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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 22, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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everything else but the american people are smart and they don't need us to tell us how they think. if they for themselves. be your best to consumer of news and information. >> i noticed the audience to even those who aren't supporting donald trump, they laughed and smiled during moments during the debate at how he said things. to speed and we have to enjoy politics, not just throw stuff at the tv. it thanks everyone here in columbus, ohio, great people all the time we have tonight. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it from here. shannon. >> shannon: laura and raymond, great to see you out there and the interesting roof, stay tun tuned. >> laura: have a great show, we'll be watching. >> shannon: tonight, vice president biden pointed to his records and we have a lot done in eight years. president trump sing the former administration was so and napped it it'swhat forced him to run.
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a net positive or negative, tonight's more substantive and civil debates way for voters. breaking news former navy lieutenant expounding claims before tonight's debate came off that joe biden was perfectly aware of his son's dealings providing documents, emails, proving his point and said that he's turning over his phone to the fbi. hello, welcome to "fox news @ night" i'm shannon bream in washington. we begin tonight with white house correspondent kristin fisher wrapping up tonight's debate. hey, kristin. >> shannon, wow, that was a debate. it was substantive, the candidates actually answer the question. they stuck to the time for the most part, far fewer interruptions than the first debate and president trump prove that he could be more disciplined. listen to how politely he as to joe biden to explain his recent claims of corruption. >> regardless of me, i think
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you'll have to clean it up and talk to the american people, maybe do it right now. >> we learned that this president paid 50 time the tax in china and has a secret bank account in china, does business in china, and in fact is talking about me taking money? i've not taken a single -- >> at one point, the president kept hammering over and over was the fact that the former vice president had his chance 40 years in washington to fix whatever issue they were talking about. criminal justice reform and climate change to health care. >> he was there for 47 years, it was just a little while ago, writes just four years ago. he did not do anything. he did not do it. he won socialism and it's not that he wants it as president, she is more liberal. bernie sanders wants it, the democrats wanted, you will have
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a socialist president like with fracking. >> were not going to have fracking, were going to stop rocking, he thinks he's running again somebody else. he's running against joe biden. i beat all those other people because i disagreed with them. >> so joe biden really reaching out to all of those swing voters in the middle and reminding them that the reason he had such a tough time during the primaries was because he is so moderate. the debate opened with the number one issue in america right now, the coronavirus pandemic and i think the exchange really capture just how different these two candidates think about the coronavirus. >> i say we are learning to live with it, we have no choice, we can't lock ourselves up in the basement like joe does. >> he says that we are learning to live with it. come on. we're dying with it. because he's never said, he said it's dangerous. >> shannon, i've been in both campaigns tonight and all of
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them are breathing a sigh of relief because they believe that their candidate did what he needed to do tonight. so now it is up to the voters who finally got a real debate just 12 days before election day. shannon. >> shannon: yeah, my inbox too, both sides declaring victory as we would expect them to appear to kristin fisher, thank you so much and a live report on the scene there. >> thank you, shannon. okay as you sow, hunter biden's former business partner was front and center at the debate tonight. who's tony bobulinski? what does he know about the bidens business dealings and what concrete evidence can he provide to the fbi or congressional investigators. correspondent leland better is digging for answers. >> good morning, the navy officer turned businessman. a eyewitness if you will who says that he has proof of hunter biden scheme to enrich his dad. a.k.a. the email the big guy. bobulinski ran a venture that
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was a venture between the biden's and the cef cu china energy. shanghai-based conglomerate. this is a video of joe biden was answering a question saying over and over again as he sat on the campaign trail that he had never talked to his son hunter about any of hunter's overseas to dealings. >> shannon: who held a press conference right before the debate said "i've heard joe biden say that he's never dd business with hunter before, i've have firsthand knowledge because i dealt firsthand with the joe biden
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family and take a listen to javon's response. that tape of joe biden isn't able to play it, among another of things that were said at the press conference the imo that we talked about for so long, bobulinski said he was on the email and in the terms the big guy does indeed refer to joe biden. who was supposed to have 10% of the company being held by hunter for joe biden. things go on bobulinski says that he has three cell phones that he's going to turn over to the fbi that have text messages and emails from the time from '16 an an end 'have a dean to pe that he knows what he's talking about, shannon >> shannon: a lot of eyeballs on the material and see them for themselves. thank you for digging in, leland.
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plenty of intriguing exchanges tonight between the president and former vice president biden. let's begin our expert analysis of the most significant moments with fox news chief political anchor bret baier. great to have you with us, bret. >> hey, shannon. >> shannon: we wondered how hunter would come up in the president would bring it up but we saw that it came up with a te moderator as well. >> it would come up one way or another. to her credit she had a plan as well, but the president brought it up first. it take a listen to the exchan exchange. >> we have to give 10% of the big man. joe, what is that all about? it's terrible. >> in retrospect anything about the relationships in the appropriate or unethical. >> my son has not made money in terms what you talking about, china. i've not have -- the only guy who made money from china is this guy. >> he's a vice president of the united states and his son, his brother, his other brother are
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getting rich. there like a vacuum cleaner -- >> president trump, thank you. >> not true. >> there was the feeling like they were moving onto the next topic and you wanted to have more of the exchange by joe biden did definitely turn it to president trump and his taxes not being released. the bank account in china which the president answered. but the topic definitely is not going anywhere. >> shannon: the president made a lot of -- i've been at this for 47 months, the vice president has been at for 47 years and he talked about it again and even though he's the current president i'm not a politician. >> he did that very effectively. in fact, the trump campaign put out a statement and that's what they load with with that he unmasked joe biden as a typical washington politician that was all talk and no action. here's a little bit of that. >> there is very strong email
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talking about your family wanting to make $10 million a year for introductions. >> there's a reason why he's bringing up all this malarkey. there's a reason for it. he doesn't want to talk about the substantive issues, not about his family and my family. it's about your family. if your family is hurting badly. if you're making less -- if you're middle-class family, you're getting hurt badly right now. >> ten seconds. >> typical political statement, looks around the family ends of the table just a typical politician. i'm not a typical politician that's why i got elected. >> that's why i got elected and he said that numerous times, 47 years for joe biden in washington, eight years as vice president, i got things across the finish line. >> shannon: you could see the vice president was preparing for that line and then he said he wants to talk about my family but i think it's important to talk about your family. clearly trying to turn it back to the american viewers and if
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there's undecided voters who have not made up their minds but clearly the vice president knew that attack was coming. they also got to immigration and there was some interesting back-and-forth on that as well. >> there was, dealing with the cages along the border. they were built in the obama-biden administration, the president pointed it out. >> their kids were ripped from their arms and separated. now they cannot find over 500 sets of the parents and the kids are alone. nowhere to go. nowhere to go. it is criminal! >> they are so well taken care of, they are in facilities that are so clean -- >> but some have not been reunited. >> let me ask one question, who built the cages? >> we didn't get the follow-up. i will credit kristen walker she kept moving in there some substantive questions there and i think the mute button actually worked i and you gave more timeo
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answer upfront and a totally different tone and tenor to the debate than the first one. >> shannon: again who among us who hosted a primary debate on her own shows whatever it is, we would all love to have a mute button sometimes. we'd like to have the mute button and our house sometimes as well. they finally got to this issue of making their closing case about the character that the president needs to have. >> i think that there's two -- these are the best moments for president trump to keep hitting -- it's pretty hard to believe that he's an incumbent president, incumbent president playing the outsider politician still. he did it effectively today, numerous times, and then some of joe biden's best moments looking into the camera saying you know his character, you know my character, take a listen. >> you keep talking about all these things are going to do and you're going to do this. up but you where they are just a
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short time ago. you guys did nothing. i ran because of you, i ran because of barack obama because you did a poor job. >> you know who i am, you know who he is, you know his character, you know my character. you know i reputations for honor and telling the truth. i'm anxious to have this and see this take place. i am a -- the character of the countries on the ballot. >> the question is did the debate change the electorate? we will not know. we will start to see some of the polls but the key battlegrounds are very tight and they're actually tighter than they were with hillary clinton four years ago. i think it's really going to be down to the wire. this debate was a solid one. i think the american people really want in the end. >> shannon: quickly speaking a four years ago the president had interesting guests and people who wear their accusers a former president clinton.
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it tonight, another interesting person who was there and to give a bit of a predebate press are saying that one of the people on the emails was hunter biden. he levied some of the own accusations he's turning his funds over to the fbi, what do you make about this right before the debate tonight? >> the story is not going away and some of the answers that joe biden gave arco to raise more questions. it is a really true that hunter biden did not take a single dollar? is a true he did not take money that was allotted for joe biden? there's more questions to ask and a lot of media's that have not touched it just yet. it's impossible as of tonight to not have touch them anymore. >> shannon: we have somebody out there saying i was a party to the conversations and then deals it's at least worth an investigation. that's what we are trying to do and hope the rest of the media will see fit to join us in that. bret baier, thank you very much and safe travels.
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>> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: the associated press comparing democratic nominee joe biden statements on obamacare with the so-called 2014 whopper of the year. the ap says he's wrong about obamacare. when obamacare took effect of 2014 several million people lost individual health insurance plans that no longer met minimum standards established by the law. a backlash force the white house to operate workarounds but the political damage was done. up from defending obamacare and transitioning away from the oil industry, t to a bit more of tonight's debate. >> not one single person of private insurance would lose their insurance under my plan nor did they under obamacare. they did not lose their insurance unless they chose they wanted to go to something else. >> would you close down -- >> i would transition, yes. i would transition. it is a big statement because i would stop -- >> why would you do that? >> the oil industry pollute significantly. here's the deal, we are about to
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go into a dark winter. a dark winter. he has no clear plan and there's no prospect that there's going to be a vaccine available for the majority of the american people before the middle of next year. >> president trump, your reaction and he says he has no plan. >> were opening up our country, we have learned and studied. b1 the american petroleum institute approved says 9 millin u.s. jobs are supported by or ce oil and natural gas industry. here's the really tonight over the push to declassify a document that purportedly undermines the intel community's assessment that russia intervened in the 2016 election specifically to aid in president trump. correspondent gillian turner is tracking the details for us tonight. >> good evening, shannon, if you're having flashbacks to leave presidential election cycle of 2016 because it seems wwe are stuck in a timely.
10:16 pm
intelligence committee is in the war and whether russia sought to help president trump's campaign. the house intelligence committee produced a highly classified report. republicans won it released to the public but democrats on the committee say no way. fox news learned the existence of the claims that undercut the intelligence assistant that helped aid at's candidacy and hurt hillary clinton. all referral is comprehensive and detailed and should be made available to the american people when appropriate reductions to protective solutions and methods. intelligence the republicans claim the obama administration
10:17 pm
can field which will demand russian efforts to aid hillary clinton's campaign. fox news learned the divide is pitting the cia and national security agencies which want to protect the intelligence against dni radcliffe and devin nunes who want it released. >> we need to make sure we don't have happiness for our own on fbi and department of justice to get corrupted by the clinton campaign like what happened back into honey 16. >> foray u.n. ambassador tells fox news tonight foreign enemies attack them because it's the cheapest form of warfare available. a listen. >> back 16, he had the russians coordinating rallies that americans weren't going to, having no idea that they were doing it. i think now you're going to see the same thing. they're trying to cause chaos through these emails threatening people on how they need to vote. >> the cia and national security agency are making the case they're releasing the information either at home or in part could it compromise important sources and methods
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which would in turn potentially damage u.s. national security interests around the world. shannon. >> shannon: gillian turner, thank you. federal regulators have released the first drug to to covid-19. is a antiviral medicine and minister through aiv, one of the therapy is the president was given following his covid diagnosis. the final debate is in the books, nearly 15 million people have already voted. if either candidate moving the needle tonight, our panel leslie murdock, jason chaffetz pick their top moments next. ♪ what about here? here? here? daddy, is that where we're from? well, actually... we're from a lot of places. you see we're from here and there and here...
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c.h.o.p. administration has done. getting rid of the individual mandate tax that you pay essentially for not having health insurance.
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increase in the health association plans and offering plans for members and in some cases across state lines. there has been an effort to expand i think one of the most merciful thing he has done is the right to try you get experimental drugs if you don't have much time to live you have the opportunity which did not exist before. health saving accounts, those have been expended so quite a few things the president and the administration have done on health care. don't get anywhere near the credits of that they should for this sort of thing. i think it's something he ought to address more often. >> shannon: okay, leslie, your top moments also comes from the former vice president. let's roll that. >> it's not about his family and my family, it's about your family. you're sitting at the kitchen table design and we can't get new tires because we have to wait another month or so or are we going to be able to pay the mortgage or? >> shannon: leslie, he knew the family issue will come up and he had the line ready.
10:25 pm
>> i think it was good the last part of that is are we going to tell her that she can't go back to community college. i thought that was very relatable because that's true. it's not about hunter biden, it's not about trump's children either, it's about the american family. it is about about one americans are feeling right now and many of the families are struggling. i thought it was relatable moments, a fine shining moment for the former vice president, in addition to that, i thought it exemplified the difference between these two individuals. we talk about the character, and honestly the difference between the policy and the future through the eyes of joe biden at versus donald trump and it made it crystal clear that one line for voters who may still be undecided as to who they would vote for either joe or donald. >> shannon: i'm guessing jason pickett which is a sound bite from the president to that you also think this relates to the
10:26 pm
issue of character. here's jason's pick. >> they even have a statement that we have to give 10% to the big man. you're the big man, i think. joe, what's that all about? >> shannon: jason, do you think that they had enough of a discussion flushing that out tonight? >> i think that it drew attention to it and for millions of americans that watched someone other than fox news they had never really heard the story because nobody's ever cover that. i thought it was interesting that joe biden tried to conclude by saying honor and integrity are on the ballot. given that joe biden had to drop out of a previous presidential race because of a lack of integrity and honor. to say that he's crystal clear on these issues and that he hasn't taken any money or done anything given the documents that are now pouring out, i think joe biden for the last 12 days of the campaign will be back on his heels trying to explain something that there is an actual predicate.
10:27 pm
a reason to look further into how the biden family has been is the president said in a vacuum wiping out and cleaning up all the money overseas dealings. it's fundamentally wrong. >> shannon: okay, i think i know how you're going to answer but quickly each of you tell us who you picked as the winner tonight and if you think they actually moved to any of the independent or undecided voters. starting with you, the right. >> yes, i think president trump won, he took the ke decaf and calm down. if that was terrific but what was helpful for him was how many times joe biden said hey, i think we should do something and turns out something that president trump has already done. for example he cited on covid-19 we needed a testing program. guess what, we have a testing program we have 137 million tests and we leave the world and testing. he said i use the defense production act to increase the production of equipment. guess what, the president of united states use their defense
10:28 pm
production act more than a hundred times to produce masks and gowns, more ventilators than we know what to do with it. the whole approach of joe biden urging something turns out the president trump has done it if he has a meaty problem which is that president trump advises something and joe biden raises his hand and says me too. >> shannon: quickly, leslie. >> i definitely say joe biden. actually i would have bet on jason and deroy, put money on the table and you guys would have been on my winter. quick a fact-checked has already come out after the debate, that show that joe biden pretty muchs honest and donald trump lied a lot. i want a truthful leader and those who are going for joe biden want that and i think that's what he gave them. to answer your question, shannon, i don't think, shannon, the sliver of undecided voters will have tutoring in one or the other.
10:29 pm
both did a strong performance tonight and both were acting like adults rather than children. it was not the hot mess we saw the first time around. i just don't think that it's going to move the needle for either one of them tonight. >> shannon: i want to make sure we can adjacent here but i have to say that ap did a number of fact checks and we just did one on the issue of obamacare and they said the vice president was not accurate on that. if a law to fact-checking still going on there. it jason, pick? >> i thought donald trump was very presidential, i think he dominated, i think he will be i continue to be the resident of the ad states for the next four years and joe biden could not and will not be able to answer the question where have you been for the last 47 years? you had eight years, you did not get it done, you failed and don't tell us you got to go fix something when you had your chance and you blew it. >> shannon: jason, before, leslie, thank you for being up in all your different time zones. we appreciate it, good to see. >> thank you.
10:30 pm
>> thank you, shannon, good night. >> shannon: brand-new accusations raised by former hunter biden associate tony bobulinski tonight. how is the mainstream media reacting to those claims? that's next. ♪
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and i pray holocaust survivors will be given the basic needs that they so desperately pray for to survive. that they so desperately pray for to survive. >> i don't make money from russia. you makes $3.5 billion from russia, we have to give 10% from the big man, you're the big man, i don't know, but i think you're the big man. 10% of the big men. of >> every single solitary person when he was going through his impeachment testifying under oath who work for him said i did my job impeccably. >> shannon: the developing hunter biden drama playing a major role in tonight's debate and his former business partner told by the trump campaign made a statement to the press just before things kicked off tonight. let's discuss. host of the talking feds podcast harry lemmon and author of the
10:35 pm
book "defender and chief" john you'll come welcome you both back. good to have you both with us. don't let me start with this, i want to say something that tony bobulinski said in his press conference before it started about his piece of personal meetings with joe biden and what they discussed. >> at my approximately hour long meeting with joe that night, we discussed the biden's history, the biden family business plan with the chinese, with which he was plainly familiar at least on a high level. >> shannon: john, what do you make of that? this guy says he's not a political guy, given donations in the past to democrats and he found out that he was going to be a part of that the allegation is the money deal got done for hunter and cut him out and went behind his back. how much of what he's putting out there is going to be
10:36 pm
documentary evidence that could be really interesting for investigators? >> i thought the interview today really snapped us from rumors in the clouds to reality all of a sudden because rather than rumors that may be steve bannon steve bannon and rudy giuliani may have fractured evidence and wanted so forth, the hard drivee emails, you have a real live wi. that witness has said in public now it can be taught to testify on the hill under oath or brought to testify before prosecutors and fbi agents under oath that he heard joe biden a hunter biden talk about plans for hunter biden was going to be paid an enormous sums of money for not doing very much other than making introductions. that sounds like corruption may not be illegal, might be bribery, but the very least it's bad judgment. if you need to know what were the chinese up to when they were paying all the sums of money. it where they trying to buy
10:37 pm
influence? where they trying to get in good? these are all important things that have to be answered either in testimony for the hill where an prosecutors may know to the american people. >> shannon: so, the former vice president said that i released my tax returns and you're not going to find anything there. andrew mccarthy are buddy tweets it out tonight, just heard the biden defense, no big pay off my tax returns if that was a thing, we would have to dropped every criminal case in history. harry. >> you know, this is all wishful thinking. this guy crawled out of tonight some swamp in the islands where he is being sued. no one's heard about this vocal institute guys, 12 days from the election. >> shannon: he's on the email. >> he has an email that says the big man and trump himself said what's that? i want to tell you as someone who hasn't been following it so closely on fox news, the whole thing was like which biden is a question mark >> shannon: do
10:38 pm
think he's lying about the meeting where he says that he talk with joe biden for an hour about this? >> i'll tell you, if you wave the people who are lying and who weren't over the course of the last four years, they come out that way. here's what you do, everyone looked at it authoritatively including the senate committee and the committee said that there's nothing here. the dog doesn't hot. basically is a good prosecutor -- >> shannon: but that doesn't involve the laptop, the whistle-blower came to them after senator johnson put on the report. we didn't have any of this. let me bring you in there because there is questions about we know from a reporting that there was a subpoena for them and the laptop that i was stunned and taken into the connection with a money laundering investigation, not that hunter biden was the target but the laptop was somehow connected to the investigation. senator johnson demanding answers from the fbi if you had this thing why did you not share with us? >> actually, there'd be a lot of
10:39 pm
difficulties with the fbi sharing that kind of information with the senate. it could interfere with a investigation, but harry's right there's not that many days left until the election. joe biden could have cleared it up today, he could have said something like i've never heard about this, hunter is not good to have anything to do with administration. get all the facts out but they kind of blanket denial just did not seem to ring true. it's only going to encourage more questions and i think right now the best place for this given the number of days left before the election is the hill. let's give this guy amenity and have them come to the hill and ask him under oath. are the emails real? did hunter biden receive the money from the chinese and he did he to vice president biden about it in your presence? the american people will know and they can make up their minds by november 3rd whether to believe it or not. >> shannon: only to make sure that i'm telling the truthful story. he says that he's coming up there to talk to investigators
10:40 pm
and senators as early as tomorrow. a correspondent. >> let me say as a prosecutor, there's nothing here yes i agree with john. you can talk to the guy, but right now it is just the vaguest of things at a press conference and as a prosecutor you would never give it any credence yet. if they want to talk to him, let them, sure. >> shannon: he's turning over the funds to the fbi and showed up with text and email. we will see, put him under oath and see what we can find out. thank you both. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: foreign policy initially the plan to focus for tonight and now the topics may have changed but then candidates fought over china, russia, north korea and more. that's next. ♪ i'm michael youssef. you know, history has shown that when a nation turns to god, broken families are healed, people break free from addictions and alcoholism, crime rates plummet. in the welsh revival last century,
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find your fitscore and get your answers today to get the most out of medicare. call the number on your screen or go to call now. >> there's a reason why he's bringing up all the small arche. there's a reason for it. if he doesn't want to talk about the substantive issues, not about his family and my family, it's about your family. and your family hurting badly.
10:45 pm
>> ten seconds. >> typical political statement, looking around the family, the table, typical politician when i see that. that's why got elected to, let's get off the subject of china and come on, joe, you can do better. >> shannon: that's how the china segment of tonight's presidential debate with a conversation shifting away from foreign policy and national security which were told was originally supposed to be the focus for tonight. let's talk about what we do to end did not learn in those areas. fox news policy analyst, good to have you with us, doctor. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: okay, china, russia, north korea, we did not hear much about what the president and his administration touts at some of the greatest foreign policy successes and that involves the middle east. >> yes, absolutely. in comparing the eight years of the obama-biden administration,
10:46 pm
action or inaction, four years of the trump administration you see that there were three major issues absent. probably one of the most important issues was the iran deal. at the iran deal was the product of the obama administration and president trump removed united states from the iran deal because of the damage it caused in the region. it second point immediately, the strategy against isis. this was a signature by the trump administration and what we saw over the summer, the unexpected and almost a miracle peace agreement between two arab states and israel, those were absent. it should have been much more important to discuss them in addition to the other matters, including the personal matters. >> shannon: i want to play a little bit of the back and forth between the two talking about overseas money and influence there. >> what are you hiding? why are you unwilling? the foreign companies are paying your laws, rush is paying you a
10:47 pm
lot, china is paying you a lot. >> i don't make money from china, you do. i don't make money from ukraine, you do. i don't make money from russia. you're making $3.5 million, they even had a statement that we have to give 10% to the big man. you're the big man i think. it joe, what's that about? >> shannon: doctor, they want to portray themselves as being the ones who would be the toughest on china, on russia, do you think anybody clear this up tonight? >> i don't think so clear completely that needs an investigation process, legal process. it was clear that the president was threatening biden, kent biden on issues that aren't in e media right now. china, ukraine, russia brought up today. mr. biden responded that you two have that.
10:48 pm
when mr. biden was talking about is not in the debate at this point in time but beyond the personal interests, we're talking about policy. sanctions moving forces in europe and of course he had good normal relations in syria to handle issues. when it comes to china, of course there's the debate about the issue but more portly about ukraine, two years of debate in washington about ukraine and the president made sure to clarify that he was the one to send the most advanced weapons to a crane. the debate is there but the president was in control of the information. >> shannon: the president took a lot of criticism for being friendly with people that a lot of folks who do not think are good people and dictatorial leaders are worse. he has said that it's all about having relationships that you can negotiate with and keep at the table.
10:49 pm
we would like to hear more from thforeign policy from them, bute will hear how it goes. at doctor, thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: as amy coney barrett's nomination moves to the full senate, democrats are taking heat from the left. we will explain that. up next ♪ so what's going on? i'm a talking dog. the other issue. oh...i'm scratching like crazy. you've got some allergic itch with skin inflammation.
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>> shannon: despite democrats the senate judiciary committee voted today to advance amy coney barrett's nomination to the full senate. if so one step closer to the supreme court tonight. that fact has a left wing of the democratic party up in arms. congressional correspondent chad pergram shows us tonight. hey, chad. >> liberal groups are irate, they feel democratic senators treated amy coney barrett, progressives would prefer a political brawl. at this moment crystallized the left wing anger when dianne feinstein hugged judiciary committee chair at the end of the hearings. democrats are content with their standing in the polls less than two weeks before the election. if they don't want to rock the boat. they've heard barrett's hearings
10:54 pm
could devolve into a melee. >> mr. chairman i would like to recognize the question before we proceed. >> mirroring the 2018 cage match over supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. democrats tried to pull the levers they had to, boycotting sending barrett's nomination to the floor but they met opposition from their own side. protesters hector democrats at a press conference. >> , let's go over why we're here. should we... >> richard drew the ire of demonstrators when he tried to reason with them. >> i want to say to everyone who is here today. we hear you. you are the real people who will be affected. >> democrats collaborated. >> the boycott is a stunt to appease the left wing base.
10:55 pm
they're angry the democrats are not able to stop the nomination. >> the g.o.p. dissatisfied as well, susan collins and lisa murkowski are expected to cast the only republican no votes on their end. both argue the g.o.p. is racing confirming barrett to close to the election. collin supported cavanagh two years ago but will not back barrett's at this time. facing the election of the campaign. the senate should wait. 73 republicans and likely the senate has the bare minimum to confirm barrett's, 51 yes, and sometime on monday night. shannon. >> shannon: we will cover it, chad, thank you. good news before we say good night. check out the amazing rescue in a long island canal. video shows five good samaritans along with two new york police officers jumping into the water to save a elderly couple from their sinking car. the couple plunged into the water after they got hit by another car.
10:56 pm
at the rescuers breaking down the back window to reach the wife, one of the officers performing cpr were told tonight the couple is safe and recovering. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington, i'm shannon bream. ♪ (♪ )
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candidates on the stage. standby, we are to restart here from beaumon ♪ >> good evening, welcome to the final debate of the 2020 campaign live tonight in nashville, tennessee. i'm bret baier. >> i martha maccallum a live on the campus of belmont university the catalans are about to walkk out to the lectures at any moment and know make thehe closing are adms to you the american people was 12 days to go into the presidential election. >> bret: the first question that i will g go to president trump kicking offgh te final showdown in the race that almost 5 50 million americans he already voted. >> tonight's debate will stick


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