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tv   Fox Report with Jon Scott  FOX News  October 24, 2020 3:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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their bill down, lighting bills and gasoline. he goes from no fracking to we will frank and everyone said how the hell -- the fake news doesn't call him out on it. they don't talk to him about it. i bring it up. then we hear about medicare and social security, so all my life i've heard, if you even touch social security, you're out of politics. this guy tried to destroy social security and medicare and bernie caught him. i'd like to thank bernie very much. you know bernie is honestly, he's a good sport. he's one of the greatest losers in the history of politics. seriously, he lost viciously with hillary and possibly shouldn't, she sort of beat him but he was treated badly and this time he should have won -- what they did, they quadrupled
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team him and what they did was incredible. he's got no hard feelings. he just goes back. bernie is a loser. i've never seen a guy like this. he loves to lose. some people love the lose. some people, as long as i'm your president, i will always protect medicare and social security like i promised. [cheers and applause] >> and he won't, and he won't. and america will continue to be the number 1 producer of oil and natural gas anywhere in the world. [cheers and applause] >> you don't have to worry about me with your ohio fracking, you frank till your hearts content. [laughter] >> by the way, it's not up to him just so you understand. it's not up to him. his party is not going to let him frank. okay. they're not going to let him fr ack. he won't be there too long. they have the dream, they have
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the kamala who is the most liberal person -- she said, there will never be fracking. well, i think we can live with it. no, no, go with what they say first in politics. go with what they say. that's where they come from. they don't have a choice. she doesn't either. there's not going to be fracking if they win. a lot of bad things happening like socialized medicine, like a lot of bad things are going to happen. joe biden has made a corrupt bargain in exchange for his party's nomination. he has handed control of his party over to the socialist, i hate to say this, the communist, the marxists and the left-wing extremists that you see running up and down the street doing tremendous damage in portland and various places that we could stop an antifa.
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really, he doesn't want to talk about antifa. joe, i've been endorsed by almost every law enforcement group in the country. [cheers and applause] >> new york city's finest, they have taken all of that great enthusiasm, what they've done in new york is terrible. all run by democrats, all run by radical left democrats or even democrats. you look at what's happened to new york, you look at what's happened to chicago, look at portland, look at oakland, look at baltimore. by the way obama talks like his administration, he had stuff -- how about baltimore. how about oakland, how about ferguson, how about st. louis? what he -- what he had and it's like i said, that's why i'm here, i'm here because people were not happy. [cheers and applause] they're running a slate of the
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most radical candidates in american history. they are running the most radical people aoc plus 3. aoc. how about aoc? how about minnesota, beautiful minnesota, omar, ill -- ilhan omar. she's always complaining about the way we run our country. i think we are going to win. minnesota hasn't been won by a republican since 1972. does anybody know that? i think we are going to win minnesota. first of all -- [cheers and applause] >> we did a very good job with minneapolis, you know that national guard -- they should have called them -- we have to get a call. you don't want to do, but we have to get a call, so we get a call, but the national guard went in, in half an hour -- wasn't that beautiful -- to me it was a beautiful sight.
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to me it was a beautiful sight. they lined up and they just started walking and that was the end of that. they should have been called a week and a half earlier. they could have saved a lot of people and a lot of buildings and a lot of area. if biden wins the flag-burning rioters will be running the federal government. you know, i signed into law, monuments of people we've never heard of and i said you know what, you let them get away, they'll be wanting to take monuments of george washington. everyone laughed and thought it was funny. i'm not kidding, they did. if i weren't president you would have monuments taken down all over the city of lincoln, of washington, of jefferson, they will were going for the jefferson memorial, can you believe this? and we have a mayor in dc who formed a commission with recommendations, recommendation, take down the washington
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monument, close up the lincoln monument, no, no, these are serious -- you read about it. i said no, thank you, no thank you madame mayor. we will keep the washington monument just the way it is. these people -- [cheers and applause] >> these people are crazy. i went to mount rushmore and made a speech. people like -- you know why they liked it because it was so beautiful and behind me were the massive, mountainous carves so beautifully, it's beautiful. south dakota, beautiful. and i'm making a speech and then i realize, they want to take down mount rushmore. no. it's not happening. by the way, don't tell that to the people -- don't tell that to the people of south dakota. these people -- when i saw the thing with the statutes and with the monuments all over the country, i said we need a strong -- we need a strong, strong law,
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not with this congress we have now where you know one day would be too much and we took out an old law and it says 10 years in prison if you knock down a monument. [cheers and applause] >> and i reinstituted, i reenacted it and i signed it and they were coming in washington, they wanted to knock down quite a few of our beautiful monuments including one of abraham lincoln and you remember jackson, they had the ropes but the police went in and did a great job. they did a phenomenal job. these police, they went in and were unbelievable. remember, the ropes -- they were starting to pull it and they are pretty rough guys, but the police went in and they are much rougher. it was over so fast. it was over so fast. [cheers and applause] >> andrew jackson who was a great general and a good president, good president take it down. andrew jackson, battle of new areas, great general and very
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great president, they wanted to pull it down, they were ready. the police went in and the police did a great job. they did a great job, but i said, we need something so we signed something that says 10 years. and you know they were going to march the following day, thousands of people to rip down statutes in washington and we informed them it's 10 years in jail, 10 years in prison, they actually used the term prison because it's a tougher term, today they use much nicer terms, 10 years in prison if you knock down a monument to anything to damage a monument or a statute. so what happened is they heard about it and they came in, there were only 24 people, supposed to be tenses of thousands, 24 people and they looked around and the 24 people said let's get the hell out of here. 10 years, that was the end. that was the end of it. amazing. it's amazing what the pen can do, right, the pen?
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but you couldn't go to congress today and get that because they don't think this way. today they don't think. they say -- it's freedom of speech. knocking down of statutes, it's freedom of speech. you can let them do whatever they want to do. can't do that. federal government has been doing a great job. state governments have to get tougher and the state federal governments have to call in the federal government when they have a problem. the mayors, they could use some help. the first thing they'll do if they win this office and i don't think it's going to happen based on everything i'm seeing, is they are going to pack the supreme court with far-left judges who will eliminate your second amendment. and if -- if you happen to be pro-life, you can forget that. you can forget that. they will change -- they will change everything. they will change it. you know, we took our time. i have 3 supreme court justices. we have a great one coming.
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a great one coming. [cheers and applause] >> 3 great ones. you know, many presidents have had none. think of it. and me, the worst nightmare -- [laughter] >> their heads are exploding. no, but equal importance in my opinion. by the time -- by the end of my first term we will have 300, give or take a little bit, 300 federal judges including court of appeals. it's a record, it's a record. no, it's a record. [cheers and applause] >> 300 federal judges and 60 close to appeals judges and 3 supreme court justices. can you believe it? [cheers and applause] >> even i can't believe it. even -- it's a record. if i don't sound like a typical washington politician, it's because i'm not a politician. [cheers and applause] >> and if i don't always play by the rules of the washington
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establishment, it's because i was elected to fight for you and i'm fighting for you harder than any president has ever fought. [cheers and applause] >> so we are joined today by a couple of our good friends, state auditor keith, where is keith. good job, keith. >> 4 more years, 4 more years! >> thank you. so keith has done a great job. thank you very much, keith, for being here. the cheering was for keith. was that for keith? state supreme court justices judy french and sharon kennedy, thank you very much. [cheers and applause] >> congratulations, thank you.
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thank you. thank you very much. thank you, judge. a person that right at the beginning she was with us, she was right there and she's fantastic, gop chairman jane kimkan. how are we doing, jane? how is it compared to 4 years ago? even more enthusiasm. it's true. even more enthusiasm. remember, 4 years ago, that great evening, was that one of the greatest evenings? [cheers and applause] >> they said this will be a very short evening for donald trump. then they say donald trump has won the state of florida. what's that all about? donald trump has won the state
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of ohio. what the hell is going on? [cheers and applause] >> donald trump had won -- north carolina, that's the one. donald trump has just one the state of north carolina. [cheers and applause] >> and georgia, south carolina and we won -- we just swept that whole place. and then we came in with michigan and hadn't been won in decades, in decades and we came in with wisconsin, hadn't been won in a long time and it was like one of the most beautiful evenings, wasn't it? [cheers and applause] >> and then they talk about -- if you lose will this be a friendly transition, and i said let me ask you a question, when i won, did they give me a friendly transition? they spied on my campaign and did all of this stuff. that was not a friendly transition. i also want to recognize pickway
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county commissioner and ohio state football legend, champ hansen. good-looking guy. [cheers and applause] >> you look like you could play tomorrow, champ. he's a hell of an athlete. great, that's great. champ led the nation in scoring when he played for the great woody hayes in ohio state, right? [cheers and applause] >> looks good. handsome guy. woody hayes was easy to play for. he was a nice guy. he's like, no he wasn't, that's okay. he was great, though, wasn't he? he got it done, right? he got it done. nice to see you, champ. appreciate it. for decades politicians spent trillions of dollars rebuilding foreign nations, right? they would spend money on these foreign nations that didn't giver a damn for us fighting foreign wars and defending
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foreign borders but now we are finally protecting our nation. we are rebuilding our cities and we are bringing our jobs, our factories and our troops back home to the usa. our troops are all coming back. we have to fight the deep state all of the time but our troops are all coming back. afghanistan, 19 years, would you say that's enough, right? we are policemen over there. we are policemen over there. under my administration we've built the greatest economy in the history of the world and now very simple yes we are doing it again, we had to close it down unbelievably, i couldn't believe when they came to my office. we did the right thing after all of those lies, we are reopening it and doing it at a level that nobody has ever seen before. in my first 3 years we increased family income, you know it's called make america great again, like the hat.
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make america great again and i say make america great again again. make america great again again. we have increased family income over $6,000, more than 5 times the gains in all 8 years. we did it in 3 years under the past administration. think of that 5 times. african-american unemployment, hispanic-american unemployment and asian-american unemployment all reached their lowest levels in the history of our country. [cheers and applause] >> all unemployment. i mean, i've seen so many forms of unemployment with the high school diploma, without a high school diploma, mba, college degree, graduating number one at mit, everyone was doing better, women doing unbelievably, breaking every record. [cheers and applause] >> but we had to slow it down, close it up, save those lives,
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understand this horrible virus that was sent to us by china, but sent to the whole world, sent to the whole world. they stopped it from going to other parts of china but it came to the u.s. and europe and all over the world. now we can never forget it. we can never forget it. after the virus hit we recovered faster than any major nation on earth. we recovered faster economically since april. [cheers and applause] >> since april, we've created a record 11.4 million jobs, this week i signed an order to protect the pensions of workers of dell corporation. you are lucky i'm president. like two people here. you are so lucky that i'm president, but when general motors went bankrupt, biden and obama through -- threw the workers through the wolves.
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families were disin -- left in disarray. it was a terrible thing. congratulations. they were treated very unfairly. [cheers and applause] >> they were -- they were promised also all sorts of things and never happened. i will never let anyone rip off the american worker. they have been doing that for a long time. joe biden says buy american but he spent 47 years in washington sending our jobs to foreign countries. you'll also notice he never says hire american, have you ever noticed that? his plan is to hire foreign workers and he wants open borders and unlimited illegal aliens coming in. we don't know who they are. that leaves no jobs for the americans so we have the -- all
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done. don't worry about it. don't get upset. in fact, he's vowed to terminate all of the protections that i've given to the american worker. i've given you a lot of protections to save our auto industry i withdrew from the horrible transpacific partnership -- it would have been the worst. [cheers and applause] >> i ended the nafta nightmare, one of the first trade deals, probably the worst. everyone said that would be -- it would be impossible to do and proudly signed a brand-new usmca into law, méxico, canada, and by the way just kicked in the differences, unbelievable. you know how i know it's good, because those two countries aren't quite as happy as we are. [laughter] >> but nafta was a disaster. we lost 60,000 factories went to different countries. it's terrible. it was terrible. terrible thing to have signed and inch would said it would be impossible to terminate it. i terminated.
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we have the usmca and the wall is almost complete. [cheers and applause] >> the wall -- he says build the wall. it's great. they don't -- the press doesn't talk about the wall anymore because it's all built, soon it's going to be completed and it has created such an unbelievable strong border. you have no idea. and méxico also -- mexico has given us 27,000, think of that, 27,000 soldiers to protect our borders and you have to do it, you have to do it because it's not right. remember when i came -- remember the caravans coming in. they were coming, thousands and thousands of people were trying to come and i said, you can't do it. you don't hear about any of the stories anymore. you don't hear about the wall anymore. used to be wall, wall because they never thought i would get it built, you know, once you're a developer in new york city this is easy. [laughter]
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>> we have -- got it financed. méxico will be paying for it. méxico has treated us very well. they didn't use to treat us well. joe biden has vowed that he wants open borders, mass amnesty and free healthcare for all illegal immigrants coming in. and that was another tape he had, right? when they said they had like 16, 17, super radical left people running on the democrat side. [laughter] >> that wasn't so bad. i was waiting -- i could hear that. that wasn't that bad. that's good. [laughter] >> because he got a lot of people watching you on television. remember they said who is going to pay -- who is going to give health care to to illegal immigrants?
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everybody raised their hand except joe. he did the shoulder, remember. [laughter] >> and then he got the hand up. i said, ah, i just won. the problem is look we all have a heart but if you do that you have tens of millions of people pouring into the country for health care, for college, for school, they want to give free school, free education. they want to give -- the new one they want to give free lawyers to everyone that enters the country illegally. that's town to manifesto with bernie. two characters, bernie and joe, sleepy joe. bernie got taken further left. can you believe it? bernie is supposed to be taken to the right. he took joe further left, the manifesto we call it. biden pledged to terminate all national security travel bans. you know i have travel bans. if it's okay with you because i didn't like people that we wanted to come in and blow up our country.
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[cheers and applause] >> i got it passed. wasn't easy. that was not easy. that was a bad one. that was a tough one. they thought i was a bad person. i want people that come into the country who love our country, who could help us. not people that want to blow up things and kill people, but travel bans and increase, they want to increase refugees. this is an agreement with bernie sanders. increase refugees, 700%, opening the flood gates to radical islamic terrorism. no, thank you. no, thank you. we appreciate it, joe, thank you very much, but no thanks. i'm keeping the terrorists jihadists and violent extremists out of our country if that's okay. [cheers and applause] >> we invested $2.5 trillion of the u.s. military including more than $6 million in contracts, oh, for lima, the army thank, lima, right. you know i did that when -- they were going to close the plant.
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i was president elect so i had nothing to do for a little while. there was little time. i didn't know i was being spied on. [laughter] >> so i had nothing to do and i heard about this tank plant and i had friends, a lot of friends in ohio and they said about this tank plant that jim jordan, the great jim jordan who we love. [cheers and applause] >> he's one of them. you know jim jordan was a great nca wrestling champion. jim jordan is a great warrior, i will tell you that. nobody like him but it's true jim jordan and others said we have to save this plant, i said let me take a look. i actually went to lima and i saw the plant and it's the only plant now that makes army tanks and a level of sophistication, you wouldn't believe it. i am good at this stuff. i went through the plant. i said if you close the plant you will never be able to get the skill, talent or facility to
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do this, i'm not going to buy tanks from china, okay. [laughter] >> we were close to that in the steel world, okay, let's buy our steel from china. no, thank you. there's certain industries that we have to have and we brought that back. so i said, no, i'm not going to let this be closed and i stopped it and we are making tanks at a record level all made in the usa. we are making them at a record level. [cheers and applause] >> and you're right, jim jordan was very helpful. >> usa, usa, usa! >> you would have never been able to replace that plant. it's big, incredible, sprawling place and they make these tanks. you wouldn't believe it when you see. i look inside, no, thanks, i don't have to go inside. i don't need that. you know who tried that drew
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caucus. i'm slightly larger than me. that was not a good picture with him and the helmet, does anybody remember? he was up 10, after that picture he was down 15. he went down 20. no, i don't have to go into the tank but i did happen to look in and i said that's like a complex machine, that's incredible what you do. i said, we can't close this place. you'll never be able to reproduce this and we didn't close it. so, you know, it's one of a lot of great decisions for the american people and also the people of ohio. [cheers and applause] >> and we took over 100% of the isis caliphate, syria and iraq. for years they were after this blood thirsty killer, they could never find him, we found him, we killed the leader, founder of isis al-bagdadi and we took the
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mass murderer of american troops and many other troops, solameni is dead. i withdrew from the last administration's nuclear iran deal, one of the dumbest deals and i recognized the true capital of israel and opened the american embassy in jerusalem. [cheers and applause] >> and instead of never-ending wars, you see we just saw another one yesterday, sudan, bahrain, sudan and the united arab emirates led by a great leader, mohamed, a greater and we are getting peace without blood all over the sand. it's going to happen. we have many countries that want to come in to that deal. we will have peace. i did more in 47 months than sleepy joe biden did in 47 years. it's true. [cheers and applause] >> a vote for republicans is a
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vote for safe communities, great jobs, limitless future for all americans, really it's a vote for the american dream. that's what it is. vote for the american dream. i'm for the american dream. the republicans will be with us. [cheers and applause] >> and in conclusion over the next 4 years, we will make america into the manufacturing super power of the world. we've already saw it. we will end reliance on china once and for all. that's already happened. we will hire more police, increase penalties for assaults on law enforcement and we will ban deadly sanctuary cities. [cheers and applause] >> we will uphold religious liberty, free speech and the right to keep and bear arms. [cheers and applause] >> we will strike down terrorists who threaten our city and we will keep america out of the ridiculous, endless foreign
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wars if that's okay. keep them out. [cheers and applause] >> we've created the greatest military in the world the equipment that we bought, 2.5 trillion, 2.5, that was much easier to get frankly and the democrats didn't want to give anything. that was much easier to get believe it or not than the wall. they didn't want the wall. they said the wall was old-fashion, they wanted drones flying around so you can watch people pour into the border. i've been saying it a lot because it's true. there's two things that will never get obsolete, the wheel and wall. what we have done is created 2 and a half trillion, with a t, trillion dollars, we have the greatest jet-fighting planes, tankers, missiles, rockets, submarines, we have greatest weapon in the world, submarines, greatest most powerful weapons in the world, our nuclear
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arsenal fixed and ready and only hope to god we never have to use it but you know what, we are much less likely to have to use it because right now we have things, the super-duper missiles, these things are amazing. you know, russia took things that we had during the obama administration from our great scientists and engineers and they built -- they have hydrosonic. they are the fastest in the world. we needed all of the stuff. we are the envy of the world, whether it's russia, china, north korea, we have the greatest equipment. we have the greatest people. we have the greatest warriors, but our warriors needed the equipment. when i came in to office in my first short period of time, one of the world's most overrated generals told me, sir, we don't
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have ammunition. i said that should never be said to another president again. and now we have so much ammunition we don't know what to do with it. [cheers and applause] >> so we have totally rebuilt our military, the finest equipment anywhere in the world, nothing even close, no other country has anything even close. the fake news was saying, you shouldn't be saying that, you are giving confidential information. that's okay, i will say it. there's nobody, can you imagine that, they wanted to call me on that. maybe they should impeach me for making that statement, okay. and we will ensure peace through strength. [cheers and applause] >> we will end surprise medical billing, requiring the biggest thing there is, price transparency. remember i said it, kicks in on january 1st, it's bigger than health care, wait till you see what you can do when you have
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transparency when you can negotiate with hospitals, doctors. lower drug prices, favorite nations and we will always protect patients with preexisting conditions, always, always. [cheers and applause] >> we will stop the radical and restore patriotic education to our schools. [cheers and applause] >> and we will teach our children to love our country, honor our history and always respect our great american flag. [cheers and applause] >> and so importantly, we will live by the timeless words of our national motto in god we trust. [cheers and applause] >> for years you had a president who apologized for america, now
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you have a president who is standing up for america and standing up for the great people of ohio. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> you know biden used to say that he's made a lot of mistakes because he was never sure where the hell he was, right? like maybe a lesser version of it, i'm standing up for the great people of florida, no palm trees. he did that about 7 times. once you do that, walk off the stage, no matter how good a speech, it's no good. standing up for the great people of idaho. he had iowa and idaho and he couldn't figure it out. this is not what we need. for the last 4 years, you have seen me fight for you and now i am relying on you to deliver another historic victory for our
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country. [cheers and applause] >> vote early, bring your friends, your families, your neighbors, your coworkers, i don't care. everybody has to get out and vote. >> 4 more years, 4 more years, 4 more years! >> from dayton to cleveland, from cincinnati to right here in circleville -- [cheers and applause] >> we stand on the shoulders of red blooded american patriots who poured out their heart, their sweat, their soul to secure our liberty and to defend our freedom. we inherited the legacy of american heros who crossed the oceans, blazed the trails, settled a continent, tamed the
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wilderness and tug out -- dug out the panamá canal and raised the skyscrapers, won two world wars and defeated fascism and communism and made america the single greatest nation in the history of the world and the best is yet to come. [cheers and applause] >> proud citizens like you help build this country and together we are taking back our country. we are returning power to you, the american people. that's what this is all about. with your help, your devotions and your drive, we are going to keep on working, we are going to keep on fighting and we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning. [cheers and applause] >> we are one movement, one people, one family and one glorious nation under god and
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together with the incredible people of ohio, we have made america powerful again. military. [cheers and applause] >> we have made america wealthy again, stock market. [cheers and applause] >> we have made america strong again. [cheers and applause] >> we have made america proud again. [cheers and applause] >> we have made america safe again. [cheers and applause] >> and we will make america great again. thank you, ohio, go out and vote. thank you. ♪ >> if anyone wonders about the president's recovery from the coronavirus which was a week or so ago, this is his second campaign appearance of the they and earlier appearance in florida we will tell you about later. he will be traveling to
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wakashaw, wisconsin later on. that was in circleville, ohio, the president work to go energize supporters as we near the final week of campaign 2020. this is a special truncated two-hour edition. the president heads to make america great rally in wisconsin after addressing supporters in ohio. let's bring in republican senator from florida rick scott, he sits on the senate of homeland security, armed services and commerce committees, senators, we know that you have been waiting with us for the president's rally toned and we appreciate that. thanks for spending time with us tonight. we know that the president -- we know that the president voted this morning in west palm beach. that state is his new home state, your state. it is key to his election hopes. how do you think he looks right now? senator: he's going to win. he loves the rally and people that attend the rallies love
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rallies. joe biden had 47 years, he's never done anything on the economy and president trump had the best economy in the history of the country right before coronavirus and number 2, we like law enforcement, we like law enforcement where the 49-year low on crime rate. the democrats, they want to defund the police. that doesn't go over well in florida. on top of that, president trump is -- he's willing to hold people accountable, dictators in cuba or venezuela or china, and we know that joe biden appeases dictators all over the world. so if you look at just those issues, by the way, floridans, we don't like high taxes. joe biden wants the biggest tax increase in the history of the country at the worst possible time. so none of these things are good for joe biden and right direction for president trump. he's going to have a big win. jon: we saw the president voting in west palm beach earlier
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today. i think we have some video of that. he has been working with several groups in florida, reportedly, if you read the headlines, the mainstream media says that the president is not doing as well with senior voters this time and obviously senior voters a huge component in florida. what do you think of that? is the president in trouble there? senator: the president is doing great. if you just go around the state, look at the end us theiasm. -- enthusiasm and look at the rallies, he has big rallies and people have a lot of interest. if you look at the issues, joe biden is on the wrong side and has been on the wrong side for 47 years. floridans do not want high taxes. they don't want somebody to ruin their healthcare system, they don't want somebody to take their ability to eastern a --
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earn a living through fuel. donald trump as you can tell he has a lot of energy and a lot of enthusiasm and he will continue to do well. i know he's doing well in florida, i hope he does well all across the country. john: real clear politics average shows the president running behind joe biden 1 and a half percent. but there's a new poll, that puts the president up by about 4 points. i gather you're in the camp here? >> all the polls, my two for governor and race for the senate said i would lose. the polls in 2016 said the president would lose. what's the enthusiasm and people will show up across florida to vote for president trump. jon: the debate this week was different from the first one. do you think that the president helped himself with his
3:41 pm
performance or did joe biden hurt himself? senator: i think both. the president clearly showed the difference. i think in these elections you have to show people what you get if you vote for you and what you get when you vote for your opponent. what joe biden showed us that a 47-year politician you get nothing and wants to get rid of fuel in this country. that's going to kill our economy. he wants the biggest tax increase. he won't answer any questions about what his son has been doing, hunter biden. and in contrast, donald trump talked about the economy, very important in my state. he talked about law enforcement, very important in my state. he made focus in the military, very important in my state. if you look at the issues, they came out in the debate and it was a clear choice between a career politician who has never done anything that was good for florida and donald trump who has focused hard on the country but also home state of florida. jon: republican senator from florida, rick scott, thanks for
3:42 pm
sticking with us tonight. jon: see you, jon. jon: president trump finished rally in circleville, ohio, steve harrigan live. steve. steve: this was high-energy event about an hour and 20 minutes, one of multiple stops for president trump, began in florida and going to ohio and up to wisconsin. people waiting 6 or 7 hours to get going. pretty chilly too. president trump painted a strong contrast in a recovery under president trump and depression under joe biden. one of the key issues he brought up over and over again was the possibility of fracking and where joe biden stands on fracking. here is the president. >> he lied about fracking. he kept lying -- he kept going during the primaries, they'll be
3:43 pm
no fracking. you've only got about a million jobs more, more important than jobs, the lowest energy prices. how about your 2-dollar gasoline? [cheers and applause] >> you wouldn't mind if it went to 9, $10, $12, you couldn't get it. well, they wouldn't mind because they would like you to get rid of your cars, no more airplanes, no more cows. i think they took that off the manifesto. steve: ohio was an easy victory for president trump in 2016. he won it by more than 8 percentage points. it's a battleground now. president trump told followers, don't believe the polls, he said we will win ohio, we will win florida. jon, back to you. jon: steve, thank you. and we will be right back.
3:44 pm
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3:48 pm
jon: we are not only electing a president on november third, we are electing all of our representatives and roughly one-third of the senate. let's bring in one of the candidates who is running for reelection, republican senator cory gardner of colorado, he sits on foreign relations and energy and natural resource, commerce and science transportation. senator gardner, thank you very much for being with us. the control of the senate is very much up in the air this time around. there are possibilities that democrats could take control. that would leave chuck schumer as senate majority leader. the country has never seen chuck schumer as senate majority leader, what do you think what would it be like? senator: ban on oil and gas, massive tax increases, regulatory overtake the like that is we have never seen, undo the work prior to the pandemic and building up our economy and prevent the economy from getting back on track. that's what a chuck schumer
3:49 pm
majority would look like. you think we would have 9 justices on the supreme court, he would add, 11th, 12th, 13th enough to rule the way he wants to. it would be a disaster for the country's recovery. jon: i know in your first debate governor hickenlooper didn't answer court packing, do you think -- >> senator: of course, they would. that's why they are not say saying they won't. you spent the last 4 years putting the nominees on the court, that's court packing, that's not what it is. for 150 years we known that there have been 9 supreme court justices. court packing is you add another seat to that court n. the says of the supreme court, 10, 11, 12 or 15, the idea that you add enough justices so that they
3:50 pm
will rule the way you want to. it became clear in judiciary hearings that they believe the supreme court is a super legislating body, that if they can't win at the ballot box, they can't win on the floor of the united states senate, they will try to pack the court because they want the judges to make the laws that they simply can't get done. jon: senator cory gardner of colorado, thank you. senator: thanks for having me. jon: and we will be right back.
3:51 pm
3:52 pm
3:53 pm
3:54 pm
jon: president trump making a whirlwind of campaign appearances just today in north carolina, ohio and soon to be in wisconsin. he was also in arizona twice this week for appearances there. let's bring in arizona congressman andrew biggs, congressman, did the president move the needle, he's according to some polls in some trouble in arizona? >> i think the enthusiasm for the president is high in arizona. i think he will win arizona by a couple points at least. you know, what he's done -- the two rallies last week, his attention and focus on this state has really elevated his -- his support here. the enthusiasm -- i can't even begin to tell you how enthusiastic voters are for trump and compare that to some events that biden-harris had a
3:55 pm
couple of weeks where they drew 8 and 13 and 0 at a third, that tells you there's disparity and intensity for the president. i'm pretty confident he's going win the state and he's going to pull this out. jon: real clear politics, martha mcsally is 5 and a half points behind mark kelly in their race for the senate seat but she's up about 5 points, do you think she can actually pull that one off? >> yeah, jon, i do. i think it's internal polling i'm aware of indicates is closer than that. i think she's almost dead even with kelly right now. this is just a run through the tape and if president trump does as well as as i think he is and so many of the people here think he is, i think martha wins as well. jon: have you gotten any answers from the fbi about the purported hunter biden laptop you've been demanding answers? >> i just received something
3:56 pm
from them. i was just reviewing it before i came on. what they are saying, well, this is an investigation, we are not going to tell you anything. it's kind of their position and that's one of the reasons i think you need to clean house in the neighbor at the highest ranks. jon: they've had it for a year. that's one of the questions you've been demanding answers to, why and what's on it. congressman andy biggs of arizona, i wish we had more time, we have to say good-bye. >> thanks, jon. jon: live special coverage with expanded edition, i'm jon scott, we will see you then. ♪ ♪ d. and then what happened? where's our family from? was he my age? so nana and pops eloped? ...and then what happened, daddy?
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and now i'm back on top... with koala kai. hey! more mercy. save over 30 hours a month with intuit quickbooks. the easy way to a happier business. >> president trump about to cap off a vigorous day on the campaign trail with a rally in the battleground state of wisconsin. it is the fourth swing state the president has visited today with the 2020 campaign if to enter its final week. good evening i'm jon scott and this is a special two hour edition of the "fox report." ♪ >> take live look at wisconsin take the stage there as soon as air force one can make its way from ohio after events earlier today in circleville ohio as well as north carolina. garrett kenny is in wacshaw awaiting the president. garrett. >> folks at home it was key to
4:01 pm
president trump's virk in 2016 no republican had won the state since 1984. and president trump's narrowly pulled it out with just under 23,000 votes. this time around, he's hoping for an even bigger win. now, he's been putting a lot of time here to make this happen tonight will be his fifth visit to the state for a campaign event just this year. contrast to joe biden here twice past two years both coming last month gite that in the latest fox news poll, biden is leading here. 49-44 which puts president trump just within the polls margin of error in is tight race and simir position to where he was in polls in 2016 before he ultimately won the state one of the big issues for voters here in wisconsin is corona virus. this week the state set several records for the highest number of cases in the seven-day period highest average cases per day in
4:02 pm
highest average virus related per day other states are seeing similar trends and president talked about that earlier today in north carolina. >> the cases are up but listen to this they all talk about cases you don't hear death, death, you know why we have cases we test so much and good news is that we know where it is et cetera and we have to protect our seniors and that's really the most important thing but when you see all of this stuff, watch. they'll go home cases are up. cases are up and i saw it today. but that's because the test does that make sense now? >> what makes wisconsin positive cases so concerning, though, is that hospitals across the state are already reporting either capacity or almost at capacity in terms of their available hospital beds. back to the polling here, though, in the latest fox news poll, only 4% of voters likely
4:03 pm
voters in wisconsin said they have still not made up their mind as to who they're voting for so there are some votes to be won over in rallies but main focus is to really rally up the president's base and make sure they get out to vote in just over a week. jon. jon: garrett in wisconsin. garrett, thank you we'll check in with you later. well president trump taking care of some business before today's rallies. casting his early vote at a library in west palm beach florida this morning he told reporters, quote, i voted for a guy named trump. the president has voted by mail in the past. but today join to more than 50 million americans who have voted early. the biden campaign holding multiple events across the nation today. the former vice president making remarks at two pennsylvania counties that president trump flipped in 2016 as former president obama spoke at a drive-in rally in miami. hillary vaughn is live in bucks county, pennsylvania, hillary. >> hi jon well joe biden went on
4:04 pm
a set the record straight tour today really drilling his position on fracking into voters here in the keystone state to make sure they did not take what he said on the debate stage the wrong way when he said he wanted to end the oil industry which is responsible for 300,000 jobs here in pennsylvania. >> i'm not banning tracking in pennsylvania or anywhere else. and get something straight here, in the coal country i will not ban fracking, period i'll protect your job, period. and told me that they are concerned you'll shrub could hurt him here. i think my initial response was uh-oh and it was not it wasn't the best answer. i think he tried to cover it, i
4:05 pm
mean, i think kamala came out the next day and actually kind of tried to iron that out. >> flat out statement would be a good thing right now just say okay, i change my mind over the years or i've saw this and feel differently about this. president obama hit the stunt provide today and talked a lot about how his former vp would bring back decency to the presidency but obama must not have been listening earlier today when his former vp talked trash on the trail to trump supporters who showed up here at his event in bristol, pennsylvania today biden in his remarks called them chump twice. jon. >> hillary vaughn in bucks county the version of deplorable for more on 2020 presidential race bring in and pick up that
4:06 pm
last little bit of information from hillary vaughn there the former vice president referring to trump supporters as chumps. >> it is this year's version of hillary deplorables and i think you can see by joe biden behavior today in pennsylvania that he's really starting to feel the heat. i think he acted like guy who knows he's losing pennsylvania and he said, you know, much like he told black voters who don't support him that they ain't black he's now telling pennsylvania if you don't support joe biden you're a chump i guess. and his angry joe biden speech that we saw today where he shouted almost all of the speech and he's having and this is not a candidate who feels like he's comfortable i don't think if you watch him today. and we know why that is because what he said and you touched on it in hillary report there in the debate the other night he quite clearly said he's coming
4:07 pm
after fossil fuel industry that means oil and tracking that means 600,000 jobs in pennsylvania for pennsylvania who work in the fracking industry and it has been clear all along when he's talking to environmental extremist joe biden promises to ban fracking and then he gets to pennsylvania and he has to answer for that position and that's what is going on now. and president trump is not beginning to let him get away with it joe biden will kill the fracking industry in pennsylvania it is clear as day and joe biden can't get away from that. >> we know that the president is heading to wisconsin right now. walkshaw in specific and bringing up what happened in kenosha the rioting that we're weeks out from and president has been trying to drive home a law and order message although we haven't heard as much about that in his recent campaign appearances. do you think that's going to be part of what he tells the crowd tonight in wacshaw? >> he may bring it up and i
4:08 pm
won't get ahead of what he's going talk about and a clear contrast between the president and joe biden on that issue and e president stands with law enforcement and those in communities who want their streets to be safe. and joe biden sided consistently with the rioters and he and his campaign helped and his running mate frankly contradicted to fund that bailed people out of jail who had been arrested during riots in minneapolis and bailed out other dangerous criminals who were in jail for crimes not associated with the riots. so there's a reason why all of the national police unions have endorsed president trump and none of them have endorsed joe biden that's absolutely one of the clear calculators of this race of where law enforcement issue it is go with the president. and the president is mounting very vigorous schedule fourth battle ground state to today while we have joe biden barely being able to make his way around pennsylvania the contrast between the two campaigns and the two candidates the relative accomplishments the president 47 months he's done so much. joe biden 47 years.
4:09 pm
all talk, no action. that -- no clearer than that. >> we know this race like the last one is going to come down to handful of battle ground states the president is up in ohio according to the real clear politics. and he just made that appearance in circleville that we carried up by about 3 percentage points over joe biden among likely voters in wisconsin, though, it is a different story according to the numbers out of wisconsin, joe biden leads from 49-44 does your internal polling show anything different? >> sure. it shows vastly different picture the president is very strong in wisconsin. he's very strong in pennsylvania. and look, the national news media who pays for these polls they have been spending four years trying to destroy and defeat president trump. so i don't know why anyone would put any stock in polls that are paid for by those very same news organizations. they're trying to produce poll it is that confirm their own world view and then they put bad
4:10 pm
polls together and make an average of them that's where you get the real clear politics average average of all of the faulty polls we know where president stands he's very strong in pennsylvania. he's very strong in ohio. he's very strong in wisconsin, and also michigan, and some states that hillary clinton won in 2016 like minnesota and nevada making another trip to a hillary clinton state and president will be reelected that's why you saw the frustration out of joe biden why he had to shout his way through a speech today and barely control frustration and anger because he can feel is slipping away that debate on thursday night was a turning point for the campaign heading into home stretch the president clearly has the momentum. joe biden can feel is slipping away this is exactly what happened in 2016. >> his former boss ex-president obama didn't endorse anybody until joe biden had nomination locked up but he was campaigning in miami for joe biden today. how effective do you think
4:11 pm
barack obama is as a campaigner. he's still a beloved figure among democrats. >> even so he has not been attracting crowds that president trump has been, and look joe biden is not barack obama regardless of what impact barack obama would have and joe biden is going to run on his own record of 47 years of failure. and the fact that we now know that joe biden lied to the american people when he said repeatedly that he had never discussed his son hunters shady business deals with foreign countries never discussed them. we now know that is a lie. not only did he discuss them. but he consulted and advised hunter on those deals and, in fact, had to sign off own them because of tony bobulinski coming out being brave putting his name on statement standing up and holding press conference saying that he personally knows that joe biden was involved and actually was in a meeting with joe biden to talk about one of hunter biden's business deals.
4:12 pm
biden campaign hasn't lied that it is authentic that e-mails are authentic that joe biden has been actually specifically mentioned as one who was going to financially benefit from a deal with a chinese energy company. all of that is joe biden's record. the fact that they were selling access to joe biden when he was vice president of the united states. and now quite possibly could be compromised by the communist chinese that is his record. >> andy biggs that was on with us says he just got a letter from the fbi regarding his push for information about that laptop. we're going to be talking to him more and find out what that is all about tim murtagh. >> i don't think that story is over yet. >> communications director for the trump 2020 campaign. thanks, tim. >> thanks jon. jon: roughly 56 million americans already have voted in the year's election. today was a historic day in new york city for the first time, people in the big apple were able to vote early in a presidential race. alec hogan live in new york city now with more on what's
4:13 pm
beginning on there. alex. reporter: good evening jon first day of early voting here in new york has come to a close people had to social diseans hopefully they were wearing comfortable shoes because for some the line was up to four hours long. it was much more than many of them say they expected but they say it was well worth the wait. energy here is amazing and incredible feels magical to be here and to be doing this. >> i been here for three and a half hours. it's important to vote early. >> been saying to people in line i've been waiting four years for this i can wait three hours. >> wait to make sure my vote gets counted i guess i'm nervous about mail-in ballot right now. >> doors opened at 10 a.m. inside past security voters got a ballot a private section to make their pick before scanning it. this is just one of the 280
4:14 pm
early voting centers around the state. the npgd will enhance security at 88 polling places because of expected crowds. first time new yorkers can vote early in the general presidential election. voters must visit their assigned early voting sites and according to the national conference of state legislatures new york has shortest early voting feared in the country with nine days states like minnesota or virginia giving voters more than a month of chances to vote. 25 states allow in person voting. so far register democrats outvote register republicans. nationally more than 56 million votes are already in. 18 million did so in person and more than 36 million people have now voted by mail. people had to be in line here today by 4 p.m. before that cutoff, and by 6 p.m. so just an hour ago a final person left and here organizers are urging everyone to have some kind of plan of how they plan to
4:15 pm
vote. jon. jon: alex hogan in new york city on this first day of voting alex, thanks. well the united states seeing a surge in coronavirus cases. daily infections reaching numbers that haven't been seen since early in the summer. you might have heard the president's thoughts on that a moment ago pl we'll have more just ahead. ♪ (music) hi, i'm dorothy hamill. even as i look toward 65, one thing hasn't changed i still love getting on the ice.
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right now coronavirus cases are on the rise in the united states our nation is setting record friday for the most new cases diagnosed in one day. more than 83,000 new cases yesterday beating the old record mark from july. so far the u.s. has more than 8 million diagnose cases with 224,000 deaths. christina coleman is live in los angeles with more. christina. >> hi jon this current surge in cases is more widespread than the spike in mid-july. it is impacting parts of every region in this country. yesterday 13 states saw record highs for new daily infections, and the state span across the u.s. since last month states in the midwest and rocky mountains have been hit particularly hard the seven day average for daily deaths is still down compared to the spring. when the virus was reeking havoc
4:20 pm
in new york which had 11 fatalities yesterday, however, hospitalizations are at 40% in the past month. leaving some medical facilities nearing capacity from places in wisconsin as garrett mentioned to el paso, texas and other areas. >> if you would have told me a year ago there's a disease that someone coming in and there's oxygen and there's 88% or so and sending them home i would have not believed now we do that routinely in relatively young and healthy people. >> the 7 day rolling average for new cases surpass 60,000 this week as it did back in july some health experts are pleading with people to social distance and follow health guidelines worried about even larger spike in cases as cold weather sets in and more people spend time indoors around other people. >> if you are in a bar, if you're in a restaurant, if you're unmasked with people, you are putting yourself and those
4:21 pm
that you love at risk. >> also as zen can and johnson & johnson anouned to resume coronavirus vaccine trials in the u.s. temporarily pause after several volunteers are medical issues so now even more work will get done to get a vaccine so some good news there. jon. >> christina coleman in los angeles. thanks christina. well with flu season officially underway now many are wondering how the pandemic will impact that. we have a look at what experts are saying. >> medical professionals are calling this year's flu season a twin demic. >> flu conditions can be very severe and historically lead to tens of thousands of deaths. every year -- for some it may be hard to recognize which symptoms go with each illness. >> influenza typically will have
4:22 pm
a sudden onset okay in the morning and feel really bad by the evening. and coronavirus does more of a slow burn. >> doctor marissa says there's a silver lining what is traveled down and social distancing up doctors say this year's flu season may be less severe because of the safety measures we already use for covid. >> the best advice i can give is you don't want either. they're both respiratory infections so if we keep our distance and use face coverings and wash our hands and do all of the hygienic activities we've talked about, we could actually see a very limited flu season. >> says what's happening on other side of the world places that have already experienced winter may help predict what we'll face. >> australia for example reported a very mild flu season and some people believe that's related to all of the precautions for covid. it's not a guarantee. it's a hopeful sign. >> doctors say one of the worst
4:23 pm
case scenarios is having both covid and the flu at the same time. a new test from the centers for disease control and prevention check for both viruses with one swab. doctors at university of florida health say they plan to use it soon. >> one of the reasons we really need these tests that can distinguish between flu and coronavirus is that it's because the symptoms overlap. >> doctors want people to wear their mask, keep socially distanced and for the few exceptions, get their flu shots this year. in miami, fox news. >> elena, thank you. >> well joe biden is now having to answer questions about his son hunter biden and his business dealers as election day draws ever closer. what legal issues might the bidens face? that's next. employees could enter themselves? that's why i get up in the morning! i have a secret method for remembering all my hr passwords.
4:24 pm
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jon: i'm jon scott and this is the "fox report" the bottom of the hour if you're just joining
4:28 pm
us here's a look at our top stories some of the largest wildfires colorado has ever seen continue to spread across the state killing at least two people thus far. and forcing hundreds to evacuate. former vice president joe biden hitting the campaign trail earlier today holding rallies in two different cities? swing state of pennsylvania. the latest fox news poll has biden ahead in that state by five points. meantime president trump holding rallies in three different states today and we are now awaiting his remarks at his third and final rally tonight in wisconsin. >> tonight rally cast off a world win day for appearances in north carolina and ohio. steve was at the president's rally in circleville, ohio and brings us up to date. steve. >> all right we have not established our connection with steve and hope to get back there later, the president also voted earlier this morning in west palm beach, florida his new home state. at this week's final debate the
4:29 pm
president pressed joe biden for answers on his son hunters overseas business dealers democrats dismissing controversy as russian disinformation. but the president allies say they don't buy it. >> it did not that hunter biden scandal that is a joe biden scandal it is not just burisma but chinese government and american people deserve answers and no amount of censureship from big tech should take away from the fact that joe biden needs to answer these questions for the american people. >> former prosecutor as well as law partner jim trusty thank you for spending time with us tonight. i want to the play with you, play for you some of what joe biden had to say and answer to these charges that he and his family may have been getting rich from foreign entanglement and foreign investments here's how he responded to the debate
4:30 pm
last night. listen >> i have not taken a penny from my foreign source ever in my life i have not taken a single penny from any country whatsoever. ever -- number one, number two, this is the president i have released all of my tax returns. 22 years, go look at them. 22 years of my tax returns. jon: so you know couple of questions first of all, the phrasing was a little curious to some people never taken a penny from a foreign source ever in his life. qowld that ab solve him of criminality if this was proved to be true? >> it wouldn't. it was a precise maybe dissemiably response because if nothing else if someone funnels money to you in other words if hunter sends money to the big one to his dad through these relationships with china or other foreign nations, that's just as good as handing to him.
4:31 pm
so it's not a defense to say nobody from china walked over and handed me cash. it if the money was knowingly being through hunter to him so doesn't end equation at all. jon: one wouldn't expect to see that kind of thing on a vice president or former vice president's tax returns, would they? >> well no but that's the rub jon. you know i don't think you're going to see a bunch of declarationings in those tax returns that say this is how much i got from hunt tear getting money from burisma or moscow or from ukraine. i mean generally speaking people aren't going to celebrate that and report it which is the problem. i mean, that could be one of the federal charges that would at least be in play if this investigation has taken off or takes off to implicate the vice president. jon: we spoke with congressman andy biggs earlier i wish we had more time with him because he's been pressing fbi for information about this laptop the fbi has had the laptop for a year. and hasn't issued any
4:32 pm
pronouncements about the authenticity or what is on it. there have been, you know, stories from tony bobulinski who was hunter biden's business associate that the e-mail it is that have come to light thus far are authentic that sort of thing why is the fbi do you think -- not stepping in? i mean, the fbi stepped in to the 2016 race with its ab solve about of hillary clinton. >> that maybe cause and effect. what jim comey did in 2016 was slam from both sides. he overtook the prosecutor process and made a self-righteous on eve of announcement so retiring back to complil form not politicize jim comey form saying what we do we do behind closed doors you'll know when we indict or go to indictment but i would not expect much from the bureau in
4:33 pm
term was dignifying where this case is and what kind of work they've done on it that's how they typically actually operate. jon: we know from the recipient that fbi agent filled out when he took possession of the laptop that receipt appears to be authentic we know that it is a money landering investigation does that mean that the fbi is committed to that line of criminal investigation? >> not at all jon. actually, you know,s, you know,a bureaucratic entry in a receipt that doesn't commit them to any particular charges so this isn't a prejudge their sufficient evidence to indict anyone now or in the near future. but there's a serious federal statues in play money landering requires specify activity you have to have other underlying crimes coupled with financial transaction to even did a money landering case so again there may be three or other four statutes that could be in play for a investigation middle east fair to be a predicate or a
4:34 pm
basis for ongoing investigation although not necessarily commitment to indictment. >> we know there are people in president trump's circle who have been charged with failing to register as a foreign agent, for instance. and you know, they caught the full weight of the federal prosecutions for that kind of thing. would, if the bidens or hunter biden is taking money from foreign governments, or foreign companies, foreign entities, for, you know, these kinds of services would he have to register as a foreign agent? >> well conceivable. the fair statute registration act is actually a pretty complicated statute with lots of car bells but bottom line is you can't lobby on behalf of a foreign government or a foreign individual. that include corporations without announcing to the united states this is what you're doing and so, for hunter in particular, if he was doing some sort of, you know, pay to play
4:35 pm
type scheme or selling access to the vice president or promoting just some sort of agenda from inn chew all of that could trigger again lots of investigation has to go into that but one of the statutes that could be in play at least for him. >> how do you think this plays for him at home people are dealing with pandemic worried about making rent and next paycheck that kind of thing. does it really resonate with americans if the former vice president son is bring in 183k a month from a, you know, an overseas energy company? >> yeah i'm hoping for that job soon by the way, jon. but -- look, first of all you have to be aware of it. and i'm not sure that the entire public is aware or wants to be aware of it. but, i mean, i think the problem on more of a political level than a legal level is it is a really understandable bit of nepotism. a lot of people with go through lives point to that situation where, you know, the bad son, kind of a bad version of the
4:36 pm
tommy boy version movie, the bad son gets a job thoroughly unqualified for and makes more money than you so people kind of know that when they see if that they don't need a lot of legal expertise to figure that out and that is the story no matter how much lil fall away or don't. you know the fact is he was thoroughly unqualified to be on burisma board making like you said 183,000 a month. but baskly being a potted plant so again, that part is always going to smell bad too. i think fair minded people whether it rises to level of federal indictments a different question one we're not going to know in the two next weeks i don't think. >> you don't expect action from the fbi given that we are just over a week out from the election. >> i think they're going keep their heads down the most they'll do is acknowledge there's some sort of investigation but you i would nt expect any public pronouncement. >> jim trusty federal prosecutor. jim thanks for your insight. >> good seeing you jon. >> let's check in once again
4:37 pm
with steve in circleville, ohio, tonight we think we have our link to steve reestablished. steve there he is. good to see you, steve. >> jon a busy day for president trump moving between multiple battle ground states starting the day out in florida. then heading to north carolina, then here at ohio now on to wisconsin in each state hitting rural areas really trying to drive out the conservative vote in rural areas here in circleville just south of columbus the president making a stark contrast between a trump presidency which he said would lead to great economic recovery and a biden presidency which he said will lead to socialism and depression one of the key issues president trump hammered over and over again in light of the recent debate was vice president biden position on fracking. here's president trump. >> it been days from now we're beginning to win this great state and we're going to win four more years in the white house. remember last time about this
4:38 pm
state remember they said for year -- you cannot win unless you win the great state of ohio. but at the debate this week the american people saw the contrast between a 47-year politician who used his public office to enrich himself. >> jon, two impressions about this rally for one it was packed. thousands of people here many of them waiting six to eight hours just to get in to wait in the cold. the energy level was high. the other impression this is a state where there's a spike in covid cases. there was pretty much no social distancing involved so certainly a concerning situation as far as that goes. this is a state president trump won easily four year ago by 8% now a battle ground and president told supporters here he's going win ohio and he's going to win florida don't believe polls he says. jon back to you. jon: steve find out in a little more than a week. steve, thank you. alaska senator lisa murkowski
4:39 pm
saying vote yes to confirm judge amy coney barrett enthough republican opposes filling seat before the election. the senate is set to hold procedural vote on barrett's supreme court nomination tomorrow if it clears that hurdle as expected, a final confirmation vote could happen on monday night. lucas tomlinson explains the process. >> democrats boycotted the vote for judge amy coney barrett but showed up this weekend for rare session in the united states senate. chuck schumer says republicans will regret pushing through the nomination. senate majority leader said history is on his side. >> contradiction is glaring the contradiction will be astained on leaders forehead and on the entire republican caucus if it continues. >> legitimacy of an outcome is not depend on feelings it provokes. and politicians.
4:40 pm
legitimacy comes from precedence, rules and ultimately the constitution. we followed precedent in 2016 and we're follow precedent this week. >> republican senator joni ernst slammed chuck schumer. >> we're seeing a lot of political maneuvers shenanigan comes from democrat leader chuck schumer trying to draw this out call it illegitimate process which is absolutely incorrect it is a lijts legitimate process challenge me to show you in the constitution where it is not. >> alaska senator lisa murkowski opposed to confirmation vote this close to election day. susan collins republican lone no vote in the senate that gop majority vote to confirm amy coney barrett in simple majority needed to confirm a supreme court nominee. the senate will vote monday night to confirm judge amy coney barrett and not be voting on coronavirus relief bill.
4:41 pm
jon. jon: all right. thanks very much. in the moments president trump will speak at a rally in wisconsin. his third swing state of today. you can catch his remarks right here on fox news as soon as the president takes to the microphone. my name is henry. working within amazon transportation services, i really saw the challenge of climate change. we want to be sustainable, but when you have a truck covering over 300 miles, or you have flights going hundreds of miles, it's a bit more challenging. we are letting the data guide us to the best solution. it's inspiring to try to solve a problem that no one else has solved. that's super exciting.
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jon: here are some other headlines if from around globe in italy a new single day reported of coronavirus infection nearly 20,000. it comes as yiewrm battles second wave of virus. in poland police using tear gas and pepper spray on people protesting new coronavirus restrictions. authorities say some of the demonstrators threw bottles in afghanistan a suicide attack in kabul has killed at least 18 people and wounded more than 50. it happened outside of school no
4:46 pm
group has claimed responsibility. in nigeria unrest with 50 people killed the violence grew out of protest against police brutality. activist say soldiers shot and killed at least 12 protesters on tuesday. at the vatican pope francis receiving spanish prime minister pedro sanchez to exchange gifts and discuss the coronavirus pandemic and immigration. and in egypt voting for parliamentary reelection getting underway today as country faces spike in coronavirus cases election officials say masks will be handed out to voters. and that's a look at some stories from around the globe. president trump will soon speak in wisconsin as he looks to rally supporters in city of wausau with election day fast approaching live coverage of his remarks, coming up. you've still got game.
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jon: take a live look at wausau wisconsin a crowd is waiting to hear president trump speak at his third rally of the day. air force one will be swooping in there behind podium and president will be playing garrett is there with the crowd
4:51 pm
awaiting the president. garrett. >> yeah. jon president trump is running about an hour or so behind schedule and should be arriving here in next hour or so. for his rally in wausau this will be his fifth campaign visit to the state this year already and he'll be back again in the state on tuesday for another rally. joe biden meanwhile has only visited the state twice in the past two years. both of those visits coming last month despite that in the latest fox news poll, biden is leading in wisconsin. 49-44. , though, it is worth noting that puts president trump just within the polls margin of error and in a similar position to where he was in polls in 2016 before he ultimately won the state by less than a single point. like a lot of midwest, though, wisconsin is currently seeing a disturbing wave of the coronavirus. this week the state set records for the highest number of cases in the 7-day period highest average cases per day and the highest average virus related
4:52 pm
deaths per day. those trends are concerning because hospitals across the state are either already at capacity or close to it. here in wausau around 10,000 people are here for tonight's rally and i can tell you there are a lot more maskings than i've seen at recent rallies for the president, though, still not to the extent that public health experts would like see. jon. jon: garrett penny in wausau, wisconsin, president went a little long at rally in ohio running late tonight garrett, thank you. let's move on to final debate now, most americans seem to agree it was more civilized than the first. let's talk about whether it might sway any voters real clear politics white house supporter phillip joins us now. what do you think were a lot of minds changed phillip after thursday's debate? >> we're going to find out but what's interesting not j was this last debate of 2020 this was the last debate for donald trump ever. win or lose this was the end of
4:53 pm
an era. and republican are going to be cheered by the fact he was able to hit former vice president joe biden when it came to hunter biden and the laptop e-mails also very cheerful about the exchange on the oil industry. meanwhile democrats think they put up point on board with biden's argument about the coronavirus. and what is interesting here is that this is the final immediate contrast the two of them are going to be campaigning and earnest but they're not going to be toe to toe again by a last opportunity for them to make their case like you mention a second ago because of the mute button likely, the volume was much lower. jon: let's play that statement that joe biden issued right off almost off the top about the coronavirus and the trump administration handling of it. here it is. >> he says that we're, you know, we're learning to live with it. people are learning to die with it. you folks home will have an
4:54 pm
empty chair at the kitchen table this morning that man or wife going to bed tonight reaching over to try to touch their out of habit where their wife or husband was. is gone. learning to live with it, come on. we're dying with it. because he's never said he's said it is dangerous -- jon: i wonder fact that president down with coronavirus and recovered from it whether people are going to accept joe biden words at face value. >> joe biden clearly was making a case with empathy that's one of his trademarks there, and the line about living with it and diagnose with it. clearly it was prepackaged but it worked because of what we're seeing in a lot of these midwest states. but because of president trump's own diagnosis with covid because his own family also battled it, that gives him a bit of everyone empathy and own son and wife came down with that illness that
4:55 pm
likely is going to soften the blow there. because he can argue that he is himself an example of how things are getting better. this is not march or april in terms of how we know how to combat the virus in a we're in october now. >> quickly because we don't have much time. the former vice president said he would transition from the oil industry. did that hurt him? >> i think it did what's interesting is that biden had to walk that back. his campaign was very dwoik say that he didn't mean transcigging away from oil industry entirely. it was transition from subsidies to the oil industry look this is joe biden he makes a lot of gaffes find out if vote reverse going to be turned off by that. so far polling shows that they are not worried. >> phillip from real clear politics. phillip thank you. and we'll be right back. well, actually...we're from a lot of places. you see we're from here and there and here...
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white house chief of staff mark meadows. io congressman jim jordan, and peter schweizer of breitbart news. i'm jon scott. the president will speak soon. we'll have his remarks live. [♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. president trump expected to take the stage in the battle ground state of wisconsin tonight for his third and final rally of the day. he also had rallies in. joe: and north carolina. last saturday we told you the tide was turning in the campaign. trump recovered from the virus and returned to campaigning. and biden got rocked by a imagine sca a


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