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tv   The Cost Trump China and American Revival  FOX News  October 25, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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china, foreign policy, biden economics you get poor and they get richer but that's all for tonight. see you next sunday when the next revolution will be televised. ♪ maria: it was the dawn of the new era for america as the country's 45th president, donald j trump, was inaugurated on january 20, 2017 with promises to upend the political establishment and put america first. >> we are transferring power from washington dc and giving it back to you the people. maria: three months into his new terms this former billionaire, real estate developer from queens, new york was facing massive resistance from washington's establishment and the media outside and the entrenched government inside. >> we are calling on the fbi to
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do a expedited investigation into the financial, personal and political ties of the trump, donald trump and the trump administration to the russians. maria: but as an opponent or spreading falsehoods about his involvement with russia trump would focus on a different competitor, china. ♪ maria: at his luxurious mara lago resorts in florida the new leader of the free world would host the man plotting to put china back on top, newly named dictator for life xi jinping. >> we are now having dessert and we have the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that we've ever seen and president xi is enjoying it. ♪ maria: president trump was souring the chinese showering the chinese decorator and luxury
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as he delivered a stunning exit. >> i was given the message from the generals that the ships are locked and loaded. maria: was that plan, how did that come about that it was happening right then because right there you are saying a reminder here is the superpower in the world? >> i said mr. president, let me explain something to you. this is during dessert. we just fired 59 missiles. >> informing that the united states was launching a strike in syria to punish the regime there are use of capital weapons and said we want a good relationship with china but the united states will be more assertive. maria: the meeting between the leaders of the two largest economies also allowed the entire world into an early window into the unconventional presidency and the threat he faced. ♪
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maria: the united states may never have another commander and chief as loved and educated as donald trump. it is hard to imagine one being subjected to as many investigations. good evening i'm maria bartiromo and i stand here in new york city, the capital of the financial world, where the real estate tycoon build his empire. the businessman campaigned for the highest office in the land as a dealmaker who had the smarts and the edge to improve the lives of every american. wall street journal editor james freeman and i did and an accounting in her new book, the cost and found not only is donald trump and underrated chief executive but the abuse of federal investigative power against him is the greatest scandal of his era. in a candid never before heard interview for our book the president shares his frustration with the russia probe, plus the
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back story of his trump negotiations with china. ♪ >> i would put 100%, 150% of my energy into making our country rich again. they say don't say that. that's not nice. you're talking about money. you talk about rich. >> my father is the opposite of politically correct. he says what he means and he means what he says. ♪ maria: the moment donald trump stepped off that golden escalator to announce his campaign for president he unleashed a raw tie lose that brought blue-collar voters. >> i will bring back jobs from china, from mexico, from japan and so any places that i will bring back our jobs and will
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bring back our money. >> the central argument of his candidacy and when he came down that is later one of the things he said was -- >> i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created but i tell you that. ♪ >> i think what he did is set the table for outstanding expansion of opportunity for workers and for economic growth. maria: the key part of his platform for economic revival was to change the relationship with china which began with that fancy dinner at mara lago in april 2017 when the president start to set in motion major changes to america's china policy, even if it went unmentioned over chocolate cake and florida his message was clear. >> what happens is i said we just sent missiles heading toward syria and i want you to
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know that. we didn't want him to go home and i had almost finished and i then the sun the guy you just had -- he paused for ten secon seconds. maria: the president wanted to begin a new relationship with his chinese counterparts with honesty about his foreign policy strategy and his response to syria's chemical attacks on its own people. >> then he asked the interpreter to please say it again. i did not think that was a good sign. he said to me, anybody that uses gases to do that to young children and babies is okay. he was okay with that. i think he understood the message. >> i think people in china wish that xi jinping with mistreatment with all people is acceptable but didn't knowledge the president was more than
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justified in responding. maria: trump clearly understood that the competitor he faced on the other side of the table, especially given china's partnership with russia and iran. they were both allies of syria. >> i think that moment at mara lago really told the government in china and americans and people around the world that we wanted a good relationship with china but it was going to chan change. maria: trump surprised during the meeting with xi jinping and set the tone for working with china's communist leader. up next, president trump takes us behind the scenes of the negotiating table between the white house and the chinese in an exclusive never before released interview. ♪
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♪ maria: the mar-a-lago meeting between president of a chinese dictator xi jinping ended with plans to work out a trade deal in the next 100 days. instead, the next three years
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would be a game of will. >> beijing now requires many american businesses to hand over their trade secrets as the cost of doing business in china. >> this country and the regime seeks to surpass us and replace the united states is the dominant superpowers. >> they have taken advantage of us as a country for so long and they are so far ahead, on average this country is losing more than $500 billion a year with china. maria: president trump complained that the current trade agreements had the u.s. losing half a trillion dollars a year and within a year trump was slapping tariffs on imported washing machines and solar panels and steel and aluminum. china fought back imposing tariffs on u.s. airplanes and soybeans but trump came back again with even more and on it went. stock rebounding after a volatile first day of the second quarter, major industries weighed down by technology, selloffs and escalating trade tensions. the u.s. and china in the trade
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fight made headlines moved markets for the much bigger problem was theft. i spoke to former microsoft president steve ballmer and greg brown among others who explained the cost. 90% of companies are using microsoft operating platform and only 1% are paying for it. >> without any pressure from the us government we're talking about $10 billion plus for example in microsoft that would go into profit. if you want to compete in china you have to usually turn over your intellectual property to a local alliance. quite frank leaving made the decision, i made the decision, about eight years ago to essentially get out of china. maria: in motorola's case data was set to be stolen and transferred directly to the chairman of huawei technologies one of china's alleged biggest offenders of intellectual property theft. the chinese leadership all the while refused to admit to any theft at all. you say there've been no issues
7:15 pm
with while weight is just 100% inaccurate. i just listed the number of companies that have sued you for stealing trade secrets and the settlements that you've gotten. [crowd boos] maria, i did not disagree with the facts of those cases. maria: okay. ♪ >> china wants to sit at the head of the table and has a plan in the international marketplace. maria: the ministration ban federal agencies from using huawei while issuing a warning to other countries. >> there is a country adopted with political information system so we won't be able to share information with them. >> it's an arm of the chinese, and his party and massively subsidized so it can undercut western companies and competitors but that is on its way to insinuate itself into the united states and ultimately the entire western telecommute occasion system. maria: today at least 30 countries have now banned huawei by the spring of 2019 trade talks intensified again and the u.s. refused to back down to china. in an exclusive interview the president sat up behind the
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curtain. >> i said take a walk from the deal. immediately walk. let's find out what the points but i do not you have to hear the points. i know what the points will be. you can't go into china. so they go into this beautiful room and they have for, you know, boards. everything done professionally with these people. one of the boards said we won't do fact intellectual property theft. we won't do opening up, little thing like opening up china britt oic will not open it up anymore appeared right? so that's when we walked away. ♪ maria: nearly three years after negotiations began between the world to largest economies the chinese leadership traveled to washington to sign a phase i deal on january 15, 2020. ♪ maria: it did not have id theft
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but it did reduce tariffs and forced beijing to buy more u.s. agricultural products from the united states. but after the cameras finished snapping and the handshakes were done the u.s. learned of an entirely new exports headed this way from china and it was among the most dangerous of all. the novel coronavirus that originated in wuhan, china struck the world and made its way to u.s. soil by late january. as the chinese government allowed the deadly virus to escape its borders and infect the world with no warning. the latest on the coronavirus, nine deaths, 400 cases we got more when we come back. >> president trump blocked all travel from china to the united states on january 31, 2020. he tried to stop the global spread. >> the president has signed a presidential proclamation temporarily suspending the entry into the united states of
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foreign nationals. maria: a move that his opponents of joe biden claimed to be xenophobic, yet it was a lifesaving action for the american people but disinformation on the communist party prevented the world from learning more about coronavirus and preparing for it. >> they knew in china early on probably as early as early days of december that this virus was highly contagious and very deadly for certain people. maria: even through the pandemic china continued to trap, buy and steal from americans in the u.s. intellectual property attorney in our national security. ♪ >> we now reached the point of the fbi is opening a new china related counterintelligence case about every ten hours. maria: donald trump was the first to impose significant consequences with beijing's bad behavior. three years after the mar-a-lago dinner had such promise we spoke to the president by telephone
7:19 pm
and he has changed entirely. >> it is a country that is taken advantage of the u.s. for many years. >> the ultimate ambition of china is rulers. it isn't to trade with the united states but to raid the united states. maria: soon after bars remarks the u.s. ordered the closure of beijing's top port in houston is regulated uncovered theft. the doj followed up with a string of indictments and said many chinese embassies are in fact spy centers. [crowd boos] no president in our history of engagement with china communist china has done what president trump did which is to say the assumptions the united states has been operating on for a long time are wrong. maria: coming up, while the president understood the serious china threat to u.s. national
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security he was also battling another major threat from within, his political opponents were spreading lies about him colluding with russia but first, the playbook that brought us the greatest jobs market in american history. that is next. beat heartburn fast tums chewy bites
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good evening and live from america's news headquarters on jackie of anya's more than 58 million americans have already voted, nine days after ahead of the election paid data suggesting we could see record-breaking turnout president trump and former vice president joe biden highlighting what is at stake. >> this is the most consequential election in a long, long, long time. character of the country in my view is literally on the ballot. what kind of country we will be. >> this is a more important election because we are fighting people that we've got to end it we got to end the fight and put them down and end the fight. our country will never be a socialist country. >> democrats have been dominating early voting but republicans are narrowing the gap and i'm jackie and now back to our special hosted by maria bartiromo for all your headlines
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log onto foxnews .com. ♪ maria: candidate donald trump promised to grow the economy by restoring jobs and opportunities for the average worker. on election night as traders began to grasp the possibility that the outsider from queens would become president stockmarkets started selling o off. one new york times columnist opined, if the question is when the markets will recover a first pass answer is never. turns out the world had underestimated the new president's economic policy. >> dow futures down 700 right now. >> one of the reasons markets worldwide initially responded negatively to news of trump's victory in 2016 is that hillary largely represented the status quo. she was saying that she supported the policies of
7:26 pm
president obama and she was arguing for taxes to rise somewhat and for obamacare to be expanded first and for government health programs to expand a bit but not a dramatic change in government. maria: in other words the country already understood what clinton's policies would mean for our economy. companies had been sitting on cash rather than investing it at concerned about another business titling lot like obamacare around the corner. that is why despite the market uncertainty i saw trump's victory as an opportunity. by the time i got on sat with colleagues on election night with futures down, i took the other side of that trade. spirit i would predict to you brought to this ultimately will be a huge buying opportunity. maria: that is exactly what happened. equities would rise for the next several years adding trillions of dollars to market value on trump's watch. >> i think it makes sense that the initial read from a lot of investors who is often said don't welcome uncertainty in many cases, did not know what to
7:27 pm
make of this. maria: president trump would follow through on his promise, his take on federal neuropathy in red tape. in the final year of the obama biden administration $1.9 trillion were spent complying with federal regulation. >> i think trump understood regulation was a big drag on the u.s. economy and on businesses and on their ability to expand and grow. >> one of the biggest issues isn't just the money trade is the fact that we seem to be able to approve almost nothing to get done. the united states -- it is elmer's glue. you just can't get stuff done spirit normally washington spews out tens of thousands, often close to 100,000 pages of new rules and regulations every year. president trump decided he did not want that to happen anymore. maria: then on politician was proving to be the only recent president capable of taking on
7:28 pm
the bureaucratic deep. >> from the instant i took office and move rapidly to revive the u.s. economy, / a record number of job killing leg regulations. maria: trump wasn't making friends offending the way washington had operated. as his existence was threatening their grip on power his critics would step up the resistance. three years in the speaker of house nancy pelosi was visibly tear up his speech at his state of the union address in 2020. perhaps she should've reflected on his content instead. trump may have been a president but he was an experienced businessman who appeared to have a solid read on the economy. as the stock market soared americans were getting wealthier and wages were moving up, especially for the bottom learners. the president prioritized growth and was frustrated with the strangle hold high taxes and heavy rules were having on economic growth and jobs. >> when it comes to the business
7:29 pm
tax we are dead last. can you believe that? this cannot be allowed to continue any longer. america must lead the way, not follow from behind. maria: he pushed congress to move the gop tax plan and won the corporate tax rate cut down to be more competitive with the rest of the world. he called for american companies to come back home, to buy american into higher american. >> we need the corporate tax down may be the most important and we have a lot of most importance but bringing it down from 35 down to 20% is the biggest that we've ever done. maria: once again nancy pelosi denounced the tax reform bill, even equating it to armageddon. >> this is the worst bill in the history of the united states congress. maria: the president and his world begin colleagues were undeterred. >> we are going to give the market people a huge tax cut or
7:30 pm
christmas. maria: president trump signed the tax cut and jobs act on december 22, 2017 lowering the corporate tax rate to 21% all income levels got a break and it was hardly the end of the world. in fact, the first year of the trump administration the dow jones industrial average surged more than 20%. >> you see now it really changed the game in terms of companies that used to be looking for a way out of the united states are now looking to expand in the united states and this was going to be a good place to do business. they started building more factories, installing new equipment and this is what he had in mind all along. maria: over the next two years the unappointed rate would plummet to 3.5% the lowest in 50 years. as the clock turned to 2020 the u.s. economy was soaring. >> you saw the stock market break 29000 for the first time last week. >> pretty incredible.
7:31 pm
>> we created more jobs under president trump than ever created before. that is something we continue to focus on and we look forward to a healthy economy in 2020. maria: but soon into the new year of virus from china was upending all of trump's plans with coronavirus sparking the season of shutdown. >> almost overnight with the covid related shutdowns you have this historically great job market to becoming a historically great terrible one. >> two months ago we were sailing, we were going, we had the best of everything. maria: on appointment was the best in my lifetime we got 33 million people filing for a run appointment even after $10 trillion in stimulus. >> that will all come back. that will all come back. maria: the sole cost of covid on our economy is still being tabulated for the winner of the election will be dealing with the fallout for years to come. coming up, the cost of turning the u.s. intelligence agenciesed against a sitting president.
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♪ maria: the balloons were ready to come down and the excitement was alive at the democratic national convention in july 2016. three moans away from what would be a historic hilla election but before the party can nominate who they expected to be the first woman president and inconveniently timed hack of the dnc e-mails would force the conventions chairwoman to step down and a made up story of treason to take shape. >> the president is a russian operative spirit no president has ever been charged with treason douglas. duly president's actions fall anywhere within that finish in? >> biggest winner is vladimir
7:37 pm
putin who took over the united states and got up manchurian candidate. maria: the russian collusion would dominate through the 2016 election and throughout trump's presidency. during the transition time in the first hundred days in office trump's administration would be on defense, explaining leaks from the outgoing team. >> 125 leaks in the 126 days and 62 of these leaks threaten national security and there is an effort underway from the day after the election and it started before that but really kicked into high gear the day after the election to sabotage this administration. maria: it would be four years of the 2016 convention that the mark in public would finally see the classified evidence, witness testimony and handwritten notes that proved it was all made up and created by trump's political enemies, hillary clinton. >> this can never happen again and we cannot allow our government to weapon eyes information and to hold it back.
7:38 pm
the american people need to understand that those in washington are hiding information from them and they think we are stupid. maria: declassified handwritten notes from former cia director john brennan to president obama would reveal a hillary clinton approved plan to tied donald trump to a russian scandal. >> what i declassified was authentic russian intelligence and it was russian intelligence that was briefed by the former cia director john brennan to president obama and vice president biden and then it was properly referred by the cia to the fbi for investigation and it all related to hillary clinton plan to create trump russia collusion narrative that wasn't true. maria: but when did the u.s. government intelligence apparatus include the fbi and cia begin working with the clinton campaign? the collusion story took shape with the infamous so-called trump dossier which hillary
7:39 pm
clinton and the democratic national committee paid for during an election year. the clinton campaign hired the law firm who filed fusion gps and christopher steele to come up with dirt on her opponent, donald trump. >> we now know from documents that have been released by the trump administration, the so-called steele dossier, was nothing but unverified rumors. maria: the fbi use the dossier as evidence to the fisa court to get a warrant to spy on trump campaign, including foreign policy advisor carter page. the fbi review that warrants to spy on page three times for a years worth of surveillance. >> they were muddying me up but i always kept in mind that they were doing it to just interfere in president trump's first campaign. >> this dossier of bogus information which has since been debunked was the heart of the
7:40 pm
material brought to the pfizer court to obtain a warrant to wiretap carter page. maria: then congressman john ratcliff and intel committee chairman devon nunez would appear on fox news programs sunday morning futures questioning the predicate of an investigation into trump at all. >> one in 70 witnesses appear before the house intelligence committee and all were asked the same question, what evidence do you have of russian collusion with the donald trump or the trump campaign and they all said we don't have any. maria: but the fbi would still use the dossier to get a warrant to spy on trump's campaign while not revealing to the fisa court the dossier was paid for by the political campaign of hillary clinton or that by the time they worked to renew the warrant to keep on spying they had already learned in january 2017 that the information in it was made up. >> the sub source was interviewed by the fbi re- times telling them it's a bunch of garbage and they failed to send
7:41 pm
an intel committee and its unreliable just like with the pfizer court. >> what is remarkable is the complete absence of evidence to justify jenin up the surveillance tools of the federal government which are supposed to be reserved for terrorists and enemies of the united states against an opposition political campaign. maria: president trump repeatedly denied it but that did not stop congressional probes and a special counsel which after a nearly two-year investigation and interviews with over 500 witnesses, special counsel robert mulder would all come to the same conclusion, no collusion between trump nor anyone on his campaign and russia. >> i just thought it was false information. i thought nothing would happen with russia. and nobody ever was worse to russia then me. >> it's all a big hoax. it's a witchhunt and a hoax we want the december 29 of us occasion by doj and inspector general michael horwitz would
7:42 pm
reveal multiple abuses by fbi and justice department officials. in obtaining wiretaps of carter page the report also dropped another criminal bombshell. >> the e-mail from the cia saying that page had been helpful had been a source on russia for the cia was altered by an fbi official to make it appear he never helped the cia or been a source. maria: the fbi official kevin kleinsmith would later plead guilty to falsifying documents as part of yet another new investigation. this one was criminal overseen by former u.s. attorney john durham. that of education is ongoing to this day as the question continue to rage against who in the obama and menstruation knew what and when. maria: did president obama direct any of this? >> that is not how it works. that's not how investigations work. we leave at to the intelligence
7:43 pm
committees to bring forward information. >> you will notice she did not answer your question. she just talked about in general what the process should be and that's not the process that followed. it is very clear that there was corruption at the highest levels and certainly be fbi and we have evidence of it. maria: coming out, the flawed russian collusion story was just one of many examples of the unprecedented resistance this president faced. we discussed that and more next. ♪ ♪ ♪ this is the feeling of total protection now that we protect your identity, and mobile phone, as well as auto home and life you've never been in better hands allstate click or call for a quote today
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♪ >> january 20, 2017 will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again. maria: donald trump went to washington with guns blazing. he said he would drain the swamp and upend the way business was done. for some entrenched insiders his presence threatened their grip on power. he also called out the media, demanding accountability for the stories about him. >> i am running against the democrats and running against the media spirit the trump media boom is a very successful
7:48 pm
lucrative business of attacking donald trump. >> russian interference spirit compromising materials. >> i think for a lot of media organizations while they may seem to be dislike him intensely they mate with someone he is gone because it was clearly a ratings winner and a way to sell subscriptions. maria: the media russian with a hoax even for trump took office starting with links of the now discredited steele dossier in 2016 and ignored any success in the economy or foreign policies. >> they publish the entire steele dossier, acknowledging it was unverified, cnn also went with the story and did not publish the dossier but also had no idea whether the salacious claims were true or not. the excuse for both of them was that important government officials were discussing it. >> what we know as the top intelligence officials of this nation provided some information
7:49 pm
that they believed came from a credible source and they can't speak to the veracity of the information itself. >> for rachel maddow on msnbc the story was going to be bad news for trump either way. >> on the surface this looks like red hot stuff. i would tell you the amount has been verified by u.s. intelligence agencies and it is very thin. >> as she explained it either either the dossier story was true and the president was actually a russian agent or it wasn't true and this was a big distraction that was coming at a bad time for incoming administration. maria: if the russian case was dead by generate 17 the business of printing dubious collusion stories is alive and well. that year reporters from "the new york times" and the washington post would win their industry's most coveted awards, the pulitzer prize for their russia reporting even as the collusion narrative was falling apart right before their very eyes.
7:50 pm
>> it was eight media obsession, a fascination, a constant stream of reporting about how allegedly the walls were closing in on this president as the investigation proceeded. >> how will you get anything done with all of it? >> this never happened to another president. what happened to me, they came up with an excuse for losing an election. maria: trump focused on policies, achieving tax laced, deregulation, opening up the energy spigot to create jobs and new trade deals that put american workers first. while the media pushed the russian collusion story and ignored his successes investors did not buy it with the stock market adding trillions of dollars in new market value for president trump's first three years in office. >> there is no question that donald trump has been very good for a lot of media companies in the united states and i think a big question is going to be how did they command people's attention when he is no longer in the white house.
7:51 pm
maria: coming up next, we examined the choice the voters have face this november. donald trump versus joe biden a crucial look at this historic election moments away. lease the 2021 nx 300 for $359 a month for 36 months. experience amazing. at your lexus dealer.
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president trump playbook of tax cuts, deregulation and supply chain rules led to one of the best job booms in american history. after the sting of coronavirus and economic shutdown, can the same playbook lead to a new american revival. >> ain't nothing going to stop us. schematic democratic primary voters rejected a socialist revolution when they chose joe biden over bernie sanders. but after the celebrating was done, joe biden moved closer to bernie. >> after beating bernie sanders, joe biden, instead of moving toward the center on
7:56 pm
economic policy has essentially moved closer to bernie sanders. >> it created what they call a unity task force. on july 5 joe biden tweeted out his plan is to transform the nation. just days later he and sanders pushed out a progressive agenda. in an effort to appeal to the left wing of the party. >> so they published on joe biden's campaign website this 110 page document on various ways to expand government. >> those 110 pages, recommendations on dealing with issues like the environment, education, criminal justice and the economy. in order to pay for it, they will raise taxes by $4.3 trillion. biden says he will reverse budget tax cuts and he won't tax anyone making $400,000 or less but will that be enough revenue to pay for his promises? >> the only way a tax increase will generate revenue is to go
7:57 pm
after the middle class. that's where the numbers are. these people are being misled. >> not only would his policies reverse president from streamlining of environmental reviews and regulatory rollback. he also proposed adding trillions of dollars in new spending. >> he says it's only going to hit rich people, only going to hit corporations. this is much larger than the tax increases proposed by hillary clinton four years ago. >> i'm not going to raise tax on anyone making less than 400 grams but you won't pay a penny more. but those making more than that, i'm going to ask them to finally begin to pay their fair share. >> if you put expensive new burdens on businesses, they will have less money and less incentive to invest in new factories, to hire new people so the end result is you get fewer jobs and you get lower pay. >> in fact a recent hoover
7:58 pm
institution study shows biden could lead to a $6500 decline in median income by 2030. >> you want to raise taxes, this whole thing, your 4o1k will drop down to nothing and then your stock market will drop down to nothing. you see, president who fulfilled campaign pledges to reduce the tax and regulatory burden on u.s. businesses which in turn created a boom in investment. >> but that was before the coven shut down that devastated the economy and jobs market. yet biden has proposed once again closing the economy if the scientists recommend it. the potential economic impact of that is hard to know. >> the first term suggests that the costs of not electing trump to a second term could be severe in terms of economic opportunit opportunity. schematic the world needs a strong america and america needs an economic revival
7:59 pm
after the coven shut down. the health and wealth of the world depends on u.s. leadership. thanks for watching. >> now more than ever is the time to celebrate america. you can do that with us by streaming fox nation. from the people who brought you fox news, get original shows and documentaries with your favorite fox news personalities as well as a great series like duck dynasty, crime stories of nantenancy grace and a lot more. it's available on your tv, phone or tablet. join now and sto start celebrating america with fox nation. take a look. >> we will leave no man behind. >> a call came up that we had a black hawk going down. we were going to that crash site to secure.
8:00 pm
>> we knew it was game on. we didn't know it would turn into what it did. this is an absolutely positively terrible situation that we might not make it out of. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hello america i'm mark levin. this is life, liberty and levin with the vice president of the united states, mike pence, thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> there is a lot to get to hear. i want to hit a lot of topics. the first topic is the coronavirus. joe biden is trying to blame the president of the united states f


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