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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 1, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> tucker: well that is it for us tonight. another hour gone. thank you for joining us. we will be back tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m., the show that is the total insincere enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. coming up next, from new york, the great sean hannity. >> sean: great show as always. thank you, welcome to "hannity." tonight we're going to do things on their show little bit differently. coming up you're going to hear a little less for me in our opening monologue, or from your fellow american citizens. in other words, whistle-blowers from around the country who are now speaking out and coming forward and sharing what are their first-hand accounts of election irregularities. these stories are shocking. several of the whistle-blowers will join us live in just a minute. plus we will highlight some of their allegations from today's hearing in michigan and their press conference in virginia. now to the mob, the media, witness testimony in court would
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be something called evidence. you have kept asking, where is the evidence? well, pay attention, we will educate you tonight. in some jurisdictions, if a witness to a murder is on the stand in a murder trial case and offers credible testimony, well, that jury can convict based on that eyewitness testimony alone. but you're not going to hear any of these serious claims from american citizens one after another on any of the other networks and the media mob, the new york toilet paper times, the washington compost. the mob is ignoring what witnesses or maybe want to call them whistle-blowers are saying. so once again we will do the work that the so-called journalists, although journalism is dead in the media mob refused to do. this program, as we told you, we have always been, we will remain independent. we always forge our own path. we always go our own way. we are not the democratic party
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operatives like pretty much everyone else in the partisan press. we vetted obama, they didn't. we got and exposed the russia collusion hoax. we got it right, they didn't. we actually vetted joe biden while he was hiding in his basement. they did not. we exposed biden family financial corruption and cashing in on then-vice president biden's name and position. we also accurately rebuked the ukrainian impeachment hoax. they got that wrong too. remember democrats? they tried to remove a sitting president from office based on speculation from somebody that they told us we should love and admire as courageous and amazing, somebody that was not a whistle-blower, but a hearsay whistle-blower. another hearsay was witnesses with no first-hand knowledge at all of their own allegations. the one real witness, there's only one, actually corroborated president trump's story. they took a perfectly routine call between the president and his ukrainian counterpart and
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they were not part of and falsely twisted it into something that was sinister. it was not. the mob, the media, the democratic party, they lavished this one nonwhistle-blower whistle-blower with never ending praise, exalted the hearsay whistle-blower for their bravery and the patriotism, although kept the anonymity of this person. they demanded all americans pay homage to the heroic actions. you might remember. we do. take a look. >> this whistle-blower, why want to say is a patriot, because what he did his he said listen, i saw something during my time, right? i have a responsibility to inform, and i'm going to follow the proper channels. >> first, let's applaud them for their patriotism, because in spite of the fact that the president of the united states, who was also the commander in chief, has attempted to smear them and threaten them, they still have had the courage i
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believe based on love of country to come forward and let the american people know what really happened. >> i would just like to say to these whistle-blowers and potential whistle-blowers, you are the patriots. you're the ones who care about this country. >> you're not going to disparage this whistle-blower. this person has been deemed credible and a patriot by your own director of national intelligence and the inspector general. >> and i want to thank the whistle-blower for their courage. >> sean: that means based on their definition, all of the whistle-blowers that testified today are all patriots and heroes and courageous. now, democrats, the media, they revere whistle-blowers. you just heard it buried in less it doesn't benefit them politically. now they ignore them. now we have hundreds of whistle-blowers coming forward. many of them sworn affidavits, first-hand accounts of election irregularities they witnessed. not hearsay, not speculation. they are telling their stories publicly. the mob is protecting of course
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all things democratic party, socialist, and the agenda of all things biden. they have first-hand eyewitness accounts, most of which made affidavits under the penalty of perjury. the media mob could care less. in fact, they are actually trashing anyone who takes witnesses and whistle-blowers seriously, because they got the results they wanted. pure politics for them. real election integrity means nothing to them. so now the same conspiracy theorists that lied to us, breathlessly pushing the russia collusion hoax for three years, the ukrainian hoax for six months, they're going to lecture all of us and how we should behave for the good of democracy. well, we don't take orders from the media mob and such breathtaking hypocrites and sanctimonious people like them, or anybody. we will follow the facts and tonight those facts lead us to michigan where multiple allegations of election abuse were brought forward by
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eyewitnesses, whistle-blowers. that includes one poll observer who was blocked from getting close enough to actually see the ballots, which the law actually allows. take a look. >> any time as a challenger i tried to look at the ballot and then tried to verify it, i would get two or three of the poll workers literally screaming at me to get back 6 feet. however, we did not know that that had been overturned the night before, which would have been helpful, but at no time were we able actually to physically see the ballot and then see it in the electronic books. >> sean: the law actually allows the partisan observers to watch every vote being counted. that didn't happen. that would be a patriot truth telling whistle-blower that's courageous. another michigan election observer, another whistle-blower noticed some very alarming
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instance of potential fraud and described that today. take a look. >> not one of the military ballots was a registered voter. in the ballots looked like they were all exactly the same xerox copies of the ballot. they were all for biden across the board, there wasn't a single trump vote and none of the voters were registered. they had to manually enter the names and addresses and a birthdate of 1/1/2020, which would override the system and allow them to enter nonregistered voters, of which i saw several that day throughout the day. that's how they would override voters that were neither in the electronic poll book or the supplemental updated poll book. >> sean: so today witness after witness after witness, or if you prefer, one whistle-blower after another came forward, discussing a variety of disturbing election day regularities in the state of michigan. take a look for yourself. >> i found it highly unusual that every military valid that was logged into the system had a birth date of january 1st 1900.
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>> i also saw the ballots being dropped off about, i don't know, three, 3:30, 4:00 in the morning. i was actually standing next to the lead attorney we were all talking about why are these ballots showing up as late as they did? >> i witnessed the room erupted in thunderous applause and derogatory cheering as a republican poll workers were picked off one by one and ejected from the room repeatedly by police escort start the day. by the end of the day that had picked up so many g.o.p. poll workers but there were probably only a few dozen left to monitor all of the processing stations in the room. >> sean: sadly these irregularities are not isolated just to the state of michigan. during a press conference in virginia we have whistle-blowers from all across the country, they came forward to share their claims. one subcontractor for the u.s. postal service in pennsylvania said he was asked to deliver ballots taken from one state, across state lines to another state. watch this. >> i know i saw ballots with
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return addresses filled out. thousands of them. thousands. loaded onto my trailer in new york and headed for pennsylvania. but as things became weirder, i got to thinking and wondered why i was driving complete ballots from new york to pennsylvania. i didn't know -- i didn't know why, so i decided to speak up and that's what i'm doing today. >> sean: now another u.s. postal service contractor, and alarming allegations including claims of about 100,000 missing ballots. u.s. postal service workers unlawfully backdating ballots and much more varied don't believe me? well, here's the courageous, patriotic whistle-blower in their own words. >> and then an order came down from the wisconsin illinois
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chapter of usps that 100,000 ballots were missing. he then told me that his post office had dispatched employees to look for the missing ballots around 4:00 a.m. and that only seven or eight were found at ums. based on my previous experience and habit of double checking for ballots, i believe that to be alive. i had a conversation with a different usps employee named rachel in which she admitted the u.s. ps employees were ordered to backdate ballots that were received too late to be lawfully counted. i didn't bring any of this to the attention of my supervisors at usps at the time due to what i perceived to be their hostility towards president donald trump and their evident contempt for the law. i'm not a trump supported. i'm not a biden supporter eith either. in fact, i didn't vote for either of the main candidates. but something profoundly wrong occurred in wisconsin during the presidential election and the american people have a right to know about it.
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>> sean: now, as it stands today there is a 20,000 vote difference in wisconsin between wisconsin, arizona and georgia, about 44,000 vote difference. those three states, it is not critical that we as a country get to the bottom of serious allegations made by witnesses and whistle-blowers. in fact, every like i irregulary must be investigated. make no mistake this is about as highest as the stakes are for the 2020 election, it's about more than that too. it's about every single election moving forward in this country. what we all are witnessing here and witnessed in november was unacceptable. partisan observers were blocked from doing their lawful job of viewing the process everywhere. election laws broken in every state. relaxed voter i.d. laws, especially for mail-in ballots, u.s. postal service employees, subcontractors handling massive amounts of mail-in ballots,
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sparsely monitored drop boxes are not monitored at all, outdated voter rolls allowing dead people to cast ballots from beyond the grave. inefficient complicated voting systems that are vulnerable to interference. vote counting that went on for weeks and weeks and is still going on in some places. some votes, yep, almost a month later, they are not finished. and now sworn public claims of major election irregularities in nearly every battleground state. so the question is, how do you possibly have faith or trust in this process? i do not. you believe the whistle-blowers? i do. the irregularities that they brought to light are unacceptable and by the way, there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of sworn legal affidavits. the american people in every state, we deserve better. all the states that got it right. we have full confidence in the integrity and the vote in the outcome. well, they deserve a fair vote
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for their -- in every state for them too. in order to find a solution, we need to know what went wrong. joining us now are, well, more -- three whistle-blowers, one is kristin param oh, who is an election observer from michigan, testified today. also ethan piece, u.s. postal service contractor from wisconsin. jesse morgan, the truck driver, subcontracted by the u.s. postal service. ethan and jesse have signed sworn affidavits and both are nonpartisan. it let me ask you both that. you're both nonpartisan. jesse, ethan, politics not important to you? >> i didn't vote this year, sir. >> [indiscernible]. >> me personally, i'm not really democrat or republican, i consider myself may be or libertarian. >> sean: all right, ethan ethan, you tell your story. you told your story today that
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you are working in wisconsin along so much around election day. her job was to drive ballots to a postal service center. you're nonpartisan, and you said you were told by two separate postal workers on two separate occasions that there were gathering over 100,000 ballots on the morning of november 4th, the day after election, and to backdate those ballots. can you please tell us that story? >> yes. so -- let's see -- on election day i only had -- i had no ballots on election day. the day after the election, i didn't really think anything of it until the postal service supervisor asked me if i had forgotten ballots the night before and i didn't have any, so i was like that's kind of a weird question, no. and he explained to me that 100,000 ballots were supposedly missing in the state of
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wisconsin and an order came down to look for them from the wisconsin -- wisconsin-illinois usps chapter of the postal service. >> sean: and by the way, ethan, you signed an affidavit. you know that if you signed a false affidavit that you could be charged with perjury, correct? >> yes, sir. >> sean: and jesse, you told a story that, well, from new york to lancaster p.a., you drove to drove almost 300,000 ballots across state lines, that they had, what, been filled out in new york? >> yes, sir. i don't know the exact number of ballots. i mean, i really sucked up the guess how many jelly beans are in the jar, but i can tell you, i took 24 pallets. [indiscernible] to lancaster and that's where -- >> sean: fees ballots -- these were pennsylvania ballots you were bringing in from new york?
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what was the date of that? >> this happened on octobe october 21st. and i picked them up in new york and drove them to harrisburg and from harrisburg i them to lancaster, dropped the trailer in lancaster, dropped my truck off and went home. >> sean: now, did you get a chance to see those ballots? >> i saw them loaded on my trailer. >> sean: and did you notice how they were marked, or were they concealed? >> i saw that like the top corners, addresses on them was filled out. i didn't see every single one. it was like i'm sitting there just looking, you know? i was more so watching to see how the load was put in, making sure it was secure and everything like that in some of the pallets when they drove by, some of the letters were out and i could see like a little bit -- i couldn't tell you a name if
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you're looking for names or anything like that. >> sean: and you signed a legal affidavit -- but also you know that if you lied and that affidavit you know that in fact you -- you could be charged with perjury too? >> yes, sir. >> sean: wow. why did you both decide -- if you're both not partisan, you don't really care about politi politics, -- what, ethan, motivated you to come forward and tell this story? why was this important to you? >> well, being that i'm pretty young, i'm only 20 years old, this is clearly probably the most important election of my lifetime and i couldn't go to the grave knowing what i knew and just keeping that to myself knowing that something went wrong in this election. >> sean: you. let me bring in christina.
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your shot went down for a second so we lost you, we're glad you're back. you testified today that you witnessed ballots marked straight ticket, democrats, republicans and you were told they were to be counted, even if they were republican, as democrats. you challenged it and then you lost the challenge? these were republican votes that you saw? >> what happened was is that the adjudication table, a ballot came up and it was straight party -- the person had voted for straight party democrat and straight party republican and the important part is they were filled in circles, so that's an intentional mark. [indiscernible] inconsistencies, say the person voted for more than they were supposed to for that particular race, or didn't make it clear, that's where they try to figure it out. with the filled in circle, that's an intentional mark. the person didn't make any other votes for judges, proposals, nothing else. in the poll worker just was like i'm going to give it to the
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democrats. and so i'm like no, that ballots should be tossed out in his person had previously given a boat to joe biden where a voter had voted for joe biden in the green party candidate for president so that alerted -- had my attention. and so then after that i want to go get her supervisor and her supervisor -- asked the girl what do you think and look what she thinks doesn't matter, the ballot should be tossed out. so i go get the guy who was overseeing this 10:00 p.m.-5:00 a.m. absentee counting process and he does the exact same thing. and asked the girl with the sheathing, so i just in play asked the question, i said, why not give it to republican of the democrat? and he begins to scream at me and tells her to push it through. me and him have this big argument. -- do what you want, extremely nasty, extremely rude and he just committed open fraud and push the ballot through people try to say this is just one incident. no, it's a bunch of instances.
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we had no way of coordinating these mass stories that all add up, but the democrats have plenty of time to coordinate their stories, so it doesn't make sense that all of our stories are telling the same type of situation where we witnessed massive fraud. fake birthdays being given to people. i mean, why are these voters not on the voter rolls? it doesn't make sense. ballots being dropped off in the middle of the night, thousands of them. i mean, it was awful. >> sean: you're telling your story, you signed an affidavit also like ethan and jesse under the threat of perjury, right? you know that's a legal docume document? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> sean: why was this important to you? because i would assume this is kind of not your average day to be a public figure. >> you know, about it, i guess i'm a republican, but this is beyond republicans and
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democrats. this is about our republic being protected. we don't have confidence in our election, we don't have a nation. you know, we give our consent to be governed by those in office -- not in power, but an office to make decisions on our behalf, but if we don't pick the people that are making the decisions on our behalf, then we have a rogue government doing whatever they want to do. that is completely acceptable. in the way the media won't even take the time to investigate our claims, they just roundly dismissed us, just roundly dismissed us. what can of journalism, not even talk to us, not to see what we said. it's disgusting that a lot of our officials don't want to hear us. we are the citizens. they work for us. our tax dollars pay them. we tell them what we want and they are to listen to us. we have hundreds and hundreds of people telling you we witnessed fraud, do not even bother to want to hear us -- and this is -- i mean, we're talking almost a month ago. this should have been talked about as soon as we started complaining.
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many of us started filing our affidavits right away. so i'm just really upset about the whole situation. >> sean: you know, i want to thank you all for telling your story. i know this is probably not easy for any of you and it's amazing how one whistle-blower -- every democrat and everybody in the media wanted to believe and said was courageous. now they don't want to hear from anybody else because of politics. that's sad. thank you all. here now with reaction, kayleigh mcenany is back with us. you were on this very program for example, christina is from the detroit area. you actually held up 234 affidavits, signed affidavits on this program that i think fake news cnn claimed warrant real. apparently they are very real. >> they are very real and i want to commend christina, ethan, jesse, for sharing their stories. that takes courage. these people are doxxed, they are harassed, they are
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threatened and to come on this program and share your story takes an immense amount of courage. and to hear kristina say the media ignored me, but i'm here and i'm sharing my story. yes she is and yes she should not be ignored we have sworn affidavits to back up everything that you have shown this evening. you mentioned the one individual sought ballots in detroit being backdated to birth dates of january 1st 1900. we have affidavits like this where they actually list out all of the circles are different ballot numbers. they have written a specific ballot number down that was dated january 1st 1900 for someone who didn't have a birthdate. these are fact driven. they are real people. you just heard from them. where is the media asking these questions? it is irresponsible and thank you for giving them a platform, sean, because their voices matter and president trump will fight for the 74 million plus individuals like that who showed up to vote for him. >> sean: there are in all of these states, correct me if i'm wrong, hundreds and hundreds and
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hundreds of people that signed these affidavits under the threat of perjury. you go back to the ukrainian witch hunt and what did we have? we had one hearsay anonymous nonwhistle-blower. pledged to the hilt by the media, players to the health for the democrats. where's the praise to all these people? >> exactly. there's no praise. this is one county. one county where you have literally hundreds of pages in one county in wayne county detroit, all across the country we hear stories like this but most specifically in those four cities were joe biden somehow over performed hillary, though we underperformed her in every other metro. we know that in detroit and atlanta and milwaukee and philadelphia he over performed and we have affidavits detailing the corruption that has gone on not just this cycle, but for cycle after cycle in his democrat-run cities, but this time, sean, it was ample fight because you had mail-in ballots, no signature verification, they
6:25 pm
seized a pandemic and created an electoral epidemic, but we are fighting, new lawsuit today in wisconsin just filed, we hundred 66 pages detailing how wisconsin law was violated. so these people are real, these stories are important. >> sean: thank you. you took a lot of heat. you told us about them. you told us what were in them and now it's all been corroborated in your own voice. thank you. i wish it would have happened sooner, but -- you know, we've been waiting to hear from people. we are hearing from them. thank you. very important. more troubling allegations coming out of the state of georgia tonight. judge jeanine, dave bossi, they will have more into not exclusively, james o'keefe undercover tapes, fake news cnn, chief jeff zucker. he will join us for an exclusive interview and we've got the first tapes right here, straight ahead. ♪ i'm susan and i'm 52 and i live in san francisco, california. i have been a sales and sales management professional my whole career. typical day during a work week is i'm working
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♪ >> sean: suggest when you think things can't get more corrupt, more troubling developments tonight out of the great state of georgia as we are now learning that an executive at the "nonprofit" that is assisting in the georgia recount has a history of ferland anti-trump tweets and has repeatedly expressed his hatred for the president. for example, 2018, tweeted "f donald trump and all his enablers." nice guy. also called the g.o.p. rotten to the core. now he's the director at a san francisco-based company called voting works. they were hired by that genius idiot georgia secretary of state to provide logistics and assistance and technical support during the so-called georgia audit, but does that sound like someone who is unbiased?
6:31 pm
does that instill any confidence in our election process in the state of georgia? remember the dopey secretary of state made a deal after being sued by democrats to have two different verification systems. a very easy one for mail-in ballots and a very rigid one for day of voters. and meanwhile, there are still more questions than answers out of fulton county. that's the largest county still not to have their completed their recount, prompting criticism from the secretary of state. a little late. here to explain more, author of "don't lie to me" host of justice, judge jeanine pirro along with coauthor of trump america first and from 2016 deputy campaign manager dave bossi. i understand you made a full recovery, you're doing well? >> i am, sean, thank you very much. >> sean: glad to hear it. judge, we will start with you. you've heard -- you see what's happening in georgia. the georgia secretary of state. if you mailed in a ballot, they had a whole different signature verification system.
6:32 pm
made this consent deal with democrats. okay, that was a less stringent standard. the governor can call the legislature back in session to fix it. he said they have no power. he does have the power. when you look at this bias going on with this company, why are they even in the state? >> all right, let me tell you what's going on in georgia. there is a fundamental problem in georgia and that problem is that the people who are counting votes in the attempt at this runoff election and the secretary of state appointing this guy who hates trump, who hates republicans, who has donated to democrats, says republicans are willing to live with fascism, he is now part of this strategy that is actually going to audit the presidential election. so -- but let's get to the more fundamental issue, sean, and that is that when the secretary of state cut a deal with stacey
6:33 pm
abrams, then what happened was they violated the united states constitution article one, section 4, because in the state of georgia, and in every state in this country, you cannot change the election law in a federal election on what the legislature doesn't. so in this state as far as i'm concerned, the state that when they changed that law, those boats cannot be counted and lynwood is going into the 11th circuit, the answer should be in there soon and then he can then take that to the supreme court. there was all kinds of fraud going on in georgia and that's why the people in georgia don't even want to vote for the runoff. >> sean: i'm telling you right now, if you want the president investigated in perpetuity by pelosi's house and a democratic senate potentially, depending on the final outcome here and his agenda undone. that would be beyond dangerous, but republicans, they got to understand in georgia, all things now, a lot is hanging in the balance there.
6:34 pm
dave bossie, your take on it all? >> you know, we need to investigate the auditors at this point. this is outrageous. we now see that an organization that stacey abrams stacey abrams and warnock were running is now under investigation by the state for running an organization that was sending ballots to people who lived outside of the state of georgia. it is outrageous. this is the senate candidate and his organization doing this. this is unheard of corruption. this needs to be investigated thoroughly and very quickly. we don't have the time to stand around waiting on this. the american -- america and our future is at stake. the filibuster is at stake. every policy decision is at stake, whether republicans have the majority or in the minority, and it means everything to the american people and to the 75 million people especially that voted for donald trump. >> sean: quick legal question,
6:35 pm
judge buried all these people that testify today and sign these legal affidavits under the threat of perjury, is that considered evidence? >> absolutely that's evidence. that is evidence -- that creates a basis -- and you know, the media telling you it's not evidence, don't listen to them. look, the general fraud that occurred in the state of georgia will continue in the runoff unless we stop it. they have it teed up right now to a perfection and until we stand up or until the courts, either through the 11th circuit or the third circuit in pennsylvania take this after the supreme court, we know we've got the evidence. stop letting people tell you that we don't have the evidence, because we do. and this is only going to continue. this fraud will continue and america will be doomed for the next 20 years. >> sean: think you both. dave, welcome back, glad you're feeling better. thank you. when we come brett, project vers exposing fake news and jeff
6:36 pm
zucker. james o'keefe will join us live with the tapes, and interview you will only see exclusively tonight here on "hannity." ♪ ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list sales event. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment.
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when you come to jesus and place your whole trust in him? - [announcer] visit to find out more. ♪ >> sean: breaking tonight, explosive new recordings from inside fake news cnn being released by project veritas exposing fake news frauds like network chief jeff zucker like never before. now earlier this morning, project veritas' founder ceo james o'keefe, he called into cnn's morning editorial call and, well, you would say humpty dumpty's boss mr. potato head didn't know what was coming. take a look. >> hey, jeff zucker, are you there? hey, this is james o'keefe. with the listening to your cnn
6:41 pm
calls for basically two months, recording everything. just wanted to ask you to some questions if you have a minute. do you still feel you're the most trusted name in news? because i have to say from what have been hearing on these phone calls, i don't know about that. we've got a lot of recordings that indicate you're not really that independent of a journali journalist. >> thank you for -- thank you for your comments. in light of that i think what we will do is we will set up a new system. >> sean: project veritas tonight released the first installment of these recordings and first up we have a cnn field producer and sucker talking about covering the president's decision to not yet can see the, suggesting cnn should frame the story by invoking the 9/11 terror attacks. we always let you decide, here's the video.
6:42 pm
>> the 9/11 report talks about one of the problems was that the trouble that was brewing got lost during the transition, so if you want a concrete example of what happens when you don't have a good transition, look at the twin towers. >> yeah, so i think that's an important point. i think it was just a little bit yesterday in terms of national security, i think it's really important to raise again. >> sean: now, do you ever remember fake news cnn talking about the national security applications of the obama administration? you know, the deep state using hillary's dirty russian misinformation dossier to spy on candidate trump, president trump, his administration, the biggest abuse of power corruption scandal in history. no. they are the ones that peddled the conspiracy theories, the russian disinformation dossier. perpetuating years and years of
6:43 pm
a russia hoax. what about those national security concerns? they are glaring in their bias and their utter disgusting hypocrisy, couldn't be more obvious, and it gets worse, because next up, october, president trump recovering from a coronavirus, sacher is now telling his staff they need to resist normalizing the president and to not normalize what zucker calls desperate behavior. does this sound like objective news to you? >> i think we cannot normalize what has happened here in the last week with trump in his behavior, a president who knows he's losing, knows he's in trouble. he is sick. maybe is on the aftereffects of steroids or not, i don't know, but he is acting erratically and desperately and we need to -- we
6:44 pm
need to -- we need to not normalize that. >> sean: and joe hiding, that was normal? lastly, weeks ago instructing his staff to target senator lindsey graham saying the network needed to "go well after lindsey graham post quote. target the guys we don't like. take a look. >> frankly if we've made any mistake it's that our banners have been too polite and we need to go well after lindsey graham. there is a lot of news out there and lindsey graham really deserves it. >> sean: cnn responded claiming that o'keefe may have committed a felony, but didn't offer any specifics or cite any laws allegedly violated. now is the ceo, the founder of project veritas. james o'keefe is with us. all right, every time you've been sued, has anyone done so successfully? >> no, sean, we won every single
6:45 pm
lawsuit a project veritas and i know they said "this is cnn communications, legal experts say this may be a felony," we have legal experts and we think jeff zucker is just very mad and embarrassed here for what we have exposed. >> sean: so you are going to be on this program all week and we are going to release more tapes per week so we can focus in on what you're going to release every day. now, they peddled this russia live for three years over there. they never apologized. they never corrected their record and they reported fake him a phony news conspiracy theories. they have stockers of the fox news channel. and we are getting lectured by them? is this a news organization to you? >> no, sean. this is something that doesn't shock people but confirms a lot of his suspicions. to see the president of a media conglomerate barking orders at his reporters and journalists telling them what to cover, what not to cover, that's not what anything was in plain journalism i know. i run an organization with a few
6:46 pm
dozen reporters. they come to me with facts. i'm not -- they are not yessing me, they are challenging me. what jeff zucker is doing on these phone calls, what the story is, telling them what not to cover varied, this is propaganda and i think when citizens have to -- this is manufacturing consent and would never actually seen it, fly on the wall. you can actually have the president of the company instruct his vice president -- instruct his reporters with the narrative up to be. this is the farthest thing from journalism that i know. and i think that cnn owes an apology to the people. i mean, this is disgraceful. [indiscernible]. >> sean: [indiscernible] everything biden. it looks like they have picked a side. they picked joe biden's side. all right, the way you do things, you have a lot more coming. how long did you record these morning calls?
6:47 pm
>> i told him this morning when i live streamed the call, a set of been doing this for two months and he was kind of shell-shocked by that. we've been recording for weeks and weeks, sean. it's christmas, december 1st, is going to be i guess an advent calendar. we're going to be releasing tapes every day and we have more tapes tonight, tomorrow, and it's going to be, you know -- this is a brave whistle-blower insider who came to us with this information, sean and we encourage more people inside media enterprises to blow the whistle on corruption inside big media. >> sean: all right, we look forward to installment to go tomorrow. thank you, james o'keefe. when we come back, the attorney general bill barr is now upgraded, appointed john durham as a special counsel, which means the investigation into the origins of the russia probe, if biden ever became president would not end, but why haven't we gotten the low-hanging fruit? why? mr. durham, why? straight ahead.
6:48 pm
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♪ >> sean: we do have breaking developments out of the deep state investigation tonight. the attorney general bill barr revealed today that he has appointed john durham special counsel to investigate the origins of the russia hoax, which will allow the investigation to continue. joining us now with reaction, author of the new book "firebrand," florida congressman matt gaetz, gregg jarrett, good to see you both. greg, you wrote two number one best sellers on this. from my perspective, john durham has had more than enough information about russian disinformation dossier, premeditated fraud on a fisa court and he's had forever to do it. why hasn't he gotten the job done?
6:53 pm
>> well, according to the attorney general he needs more time. covid interfered with the legal process. but this was a shrewd and smart move by bill barr. he's essentially made john durham elliott mass. he's untouchable, giving him elevated status as special counsel. remember, the ag is gone when a new administration comes in and so are the 93 u.s. attorneys and durham is one of those. but now he can continue his investigation until its conclusion unimpeded. you know, it's difficult for a new president to fire a special counsel for the attorney general. remember when trump just talked about firing bob mueller, democrats and the media accused him of obstruction of justice, but the second important thing is durham, in addition to issuing indictments, can now write a report to provide a full
6:54 pm
accounting of the corrupt acts, the abuse of power by people like james comey, andrew mccabe, peter strzok, and others. i would include rod rosenstein, maybe even sally yates in that. sally yates is now effectively off the table i think is the next attorney general in a biden administration emma assuming the electoral college chooses him. >> sean: you know, there's a fake news cnn story tonight that has been debunked by doj officials about the trump administration official and money for pardons. they said no government official was or is currently a subject of any target of any investigation to disclose. matt gaetz, i read "the new york times" op-ed by andrew weissmann. three years he was robert mueller's pitbull. didn't get the result he wanted. now he's saying that if biden becomes president as an ag, he wants trump investigated in perpetuity.
6:55 pm
you had said it first and i agree with you. if this is the threat they're going to make to a guy leaving office perhaps one day, my question is, why wouldn't he just pardon himself and his family on the way out the door? because i think it would be right to do so because these people are nuts. >> the president should pardon himself, his family, his administration officials, and if his supporters who have been targeted. look, this department of justice and fbi targeted president trump and wanted to accuse him of crimes when he was the incoming president. what do think they're going to do if they think is the outgoing president? i think the durham announcement is really a letdown. essentially we are ending where they started. they started by appointing a special counsel and we made the ending by appointing a special counsel. that will be a letdown to a lot of americans who have seen the doj become politicized. it's no different than any other government agency now in washington. they want to seize power by helping their friends and going after -- >> sean: thank you both, more "hannity" straight ahead.
6:56 pm
guys, times are tough.
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♪ >> sean: unfortunately, that's all the time left we have this evening. to set your dvr, never met an episode of hannity. we will see the truth in everything the mob ignores. let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham, big show tonight. it be when i just tweeted about the whistle-blowers. you book them so we cut in. they were great. it was really -- you folks them on the show, the whistle-blowers. we cut them because they were already booked on your show. i was riveted, and i watched every minute and i tweeted about it. kudos. kudos. >> sean: there were other great people, so compelling. there are hundreds of them. to be we've had some of them on, but they were -- there m minoriy voices and they are being dismissed. >> sean: i thought whistle-blowre