part of the story is very clear and whether the president decides to dwell on this overwhelmingly i agree with you, a lot of republicans are hoping he focuses on the economy where he is strong in a lot of those swing state polls. >> sandra: we'll see if that happens. on the man sharing he shared the documents on his business dealings with two senate panels as we all saw just about the 9:00 a.m. eastern time this morning the senate governmental affairs committee says they did speak with him and that he has sent these documents and the
6:55 am
committee is working to validate information being revealed by multiple sources. so as this story goes on, bret, thank you. >> bill: he is, the lieutenant that john was describing in the letter talks about being the grandson of a 37-year-old army intelligence officer and the son of a 20-plus year career naval officer and brother of a naval flight officer. we don't know how he came to meet hunter biden. perhaps the loose ends are tied together throughout the course of our reporting today. he goes on in this letter released in sun-up today i myself served our country for four years and left the navy as lieutenant. i was doing a google search earlier today. i could not find a picture of hunter biden and he together. perhaps it exists out there. on my cursory search this morning it didn't come up yet. >> sandra: a lot has happened in the last hour.
6:56 am
we had the two votes in the judiciary committee. both republicans the only ones in the room. both passed unanimously. the vote to pass through amy coney barrett on to the senate for a vote to become the next supreme court justice and the vote to now subpoena jack dorsey and mark zuckerberg. those senators want to hear more from them about bias. >> bill: the other thing going out there right now is 60 minutes did some interviews with joe biden and donald trump separately earlier in the week. cbs is putting out some clips. at bret mentioned there is a clip there about packing the court and what a president biden would do if the judicial process. we'll get to that and bring in josh hawley from capitol hill as well as we continue hour number two straight ahead right here from new york.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
>> sandra: on >> tonight president trump andprecedented. >> judge amy coney barrett could be one firmed before the supreme court before the election. >> the most rushed and least legitimate process in the history of supreme court nominations. >> law enforcement and government officials confirming the f.b.i. subpoenas in hunter biden's laptop has to do with
7:01 am
the money laundering probe. >> sandra: more on all those stories. first back to our top story. president trump and former vice president joe biden take the stage tonight in nashville, tennessee for their final presidential debate after the second match-up was called off. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," here we go. thursday morning i'm sandra smith. >> bill: nice to see you. seems like old times old friend. i'm bill hemmer. what a day we have here. going to be different this time around after the commission on the presidential debates now announcing it will mute both the president and joe biden's microphones during their initial responses while the opponent is speaking. two minutes each and then they engage for 10 minutes together. stakes could not be higher. the election, 12 days away. >> sandra: unbelievable. peter doocy is live in nashville. the suspense is building for the big showdown tonight, peter.
7:02 am
how concerned are the campaigns about this change, the mute button? >> sandra, the trump side is a little leery about this. i've spoken to sources campaigns. trump campaign will have eyes on the man with the mute button. biden campaign hasn't committed to that as of now. we also know president trump is teasing the line of questioning for joe biden about his son, hunter. the campaign released a question of the day open-ended for the former vice president. this is what it says. you have previously stated on multiple occasions you never discussed foreign business dells with your son. will you confess to frequently advising hunter and providing signoffs on them as stated by one of hunter's business partners. joe biden wakes up in delaware this morning. he hasn't left the house since he taped a 60 minutes interview
7:03 am
in wilmington on monday. sandra. >> sandra: peter, how close are we to a biden announcement about his position on court packing? he said a little bit in a brand-new interview. when do we learn more? >> sounds like it might take a couple more months. he had been saying he would give voters an answer on this before the election. now it sounds like the answer is he favors giving a bipartisan commission 180 days to study this issue. >> so you're telling us you will study this issue about whether to pack the court. >> whether there is a number of alternatives that go well beyond packing. >> this is a live ball. >> it is a live ball. it is a live ball. we'll have to do that and you'll find there is a lot of conservative constitutional scholars saying it as well. >> this part of music city is completely locked down. all roads in the area are closed and about 600 students here at belmont who live in dorms that are within the
7:04 am
secure area have been relocated to a nearby hotel. >> sandra: it is going to be something. it will be tonight. peter doocy, thank you. >> bill: another big story breaking last night and this morning a lot of details. federal law enforcement officials confirming with fox that the laptop said to be belonging to hunter biden was subpoenaed by the f.b.i. in connection with a money laundering probe in late 2019. senator marsha blackburn calling for a special prosecutor to invest the biden's overseas business activities. >> people are concerned. i will tell you they are very concerned about what they've heard over the hunter biden story. they think there should be a special prosecutor. they think they should be investigated. they want to know what happened and how many years back does biden incorporated go? >> bill: mike emanuel in d.c. finding new communications between hunter biden and some
7:05 am
of his business partners. what have you learned now? >> we're sorting through a mountain of new communication turned over by one of hunter's former business partners pursuing a deal with a chinese energy come from may 17, 2017 hunter says to his team the chinese are coming, quote, to be my partner, to be partners with the bidens. then two days later may 19th, 2017 hunter makes reference to quote my chairman gave an emphatic no. source familiar says when hunter talks about his chairman he is referring to his father, joe biden. then on may 20, 2017 tony bobulinski is warned by business partner quote, don't mention joe being involved. it is only when you are face-to-face, which i'm told is a reference to joe biden. from june 2017 hunter is ranting to his then business partners using some foul language in the middle of a power struggle. he says he doesn't want to sign
7:06 am
over quote my family's brand, my family's only asset to tony bobulinski. that's just scratching the surface of newly revealed communication involving hunter biden being turned over by his former business partners. >> bill: this tony bobulinski, why is he speaking up now? what has he said? >> tony bobulinski comes from a family with a long line of military service. bobulinski in a statement notes he served the country for four years in the navy as lieutenant bobulinski holding a high level security clearance and is not a political person. he says the few campaign contributions he has made have been to democrats but adding, quote, i don't have a political axe to grind. i just saw behind the biden curtain and grew concerned with what i saw. the biden family aggressively rev rajed the biden family name to make millions of dollars from foreign entities even communist controlled china. he said he will cooperate with
7:07 am
the senate finance and homeland security committees. >> bill: we'll check back in next hour. thank you, mike. >> sandra: fox news alert now from the hill. the senate judiciary voting to approve supreme court nominee amy coney barrett. all 12 republicans voted yes. the democrats refused to take part. they did not show. her nomination now goes to the full senate floor. senator josh hawley is one of the yes votes and joins us now. i'm sure you have thoughts on your democrats colleagues not even showing for the vote this morning. but first to now amy coney barrett officially going on to a vote in the senate. good morning. >> good morning to you. this is a historic moment. this is a historic nomination for a couple of reasons. two things stand out to me having been through this process. the first is, the most openly pro-life nominee to the supreme court in my lifetime. she didn't back away from it and wasn't afraid of it.
7:08 am
pro-life christians are welcome on the supreme court and welcome in high office and every office in america and this confirmation is going to stand for that. the second thing is her faith. she was attacked relentlessly by the democrats for her faith when she was first put on the bench. the left has gone after her continuously in the press for the last three, four weeks questioning her faith conviction. she didn't back away from that either. the religious test of the democrats finally died and a conservative pro-life catholic will be on the supreme court. >> sandra: were you surprised when your democratic colleagues did not show? >> yes and no. i think they have -- this has been an epic disaster for them. they tried to bork personal destruction treatment and shut them down. they really embarrassed themselves. they just didn't want to face the music today. they couldn't face it just like
7:09 am
kamala harris didn't show up to question her in person. she didn't want to face her. democrats didn't want to face their failure today. >> sandra: senator, bill is here. >> bill: thank you for your time. you've been hot on this twitter and facebook story here. now the subpoenas will go out for jack dorsey and mark zuckerberg. will they show? if so, when? >> i hope before the election. i hope we'll subpoena them to come next week. i'm delighted the subpoena vote was unanimous. 24 hours ago i wasn't sure we would be able to get a vote. i'm delighted the has happened. we cannot allow these big tech monopolies to control the election. they want to run the election and rig it. we have to stop it. they shouldn't be able to intervene and suppress free speech and we need to hold them accountable. >> bill: the twitter feed for the "new york post" has been shut down for eight days and running. what does it tell you about the dissemination of the hunter
7:10 am
biden story that has been ignored by just about every media outlet. >> big tech is in the tank for the biden campaign and doesn't believe in a free press. they want to control the news in this country like they want to control speech in this country. the scary thing, they're big and powerful enough to do it. if the senate doesn't take some action here and don't hold them accountable who knows what they will be able to do in the future? they are trying to intervene in an election in the critical closing days. they want to control news, information, communication across the country. we can't let them. >> bill: what is their calculation? they are inside social media and see the constant churn globally for these giant companies? and perhaps they figure it's here one moment and gone the next. these stories have a cycle. sometimes they last an hour, sometimes 12 hours. this one has gone on a little longer than that. is that the thinking, do you believe, behind it? >> i think their calculation,
7:11 am
big tech's calculation is they'll get by with it. they've gotten by with this for years. shut down conservative voices and been able to deplatform whoever they want. i think they think they'll get by with it and get joe biden elected. they have spent so much money on biden. these tech executives invested heavely and they think they'll control him like the obama white house. we have the haul these guys in and get commitments from them and break them up. >> sandra: that's part of the story. the other part is the headline reads on, a cut for the big guy. the former business partner of hunter biden has come forward and revealed himself by name. he is saying that the former vice president, joe biden, about to face the president in a debate tonight, stood to cash in on this china deal. we know the laptop was subpoenaed in a 2019 f.b.i. laundering probe.
7:12 am
the story continues to develop. based on what you know today, what should happen next? people are talking about investigation, special prosecutor, what do you think needs to happen to know more? >> i do think a special prosecutor is appropriate. this is the former vice president who may be involved in a money laundering scheme. you have emails now, looks like he is getting kickbacks, joe biden getting kickbacks from china? the american people deserve answers here and needs to be asked about it at tonight's debate. here is a guy who won't face the press, won't take questions or do campaign events. this may be the last opportunity to question him. he has to be asked about this tonight. and he has to level with the american people. >> sandra: interesting point you make. some of your republican colleagues have suggested don't lead with this story. focus on the economy. focus on safety in american streets and cities. what do you want to hear most from the president as he takes the debate stage for the final time with joe biden? >> i think the president is going to prosecute the case against joe biden and point out
7:13 am
biden had eight years in office in the white house and look what he did. he sold out america to china. shipped jobs overseas. working wages were flat. all the time looks like he is pursuing lucrative business dealings overseas. he has gotten rich over the liberal agenda and other people suffered and now he wants to go back to those days? i don't think so. >> sandra: senator josh hawley, appreciate your time this morning. thank you for joining us. >> bill: breaking news following this developing story today. a volunteer in astrazeneca's vaccine trial has died according to brazilian health authorities. not clear if they were in a group taking the placebo or taking the vaccine. the company has followed all the required review processes according to the company. brazilian reports say it was a man in his 20s. >> sandra: a new report now
7:14 am
highlighting the differences between joe biden and president trump's immigration policies. the conservative heritage foundation predicting an about face on immigration if biden is elected president. if biden were to become president he would return to many of the same immigration policies in place during the obama administration. this would include protecting and expanding the daca program, admitting at least 125,000 refugees annually and seeking amnesty for 11 million illegal aliens. >> bill: much more on the final debate in prime time tonight right here on the fox news channel. you will see all of it. we learn president trump is getting ready to attack the bidens overseas business activities. how does joe biden handle it if it comes to it. we'll hear from the biden team in a moment and here is the president. >> president trump: the bidens got rich while north carolina and our country got robbed, okay? if biden wins, china will own
7:15 am
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7:18 am
>> sandra: the candidates will soon square off on the debate stage for the final time. one topic president trump is
7:19 am
likely to bring up is the hunter biden emails. how is joe biden preparing for these attacks? stephanie blake is a biden surrogate and former mayor of baltimore and joins us now. good morning. thanks for being here. what can you tell us about the preparations joe biden is participating in considering we haven't seen him on the campaign trail in days now? >> well, first thank you for having me. the vice president is doing what any candidate should do. to be prepared to speak to the american people. biden is not playing catch-up. he has time to actually do the work to make sure that he is going to give the american people what they need to make their decision. and i hope that the questions and the focus from the president will be on facts and not suspicion. >> sandra: you say you would assume that the candidate would be preparing for the debates but you would also assume he is
7:20 am
campaigning. that's not the case. it is our understanding he is >> he is blessed to have surrogates out there campaigning for him. he has had the former president of the united states out there and he has a whole slew of republicans including two former rnc chairs that are supporting him. so again, biden is doing what he should be and what he has the luxury of doing because he has got a team that is ready and able to fight for the future of this country. he is not just out there by himself. >> sandra: one can assume the president is sharpening his attacks when it comes to hunter and joe biden's business dealings in china, ukraine and other places. how is joe biden preparing to respond and defend himself against those attacks particularly now that hunter biden's former business partner
7:21 am
is coming forward? these are not anonymous sources and that we are getting a look at some of these emails that were exchanged. >> the way the president is going to prepare is the same way -- turn it down. fox did. >> the f.b.i. says potentially a russian conspiracy to interfere with our election. my hope is that our country will not be led down this road again by putin and allow russia to interfere with our election and my hope is that fox won't participate in the interference in our election by continuing to perpetuate a bogus story. >> sandra: when you reference a bogus story that fox turned down we have no information of that. when this story surfaced. >> no information >> sandra: with that being said this is the debate that will take place on that stage tonight. how does joe biden respond
7:22 am
considering we have not seen him answer any questions about it? >> he responds by acknowledging just like the f.b.i. did that this is a bogus story perpetuated and put out in the networks to interfere with the election. these are desperate times. president trump has seen the numbers, fox news sees the numbers. i will assure fox news and all your watchers you will have advertisers and air time after this election is over. it will be okay to report on real news without desperately needing -- >> sandra: final thoughts on this. what if the question comes up joe biden, do you refuse the fact that these were real emails that were exchanged? was this hunter biden's laugh stop? you call it a false story. no evidence in that.
7:23 am
will joe biden answer the crucial questions on the debate stage considering he has said that he never discussed his business dealings with his son, hunter. >> i'm sure president biden is prepared to answer those questions and also sure your repeated bringing the emails up is as the f.b.i. said a possibility or an interest of the russians to interfere with our elections. i understand while it seems like an interesting story, i have no interest in helping russia interfere with our elections. they did it in 2016 and we won't have it done again. >> sandra: stephanie blake, we appreciate you coming on. thank you. >> bill: heavy charges there. more questions in a moment. also in a moment a look now at the presidential debate countdown clock with the debate in nashville, tennessee. less than two weeks to go until election night. f.b.i. saying foreign powers
7:24 am
trying to interfere with people's rights to cast their ballots. it was breaking news last night and came from places like iran and russia. what john ratcliffe and the head of the f.b.i. are telling us about this and what you might be receiving in your inbox next. >> we've been working for years as a community to build resilience in our election infrastructure. today the infrastructure remains resilient. you should be confident that your vote counts. if you have medicare, listen up.
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7:29 am
>> sandra: it is the bottom of the hour. time for top stories. hours from now president trump and former vice president joe biden will take the stage in nashville, tennessee for the second and final presidential debate. we'll have full coverage of that event before, during and after right here on the fox news channel. >> bill: we're not going anywhere. the f.b.i. saying that iran and russia are trying to interfere with the election and have obtained some registration voter information. director of national intelligence john ratcliffe saying both nations have taken action forinfluence voter's opinion through false communication. if you receive one, don't forward it. >> sandra: senators are determined to stick with nine. it is coming in anticipation in the effort to expand the court beyond nine justices by the democrats. >> bill: the stage is set.
7:30 am
nashville, president trump and joe biden gearing up for the second and final debate later tonight. latest fox news polling giving us a glimpse where the two candidates stand in the key battleground states 12 days from the big vote. millions of you have already voted. president trump gaining ground in ohio. that's a change. biden leads in michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin. want to bring in chris stirewalt fox news pol where do you think the race is, chris? >> let's look at pennsylvania which is the -- it's the big boy and when you look at pennsylvania, you see on one hand a race that looks very much like it did four years ago. i'm having deja vu. i have the f.b.i., weird
7:31 am
laptop, closing weeks. where is anthony wiener. it looks like 2016 the margin is trailing in pennsylvania is the same as four years ago. we have it the average of polls puts it around 6. trump and our poll was down 5. that's about what he was four years ago. there is a big difference. four years ago this was also 15 or so points of undecided voters or voters leaning towards a third party or other kind of weirdo candidate. that was four years ago. now it's 4 points and that is the difficulty that trump has. he can close he just doesn't have as many persuadeable voters to deal with. because people are set in their ways. >> bill: there are issues and the president likes to say promises made, promises kept. joe biden has a record. donald trump has a record, too. fracking is a big deal. joe biden says i'm not going to end it but he has been on both sides of this issue for the past year and a half. if you are a pennsylvania voter
7:32 am
and that's where you derive your income why take a chance. i don't know what the policy would be under president biden. >> i would expect in fracking country, the former coal country, that i would expect that biden will just get killed. he will just get wiped out in southwestern pennsylvania particularly. and that should come as no surprise to anybody. pittsburgh will be a blue island floating in a red ocean in western pennsylvania. but where this is really coming down is on the other side of the state. it is coming down to in northeastern pennsylvania the places that were obama/biden counties that flipped for trump in 2016. this is where when we look down at places like wilkes bury, and scranton, an episode of the office. that's where the real
7:33 am
battlefield is. >> bill: speaking my language there. three counties in pennsylvania. i want to bring you back to the hunter biden story now. there is obviously over the past 12 hours plus there is a drip, drip, drip to this story. i don't know where it goes or leads or where it ends or what he says tonight about it. i don't know if it even comes up tonight, right? we'll watch it in realtime together. i know the white house has said he will go after it. see how the president frames it. stephanie rawlings blake was on our air talking about why joe biden put a lid on it this week. she is right about president obama making a big speech yesterday in front of 20 parked cars in a parking lot in philadelphia. joe biden didn't even attend that. i don't know why. i don't understand that. for two men who spent eight years together in the west wing, i don't get it when you are 12 or 13 days away from an election. with regard to the hunter biden story the biden team has not come out and said those emails
7:34 am
are not -- those emails are not real. they haven't said that, chris. go ahead. >> well look, for biden and trump it's two totally different approaches to coronavirus. biden wants to reinforce to voters like they did with the obama event. we care about coronavirus. your number one concern is our number one concern. we're -- joe biden is running as a mask, right? >> bill: i get it but chris -- >> we care about this. >> bill: you and i have these discussions all the time off the air. the stage was bigger than six feet. there was plenty of room for both men. i just don't get it. >> well look, obviously the democrats don't get trump's approach of holding rallies when people are concerned about coronavirus. republicans say biden is wrong. we're going to expect both sides will say the other side is a bunch of idiots no matter what. it's late october in an election year. that's what i assume. as for the laptop stuff it
7:35 am
doesn't matter for trump and the republicans whether it's proven true or worthwhile or whatever. even if joe biden didn't do anything wrong, this is an issue that they can try to do -- they can try to replicate their experience in 2016 which is to say sure you have your reservations about donald trump, but this guy is too corrupt to be president. that's a lot harder to do to joe biden than hillary clinton who had a track record of serious scandals throughout a decades-long career. it is harder but what they've got and try to use it. i would expect to hear tonight the president not just bring it up but make corruption his central claim because draining the swamp and that stuff and the corruption of democrats is what trump has focused on throughout his career. >> bill: you are continuing tonight with chad pergram on fox nation. you have something cool going on. explain that, sir. >> it's very cool. democracy 2020. when you see the magic button on your screen and code. put your device, scan it in and
7:36 am
you come to a place where you can get the trivia. you can i don't know why anybody would want to do this but hang out with chad pergram and me for the evening as we chat and talk about what's going on in the debate. you can sound off and it was a lot of fun the first time. i think we'll have a lot of fun tonight. >> bill: thank you, chris. talk to you soon. to our viewers we have the debate covered from every angle. special pre-debate coverage kicks off tonight at 6:00 eastern time with bret and martha. catch the debate at 9:00 eastern right here tonight on fox news. sandra, as a reminder, debate number one had 17 million americans watching fox. >> sandra: and a lot are going to watch tonight. >> bill: tonight. >> sandra: is that your point? we'll all be watching. on wards and upwards for the president's supreme court nominee amy coney barrett. the senate judiciary committee voting to advance her to the senate floor despite a
7:37 am
democratic boycott. ken starr will weigh in next. here is chairman lindsey graham. >> to all the young women out there like amy barrett, this is a great day for you. you will have an associate justice on the court that you should be proud of, to all americans. veteran homeowners: newday's helping thousands of veterans save thousands of dollars by refinancing
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>> how could anybody in their right mind listening to judge barrett she is incredibly qualified. so qualifications apparently don't matter anymore. this is about trying to create a situation for your favor. politically. >> sandra: senate judiciary committee lindsey graham tearing into democrats for boycotting the vote this morning on supreme court nominee amy coney barrett. all 12 republicans on the committee did vote to approve her nomination. it now goes to a full senate vote on monday. fox news contributor ken starr former independent counsel. first to you on that. why not show up and place your no vote at least if you are a democrat? >> it's hard to figure out because it is a bully pulpit, right? so to abandon a bully pulpit means there had to be a
7:43 am
calculation. at this stage we have nothing further to say. it gave the republicans an opportunity to talk about obamacare in terms of the policy. it was a great statement by senator cornyn and then i thought the capstone was when senator mike lee chronicled the history of the treatment on part of democrats of republican nominees beginning with bob bork in 1987. i think to abandon was wrong headed and fool hardy. >> sandra: in lindsey graham's word this morning we did it, he said twice. now she will go on for a full vote in the senate and then become justice amy coney barrett. what does this mean for the court, ken? >> well, first of all look at her age as well as her background, which is so stellar and outstanding. she is 48 years old.
7:44 am
justice ginsburg was 87 when she passed from this life. just start doing the ar -- four or five or six presidents may come and go. i know this is wild projection but the chief justice of the united states john roberts is 65. if he retires at the age of 80 she has been groomed to be the next chief justice of the united states. i'm ahead of my skis on this. when you think about the supreme court you need to think in terms of decades. >> sandra: it is fascinating to think about. do you predict there could be any further interruptions? mitch mcconnell has said he has the votes. is there anything left for democrats to stop this? as you heard mike lee point out, they weren't able to lay a hand on her during her hearing. why would anybody think there is anything they can do now?
7:45 am
>> yeah. i have my doubts. others will be able to speak more authoritatively to the politics. here is my amateur take. they know it's over and so they are looking ahead to the election. don't do anything to foul up what they see as the favorable trends in the election. to attack this wonderful human being who is, by the way, whose numbers with the american people kept going up. the hearings were a great, great victory and triumph for this judge. in the public opinion in that court she did extraordinarily well. she did better than judge gorsuch who did a really good job and she did better than kavanaugh doing a great job until all you know what broke loose. she is a favorite. don't mess with amy coney barrett is the message that has gone out. don't attack her faith. don't attack her credentials. it is over. let's focus on the election. >> sandra: fair to say she is
7:46 am
seeing greater support than both gorsuch and kavanaugh. >> really high numbers. especially given a polarized nation. she did as we all saw extremely well. likable, obviously highly intelligent, indeed brilliant. so she had an olympic 10 performance and the american people responded to that. >> sandra: ken starr, always good to talk to you. thank you. >> bill: so we are 10 hours away. final debate later tonight. president trump touting the economy ahead of the showdown. charles payne will join us to break down both candidates' economic plans if they're in the oval office. charles is next here. >> president trump: this election is a choice between a trump super recovery or a biden steep depression. and that's what you are going to have. it is between a trump boom or a biden lockdown.
7:47 am
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7:51 am
>> president trump: the radical biden/harris agenda is projected to slash the typical american home income by at least $6,500 per year. think of that. they'll raise your taxes by $4 trillion triggering a max exodus of jobs out of america to foreign countries. >> bill: that was the president last night in north carolina at the rally slamming former vice president joe biden's tax plans. the economy is not among the list of topics during the debate tonight. but very well may come up still. charles payne is here host of making money fox business network. good morning to you, charles. >> i'm doing good. >> bill: size it up for us. how do you see the issue
7:52 am
breaking between both men? >> well, it's really strange that this last debate would not have the economy in it. normally it's the number one issue in this country. i think for president trump it's a clear message. listen, you look at what i achieved going into march of 2020 before this pandemic and it was really remarkable. on every level we had shared prosperity as blue collar wages went through the roof. saw wealth creation for hispanic and black households zoom while poverty dropped to the lowest rate ever, ever. even to this moment we have a housing boom, we have a manufacturing renaissance on the way and what a lot of people don't realize, business applications up 39% this year. by far the largest yearly increase in a large time. i haven't gone through all historical data. on the other side one of the things that wall street likes about joe biden is that he will flood the economy with some
7:53 am
sort of stimulus. if we don't get a $2 trillion deal during trump's term a president biden will give us a $3 trillion. you couple that with the consumer, bill, that is in the best position. household debt, disposable income is at its lowest rate ever. 2.4 trillion in savings. add another 3 trillion to that and get a vaccine no matter who wins the economy probably could see a really strong boost in 2021. but it could all go away with higher taxes and regulations by 2022. >> i don't know if you've seen the clip from lesley stahl on 60 minutes. she asked the president what his ambitions are for the next term. he said i want to get back to normal. normal for him is past the covid matter and back to a booming economy where we saw unemployment rates really at historical record lows. charles, i want to show this to you. battleground states now. who do you trust better the
7:54 am
handle the economy? michigan a tie. 47 each. ohio, pennsylvania, wisconsin, all believe the president is better to handle this issue. you see those numbers and think what, charles? >> i see those numbers and i couple it with things i'm seeing for instance from farmers. you know, the mainstream media discovered the american farmer when china deliberately targeted them in our long-overdue war to push back on their unfair practices. 85% said they favor president trump. ironically farmer income was better every single year the last four years under trump than in 2016. this is even without government subsidies. i'm seeing that people are going to grapple with two things. what they know and live through up to the pandemic, and what has happened since then. personal loss, economic loss, and can the magic happen again. that's what i think people are grappling with. in most times when this happens when we know most times once
7:55 am
someone gets in there and pulls the lever the economy has the most influence. >> bill: town hall coming up. what is it all about? give us a preview, charles? >> you know, bill, one of the things that is happening and it didn't start this year but taken off this year i'm calling it the new american independence movement. the idea of americans having freedom, ownership and greater control of their own destiny. we see it in the stock market with 20 million additional folks have signed up for the market. we've seen in homes flipping. people want to control their own destiny. they want their own car. they won't do the ride sharing stuff anymore. they want their own home. they don't want to live in a building with 200 other families. they are controlling their own destiny but there are questions how they can continue to do that. we'll try to hit everything from policy, economics, stock market, and of course where we go from here. we have a fox business all-star panel and we've already been flooded with questions but keep them coming because this will
7:56 am
be really important one week before the election. >> bill: tuesday at 2:00 during your show. the biggest names in business television right? it's payne and cavuto and dobbs and clayman and baker and on it goes. >> it is called the all-star team. thanks, bill, great seeing you. >> bill: talk to you soon. >> sandra: fox news alert. a man claiming to be hunter biden's former business partner is speaking out and what he is saying about the email allegedly found on biden's laptop next. just droppedage ratese to new all time lows. veterans can refinance their loans with no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. one call to newday usa can save you $3,000 every year. you could start saving, beginning with your next mortgage payment. refi now at these historic low rates.
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8:00 am
healthcare. >> sandra: fox news alert and the countdown is on to the final showdown happening in nashville tonight with the last presidential debate now just hours away. that is a live look. all of this is happening with a bombshell new report emerging on the hunter biden controversy. a lot sandra smith. look who is here. >> bill: behind door number two. there he is. i'm bill hemmer ahead of the last debate before the election fox news hearing from hunter biden's former business partner who says that one of the emails found on hunter's purported laptop was sent to him and he reveals the identity of big guy. the reference is the former v.p. that's not all. a lot more information in here. i also accused the bidens of
8:01 am
scamming him telling us that johnson report connected some dots that shocked me. the bidens had gone behind my back and gotten paid millions of dollars by the chinese even though they told me they had not and would not do that to their partners. >> sandra: fox team coverage jackie heinrich live from wilmington, delaware. let's go to john roberts. he is live on the ground in nashville for us this morning. hey, john, kick things off for us. good morning. >> good morning to you. want to make clear at the top that while there is some crossover because these emails were sent between the various principles in the company that hunter biden was involved in and some of them may have shown up on the laptop, what we're hearing this morning comes from a completely different set of records. these are from the records of tony bobulinski. he was a former lieutenant in the u.s. navy who says he became the ceo of a company that involved hunter biden and joe biden's brother jim.
8:02 am
bobulinski, this is where there is a little crossover, was the primary recipient of an email that fox news has been reporting out that laid out percentages how a deal with the chinese entity cfc would be split up including 10% for, quote, the big guy. in a statement bobulinski telling fox news the reference to the big guy in the much publicized may 13, 2017 email is in fact a reference to joe biden. bobulinski goes on to say hunter biden called his dad the big guy or my chairman and frequently referenced asking him for his sign-off or advice on various potential deals that we were discussing. i've seen vice president biden saying he never talked to hunter about his business. i've seen firsthand that's not true because it wasn't just hunter's business. they said they were putting the biden family name and its legacy on the line. the senate homeland security and governmental affairs committee as well as senate committee on finance requested documents related to
8:03 am
bobulinski's business affairs with the biden family, which he has provided. fox news has also obtained all of those documents and there are hundreds of them that we're going through right now. among the documents is a text message in which bobulinski thanks jim biden for setting up a meeting with joe biden at the beverly hilton hotel in may of 2017 which it should be pointed out is several months after biden left office. the document also includes an email regarding possible domestic contacts for the business venture. the list includes a number of prominent democrats. kamala harris, andrew cuomo, chuck schumer, bill deblazio, amy klobuchar and newsom and rick scott. nothing in that email suggests that people on that list were ever contacted or involved. at a rally in gastonia, north carolina last night the president continuing to hammer on the hunter biden issue. watch here.
8:04 am
>> president trump: the big guy. he doesn't look so big to me. he doesn't look so big when he walks on the stage. the big guy. one document shows a plan to take money from chinese state-owned enterprises. >> the statement provided to fox news by bobulinski and this long list of documents adding fuel to the fire tonight. we're expecting that the president even if joe biden is not asked about this will bring it up in tonight's debate. however, some republicans like former arkansas governor mike huckabee are cautioning the president don't go too far down the road of this issue. rank and file americans care more about bread and butter issues and the economy. that's the president's strength according to the latest fox news battleground polls and what many republicans believe he should focus on tonight and not this. we'll see. >> sandra: john roberts. thank you. >> bill: there is new reaction from joe biden to the controversy surrounding the laptop. said it belonged to his son. the former v.p. coming out
8:05 am
against claims from a republican senator who said hunter biden tried to profit off the family name. what is the biden team saying about this there, jackie heinrich? >> the biden campaign has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing on the former vice president's part. they've cited his tax returns multiple times as proof he didn't take in any of this money. he is not the big guy as is alleged in these emails and lying on your taxes, if that turned out to be true, would be a crime. i think a felony. so the campaign has also cited on a couple of different occasions as well the two republican-led senate inquiries which aims to establish whether or not joe biden was at all involved in business deals that helped to enrich his family. 87-page report released by the senate homeland security committee chairman ron johnson and senate finance committee chairman chuck grassley did not produce damaging evidence
8:06 am
against joe biden himself but acknowledged hunter biden's business deals created a perception of conflict of interest and senator ron johnson said hunter biden and other members of the biden family profited from the biden name accusing the media of ignoring this story and this was joe biden's first response in a local news interview earlier this week. >> this is the same garbage rudy giuliani, trump's henchman, a last ditch effort to smear me and my family. vast majority of the intelligence people have come out and said there is no basis at all. >> yes on the view jill biden gave her first remarks over this. take a listen. >> i don't like to see my son attacked and certainly i don't like to see my husband attacked. but for me or to me these are distractions. the american people don't want to hear these smears against my family. >> and then again this morning
8:07 am
the biden campaign declined to give any sort of new response to this newest batch of allegations. pointing me again to those tax returns that they have cited before as proof backing up their denials of any wrongdoing, bill. >> bill: jackie heinrich in wilmington, delaware. thanks. >> sandra: let's bring in dan henninger the "wall street journal"'s editorial page deputy editor and fox news contributor. you heard from joe biden, no basis for this -- for the reporting. jill biden said she doesn't like to see her son attacked calling it a smear. where does the story go next? there is obvious questions they still have not answered when it comes to the reporting on this. >> well, that's right, sandra. i think the first question and answer is where does the story go next? as we know, much of the media has been trying to avoid reporting on this issue and this story. but i think the tony bobulinski
8:08 am
emails make it clear this is at least news. we're in the news business. and that it is becoming a little difficult for the rest of the press to avoid the reality that we have a story here. we had these emails that first appeared on the laptop in the delaware computer shop and now tony bobulinski has his emails as well that appear to be corroborating the fact that hunter biden was involved in a significant financial deal with a big chinese company related to the chinese government. and where it goes from here, you know, we just had joe biden saying there was nothing to this. the question is what is this? are we talking about whether the question is joe biden as the big guy or whether, in fact, hunter biden's business deals are real? is the biden campaign and family literally denying that their son was not in the business deals described here with this chinese entity?
8:09 am
i doubt that but i think we need more answers to those questions. >> sandra: when it comes to our intelligence committee chiming in and adding to the details of this story or confirming elements of this story, we know it made big news a couple of days ago when the director of national intelligence ratcliffe went on fbn talking to maria bartiromo saying it is not russian disinformation. there is no evidence of that. but that was a response to 50 former intelligence community officials coming forward and saying it looks a lot like that. so no further comments from the f.b.i. or d.o.j. on an investigation into these matters but where does it go next as far as our intel community digging deeper? >> well, i think, you know, the f.b.i. obviously is in a tough spot. they had the laptop. they do not want to get involved in the election the way james comey did with hillary clinton in the last
8:10 am
election but it raises an interesting question going forward, sandra. what if per chance joe biden does win the election and then it turns out this is not russian disinformation, but this is real? and then you have a president elect of the united states who would then have to deal with the chinese government, an adversary under the circumstance that his son had the relationship with the entity related to the chinese government or that his relatives, his brother or perhaps the president elect himself was involved in the business dealings. that would be an extraordinary crisis for the american people. how much better it would be to lay this out clearly before we get to that election on november 3? >> sandra: the editorial board at the "wall street journal" has been writing about just that. final thoughts our your piece. the headline in the "wall street journal." trump, biden, hunter chaos. is disapproval of a president's
8:11 am
personality sufficient reason to transfer power to the democrats? why do you ask that question? >> i ask that question because joe biden's campaign has consisted of two elements. one running against president trump's handling of the coronavirus, but larger than that donald trump's personality. that is all joe biden talks about. the character and personality of donald trump and the idea that people cannot take four more years of it. there is some reason to believe that. approval of where the country is going, people saying they are better off now than they were four years ago tracks at about 56%. but the president's approval has never gotten above 50%. there is some sort of problem there with people's attitudes toward the president himself. it raises the question of whether we are willing to elect joe biden, the democratic party, the sharp turn to the left that it has taken. what it implies for taxes and what it implies for social
8:12 am
policy because voters do not like the personality of the incumbent president. it's a daunting choice for people to make and i personally don't think it is a risk worth taking. >> sandra: a great piece in the "wall street journal" this morning. dan henninger, great the talk to you. thank you. >> bill: 12 minutes past the hour now. senate judiciary committee advancing amy coney barrett confirming her to the next level. the vote meaning she should be on the bench in time for the court's next new session. shannon bream breaks down what is next on that in the first case she might face. plus disturbing new information about foreign interference in our election. late last night breaking news from the f.b.i. not just about russia but iran trying to influence how americans vote and what u.s. intel is doing to keep your vote safe. >> we ask every american to do their part to defend against those who wish us harm. the way you do that is quite
8:13 am
simple. do not allow these efforts to have their intended effect. this message is for spouses of veterans with a va loan. with just one call to newday you can cut your family's mortgage payments by $3000 a year. the va streamline refi is a benefit your spouse earned. it shortens the refi process so veteran families can save money by refinancing. there is no income verification. no appraisal. no out of pocket costs. all time low mortgage rates have now dropped even lower.
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8:17 am
>> the nomination will be reported favorably to the floor with a unanimous vote. >> bill: if you are just waking up or joining us senate judiciary committee advanced the supreme court nomination of judge barrett onto the full senate as democrats on the panel choose to boycott the proceedings. shannon bream, good to have you, hello, the chairs are empty for democrats. we expect the full vote in the senate on monday. you watched this a bit earlier today. what did you think? >> well, the republicans called the democrats' bluff. i think the democrats knew they had no procedural options left and they thought best to make a statement not showing up. republicans thought their best action was to ignore it and move forward saying the rules allow them to do so. they feel very confident. they've always been adamant they would get her seated before election day. barring something very unexpected between now and monday looks like the republicans have the votes. sticking together and get it
8:18 am
done. >> bill: two things. senator john kennedy always has colorful comments. here is one of them from a bit earlier. watch. >> my colleagues who were hostile to the nomination hit judge barrett with everything but a chair. she stuck the landing. you may disagree with her judicial philosophy but she has carefully thought about it. judge barrett does not favor judicial activism. >> bill: from the democratic side chuck schumer issued the following volley in turn, watch. >> we are voting with our feet. we are standing together. and we are standing against this unprecedented mad rush to jam through a supreme court nomination just days -- days before an election.
8:19 am
>> bill: he called it a sham vote. to the court itself and the cases that may come before it. during the hearing earlier today they brought up obamacare. senator cornyn addressed the severability of that. what's the nut of that case to be decided by the justices which we assume judge barrett will be a part of that as a justice. >> that will be the first sitting. this case comes up on november 10th. the issue is the mandate is zeroed out by congress. no teeth to it. the question before the court is if the mandate, that individual mandate that requires you to pay a penalty if you did not get health insurance coverage, if it's gone can the rest of the law stand? now conservatives on the bench will say they favor severability. they don't want to be in the law making business. they want to try a way to keep a bill or a law together even if part of it comes out.
8:20 am
you heard judge barrett talk about this and did a great illustration talking about the game of jenga. can you pull something out and the rest of the structure stand? i think in this case her vote, we don't know how she will vote. a good chance the court decides to hold the law together. there has been a lot of the sky is falling about her taking the bench on that particular case. i don't think based on how this court has voted on other issues and the issue of severability they'll tank the entire law. we'll see. >> bill: see you later this evening. >> sandra: a new warning about foreign interference in our presidential election. the director of national intelligence john ratcliffe and f.b.i. director christopher wray saying russia and iran are behind efforts to sway public opinions. griff jenkins is following this from nashville this morning. griff, good morning. >> good morning, less than two weeks to the november 3 election and the senior u.s.
8:21 am
intelligence officials are sounding the alarm that russia and iran are attempting to interfere in the 2020 election by undermining confidence in election integrity and spreading misinformation. both countries are denying that but director of national intelligence john ratcliffe last night outlined the interference. take a look. >> we have confirmed that some voter registration information has been obtained by iran and separately by russia. this data can be used by foreign actors to attempt to communicate false information to registered voters that they hope will cause confusion, sew chaos and undermine your confidence in american democracy. >> ratcliffe avoided specifics but detailed u.s./-- iran sending threatening emails from
8:22 am
the proud boys to intimidate democratic voters. tehran is pushing back. they tweeted unlike the u.s. iran does not interfere with other country's elections. they are questioning the outcome of their election on the highest level of capitol hill. mark rubio and mark warner issued joint statements saying this. our adversaries abroad seek to sew chaos and undermine voters' belief in our democratic institution including the election systems and infrastructures that we properly report expressions of the voters. will the kremlin also calling this absolutely groundless. sandra, unclear if this will come up as one of the topics tonight but certainly would not surprise anyone if indeed it did here in nashville as this story continues to develop. sandra. >> sandra: griff jenkins live in nashville for us this morning. >> bill: we have the wildfire
8:23 am
exploding. fast moving flames. the hoses not making a dent in the fire. now they hope to try something different to douse the flames. live to nashville. what they're planning for the big night tonight. rnc chair ronna mcdaniel and former dnc interim chair donna brazile with their takes separately next.
8:24 am
8:25 am
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8:28 am
>> bill: 11:30 in new york. far fewer americans asked for unemployment help last week. labor department reporting less than 800,000. lowest since the month of march. >> sandra: something doesn't add up after saving a woman over the weekend. she said she survived with nothing but river water. but they said the river is filled with poison and would have killed her.
8:29 am
>> bill: wildfire in colorado getting bigger fast. so fast. there is no way to keep up. officials hoping to get help from the snow set to hit over the weekend. stay tuned for that. >> sandra: the last presidential debate a little more than nine hours away now and there is a lot at stake for both sides in the final showdown before election day. we look at the expectations for president trump and his rival former vice president joe biden. fair and balanced as always donna brazile is here, fox news contribute. first to ronna mcdaniel. donna, bill will speak you with in a moment. ronna, there is a new tweet from the president. he appears to focus his attacks pre-debate at least on tonight's moderator kristin welker suggesting that she will be far worse than the interview that he just had for 60 minutes. is that a good strategy going
8:30 am
into this tonight? >> the president has had to deal with the biden debate commission changing rules on the fly, being stacked against the president. we have had moderators who are clearly democrats and i think it is good to put a marker down that the american people want to see fairness. they want to see tough questions asked of joe biden. he hasn't had any. we don't want to know what kind of milk shake he will have today. we want to know about the fact he will raise taxes, going tostantive issues and i hope the moderator this time won't play differently with donald trump than she does with joe biden. >> sandra: there are new developments this morning as you well know regarding hunter biden and his business dealings with his father overseas. how do you suggest the president handle it tonight and how is he preparing for that? we asked a surrogate from the biden campaign earlier how he will handle such attacks.
8:31 am
mike huckabee yesterday suggested don't lead with this. talk about the economy and the other issues to the american people. will it be a focus for the president? >> we need to talk about the economy and the very different policy disagreements with these candidates. joe biden raising taxes coming out of a pandemic would destroy american families. it warrants being brought up. no other network besides this one has raised the issue between hunter biden and peddling access to his father when he was vice president and monetizing that office. it does seem like corruption. he now has a business partner coming forward and saying this is true. this needs to be vetted. i think it is really frightening to see our press every other network except for fox news has decided to black it out and not discuss it. it is a very serious issue and allegation that the biden campaign hasn't refuted the authenticity of the emails and
8:32 am
laptop. we need to understand that. >> sandra: as you well know if the president launches that attack against joe biden he is somehow preparing to respond to that and he has not been on the campaign trail. supposedly home all these days prepping for this debate. some have suggested, chris wallace suggested on this program earlier that perhaps joe biden will respond by asking him about the reports of a secret chinese bank account that he paid $180,000 of taxes in china. how is the president preparing for the counter attack, the potential counter attack from biden? >> i think it would be nice actually if the moderator asked joe biden a tough questions for once and asked about the corruption. i don't think these two issues are comparable. the fact that the vice president of the united states had jurisdiction over two countries his son was receiving $50,000 a month from burisma and ukraine and receiving money from china for business dealings and now looks like he was negotiating with a chinese
8:33 am
energy company not just for money for himself but money for his dad. who was the vice president of the united states. these are real issues. this laptop is something that should be brought up by the moderator. president trump shouldn't have to bring it up. the media should. why are they protecting joe biden? >> sandra: we've heard from the president he intends to let joe biden speak a little bit more compared to the interruptions we saw in the first debate. also a mute button. big picture what your expectation ising in and what you want to see from the president when it comes to letting joe biden speak more. >> my hope is that they really do talk about policy and that the american people get a clear picture. president trump is already pulling us out of this pandemic with 11.4 million jobs. you just saw the lowering of unemployment claims. you are already seeing with the ppp loans that this president has kept this economy afloat. built the best economy before, he will do it again and on top of that we're on track to a
8:34 am
vaccine. because this president harnessing the innovation of this country. joe biden wants to raise taxes, embrace the green new deal. gas prices go up, home heating prices go up and every american will pay more under him. let's talk about policy. >> sandra: thank you. >> thank you. >> this is actually about what kind of access did hunter biden sell to his father, the vice president? that's what this is all about. so for the american people that are going to the voting booths right now, they need to understand this has nothing to do with hunter biden and as much as it does to do with joe biden. >> bill: mark meadows white house chief of staff on the controversy surrounding a laptop said to belong to hunter biden. president trump expected to bring it up debate at the final debate in nashville. donna brazile is there in tennessee. good morning.
8:35 am
what does he say when it comes up tonight? how does biden handle it? >> well, first of all we know that president trump likes to divert attention from his own problems and issues of having a chinese bank account. his own issues of having his son this month go before the new york attorney general about fraud. if they want to divert attention back to hunter biden and whatever the computer alleged store is fine. but every day that president trump refuses to answer how he will deal with this crisis, the pandemic, the recession on his watch is a day that he continues to lose support among the american people. so bring it up. bring it up. >> bill: i think joe biden did two interviews this week, maybe a few more. i don't think in either case he was asked is it true or false. >> because most americans understand what is happening right now. look, i have watched this network all morning long and everyone wants to know what's
8:36 am
on the laptop. is it going to make joe, you know, lose his cool? know what? what is in your bank account right now? can you continue to afford your rent while congress goes back home and packs the court? that's what joe biden should do. don't let donald trump interrupt him or tell him what to say. talk to the american people about how you will fix this economy. how you will get this virus under control and let the chips fall where they may. that's what i would do. >> bill: interruptions will take you back to cleveland, ohio, a clip just reserved for you. >> you've already fired most of them because they did a good job. >> wait a minute. >> it is hard to get any word in with this clown. >> bill: one guy will get two minutes with a mute button and 10 minutes to engage. probably get a lot more of that later this evening. let's see how it goes.
8:37 am
however, donna, president obama was -- >> did you see that clip? did you see that clip? can you imagine -- can you imagine -- i'm in nashville. >> bill: donna, president obama was in -- 40 minute car ride from wilmington, delaware. spoke in a parking lot. 20 or 30 cars arranged there. appropriately distanced as we do in covid times. why didn't joe biden get in his black s.u.v. and drive there and be on stage with him? >> because he is preparing for the debate. he is like most americans who understand they have a bigger assignment coming up and he is preparing for it. president obama did not need joe biden at his side yesterday. he spoke for not just joe biden and kamala harris he spoke to millions americans who want a president. look, president obama is one of the best what i like to say communicators out there today. he spoke about the values that joe biden will bring into the white house. he talked about the vision.
8:38 am
so look, i know everybody is obsessed with joe biden. if you don't see joe biden you go oh, i can't see joe. i see joe because i feel him in my heart and i can feel him. >> bill: i don't get it. you spend eight years side-by-side with one another in the west wing. >> don't worry about it, bill. if you are worried about what joe biden is doing you'll see him tonight. after i see him tonight i'll cast my ballot and let it be the end of this conversation. i'm back in nashville. i lived here for two years. i had hot chicken for breakfast and i can't wait for lunch. i'm home and back in tennessee, okay? thank you, al gore, i love this place. music city, come play my guitar. >> bill: enjoy the volunteer state. >> i'm seeing it, baby. >> bill: see you soon. >> sandra: thank you, donna. rescue official efs are raising doubts about the story of a woman who claims she survived for nearly two weeks stranded in zion national park. why they say her story don't
8:39 am
add up. the latest fox news polling showing how president trump and joe biden are matching up in key battleground states. ahead of the debate tonight. dana perino will weigh in next. ♪ and now you can save $3000 a year. veterans can shortcut the process with newday's va streamline refi. there's no appraisal, no income verification, and not a single dollar out of pocket. rates are at the lowest they've been in our lifetimes. one call can save you $3000 a year. trump took a good economy and drove it back into the ditch through his failure to get covid under control,
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8:44 am
we'll see on that debate stage. >> so i heard donna. she loves nashville obviously as you heard her say. we've had a great time here. nashville is a wonderful city, a great american town that hosted us and we got the good weather as well. these fox polls came out last night. remember, polls are snapshots in time. what does it tell us? michigan, wisconsin and pennsylvania, president trump won those in 2016. but not by a lot. okay? so it's not unexpected it would be very close this time around. of these four states, president trump only needs to win two of them in order to get back into the presidency because he won 304 electoral college votes in 2016. you only need 270. ohio, let's look at that one. that is where president trump is in pretty good shape. i will tell you that behind the scenes the trump campaign remains very confident that the buckeye state is firmly in their column.
8:45 am
then you look around for another place. pennsylvania, president trump is on par with where he was in 2016 in terms of going against hillary clinton at that time. so we know that pennsylvania is going to be a place with all eyes there. the other thing that's complicated about that is as you saw for example president obama goes there to campaign yesterday. why did he do that? they want to get the votes up. the vote tallies up in those cities like philly and pittsburgh. president trump is doing very well in those rural counties but there is something that's very interesting. just because in a time of covid there is a lot of different ways people will be voting in pennsylvania including by mail and the pennsylvania supreme court and then the united states supreme court said they are going to be allowed to pick up ballots even after election day is over. two or three days or something like that. we may not know on election night what the result is in pennsylvania and as i just explained it is really
8:46 am
important for us to know that because that will probably help determine who the president is going to be. >> sandra: interesting. you look at then versus now. you see battleground states. the president's current support is below the vote share back in 2016 in michigan, ohio, pennsylvania and wisconsin. we showed it while you were talking. meanwhile his support amongst women. talk about this as we put it up on the screen. i'll tell you what he just tweeted minutes ago. he said finally suburban women are flocking over to us and realize i'm saving the suburbs, the american dream. he goes on but this is obviously been a crucial concern for the republican party for the president getting those suburban female voters to come back in some cases and move towards the president. what are we seeing on that front? >> well, this is consistent with what we've seen from 2018. the last measure we have of where voters were and women in the 2018 mid-terms decidedly go
8:47 am
against the president. he won women right women especially, college educated, that might be harder this time around. they said they don't want it where has trump done better? latino men. that's an under reported issue. very interesting reporting being done on that and in fact the national review writes this morning a column about that today. so holding steady with latinos or gaining in that vote share might be able to give him -- bring him back up to par with the number of voters he will need. no doubt women, they are deciding to go with biden this time around. but the president he is trying to get them. i don't know if saving the suburbs but his economic message is one he should try to tout tonight at the debate. >> sandra: great to see you in nashville. be sure to watch dana's show the daily briefing this afternoon. she will sit down with mitch mcconnell. she will get his reaction to
8:48 am
amy coney barrett's nomination, soon to be hitting the senate floor. be watching for that. >> bill: debate night in nashville. a lot on the line for both men trying to make their closing argument for the american people. talked to a former debate coach. he has been with mitt romney and john mccain and george bush and what he says will be the keys to winning over public opinion tonight. ♪ prop 19 provides tax savings for family homes.
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♪ heart monitors that let your doctor watch over you, just like you watch over your best friend. another life-changing technology from abbott, so you don't wait for life. you live it. >> bill: hours away, final debate. live here tonight on fox news channel.
8:53 am
how does one get ready? you hire someone by our next guest. debate coach and he is the president of o'donnell & associates. a couple minutes here. i will divide this in two. if you are joe biden, what do you do tonight? >> well, if you're joe biden you think you are sitting on a lead and so you do no harm. you go out, you answer the questions. you don't engage the president. you don't lay yourself in a position where you could open yourself up to making a mistake or doing harm to your campaign. so i think it's kind of the rope a dope strategy for joe biden and what they're doing with the entire campaign. >> bill: this week included when you stay inside for 3 1/2 days. flip it around you are donald trump. what do you do? >> if you're donald trump you have to make this a choice. you've got to be able to expose where joe biden would take the
8:54 am
country, higher taxes, a court packed with activist judges, healthcare taken over by the government. those sorts of things. you have to expose the policies. the way you do that is by staying on offense but not being offensive. you just have to let -- you ask joe biden questions about his policies. you let him talk and come back over the top and expose why those would take the country in the wrong direction. the race is still too much a referendum on donald trump and not enough of a choice election between where donald trump would take the country and where joe biden would take the country. >> bill: give me some questions that president trump might pose tonight. >> he should ask joe biden about his tax plan. for example, joe biden why do you want to raise taxes on everyone by repealing the tax cut and jobs act that helped build the strong economy, the strongest economy that we've had in decades? actually mike pence did a good job of this in the vice
8:55 am
presidential debate of exposing their economic plan versus where the president would take the country. >> bill: can you turn that one around? >> sure, i mean i think you can. i think the president -- if joe biden is answering that question, he would have to say well i'm not going to raise taxes on people making less than $400,000 although the president has a way to prove it's not true. >> bill: when you think about the styles, debate number one in cleveland, ohio, how do you measure that now for each man? >> yeah, the debate in cleveland was bad for everyone. it was bad for the american people, bad for joe biden, bad for the president because he didn't let biden actually talk about his positions. i think if the president will stay on offense and let joe
8:56 am
biden talk about his positions, no one really knows where biden will take the country. if that becomes known to the american people i think the president has a great case to make for why -- where he would take the country economically, national security-wise. a whole host of issues, the court, safety and security. those are all issues the president can win on if folks come to know where biden would go with the country. >> bill: interesting. we'll be watching. nice to see you. great to get your insight. brett owe donnell, thank you. >> sandra: new claims this morning from hunter biden's former business partner. what he is now alleging about the biden's overseas business deals and what it means for tonight's big debate. veterans: you know mortgage rates have fallen to
8:57 am
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>> that does it for us. outnumbered starts right now. >> president trump leaving the white house this hour for nashville, tennessee and the final presidential debate with joe biden. we could get fresh reaction fro the president as he heads out very while we learn of new revelations about hunter biden' foreign business dealings. the latest developments coming from tony belinsky who describe himself as a former business partner of that younger biden. he released a lengthy statement claiming that joe biden did in fact no about his son's deal with the chinese energy form.


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