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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 27, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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♪ >> tucker: that evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we are going to vote the entire next hour to a single interview. something we have never done before. in this case, the conversation with a man called tony bobulinski. bobulinski is the former business partner of james biden, the son of the current democratic candidate. a lot is been written about them recently, but our story is not about them tonight, as talking to some of those details are. the story we are about to tell you is instead about joe biden, the man who just days from now could be elected president of the united states.
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joe biden, we can tell you this with certainty, had direct personal involvement with his family's business dealings and communist china and likely other countries as well. the former vice president has vehemently denied that. he is lying. tonight we can prove that. before we begin, a word about tony bobulinski. bobulinski is not a conventional whistle-blower. he has no political agenda to the extent he has supported candidates in the past and given exclusively to democrats. nor is he seeking money from the story. this is not a shakedown of the biden's or anyone else. he is already rich, significant leverage. he is a significant figure in american finance. that is exactly why the biden family sought him out the first place. they had no idea how to structure the deal, so they enlisted tony bobulinski to do it for them. now they are attacking him as a agent of russian and disinformation. it is an effort to clear his
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family's name, he had no choice. the rest of the national media have suppressed his story. reporters have ignored, intentionally ignored, and it many times distorted scores of documents proving that bobulinski's account is true. never in american history have more power centers in this country aligned to kill a legitimate news story in the days before an election. that is what's happening right now. if you are looking for a real threat to our democracy, an actual threat, you are watching it unfold. we are seeing it firsthand. last but, we witnessed a extraordinary attempt, we will bring you details on that soon. but for now, here is tony bobulinski's story. we recorded an interview with him a few hours ago in a hotel in los angeles. >> tucker: tony, your connection to the steel came through james gilliard, an english businessman who, correct me if you ar i'm wrong, you meat doing business in various
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countries. christmas eve 2015, he sent you the following text. which explains the deal with china that he wanted you to become a part of. i want to be the first sentence of this. "there will be a deal between one of the most prominent families from the u.s. constructed by me." >> yes, that's correct. >> tucker: tell me what he was saying. >> he was referencing something that he had been working on since 2015 with rob walker and the chinese company called cef c. he had been traveling around the world's developing that deal and that text was just a combination of him making me aware that the deal was moving forward. >> tucker: so he doesn't say "i want to do a deal with it you want me and hunter biden." or even jim biden. he said between one of the most prominent families from the united states. he's talking about the biden family? >> yes, that's correct. it was never about hunter biden or jim biden, it was about the
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biden legacy. >> tucker: at this point, joe biden was the sitting vice president the united states. >> yes, that's correct. >> tucker: i want to fast-forward to 2017, early ma may 2017. at this point, you would agreed to become a part of this deal. hunter biden, jim biden, the vice president's brother, james gilliard. and they are asking you to meet with the former vice president in los angeles. describe the context. >> across those days in los angeles in may of 2017 that you are referencing, i met with hunter biden multiple times at the chateau marmont and rob walker. the discussion was they wanted me to sit down with her father just to meet him at a high level and discuss the biden family and how they approach things. >> tucker: pause -- can you describe to us who rob walker's? >> he was a partner at rosemont
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seneca and had a very close relationship with the biden family and had developed and been working with james gilliard throughout 2015 and 2016 to develop this deal with the chinese and cfc. >> tucker: what was his relationship with the biden family? >> my understanding is rob had worked and prior administrations and had a very, very close relationship -- in fact, and his own words and an email to me, he states that everyone was contributing or telling me how they wanted to participate in sino hawk and in an email, he states in his own words, that he wants to continue working as a proxy for hunter biden, jim biden, and biden's around the world. >> tucker: the biden family? >> the biden family. >> tucker: so they wanted you to meet with the former vice president and l.a.? >> yes, that's correct. the former vice president was flying and and we were to meet
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at the beverly hilton, the milken conference was going on. obviously one of the top three conferences in the world for anybody that's got global investor or developing different humanitarian causes. >> tucker: yeah. >> he was flying in to speak about the moon shot, cancer, stuff he was working on. everyone was in town and they wanted to coordinate a meeting with joe. so it was set up for the night of may 2nd at the beverly hilton. i met with hunter biden and jim biden and just had a light discussion where they briefed me that -- my dad's on the way. we won't go into too much detail on the business front, but we will spend time talking at a high level about you, your background, the biden family, and then he's got to get some rest because he is speaking as at the conference in the morni morning. >> tucker: it's was at night,
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the vice president had just flown across the country, he's an older man, he's got work to o do. >> correct. >> tucker: but they carved out a piece of his schedule for you to meet with him. why would they do that? >> because they were sort of wining and dining me and presenting the strength of the biden family to get me more engaged and want to take on the ceo role and develop sino hawk both in the united states and around the world in partnership with see if c. and i, as you can imagine, i've asked about 100 people over the last month, why would you be meeting with joe biden, sort of turn the question around to the people that asked me. why on them night of may 2nd would joe biden take time out of his schedule to sit down with me in a dark bar at the beverly hilton positioned behind a column so no one could no one could see us do have a discussion about his family and my family and business at a very
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high level where jim biden sat and hunter biden participated in. i'm irrelevant in the story. they weren't raising money from me, there was no reason for meet to be meeting joe biden then to discuss what i was doing with his family's name in the chinese cfc. >> tucker: this is a company with direct connections to the communist government of china. at the former vice president said he had no knowledge whatsoever of the business dealings is was not involved in them at all. but this sounds like direct involvement. >> that's a blatant lie. when he states that, that is a blatant lie. obviously the world is aware that i attended the debate last thursday and in that debate he made a specific statement around questions around this from the president. and i will be honest with you, i almost stood up and screamed "liar" and walked out because i was shocked that after four days or five days that they prepped
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for this that the biden family is taking that position to the world. and once again, i am irrelevant in this discussion. i just was brought in to run this company and have been exposed to all of this fact. and i believe the american people should see this fact. i would much prefer the biden family go on record and define these facts for the american people and the globe versus me sitting here having a discussion with you. >> tucker: joe biden has not denied meeting with you in los angeles, correct? >> correct. >> tucker: tell us about the conversation. >> so i initially was sitting, because i got there a little earlier, was sitting with jim biden and hunter biden. aunt jo came to the lobby with his security and hunter basicaly said hey, give me a second, givo brief my dad and to read him in on things. and so hunter and his father and to security came bar and obviously i stood up out of respect to shake his hand and hunter introduced me as tony --
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this is tony dad. the individual who is helping us with the business we are working on with the chinese. >> tucker: so it was clear to you that joe biden's son had told him about this business? >> crystal clear. crystal clear. >> tucker: tell us about the conversation that subsequently occur between you and joe biden question might speak of the conversation, as you are well aware, the president of the united states was always the co, whether they were a democrat or republican or other, so i had the highest respect for joe ande that he had held. so i stood up and shook his hand and obviously we sat down and ordered some drink. i think jim biden was hungry and may have ordered some food. joe asked me to talk about my background, my family, he thanked me for my service. i'm obviously very proud of that, i'm proud of my brothers service and my grandfather's service. and then he walked through his family. obvious is some of the tragedies
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he had dealt with, his political career at a high level, we didn't go into too much detail on business because hunter, prior to joe showing up, they had coached me listen, don't go into too much detail here. this is just a high level discussion and meeting data so it's not like i was drooling down joe about closed tables in detail. >> tucker: you said that they wanted you to meet joe biden as a way to induce you to participate? you are the actual business guy? but it also sounds like joe biden was fed a to some respect. >> yes, of course. i did not request to meet with joe. and hunter says this in writing, it was reference multiple times, they were putting their entire family legacy on the line. they knew exactly what they were doing. they were dealing with the chinese owned enterprise run by
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cfc that had strong financial support and political support. that's how it was presented to me. that's how they presented it to me. >> tucker: they being leered hunter biden? >> hunter biden was very happy. >> tucker: prior they were doing a deal with the chinese communist party? >> he had a relationship with who was running cfc and the ability for them to get deals done around the world. >> tucker: you have seen a number of journalists, reporters covering the story including some of them that should know better. declare triumphantly that no document you have released connects the former vice president to this deal. how do you react to that? what is your answer to it? >> so you can imagine what i've been through over the last couple of months.
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knowing all of this to be fact and watching joe biden and his family and their lawyers trout around the world stating that there was no involvement or even at the debate, joe biden referenced you've seen my tax returns and there's no money from foreign enterprises and the bat i want to simplify those for the american people as much as i possibly can. on may 13th, that email was sent from james gilliard to me. i did not generate that email, james gilliard generated that email. and in that email, james gilliard goes through intimate detail of what each individuals request was from a conversation perspective and how the equity in the enterprise would be divvied up. very important. may 13th. that email is generated by somebody else to me. in that email, there is a statement where they go through the equity. jim biden is referenced as
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10% -- doesn't say biden, it says jim. then it has 10% for the big guy. i sit here and know that the big guy is referencing joe biden. that is crystal clear to me because i lived it, i met with the former vice president in person multiple times. and i had been meeting and talking with hunter biden and jim biden and rob walker and james gilliard. what the media has tried to hide, and i personally feel it's disgusting, is between not to may 13th email and the final document that was executed. in that document, the equity is broken up 20% hunter biden, 20% jim biden. there llc represented them. 20% james gilliard, 20% rob walker, and 20% me and my investment entity. what i asked the american people
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to read and look at is how from may 13th to the final night did jim biden go from a 10% owner to a 20% owner? that's not my question -- i'm sure there were discussions within the biden family. i wasn't privy to that discussion. but this is jim biden, the brother of the potential future president of the united states. it's not a distant cousin, it's not an employee, it's his brother. who in documents defines himself as a political advisor to his brother. i will leave that to the american people to answer that, but i don't understand how the american journalists are allowing that gap to be even talked about. >> tucker: i should say -- and i want to put the document on the screen. in his pitch to the chinese, and his bio, jim biden describes himself as eight current advisor to his brother. so is it clear to you from the
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beginning that what jim biden was bringing to this deal was his relationship with joe biden? >> yes, 1000%, crystal clear bread after i met with joe biden the morning of may 3rd and was taken backstage after joe had spoken, we joked around for about 10 minutes, 15 minutes, an i walked him out to his car. i think he was -- i think they referenced he was off to see the lieutenant governor. >> tucker: this is joe biden? >> joe biden, yes. after that i went over to the peninsula hotel and i sat with jim biden for two hours where he walked through his history in his own words stating all the work and effort he did to get joe biden elected initially in delaware and through the family history and the role he had played in it. in that meeting, remember i'm a son of a naval officer, was a naval officer myself. because i held a cute clearance,
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the equivalent of a top secret clearance, we are audited every year. if you receive a gift, i think the barrier was $25 -- anything larger than $25 we had to disclose to the government because obviously anyone with the clearance is watching closely that they are not influenced by the russians, the iranians, the chinese, stuff like that. as i was listening to jim walk through this -- i have a big heart. anybody who knows me they would weigh in on that. i am a kind person. i'm thinking about the biden family. how are they doing this russian mark i know joe decided not to run in at 2016, but what if he ran in the future? are they taking political risk or headline risk? i remember looking at jim biden then saying "how are you guys getting away with this? aren't you concerned russian mark" and he looked at me and left a little bit and said "plae deniability."
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>> tucker: he said that out loud? >> he did come after about an hour and a half, to our meeting. >> tucker: with me asking out of concern, how are you guys doing this, aren't you concerned you are going to put your brother's future campaign at risk? the chinese, the stuff you guys have been doing already in 2015 and 2016 around the world. i can almost picture his face where he sort of chuckles and says "plausible deniability." >> tucker: this is a man who has been dropping off of his brother's political career for almost 50 years but he said, to your safe, essentially we are laughing about it. >> anyone watching this interview can look up what plausible deniability means and the definition is very distinct. >> tucker: that's remarkable. so i just want to back up a second, just to be clear. you met with joe biden twice. >> correct. >> tucker: what did he say to you after it -- by the way, this is all checkable. right?
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that was a public event, you can google it. >> i wasn't attending it, so they had issue me special credentials. a whole team walked into the ballet and beverly hilton and walked me into the speech that he gave. so this is more than checkable, i'm sure there's photos, documents. >> tucker: the press corps doesn't seem to be rushing to verify this. it's checkable because it's true. you may be hearing some of it for the first time here tells you everything about the line the rest of us have been subjected to for the past six weeks. we'll be come back, tony bobulinski will tell us what he and joe biden discussed backstage in los angeles in may of 2017. and he will respond directly to claims by the former vice president and many other democrats that he is working against american interests for a hostile foreign power. that straight ahead. ♪
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♪ >> tucker: we just showed you the first 20 minutes of our interview a few hours ago with tony bobulinski. well-known international businessman who was asked by the biden family to do business with them in china. he met with the former
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vice president joe biden t to go separate times. and they talked about the deal. this b information has been out for several weeks in the hands of a number of different news organizations. the reason you are hearing a lot of this for the first time tonight on the show is because they resolutely ignored it and tried to suppress. joe biden has rarely been asked about it, although there is an enormous amount of detail and documentation that no one has refuted because it is real. this topic did come up because the president pushed it at last week's presidential debate. what was notable was that joe biden didn't deny any specific about his connection to the chinese communist party and his family doing business there. he himself participating in that business. instead, biden dismissed the entire story out of hand and suggested that tony bobulinski, who is a veteran, a former naval officer, was part of a russian disinformation campaign aimed at this country. a instead he said in the letter
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from quote 5 54 national intelligence folks." everyone of them a liar. none of them had directly assessed the information, not one of them called tony bobulinski. theyey knew nothing. joe biden said that on stage. so when we spoke to tony bobulinski, we asked him his reaction to that. this is what he said. >> tucker: tell me the conversation you have a joe biden, what did he say whero you? >> there was ten people running around getting him something tor drink and we were backstage in a cramped space. he asked me to walk with him out to the car.ho he just asked how i did and what i thoughtt of his speech. i thought he did a great job on his speech and obviously cancer is a very serious thing, we should all be working together to solve. i just lost a sister in law within the last two weeks, sally, to cancer. and then he asked me to keep an eye on his son and hisey brothe.
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>> tucker: what he think he meant by that? >> i think he was conscious of things and i can't speak for him. i would love for him to go f on record as i referenced earlier. i am only sitting here because they have not -- not only have they not gone on record, but they have denied it and they have tarred my family name and a long history of serving this country and have other congressmen now talking about russian disinformation. >> this whole smear on joe biden comes from the kremlin. i held a top secret clearance, i have served this country one of the most elite environments of thee world, and to have a congressman out there speaking about russian disinformation or joe biden at a public debate referencing russian disinformation, which he knows he sat face-to-face with me that i was traveling around the world with his son andh his brother -- to say that a dissociate that with my name is absolutely disgusting to me.
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>> tucker: did you complain about that? to suggest that you were committing treason orou part ofa foreign attack on our democracy which is how they characterized it. i mean, that such a serious and i think unfair charge. >> and basic form, you are basically right. they are accusing me of treason treated me like i am insignificant or the 50 years of history that my family serve this country is insignificant. that is why i'm sitting here having this. i assure you, this is the absolute last place i want to be right now and the last thing i want to be doing right now. but if you like as a patriotic duty tout this country and every american citizen to find the facts for them and let them do their own work. let them decide how they view those facts or not. but for the biden family to deny these facts and then not only denied them, they could've just said "no comment." but they didn't. they then brought in russian disinformation and associated mm name at that which is absolutely
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disgusting to me. and i had to go on the record. last weekend, i was in virginia. sally, my sister-in-law, passed awayaw at around 6:30 a.m. saturday morning. that's the wife of my brother. as you can imagine me dealing with that and the tragedy of that. when i saw adam schiff go on record talking about russian disinformation after this email had been posted online by "the new york post." remember, that email was to me. from james gilliard. it wasn't -- i wasn't cced on that, it was to meet stating that i was going to be the ceo of this enterprise. i was at the end of my rope. and so i called walker and i told him that if that statement isn't retracted by congressman schiff by midnight on sunday i was going onn record and i was disclosing all of the facts to the american government, to the
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american citizen, it still the world. i was hoping the bidens would do the rightht thing or schiff woud retract his statement, but i could not allow another minute, hour, only day that my family's name would be associated or muddied up around russiandi disinformation. so even as i sit here today, i would ask the biden family to come on record and stop using my name or associating it with russian disinformation. it is absolutely disgusting. >> tucker: so this is rob walker, the representative of the biden family. i believe his wife worked for the biden family apparently. so you said this to him? i will go public, i just want them to retract the accusation i am an instrument of russian this information. correct. rob was under a tremendous amount of stress. obviously a wife and a a child. he said listen, let me make some calls, let me call george who is hunter biden's lawyer see what i can do. but they sort of presented it as
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if that's going to be impossible for me to get done. you know, i'm not naive. i know it's not impossible. it's a single phone call from joe biden to adam schiff saying basically go on record and retract her statement. i was up late that night and when the statement wasn't retracted, come monday morning i was ready to go on record and tell that record was i was willing to go in front of any senator, any congressmen, the department of justice, the fbi, or sit here with you, tucker. and basically provide the facts to the american people and let them make their decision. this isn't a political focus of mine. they were accusing my family of treason after i served this country and defended this country. >> tucker: so the reason you won't appear in this interview -- i just want to affirm for our audience -- i don't take you out and he desired to do this interview? >> absolutely no desire. is>> tucker: it's because nobody else told your story. so were us you surprised?
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given the credibility i think is apparent that you have that no other news organization took the time to unpack the story garzaok mark >> surprised is probably an understatement of the year. shocked because it would be different if this was my word against jim biden, hunter biden, and joe biden. that would be a very it's a sliy but i divided more documents and tracks that validate times, meetings, who participated, that email to me on may 13th was generated by somebody else, sent to me. it wasn't me generating these. text messages i provided where hunter biden -- jim biden in the first person. james gilliard in the first person. bob walker in the first person. it's not me generating the text messages, it is them speaking. so you can interview them.
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the fbi can interview them. our government can interview them. but i was shocked that not only the media is not only discussing this, they are going to the other extreme -- they are dismissing it as russian disinformation.ia this country has heard enough about russia. we went through three years of every day "russia, prussia, russia and 12. it is just absurd. theru cold war is over. and they are saying it's about your family. they knew you were going public with this, and you spoke to rob walker about it, the self-described biden family representative. what was his response when you let him know that you were going public with this? >> trying to coach me. [laughs] trying to say hey, we don't want to do that, we don't want press trucks out in front of our house. w i'm going to have to move. i could lose my job. all that -- you know, i'm not
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trying to cause any harm to anyone in the situation let alone rob walker and his family. james gilliard and his family. but basically rob's position was if you go on record with all these facts, you will bury all ofn us. >> if he doesn't come out on record, i am providing the facts. >> you are going to bury all of this, man. >> tucker: what was your response? >> i was focused on pushing these guys to do the right thing. to demonstrate an ounce of integrity in front of the american people. theyey all know the facts, i lid the facts, and luckily for the american people all the facts are extremely wellfa documented. i am irrelevant in this discussion, so i can write off. the american people can read these texts, listen to the recording you displayed, read the legal documents that were executed in delaware, and they can form their own conclusion. they don't need me to form a conclusion for them.
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>> tucker: give us a sense of your contacts with hunter biden. a lot of this is complex, there's a lot that we are not -- this is television, so we are not putting everything that we have on. but for those who might suspect that you didn't really have a lot of contact with hunter biden, give us a sense of some of the places read conversations with him and over what time frame. >> obviously as we artie discussed throughout 2015 and 2016 while joe was still the sitting vice president of the united states, these guys had been doing v extensive work arod the world in places like oman, luxembourg, romania. i was being made aware of these, but i obviously hadn't come off the bench and agreed to be part of this. >> tucker: i'm sorry, i have to interrupt you here. oman, luxembourg, romania. >> correct. >> tucker: so they don't speak their languages, no success in business, neither one has a
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background in international business. why would they be doing business in oman, luxembourg, and romania? >> because they have relationships and the biden nam where they are able to set up meetings and get people to jump through hoops and an interest to garner favor with the sitting vice president,vo joe biden. >> tucker: so it sounds like yogilliard is a legitimate business guide. a guy who was affluent in the linkage of international business. >> tucker: yes, james gilliard has traveled around the world for decades, very low profile individual. but he is sharp and he is a legitimate as they come. >> tucker: it sounds it. but hunter biden and jim biden have a well-documented record of business disasters. did you get a new sense either one of these guys was qualified to be conducting this kind of business? >> tucker>> the only qualificats jim biden. it's. >> tucker: they parlayed that to quite a few deals -- i
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interrupted you, continue with where you are doing these deals. >> i was asked the extent of the communication with hunter biden. when i decided to come off the bench and entertain being the ceo o i was brought aware of the business they were doing inin france, romania, kazakhstan, stuff like that. thatnd was all going to be integrated into sino hock holdings. so you as to the extent in which i spent with hunter biden come i was personally and romania with hunter biden, jim biden, james gilliard, ralph walker. i was in monaco for the annual grand prix there. i was supposed to sit with hunter biden, i met him -- we met on the patio of his hotel and i sat there and waited for two hours. you can imagine how angry and frustrated i was after sitting there for two hours waiting for him without a text or phone call to let me know i can't make it or i'm tied up.
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in a text that i think you guys are aware of and saw, the next day he aggressively comes back at me that he couldn't attend the meeting that he himself set up. i stepped away from family and friends on the yacht that i was on with my friends to go sit with him for a couple hours and he's effectively screaming into the phone that he could not pick up the phone and text me because he was with the ukrainians and michelob, the founder of charisma, and he was fighting for the only income he has that apparently he negotiated. i had no exposure to the kazakhstan deal. i'm not aware of that kazakhstan deal details. i just know it for in fact there is a kazakhstan deal. he told me there was in person in the text that i think you guys have and will show it to the american people. it is not my job to determine what that deal is. i believe that up to the fbi or thee senate and the congress to figure that out.
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>> tucker: i want to restate this -- you are not a drifter, you are not t somebody who is selling access, you are legitimate business man who has done deals in a lot of different countries. i want you to assess once more, is there anything about hunter biden's personal experience, personal qualifications that would justify him doing a deal and because it stand? >> absolutely nothing. the only thing he had was the biden family name and the fact that his father was the sitting vice president and potentially would run as a future president. >> tucker: this sounds like a remarkably ambitious international business program they had running. >> extensive. >> tucker: a small point that i can't get over -- so you saw a number of reporters say in an effort to bat away your story, your testimony on this, that the
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chairman referred to in a bunch of these emails was not joe biden, it was in fact the government of china. when you see people refer to thh chairman -- they are talking about china and not joe biden. i want to put it up on the screen. here's a text message you received from hunter biden to you. hey tony, have an idea. the fact that we are in an impasse of sorts. i think we should all meet in romania on tuesday next week. so you are hearing a reporter say that the chairman was in fact the chinese government. here you have rob walker responded to you -- clearly some confusion over the stage up on the screen now -- when he said hunter biden said his chairman, he was talking about his dad. >> correct. there are two chairman in the story, chairman of cfc and not text from hunter biden who was not talking about the chairman of cfc. what hunter is referencing there
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as he spoke with his father and his father is getting an emphatic no to g the asked thati had whichha was putting proper governance in place around the holdings. >> tucker: so joe biden is vetoing your plan for putting stricter governance and look company. it is right here in thee email. >> tuckerr i want to be very efcareful in front of the amerin people. that is not me writing not, that is not me claiming that, that is hunter biden writing on his own phone saying that i spoke with him referencing his father. if he thinks that is not his father, then hunter biden would come forward and go on record and state toor the world. >> tucker: but you have the biden family representatives, rob walker saying right here -- no. when he said chairman he was talking about his dad. >> exactly. >> tucker: joe biden had no knowledge>> of any of these business deals.
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he told us that and the process repeated that message every day sense. it is a lie and everybody is saying they know it's a lie. where did the money go? when we return, tony bobulinski will explain where the money went. if there is a lot of it. we will be rightbe back. ♪
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>> tucker: bits and pieces of the story have been out there, to people who have been plain don't mind paying close attention. in september, two senate committees issued a report about suspicious overseas financialal transactions that involved the former vice president's son. their report did not tell the full story. there's a lot of money here, a lot of it flowed to the biden family. where did it go and where did that come from? we asked tony bobulinski that. tell me about the money. in the end,on the chinese did sd quite a bit of money. >> correct. >> tucker: where did it go?ey >> documents were all executed, even after the back-and-forth.
9:48 pm
and the chinese cfc director who is number three at the company worked directly for the chairman. the weight presented to me was a very senior chinese communist party member. he was assuring that $10 million was being sent to our bank account that was set up at jpmorgan chase to basically fund operations and grow the business. about $10 million, we were capitalizing the business. it's a $5 million of that $10 million was being loaned to an idl holdings as a loan to cf. the other $5 million was coming to cfc as their capitalization of the business. because we owned 50/50 in the partnership. the chinese and cfc never viewed -- i'm the insignificant and irrelevant in this discussion. to me i them it was artie artien
9:49 pm
family. not hunter, the biden family. in the document that you guys have and i think has been provided to the world, the chinese reference that because of their trust in the biden family, that the chairman and director were excited about moving forward inha this. in that document, they referenced moaning $5 million to the bd family. the bd family is the biden family. notice they didn't say we are learning that money to holdings or loaning that money to tony bobulinski, we are loaning that money to james gilliard are rob walker. not a document generated by mean, it was generated by cfc. they were loaning that money to the biden family. >> tucker: what are the implications of this going forward? if joe biden is elected president, which may very well happen. how does this constrain his ability to do with china? >> are you asking for my
9:50 pm
personal opinion? >> tucker: ion am. >> i think joe biden the biden family are compromised. obviously i have written refereo you are able to talk with ando deal and do business with. i just don't see given the history here in the facts how joe can't be influenced in some manner based on the history that they have here with cfc and stuff like that. as a citizen and american taxpayer i am very, very concerned. tucker: it seems at this point -- there is so much documentation bid we have the document and the legal documents, but presumably there are many others. is it possible that the stuff just disappears and nobody covers it for the next four years if he's elected? seems like a lot of evidence. >> i think the american people should be demanding it investigated. i don't know what the rightst d party to do that is -- is that
9:51 pm
the doj, is that fbi, is that congress, is that the sun don't act on the x in it? there is no scenario where this isn't investigated. as he said, i probably have a preview into 10% just picking around a number where what was actually going on. i would encourage the american people to go online and download senator johnson's 87 page report after watching this and read pages 65-87 and form your own conclusion. what i have come forward with it as a six dome ip's in that that senator johnson did not have. all of this information was kept very, very tight. you are asking me if the information disappeared? i would expect that other parties have probably destroyed or gotten rid of information. i didn't. i have ever email, every text, every what's up.
9:52 pm
i have provided that to the authorities and here i am discussing it. >> tucker: you learned from the senate report that the chinese -- it didn't go where it was supposed to go. >> correct. take the american people back to july 2017, i was being told by director thomasby director zhant $5,000,000.5 million -- once again they were approaching that is $5 million as a loan to the biden family. and $5 million was there contribution. that money didn't come in june, didn't come in july, and i was in europe traveling with friends and family and i was frustrated because culturally there is a tendency tohe say hey, it's coming, and it wasn't coming. so i was very frustrated, but also in july 2017 something that
9:53 pm
happened is over july 4th weekend while we were celebrating our independence day, president she was in moscow meeting vladimir putin on a official visit. in that meeting and in that multiple days, director zhang was in moscow participating in that. the median russia had leaked to the press that they were entertaining and selling 14% which is the state owned u.s. sanctioned energy company of russia to cfc. when i saw that, you can imagine once again the clearance i held, the military background sort of pushed away from the table like wow, this is stair stepping things at a level that i don't even want to be associated with or do i even want to be near? after that information got outcome i was told that director zhang's visa was denied.
9:54 pm
he could no longer get back into the u.s. n snd that it was denied multiple times. jim biden confirms that in text, james gilliard references ed. and senator johnson's report went by kevin -- his legal name is [interesting] i and disclosed what was going on, we were saying this was going to be funded. i was at the end of my rope. and in september, easily validated. it's officially announced, that the cfc is buying 14% of rows enough of the state owned energy company. at that point i pushed away from the table, the money hadn't been funneled, and i was having daily discussions with james
9:55 pm
gilliard -- what's going on he here? the biden name, russia, china, i don't want to be anywhere near this. i have to understand all the moving pieces. and so we went into the fall of 2017 very well documented when patrick, who was an employee, he was detained by the u.s. government and put in jail for corruption apparently for leaving shoe boxes of cash due to african presidents. and it started this downward spiral of the cfc as a company. remember -- it was the capitalistic side of the capitalistic government doing things d they could on the capitalist side that the government couldn't get done. it's very well documented, the work that cfc did in the middle east and czechoslovakia and romania, keswick stand, and
9:56 pm
georgia come all over the world. when they announced that they were officially going for 14%, deal valued at $9 billion, i sort of pushed away from the table like "okay, obviously that is taking priority over this discussion." i just sort of was watching things play out once they detained patrick. i did reach out to hunter biden in october of 2017 asking him hey, listen, they have in front of the $10 million. have you done something that i'm not h aware of? have you gone around us? have you started a parallel discussion with the chairman that i should be conscious of? and in variety of text messages that you've been provided and the american people have been provided, he says no, i didn't go around you. but oh, by the way, i'm acting as the personal attorney to the chairman. now imagine being in my shoes looking at my phone, reading
9:57 pm
this text message from hunter biden and i just spent six months all out-of-pocket myself -- nobody was paying me. i was paying for my own travel, my own meals, my own cars, anything that was needed. and hunter biden is now telling me that he is meeting personally one-on-one with the chairman in the $50 million penthouse in new york. and if he can't meet him, he's calling him. but they only discuss things in person. you can imagine my anger and frustration there because then i'm like oh, this is gotten slippery. you have gone around me. what is going on here? and oh, by the way, hunter, you are asking i acting as the personal attorney as they are tendering for a 14% of the russn state owned energy company? i deal valued at $9 billion. what am i missing here? and he sort of just plays it off and said "i'm working on a bunch of other personal things, visas
9:58 pm
and stuff like that." but he doesn't go into a lot of detail. i'd love for the american people to ask what those other special things where. >> tucker: you have told your story in a very public way. what do you expect the consequent sense for you and your family will be? >> my focus right now is not the consequences on me, i'm actually trying to be selfless in this discussion thread i think the consequences our country faces that average american voter thinking about what presidential candidate they picked today or picked over the prior two weeks, or the future all the way up until the election. i am doing this for them. i'm doing it from a patriotic duty to our country. based on my military background and my grandfather's background. so other people can determine the facts and what matters and how they want to vote. but i had to go on record r because they chose to sort of more up my name. so i have a former seal team protecting my family.
9:59 pm
i'm not at home right now. i will travel the next four years if i have to. i had to do t this. >> tucker: are you worried? >> of course i'm worried. of got death threats, calls, obviously isea that with the fb. they assured me i would be protected by them when and if needed. but i think i will slowly become irrelevant in thiswl discussion because the facts are so powerful and so necessary but hopefully i will just sort of go stage left and hopefully our governmentju and the biden famiy will go on record and provide facts to the american people. >> tucker: tony bobulinski, thank you for talking to us. >> thank you, tucker, for having me. >> tucker: tony bobulinski, 45 . you watch it, you can assess it. from our perspective the take away is there is a man divided n
10:00 pm
family used. and when this happened, they attacked him as an agent of russia. i want to thank fox news for allowing us to put this on the air. this information has been out a long time. and they let us. we'll see you tomorrow. here is sean. >> welcome to hannity. we are officially one week aways from the all-important 2020 presidential election. tonight, tracking multiple breaking stories including the interview you just saw with the whistle-blower, we will unpack his serious corruption allegations against the bidens straight-ahead and reporters are now standing by in philadelphia where last night, a violent riot erupted at least 30 responding police officers were injured including one who was intentionally run over by a truck. this all happened after a video emerged showing a law enforcement involved shooting death of an individual wielding a knife headed towards the police..


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