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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 1, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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i would rather have a great candidate. because you feel better. i'm running against the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics. is there any place you would rather be than at a trump rally? and a lot of rich people here, my friends. i see. i see. we have a lot of rich people here. a lot of money on this first round. i built the best economy in history. and now we are going to do it again. we are getting 35, 45,000
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people. we would get more but we don't have any more room. you take an airport and you don't have enough room. we have an airport, we don't have enough room. nothing like this has ever happened in the history of politics. probably on any other history. and i don't have a guitar. the truth is -- it's true. they don't' get crowds like this. you know what gets crowds like this? making america great again. that's what it takes to get a crowd like this. sleepy joe had a rally today. they had 12 people in the little circles. the only thing good about this campaign, the guy who does the work. i'm a perfectionist, so beautiful, nice and wide. they can't fill them up so they
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get the media. can you please take a circle? now he has president barack hussein obama comes up. president obama. [crowd chants "lock him up"] you know, the democrats never talk about -- federal judgeships are like the biggest deal. then you have supreme court justices. barack obama left me 142 federal judges. very rarely -- when you are a president, those are the most important things you can have. federal judgeships. it's such a big deal.
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he midwest me 142. listen to this. we'll have in my first term record-breaking approximately 300 federal judges. it's a very big percentage of the whole federal bench. and we are going to have, we just put a great one on, amy. three supreme court justices. whatever happened with biden? he was going to say, is he going to pack the court? he keeps tapping it along. who are the people he's going to put on. you cannot vote for him if he doesn't tell you about packing the court. is anybody in this audience going to vote for sleepy joe biden? i can't imagine anyone having the courage -- i can't believe
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those people. does anybody have the courage to even raise your hand. that wouldn't be a very good thing to do. who is going to vote on election day for president trump? who has already voted? [cheers and applause] not going to matter. has anybody voted with all those people that have already voted? we have a lot of votes going out. and i think we are leading. can you believe in early voting? that's a shock. that's a big story. they are saying we have to get more people out. maybe i shouldn't say that. people are watching. we are doing good. anybody here vote for sleepy joe
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biden? i believe you. this election is a choice between a crippling depression -- all that money, all those 401ks are going down the tubes. throw it out. it's a choice between a deadly biden lockdown. he wants to lock down the country. i just left a state that locked down. i left two of them. they are not happy about this. on november 4 they will say we'll open up now. but we are going to have a safe vaccine that ends the pandemic without it. it's rounding the turn. all they want to do, you turn and there is covid covid covid.
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november 4, you wouldn't hear too much about it. don't tell anybody but let me wait until a little bit after the election. i appreciate it. he's been wrong a lot. he's a nice man. do not under any circumstances wear a mask. do not close up to china he said. he said later on president trump saved tens of thousands of lives because i closed early. how about sleepy joe. i closed and he calls me
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xenophobic. i said give me a definition of that, joe. he had no idea what it meant. 25 years ago he was not smart. he was never considered smart. now he's considered about half of that. this is not what you want for your president. our country is doing too well. we'll mass distribute the vac seen. we have all the vaccines. it's all set. our military is going to deliver it. take care of our seniors first. is it okay if we take care of our seniors first? i got it -- you probably didn't hear the story but i got it. the first lady got it. and a very young tall person, 14 years old named barron trump got
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it. i got better. they gave me something called regeneron. i am a perfect physical specimen and i'm very young. i said than, a little sarcastically -- cnn right over there with the red light that just went off. any time i mention them, that light goes off. in one way they need the ratings because they don't get good ratings. [crowd chants "cnn sucks"] they hated it when i said it. they said he's not a perfect physical specimen.
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it's a disgrace. he's lie together american public. and he's not young. necessit.they went crazy. they spent two days on that one. joe biden. he's also angry and agitated. did you see him with the glasses, the whole thing. what do do they call them, aviators? they are too small. the mirrors, you couldn't see anything going through them. he's very agitated, so angry. screaming and shouting. he's like crazy. but he's a weak person. he challengesee a year and a half ago. he said i would like to take care of him behind the bash. i said of all the email in the world that's probably the one i
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would like to most fight. so those legs, those legs, they have gotten very thin. not a lot of pace. you wouldn't have to close, you wouldn't have to close -- he brings it up. when he brings it it up, the press is silent. i said i would like to take him behind the barn and beat the crap out of him, they would say the president is inciting evil. did you see the cars from all over the place, cars, trucks, boats. all organic. 5,000 boats. tractors in iowa. thousands and thousands of tractors on this massive farm. they had the thing with very
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good people riding along a highway, and you had sleepy joe's bus. so they escorted the bus and the radical left said what a horrible thing that is to escort the bus. they don't tell you about antifa that go around burning down your cities, only democrat run. they don't tell you about bombing people over the head. they tell you about people driving down the highway with an american flag and a trump flag. texas will be just fine. we are doing great in texas by the way. really good. >> i have had really -- let's say five -- you know what it is to do five of these? i start early in the morning.
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early in the morning. but you know what's the nice part about this one? this is the last one of the day so we can stay all night. all night. i was rushing, i was rushing. they said you are going to be late for florida, sir. about an hour and a half. i said that's not so bad. you know how many people we lost? probably zero. people heard about it and said let's come. it's great to be with you. tomorrow i have five more. five more. five more, and then normally they say five more and let's crash. but i don't know if i can crash. it will be a very exciting day. tuesday will be a very exciting day. make sure you get out. the most exciting day in the
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history of television was four years ago. it is nice. we can take our time. i can tell you stories about some of the thin that happen in government that you don't want to hear. you wouldn't even believe them. the level of stupidity. like we saved a couple of billion dollars on the embassy in israel. we built it for slightly less. first i picked a site that we already owned. that's better than paying millions for a site. they are going to build a building for anyone between 1
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billion and 2 billion. and when build it for $200,000. we used jerusalem stone. it's expensive when you bring it to new york or washington. but when you built in years *, with it's a very cheap material. we opened it for $500,000 instead of $2 million. that's one of many. but let's get back -- isn't it nice when you have a president that doesn't need a teleprompter. i had a couple today that was so windy, the teleprompters were going like this. then i just gave up on the teleprompters and we just talked
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for an hour 5 minutes. the press knows. they couldn't hold on to the camera. it was probably minus something if you talk about wind chill. i think it was 30 degrees with 40-mile-an-hour winds. it was blowing so hard. and i had a whole second on illegal immigrants pouring into our country and i left it out. if they would have had to suffer the cold weather i was, they would never have come in. they would have stayed right where they came from. the first three were freezing. i go from freezing, today was like 98 degrees. this is wonderful. but not catching pneumonia. biden's lock down would be
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especially devastating for tourism and hospitality workers. but the service industry for millions of latinos in arizona and nevada and all across the country. if you want a vaccine to kill the virus and a job to support your family and freedom to live your life, then you have no choice but to cast your vote for a person named president trump. i don't have to talk about sleepy joe because i spent a officer tune today -- look at the size of that screen. we have two of them. this must be florida. here is the video. roll it. >> why the hell would i take a test. come on, man!
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before you get on this program you take a test like you are taking cocaine or not? are you a junky. this is my wife and this is mier. they switched on me. >> if you have a problem figuring out if you are for me or trump, then you ain't black. >> you shouldn't be in a position, and ask my wife jill. i'm jill's husband, actually. corn pop was a bad dude and he ran like a bad boy. in those days, play the radio, make sure you have the record player on at night. make sure you keep to your word. we hold these truths to be
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self-effort -- you know the thing. you can on healthcare on and [unintelligible] >> i am sick and tired of smart guys. rapidly rising and -- i don't know -- the lying dog face pony show. what kind of country are you going to be? four more years of george -- uh -- if trump gets elected we'll be in a different world. we have to come together, that's
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why i'm running. i am running as a proud democrat for the senate. by the way. i have got hairy legs that turn blond in the sun. and kids used to come in and reach in the pool and rub my leg down to watch the hairs come back up again. i learned about kids jumping on my lap, and i love kids jumping on my lap. i think it's a right for people to have [unintelligible]. [unintelligible]. [cheers and applause]
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[crowd chants "four more years"] thank you. i don't have to -- i could say good night everybody. that cannot be your president. the bind lockdown would cripple florida. my plan will lift florida to record highs. joining us tonight we have some wonderful people. you have a wonderful great governor. loves your state. loves your state, and loves our country. governor ron desantis.
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ron? a man who has become a really good friend of mine. we went to war pep's a tough guy. he's a smart guy pep's doing a fantastic governo senator for y. senator marco rubio. good to see you marco. and ron would be the first one to say it, rick scott did a great job as governor. thank you, rick. and a great job on television today. jeannette nunez. thank you very much. what a great job you did. what a job you did representing
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your state and said nice things about a lot of people. the upon one i really cared about was me. thank you very much. je, gentlemenneat. -- jeannette. app and we have mario diaz, congressman. thank you, mario. fantastic job. he's become a friend of mine. he had the china plague and got better quick. now he's immune. until i came along they said if you are i mine, you are i mine for life. when i got it i said i was immune. now they say it's only four months. what a terrible thing i am sorry
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i did that to all of those people. another warrior, tough guy and start guy, brian mass. brian. thank you, brian. congressional candidate byron donalds. you are doing great, byron. you are doing great. good job! another man i have known for a long time, he's terrific, he's up in the polls. carlos jimenez. where is he? and the next mayor of miami-dade
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county, steve phobo. you are a popular guy, steve. you are a popular guy. former attorney general and my friends for a long time. we are going to look for something for her. she had to go out and make a couple of bucks. but i'm sure he is doing great. she was an incredible representative of your state. a very special woman, pam bondi.
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great person. another great person. she was so tough in california. she was the d.a. and she was brutal. i think she was like 471-0. you never wanted to get in trouble with this one. she is a very special foreign me and my family. kimberly guilfoyle. and you know i have respect for champions. there is a reason you are a champion, whether it's jack nicklaus who gave us a beautiful endorsement. so many champions. not too many champions. usually they tend to choke in the end. but we have one of the greatest fighters in the world. i was willing before, i was
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willing to take whoever that person was against the greatest fighter jorge. i went to and usd fight, and this gentleman -- he's a great guy -- how the hell are you such a nice guy. but he was fighting a young superstar, right? he was a young handsome guy. maybe that was the problem. he looked too good. and i was dana white. you know who dana white is. what a job. he said let me tell you something. you know, jorge has been around for a while. i hear he's won most of his fights. i am going to be watching web's
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a fantastic talent. he used to fight at 8 years old. he used to beat up guys 16 and 17. they took him to the gym and he beat up all these guise in the gym. d all of these guys in the gym. but we had this young within handsome -- looked like a male model. dana white said to me, this is the future of the ufc. this guy walked in and the fight lasted 1 1/2 seconds, i think. it was the quickest knockout in the history of the ufc. it was like ding -- he runs across the ring and kicks the
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hell out of him. i looked at dana and said dana, what happened? he's a great fighter and a great guy, thank you very much. thanks for being here. he's a champ. he's got that heart. we need more people like him. we need people like number our government who have guts and courage. for decades we spend billions of dollars rebuilding foreign nations and fighting ridiculous foreign wars, defending their borders when we didn't defend our own borders. now we are defending our borders, rebuilding our cities, and factories and bringing our troops home to the usa where they belong. for 47 years sleepy joe biden
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betrayed hispanic americans. i am not going to let you meet him, champ. you will make him angry. it will be 1/10 of one second. he wants to close your small businesses, limb nail -- eliminl choice. the radical left will assault catholic organizations, ban prayer in school and fund extreme late-term abortion. i will always stand with the incredible hispanic american community, you know that. that's one of the things that's going wrong with the vote. you have been here so long. some of you have been here since yesterday. have you been here a long time? one of the problems with florida for the other side, sleepy joe and the democrats.
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what happened. the hispanic americans are not coming out for sleepy joe. they are saying that's one. the other one is the black community, what's going on. they are voting for trump. look at you. they are voting for trump. they are voting for trump. did you see it? 18%. in the old days we would get 4%. i think it's gone up to 20%. whatever it is, it's about three times what anyone has gone the. thank you to the black community and thank you to the hispanic community. and we are returning the pharmaceutical industry back to puerto rico. biden is the one who took it
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out. i don't know if we have anybody from puerto rico? we are bringing those jobs back. that was biden. we are bringing the pharmaceutical industry back. it was doing great, then the biden clowns -- you know where it moved to? china. we are bringing it all back. under my leadership we achieved the most secure southern border in the history of the united states. and the wall, over 400 miles. it will be finished very shortly. the border patrol wanted steel, concrete and rebar. it's incredible what is happening with that. we want people to come into our
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country. but we want them to come in on merit and we want them to come in legally. we want them to come in. we need people to come in. because of the jobs. we need people. the biden kamala plan, how about when she introduced herself and they said the harris-biden administration. joe biden said the same thing and few hours later, under the harris-bieppedden administration, they said fit twice in one day. i have a deal with mike. i will never say it's the pence-trump administration. but mike has done a great job. you know where he has done and great job? with nasa. mike has led it. the biden-harris plan would
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increase refugees from terrorist regions by 700% including syria, somalia and yemen. i'm keeping radical islamic terrorists out of our country if you don't blind. we are keeping them the hell out if you don't mind. if florida doesn't mine, he will. ask france if that will be good for them. we want people to come into our country who love our country. we are going to win minnesota. you know one of the reasons why? ilhan omar. she loves our country have much. she loves our country. it's unbelievable.
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she loves us very much. we invested $.5 trillion in the u.s. military, the most ever. i said we have to break the budget for this one. all built in the usa. when i took it over it was a depleted, broken military. one of the most overrated generals anywhere in the history of this country came up to me and said sir, we have no ammunition. this was my first week in office. i was getting frisky with a certain country. he said, sir, we have no ammunition. i said we'll have to wait.
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now we have so much ammunition we don't know what the hell to do with it. we also passed va choice and accountability for our great vets, right they said it couldn't be done. we just got a 90% approval rating. at my direction the united states military conducted a successful operation to rescue an american hostage kidnapped overseas just 96 howcials ago. last night he was kidnapped 96 hours ago. we went in last night, u.s. special forces execute a daring nighttime operation. they wanted to do it so badly.
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[cowed chants "usa"] president trump: in a far away lands they kidnapped this young american. they wanted money. once you do that, you will have hundreds and hundreds of times. so we had some people that are the best in th in the world. a different kind of fighting, right? but these are the best in the world pnt incredible people, smart, brill glanlt so many ways. they wanted to do it. you couldn't hold them back. they went in there and they went in by night. and it was over very quickly. and we didn't have anybody even injured slightly. we got the hostage. unfortunately they are gone. they are gone.
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now if you pay them, they will be doing it over and over. it will be wonderful. once you do that, even fit was a small amount, they didn't want a small amount. they wanted a lot of money. we rescued a record 55 hostages and detainees in more than 24 countries. and some of them were very tough countries. but we were able to get them out. that's a record, too. is robert o'brien around here? where is robert? he's so good. what happened to him. he's out negotiating a hostage deal. that's all he does. where is robert? robert. look at him. i will tell you. he's a little tired. this is his fifth rally today, too.
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he's fantastic. he's fantastic. what a job he does. thank you, robert. congratulations. i said robert you want to do it? it was yes before i finished the question. good job, thank you very much. the operation should serve as a stark warning to terrorists and thugs who try to kidnap our people. you cannot escape the long reach of our american military or american justice. you can't do it. we obliterated 100% of the isis caliphate. when i took over it was a mess, it was all over the place. it's gone 100%. we killed the leader of isis, al-baghdadi. first day in office i said to
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our people, writes al-baghdadi? and one day they came in and said we have him, sir. what do you want us to do. i said let's go, and we got limb. bad bad guy. he founded isis and he was trying to rebuild it again. we eliminated isis. som -- soleimani is dead. iran is not doing well. they had a 27% g -- p decline. the first -- 27% gdp dough klein. p -- decline. the first call will be from the
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supreme leader. i would love to make a deal with him. we can't let him have a nuclear weapon if that's okay. obama paid $150 billion. it's not even considered. these are people who don't have any clue about life. can you believe it, cash. exactly, where is that beautiful plane we came in. somebody stole air force one. planes like that. i recognize the capital of israel and opened the american embassy in jerusalem. i also recognized israeli sovereignty over the golan heights. 52 years they have been negotiating. people would fly in, fly out.
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have dinner, have hundred, fly in, fly out. i did it in two hours, maybe a little bit less. instead of endless war we have peace in the middle east. no blood in the sand. no cost would be nothing. after all these years frankly we said what did obama do? and i heard. you know what i did? i did the opposite. i said what did obama do? and i did the opposite. and it worked. bind and barack hussein obama made a pathetic one-sided deal with the castro regime in cuba. that was with the other thing i did. who made the deal? i said we'll goat opposite kaye way. we have a 96% approval rating
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with cuban americans. 96%! who are the 4 percenters? the biden campaign said they will work closely with socialist dictator maduro in venezuela. not the way you do it. my opponent embraces socialists and communists. he has no choice. that's who's dealing with. i stand with the proud people of cuba, nicaragua and venezuela in their righteous struggle for freedom. a vote for me -- we are making a lot of progress. a vote for me and the republican party is a vote for the american dream. that's what it is. so in conclusion, over the next
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four years, we'll make america into the manufacturing super power of the world. and we'll end our reliance on china once and for all. it's already started. we'll pond didn't zones, increase vocational education and provide school choice to he family in america. we'll hire more police, increase penalties for assaults on law enforcement, and we'll ban deadly sanctuary cities. with god's help we'll defend the right to life, religion liberty, free speech, and the right to keep and bear arms. your second amendment.
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we'll maintain america's unrifled military might, and we'll insure peace through strength. that's what we are doing. we'll end surprise medical billing. require price transparency, lower drug prices to the lowest levels they will ever gone, and we'll always protect patients with preexisting conditions. america will land the first woman on the moon and the united states will be the first nation to land an astronaut on mars, very soon. we'll stop the radical indoctrination of our students and restore patriotic education to our schools. we'll teach our children to love
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our country, honor our history, and always respect our great american flag. and we'll live by the timeless words of our national motto, in god we trust. for years you had a president who apologized for america. now you have a president who is standing up for america and standing up for the great incredible great, wonderful people of florida. you better vote. two days from now america's fate is in your hands. as i said, we win florida, we win it all. your vote can defeat the washington swamp. but it's deep and more vicious than we ever thought. and the corrupt media right
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there, once and for all. so you fuft get out and vote. we have never had in the history of our country a more important election. we'll never ever be -- wants to start a kfg with me. can you believe it. that okay, darling. joan miller from the brooklyn club. let me finish up. thank you very much. from tampa to tallahassee. from pensacola to miami we inherit the legacy of american patriots who gave their blood, sweat and tears to defend our country and our freedom. we stand on the shoulders of american heroes who crossed the oceans, settled the continent, tamed the wilderness, -- laid
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count railroads, defeated fascism and communism and made america into the single greatest nation in the history of the world and the best is yet to come. [cheers and applause] proud citizens like you helped build this country and together we are taking back our country. we are returning power to you, the american people. with your help, your devotion, your drive, we are going to keep on working, we are going to keep on fighting, and we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning. we are one movement, one people, one family, and one glorious nation under god. and together with the incredible
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people of florida we have made america powerful again, our military. we have made america wealthy again, wealthy, wealth yes. we have made america strong again. we have made america proud again. we have made america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you, florida. thank you. abby: i'm ashley strohmier live in new york. president trump just wrapped up a rally in oa -- in opa-locka,
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florida. he said he would never cancel the people of florida. he also touched on american soldiers coming home and told supporters he would always support them. 25,000 to 30,000 people are showing up for the rallies, but they can't get everybody in. last night a poll came out saying the president is up 8 points in florida. he thinks rick scott and marco rubio, he thanked them. it's well past midnight on the east coast. miami-dade county is under an 11:00 p.m. curfew. the response from the white house is as follows.
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americans have the right to gather under the first amendment to hear from the president of the united states. with only one day left before elect day, florida remains a much-watched state in the battlegrounds *. bat battlegrounds. he showed up a little late. but as i said in the beginning of it, he opened up his rally saying it was better late than never. that's it more now.
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my name is lin and i want to star in a movie. why is that artichoke talking? i'm a pangolin... whiiiich basically means my tongue ith longa than my body and i'm pretty much part bowling ball. but le pangolin piece de resistance. we're the only mammals with scales. pretty neat, huh?? poachers think so too.
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ya see, people use for traditional medicine, and leather boots! the situation is critical, averaging about... a hundred thousand goodbyes a year. i have to do something. i have to star in a movie. if i become famous, pangolins will become famous. people will notice us. and finally care about us. so guys, help my species become known! and hollywood... let me star in a movie. pleeeeaeaaaase!! ♪ tucker: friday we had an interesting guest, dr. epstein, he spends most of his time studying how the big tech companies work. how they work to influence voters ahead of election, here part of what he said. >> we're finding suc substantiao
quote quote
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liberal bias in all 10 or 9 out of te -- 10 search results we sw more liberal bias in google content going to conservatives than to liberals. liberals. that is what censorship and propaganda and manipulation looks like in 2020, they use their monopolies, granted to them by congress, to determine what information you can use to cast your vote. doj, a antitrust lawsuit against google. will that have a positive affect for public, senator josh hawley has followed this more closely than almost anyone, he is joining us with an update, senator thank you. >> do you. we're getting closer to some kind of a regulatory or
9:57 pm
legislative answer to this crisis. >> yes, i don't so tucker, the antitrust suit that trump justice department filed is a big deal, that concerns me most about a biden victory, they will either shut that antitrust probe all the way down or make it toothless they have spent enormous amount of the money for joe biden, they contributed millions of millions to biden/harris, that is not for nothing, that is my biggest fear they will shut down the antitrust investigation, and congress has to do something, tucker. they have to get off its back side, and that includes republican,. and we have to pass legislation that will stop google from abusing its monopoly in this way. tucker: i don't think i read a single news story about the
9:58 pm
extent to which big tech is supporting joe biden, why do you think that is. >> a well the because they control the information. -- a lot is because they control the information, you have perfect sensors in big tech. they control the news we read. you know like the robber "barron's" from a century ago, they kill the story. if they don't like it. one reason that reporters are not saying much about tech investing in joe biden, they know they will get punished biotech, all more reason for congress to take action, attack this monopoly, break it up, take away the special immunity they get from government. tucker: if teddy roosevelt did not break up the trust, people would have lost faith in capitalism, we would have gone socialist years ago, i think we face that now. >> that is right.
9:59 pm
that analogy is right. roosevelt understood you have to confront the trust it is about democracy, it is either the people, every day normal americans they run the country or corporation and monopolies, that is our choice today is big tech going to run the country or voters of america, big tech has been brazen about this, they want to buy presidency, control the news, control what we say, and run this country. we cannot let them. tucker: that is right, democracy is keeps thins from exploding if we short circuit it we flirt with revolution, senator hawley i appreciate you coming on. >> thank you. tucker: tomorrow is election eve, monday before national election. we've been talking about for over a year, a lot is at take stake. we hear that every 4 years this year it is real, we will explain
10:00 pm
what is at stake tomorrow's show, 8 p.m. eastern, until then, sean hannity takes over for a sunday night special. >> tucker. >> a lot at stake. welcome to hannity and we're less than 48 hours away for when i will argue to most pivotal election in our lifetime, president sounding the campaign -- powfneddin pounding the camp, yesterday president had 4 major events in pennsylvania, then to michigan and iowa, then to hickory, north carolina, about to hold another rally this time in rome, georgia, that is not his last stop of the day, it will be in pennsylvania. we'll be dipping into president's speech coming up. and before the night is over, president now will have 5 events


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