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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 23, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> unfortunately, that is all the time we have this evening. my new book is out now. i promise it will help you win your arguments and conversations over the holidays. check it out. thank you. laura ingraham is up next. happy thanksgiving, laura. >> laura: happy thanksgiving congressman. i am laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" on a very busy monday night. lara trump is here to tell us. plus, she's going to react to the rumors that she cou lara president trump is here to tell us. plus, she's going to react to the rumors that she could be in a senate seat. also, governor cuomo gets an emmy. theeaea media urges to cancel thanksgiving, no problem. and the pope meets with nba players to discuss race. but first, what is next? that is the focus of tonight's angle.
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in what was perhaps the most consequential tweet sent since election day, president trump gave the go-ahead for the transition. you see it there. and as unpleasant these past few weeks have been, this is where things stand tonight. now, legal challenges continue in a number of states. serious questions about vote counting, poll access, but unless the legal situation changes in a dramatic and unlikely manner, joe biden will be inaugurated on january 20th. now, to say this does not mean i don't think that the selection was rife with problems and potential fraud. to say this does not constitute being a sellout to the conservative populist movement i've been fighting for for 25 years. it does not mean that i agree it all to pursue legal challenges to this outcome.
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to say this constitutes living in reality. and if i offer you a false reality, if i told you there was hean excellent phenomenal chance the supreme court stepping in and delivering a victory to president trump, i would be lying to you. now you have known me for a long time now. youme know me long enough to knw that i will not lie to you or simply tell you what you want to hear.g but what i will tell you tonight is that even admidst an election a loss, there is an enormous amount for us to be hopeful about. even optimistic. and how are handled going forward is going to have a huge impact on the republicansar ability to stop biden's most egregious moves. and thus, these next moves are critical to the future of the country.ids and thanks to president trump, we have seen the amazing results that are possible with his hmerica first agenda.
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middle income, blue-collar workers saw unprecedented wage gains. the middle east, historic peace deals nobody thought was possible. of course, we saw china finally put back on its heels on trade and because of the hard work and talented people trump brought into his administration during the pandemic, he kept oured economy going after a brief shutdown and with operation warp speed he marshaled the resources to end this scourge. so what he did from the time he was inaugurated through now -- it worked. period. orand nearly 74 million americas the largest number to ever turn out for a republican president they voted for him. a more diverse coalition than most of us ever thought would happen. like who predicted republicans would gain so many seats in the house? all the experts said it was impossible. they flipped 11 so far and are on track to unseat even more democrats.
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this is all because of president trump. ditto for the republican gains and statehouses across america. now today we see that biden -- what is he doing? well, he's picking mostly bland retreads to his cabinet. john kerry will be mr. climate change. the globalist and longtime biden flunky, and janet yellen, former fed chair under obama heads to treasury. and the u.n. will get -- we will get two more of them later on. now biden's entire administration is basically going to look like a rerun of the series canceled four years ago, except this time without its popular leading man, obama. now we know what they are going to do. what obama did, but it's going to be worse. gutting oil and gas jobs, open borders with no deportations massive concessions to europe on
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nctrades, it's going to kill off so many of our manufacturing and jobs. a climate change deal, and elimination of tariffs that will allow china to run the table on everyone. and much, much more. but some of this nonsense can be stopped. if republicans hold the senate. now that means the political capital that is spent between now and january 5th should be spent convincing the people of georgia to hold the line. now in a stunning new survey three weeks after the election we arty have 50% -- 56% of americans who want republicans toer keep the senate. it's amazing. now president trump can help deliver those victories. no doubt about it. i expect and h i hope that in te coming days, the president will announce a series of rallies across georgia where
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he celebrates his huge number of successes of the past four years and explains why sending to far left radicals to the senate is only going to embolden the worst instincts of the democrat party now winning those two states will be aar great way to emboldn the republican resistance across america and to send a very clear message that biden and his team have zero mandate to pull our country to the hard left. this is a time for the president to remind all americans that we will save this country. even with the current setback. great patriots coast to coast have not given up. they do not want us to be mere puppets of europe and the ccp. i and unlike those who gather and opine about the end of national borders, unlike those who tear down our history and spit on law enforcement, we believe in the goodness of our people. and the righteousness of our
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founders and our constitution. we believe our independence cannot be sublimated to a global order determined by unaccountable bureaucrats in brussels or in the people who have to get up and earn a living every day -- they need to know that they still have champions who believe the government should work for them, not against them. and that means we need president trump to continue advocating for american exceptionalism and continue reaching out to communities who have been lied to or poorly served for generations. and i think that when we get into 2021-2022, we will have seen team biden stumble from one crisis to another. and voters -- oh, yeah, -- voters will start wondering when we are going to have a president who once again looks out for our interest. thinking about this today, the
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deep state schiff, pelosi, big attack, the media, wall street they shoveled money at biden. pro athletes who make millions in china. they all did everything they could to destroy trump. and a pandemic that originated in china. and yet with all of that on january 21, 2020, heja will stil be the most important person in american politics if he wants to be. hhe after all, we all know biden is not going to be the one calling his own shots. people i don't think realize what it's going to be like when we have more than 70 million americans mad at the way the government is run under team biden. it's true, the democrats were mad for four years, but at least for most of that they had incredible peace and prosperity to enjoy. addressing the irregularitiesnd and instances of possible fraud
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in this election, it probably won't be possible before trump leaves office. but what he could do, and this is just as important as georgia, is appoint a commission on election reform. this group must investigate exactly what happened in states like pennsylvania, michigan, et cetera, and offer series recommendations to see that this never happens again. there is zero reason why every state in america can't be like florida or texas and call this thing on election night. this cannot turn out to be a way to bury republicans. believe me, i think the democrats are hoping or betting that president trump rails on about how the election was rigged and so forth. i don't think there's a need for him to keep relitigating that in the court of public opinion because a huge percentage f of americans already believe that. trump remains the most
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compelling voice in american politics. and this thanksgiving, we should all be incredibly grateful for his service to our country and his sacrifices for this country. the fact of the matter is, no one else, at least right now can bring the energy, draw the crowds, and attract new voters like latinos and african-americans as he did. and i personally cannot wait to see what president trump does next. and by the way, you are always welcome here. and that's "the angle." joining us now as we mentioned briefly, biden's nominees for key cabinet spots, all you need to know about them right now is this. biden just made china very happy. joining me now is ari fleischer former white house press secretary. ari, let's start with you. your thoughts on the angle. >> laura: i think you are right onto it, laura.
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one of the things we have to figure out going forward is what went wrong.wa it's not going to change the margins here in 2020, they are too big. but there are irregularities particularly with the mail in balloting and the government says to dig into how much of the signatures were actually really matched. we should know those answers so we all have confidence in our elections. >> laura: victor, your reaction to the angle then we will get into blinking and company. >> very quickly, i agree. you are right on. i think the election was tragically lost in june or july when they overwrote state legislator, the covid crisis mail-in voting, early voting. we weren't prepared for it. so there were structural problems that made is almost
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impossible to adjudicate and audit the election. we have to be prepared next time. and we will be. he to get the vote out. he can win those two senate seats. v he can be an andrew jackson and s.rally the populist cause. he can come back if he wishes just like jackson did in four years. campaign on the idea i may have been mistreated, but this time i will not get mad, but even. and that's what he will probably do. >> laura: bob costa -- he admitted biden's national security team essentially means the return to what didn't work the first time. watch. >> it's a return to the democratic foreign policy. secretary of state, it should be confirmed by the u.s. senate. this would be an administration that's much more of an interventionist and an establishment than we have seen in the trump years.
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>> laura: is that what american voters were clamoring for in the selection? >>ti no. but we want things that work. here's the fascinating part of president trump's foreign policy. he brought in a team of outsiders and he thinks like an outsider. outsiders happen to get most things right. we are about to return to a group of insiders who on their watch got most things wrong. and to be specific, this is thew group that created a red line in syria and failed to enforce it. this is a group who wasn't able to destroy isis. an explosion in the middle east i brought about peace agreements in the middle east. this is a group also who couldn't even get nato to spendd more on defense unlike president trump, but they were able to give more money to iran unlike president trump had what i really worry about is china. this is the group that's going
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to take off sanctions and acquiesced to china, which is the playbook of the experts when it comes to china. >> laura: the china issue is so massive. you have written about this for years and years. i want to stay on this. lincoln's consulting work is coming under scrutiny. "new york times" reporter vogel, another liberal, tweeted erout this tonight. that launched in 2018 to help clients navigate d.c., doesn't disclose most client identities but has acknowledged working with an unidentified drugmaker and help with u.s. china trade.i victor, no wonder china seems so giddy and all the official tweets over the past few weeks. >> no, they are. they think they are going to -- this administration's version of a clinton reset will be reset with china. you mentioned europe. every time we get into a left-wing or democratic administration, they get giddy toto use your word.
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stwe are going to have allies in europe again because we believe in climate change and open borders. big government. we don't believe in the second amendment. we have all these commonalities and then it doesn't work out for three months. basically europe is not armed and they're energy independent and then there is germany. terrified of, vladimir putin, te chinese, and resentful that they have to depend on our military readiness to protect them. a dand they don't want any chae in the middle east. so we go in there, completely reinvents it and create stability and they think oh, my gosh, we need iranian oil. 40% of our oil comes from the middle east. and germany, let's face it, germany tells eastern europe this is the way it's going to be on immigration. g they tell southern europe this is the way it's going to be on debt payment. they tell the u.k., okay, this is the way it is on brexit. they tell us how it is on the
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nato contributions. they run the country -- 50% of germans have a negative view of the united states. and we can't make any progress. >> laura: no. >> it will happen again to the democrats. they are going to have all these wonderful allies and then they are going to confront the age old problems that trump found a way ofof getting around. i don't think they will be as >> laura: working with europe means surrendering to europe. when i say we are going to work with our allies, that means surrender u.s. sovereignty and independence. both of you have done such an amazing job this entire election season. it's great to have both of you on. have a wonderful thanksgiving. just because president trump seems to be accepting that joe biden won the election doesn't mean he should call off all of his legal challenges. why? these court battles may be the only way to get answers on a
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huge scale fraud occurred. this is why he needs to make sure his legal team has the consummate professionals it needs to follow the facts and evidence. even if it doesn't change the overall election outcome, it doesn't matter. now is not the time to get bogged down and wild accusations. at 74 million americans voted for the president. joining me now, chris. what needs to be done to make sure these legal challenges are tnot totally discredited? >> you are going to need careful lawyers who are on the scene dealing with these important challenges. the kind of things that undermine faith in our elections
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which don't just undermine a couple years of media narratives, but actually undermine our democracy. people on both sides of the don't trust the results of our election. throwing out conspiracy theories or charges without providing evidence and massive charges. i'm not saying they need to lay out the entire case. they need to lay out why they are saying the things that they are saying and stay on the ball. a lot of the election problems we have seen are the results of the classic machine politics on steroids where covid hysteria has given a blank check to democrats. everybody gets a mail in ballots, don't have to check the signatures, don't have to figure out the stamps.'t legislators need to be pushing back against that, starting with georgia in time for january 5th. first and foremost, the legal team needs to get some serious people on there who are careful dedicated, and behind the force of a law. l>> laura: i think what happened is you are not going to get a top lawyer to come in and run a legal strategy. i used to work for a pretty big law firm..
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you need them to run your legal case if they think they are going to be a big footed by other people with longtime connections. they are just not going to do it. that's not how it's ever going ow work. i think everybody has good intentions here, but it was fraught with difficulty from the beginning. the state of georgia, you mentioned this. it's already been flooded with mail-in ballots requests for the runoff races in january. a local outlet reported that 762,000 absentee ballots have already been requested in georgia. that's three times the number of requests made in 2018 according to election officials. now is that concerning to you? some republicans are saying this is shaping up to be a complete disaster if mass mail-in voting is allowed to happen again without real checks that need to be in place. >> they are right.n this is a disaster we decide -- just saw in november.
11:20 pm
the problem we are dealing with as it is impossible to remake that cake or next to impossible once all the ingredients are in. you need to nip this in the bud before it happens.s.t the idea you can go to the grocery store, go to the liquor store, go to the park, but you can't vote. which is an essential part of our republic and something we need to do all carefully and safely. and by safely i mean for the future of our country.ll not because you might get sick. the idea that should be thrown out the window is complete madness. this is a wish list that the democrats have gotten. the georgia legislature needs to meet immediately and say they are going to have a massive crackdown and change these things. the reason why florida has such a great voting system is because their legislature is going to meet you shortly afterwards and go how they went wrong and how they can make it better. >> laura: postmortem has to happen immediately. republicans are on notice.e. i there's a sudden explosion of
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migrants at our southern border. why do you think that is? we will explain. plus, trump's senior campaignrd advisor, lara trump. she's going to tell us about that rumor about her running for senate. a lot of people excited about that possibility. stay a there. about
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♪ >> laura: during the campaign, joe biden dangled the carrots of no deportation, free health care for illegals, and guess what happened? illegal border crossings are skyrocketing while our economy continues to boom, covid rep rips apart latin america, and now mr. amnesty himself is too much. no wonder they are celebrating in migrant camps in mexico. many illegals didn't even wait until election day to illegally cross the border. southwest border apprehension hit a five year high in september.
11:27 pm
as usual, this will hurt poor eg americans and middle-class americans. this will be an early test for the gop post trump. will they cave to the big business lobby that wants more cheap labor? or will they carry on with the successful america first movement. remember, the chamber of commerce supported a number of democrats this past election. immigration, the chamber tried to instill goals and encouraging oversight of administrative action that hinders the ability of employers to hire or continue employing legal immigrant workers. well, we know the squad claims to be the champion of the working class, but so far they failed to work with the g.o.p. populace on the issue of immigration.
11:28 pm
and that leaves a clear lane for the maga movement to move on and grow. speaking of growing, the liberal media is hell-bent on making sure that never happens. leftist pundits are at their own force threatening and vilifying those who continue to support america first. >> everybody who continues toce participate in this farce, it's their legacy, it's their grandkids who will look at their names and decide who stood up for american democracy and who nastood against it. >> to really get money -- >> how do you compromise with people who don't believe that a fair election was won? people who don't believe in science, people who don't believe in facts, people who don't believe in reality. >> laura: joining me now a lara trump, trump 2020 senior campaign advisor.
11:29 pm
it's lovely to see you tonight lara. this movement really scares them. they want to bury it for good. so how do we stop them? >> well i think this movement is going to continue on. i think something that donald trump should get credit for is that he really awakened americans. the silent majority was not really aware that there were so many of us out there until donald trump. i know people are awake and they are not going back to sleep. i have to tell you for those people out there saying that their grandkids and kids see their names -- i am so proud that my kids will one day know that i stood byei their grandfather, stood up and proudly and fought for this country as a patriot. there are 74 million americans who feel the same way. this movement isn't going anywhere. it's only going to grow from here. believe me, donald trump isn't going anywhere either. i still believe he will be president for the next four years. regardless of what happens, he is the head of this party and he will continue to lead this movement forward.
11:30 pm
>> laura: this is what former national security advisor john bolton said about the president. watch. >> i think biden will be smart. the real question now is how much damage trump can do before that happens. i mean, right now i think trump is throwing rocks through windows. theg political equivalent of a street rider. >> laura: he still has some utility to the american media i guess. anytime they want someone to slam trump, they bring out bolton. we actually have rioters, but they don't call them rioters. they are protesters. but trump is now the rioter. >> yes, the peaceful protesters. there were some really incredible protesters that we saw go to washington, d.c., show their patriotism and their love for america. those were trump supporter's. and you did not see any issues with those. it wasn't until antifa gotpo
11:31 pm
involved that things turned a bit ugly. and really outrageously, you haven't heard the mainstream media focus ond that at all. they are really awful things that you saw happen to trump supporter's. quite the opposite, i will tell john bolton, the president is very confident. he knows he won this election. we are working really hard to prove that every day. and to make sure that this isn't just about right now and the selection. obviously, we want the right thing to happen here. but this is about the future of america. we need to have integrity with our election system. that is why this is so importan right now. there are millions of people out there that feel like they were cheated. i'll tell you, i was an athlete my whole life. i know whenever i played a gamew and the other team is more k prepared and they beat me fair and square, this is not whatth happens here. ethic a lot of americans feel that way.
11:32 pm
they go the other team has metal spikes on their cleats. americans feel it. we are trying to find those answers every day. >> laura: in texas north carolina, all over the country you lead a women for trump effort. you are very popular and now folks are buzzing about maybe you are running for the senate in 2022. richard burr plans to retire. are you going to run? >> well, it's probably too soon to make a decision on that. obviously as i just said we are really focused on this election that is still ongoing and far from my priority right now is making sure that we see the right thing happen with this one. north carolina is estate i hold near and dear. it would be an honor to represent that state and the people of north carolina. we will have to wait and see what happens. probably a little too early to make a decision on that. >> laura: all right, well, a lot of people want that. finally, do you think president trump will make a series of speeches in georgia and soon, we hope, to try to get these two senate seats over to
11:33 pm
the republicans? >> i'm not sure what his plans are, but if those seats arens turned over to the democrats make no mistake. the question if they are going to pack the court, absolutely that would happen. >> laura: but he's got to get rallies. he's the most important and powerful political leader in the country. >> i think the president will plan on getting involved in some capacity. we will have to wait and see. >> laura: they get h so much. happy thanksgiving to you and your family. >> thank you, you too. >> coming up, governor cuomo gets an emmy. and the pope meets a nba player. "seen and unseen," next. pope ma
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♪ >> laura: it's time for our "seen and unseen" segment. for that, we are joined by raymond arroyo. raymond, governor andrew cuomo got an emmy award today. for what? pray tell. >> he received a founders award for his 111 covid briefing. this award has been given to oprah, spielberg, for crossing over cultural boundaries and touching our common humanity. when andrew cuomo touches our common humanity, bad things happen.
11:39 pm
nonetheless, the celebs showed up to toast the governor. >> he became the nation's governor. >> the darkest days of pandemic your daily briefings live from new york gave us hope, give us clarity. >> now that you are here, you transcended politics and now you are just part of -- you are more like a national symbol national symbol. >> i wish i could say my daily covid presentations were well choreographed, rehearsed, or reflected any of the talents that you advance.ll they did not. they offered only one thing. authentic proof and stability. but sometimes that's enough. >> unless o you are one of the poor old people confined to thee nursing homes who died of covid when cuomo forced them to readmit covid patience. this emmy was completely inappropriate. he should've had the decency to
11:40 pm
decline this thing. when people are still suffering and you have a second spike in new york. >> laura: first of all, robert de niro. you could see him reading the lines back and forth. he's one of the greatest actors of the last what 50 years? can't he just memorize a few lines if he loves cuomo so much is it that difficult? at least billy crystal and ben stiller -- this was comic wasn't it? >> brad pitt played me and i played myself. we will see what happens there. >> laura: very unfair raymond, very unfair.r. cuomo lashing atr, new york sheriffs who are refusing to enforce the rules on thanksgiving. >> after the backlash today, the governor announced he is nixing those plans. thanksgiving is clearly an endangered holiday.
11:41 pm
not only due to covid. over on msnbc if you saw, you are not only a killer, you are a destroyer of cultures. >> what a horrible legacy of a thanksgiving if you gather -- whether you are even within your immediate family, and somebody gets sick a few days or a week or two, do it outside, where you are a mask, cancel, cancel a are a mask, cancel, cancel, cancel. >> i know several people who call it colonizer christmas because they don't like the idea of what thanksgiving represents. is it really that much of a disruption that we should maybe back off of thanksgiving is here?re >> the original thanksgiving where the colonies were starving, they had the resort to cannibalism. >> you cannot make this up. to share a meal with your family and thank god for the blessings that makes you a you a colonizer
11:42 pm
and a condoner of cannibalism. i don't understand why these people hate american tradition and i think god that they use the past to demean the present in an all-american get together. it's outrageous. >> laura: i'm just going to add this really trite observation. i will admit that it's trite. don't they all seem like a ball? don't you just want to break bread with them post pandemic when this is all over and we are all the new global society w wouldn't they be fun to hang out with? i want your reaction to this. pope francis -- he wouldn't meet with mike pompeo, the secretary of state, but he did meet with nba players at the vatican today to discuss social and economic injustice. >> we have a book we put together that display what players have done to use our voice and to fight for equality and unity and justice.
11:43 pm
>> laura, first of all i want to point out despite a huge second wave in italy, no one in the meeting had a mask on. and this is rather extraordinary. a few weeks ago, the former archbishop of hong kong wanted to meet with the pope to warn him about this china deal with the vatican and how they are persecuting the chinese faithful. the pope would not meet with him. instead, he had to leave a letter at the door. but he has time to fraternize and get golden basketballs from these nba players. i guess china was okay with this. >> laura: i don't think any hong kong independence activists are going to be stopping by to see the vatican any time soon. i can't believe cardinal only got to leave a letter. and it was open door for the nba. is the pope is going to
11:44 pm
wear that jersey, the nba jersey? >> they also gave him a black lives matter t-shirt. >> laura: why am i not surprised. thank you so much, raymond. have a great thanksgiving. and it's still ahead, the incredible study the media will not tell you about. why? because it undermines the entire rationale behind mask mandates. we will break it all down, next. rationale behind mask mandates. we will if you have medicare, listen up. the medicare enrollment deadline is only days away. with so many changes, do you know if your plan is still the right fit? having the wrong plan may cost you thousands of dollars out of pocket.
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♪ ♪ >> in all the history of respiratory born viruses of any type, asymptomatic transition has never been the driver of outbreaks. the driver of outbreaks is always a symptomatic person. even if there is a rare asymptomatic person that might transmit, an epidemic is not driven by asymptomatic carriers. >> laura: a more levelheaded objective dr. fauci from back in january before covid hysteria took over and gave him total control over your daily lives. a new study suggests the old dr. fauci may have had it right. it analyzed 10 million people living in wuhan, only 300 came back positive. and all of these cases were asymptomatic. far from being super spreaders,
11:50 pm
the study found no evidence of transmission from asymptomatic positive persons to traced closed contacts. joining me now, dr. william grace oncologist. does this undermine the rational behind mask mandates? if we can believe the chinese study. >> it does. i agree w with you. there is always reasons to be wary of data coming out of china. but this is not the only data that suggests this. it's interesting because the cdc it was like, oh, 60% of the infections may be asymptomatic or pre symptomatic people. the problem is that the governments all over the world including taiwan, the sultan of renee. they've tried to trace asymptomatic transition. they found almost no asymptomatic transmission anywhere.
11:51 pm
they really haven't updated. this was a paper very lukewarm on making healthy populations wear a mask. they don't want to cover this. and i don't know why. it's actually quite important that we have the right policies in place, we don't just try to shame people who don't wear masks if masks actually don't do anything. >> laura: yeah, and dr. gray said it also goes to people who have already had covid presumably. you are the doctor, dr. gray. people have already had covid. those people being pushed to get vaccinated or being pushed to wear masks and socially distance. would that make sense? >> it makes no sense at all. alex is completely right on the science. the problem is can you trust the source? remember this is a country that persecuted the doctor that discovered it, lied to the world and the world health organization about their
11:52 pm
ability. and then underestimated or under call decimated wuhan. they traveled all over the world, but not to china. spreading death, economic debility. >> laura: but dr. fauci -- dr. grace -- you have written about this before. the asymptomatic carriers never drive pandemics. they don't drive pandemics spread, correct? >> correct. i don't know whether you can trust the source that we only have 300 and change out of 10 million. former commissioner dr. scott gottlieb is now saying that americans should try betterr masks because the cotton ones are good enough. protection -- better protection than a surgery mask. they will generally offer more protection. even a good cloth mask may only be 30% effective.
11:53 pm
didn't the cdc have the study up on its website until june about influenza? we know that masks don't work. so why would they work now? >> right, and the influence of the coronavirus are roughly the same size. it's much, much more than that. you know, the reason scott gottlieb is saying that just because surgical masks we have encouraged people to wear have done nothing to slow the spread of this, right? there's a tremendous number of positive tests out there. surgeons and other people actually have -- whoever is wearing these n-95's will tell you that they wear them for hours on end. that's pretty uncomfortable. there's no way on earth we will spend $700 million a day on n-95
11:54 pm
masks. it's a way to make an excuse that they are not fine enough to stop the transmission of aerosol particles that can transmit the this. i am almost done with my book and if amazon will not censor it and let me run it people will be stunned. >> laura: it's a shock. i mean, it really is. we shouldn't be surprised, but i still end up being surprised. thank you, gentlemen. up next, msnbc accidentally kills off a classic rocker? the last bite explains. lly kills off a classic rocker? ..
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>> laura: on friday we showed you video of bullying faced by the chair of the wayne county, michigan, board of canvassers. she claimed one of her critics had made public or personal information. he hasn't strongly denied as accusations and we have been unable to cooperate them. we'll update you if we do. over the weekend, msnbc broke this shocking news. >> a long-lost trove of unpublished bob dylan documents including lyrics were sold at auction for $495,000 to an anonymous buyer. dylan dying last year at the age of 79. >> laura: there's only one little problem.
12:00 am
>> before we pause, quick correction. bob dylan is very much alive. he turned 79 this year. sorry about that. >> laura: there was no blood on the tracks. trying to think of a pun. everybody makes mistakes. that's all we have tonight. have a wonderful thanksgiving. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it from here. see you and hap shannon: happy thanksgiving if we don't see you again. thank you very much. breaking tonight. is the trump administration making a first nod toward the transition as we learn about a potential biden administration and the number of his nominees could get to work and during the accomplishments of the current president, the biden team ready to choose an anti-america first the way inside who favors the iraq war and military intervention. the washington dc


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