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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 4, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PST

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martha maccallum tonight on "the story" looking forward to that. sandra, feel free to drop by if you're not doing anything. [laughs] >> sandra: enjoy. go get them. great to be together this morning. we'll see you back here monday morning. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: and a lot of news to get to this hour. the battle for control of the u.s. senate is in full swing in georgia today. in fact, you can see it with your own eyes. a bus tour has rolled in and is kicking off this hour. just balled up here that is the georgia state capital. vice president mike pence is also in atlanta right now. he is due to speak today at a rally for kelly loeffler and david perdue. the two of them facing runoff elections which will decide which party controls the senate. president trump is also headed to georgia for a rally tomorrow.
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joining a slew of g.o.p. senators who have been campaigning in that stage. senator perdue says next month's runoffs are crucial. >> we know what's at stake. this is the last line of defense against their radical liberal agenda. once they do this, we won't get it back. chuck schumer said this a few weeks ago. take georgia, change america. two days later, aoc says we need georgia because we do not want to negotiate. we want the green new deal without compromise. we know that they will move to a one-party system system. schumer has told us that. >> harris: live at the state capital in atlanta. >> harris, i think georgia may be the epicenter of the election right now because you can see right here the march for trump bus tour that began on november 29th and south florida near mar-a-lago, made its way here to georgia.
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they are just chanting "stop the steel." they want pressure on governor kemp to intervene in the selection. they believe that it was indeed stolen. you can see them here starting to rally. talking to one of the gentleman out here leading it. what is your name? >> greg smith. speak up you are georgia? >> yes. i'm atlanta. >> what's the focus out here? >> we don't care about january 5th. it will take care of itself, but right now, we have the selection to fight for herein now. november 3rd, that just happen several weeks ago. we've got to get a revolutio re. if we know the president is coming here for a rally, and we appreciate that, but what we care about is the election that's already happened. we want those results. we want to certify account here
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in georgia, and if we lost the selection fair and square, hey, no problem. >> and you are is supported in perdue and loeffler? >> not sure. >> very interesting. the stakes couldn't be higher. getting some support from vice president pence. on the ground here in atlanta. you will go down for purdue and loeffler. making that case last night that he has got to keep and fight for what he has done over the last four years. take a listen to what senator perdue said. >> we have got to protect what we did for four years in this administration, is in fact the result is not in his favor. we've got to protect him. the way to do that is to get kelly loeffler and david pretty reelected. >> now, ossoff's challenger, jon ossoff, is -- essentially, that
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is that perdue and loeffler are corrupt. here is what jon ossoff had to say. >> they are running against david pretty when kelly loeffler, like the bonnie and clyde of political corruption. it's cartoonish. david purdue has been treating his office like his e-trade account. speak out now, the supporters here, harris, are going to relocate and take that as crowd over to the governor's they wa want, as we heard, pressure on governor kemp, and don't forget, there is a big visit coming tomorrow. president trump holding a rally, continuing a lot of what we heard out here today. >> harris: quickly before i let you go, and i'm sure nobody messed this because it's really stood out. you asked a supporter who is hyper focused obviously on november 3rd, he said, not
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january 5th, whether he was supporting the incumbent republican senators, loeffler and perdue. he did in no i say yes. why? >> harris, i apologize if you just a second. i got a bullhorn in my ear, so i missed most of that question, but i did get the gist of it, which is that they are hyper focused on the election results, which remember, not everyone out here are georgians. many of them came from florida and all across the country. and ultimately, this bus tour, harris, is washington, d.c. on december 12, we've got the bus taking off. but in washington, d.c., right in front of the u.s. capitol outside the white house where they want to send the message. they want election integrity. not just for president trump, but also every other one going
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forward. here is. >> harris: all right. griff jenkins, you did a great job, considering you had a bullhorn in your ear. thank you so very much. we appreciate the live reporting, and everyone concedes that the march for trump down in georgia is in full swing. you're watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, kennedy. new york city physician and fox news contributor, dr. nicole saphier, fox news contributor, marie harf, and joining us today on the virtual couch, center city, former education secretary under president reagan, also fox news contributor, bill bennett. bill, you know, i'm curious, and this is a live look and cannot atlanta, the bus to now pulling away, you heard them talking about the day that supporters are having down there. how concerned should lawmakers who are traveling from capitol hill -- should the
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president be? putting all of this muscle into something that is going to happen january 5th. how much concern should there be that well, maybe georgia voters to support the president's are more focused on what happened on november 3rd and getting it right in their eyes. it's because i well, you focus, as i knew you what, on the essential point there. you are a smart lady. we all already know that. you prove it every day. that answer, which as i am not sure what i'm going to do about loeffler and perdue is the wrong answer. i probably agree with that guy on an awful lot of things. there probably are problems with the november 3rd election, which we will talk about later, i understand, but you cannot use that argument to discourage turnout for the january 5th. you have to get behind the president, and you have to get behind these two senators. the crucial message here seems
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to me, harris, that the president to deliver when he arrives, you all know what i think of november 3rd. you must support perdue and loeffler because without them, you will have a return to the left. indeed, a sharp turn to the left. put aside then november the 3rd thing at least for a moment for voting. down discourage people from voting in january. get out there and support those two, because the country turns ouon that particular wheel. >> harris: marie, i come to you for reaction. >> marie: yeah, harris, that was a fascinating interview. some of the things that you aree do not interview our why republicans are so nervous. because this message that president trump has been promoting, that the georgia election was somehow not free and fair, even though the republican officials in charge
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of it in fact said it was. that is having an impact. not just that gentleman said he wasn't sure who he was running for, that also when he said january 5th will take care of this. that is an extraordinary statement, and republicans are really carefully watching and a little nervous about what president trump might say. if he delivers that message that secretary bennett just that, that's what they want him to do, but they are a little worried he's going to come down to georgia and talk about novembe november 3rd and his unfounded allegations of fraud, which will discourage people from focusing on the senate elections. you heard earlier this week the rnc chair in any event with georgia voters raising their hands and saying why should we vote? we keep hearing is rigged. we heard that it is already decided, that it is not free and fair, and she was basically begging with them to not listen to this message that president trump himself is promoting, so the republicans are a little worried right now, and that man he interviewed is
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the reason why. it was so interesting to hear from him. >> harris: all right. so, kennedy, a couple things at play here. there is a messaging that bill bennett has laid out, and whether or not the president can hit that hammer perfect. but there is also just a president coming to town. i mean, he is the president. when he comes, he brings a lot of keys. particularly, this president to love us to embrace people at these rallies and with his own brand of messaging. really entertain them for over an hour. does he suck all the oxygen out of the room, regardless of what the message is? >> kennedy: he can, but he can also use that oxygen to breathe new allies into voter unity here -- i'm not in georgia. man, if i were, i certainly would vote for david perdue and kelly loeffler because i don't want a bunch of commies running
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the senate. you know, that point, is it is going to shift one way or the other, and one that is really, really bad, if the seesaw lands and the democrats favor, taxes are going to go up. you are going to see new entitlement, record spending, tax increases that will not offset the spending. you are going to see the middle-class of her. regardless of what party leaders and joe biden say. so it is really crucial, but you are absolutely right. the president has to say yes, there was weirdness on novembe november 3rd. about one, you have to make sure you turn out. you have to make sure there is absolutely no doubt. you have to turn out more than ever before. give people rides to the polling place. don't even try had. if you think that you have a moral obligation to five some of
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the numbers, don't you dare. >> harris: you know, dr. saphier, we often talk medical with you. there is a medical component going on in georgia, and it is coronavirus rates and death rates are spiking right now. and that is an issue that is very much all about local politics, and so, as you have all of these politicians, including the president coming to the state, i'm wondering how that message baskets handle because by that time they get there saturday, the numbers seem to be exponentially growing every day. >> dr. saphier: well, that's right, harris. georgia and a lot of the surrounding states have drastically rising numbers. when kennedy was discussing, the litany of the things that she listed, ultimately, georgia comes down to a referendum on health care. whoever controls the senate, you will see a wider range of health care topics coming to life. medicare expansion, abortion
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funding, the affordable care act. democrats have the white house. last time they have that was 2010. that was when the affordable care act was passed, so if the democrats gained the senate with georgia, then you are also looking at the affordable care act come to light again, and vice president biden will likely be trying to push the public option, lessening the medicare eligibility age. continuing to expand medicaid and give more of the subsidies to people, all of which will further raise taxes. so, you know, you have the local politics at what's going on, but also georgia really comes down to the democratic senate and what that means nationally. >> harris: all right. will move on. so much to get to today. bill bennett, so glad that you are here. you can what president trump's georgia rally live right here tomorrow evening, beginning at 7:00 eastern. then, don't miss that if they
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live in atlanta. that also starts at 7:00, but just before that, martha maccallum hosts are very special coverage at 6:45:00 p.m. eastern. your weekend is made. california has governor announcing his strictest lockdown orders since the spring. what it means for his states 40 million residents. and the pushback he's already getting from one of his state's top law enforcement officers. >> we all need to step up. we need to meet this mom and hat on. do everything we can to stem the tide. ♪ new projects means new project managers.
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>> we don't now, our hospital system will be overwhelmed. we don't act now, we will continue to see the death rate climb. my last lost. this is not a permanent state. this is what many had projected. we had predicted the final surge in this pandemic. we are a few months away from truly seeing real progress with the vaccine. the one california governor gavin newsom announcing his strongest stay-at-home order since the spring, and hospitalizations keep rising in the state. the restrictions being in tomorrow and will apply to any california regions where i see a 80%. all regions except the bay area looks set to hit that threshold in the next few days. the new restrictions would close salons, barbershops, limit restaurants to take out and delivered only. however, the los angeles county sheriff says he will not enforce
9:20 am
any order that can force businesses to shut down, saying they have been through enough. all this as the u.s. suffered its most deadly day. health officials say they fear another surge in cases as of americans just traveled for thanksgiving. bill, you know, when you look at this, there's so many parameters to get your arms around here. where do you start? >> bill: let me start first by correcting what i said before. when biden said my time was up, it wasn't hot. i cut myself short. it is crucial, what the president does when he comes to georgia. let me just predict, he will put the country above any issue of vanity, and he will come out strongly for loeffler and perdue cute secondly, i want to associate myself with what kennedy said. if you get a democratic senator, the country as we know it, could
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be lost. it is that big. the dimensions here on the governor, i think, are partly health issues, and dr. saphier would be the person to go to for advice, but i would say this. those shutdowns, in terms of their consequences, equal to the other consequences of the shutdown, that is controlling the virus efficiently, can compensate for the loss of kids going to school, loss of income, loss of jobs, mental illness, also it's of other issues. we know the price we paid with the shutdown earlier. quite apart from the hypocrisy, which we will get you in a second. they were great costs to the shutdown, and just wondering whether the demography of the virus is such that we can believe things will be a lot better because of that shutdown. is that what the evidence shows unequivocally? >> harris: dr. saphier, what
9:22 am
does the evidence show? bill asked a great question there. i'm always curious to know what the science is, that outdoor dining in particular leads to the spread of coronavirus. indoor dining, i get. gavin newsom does what he wants. good for him. but for the rest of everybody, the 40 million residents in his state, how much of it is arbitrary, and how much of it is no science there to do this, to do that? >> dr. saphier: when we first started, we didn't have a lot of data into some of these measures, but since march, we have come up with a lot of science regarding it, but i can find u.s. study that will sit whatever narrative you want to dispute, but when it comes to some of these restrictions, i can tell you that we have far evolved from where we were in march. there is no reason to have my get at lockdowns anymore. we now have a virus transmits. we know who the vulnerable are.
9:23 am
and we know the negative ramifications that came from the lockdowns, so they need to be much smarter and targeted measures. it is not blanket stay-at-home orders anyway. keep the most vulnerable home, have them be distancing. make sure you're keeping our businesses open. the science shows us in terms of dining, we had a study out of stanford that's it indoor dining is one of the most risky activities that can be done. however, outdoor dining is far less risky, and the majority of patients are actually from the staff members who are likely congregating indoors without their masks. a cdc study came out, showing that the far majority of people who had covid-19 said that they had had some sort of dining, whether it be indoor or outdoor in the last two weeks preceding their infection, but it didn't actually say that that's where they got the infection, so you know, while we have science and studies showing us that there is a transmission from indoor
9:24 am
dining, the evidence for outdoor dining transmission is not there, and that's because it just doesn't happen as much. therefore, outdoor dining should not have been shut down. they couldn't even back it with science. they are just panicking because they have poorly run their health care system for the last decade, and other hospitals are overflowing. they have massive outbreaks in the prison population. hundreds of thousands of people coming from mexico, needing health care, receiving health care in the hospital systems, and maybe they should have thought about this before a global pandemic, making sure that they have stronger health care systems. >> harris: well, it's so interesting, marie, as you talk about this, all of those areas. i keep thinking that the similar conversation to dr. saphier just said, when it comes to schools. president trump was trying to keep the schools open. many people were saying no, and look at where we are now. they are battling to keep schools open here on the east coast. i have one child in, one child
9:25 am
in virtual, and the site is mighty to do that because there really is a difference in their learning. >> marie: yet, harris, and one analogy i really like that i have heard from the biden advisors on his task force is that it is not a light switch, open or closed. it becomes, as dr. saphier mentioned, we've learned so much since march. we should think of it more as a dial. what do we need to dial back not just in california, but every states, hospital beds are filling out. the health care system, for whatever reason, is overwhelmed. it is certainly at a level we haven't seen since the spring. so, what can we dial back? i think that one key part of this that we have to focus on, certainly, when it comes to small businesses is the fact that congress does actually need to act to help not just individuals because some of the individual efforts are coming out at the end of the year, but
9:26 am
also to help some of these businesses. they are just going to need my help from the government to get to the end of the pandemic, which is still a few months away. >> harris: and fighting to keep them up and, of a dial down/dial-up situation, certainly what we have seen across the country. how do you do that? they hire is 66% of more people in the united states, no wonder that job creation numbers were nearly 50% of what we would want them to be on this day. all right, let's move on. new surveillance video out of georgia allegedly showing election fraud, generating a lot of reaction. trump attorney rudy giuliani is calling it "a smoking gun." what the governor now says has to be done. ♪
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>> harris: breaking news, as you know, we reported that the president of the united states is in atlanta, georgia, today. this is a cdc headquarters alongside the director there, robert redfield. let's watch. speak up president donald trump and all of the members of the coronavirus task force just to say thank you. thank you to the cdc, who have literally poured their lives over the last ten months into saving lives across america. i served as governor of indiana and had reason to work with cdc, but the work that we have done together over the last ten
9:32 am
months has left me deeply inspired. not just as your vice president but as an american. with the men and women that serve on this campus across america, and literally the cdc personnel are embedded all across this country, giving counsel to state policymakers as we found our way through this extraordinary pandemic and its impact. i want to say thank you to each and every one of you. with the leaders who has been the stalwart partners and our national response. senator david perdue, senator kelly loeffler. i want to thank you, whether it be that cares act, whether it be securing billions of dollars to reinvent testing, provide ppe. just you are consistent studies support to put the lives of the people of georgia first.
9:33 am
thank you for being here. i am also very grateful to congressman doug collins. although members of the house of representatives, who again, stood with us, put the health of the american people first. it's an honor to have you join us. the people here at the cdc. we are in a challenging time in the course of this pandemic, and all of us have a role to play. wash our hands, social distance, wear a mask. when it's indicated. we are also in a season of hope. this time of year is always filled with hope through faith and to the hearts of the american people. to be as are, maybe, bob, just a week and a half away from what will be the likely approval of the firm's coronavirus vaccine american people. inspiring the people of this
9:34 am
country. and we would not be here but for the tireless efforts of everyone involved in our national response. and especially for all the men and women of the cdc. so, i look forward to an update. thank you for the strong recommendations from the ac ip that you and the cdc have endorsed. we are going to put a priority on our seniors and staff on long-term health care facilities. and we are also going to have a priority on health care workers so that we can continue not only to put their health first but make sure that we have the staff and our hospitals and clinics for care for americans that continue to be impacted by this pandemic. but through operation warp speed, we will be working with governors around the country to implement those priorities and to distribute those vaccines. quickly. i also want to say how grateful
9:35 am
we are for the cdc's ongoing council of the american people on mitigation efforts. what every american can do. even though recent adjustments in the amount of quarantine time. taking it from the expectation of ten to 14 days to seven days i know is a great improvement for americans. all along the way, the cdc has been playing a valuable role in advising not only our administration but administrations in every state. every territory in the nation. on behalf of our president, our administration, on behalf of all of those stakeholders, and the american people, dr. redfield, the little team here at cdc. just thank you for your deeply compassionate and dedicated service to the american people. because of all love you, help is
9:36 am
on the way. we see the light at the end of the tunnel. i am more confident than ever that the day will come and come soon when we put this coronavirus in the past and return our nation to the freedom and the house and the lifestyle that we all have enjoyed across this country. so, dr. redfield, thank you very much for your kind words, and i will turn the program back over to you. >> dr. redfield: thank you very much, mr. vice president. i think senator perdue has a few words. >> thank you. i appreciate you hosting this roundtable. >> harris: as you are noticing, the incumbent senators there in georgia, senator david perdue is speaking, and then to his right, elia loeffler is there as well. we know that the vice president, president, and other senators from capitol hill and lawmakers are added to georgia today and tomorrow ahead of the january
9:37 am
runoff to give support to those two candidates who, with that particular election on january 5th, will decide that power in the u.s. senate. that is part of today's discussion there too. there was a huge medical headline, and i want to bring in dr. saphier now. you heard the vice president of the united states say that we are just one and a half weeks away from approval movements of the vaccine. what does that mean in terms of the american public? >> well, that's right. vice president pence said that we could get the pfizer vaccine. the external review committee is scheduled to meet december 10. within 24 hours of the approval, they are ready to ship out millions of doses of the pfizer vaccine. we don't exactly know if they are going to be getting the approval on the tenth, on the 11th, when it will actually be,
9:38 am
but it would likely be really quick, rendering a decision, so that means within a week and a half to two weeks, the vaccines may be able to be given to americans. >> harris: you know, one quick follow, and then i would love if we could go around the horn with a question for the doctor. i thought that is the headline, and then there were some subtitle headlines. for instance, you are director at field talking about the black and multicultural households being a top priority list along with the elderly, the first responders, those on the front lines. talk to me about disseminating this and who really -- of the groups, how does that i'll break down in terms of the cdc's priority? >> dr. saphier: well, we all know that the advisory came out recommending that health care workers and nursing home residents are in the first elements of the vaccine. aunt secretary azar has other than vaccine distribution will be based on the adult per
9:39 am
population. however, you know, i think it would behoove us all to you take a step back and look at it from a risk mitigated strategy because ultimately, it should be about high-risk people that are vaccinated first. people who wouldn't necessarily have a higher risk of having severe disease, maybe they should step aside and allow some of the high-risk people, such as african-americans, latin american community, the elderly. as for larry in congregated settings, and the health care workers, the e.r. workers, the respiratory technologist, those who are in close contact with covid-19 patients. that's where i think that the focus should be. >> harris: yet, and i hear you say e.r.'s, emts, ambulances. kennedy, your question? >> kennedy: my question is about the availability of the vaccine because i was reading some of the raw materials going into the pfizer vaccine have not been made available, and they actually have to cut in half the
9:40 am
number of available vaccine dosages they will have by the end of the year. what is your take on that? >> dr. saphier: so, pfizer actually has a long history of having manufacturing shortage issues for many other medications, specifically a very commonly used in -- so, not so surprising. of course, it is disappointing in the sense that they have been think globally that they are going to be able to produce 100 million doses by the end of 2020. they have now/that in half, but remember, you need two doses per person. that is 25 million people who could be vaccinated. we don't actually know how that affects this, allotted to the united states. but you know, ultimately, there still will be millions of americans who will receive the vaccination by the end of 2020, and let's not forget, moderna, the committee is scheduled for
9:41 am
just one week later to review their vaccine. >> harris: bill bennett? >> bill: just on a comment. soon, this nightmare will be over, and also over will be this cover that has been used to shutdown or attempt to shut down the american economy. and we welcome both of those. so, things to the president and operation warp speed. something else you are going to see. whatever the disagreements are or the order that people will get online, you will see americans queue up the way they do. they want to be people pushing each other. they will act respectfully towards this, and those who deserve it deserve to get at first, will. there may be some arguments about what that priority groups are, but you watch. this will proceed in an orderly fashion the way democracy is supposed to work.
9:42 am
>> harris: wow. this is a proud moment, just having you remind everybody of who we are as americans and the resilience that we show. thank you for that. all right, marie, we will hit you on the flip side. resident to like biden calling for americans to wear masks for the first 100 days and abide in white house, as some americans get called out for ignoring their own covid-19 rules. oh, the hypocrisy. and what it could mean for joe biden's messaging. ♪ quickbooks for me. okay, you're all set up. thanks! that was my business gi, this one's casual. get set up right with a live bookkeeper with intuit quickbooks. if ththen i'm not a real potato reciidaho potato farmer.shes, genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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9:47 am
so, marie, i will ask you, why will people who aren't already wearing masks suddenly wear them just because joe biden asks nicely? >> marie: well, we need all of our leaders to step up and calling people to continue wearing masks. we were just talking about we see the end in sight. it is tragedy among tragedy to have people knowing that there is a vaccine coming in these next two months, not taking steps like taking a mask. we need people to step up in these last few months because the numbers, the trajectory that we are on right now, until we get the vaccine, it is really, really a bad one if people don't step up and start doing things like this. a fully having a who is promoting mask wearing and other kind of health measures will make a difference. we will see. >> kennedy: this is really just virtual signaling because we have people like dianne feinstein who has been
9:48 am
photographed in the capital without a mask. in an airport without a mask. the mayor of boston is partying in kosovo. we would all like to be doing that. >> bill: yeah, sure. joe biden doesn't really know what he's talking about. 100 days, half of us will have been vaccinated. why not be more selective about who should wear the mask and who has to be very careful? again, just this one thing everybody together is a mistake. everybody is pointing out the hypocrisy. do as i say, not as i do, and that's true. when these folks like gavin newsom and the senator and the ala council member, when they go out to eat, they are not wearing their masks, they are only doing what they say we shouldn't do. what they're telling us is that they don't believe it. do you think in that picture, now famous, i got a picture of gavin newsom sitting there, pondering, do you think he
9:49 am
sitting there thinking my gosh, i think i'm going to get go that, this is terribly dangerous. he's thinking is this the chateau '63 or '65? >> kennedy: i don't think he is not refined. he is thinking should i get the add-on for $165? dr. saphier -- >> bill: the box ready. >> kennedy: one thing we have to do, isn't masking? if not, what is it? >> dr. saphier: right now, i would say we should be wearing masks when we cannot physically distance. it is the right thing. >> kennedy: alexandria ocasio-cortez taking heat forcing republicans can't understand her past as a hardworking waitress and bartender. the response, you have to hear from a republican. coming up.
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>> harris: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez facing some backlash today after she tweeted "republicans can handle working as a waitress." a spokesperson for ben carson fired back. "this is wrong. i was a waitress for five plus
9:54 am
years throughout high school and college. i am a republican and i cried in walk-in fridge is just like you. the difference between us, i don't expect the government to provide for me. i make my own money and provide for myself." meanwhile, aoc also under fire for harking at her official campaign story or a "tax the rich" sweatshirt that cost 58 bucks. and "abolish ice merchandise debug along the way as well. marie, i will just get your topline thoughts on this. >> marie: the conservative obsession with aoc continues in full force raid many male republican politicians make fun of her background repeatedly when they claim to be the party of the working class so aoc is a political force whether or not you like her. i'm always amazed by the
9:55 am
obsession, it seems like. >> harris: that's what you got out of that? not the $60 merge which, tax the rich $60 merge? that seems a bit rich, kennedy? >> kennedy: i don't like the font on that either, i thought she'd be a little more creative with her designs but i guess not. one of the dumbest things i've ever heard, she has to get out of her bubble and travel to different parts of the country and actually meet people who work for a living doing jobs that are a lot harder than what she's done for most of her adult life. whether you go talk to some farmers? >> harris: all right. dr. bill bennett, great to have you today. i think i shared that doctors title twice, thank you, everybody, for watching as well. i will be right back after the commercial break with "outnumbered overtime." ♪
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>> harris: we begin with a breaking development, political heavy hitters headed to georgia, all high stakes with the election day just a month away from now to decide control of the u.s. senate. you're watching "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. the march for trump bus tour made its first stop outside the georgia governor's mansion today and it is rolling through some battleground states that are now at the center of election legal battles for the president. president trump, vice president pence both campaigning in georgia this weekend, we just heard from vice president pence because he was at the headquarters of the cdc speaking they are just a short time ago. now we understand he will be speaking at a rally a short time from now so they are moving. former president obama will join a virtual rally today to support the democrat candidates. control of the senate, as i mentioned, is at stake in the runoff races and republican senate candidate


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