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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 1, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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do i hope he makes a few little tweaks? yes. if he wants to call me, i think i will tell him what those are. if he doesn't want to call me i will wish him the best of luck. >> martha: more tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern back in new york. that is the story of tuesday december 1st 2020. the story continues. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy december 1st, the year is almost over, and thank heaven it is. 2020 has been tough on everyone. americans are tired, frustrated, divided and angry. eight months of nonstop crisis will do that to a country. everyone could use a break. unfortunately it doesn't look like we're getting a break anytime soon because there's a new crisis on the horizon. we learned about it today. it's a bad one we are said to tell you. this is a threat that imperils the very existence of our nation. it's not a mutated form of the coronavirus newly arrived from asia. it's not an exotic new painkiller that will silently
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kill another hundred thousand americans in unfashionable little towns. it's not even other exodus of middle class jobs to china. it's worse than any of that. the crisis is you and your sinfulness, your indelible personal bigotry's. you are the threat to america. that news came today from the mayor of louisville, kentucky. that mayor 'his name is greg fischer. as a civic leader it's fair to say that greg fischer has not been a success. louisville is a much worse place to live than it was when he took over, so as a mayor, greg fischer has failed. that's undeniable. so he's found a new calling now. greg fischer is a public health expert. that's a job with far fewer requirements and a much more lenient grading scale. listen to dr. fisher described our new pandemic. >> our systems are more than broken. they must be dismantled and replaced. that's why am announcing today that i'm signing an executive order acquiring racism a public health crisis in louisville. >> tucker: so racism is a
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public health crisis, says greg fischer. dr. fisher plans to attack this crisis with an executive order. will masks help contain the spread of racism? they certainly haven't before, but we will see. or maybe we won't see. the beauty of fighting racism, like fighting sadness or alienation or existential dread, is that there aren't very good measures of progress. you can't really know when you won. the battle goes on forever. you're always justified in fighting it of course. by definition. in the war against racism, you are always the good guy. one can criticize your motives or even your [indiscernible]. compare that to normal politics. much easier. by conventional political standards greg fischer is a disgrace. two of louisville's big employers left his city. huge numbers of peoples are still dying from drug ods. they had race riots over the summer. louisville is a mess and it's fair to say that greg fischer is at least partly responsible for that mass. not surprisingly, greg fischer has no interest in talking about that.
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we would much rather talk about your racism so that's what he's doing. it's an old trick, obviously. al sharpton doesn't pay his taxes and then he calls you a bigot for asking him about it. but the tactic suddenly seems more popular than ever. you see it everywhere all of a sudden. and there's a reason. the more obvious it becomes that the people in charge are stupid and selfish, the more time they spend attacking you and the country they're supposed to be leading. they divide us to keep us from noticing how awful they are. and unfortunately it works pretty well and that's why they do it. let's say you were incompetent and do didn't want anyone to know you were. what would you do? welcome your first task would be to destroy the meritocracy. that's a system that rewards people in this country for their effort and their talent as opposed to rewarding them for irrelevant criteria like how they look. a meritocracy is the main threat to incompetent people. it keeps the incompetent from getting rich and powerful, and so they hate it above all. that's why they're tearing it down. so what does it look like in practice to tear down a
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meritocracy? well, it looks a lot like joe biden's staffing of presidential administration. a recent piece in "politico" tells the story. according to politico's account, the congressional black caucus is demanding that biden selected black secretary of defense. at a secretary of defense was good at defending america. a secretary of defense with the correct skin color. the feminist groups are mad about this, says politico. not mad because it would lead the country -- leave the country vulnerable. no, because they want a female secretary of defense. why do they want a female secretary of defense? because they are females. the secretary of defense should look like them because it's all about them, not about the pentagon or the country or the military threats we might face in the future. it is about identity, which is to say it's about narcissism. when i see people in power, i must see myself. that's the demand. and not just the demand of the pentagon. here's how severed steven mnuchin. "seen on wall street and by her
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skeptics on the left at the most likely treasury secretary. raphael bostic, who would be the first black and first openly gay's treasury secretary is also see receiving some consideration. fox went on to note that some -- no hispanic candidates legitimately in the mix for the other three top jobs in a biden administration. got that? spanish, black, gay. those are categories, they are not people, individuals. this is about identity, not country. it's about vulcanization, not unity. straight white men are the enemy, says the party led by one, and so it goes. it's hard to imagine anything uglier than this. it's hard to imagine a more abrupt cul-de-sac. it's doesn't go anywhere that you want to go. it ends with discord and worse. it continues. listen to "the huffington post" account of the struggle to fill kamala harris' senate seat in the state of california. "three main camps and their subgroups are trying to influence california
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governor newsom. those advocating for black woman, those advocating for latino and those advocating for a member the lgbt community." in other words, certain jobs for certain identities. certain skin colors have preprescribed roles. how is that different from a traditional caste system? how is that better than the jim crow south? those are fair questions, but no one ever ask them. instead the media just applaud. >> i don't remember a cabinet or a senior appointment that are this diverse. >> i suspect he may will have one of the most diverse cabinets in the history of this country. >> the most diverse staff that a transition has ever had. >> he promised the most diverse cabinet in history. >> the most diverse ever assembled. >> and it could be the most diverse ever. >> assembling what is essentially the most diverse cabinet in history. >> president-elect biden, vice president-elect kamala harris
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have the most diverse and competent team a president and a vice president could possibly have. >> tucker: so obviously those people are unimpressive, despite their credentials, mindlessly repeating the latest corporate slogan. but listen to what they're saying. it diversity, that is the overriding goal of every appointment. notice what they don't say. no one ever explains what exactly diversity is, not with any precision, or justifies that definition. no one dares to fund it is now required by corporate america. their definition of diversity -- the nasdaq for example has imposed new rules that require companies to have or explain why they do not have at least two diverse directors, including one who self identifies as female and one who self identifies as either an underrepresented minority or lgbtq+. not to be outdone, the bank speed 29 announced it has created an index of 350 "lgbtq-inclusive companies" and they will of course be rewarded
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accordingly. think this through for a minute. there's a lot of money at stake here with these definitions and a lot of power that attaches. at some point we are going to meet highly specific ways to verify that the people were benefiting from these categories deserve to. that they are indeed women, whatever that now means, or that they are legitimately lgbtq+. so well that verification look like? blood tests? home monitoring? we will find out at some point, unfortunately. jenny allen doesn't seemed worried about that. joe biden's pick for treasury secretary and she is on board with all of it, mindlessly, she's rich enough to be buried she'd explained that illuminating social disparities, hard to define, is a central goal of federal economic policy going forward. watch. >> we risk missing the obligation to address deeper structural problems. inequality, stagnant wages. racial disparities and pay, job
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opportunities, housing. food security and small business lending to deny building to communities of color. gender disparities to keep women out of the workforce and keep our economy from running at full force. it's a convergence of tragedies. >> tucker: yeah. so the idea is everybody pays money into the federal treasury that puts you in jail if you don't, it's compulsory. they will use force if they need to, but only some people benefit depending on who janet yellen thinks should benefit, so there's that, we should debate that. it's worth debating, but step back a few feet. what's more interesting is that everything you just heard is the opposite of the actual truth. and if you're actually in favor of diversity, real diversity, you noticed that. the diversity measures they are proposing won't make anything more diverse, just the opposite. these proposals are merely a way for the people in charge to hire more of their friends.
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what you're seeing is an attempt to preserve and codify the class system that is already in place and unfortunately that is growing more rigid by the day. if you really wanted to flatten america's social structure, and we want that, and you should too, because again, the systems are bad and we now have one. if you wanted a flatter society, you would demand a return to meritocracy. you would want a system where anyone, no matter where they were born or what they look like or who they slept with could succeed. that's what we used to have, it's why we were proud of america, but it's the opposite of what the left is now demanding. so if you really wanted to make companies more diverse -- and again, we are for that -- you would actually try to diversify them. that means you would hire people who are not in any sense like you. people with different backgrounds, actually different backgrounds. you would hire more people with technical degrees for example if you are who studied or communications. you would find people who lived in rural zip codes, deep in
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rural zip codes. you seek out employees who are deeply involved in their churches or own guns who had close family members who died of opioid ods. and more than anything, on day one, you would put a cap on the number of employees who went to elite colleges. that's just start with the top 100 on the u.s. news annual list. you would outright ban harvard, yale, princeton and stanford graduates completely. they've got enough representation to last the next half-century. you'd make any previous employment at any mckinsey and company or any other absurd consulting firm instantly disqualified. you would look beyond race and sex to the cultural markers that actually matter and actually determine later success in a class system. you would subtract one from an applicant who had ever spent the night on nantucket or martha's vineyard or saint bart's and he would add points to applicants who have vacationed in branson or lake mead or the florida panhandle. you would start an aggressive affirmative action program for fat people, for deer hunters, for anyone who drives an
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american car or eats dinner while wearing a hat. are those people represented on corporate boards? i don't think so. find a fat person corporate america. there's not one. why is that? you know why. our leaders are doing the opposite of any of that. what you're seeing is the ruling class following up -- pulling up the ladder, as they always do. how may people lecturing about diversity come from exactly the same elite background? well, pretty much all of them, so what they're advocating for his people just like themselves. we can give you a thousand examples. take marcus maybury. he runs global digital programming at cnn, been around journalism forever. he's now one of cnn's most energetic diversity enforcers. he never ends the sentence without using the word diverse. that's his job. and here's the interesting part. he himself was a high school at [indiscernible] academy. he got to go to greece from stanford and then he pent decades at "newsweek," "the new york times," and twitter, so naturally points to
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be highly concerned about inclusion. listen to and from just a few years ago lecturing his then-employer about it. >> there was a lot of work to do at twitter and throughout tap and one of the reasons i came to twitter is i think it's so important that we are at the table. it was true of "the new york times" too but we have to make more of us. we have to create more of us and that's african-american but also latino and hispanic sore very much also underrepresented in technology and at twitter and twitter -- i'm convinced our current leadership is committed, but there's a lot of work to do. >> tucker: does a lot of work to do to make sure that more of us are at the table, people who went to lawrenceville and got a masters degree at stanford! they are not enough! we are underrepresented! now on the board of one of the most expensive boarding schools in the world, he's fighting a man! of course he is! it's working for him! it's working for all his friends! it's just not working for you and it's not intended to. you are excluded from their inclusion. but you knew that.
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chief washington correspondent of the hill, we are happy to have him on tonight. i just can't stop marveling at how the diversity efforts are all designed to harden the pernicious class system that we already have in place to reward the friends of the people in charge and hurt people who aren't on the in. >> you absolutely nailed it. here's something they don't want you to know. the racial wealth gap is a most entirely concentrated between the top 10% of white people in the top 10% of black people. in fact, 75% of whites and blacks make approximately the same amount of money. they don't want you to know that because that would have two be dealing with people like mr. maybury, who you just talked about and the gaps between him and maybe sunday like jeff bezos. they are both probably in the top 1% of america incomes, but they want you to think that solving the racial gap between those two individuals is actual progress in america. meanwhile, average american whites, blacks, hispanics,
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everybody is left behind in the cold. they want everybody to think in false economic terms in order to keep everybody down, divide everybody by race so you don't even ask a question about class. >> tucker: that's exactly right and if you really wanted diversity -- and i just can't say this enough -- i'm for it. i'm for workplaces, and for a society where people are judged for what they do, people have different experiences. i'm totally for that. but we are seeing is uniformity but if you wanted diversity why wouldn't you just say i'm not hiring anyone who went to an ivy league school, period, why won't they do that? >> they can't do that because that's how they deserve -- preserve the neoliberal order we have right now. take joe biden. his three historic picks for secretary of defense. michelle florida, she had an influence peddling firm in washington in order to help expand fortune 500 companies access to china. a board member over at lockheed martin corporation. lloyd, historic black general,
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right? is also an advisor to pine island capital partners, which is a hedge fund which raised $218 million after joe biden was elected on november 3rd and guess what? $218 million is betting on expanded market access in the military, in military and artificial intelligence base, so if he was secretary of defense he would literally create new opportunities with the hedge fund that he advises what then go and make money from. what that i just tell you there? they are all historic choices, right? >> tucker: hedge fund general is a victory for diversity! i don't think i've heard it explained morse is simply or better than you just did and i appreciate that. great to see you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: one of the hallmarks of incompetence is a total refusal to abide by your own standards or even acknowledge the universal extenders exist. gavin newsom, governor of our biggest state just violated his own coronavirus rules to attend a dinner at one of the most expensive restaurants in the world.
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we should say it's a great restaurant. we learned he was not the only politician in california to break those rules. bill, one of the best reporters in the state, he's with fox l.a. has the story for us tonight. hey, bill. >> hey, tucker. good evening to you. we're talking about she look you'll and i was tipped off about this play several people in the restaurant industry who are less than pleased because they say this is yet another glaring example of hypocrisy from a local politicians, so talking about the supervisor, rewind the clock to last tuesday, she voted to outright ban all outdoor dining here at l.a. county for all 31,000 of our restaurants in the reasons he did so is she said it was just too dangerous to continue allowing. take a listen. >> and then there's the issue of the 6-foot distance. it's a bit of magical thinking on everyone's part to think that at any restaurant anywhere, the server keeps a 6-foot distance from the table where he or she
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is taking an order. so the servers and are protected from us and they are not protected from their other six tables that they're serving at that particular time, plus all of the hours in which they are working. so it is a most dangerous situation for them. >> in most dangerous situation, she describes it. evidently she didn't think it was that dangerous because we confirmed that just hours after she made the statements and hours after she voted to shut down outdoor dining, she came right behind us here to a restaurant here in santa monica where, guess what, she dined outdoors, doing exactly what she had said three hours before hand was dangerous to do. can you believe it? we reached out to her staff about it and she told us that yes, she ate there, but she went there because she felt bad for the restaurant because they are losing their finances during the pandemic and she wanted to stop by one last time to support them before the ban went into effect on wednesday night, but that's entirely beside the point because just hours before, she
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had said it was just too dangerous to eat outdoors and then a few hours later she's eating outdoors. as you can imagine, restaurant owners here are absolutely furious about this. they say this is just another example of the ongoing hypocrisy with our leaders. they say look, she either believes dr. dining is dangerous or she doesn't. she isn't listening to her own messaging and that's why there is so much frustration with the public tuning folks out. so to wrap this up, we've been trying to get an interview with the supervisor all day long today. and they've been telling us, or campus been telling us she's too busy, she's in meetings all day long. it turns out that's not true because she just had an interview with another affiliate here in l.a. where she is playing the victim and essentially said she's getting death threats and that she came here because she wanted to personally deliver the news to the restaurant that she was going to put them out of business. strange explanation. we will send it back to you. >> tucker: bill, i hope your reporting get the attention it deserves in california. thanks for joining us tonight. so the people in charge are
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buying $60 entrees, a restaurant you're not allowed in, major american cities are actually falling apart. crime now hit historic levels across the country. no one has followed this more closely than heather macdonal macdonald. she joins this after the break. musical [ whispering ]
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♪ >> tucker: the city of seattle, one of the nicest places in our country, is being destroyed by the people who run it. seattle marked its 55th murder of year yesterday. that set a new tenure record, but that hasn't stopped the mayor of seattle, jenny durkan, from supporting a new city budget to reduce the budget for the police department by nearly 20%. hard to believe that. meanwhile in san jose, california, officials have learned that an illegal alien who allegedly went on a deadly stabbing spree a local church have been deported three times in recent years and apparently came back to stab people. in a lot of places in this country the violence is completely out of control. it's crushingly sad and it's causing massive demographic changes in this country. people are fleeing. we've got to stop this very how can we do that? heather macdonald's senior fellow at the manhattan institute and we are happy to have her always and especially tonight. thanks for coming on. what do we do about this?
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>> well, we change the narrative. but we are seeing -- we are going to see the biggest one year increase in homicides and shootings in this country, tucker, in decades, and that's a protectable result of a fatal life which rolls that policing is systemically racist. joe biden embraced that lie during his campaign. he's embraced it after the election and it will become the touchstone of his justice department. it is completely untrue. the problem in this country as criminals, not cops. cops are the solution, but as long as you go about telling cops incessantly, as we heard in seattle, as we heard in louisville, in chicago, new york, you name it, that cops are racist for going after criminals, they are going to back off. cops in this country are demoralized, they are defunded. they are being assaulted on a daily basis and when cops back off of policing, you don't get some pacific nirvana, some
5:27 pm
post-racial nirvana. you get anarchy and chaos. last month in november, there was a 5-year-old boy in chicago who was shot in the head in his home by a thug who drove by and just sprayed bullets willy-nilly at the house. you had a cop last week who was dragged after a car stop, fracturing his skull in three places. this is not going to stop, tucker, and less more people stand up and say the cops are not the problem. they are the solution. >> tucker: it seems like any politician who is awake and not a guilty white liberal as so many of them are in both parties would understand the people of all colors and backgrounds support order men hate violence, so why aren't there more politicians rushing forward to take advantage of this opportunity? >> it's completely bizarre. it turns out that ideology trumps common sense and it
5:28 pm
trumps for a very long time people's own sense of comfort and their own desires, because a lot of these politicians who have been demonizing the cops have been reelected. because people would rather embrace the idea that they are alone in fighting racism, it makes them feel virtuous and frankly, the other reason, tucker, is the vast majority of crime is happening in inner-city neighborhoods. if the class divide that you talked about before. it's also a race divide. this isn't going to change until white kids start getting shot in their homes at night. >> tucker: it's really a sick religion, it's all over the [indiscernible] world. if there's something really dark going on. heather macdonald, i appreciate you coming on tonight. thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: you might not be thrilled about the prospect of it joe biden presidency but the communist party of china is. we have the tape to prove that, we will discuss lieutenant colonel oliver north, he joins
5:29 pm
us after the break. ♪
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>> tucker: a man called jake sullivan is joe biden's pick to be the next national security advisor, unlike general michael flynn, likely he will not be targeted for obstruction b by te fbi anytime soon. jake sullivan is a veteran of the obama administration and a hillary clinton campaign, so he safe. he's also made it very clear he's not going to upset our corporate masters in china. he likes them. they will probably like him too. in 2017 sullivan said that what's good for china is good for america. listen. >> so i think the europeans do have to think very hard about taking a larger role in a project that the united states has been engaged in for some time, which is doing everything we can to both facilitate and encourage china's economic rise, and to support it, because a
5:35 pm
thriving china is good for europe, it's good for the united states, it's good for asia. >> tucker: a child. unimpressive, unwise, mediocrity like so many of them. based on that, potentially a real problem for the country. the tenant carnival oliver north just released a book [indiscernible] that we now face from china. the book is called america's number one adversary and what we must do about it now. we are happy to have colonel oliver north join us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. this is a long topic, a big subject but some it up for us, what is the threat you think we face from china? >> well, there's a whole bunch of them. the fact is communist china is dominated by a guy who happens to be the chairman of the communist party of china. behind him he's got a [indiscernible] that guides him but this guy is a major threat to the united states and instead of encouraging the rise of china, what they ought to be thinking about you if they come
5:36 pm
to town, is conferring with the men who wrote this book because they know what it's like. they helped bring down the evil empire, the soviet union for ronald reagan. xi jinping is probably very happy that biden is preparing to move into the white house with the backing of -- absolute power. he runs everything in russia and everything in russia is aimed at domination of the rest of the planet. the prc now has more naval combatants than the u.s. navy. the threat -- excuse me, the theft of intellectual property threatens our national security. that's how they got the navy they've got today. it allows tons of illicit drugs to be exported to other nations around the world. he has set up a global string of pearls going all the way back to 1980s. all of this has been done with these guys in djibouti, panama canal, pakistan. the false territorial claims over open seas in the election of man-made military provides
5:37 pm
visceral proof of his determination. the prc's overt and covert actions to thwart sanctions against tehran. that basically ensures that the ayatollahs in iran are going to obtain nuclear weapons and the means of delivering them. there's credible evidence the communist party of china was instrumental in the world wide spread of covid-19. religious freedom in china is nonexistent. democracy in hong kong has been crushed. the economy is in dozens of developing countries, particularly in africa are threatened by beijing's so-called belt and wrote initiative in your home, the prc's campaign of disinformation to these confucius institutes near major universities provides disinformation that encourages marxist and anarchist vandals to loot and burn. as the author of this book makes very clear, 70 recommendations by these three god-fearing men who wrote the book in decades of matchless experience. what jake ought to be doing is talking to these guys instead of
5:38 pm
the communist chinese. because if he succeeds, this is going to be a planet run just like george orwell said in our kids deserve better. >> tucker: they certainly do. the tenant, thank you so much. good to see you. >> a pleasure. >> tucker: so there's evidence tonight that not everybody is on board with continuing the lockdowns. given the degree to the which they've destroyed the country already. some republican lawmakers in the state of ohio have just filed impeachment articles against the republican governor over the restrictions he's imposing. we will speak with one of those legislators after the break. ♪
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♪ >> if the current trend continues and cases keep increasing, we will be forced -- we will be forced to close restaurants, bars and fitness centers. >> tucker: so that the republican governor of ohio, mike dewine, a former united states senator. a lot of people in ohio didn't like what he said today.
5:44 pm
what's so interesting is that the reaction didn't break along predictable partisan lines. that's why we are telling you about it tonight. today, four of his fellow republicans in the state filed a dozen articles of impeachment against him. they say the governor violated state and federal law by forcing people to follow his corona laws with no oversight. john becker is a state representative in ohio, a republican, he's leading the impeachment effort and we are happy to talk to him tonight. thanks so much for coming on. tell us why -- it takes a lot i would think in a state like ohio, a republican state, for a republican to fire to file impeachment articles against a republican governor. >> first off, thank you for inviting him to the program. really appreciate that. this was hard to do. things have kind of flipped in ohio where the democrats have [indiscernible] the support behind this republican governor and it's the republicans and the conservatives that are all up in arms with what are you doing? and that's a lot of
5:45 pm
unconstitutional mandates and, you know, violating constitutional rights, civil rights and statutory rights. you know, we tried to work with the governor. he has threatened to veto every bill that interferes with the power that he has seized, and he has vetoed one bill and he's promised is going to veto another bill this week that has been passed by the general assembly. it is unclear if we have the votes to override those vetoes and then i thought well, the only thing we can do is impeachment. certainly not something i wanted to do, it only takes a simple majority in the house to get it over to the senate where it takes two-thirds for removal. >> tucker: you are the state legislator in the state house and it sounds like you're governor, like so many governors, doesn't think that he is subject to legislative oversight, that he is all of a sudden capable of making any role he wants because he wants it. >> you're absolutely right. i mean, he's taken dictatorial control, kind of known as the imperial governor and he's going to continue to, you know, stick
5:46 pm
his thumb in the eye of the general assembly for as long as he can get away with it. for as long as i'm a state representative, i want to be trying to stop him and as a private citizen, something we've been doing in ohio in 20 of the 88 counties so far, what's called private citizen affidavits. that is seeking criminal charges against the governor. so we are putting pressure on them from every way we can. >> tucker: is clearly coming from principal, not partisanship. thanks for coming on. >> thank you, really appreciate it. >> tucker: we saw a kind of shocking story today that the pastor at the community united methodist church in pasadena maryland got a citation last month from state officials concerning his compliance with corona law. so we reached out to the health department in maryland for an expo nation. they told us they had received complaints of "handshaking, high fives, and get this, fist bumps by the congregation. that is illicit worship in the state of maryland. or to believe this is america,
5:47 pm
but it is so they swooped into put an end to that, the fist bumps especially. is it legal for a government to police how americans, still protected by the bill of rights, worship their god in church? the reverend tennis jackson as a pastor at the community united methodist church and we are happy to have a montagnais. thanks so much for joining me. >> thank you so much. let me just say, this is the first i've ever heard or seen of anything like that going on in the context of our church services are worship. we are very much sticking to social distancing. everybody has to wear a mask. we have hand sanitation stations right as you come in to this lobby but also when you went to the sanctuary. we have pews marked off to make sure that we keep distances. we have pews marked off that i think it's 20 or 30 feet from the pulpit to make sure that we
5:48 pm
stay far enough away. i mean, i'm not sure who saw what, but i wonder if they were a different church than i'm serving. >> tucker: i mean, it is a church and you are explicitly protected, worship, religious worship is expose it with protected and the first amendment to the constitution. so i'm wondering, did your governor, larry whatever his name is, jump in on your side here? >> the governor, i have not heard from nora from the county executive about anything like this. i was told there was an anonymous complaint filed to the county health department. the official that came out was very authoritarian and never referenced any of the things that you highlighted. and if i had seen something like that, i would have encouraged very strongly people not to participate in such a thing as that.
5:49 pm
that's clearly, for many reasons, not appropriate. but we want to maintain religious freedom and the ability to worship. i mean, i'm preaching at 9:00 in the morning in the back of a truck in the parking lot just so people can gather to worship. >> tucker: yeah. i know you're doing your best and it's shocking that you're being harassed like this. as so many churches are an orthodox jewish contributions as well. appreciate you coming on, thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: just before the election a well-known businessman came forward with some hard evidence, actual evidence, including documents and phone conversations, that told us a lot about the biden family's lucrative overseas influencing, influence peddling operation, including in china. it's real, it is significant, but the story went nowhere, because no one else reported on it. we will tell you what we've learned next. ♪
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>> tucker: in the days before the presidential election last month an international businessman came forward with an amazing story. he had corroborated verifiable evidence about the biden family pasta best long time influence peddling operation. according to one among many emails produced, joe biden himself may have personally achieved equity in a company directly linked to the communist party of china. no one else in the media wanted to talk to tony. here's part of the interview that we did with him. >> in that email, there's a statement where they go through the equity, referenced as 10%, it doesn't say 10% -- it doesn't say biden, it says jim and then 10% for the big guy held by h. i1000% sit here and know that the big guy is referencing joe biden. that's crystal clear to me because i lived it. i met with the former vice president in person multiple times. >> tucker: so the news media,
5:56 pm
along with silicon valley, disappeared that story immediately if you're looking for election interference, there you go. they explained it was russian information -- misinformation and they sensitive. but there are new reasons to believe the blackout cannot last forever. steve krakauer is the founder and editor of the [indiscernible] podcast and he joins us to explain. thanks so much for coming on. it seems to me that the story told, which is true, raises a lot of questions that a functioning news media would now be taking up and exploring. will they? >> yeah, i mean, you would think so. i think one of the worst traits we've seen in the last few years, and this actually predates the trump era i would say is this lack of curiosity. one of the most noble traits the media used to have if they were curious, they would go and explore and find out. this is a story that really the timing was not right for the media to start exploring it, so okay, fine, we got basically blacked out. will they go back and do it? i don't know. because one of the most interesting thing about that
5:57 pm
story, there was a tell that i saw with it. the media loves fact-checking, they are obsessed with checking facts now. the story wasn't really checked, it was just ignore it and it usually a sign that there is something there that they are just not going to really start to touch on because it can't be fact-checked away. it would not be shocking if six-month, nine months down the road we get a little bit of coverage open because then all of a sudden it's not -- the story -- the heat is off a little bit and they can actually go explore it and actually find out the truth about it. >> tucker: i mean, at the heart of the story is the communist government of china, which by any analysis is america's chief global rival, it seeks to displace the united states as leader of the world, so how could you ignore that story under a biden administration? >> right, yeah. i mean, you look at the last four years. the russia collusion story. couldn't get thinner information to start putting out there to the public and to find all kinds of threads to start to weave there. all of it turned out to be completely not true.
5:58 pm
this is a story that now we are dealing with china. now we are dealing with a biden administration. i do wonder if there is some media that will start to explore it as they get going into 2021 and the heat is off from the election, because you know clearly this is a story that's going to be relevant for the american public, and it should be. we saw what happened during the election and the lead up to the election with the way the story was handled. and essentially ignored. now do they go back and do it now that the heat is off a little bit and actually explore the hunter biden story? i certainly think they should and i wonder if they do. >> tucker: i can't resist asking, it's probably a longer answer, but four years from now, how many of these media organizations still exist? how many go under between now and then? >> it's such an interesting question because you know, donald trump, for all the idea that they were in this existential fight with donald trump, man, he was good for business and if donald trump is gone, january 20th, 2021 and
5:59 pm
is essentially not -- you know, out of public life and certainly out of political life, what happens here? between that, between the changing ways of legacy media just losing power left and right, the rise of tech companies that is certainly hurting business as well. no, i think the establishment media starts to go under and i also think outlets that are more digital first, that may be a saw a nice little bump over the last few years, but really can't sustain in the way that it needs to because you've got these large media operations that, you know, half of them were like resisting the reporters. what are they going to do now? they have literally no beat anymore so i do think that we will see absolutely a decline in that. where did they go from there? what is the interesting story? where's the curiosity going to be when it comes to the next four years? i don't know. i think we are going to find o out. >> tucker: institutions that corrupt can't continue forever. the ottomans couldn't. hopefully "the new york times" wallows in their path. steve, great to see you. >> thanks. >> tucker: thank you.
6:00 pm
>> tucker: well that is it for us tonight. another hour gone. thank you for joining us. we will be back tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m., the show that is the total insincere enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. coming up next, from new york, the great sean hannity. >> sean: great show as always. thank you, welcome to "hannity." tonight we're going to do things on their show little bit differently. coming up you're going to hear a little less for me in our opening monologue, or from your fellow american citizens. in other words, whistle-blowers from around the country who are now speaking out and coming forward and sharing what are their first-hand accounts of election irregularities. these stories are shocking. several of the whistle-blowers will join us live in just a minute. plus we will highlight some of their allegations from today's hearing in michigan and their press conference in virginia. now to the mob, the media, witness testimony


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