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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 22, 2020 5:00pm-5:50pm PDT

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tucker carlson continues the predebate programming. >> martha: and stay with us 9:00 p.m. eastern for the final debate between president trump and former vice president joe biden. i martha maccallum. >> i'm bret baier, good evening from nashville. ♪ >> tucker: we want to bring you and anna fox news alert, good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." of course the second of 2 presidential debates begins in less than an hour from now. we thought we knew what to expect and we were wrong. it was surprising, shocking maybe history altering development just a few moments ago. we received a statement from a former naval officer called tony bobulinski. a business partner of hunter biden. i name you never heard before today, you will hear a lot about this man in the coming days. let's get a few things straight.
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there is no evidence -- we have no evidence that he's a partisan republican or in fact republican, all the evidence adjusts otherwise. is a registered democrat all donations have been the democrats. it tonight, tony bobulinski announced he met directly with joe biden and discussed the bidens family business dealings with the communist government of china. text messages that corroborated that and apparently he does. here is part of the on camera statement from tony bobulinski just a few months ago. >> i've heard joe biden say that he's never discussed business with hunter. that's false. i have firsthand knowledge about this because i directly dealt with the biden family including joe biden. i brought, i guess for record, three phones that spanned the years 2,002,018. these phones have never been held by anybody else.
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i was introduced to joe biden by jim biden and hunter biden. at my approximately hour long meeting with joe, that night we discussed the bidens history, the bidens family business plans of the chinese, with which he was plainly familiar at least at a high level. i received an email concerning allegations of equity which says 10% held by h for the big guy in that email there's no question that h stands for hundred. big guy for his father. joe biden. i will be providing the fbi the devices which precede the evidence corroborating. >> tucker: all coming so fast an awful lot of detail. in a written statement bobulinski added this hunter biden referred to his father as "my chairman." hunter biden "frequently referenced asking his father for his sign off or advice in various potential deals we were discussing that would be with
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the communist government of china." as of right now, 8:03 eastern time, he's not directly denied this. keep in mind, this topic amazingly may not come up in the debate tonight. the final presidential debate traditionally centers on questions of foreign policy, but the rules have been changed. and you can guess as to why. now, the announced topics among others that will be coronavirus and climate change. none of this may be addressed directly to that, the president of course is aware of that. no doubt plans to ask questions directly to the former vice president's on the stage. i debate commission has thought this through and they've announced that the president speaks out of turn, his microphone will be cut off, he will be standing there gesticulating like a mime in silence. but that will not make the questions themselves go away. for the next week and i have fewer likely to hear them again and again, and the central question in all of this is did
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joe biden himself profit from these deals? no question at this point that there were deals. remember last week, "the new york post" published an email at may 13th 2017, retrieved from hunter biden's laptop and it was his laptop buried in the email, an associate discusses setting aside a "10% equity stake in the chinese company." the company see efc that money would be referred t reserved for disappearancfor 70referred to a. in the statement, bobulinski did not just confirm the mad may 13h email israel, but joe biden is in fact at the big guy referenced in the document. he would know. tony bobulinski was a ceo of a partnership between see efc and the biden family. from the outside, bobulinski
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says i he knew it was a corrupt arrangement. they were looking at this as a political or influence investment. the biden family aggressively leveraged this being's biden name. some are controlled from communist china. there is more than just this man's word. apparently he was directly involved. there is physical evidence. and a text message dated may 20th 2017 obtained by this channel, hunter biden's business partner had a warning for bobulinski. "don't mention joe being involved. it's only when you're face-to-face, i know you know that. but they are paranoid." only mention joe biden when we are face-to-face? of course that's how mafia don's talk the sidewalk outside the social club. of homeland security investigators are investing a
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probe of documents that he provided, one of them published today shows that cefc the chinese energy company in question provided a $5 million interest free loan to the bidens. separately. he wrote to hunter biden to explain he would receive $850,000 as chairman of the partnership with a chinese company. hunter biden apparently did not think it was enough. may 16th 2017, hunter biden complained to his business partners about not getting paid more. "i have to admit i do expect that if i can't keep my tone other things i will need a lot more than $850,000 a year on a monthly basis." that's a lot of money involved. clearly. that's not really in dispute. the question is, where did the money go? who got it, where is it now? how much did the money, the big guy, the man you will see in stage and less than an hour, keep for himself? we did not answer the question
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and ask it right now, nobody now and legacy media is asking those questions. if we will learn soon anyway. yesterday we learned the fbi obtained a subpoena for hunter biden's laptop and hard drive. they were left famously in the repair shop. they got the subpoena in connection with a money laundering investigation underway late last year. we don't know the status of the investigation, but we've confirmed it's underway. just hours ago, fox news obtained an email linking the biden business interest to kamala harris and other top democrats. here's the link. the email dated may 15th, 2017 written by jim biden, of course the brother of the former vice president. if the subject line in the email is this "phase one domestic context/project." in the email contains a list of what he calls "key domestic contacts for phase one targets projects." guess who's on the list? the vice presidential nominee,
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harris. these are big stories. about five or six of them, different threads. this is in russian propaganda, this is real. how is the biden campaign responding to a question mark as of right now, they are still dismissing all of it as the worf vladimir putin. this is a biden si surrogate to. our country will not be let down this road again by put in and allow russia to interfere with this election and i hope that fox will not participate in the interference of our election by continuing to perpetuate a bogus story. >> so fox news is interfering in the election by bringing you the news. legitimate news with eyewitnesses, with uncontested documents. the biden campaign is claiming this channel is doing the bidding of a hostile foreign government in order to do
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support our democracy. if that's the claim they're making and saying it out loud. now, the gambit of course is that through pure aggression they can make us be quiet and make the story go away. and it was working to be honest with you. it's not enough to kill a story. if the story is too serious and now there's too much detail, even partisans could no longer ignore it. what happens next? there's many different parts to the story, not all of them are entirely clear, but we know much more than we did even two hours ago. for the latest in this, we have for the last several days, initially broke the story of hunter biden's involvement. thank you so much for coming on, miranda. i can't overstate how surprising this is. try not to use the word seismic but i thickets in that category right before the final debate. what do we know now that we did not hours ago?
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>> our story eight days ago opened up a pandora's box and people like tony belinsky to come forward and talk to the senate homeland affairs committee. and show the contents to of the three phones he displayed and on those phones are so many emails, text messages between him and his partners which were hunter biden and another guy called james gilliard. there's just incontrovertible evidence here that joe biden was involved and knew that his brother james biden and his son hunter biden were operating this cash for influence scheme with overseas companies with chinese companies, with communist china to leverage millions of dollars. if you did a good job
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summarizing the material and we saw tony bobulinski shortly just a few minutes ago and he's a vey credible guy. he is strong, he is honest, he is a former lieutenant in the navy. he formulatin formally donated t causes. you cannot dismiss them as a russian agent like they did with rudy giuliani. >> tucker: i have to say, and self-interest involved in this, but i am very bothered by the willingness of the biden campaign to accuse news outlets, the one that you work for and the one i work for of doing the bidding of a hostile foreign government to interfere with american democracy. these people could be in charge of the federal government very soon, that could happen. what does this tell us about their willingness to stifle the free press in order to gain
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political power? >> it tells you that they're utterly desperate and it also tells you that they're confident that the rest of the media will back them up and allow them to attack us as russian agents. peddling russian disinformation, but if you actually - honestly look at their response, and has been joe biden has hidden away for weeks since our story broke and he is not answered any questions. what this shows is he has been lying about his knowledge about his son's business at the very least. no longer about hunter biden, it is about joe biden. the biden campaign statement that they put out tonight is very curious. that tells you everything. when he says is that there's no indication that he received any money. i mean, that's what it comes down to now. there's no evidence that we have provided yet of money going to him. but there was money in all of
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these documents that we have seen come up what tony bobulinski said it is that being reserved, we saw that email, 10% of the big deal with the chinese energy company being reserved by hunter for the big guy. and tony bobulinski has confirmed that the big guy was joe biden. there's so many questions that need to be asked and joe biden could easily clear it up by coming clean and talking to us. it's unbelievable that no one else in the media is covering this. >> tucker: let me ask you as a final question, we are about to have the final presidential debate in a campaign which we've seen relatively little of the democratic challenger. that's not a partisan point, it's true, measurably, we've not seen much of joe biden hasn't answered many questions. can we actually have a presidential debate where wreaking news that just emerged, and i and a credible eyewitness,
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former naval officer is completely ignored in a debate, can that happen by the moderat moderator? >> let's see, i would not be surprised at all. we will probably see as we did in the first debate that the moderator will shut down president trump when he tried to raise it. now she has a mute button. >> tucker: it is hard to see how we return to the normal media landscape after this. never imagine we live in such a way. miranda, thank you. appreciate it. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: so we are trying to clearly synthesize this as well as we can. this just happened. we are not making it up. the debate, of course, is under an hour from right now and the coverage of that will continue. we learned that the fbi subpoena hunter biden's laptop and hard drive late last year as part isf
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a money-laundering broker to what money laundering probe? we may have some indication of what that's about just ahead. ♪ i try to put my arm around any vet that i can, absolutely.
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♪ >> tucker: final presidential debate only to the season, you know enough about joe biden in america, stop asking questions. if the final debate as moments from now, just ahead of the debate, literally an hour and a half ago, we learned a whole lot more about the story. fox news is reporting the fbi had subpoenaed the famous
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laptop, the one that mantovani repair story and the hard drive. part of the money laundering probe late last year. is that ongoing, what's it about? so many questions, none of which the media are addressing. npr, the real state media, publicly funded radio, they're not covering the story. they're refusing to cover it. just ignore it. it might hurt their candidate. that's been their position on so many of the organizations, but it does not mean the story's not real, it doesn't mean the story does not matter. it's real, it does matter, it's complicated and we will try to explain it as clearly as we can. ryan is the ceo o, were going to have him on to help us do that. thank you for coming on. we learned at minimum, and i think it's fair to say that the outlines of what the man tony bobulinski is saying at face value because he has evidence to support his claims that
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joe biden, once he left office, as vice president, was doing this or trying to do business with people connected to the chinese communist party. that's not a story about hunter biden, that's about joe biden. tell us why that's an important story to know more about. >> that's exactly right, tucker, this is not hunter biden scandal, hunter biden was the straw man. joe biden the big guy is the head of the biden cartel, this is about joe biden, this is a joe biden scandal and all roads lead back to him. the question i have about the fbi and it looks like they had the computer for almost a year now. i'd like them to clearly state if it was acquired almost one year ago why we now just heard about it. it is a part of an ongoing investigation into foreign business deals and money laundering, we just might come to the conclusion there trying to memory hold it and post their
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thumb on the skull for their boy joe biden i think it comes to the conclusion, that joe biden was clearly lying to the american people when he didn't know anything about hunter biden's dealings, he was acquainted and some sources say that he was at meetings. joe biden is a corrupt liar who was compromised on china and i think the american people deserve to know before november 3rd specifically how financially tied was joe biden or is joe biden to the barbaric communist regime. at the american people deserve to know because china is one of the biggest issues here in the 2020 election. >> tucker: i don't know. if you should have listed the fbi the other night, they announced the real threat to the united states is iran and russia, but china. nobody mentions china and maybe we know now why they don't mention china. >> people need to understand
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that the issue in 2020 election, will america be able to confront moving forward the communist chinese and to their imperial designs for the world? i will say this, if there's a president joe biden god forbid that there is, i think there is a compromise that he wouldn't be able to come i couldn't actually confront them in any trade issues any technology issues put us on a path to be a tributary state to china. i thought about this, tucker, this is the most important election in u.s. history, but even more so in world history because if america is imploded internally by a compromised biden, the world is china's if joe wins. >> tucker: clearly a pivot point. in history, clearly. one thing that will never be the same is the american media ever. the deck has been reshuffled, clearly. they've always been available l.
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this is collusion, flat out collusion, the richest people in the world, the tech monopolies, the american news media, the democratic party. who does that leave without representation? i don't know, the american middle class. these are big questions now. it's not about liberal bias. thank you for framing this in terms that it deserves. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: as you know, the debate just ahead and of course were going to cover that. it's starting now, continuing through the debate, you can access exclusive live blogs, analysis from the fox news 2020 debate. a head over to life fo2020 ore app on your phone. we will cover all the brand-new developments right here. ♪
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>> tucker: it seems like the other day they were telling us ukraine was the single most important country in the world. they impeach the president over the ukraine, remember that? all of a sudden you're not allowed to talk about ukraine, there won't be talking about it tonight or china for that matter. it traditionally the last presidential debate is about foreign policy. not tonight. it's about climate change. given the news that just broke about the former vice president's ties to the governmenchinese government, wiy mention this? if he mentions that, will he be
5:28 pm
allowed to keep speaking? dana perino a host of ""the daily briefing"" and thank you so much for coming on. i understand things are planned in advance like your show's plan in advance and so is mine. things happen at the last minute and we make accommodations because you're in the news business, your job is to bring information to the public. while the debate commission pivot one happened and address this evening? >> i think there's plenty of opportunities to bring it up because it pulls on a lot of different strings on a lot of different topics. i do think president trump will bring it up even if the moderator doesn't. i mean, for his sake if you can do so clearly. to be able to explain it with the information that makes perfect sense to people may be turning in for the first time and hearing about the story for the first time maybe in the last day or two. yes, i think it will bring it up at the question i have is how does biden respond? will he respond calmly, does he get angry? does he dismiss it as if it's
5:29 pm
nothing as if they try to blow it off and if president trump has the ability to press him. the moderator cannot mute them when they're having the discussion back and forth, that's only for the opening statement for each topic. i think place to both of their strengths and i think it's good for the people watching. at least for those 2 minutes. >> tucker: so you've got a good track record predicting joe biden's behavior come out much better than i do, how do you think joe biden will respond tonight when the president inevitably brings it up? >> remember, he called it a lid on the campaign monday morning at 9:15 a.m. he had a lot of time to prepare the presidents debate so presumably he has a response. i thought it was kind of surprising that nobody on the campaign even on background when trying to soften up the ground, batted away her answer this in any concrete way or substitute employee, they're hoping it kind of dies on the mind. or do 3 million americans have
5:30 pm
already voted in this election. so the people who are left to persuade tonight, not many of them, but would it dampen democratic turnout, especially for the brainy brothers, that have never been excited about voting for joe biden joe biden anyway, is this a story line that might make them decide, you know, i'm not going to go to the polls. i don't know if we have the information yet, we will know a lot more tomorrow morning. >> tucker: a little off topic but i can't resist. you think that may be republicans in washington regret allowing the democratic party to change the rules? of voting, our election system clearly to their advantage and allowing a huge percentage of americans to vote before they know all the facts? >> you mean because so many states allowed mail-in voting because of coronavirus. >> tucker: they will codify it like every election from now on will work this way because it worked for them. >> the congress doesn't have a lot to do with it but i tell you
5:31 pm
the democrats are well floyd to pick up a lot of seats in the state houses and that's what you will see for sure, tucker, for sure. that deals with districts and for the selection, there's a lot more than the presidential office at stake here. you're talking about the united states senate, unlikely that the republicans would ever be able to win back the house and the fact that they're going to lose more seats in the house. it's the state representative and state senate -- statehouses and state senate that you have to watch because that's where all the work gets done when it comes to redistricting and decisions on how you vote in the future. states have figured out how to do mail-in voting very well and florida is one of them. they figured things out after 2,000, we remember all of that. a state like pennsylvania who's done it for the first time on a grander scale, that could be what keeps us up really late on election night or possibly for the next few days after. >> tucker: dana perino, great to se see you. thank you.
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so, when this story first broke in "the new york post" last week, and the biden campaign immediately dismissed it, the work of vladimir putin dastardly be approved in. in the media, not surprisingly, repeated the line. >> their fears that watch rudy giuliana is pushing here in the united states could actually be part of russia's latest and very massive disinformation campaign. >> it's a rush at using rudy giuliana is a conduit for disinformation against joe biden. >> this looks like a russian intelligence, this looks like a russian it sounds like russian intelligence. >he >> he speeding something toa senior citizen, who is very respected with his information. what danger does a post to all of us in this country? >> russian hoax, come on. history will expose you all as
5:33 pm
fools and useful idiots for the russians. >> tucker: what kind of damage does it do to the united states to lie about the behavior of another nuclear armed power? on base of what evidence whatsoever. the point tonight will this explanation suffice going forward now we know much more. brit hume is our senior political analyst here at fox and for good reason. he joins us tonight. brit, great to see you. >> that's because i'm the oldest. >> tucker: no, it's because you're the wisest! you don't get the title by accident. if there's much more meat on the bone than five hours ago. can they continue to claim it's from putin? >> i'm sure that they will try, and i'm sure that certain elements of the media will agree with them and continue to at least ignore the story. i've said, tucker, back when the russia collusion accusation collapsed at the end of the mueller investigation and they did not find it after a two-year
5:34 pm
investigation and all the resources it at their disposal. that that outcome pointed out the fact of what i thought was the biggest media fiasco of our time had occurred. lots to see the wild-goose chase after the trump russia collusion that went on for more than two years. this could be as bad because here we have the story yes, i can understand the skepticism about the data at the beginning because it's providence, you've got rudy giuliani who is trump powell and then all this coming late in the campaign. seasoned journalists should be skeptical of things like that, but too much now has been added to the record in the most recent development tonight with bobulinski coming out and sing on his own authority about what he personally heard. he's now a live witness and he is coming before the congressional committee and he will probably testify under oath. this reached a new dimension and
5:35 pm
if the media continues to ignore it, i think they are letting themselves in for some very serious trouble down the road. >> tucker: seem so reckless to me. here they are saying out loud to that certain well-known figures in america like rudy gl on it, whatever you think of him, suggesting he's a russian agent. what does that tell you? if they can call rudy giuliani a agent, accusing him of treason, why can't they call you a white nationalist and put you in jail? this kind of talk is really reckless, is it not? >> what i think is the case, what they are saying is rudy giuliani is being used. i'm not necessarily thinking the russian agent although i'm not surprised to hear the accusation as well. but at this point, we are way past that. i mean, the fact that rudy giuliani was involved in passing this on at some points, journalists have to say okay, i'm not crazy or i'm
5:36 pm
suspicious or skeptical of the sources, but your corroborating information and here's a live human being who's coming forward now and prepared to testify under oath at risk of being charged of perjury about what he heard and saw. it not just now not about hunter biden and what joe biden -- that use of joe biden's name, it's about joe biden himself identified having participated in conversation of the nature he said he never knew about her had anything to do with. this thing is out there and it will be very interesting to see whether the debate moderator tonight proposes the question and mentions the new informati information. it won't be as effective. he's an interested party. >> tucker: put this in the prompter, updates, moments ago, simone sanders said "if the president decides to amplify these latest smears against the president and his only living
5:37 pm
son, meaning tonight, that is russian disinformation." rhetorical stakes to a place where we can't come back from this. >> and he season journalists, that's not going to wash where it shouldn't wash. look, the question then arises is this. if there is no improper conduct here in these emails and these information doesn't appear but they should mean, joe biden should deny it and someone in real authority in his campaign should deny it on his behalf and say what the real story is. the fact that that has not happened, hasn't come close to happening, and simone sanders statement emphasizes that further, it ought to make and use marginal essay, wait a minute, if this isn't so, why don't they deny it? that would be the fastest way to get rid of the story if you have a truthful denial.
5:38 pm
the fact that that has not, is telling. >> tucker: their smart journalists anyway, but the peer pressure is so intense for journalist and player along with the binding campaign. use on national public radio announced they will not cover the ukraine story because they don't want to cover it. i've never heard anybody say before. >> the evidence mounts it becomes increasingly untenable position and it will be interesting to see if they move off of it. i suspect -- there's a lot of stories done when the first story came up by following watts? by investigating what's going on in "the new york post" and there's reports of an anonymous members of "the new york post" not wanting names on the story and all that. but it seems it all falls to the wayside now and what's emerging. somebody will look at those and they will sure something our he will not come the laptop either show something or it doesn't.
5:39 pm
it appears it certainly does. this becomes past the point of the sort of frivolous denials and claims of russian disinformation. they should not stand. in the end, they won't stand. end of the media continues to play the way they have come on the mainstream media, make no mistake about it, tucker, the mainstream media are still dominant. it yes you've got the video out there, the conservative, the editorial pages of "the wall street journal," fox news pretty conservative players on the team here. but we conservatives in this country are still way in the minority in the media and the mainstream media are dominant. would make a big difference in how this all develops as the mainstream media were to play it straight. tucker: the biggest media players are google and facebook. brit hume, great to see you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: we know that people
5:40 pm
watching tonight are at least getting a sense that something's going on even if they get their news from national public radio. because the president is bringing tony bobulinski to the debate tonight. just moments ago a top biden advisor dismissed bobulinski's statement in the evidence he provided saying "if the president decides to amplify the smears against his only living son that's russian disinformation." keep in mind, talking about bobulinski is a former naval officer who served this country with distinction. a registered democrat, who gave money to a democratic candidate. he's part of the disinformation campaign. we have come to a place, again, it's going to be hard to pull back from. where are we exactly? newt gingrich has been around politics for a long time, former speaker of the house and were happy to have him on tonight. newt gingrich, thanks for coming on. assess what you're seeing come up what we are seeing unfold
5:41 pm
here in real time? >> there is an amazing moment when you have three parallel scandals. you have the scandal of a remarkably corrupt biden family. you have a scandal of how the biden campaign and to the news media collaborate to hide the corruption. and you have the scandal of facebook and twitter behaving as though they are communist china. in the case of facebook, we have learned that they have 12 chinese communist specialists and censorship in an office in seattle working on the algorithms to censor us. so these three scandals -- i can't frankly, tucker, if there's anything comparable to this in terms of the penetration of our consistency, the numbers give you one fact that the people are being product here. the chinese government give
5:42 pm
$70 million to the university of pennsylvania. joe biden while he's out of office, earned $911,000 from the institute toward the chinese give the money. they will not reveal any details. you have to ask the question, does this mean the vice president was basically on the chinese communist payroll between leaving office and running for president? all that data come up on the way, comes from his personal taxes and public documents. if none of that is made up, none of that is anyway questionable questionable. it's just a fact. in fact i just did a podcast where we go through all of the elements of the biden family corruption. it is not about hunter. it is about the family. the way in which joe biden will lend himself to make millions of dollars. at least two or $3 million are
5:43 pm
at stake in the scale of their personal corruption. it's a remarkable moment. >> tucker: of course, were not talking about luxembourg or even bahrain, where talking about our cheap global arrival on the cusp of taking over the world. again, not an overstatement. who's paying for the infrastructure of the entire continent of africa, the communist china. it's a race that they are winning and they may be paying off the guy who could be president in a week and a half. thank you, mr. speaker, i appreciate you coming on tonight. >> thank you. >> tucker: you've heard almost nothing about illegal immigration during the election, that's all. that's weird. but it doesn't mean the issue has gone away. it still affects many americans on many levels, primarily economic, but also others. for example on tuesday, veteran from the houston to police department just died when he was shot by an illegal immigrants, another suspect wounded in the shooting. another officer. the suspect has been arrested at
5:44 pm
least four previous times dating all the way back 26 years to 1994. the question is why are people like that's able to stay in this country for 26 years illegally? the acting deputy secretary of homeland security and happy to have him on tonight. thank you so much for coming on. so we haven't talked much about the issue, might be worth knowing why at some point but for right now we haven't. it doesn't mean that th this stf isn't happening. how is this guy able to stay in this country illegally for decades? >> well, certainly entered illegally back in 1989 and as you know he had four previous criminal arrests. at least one of them convictions and none of those prior administrations worked with local authorities to remove him. who is most likely to commit crime, people who have in the past. that's why we prioritize
5:45 pm
removing criminal aliens under president trump and that's why we fight sanctuary city so hard. >> tucker: this is one of the issues that a lot of people in politics on both sides are afraid to talk about. but why is it so hard to stick up for americans whose wages are being undermined -- and there are many of those -- or whose family members have been killed or injured by people who have no right to be here in the first place? why is that so hard to talk about? >> certainly this president has no problem talking about and he fights very hard for average americans. if you mention something very important, tucker, then immigration is not just about the rule of law, it's also about the opportunity for americans to get jobs that otherwise go to other people. in this president has zeroed in on that problem and it's at least a part of driving the unemployment down to 3.5% as he did before covid.
5:46 pm
all the elements of his policies work together. and when covid did hit, unemployment spiked, he also in june as you recall stop to the entry of temporary foreign workers. so americans can get back to work in opening up job slots first. >> tucker: i can think of a few things more important than that. secretary, thank you for coming on tonight. appreciate it. >> my pleasure, good to talk to you, tucker. >> tucker: we've got three and a half minutes before we talk with brett and martha to set the table for the debate tonight. before we go, as all we do we invited victor davis hanson to discuss how the president should approach the debate. thank you so much for coming on. it would you think the president ought to do tonight? >> it's a very different situation two weeks ago. not that far behind and i think he's actually even. he needs to smile, have good optics, let joe biden talk for .
5:47 pm
i know it's not the intent of the commission to help trump, but when joe biden talks for 2 minutes uninterrupted he has problems. if trump will smile and not roll his eyes or not frown and let joe biden do that, in other words he should approach the debate with a smile, talk softly and carry a big steak and i think joe biden will be loud with a twig. the issues we know that they're going to be biased, its climate change, climate change, racism, racism. covid, covid. all of it can be dismissed i think to get to the real issues. but i would say among mr. biden, i didn't and sold african-americans and say you ain't black. i would not think of that i think traffic an and fossil fl companies like burisma and if you look at the data on covid, they were comparable and we had a problem with four states, massachusetts, new jersey, new york made bad decisions i
5:48 pm
don't need lectures from you on that. i want to ask you a question. here's what we had to say. were you telling the truth when you denied any involvement with foreign agents and law that were working to gain influence? when you said you had no knowledge of your son's business, are you telling the truth now when the evidence contradicts everything? which is a question mark are you lying then come along now, i don't the key can answer that. i think class is important very quickly, tucker, because donald trump's -- i lost money to go after governments and joe biden went into government to make money. china and ukraine machinations remind us of that. if donald trump took a risk, won with the working classes, 100 million people making food, fuel, so for us. you can't run a presidency or a country from your basement anymore you can run a candidate say. finally, i really think he needs to appeal to a bipartisan fashion. he has to say whether or not republican, democrat, red or blue, liberal or conservative.
5:49 pm
if you don't have a country if you have a police, a border, if the people in washington are going to sell their souls out to foreign countries to destroy your soul. finally, america joe biden says is an old idea. wrong tense, right now. america is a reality. living reality, we saw in world war i, world war ii, cold war, we see it right now. wi think the bipartisan appeal will be effective with swing voters. >> tucker: it certainly is a reality. and the rest of us live here, for example. if so do our kids. victor davis hanson, great to see you, thank you for that. >> thank you. >> tucker: the incumbent president of the united states, the former vice president of the united states, together for the last time on the debate stage in about 10 minutes. we will be back tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. eastern to recap what you're about to see tonight. but first, we will head over to bret baier and martha maccallum as they count
5:50 pm
down for tonight's final presidential debate. bret and martha. >> martha: thank you, tucker, good evening everybody welcome to nashville, tennessee, where the final debate of 2020 selection is just about to get underway moments from now. i martha maccallum. >> bret: i'm bret baier, where the live i in the debate hall he on the campus of belmont university and the election has made enough history. were seeing another first tonight in the form of a mute button that will allow the candidates to speak on interrupted for 2 minutes on each topic before opening it up for discussion. >> martha: hearing from the debate commission on stage and they are hoping that this measure will prevent a repeat of last month's rocket debate that some people thought it was a too


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