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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 4, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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news channel. year going into the weekend, dow 30,000 plus. impressive. set your dvr. enjoy the weekend with family and close friends. see you monday. here's neil. >> neil: thanks very much, bill. the corner of wall and broad, optimism that not only is one vaccine on the way but doses in the millions. by the end of next year, over one billion are on the i what as well. it won't be just one company participating. possibly a few. good enough for the corner of wall and broad to see record after record. i'm neil cavuto, this is "your world." that's what you were peeking at with the dow is the highest it's ever been. the s&p 500, the highest it's ever been. the nasdaq, the highest it's ever been. all by optimism that a potentially bumpy start, the roll out of states to get doses of vaccine, the plans are being
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made, the layout is already being detailed. we heard it from ohio's governor yesterday. we're going to hear it from arkansas's governor today. but first, aishah hasnie on the roll-out and the deadline for the distribution plans. aishah? >> hi, neil. right now states across the country are working on their last-minute updates or last-minute changes to come in to compliance with the latest cdc guidelines basically prioritizing two different groups. the healthcare workers and nursing home patients. want to show you a list right now. not a complete list though of the states that have already submitted their plans. many like california, washington and new york had already placed the two priority groups at the front of the line. other states are revising their plans. also trying to balance the new guidelines with their own dire economic needs. so in nevada, for example, neil, nursing home patients were
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previously included in phase 3. they were behind retail workers there. the tourism hotspot is moving them to the top of the list. in arkansas where poultry have a huge part of the economy, they will be among the second group of essential workers to get the vaccine. colorado is placing ski resort workers in phase 2 to try to revive the $6 billion industry. choosing where these vaccines go just got harder for the states of pfizer is expected to ship half the predicted number of doses. here's the latest from the fda commissioner, stephen hahn, who is now really trying to defend the agency's vetting process of that pfizer vaccine. listen. >> i'm feeling pressure from the urgency of the situation and the thought that we have a significant pandemic in this country. the american people do depend on us to do this job right. that is our promise. we will do this right. we'll get it right for the
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american people. we'll look at the data very carefully so that they can have confidence. >> it's one thing to roll out the vaccine. it's another thing to get folks to take it. we've talked about the possible mandates out there. will people take the vaccine. here's an interesting note from texas. governor abbott has said the vaccine will only be given to folks that voluntarily choose to be immunized. very interesting. >> neil: great reporting, aishah hasnie in new york city. yesterday we talked to ohio's governor about how he's eagerly anticipating thousands of doses of the pfizer vaccine if and when it's available from the fda. that's said to be happening in a matter of days. the arkansas governor is here with us now who is eagerly awaiting that and getting it distributed. first governor to health care
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workers? >> that's correct. we hopefully with the fda approval on the 10th, which is next week, we expect our first shipment to arrive within 24 hours. it will go as we direct to hospitals around the state as well as pharmacies so that our healthcare workers the be immunized. there's not enough in the anticipated volume that comes with the first shipment to cover all the healthcare workers. so there's going to have to be some decisions made within the healthcare community as the priority. obviously go first to those that are having direct rolls and taking care of covid patients and direct care with patients as well. but those are going to be some refining points to our plan that has been submitted. we're ready to go. obviously it takes performance and execution.
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while the federal government has a very good plan, they worked on it, table-topped it. we're anxious to see the wheels roll and having the vaccine distributed because it does give everyone hope. >> neil: do you need, governor, to wait to formal fda approval has been granted in the united kingdom, but without that, can even on an emergency basis it be given to your residents? >> no, we cannot give it to our residents until we have emergency use authorization. if i'm getting your question right. so we're waiting until the 10th. we hope the approval goes to the medical care doctors. we're ready to give it to the broad population when the volume is here and we have the approval. the emergency use authorization will be adequate. in terms of whether -- we're not
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mandating everyone to take the vaccine either. that's way it's a public relations campaign, confidence building so the citizens will have confidence. i want to set the right example. if the fda approves it, i have confidence in it. we have to have that large amount of participation. but i don't expect the mandates to follow that. >> neil: now know, president-elect biden said the vaccine need not be mandatory. what did you think of that? >> well, i don't think it would be appropriate. generally we have some mandates for immunization of school children. that is somewhat controversial in itself. this is a vaccine that is really the product of one of the greatest research and operations in american history with the development of this.
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the fda is going through the right process to approve it. so it's not a matter of mandate. it's a matter of confidence and selling it and making sure people are comfortable with it. when you start with our healthcare workers and then it goes to our nursing home residents and staff, we're going to see the results of it as you go along. they're going to continue to be able to evaluate it. i expect and hope that the confidence will continue to build so by the time it gets to our essential workers, the broader population, that there will be a huge acceptance of this because it takes that kind of acceptance for it to be effective. so we need to have that. it's for sure that we want to get beyond where we are right now and have a a brighter 2021. >> neil: there's a concept. thanks, governor. very good catching up with you on this.
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governor churhutchison on arkan. let's go to susan li talking about the dow. easily jumping into record territory. what's going on? >> let's talk about jobs. we saw a seven month of gains with the jobs. covid cases spike and new restrictions are in place. we saw november with 245,000 jobs created. we were calling for 469,000. the bright spot, wages excelling from october. close to half of the new jobs were transport and warehousing as we head into the holiday shipping period. professional and business services. the housing boom means demand in construction and jobs coming back in leisure and hospitality. that means the u.s. economy has recovered, 12 million, as 22 million jobs were at the loss at the on set of covid. more business restrictions in
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place, we have workers dropping the work force in order to care for children or just discouraged from looking. the participation rate near 50-year lows. the latest report card make it more urgent to pass a stimulus bill with the $900 billion package, which is a smaller amount that democratic leaders say that they will accept. at the weekly press conference, nancy pelosi ask if it was a mistake to turn down the previous white house offer was $1.8 trillion. >> let me tell you something. don't characterize what we did before as a mistake as a preface to your question. if you want an answer. that was not a mistake. it was a decision and it's taken us to a place where we can do the right thing without other, shall we say, considerations in the legislation that we don't want. >> neil, as you heard from joe biden earlier, he said whatever might be agreed to now is a down
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payment for something even bigger in the new year. >> neil: thanks, susan. want to go to peter doocy. he's been following team biden. a reaction to the jobs reports and the reaction to this stimulus and how much and how soon. peter? >> neil, as president-elect was exiting the stage, i managed to get a question in. i shouted out to him, does he think the covid vaccine should be mandatory for all americans? he said no, he does not think it should be mandatory when it's available. but he would do whatever he can with the power he has once president to convince people in his words to do the right thing. >> he says he thinks it will go a long way in getting people to get the vaccine if they see him along with barack obama, bill clinton and george bush getting the shot so that people in certain communities, he specifically singled out the black community in wilmington, they don't feel like they're
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given the shot first. the concerns he's hearing people don't want to be guinea pigs. about the briefings, operation warp speed, he says that they still haven't heard from the trump administration how exactly the u.s. government and pharmaceutical companies are going to take the raw vaccine, the actual liquid and get it in to a syringe and get it in a shot. that's something that biden said they're waiting to do and it's going to be expensive. he's calling on congress to help people hurting right now by no fault of their own. listen to this. >> congress and president trump failed to act by the end of december. 12 million americans rely on unemployment benefits. merry christmas. >> biden was asked multiple times during a q&a session about the jobs report, which he called
1:12 pm
dire. whether or not he's spoken to mitch mcconnell yet. he did not give a direct answer with any of the chances he had, neil. >> neil: thanks, peter doocy. tomorrow will be a big day in georgia where the president of the united states will be campaigning on behalf of those two republican senatorial candidates that are in very tight races according to the latest polls. you know, there's the distinct possibility that the democrats, both of them could pull this off. then what? we're on it after this.
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>> neil: president trump will be in georgia tomorrow arguing on behalf and campaigning on behalf of his campaign as vice president mike pence. the two republican senators in
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the run-off in the peach state. let's say there's a lot of intramural problems with the republican party that could make this, i don't know, problematic. steve harrigan in atlanta with more. >> you're right, neil. a lot of questions how this will play out. the president will be in georgia tomorrow. today it's the vice president. he's in savannah campaigning with david purdue and kelly loeffler. here's the vice president. >> we need the peach state to defend the majority, because the road to the senate republican majority runs through the state of georgia. >> president obama also conducting a virtual rally for the two democrats. there's been a lot of accusations and a lot of debate about potential fraud in the general election. especially some video that has gotten a lot of attention from fulton county prompting the election systems manager of georgia to respond on twitter.
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the 90-second video of election workers at state farm arena showing hours by georgia secretary of state investigators. shows normal processing. of course, the president going to valdosta, georgia tomorrow. the watch will be how much focus will be on presidential claims of fraud in the general election and how much will be focused on the two senate candidates for the control of the u.s. senate. neil? >> neil: thanks. charlie, investors are watching this in the financial community that are getting increasingly concerned, i guess. huh, charlie? >> they are obsessed with this race. never before have i heard so many wall streeters talk about two senate seats in georgia. you know, for obvious reasons. there's policy implications
1:19 pm
here. if the senate stays republican majority, puts a cap on a lot of taxes and including corporate tax increase that president-elect biden wants when he gets in office. so the republicans controlling the senate by one or maybe two votes, raising the corporate tax from the current level of 28% to 38%, probably a nonstarter. same with the other tax increases that joe biden has pushed for during the election, during the campaign. i think some other measures about the green new deal, lots of spending plans. it's a different fiscal policy ball game as it applies to investors who may not face capital gains tax increases, corporations that may be able to keep their corporate tax rate and in terms of -- even in terms of regulations which need to go through the congress.
1:20 pm
if the republicans maintain those two seats or one of those seats. but corporations, at least they're telling me based on what the lobbiests are telling them are getting scared. the reason why they're getting nervous, neil, they believe that president trump in his continuing to attack the voter system down in particularly in georgia, calling into question the republican secretary of state and governor, he's going to -- people won't turn out. they'll think the election is rigged. some of the things he said and things that rudy guliani said and other lawyers associated with the effort. there's a chance that the republicans, even though they should win these seats. jon ossoff, the democrat running against david purdue, reverend warnock, the democrat against kelly loeffler, they're pretty far left. georgia is not quite a right wing state anymore because of the demographic changes, the
1:21 pm
people from the north. but it's clearly not a far left state. these are two candidates that would be very comfortable with aoc and bernie sanders in the leadership roles in the biden administration. but that's why they flipped the ticket in this election. purdue won, didn't get 50% but won more votes than ossoff. that's what they're worried about, the gop voter turnout. maybe president trump can urn the it around this saturday. back to you, neil. >> neil: thanks, my friend. we'll be looking at that, by the way, speaking with the secretary of state there. differences with the president of the united states. joining me tomorrow on my saturday show at 10:00 a.m. eastern on fox. meantime, i should let you know and explain something that charlie mentioned, republicans would have to lose both seats. democrats can't one just one.
1:22 pm
they need one. both races are close enough that it could happen. don't take it for granted. that's why the president will be there. meantime, i should let you know about the overall concerns about lockdowns and all of that in california. now we're hearing that most of the officers in san francisco bay area are issuing their own stay-at-home orders because hospital capacity is running to a bare minimum. icu beds continue to fall. the hospitals in an around the san francisco area, they didn't want to take any chances for the better part of valor have to issue the stay-at-home order. how many people adhere to that? we'll see. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ you're all, you're all i need ♪
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woman: now is the time to ask your de♪ atologist irresistibly smooth chocolate. to put the world on pause. lindor. made to melt you. by the lindt master chocolatier. >> neil: we just might have covid stimulus coming our way. a top republican senator says it could be coming.
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what change and who changed? what is in store for you after this.
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>> neil: can a governor shut down private schools as with to ward off the covid-19 issue in his state? that's what's happening in kentucky and no less than associate justice kavanaugh was demanding an answer by the end of the day to a lawsuit filed by the attorney general of kentucky as to the double standard there. i had a chance to speak to daniel cameron, the attorney general about this and the premise of a case that says you can't treat two school systems differently. take a look. >> the fact of the matter is, he's infringing on the first amendment rights of parents across the community that went to send their children to religious affiliated schools. gambling parlors, movie theaters all continue to stay open.
1:28 pm
he's found it necessary to close down religiously affiliated schools. that's a district infringement on the first amendment rights. it's my job to stand up for them. >> neil: the governor is says this is just private schools. this crackdown that favors more virtual than in person applies to everybody. he says that's not the case. >> look, the larger context here, he's closed down religiously affiliated schools and opened up others. what we've advocated, the fact that the schools need to be aable to apply with the cdc guidelines. you take danville christian that spent $30,000. lexington christian that spend nearly $400,000. all in an effort to keep people safe in the midst of this
1:29 pm
pandemic. >> neil: what is happening, you know better than many, where there's been cases where public schools have been shut down, parents have been sending their kids to private schools and registering them there. i would suspect the same phenomenon is goes on in kentucky and that could have something to do with this. what do you think? >> well, i think that's a part of it. we just want our religiously affiliated schools to have the same opportunity that we have given movie theaters and gambling parlors. dr. fauci just this past weekend was on television talking about the importance of getting our kids back in school. the cdc is put forth statements to that very same point, that very same fact that schools have not been the super spreaders that a lot had feared. it's important that our children get back to school. it's important that parents in
1:30 pm
the commonwealth have the right and the opportunity to send their children to these religiously affiliated schools. not only is the curriculum important but it's also learning the story of the bible, learning the story of faith that is protected by the first amendment. we're going to stand up for that in the common wealth and that's my responsibility as attorney general. >> now brett kavanaugh asked the governor to respond to this, to your lawsuit, by the end of the day. i'm no lawyer. you're a very good one. what if the governor does not? then what? >> well, it's still left up to justice kavanaugh what the next steps are. he can either consider this by himself or he can consult with the other eight justices on the bench. this is a really important case. i hope they take care situation of it. the diocese case came out in new york last week that basically said there can't be specific limits placed on the free exercise in religion,
1:31 pm
in-person worship service was. this case is consistent with that. i hope we get a favorable decision that allows parents to send their children to schools in religiously affiliated schools. >> neil: all right. kentucky attorney general. we reached out to kentucky governor beshear. as far as we know he did not respond by this afternoon to the charges in the lawsuit filed by the attorney general. we'll keep you posted. also keeping you posted on the crackdowns in california incl e including re-visiting the toughest shut downs sips the height of the pandemic. business owners are saying enough is enough. more after this.
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>> neil: they're not locked down
1:36 pm
there the golden state yet but 40% of counties in california are limiting public activity and exposure to businesses, restaurants and other things lies on the vine. for businesses, protesting all of this, it's just more insults along the way and something that could tip them to outright bankruptcy. we have more on that. california has had make tough decisions in the face of that. ryan, good to have you. where does this stand in your state? looks like things are going from bad to worse. >> they're getting so terrible, in long beach, you walk around to the different restaurants and retail shops. you can see so many of them boarding up and having to close down. it's just a terrible sight to
1:37 pm
see. >> now, i've heard as well as the latest crack down in san francisco given the fact that hospital capacity is down to next to nothing. i don't know how accurate that is. are you worried this will get worse, if that is possible? >> i think so many people feel helpless and feels like the goal posts continues to move. you know, everyone thinks that they do this and then, you know, something else happens and when i -- when you look at cities like san francisco, who would want their city to look like san francisco? that's how we feel in long beach. we're one of three cities in california to have their own health department. our city instead of utilizing their own health department continues to utilize l.a. county and l.a. doesn't look much different than san francisco, which both are looking sad.
1:38 pm
>> neil: what do you do, ryan? you're a business owner yourself. you hear, you know, across the other side of the country what is going on in washington and a possible stimulus measure. maybe that could help small businesses. what do you think? >> the think that i think politicians are at until they get a pay cut, they don't get it. i had to lay off 180 people in my business. i'm just one of thousands of small businesses that has had to do that. i think of many workers, you know, the servers and the people that work in the kitchen, the bus boys. you know, what do you do? the only thing i can do in my community is to organize a really positive march instead of burning down businesses. we're about building businesses back up. feels like politicians specifically in my city are so out of touch with reality. >> neil: obviously your governor
1:39 pm
has come under criticism. the mayor preaches one thing hand does something else. the hypocrisy not withstanding, is it frustrating asking for and not getting help? >> you know, yeah, it's interesting. when we did our march, the city said they would give $250,000 or something like this to fund the employees. i said $250,000? why do you need to do that when you can open restaurants up today? maybe you limit the capacity, maybe you drop outdoor capacity to 50%. a complete shutdown cannot be our only answer. they're so interested in optics versus science. when you're driving through political optics, you don't care who you hurt. you're just concerned with your next position or where you're going. i see specifically in our city
1:40 pm
and surrounding cities small businesses will continue to go out of business until the politics change. >> neil: i wouldn't hold my breath for that. i hope spring is eternal. thank you. >> thank you. >> neil: we'll check back with you and see how things are going. >> thank you. >> neil: thank you. ryan cor on all of that. help is on the way maybe in washington as republicans and democrats see eye to eye on a pretty big stimulus package. but what is in it? can it pass? we'll talk to republican senator bill cassidy of louisiana after this. b financial consultant. here's andy listening to my goals and making plans. this is us talking tax-smart investing, managing risk, and all the ways schwab can help me invest. this is andy reminding me how i can keep my investing costs low and that there's no fee to work with him.
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another life-changing technology from abbott. so you don't wait for life. you live it. >> i think it would be better if they had the $1,200. i understand that may be still in play. i'm not going to comment on specific details. >> neil: all right. joe biden responding to some positive developments in washington that republicans and democrats in a bipartisan fashion are inching closer to what could be about a $908 billion relief bill in light of covid-19. the president-elect was asked directly about those $1,200
1:45 pm
stimulus checks, whether we would have something akin to what we had in the beginning. he did sort of hedge on that, that whatever they come up with now, he would come up with something later when he takes office. bill cassidy joins us from louisiana. republican senator. first off, on progress here, senator, on a measure, how likely is it, you think? >> neil, actually i have another call that i have to decide right now in which we're negotiating different aspects. we're building the frame work throughout the weekend and come up with more language. i'm hopefully optimistic. there's a lot of republicans that have been against previous proposals that are for this one. similarly for democrats, you know, if they looked at our proposals, they're against it for this one. nothing passes unless it's bipartisan. this is bipartisan. i'm cautiously optimistic. >> neil: do you have an understanding from the president
1:46 pm
as things stands now, senator, he supports this as it stands. >> he said he would sign a $908 billion package. he said mitches. mitches is not $908 billion. ours is the only one with a chance to get to his desk. i'm cautiously optimistic. his comments are contributing to the momentum to get something done. >> neil: the $1,200 checks that a lot of folks got at the beginning of the pandemic, extension of unemployment benefits, can you enlighten us what is happening on those fronts? >> yeah, this is not a stimulus package. that was part of a stimulus package, this is a relief package. maybe a stimulus package comes later. if someone is unemployed and you give them $300 supplemental payment a week, that money will be spent. so of course it stimulates the
1:47 pm
economy. what we're attempting to do is bring relief to those greatest in need. >> neil: senator, the president will be in georgia shoring up support for the republican candidates that are in tight races for the run-off january 5. i had your colleague, chuck grassley here from iowa the other day. he said that he hopes the president sticks to script, doesn't mention about the voting irregularities. he understands the president is upset. this is about getting the two senators back in washington. do you agree with that? >> i totally agree with that. whether he is the president or joe biden is the president, you want a republican senate. that's the common ground right now. i want purdue and loeffler. if you're in georgia, go vote. vote by mail, vote on the day. whatever. vote for loeffler and purdue. >> neil: senator, you know the president is critical of
1:48 pm
republican leadership of the state saying he's disappointed in the governor and secretary of state. you think that is helping these republican senatorial candidates? >> it's hard for me to say. i'm not looking at polls. i don't know if that is top of mind. i went through a re-election. most people are focused on the economy, how to get the coronavirus under control. delta is head quartered here. they may be an issue. i find that voters are focused on the coronavirus and the economy. if they're unemployed and if they're a small business man or woman, how do they keep their doors open and people employed. that is more top of mind than other things. >> neil: senator, do you think joe biden is the president-elect? >> you know, joe biden -- i have
1:49 pm
spoken to this. when michigan certified their result, he has 270 electoral college votes. the 12th amendment of the constitution says that whoever has the majority of electoral college votes is re-elected or president-elect. under that criteria he would be. >> neil: so when the president presses this case and the president-elect was asked whether the president should appear in his inauguration, he seemed to say in the cnn interview last night that well, it's not a personally a matter for him. he thinks it would be good for the country. i'm paraphrasing. the president should be there to show a peaceful change of power. a peaceful transition. by being there and for the american people to see him there. what to you think? >> yeah, i agree with that. this is about our country. i voted for donald trump.
1:50 pm
i worked for donald trump. i wish he had won. if there's evidence of widespread fraud and courts are convinced by it, bring it forward. on the other hand, at the end of the day, it is a about our country and peaceful transition. that's what separates us from other countries. i wish to be separated from those countries. >> neil: senator bill cassidy pushing for bipartisan covid-19 measures could be more likely than not, which is a big change the last 48 hours. this just came in to the newsroom. i want to pass it along. it concerns big pharma and all that. right now the industry is filing lawsuits against the trump administration over drug pricing rules. the lawsuits claim the rule would tie government drug payments to lower prices abroad. the lower prices abroad, you have to sell them the same
1:51 pm
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1:55 pm
the u.s. consumer could take advantage of the same prices of those overseas? nobody can buy their drugs less than anybody in the united states. sounds like a good plan. the industry coming up with a response. big pharma are filing two separate lawsuits against the trump administration over this drug pricing rule. they claim that would tie government drug payments to lower prices and what they argue should be the same for everybody. it's not realistic. it's illegal and that it exceeds the white house's authority to do so by executive order. i think i got the gist of it. andy mccarthy knows more about these legal matters than i ever will. he joins us right now, fox news contributor. andy, they're saying the president went too far. legally did he? >> you'd have to take a hard look at what the congressional statues are here and how much
1:56 pm
authority they give the president. my sense of this is that this does go far, too far for the administration. this is an issue that as you know constantly debated and, you know, on the one hand, the president has sounded like a democrat at times talking about this, using this leverage to bring the prices down. on the other hand, the big pharma guys say, you know, if we're going to innovate and get the advantages that we have from our system, they have to be able to price accordingly. usually this is the kind of thing that needs to be worked out by legislation. we're at the point in the end of the administration where i imagine that a lot of things the president hasn't been able to get through legislatively he may take a shot at doing by executive order, which will at least make it a little bit difficult to roll back in the coming months.
1:57 pm
i don't know if this will hold up. >> neil: you know, he did bring that to a startling reality. it was for a lot of americans that the same drugs they're taking here you can get abroad. that did put the focus on why it does so. a lot of big pharma says it's a different beast here and we have to amortize the costs out. it did call into question where they're fairs. why are iphones more expensive in japan than in the united states. is there a point to be made how company price products, like in america because we're wealthier and others because they're not? >> it's important not to look at price in a vacuum. there's a lot more that goes into it. for example, we may pay more, but the drugs are also more readily available and more widely available in the united
1:58 pm
states. if we paid less, we might have the same restrictions on availability that you see in europe and other parts of the world. so i always think that, you know, when you have something that has a lot of moving parts to it, it's really a mistake to look at one as if it existed artificially in a vacuum. that one would be pricing. i think there's more to it than that. >> neil: so you're a fair and balanced attorney besides? let me ask you -- >> you haven't gotten my bill yet. >> neil: i know. i can't afford it. let's ask you about the legal battle the trump campaign wages to change the election results. legally been smacked downstate after state. where do you think this is going right now? >> well, neil, we're four days away from the federal safe harbor day, which is december 8. what that means is as a matter
1:59 pm
of federal law, the states have certified under law that existed before the election took place, then that's the end of the matter as far as the federal system is concerned. that's in there for a reason. the idea is we need to get all of the state disputes, whatever ney are, wrapped up in an early point so you can get whoever will be the president january 20th up to speed and ready to go to defend the interests of the united states beginning january 20th. so the election is very important. but to repeat what i just said in a different context, it's not the only thing that is important. it doesn't exist in a vacuum and it has to compete with the other interests we have of getting a new president up and running and ready to go. >> neil: andy, ought to stick with this law thing. you seem to know quite a bit about it. thanks very much, my friend. guiding me through these developments.
2:00 pm
no matter what you though, he's ready to catch it and throw back at you. we're live tomorrow with the secretary of state of georgia as the president prepares for a big arrival there to help the two senate candidates. not everybody is sure. here's the five. ♪ >> jesse: hello, everybody. i'm jesse watters along with greg gutfeld, judge jeanine pirro, geraldo rivera and emily compagno. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." if things weren't already heated down in georgia, getting that much more intense. the future agenda for america is on the line and both parties are pulling out all the stops to try to win back the two key runoff races that will decide


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