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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 24, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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started yelling at supporters. admitted to committing voter fraud accidentally. kamala harris doesn't know what city she is in and the president did rallies in three battlegrounds. i'm watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: welcome to "justice," i'm judge jeanine pirro. the president is on his way to the next battleground state of ws and you will see it live within the hour. you have 10 days to decide the fate of this great nation. think long and hard. your destiny depends on your choice. whether you like president trump or joe biden doesn't matter. if you think it's time to hire a person for the oval office who has done nothing in washington for 47 years.
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who cannot point to one domestic or foreign policy success. if you think a man mentioned by a segregationist who opposed bugs and wrote the law that literally put a generation of young african-americans he called predators in prison with financial incentives to keep them behind bars, even proud of saying he lined the idea of keeping them in jail longer. but had the opportunity in the next quarter century to do something about it and did nothing. not even condiment. even when he was a heart both away from the first black president and black attorney general who could have done something about it. if you think a imagine who plagiarized his way through college lying about scholarships and class standing, and still in 1987 running for president uses a campaign stump speech from a
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famous writer over and over again. if you think a man on both sides of an issue either because he's too bum to comprehend the issue, or so clueless to remember what he said before, or he has no moral core and will do anything to win. if you think a man who remained silent for 100 days as neighborhood cities and businesses are december floitd name of something justice by so-called woke warriors who act out their cry for social just states while looting businesses hostles life savings and drea dream -- hose lif whose life sae in those businesses. if you think it's time we put someone in the oval office who thinks everything about america is dark, dreary and depresents
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pressing in the past and the future. and wants to educate our kids to that doctrine. if 2 want a woman d if you want a woman a heartbeat away from that guy who speaks of the harris administration while presidential candidate biden is so out of it that even talks of the harris administration, you have to ask yourself. does he even know what's in store for him or is he truly the trojan horse that will turn this nation into a socialist one. if you think we need someone in the oval who thinks the answer to the coronavirus and america's problems is to shut down again while the airline industry barely hangs on with 15% capacity and the hotel and
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travel industry about to collapse. this guy's answer to the problem is to put up plexiglas. plexiglas? where in the restaurants aren't even open. and as for the virus itself. platitudes are great. but he offered nothing that is different from the sitting president other than being months late to the game. if you think we need someone in the oval who doesn't have the stamina and who is too frail, too weak, who hides in the basement and doesn't have the wherewithal to campaign for dog catcher, let alone the highest office in the land who can't even come out of his basement to join annex presiden an even ex-s campaigning for him. hunter, james, patrick
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collecting a piece of the action going to the big guy who parlays our foreign policy to match their corrupt financial goals. whose son runs around the world with a vacuum sucking up millions from return, ukraine, china, kazakhstan and more. whose family has no problem doing deals with the chinese party while the big guy is in office, then joe biden is your guy. the only corruption in ukraine was joe biden using our money to get a president in ukraine to fire the prosecutor investigating his son's company. that's corruption. bind is such a hair-brained fool, he corroborates and admits the scheme. i don't know about you. but i want a president who respects our american history and expected american citizens
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to respect the law, who doesn't' believe a baby born alive isn't infant cried. i want a president who is going to draw a line in the sand and fire back when they cross it. a president who doesn't mamby. a man who doesn't give a damn about the color of your skin and a man who believes crimes have consequences and the rules are to be followed. who believes in the
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constitution. the right of free speech. not limited by this hogwash political correctness. who believes in religious freedom. who refuses to allow churches to be shut down. who believes we have a constitutional right to practice our religion and go to houses of worship, even during a pandemic. who believes in one nation under god. a man who made me proud to say merry christmas even at a decibel higher. there is only one man, one person who stood fast against the onslaught of attacks and lies. a man with uncommon stamina, and energy, and sought to fight the dark forces that seek to tear down freedom. a man who brings transparency to a nation cloud in darkness and
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chaos. a man who never waivers in his determination to make america proud, strong, and yes great again. and that man is the president of the united states, donald j. trump. you have 10 days. and that's my open. let me know what you think on facebook page and twitter, #judgejeanine. if you liked my open, you will like my new book, "don't lie to me." here with reaction to my open and much more. senate judiciary chairman lindsey graham. you often said this is a choice election. what's your take on my open? >> you nailed it. it's a choice between higher taxes, lower taxes, open borders, healthcare for illegal immigrants.
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conservative judges versus liberal judges, a strong military versus weak foreign policy. let me just say this. imagine four more years of president trump with a republican senate, 250 judges confirmed, three supreme court justices. four more years managing the tax codes, building the military and putting conservative judges on the court excites me about a second term of donald trump. judge jeanine: you just completed judiciary hearings on amy coney barrett. kudos to you. nothing distracted you. you ran a tight ship. what's the schedule now. when will the vote be? and do you have the vote? >> we have the votes, judge. we are going to vote on judge
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barrett monday evening. we have i think every republican but one. she is the most highly qualified nominee i have seen in my life. she is a conservative woman who embraced her faith. but she is not going to apply the law of amy on the rest of us. i think she'll be on the court early next week. this is one of the most significant accomplishments for president trump. a constitutional conservative on the court. this makes three. this is why we are in this business. this is why we work so hard. this is why we put up with all the b.s., for moments like this. this is a big deal, america. thank you, president trump. judge jeanine: and thank you for the way you handled it. i want to talk about what happened with joe biden in the debate when he talked about oil and the impact you think his transitioning out of soil is
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going to be in the election. >> it's going to destroy our economy. if we go out of the oil and gas business, millions of americans will lose their jobs. everybody who produces oil in the middle east will be stronger. we'll lose our energy independence. if we go down the road chart by biden-harris, china and india will be the biggest winners. to destroy the oil and gas business will be a boon for the middle east. it will make us energy dependent. it's the dumbest idea in the world. the radical nature of the biden-harris regime would make us dependent on people in the middle east who hate our guts. my opponents raised $109 million to take me out. they want the senate so badly. they are trying to destroy this president.
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he's the best president we have had since ronald reagan. you don't want america to be out of the oil and gas business and dependent on the middle east all over again. help me. judge jeanine: i understand that's the most money that's been raised in american history for a senatorial race. judge jeanine: why? >> they hate my guts. i stood up for kavanaugh when they tried to destroy the man's life. i have been a friend of president trump. the unpardonable sin is to help this man who has been a hell of a president. now i'm helping judge barrett. every liberal in the country is spending money in south carolina. south carolina is not for sale.
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but i need people hop are watching this program to go to don't let liberals buy south carolina. judge jeanine: the amy coney barrett hearing was one of your finest moments. getting her nominated before election day will be incredible. thanks for being with us. and good luck. president trump speaking now at a rally in wisconsin. let's listen in live. [♪]
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president trump: thank you very much. look at that. look where that goes. oh, boy. boy oh boy. [crowd chants usa] president trump: thank you very much. hello, wisconsin. thank you very much. what a great crowd. what a place. we had such luck here four years ago. and i have a feeling we'll win by even more. i think. i really believe that. we'll win by even more. we are having a good time here. you are building all those ships and the other stuff i gave. all of that military equipment. 10 days from now we are going to win this state and we are going to win four more great years in the white house.
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[cheers and applause] president trump: just so you know. do you think there are a lot of people here? there's 20,000 and 25,000 trying to get in. would anybody like to give them their place? no? at the debate this week the american people saw the contrast between a 47-year-old career politician who used public office to enrich himself and a businessman who entered the public space to do a great job for our country and our people. right? did anybody see the debate by any chance? i shouldn't say this. 91% to 9%. i said how did the 9% get in
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there. the last half century joe biden has been outsourcing your jobs, opening your borders and sacrificing american blood and treasure in endless ridiculous foreign wars. i fight for the middle class. i think biden is fighting for hunter. for the family. biden and his cronies. what they have done is a disgrace. and frankly what the media has done is more of a disgrace. think of it. there has never been -- there has never been a more egregious assault on our people and our country than what the media is doing. they refuse to write about his corruption. and they will write anything.
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they will write falsely about us. but they refuse to write about his corruption. now you can add big tech. section 230. add big tech. in 016 ws voted to fire this depraved establishment you elected. and an outsider who is finally putting america first. i had a -- i had a much easier life than this. i didn't know the swamp was that deep and that vicious. they spied on my campaign. they did all sorts of things, nobody could believe it. it never happened ever in the history of our country. and no president -- this should never ever be allowed to happen to another president. let's see what happens.
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now on top of it we have the biden deal. pretty crazy. you know what? nobody, no administration -- listen to that sound coming from so far away. [lock him up chanted by the crowd] president trump: this should not happen to another president. they spied on our campaign long before we won. even worse, after we won that's when it really got going. a bunch of really crooked bad people. but that draining the swamp, one by one. one by one. but you never told me it was going to be hike this. -- like this. you work hard, raise your families, follow our laws,
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support your church, support your community, and you give your love and loyalty to this country. now, you finally have a president who is loyal to you in return. and i am. and by the way, there is some interesting they can happening. look at them back there. look at all those cameras. they are raring to go. look at all those lights. they are very nervous when i'm talking. that red light is on. they say get ready to turn it off. get ready to turn it off. but they are seeing things happening. florida is looking great. they are saying what's going on in florida? they are saying what's going on in north carolina. it's looking great. it's looking fantastic.
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it's looking great. what's going on? pennsylvania is looking great. pennsylvania. we are a little worried about philadelphia, a lot of bad things happened in philadelphia over the years. i love philadelphia, i went to school in "philadelphia." but there are a lot of things going on in philadelphia. and iowa is looking fantastic. nebraska looking great. the whole farmers are looking good. we did a lot for the farmers. $28 billion to the farmers directly from china. thank you very much. looking good. michigan today. right? you saw that. 2 points up in michigan. and a place called wisconsin. ever hear of wisconsin?
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way up. it's looking good. let's see what happens. they are getting a little nervous. the big dudes. they don't like this. they said this wasn't supposed to happen. this is going even faster than it did four years ago. remember that? remember that great evening? remember that? we started with you very early. they announced you very early. they announced wisconsin very early. but they have florida. florida has gone to donald trump. they are going, what happened? we were supposed to lose florida by a lot. easily, actually. remember ohio? i just left ohio. we got you your football. congratulations today. ohio they had congratulations. ohio state did great. i wouldn't want to come to one of these two places if you lost a game. just so you know, i got big 10
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back. i also got the pac12 back. sleepy joe biden, i was work on china and other things. but they put out an ad or something that i was responsible for canceling big 10 football? i said what the hell do i have to do with it? so i said tell me about big 10. they said, sir, it was tim, where is tim? he did a hell of a job. anyway, i bring these young geniuses on. i said tim, we have got to get it back. what do i have to do with it? what happened? it was canceled for the season. i said why? these are young, strong guys. like barron trump. he got it. he got it.
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they may not be as tall as barron and he's 14. but these are young strong people. barron tested positive. i said how are you doing? he said i think i'm fine. what's wrong. about 15 minutes later, i said doc, how's he doing? he said he's perfect. it's all gone. it was so fast. young, strong immune systems. go back to school. let's go back to school. go back to school. it's true. tested positive. then i said house he doing, doc. he's fine. the first lady had it and she is doing well. i had it, and here i am. here i am. in wisconsin. got to get back. we got to bring our country, wisconsin, pennsylvania, what do
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they have in common? north carolina, democrat governors who want to keep -- watch, november 4 they will all announce you are open for business. we are open. you notice they always go case, cases. you know why cases? because we do more testing than anybody. so barron is a case. he's a case. 99.9. you know that, right? barron is a case. it's crazy. they say cases jumped. if we did half the testing we would have half the cases. if they cut that in half we would have another half cut. we have the greatest testing in the world. but the fake news talks about that. mortality rate down 85% because what we have done is incredible. what our doctors have done is
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incredible. it's incredible. so i got it. they said, sir, excuse me, sir, you just tested positive. i said tested positive for what? what the hell do i have? they said you tested positive, sir, covid. i said you mean the china plague? that's where it comes from. i didn't feel so great. and i told the story two times in the last three days. i have done a number of these, you know. you know why? because we can't take any chances. we have to win. some people said how the hell do you do this? but there is a lot of love here. when there is love you can do it. there is a lot of l love. it's right. there is love, right? rick? is that rick? myrick.
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[crowd chants "we love trump"] president trump: i don't mind doing it. people say how do you do this? in the last two to five days i'm going to five of these. after it's over i am going back home and if you don't mind, i'm going to sleep a little while. one thing i learned, when you are the president of the united states, there is no shortage of doctors. i am not feeling good. film this bed. i haven't felt bad in a long time. but i didn't feel good, and i just tested positive. i'm surrounded by 12 doctors. the best in the world. johns hopkins university, johns hopkins. great brilliant place. walter reed medical center. the greatest place. i'm telling you, these doctors,
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they are great. i had so many doctors and each one of them studied different parts of the body. i had a moment where almost every one of them was touching me simultaneously. i didn't like it. i didn't like it. anyway, i said, doc, i want to get out of here, i want to campaign. i am in the midst of a campaign against sleepy joe. can you imagine losing to this guy? i said i have got to get going. they said, sir, this is serious, you have got to take it easy for a while. i said i can't. they gave me a thing called regeneron. we are making it available to anybody who needs it as soon as we can. we are doing emergency use. they gave me regeneron and i wake up the next morning and i felt like superman. i ripped my shirt off. i want to go back. we got to go and beat china and
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we have got to beat everybody. we got to do that. i felt like superman. it's amazing. they did a great job. but we have got to get our country back to work. we have got to get your state open. pennsylvania, north very, michigan. the only one that has freedom in michigan is the governor's husband. he's allowed to go boating and do whatever he wants. buff we won that big case. the supreme court of michigan found it unconstitutional what she was doing. she was locking everybody up. and it's opening. i think that's one of the reasons i'm doing so well in michigan because we are fighting her and we are fighting it. bottom line, we have to be vigilant and careful. and we have to get our lives back. we have to take our country back. it's going away, it's rounding
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the turn. the vaccines are coming. they are going to be really great. the therapeutics are amazing. either i got better myself or it was one hell of a medicine. i'll tell you. i don't care which it was. but here i am and we got back very quickly. took a little time off. and i actually probably feel better now than i did before the thing happened. so i prernate you. an incredible crowd of people this time of the night. and the people outside -- there are even more people outside. it's a fantastic feeling. president obama came on to the scene today. barack hussein obama arrived to help joe, because joe is doing about -- i'm doing numerous of these a day. in the last two or three days, i
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said let's do five. we can't take a chance. these aren't five like say hello to five people. these are 25,000, 41,000. the only thing that stops us is the configuration or we could have triple the number. in ohio we could have had four times the number. the people' in the streets. something is going on. and they sight. something is going on. i had a quick press conference in the plane. you have got to get ready. they are always going for the kill. every question is the kill. let's see if you get him with this one. they have been trying for a lot of years. they have been trying for a lot of years. on the plane they said these crowds are incredible, it's
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amazing. one of them said something is going on, and something is going on. there is a spirit for our country -- i don't even think you saw this -- as good fast four years ago, that was incredible, the best ever. the best ever. this is much better. this is stronger. this is stronger than it ever was. there has never been anything like it. so barack hussein obama showed up to help sleepy joe because sleepy joe is only capable of doing one of these every two or three or four days. and he never leaves delaware. i like delaware very much. joe biden. i said where is he going to be? he will be in delaware, two minutes from his house. two minutes from the basement. i get a call and they said sir,
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i have bad news. barack hussein obama is going to come in and start campaigning for sleepy joe. i said let me ask you this. he's coming in, first of all, he didn't endorse him. then after he won he wouldn't endorse him. it took him a long time. you know why? obama was? in shock that this guy won. he was in shock. it took him about two months to figure out what the hell happened. first he said joe you don't have to do this. joe, don't do this. please, joe. and don't forget, this is the second or third attempt. when he was in primetime which was never very good. but in primetime he got 1%. we used to call him 1% joe. now that it's 50%.
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he's at 50%. at 50% he wins. is politics crazy or what? on the debate, the last question about oil. right? and i was proud of myself because i was very nice. i got credit for being nice. i got a lot of credit. a lot of credit. the first time i was more aggressive, which is what i like better. but you know who liked my performance the first time better? the hispanics. 78%. they loved the first one. they are tough, smart. but you know, so we go through the whole thing. he made a couple of mistakes. but it wasn't bad. then the last question happened. i said are you looking to get off oil? and he said yes. we have to do that.
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i said, oh, you do? this is a big moment. and i said i hope you are watching texas within pennsylvania, and you don't have to worry about it as much. but you want to keep your gasoline down and heating bills down. but ohio is watching, too, because they do a lot of tracking. then i played the clip some of you saw. i think it might be too cold to put it up if you want to know the truth. he said all the way along he talked about flacking flack -- d about fracking. he says we'll not frack under any circumstance. basically's against oil. texas, he's against oil, guns and god. then the fake news said, they are doing very well in texas. and i don't think it's even. i speak to the governor, the governor says it's not even.
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but how can you be against oil, right? guns, second amendment, and god. that's not a good -- that doesn't work either here. does it. anyway, so he said he's against fracking. then he gets the nomination because elizabeth pocahontas, a super liberal decided she hated bernie and wanted to destroy bernie. this guy should get the award for sportsmanship. it's right? he always takes it so well. he doesn't find losing. he doesn't mind losing. he's a good sport. she if she had today gone the out before super tuesday, she took votes away from him. he would have won every single state, and instead of sleepy joe we would have had crazy bernie.
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but bernie revealed that joe wanted to break up social security. you can't do that and be a politician. a lot of politicians are now lying by the wayside, having wanted to break -- wanted to break up social security and medicare. we have senate clip and i played it the last time. buff this will be in my opinion the most important election in the history of our country. i really believe that. because our country will never be a socialist nation. it will never be a socialist nation. that's where they want to take you. with your vote we'll continue to bring back your jobs, lower drug prices -- [crowd chants "four more years"]
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president trump: i don't think it many cold here. they said, sir, it's 32 degrees. we have a lot of warmth in here. but we are going to support our police, protect our second amendment. we'll protect our second amendment, defend our borders. they want open borders. if you don't have borders you don't have a country. insure more products are proudly stamped with that beautiful phrase, made in the usa. we'll deliver record prosperity -- you have got to get out and vote. i'm out here, what the hell time is it? it's freezing. if i don't win this state i'm going to come back and be very angry at you. epic job growth, groundbreaking therapies, a safe vaccine that quickly ends the pandemic.
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with or without it, great companies, but we are rounding the turn. it drives them crazy when i say that. cases, cases, always cases. they don't use the other words. i don't want to talk about the other words. i thought sleepily joe was very dark when he talked about a dark winter. how terrible was that? they say you sound too optimistic. that right. that's right. because i love this country. we are hotr optimists. -- we are optimists. you know what? i said it at the debate. i don't want to put myself in a basement in the white house or frankly in a beautiful bedroom in the white house upstairs and lock myself in for a year and a half. because we have work to do. we don't have that luxury. we can't put ourselves in a basement and say, no, we have to get out. we are running a great country. our country next we are will be
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greater than ever before. look at what's happening. our economy will be greater than ever before. you had the best year you have ever had last year. you had the best year economically than you have everr had. you are safe. but almost -- he can say it almost anywhere i go. joe can't remember anything. just say every state in the country had the best year they ever had last year. you will have a better year this year coming up. the atlanta fed projected -- they may be wrong, but i think the highest ever was 7% or 8%. 35% gdp increase. 35%. nobody has ever heard of that. i told somebody, i'll take 25 right now. 35%. if it's 20 or 15, if it's anything like that.
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but they projected friday 35% gdp. it come out on november 1. so i'm willing to say hold your vote. if it comes out at 25 they will say president trump failed to deliver. i gave working families record-setting tax cuts, the biggest tax cut in the history of our country. and sleepy joe wants to raise the hell out of your taxes. you know, i haven't been doing this have long. but i have always been in politics. i have always been on the other side. but i watched for a long time. i always watched politicians, we'll cut your taxes. here is a politician, we'll raise your taxes. what the hell? i never heard it before? he's the only politician i have
9:42 pm
ever seen that's going to give you the largest tax increase in the history of our country. it's a quadrupling of taxes. and he will put all the regulations back. i think the regulations might have been more important thanked the tax cuts. but all of those things, it takes 20 years to get a highway approved. we have it down to one. you may get rejected by the environment or safety reasons. but he's the only politician i have ever seen saying he's going to raise your taxes. who the hell wants that? they will get your second amendment. they will obliterate your second amendment. think of what they want to do. as long as i'm here, your second amendment is safe. as long as i'm here. as long as i'm here your tax cuts are safe.
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they want to take away your child tax credits. it's a thousand dollars a child. we got you. as long as i'm here, all of that. because it has to go through the president. so you don't have to worry about it. the election is a choice between a trump super recovery or a biden depression. if he gets in with this craziness. you know where the money is going? to the green new deal. they want to rip down thousands of buildings and rebuild them with very small windows. i want my beautiful window. i want my view. i don't want small windows. it's the craziest thing. conceived and dedicated by aoc plus three. i don't think she ever studied the environment in school. did aoc take a course in
9:44 pm
environment? the great ric grenell. does everybody know ric? he's phenomenal. he will walk into the justice department. he was loaded up. he gave them so much stuff. i didn't know you were going to be here, ric. thank you, everybody. it's a choice between a trump boom and a biden lockdown. he was saying -- we are not locking anything down. we understand this disease. we'll be taking care of our seniors and people who are susceptible. especially seniors with diabetes. with problems with the heart. if somebody is sick with a heart problem and die of covid, they say they died of a heart problem. if somebody is terminally ill with cancer and they have covid, we report them.
9:45 pm
and doctors get more money and hospitals get more money. think of this incentive. some countries do it differently. if somebody is very sick with a bad heart, they die of covid, they don't get reported as koa individual. the countries and their reporting systems are not doing it right. if somebody has a bad heart and they are close to death within they get covid, they put it down to covid. we are going to start looking at things. they have things a little bit backwards. they have things a little bit backyards. joe biden has made a corrupt bargain in exchange for his party's nomination. he has handed control of his party over to the socialist, communist, marxist and left-wing extremists, and they are. and they are filled with whai tread, venom and rain.
9:46 pm
you look at portland. you look at the anarchists. we want to go into portland so bad. we go to minnesota, we go in and what we have done in minnesota and what we have done all over. but we have to be invited in. but minneapolis, a week and a half they are burning the hell out of the place. then we -- kenosha, do i love kenosha. i got endorsement of the sheriff. i don't know if the sheriff is here. is the sheriff here? i love that sheriff. we got the endorsement of even. kenosha. you wouldn't have a kenosha if there wasn't a trump. that one we didn't wait. we have to been righted in. the governor was very nice. he did call and said you can come in. i said i wish you would have
9:47 pm
called a week ago. but we went in and solved the problem. i came back a little while later and when met all the law enforcement that did such a good job. you wouldn't have a kenosha right now. they burnt down a few stores. we are working to get it build back up. we did a great job. but we went into minneapolis also. that was a week and a half. it was terrible the damage that was done. but it was a beautiful thing. the world's most expensive uniforms. they have helmets that cost a fortune. there are computers in those helmets. you have one, two, not socially distanced. and then you had another line, another line. and these were really bad people and you had c in n -- whoops, the light just went off. as soon as they hear the word cnn the light goes off. you had the cnn shaved his head.
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maybe i will do my hair that way. [crowd chants "cnn sucks"] president trump: you have cnn and the guy, i don't know who he is, he's in minneapolis. and i'm reporting from minneapolis. where it's a very peaceful demonstration. you look behind him and the entire city is burning up. it looked like berlin on its worst day and he's talking, it's peaceful. then he got hit on the knee by a cannister of tear gas. and he went down. i felt badly that he was down. okay? i felt badly that he was down. he got hit by i think pepper spray or a cannister of tear gas. i have never seen anyone go down
9:49 pm
so fast. then these guys lined up, they lined up, four lines, very tight. beautiful looking people. then they just walked. that was the end of it. it ended. the only thing easier would be portland. those are anarchists. and it would be so easy. they have been burning down that city for 15 years. portland. it would be so easy. if biden wins, the flag burning rioters on the streets will be running your federal government. i signed a law, you knock down a statue or a monument, you go to jail for 10 years. it's amazing what that did. did you notice it all stopped? you know they were coming in all over the country. they were knocking down a to yous. he said abe lincoln.
9:50 pm
i said what did lincoln do wrong. george washington. they wanted to take count washington monument. i said no, thank you. i think we'll keep it. this elect day the people of wisconsin must stop these anti-american radicals by giving joe biden a thundering defeat at the ballot box. it's not biden. look. it's not biden. you know that. it's the people that totally control him. he won't be there long. they love their vice president. she is the on one considered much further left than crazy bernie. okay? she was so nasty and horrible to him. and i said he will never pick her because what she said about him was so terrible. and then he picked her. i don't know what's going on with that party. that party is a mess.
9:51 pm
but their numbers are dropping like a rock. and mine are going up. i don't know which is more important mine going up or theirs dropping. but they were saying, do you any comment as to what's going on with the numbers? i said i told you this was going to happen. you don't remember four years ago? this will just be a bigger version. we'll win by a lot more. biden is constantly lies, he says he wants to fund the police, he's going to leave the police alone. he also won't tell you the truth about his decades long quest to cut social security and medicare. but we have tapes. one on the police and one on social security and medicare. please play the video. see, i did video.
9:52 pm
>> job staffer to help bail out accused criminals. kamala harris is work with investigators, the criminals get out of jail. [inaudible] >> i have had joe whelming support from burisma until thissier. >> we can redirect some of the funding for police. do we agree we can redirect some of the funding. >> absolutely. >> a question, joe, have you been on the floor of the senate, you ran the senate for a few years. time and time again talking about the northeast of cutting social security, cutting medicare and cutting veterans programs? >> no. >> you never said that in. >> no. >> when i argued we should freeze social spending i meant
9:53 pm
social security as well, i meant veterans benefits. i meant he single thing in 9 federal government. judge jeanine: i think leo terrell is joining me now. leo, you are listening to this rally. you have to say thatton beside being an incredible president, is an incredible performer. he many literally putting on a show for this audience that's out of their mind. >> i would say you are 100% right. i have been in the battleground states all week for this man. the fans are energized. they love him because he puts country first. that man is the energized bunny. this go traveled four states. i want to tell you. black voters in the battleground
9:54 pm
states are moving towards donald trump. he's going to win this election hands down. ien * well, you know when you talk about whether it's black voters or anyone else. he seems to be clear the numbers on the other side are going down. his numbers are going up. and he continues with his argument about taking care of minorities the way no other president has. even the last black president. >> the platinum plan, $500 billion of capitallen investment in the black community. but you are right. this man delivered in 3 1/years. what's happening right now is that debate was disastrous for joe biden. everybody knows trumping is winning. trump is going to win because of joe biden trying to eliminate the oil industry and fracking. he has the momentum. michigan, ohio, north carolina. i went to those states this
9:55 pm
week. this man has the momentum. he's going to win. by the way, i already voted for him. judge jeanine: that's a shock. let's listen back into the president. president trump: what was happening with minority communities and hispanic. some of the answers he gave were so bad. in just four democrat-run community, over a thousand african-americans were murder last year. joe biden and the radical left totally ignore these victims, i never will. biden wants to abolish cash bail releasing 400,000 criminalsen to the streets. he wants to eliminate mandatory minimum sentencing. biden would continue the entire country into one giant sanctuary
9:56 pm
for criminal aliens. one giant sanctuary. it's so bad. it's so dangerous. our police are so against it. before i came into office. corrupt washington politicians callously turned a blind eye to criminal imangs who broke into our country, tear rides our communities and prayed upon innocent americans including ms-13 gangs. by the way, if we didn't have our border patrol and if we didn't have i.c.e., they would be running rampant all over our cities and states. we removed thousands and thousands of ms-13 and brought them the hell out of our country. thousands. i.c.e. are the heroes, they really are. they love their country and they see some of my friends up here
9:57 pm
to tell me you don't want the job. he will go into what they call a nest and all of a sudden you see this flying and you see everything going and our guys walk out and they bring them out. sometimes they can bring them out. they are so dangerous you want to take a chance chance for comeback so we end up putting them in jail for a long time where it's not a good situation because we have to pay a fortune for it but we can't bring them back because we don't trust the places where bringing them. today we are tremendously honored to be joined in more than 300 brave men and women in law enforcement. [applause] i especially want to recognize a very special person. he's a national latino police officers milwaukee chapter of fantastic man patios of the eternal order of police and said two of the national college.
9:58 pm
i have the endorsement of these groups and almost every group all over the country. new york city's finest endorse me, the first time they have ever endorsed a presidential candidate. [cheers and applause] and all they want to do is do their job if they want to do their job but they don't want to do their job and lose their pensions lose their families and lose their lives. chicago police endorse me. florida, texas, oklahoma. every place. i asked joe in one of the debates first of all i said joe just name one law enforcement group that is endorsing you. he couldn't do it and then i said joe say the words law and order. just say the words and he couldn't do it. no, i don't want to do that. really you don't want to do that? and we are saving the suburbs. they say president trump may not be doing well. i said i think i'm doing very well.
9:59 pm
[cheers and applause] i was given a phony interview so i release the whole tape. that was pretty cool actually. you could see how horrible these people are. i was giving an interview in the person doing it who cares by the person doing it said you are pleading with suburban women. i said please, please like me. i said suburban women you should love me for what i'm doing because i'm saving the suburbs. i'm saving the suburbs. unless you want a project near you and they have the beautiful little houses and by the way 30% of the people living in the suburbs are minority groups, african-american, asian-american hispanic american.
10:00 pm
judge jeanine: you've been watching president trump live in wisconsin. i'm judge jeanine pirro advocating for truth justice and the american way. i will see you next saturday but he can catch me on greg: hello. think of election day day is niagara falls. as we barreled toward it it's fun to see the eludes losing what's left of their minds and what's left of their pants. once again it's amazing how hologram technology can be animated. >> i'm tired of the thought that we are now going to repeat the month of march and april this country a country that should have learned something but which in large part has been unauthorized to wallow in dyer in its own stupidity because of one man, one


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