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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 28, 2020 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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my best to your people as they battle this spike. again, the issue here is to the governor's point, how much of a spike we're dealing with, how long it lasts and whether anything happen nothing europe could happen here, we hope not. here comes "the five." >> hello, i'm jesse watters, along with greg gutfeld, dana perino, juan williams and kennedy, it's 5:00 in new york city, this is "the five." ♪ >> jesse: then there were six, president trump and joe biden battling for votes less than a week before election day. the president steam rolling through crucial swing states today. he's in arizona getting ready for another rally, the president having fun and going on offense against joe biden. >> pres. trump: a vote for
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sleepy joe biden is a vote for shrinking jobs, offshoring jobs, shredding your second amendment, which is under siege. you are so lucky i'm your president. a choice between a trump boom and biden lock-up. we were in pennsylvania, you saw that, three rallies in pennsylvania, it was incredible, thousands and thousands and thousands of people and joe was in his base sxment he saw it and his handlers saw it. they say sleepy joe, we have to get you out of here, we got to move you. it is not looking good because you know, they put a lid on. a lid for a garbage can. >> jesse: as far as joe biden, he couldn't be bothered to leave his home state. sleepy joe in delaware, attacking president trump over the pandemic yet again. joe biden we've lost 220,000 lives to this virus already. this administration has given up, he leaves everyone else to
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suffer consequence of his failure to make a responsible plan. it seems like he just doesn't care much about it. and the longer he's in charge, the more reckless he gets. i'm not running on false promise of being able to end this pandemic by flipping a switch. i can promise you is this, we will start on day one, doing the right things. >> jesse: biden is acting like he's got the race in the bag, others, not so fast, including the "new york times," which points out, "can we trust pennsylvania's polls," they show joe biden clinching crucial counties, so why does it feel different on the ground here? before we get this out of the way, got to talk about this malicious suppression poll from abc in wisconsin, they have joe biden up 14 points, 17 points or something ridiculous. i looked in the internals, they
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understand republicans by eight, oversample independents and other by 14, that is where they hide the democrat leaners, by the way and have president trump losing his base, and shedding like 12, 15, 16 points with white men, with no college degree. it doesn't make sense there. i feel better now. juan williams, i think you would agree, that the race is a little closer than the polls would suggest, don't you? >> juan: yeah, i mean, you know, again, a bed wetter to use dana's language, i am worried and i think everybody needs to keep their foot on the pedal. you can see from my sticker, i was out there, stood in line for two hours to vote. >> jesse: all right. >> juan: i think the fact of what you described earlier seems to me is more telling than any words or any poll, no matter if the poll is an outlier, very telling that president trump is
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in arizona for two rallies, joe biden was in georgia and delaware, i think it tells you who is on offense and who is expanding -- >> jesse: offense in delaware? >> juan: delaware is right there next to pennsylvania and delaware -- >> jesse: because nevada is right next to arizona. >> juan: i'm just telling you, both states, much like we see not only by the way, in terms of the abc "washington post" poll in wisconsin, but in michigan, it looks good right now, but as i say, you got to stay strong. i will say this for the trump rally in arizona, jesse, i hope his fans are happy that the temperature in arizona is better than it was in nebraska last night, where trump fans were left to freeze and some hospitalized after he left. >> uh-huh. >> jesse: yeah, i didn't hear about that.
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greg gutfeld. how do you see things six days out? >> greg: what is so funny? >> enjoy the fact that trump supporters are hospitalized, fun. >> jesse watters said he didn't hear about it. >> greg: but you certainly enjoyed it. all right, i wonder how much -- >> juan: i enjoy jesse, not you. >> greg: when alone in the voting booth, you are far from emotional and rationale peers and neighbors constantly trying to judge you, inside that voting booth, you can think for yourself, go with your gut and don't have to worry about twitter mops or anybody screaming memes of media coming after you. what do you do in a safe situation? think for yourself. that is where the real poll is on tuesday. we got -- you were talking about joe being in atlanta and we listen to his speech yesterday
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when he came in during "the five," which was grossly unfair. it is kind of surreal for me. people talk about trump repeating himself, what about the candidate who constantly makes familiar promises to african americans about homeownership, about education and wages and saying it as though none of these things have happened yet, who does that indict? who has been in power for 45 years? it is indicting joe biden, who has gotten none of this done. he's got the gall to stand up and repeat the same things he said over and over again as they will now magically come true and you shouldn't support trump, who in four years have done more for real wages and opportunity in four years than biden did in 40 years. i am jealous of democrats who are able to say the same stuff every four years and no one
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bothers to call them on it when every metric that they promise gets worse. i mean, trump did so much to enhance the freedom of the average african american while joe was putting them back in chains to use his phrases. merely quoting him. >> jesse: kennedy, that was kind of the president's closing argument at the final debate, saying joe is all talk, no action. you were there just 3-1/2 years ago, why didn't you do it then, that was pretty effective. >> kennedy: it was effective, one of the times in the debate, that and having more debate discussion about criminal justice reform and really going through the obama-biden record and saying, you know, you just had this and now i'm a little surprised that the president didn't come up with the phrase sooner and make it part of his lexicon, choice between trump boom and biden lockdown, that is one of those stark choices that
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people will be pondering themselves when they are in the polling booth. greg is right, that is a very intimate moment and if the polls are wrong, if they are completely wrong and president trump pulls this out, you have to look at some of the polls if the methodology is so skewed to favor democrats, that in and of itself is a form of voter suppression because that means people are so overly confident in their candidate they are not going to go out and vote. it does a disservice to biden supporters. >> greg: interesting. i agree, they will not stand in line if they think it is in the bag. they don't know what is coming on election day. dana, president closing with economic argument, corruption argument and having fun, joe close withing pandemic and bringing in barack obama to campaign with him, i believe, in michigan on this weekend. how do you ascertain that?
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>> dana: i feel like president obama is having a blast. i've always believed the match up trump and obama ever wanted was to go gaeps each other, obviously that can't happen. i think president obama is like, i'm going to get in there and give my best shot. i think michigan is showing michigan voters, we'll not take this for granted like hillary clinton did in wisconsin and michigan. one thing about arizona, because i feel it is super important that president trump goes there, he needs to win it. a lot of talk has been done about suburban women, but not enough study and discussion has been centered around latinos, especially latino men. president trump is on track to do as well as he did in 2016 or better with latino men, not just in arizona, but across the board and that could balance losses in the suburbs.
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>> jesse: i agree with that. coming up, hunter biden's former business partner spoke out and said joe biden is a liar. greg is all over that, next. ♪ good morning, mr. sun. good morning, blair. [ chuckles ] whoo. i'm gonna grow big and strong. yes, you are. i'm gonna get this place all clean. i'll give you a hand. and i'm gonna put lisa on crutches! wait, what? said she's gonna need crutches. she fell pretty hard. you might want to clean that up, girl. excuse us. when owning a small business gets real, progressive helps protect what you built with customizable coverage. -and i'm gonna -- -eh, eh, eh.
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-donny, no. -oh.
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>> last night on tucker, tony bobulinski, former associate of hunter biden made big claims about joe biden's involvement in hunter's shady dealings. >> sitting with jim biden and hunter biden and joe came through the lobby with his
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security. hunter introduced me, this is tony issue dad, the individual i told you about that is helping us with the business we're working on and the chinese. >> former vice president said he had no involvement and wasn't involved in that. >> that is a blatant lie. joe decided not to run in 2016, what if he ran in the future, aren't they taking political risk or headline risk. i remember looking at biden and sayi saying, how are you getting away with this, aren't you concerned? he laughed a little bit and said plausible deniability. >> mmm, plausible deniability. name of my yacht. now six days left in this campaign, the chattering chuckle buckets will say this story is nots going to move the needle. maybe. if you look politically. big picture, the news is who the news wants to harm.
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if it wasn't biden, but pence, have to sedate with elephant tranquilizers. if you report on this story, you will be helping trump get re-elected, so don't touch this story with a 10-foot hole, or in hunter's case, 10-foot stripp pole. if this story implicated trump, can you imagine? you don't have to. >> keeps turning up and again. constantine, he is still russian military intelligence. >> aluminum smelter, started sleeping at smelters, sabotage, came to smelters, very brutal start, sleeping in the smelters. tick, tick, tick. boom. started ticking again. tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. four hours later, boom, boom. stressing me out, starts tick,
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tick, ticking again. >> whoever smelt it. those were the days, uns unsubstantiated rumors created comic masterpieces. not acting close to this nut over hunter and have tapes and words and witnesses and see media blackout agreeing to take a dive as reporters. bring up hunter, breaking wind in the world's tiniest elevator, how dare you screams the press. the best or worst, you, the left-wing media, trust in you is gone and you are despised by all. ignore hunter and the rest of america ignores you. >> dana, we were talking about this, i think i was talking about it with you. anyway, we were talking about if this had been somebody else, there would have been reams of reporters or teams of reporters, tmz would be parked outside his house, but there is none of
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that. >> dana: what is interesting, because there isn't any of that, you see fox news having some of the biggest ratings of the entire existence and i think that voters are smart enough to figure things out. they can read a story and decide. i don't think voters are choosing to vote on corruption, right? i don't think that is. i think the bigger picture is so much more important, the way that the president frames it, go with me, that the american dream, go with him and get the socialist nightmare. issues of character, if that is what we're worried about, they say they are concerned about, this would be one of the issues. i think the media has made this decision, it is not like in the old days, there is a newspaper, you have limited space. there is unlimited space to cover this story on a thing called the internet that al gore invented, you might have heard of it.
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>> greg: yes. uh-huh. >> dana: doesn't take up space, you can cover different things. the "new york times" today has whole feature on "can you tell if somebody is a biden voter or trump voter by looking inside their refrigerator," so there is plenty of space and plenty of opportunity to cover lots of different aspects of this. >> greg: yeah. mmm. kennedy, if you look into the refrigerator of a libertarian, what do you fine, a drifter? >> kennedy: bags of weed and a human head. of course not, you don't buy $18 a quart ice cream like you do in nancy pelosi's fridge, i tell you that much. >> dana: this reminds me of the harvey weinstein case. so many people knew what harvey weinstein was doing, but very few people were brave enough to stand up to him.
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seth did when doing the oscars and so did brad pitt. there are a few lonely voices who are covering this and what the hope is that hunter biden is a really yucky person who has done some classless things and made questionable choices and they hope that is how it is contained. this is what i warned about during the impeachment, if you lower the bar so much and if you create this simple threshold for impeachment, then you have to apply that universally to both sides. if tony bobulinski is saying hunter biden knew about all of this, if any of that is minutely proven and joe biden took a dime from any of that, then why wouldn't you, if you are using the same threshold and the same standard, why would you not impeach joe biden?
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that is why you have to be careful with these things, because at some point, the entire script will inconveniently flip. >> greg: yes, impeach cemetery contagious, juan, why don't the republicans start preemptive impeachment on joe biden, in case he wins? they could start it tomorrow, what do you think? >> juan: i think that is a great show, great show, put that up there as an idea, i'm sure it would get prime time. for me issue the bottom line here is conspiracy theories are very entertaining, including possible impeachment hearing before the man is elected. but i would say, how credible is this guy? i just don't know. what i do know, the trump camp took him and all their documents to a house in virginia and had a wa"wall street journal" reporte somebody at a credible newspaper, our own parent
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company, that reporter not only listened to him, but went through the documents and came to conclusion that joe biden did nothing wrong, no money changed hands to the bidens. i think, this is just isn't credible, that is why the media focuses on things people care about like we can't go inside restaurants even though it is getting cold, we can't send our kids to school. that is what people care about, not wild conspiracy theories. >> greg: the impeachment kept people from thinking or investigating covid, go back to that origin story. jesse, it didn't matter if the dossier was legal, what happened in the dossier was legal or illegal, it was about being compromised, now the media is saying nothing illegal here, as if that mattered. >> jesse: first of all, juan's claim that the "wall street journal" debunked this story has been debunked, juan, first of
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all. second of all, i don't think the read the "wall street journal" article, they did not debunk this, they helped substantiate what they saw. >> juan: jesse, go back, you shouldn't tell people something like that. >> jesse: excuse me, juan, peter, advice, have you ever met tony? see if he can answer that question, that would settle a lot of things. you brought up cred iblt, do you believe the officer that has e-mails and documentation and voice recordings, who went to the f.b.i. under penalty of perjury or believe the political family with history of plagiarism and shady deal making who hidden and ran for the hills since this broke and three business partners are in prison? the deal is simple, they cooked it up in 2015, while joe was vp,
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the chinese communist sent $10 million to the biden family, an interest-free loan, 5 million went to twhere the bro held bac 10 for the big guy. tony meets with the vp twice on this and tony wants to put in good corporate governance, joe biden said no, they cut tony out of the deal and then they smear him as a russian agent when he goes to the f.b.i. the best part of the story is this. the communist chinese guy they were dealing the deal with, he was under f.b.i. surveillance because he was a spy. and then when he gets popped by the sdny for bribery, hunter biden represents him for a million dollar fee and now he's serving three years in jail so the biden family was doing business with chinese communist spies were who under f.b.i.
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surveillance. boom. how is that for a boom? >> that's a boom. on that note, big tech c.e.o.s on capitol hill defending conservatives on social media, there is a beard. see you next.
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>> juan: republicans getting their chance to grill big tech c.e.o.s over allegations of censorship, heads of facebook, google all testifying today. watch this. >> mr. dorsey, who the hell elected you and put you in charge of what the media are allowed to report and what the american people are allowed to
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hear and why do you persist in behaving as a democratic super pact silencing news to the contrary of your political beliefs? >> we are not doing that, this is why i opened this hearing with calls for more transparency. >> can you name for me, one high-profile person or entity, from a liberal ideology who you have censored? >> senator, i need to think about it and get you more of a list. >> juan: jesse, thought to myself, it looks like they are concerned about censorship, but at the same time, whenever i look at facebook, it is like nine of the top 10 posts come from president trump, come from ben shap iro, and other conservatives, why do the right wing say they are being censored? >> greg: because they are, juan, probably all 10 out of 10 would have the most traffic on
2:31 pm
facebook if there wasn't censorship. i'm trooiing hard to not talk about jack dorsey's beard. i made a commitment not to talk about physical appearance, i will stay with that. juan, it is clear, they couldn't name one liberal organization, prominent democrat flagged for censorship, i could name dozens of conservatives off the top of my head censored. they say, we don't know, have any eftdz if there was russia disinformation with hunter biden, no evidence of hacking and no evidence it was forgery, yet you still, the "new york post" can't tweet that article out. they say we have fact checkers checking into it. and bobulinski told tucker carlson not one representative has called him to verify the story. so we bring these guys in every couple months, they say they don't discriminate, they fly home and discriminate. i'm sick of it. >> juan: hmm, to my mind, greg,
2:32 pm
i think these big companies love clicks because clicks equal money. they look the other way on disinformation most of the time. >> greg: i don't know, when twitter blocks kayleigh mcenany but not the ayatollah, not the king of death to america, something going on here, i wonder where traditional liberals went, free speech absolutist, they were always on this side and now they are not and on the side of an entity that is about controlling narratives, it is not about -- you don't cure censorship with more censorship. it is bizarre that we're even having this discussion. you have to look at what they are doing, they are controlling stories. they are controlling narratives through algorithms, the scary part of this. >> juan: isn't it right to warn people about a story that says
2:33 pm
"masks don't save lives," and -- >> dana: under the law written in 1996, when the internet was getting started, section 230 says you cannot be sued or held liable for something anybody posts on your site. you are a private company and allowed to do what you want. neil ferguson said today on daily briefing, it is catch 22 for the consumer or of the information. this is what i think, when you saw t kroouz /* ted cruz make that statement, we are in 2020, i think this is going to be an issue that republicans and democrats go try to run on in 2024, in the meantime, technology continues to grow by leaps and bounds. washington is so far behind where these guys are. >> juan: kennedy, what do you think about conservatives trying to regulate private business?
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>> kennedy: i'm not a fan of it, but i don't think big tech corporations have to worry about conser conatives as much as the law dana pointed out as people like elizabething warren, if she is part of the biden administration, she will do whatever she can if she is labor secretary or treasury secretary to dismantle these companies and take them ark part. i think you have a pretty robust anti-trust appetite when it comes to big tech companies and that is from both sides. it is very interesting employees have poured so much money into joe biden's campaign and other democrat races because it is democrats who want to take them apart and republicans who are looking for this federal imposition of fairness and jack dorsey purgered himself when he said "new york post" story is
2:35 pm
available for retweet. it is not, that is a lie. he is c.e.o. of that company and he knows better. >> juan: all right, thanks, kennedy. major cities bracing for election unrest after philadelphia had so much trouble erupted into chaos over a police shooting, next on "the five." perjury d /*
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>> dana: philadelphia rocked by a second night of violence and chaos. police say a thousand looters targeted and vandalized businesses. this broke out after police shot a black man, walter wallace joous. he was carrying a knife and ignored orders to drop it. other cities are breaking for unrest over the election. beverly hills will close rodeo drive over security concerns,
2:40 pm
new york city and chicago are preparing for unrest and it could extend beyond that. kennedy, even in texas, they are preparing for that eventuality. >> kennedy: it shows people are more optimistic than you think the president will be re-elected, i think that is the way you will see unrest. if joe biden wins in a landslide, it will bring the temperature down a bit. if the race is too close to call on election night, i don't think people will freak out too much. if the president wins out right, you will see this kind of reaction, pennsylvania is one of the states that is closer than the polling dictates. if this is happening in philadelphia, last i checked is in philadelphia, that could be bad sign for the state for joe biden, regardless of his scranton ties. it is not just there, it is happening in cities in california. there are also co-protests and
2:41 pm
reaction to this killing. >> dana: yeah. and greg, you hate to see it, but you have to prepare for it because you know it has happened, we've seen it happen right before our very eyes, including yours. >> greg: yeah. i mean, we hear a lot about the victim who was killed, he was armed and violent criminal, i believe awaiting trial for a violent assault. he had put a gun to a woman's head previously, that was in the past. on october 21, harold preston, officer in houston, a police officer for 41 years. he was shot and killed in a domestic disturbance, i bring that up, in both instances with the police in philadelphia and the late harold preston, they arrived first and dealt with the risk. one incident, it went one way and led to rioting and looting, which have nothing to do with racial injustice, has to do with
2:42 pm
opportunity for looting. the other one, you don't even hear about it, maybe you do on "the five," a police officer was killed. they both have the same thing in common, both police officers arrived first and have to deal with unknown risk and we allow the destruction to follow because our leaders are cowards. i will see the rest of my time for the next block, this is very important. this is not gross indifference of leaders, it is tragedy of the commons looking out for themselves at the expense of citizens. they are having hearings on the manchester bombing which happened may 17th, 23 people killed. interviewing security who identified the bomber before he set his bomb off and killed two dozen people. the reason the security people didn't go after the guy, he was afraid he would be branded racist because the man was "asian," which is muslim, security was fearful of being called out. this instinct is playing out
2:43 pm
nationwide in every liberal city where there are liberal governance, fearful of being called racist when they condemn looting or arson or injuries when innocent people are attacked. that trend is going to lead to further destruction of our society, i'm living in new york city, everybody i know that owns businesses are hiring security because they expect no one will be there for them. the mayor is gone, he's nowhere. the very wealthy anchors are going to the hamptons, i will stay downtown, where my apartment is and see what happens. i have security, i've hired security, my building has hired security, that is what we have to do because we no longer trust our local government. it sucks. it is terrible. people who are back in new york who have to be here for work, it is going to be interesting when you see what really happens. >> kennedy: yeah. >> dana: get your thoughts on
2:44 pm
this? >> juan: well, i think what happened in philadelphia has to do with a police shooting, not anything to do with election day and grossly inaccurate to create that impression. the question philadelphia, why did he have to be shot and killed? his mother was explaining to the police, yelling that he had mental issues. i think that is what people are concerned about. with regard to the election stuff, there is nobody who stirs up fear and anxiety and the possibility of violence more than president trump when he tells proud boys, stand back, stand by and tells people to monitor those who are voting. it is just unbelievable. i think he thinks that is excuse if the election goes wrong way to say this election was illegitimate, it is damaging to the country. >> dana: last word, jesse? >> jesse: who is looting? proud boys or trump doing that, be real, juan. geez, unbelievable.
2:45 pm
>> juan: i'll be real, who was shooting into a police station? proud boys, wasn't it? >> dana: jesse, that word. >> jesse: okay, i mean, i will just say, juan, a black male was shot dead the other night. black female shot in the leg, three black men shot in the abdomen, a white woman shot in the knee and a white man shot in the back. abc news crews were attacked and multiple atm's were blown to smitherines, proud boys weren't anywhere near that, okay, this city in philadelphia, majority black police department, a black police chief, democrat mayor and democrat governor. somehow this is trump's fault, i know that is what you are going to say, but it is not. whether this guy had mental problems or was perfectly fit upstairs, he was charging police officers with a knife. that is a problem. i don't know how you deal with it, but it was a sad situation. if this happens on election day
2:46 pm
or afterward, i don't know what you are going to do and i don't know what kind of excuse you will make up, you can't blame the post office conspiracy, you are not able to blame russia collusion with the hunter laptop, i don't know what the excuse is this time for violence. if dongd donn-- donald trump wi there will be an excuse. >> dana: thanks, everybody, we'll have more of "the five," coming up next. ♪ achievable steps along the way... we can spend a bit now, knowing we're prepared for the future. surprise! we renovated the guest room, so you can live with us. oooh, well... i'm good at my condo. oh. i love her condo. nana throws the best parties.
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heart monitors that let your doctor watch over you, just like you watch over your best friend. another life-changing technology from abbott, so you don't wait for life. you live it. >> dana: welcome back. remember to bring your mask next time you you fly or you will not get off the ground. delta, american airlines, ban passengers for not wearing a face mask. jesse, if you don't wear a mask on flights like delta, they will put you on something akin to the no-fly list. good luck getting to grandma's house for thanksgiving. what do you think? >> jesse: do be a co-vidiot. they will put you on watch list
2:51 pm
lie jihadist, next time your buddy has a bachelor party, you will have to drive there. i hate to mask shame, you are making me mask shame. wear a mask. >> dana: you have turned jesse into a karen. juan, have you flown commercially recently? you see people are germoph obes and wiping down everything with clorox everyone masked up, i can't imagine getting on a plane without it. >> juan: i agree, have you to wear your seat belt, department of defense said wearing a mask on flight protects yourself and others. i think it is just common sense. >> kennedy: greg, i don't know if i will ever fly maskless again. halloween costume. >> greg: there you go. to be truly american, you
2:52 pm
balance risk and wear mask out of concern for others, keep you from spreading things. as an american, remain skeptical of new laws because your guard is always going to be instinctively up regarding freedoms. you wear a mask, don't start treating some pomother like a devil because she can't gets her two year old to wear a mask on a flight. media showing contempt for people trying to make it through this pandemic than for rioters or looters. i'm sorry, peaceful protesters. >> kennedy: dana, people who don't wear masks on planes are just looking for fights, right? they know what is going to happen when everyone gets in a lather when they refuse to put a mask on. aren't they just drama queens? >> dana: it is uncomfortable, i think this goes back to remember, talking about liability protection for businesses, never happened in the congress and this is one
2:53 pm
thing that happens. they have to do something to protect themselves. >> kennedy: we're going to protect you from the ordinary, one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ election... (fisherman vo) how do i register to vote? hmm!.. hmm!.. hmm!.. (woman on porch vo) can we vote by mail here? (grandma vo) you'll be safe, right? (daughter vo) yes! (four girls vo) the polls! voted! (grandma vo) go out and vote! it's so important! (man at poll vo) woo! (grandma vo) it's the most important thing you can do! we knew that this was really, really bad. we had ample forewarning. but we did almost no testing, almost no contact tracing. completely ignored the science,
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completely ignored the warning signs. there were things that could have been done. a lot of people have died needlessly, and there's nothing more frustrating than feeling like you're fighting against someone who should have your back. we are not going to stamp this out unless we have a change of leadership. ff pac is responsible for the content of this ad.
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and remember the moment that things, for one strange time in our lives, got very quiet. we worried over loved ones,
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over money, over our planet, and over takeout. let's remember this time when so many struggled to feel secure, and build a future where everyone can. because when the world seems like it's standing still... that's the perfect time for us to change it. >> time now for one more thing. download the fox super six app and play the election 2020 game for a free chance to $50,000 from our friends. six possible outcomes, watch coverage on fox news on novembel unfolds. again, download the super six app now to get started. all right, jesse, your news. >> here we go. >> it has become very popular.
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we got some new photos we want to show you guys. we found our very own kennedy high school photo from the lake ridge high school and oregon. [laughter] look at that hair that hair. >> yelp. thank you 1989. >> beautiful head of hair. but wait a second, guys this is the moment we have all been waiting for. i told you we did a deep investigation into juan williams. we started asking questions. we actually got the alumni office of the high school in new york. but they tipped him off and called him to let him know that we were up to something. and he let us show some pictures. let's look. >> nice. [whistles] look at that beautiful face. i think we have corn with his sham, can we see that? look at that. even better than kennedy.
2:59 pm
you were a good looking man. we are glad we got to the bottom of that high school photo yearbook. all right. greg, you are up. >> all right, go to and you are going to find my interview with the one and only legend, johnny rotten. the man who changed music forever. this interview is pretty wild and i guarantee you will be shocked by what he says. he is the true -- one of the true rebels of our time. and he doesn't miss words. >> the only person to walk out on me twice in two different interviews. >> he looks like you'd be friends with jack dorsett. all right, we will go to kennedy. >> i have a podcast as well. go to and while you are there, kennedy
3:00 pm
saves the world. it's my new podcast this week, how to talk to kids about politics because they are scared and angry. >> i talked to my kids about politics. and i think you can guess what i tell them. "special report" is up next with bret. >> bret: i can guess, jesse. thank you, good evening welcome to washington i am bret baier. following tonight, two big stories. chaos over covert spikes and european lockdowns. new state and national polls and violence and looting in philadelphia. we will go live there shortly as authorities brace for another night of protests after the fatal police shooting of a black man. president trump and joe biden continue to campaign in vastly different ways as we enter the final week before election day. the massive sell-off on wall street tied to investors and the fears of the new coronavirus surge


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