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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 4, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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check your local listings for air times. thanks for watching "special report," i'm john roberts in washington. bret baier will be back in his chair again on monday. "the story" guest hosted by trace gallagher starts right now. >> good to see you, thank you. at the state of georgia just one month from tomorrow will decide the political take of the u.s. for the next four years handing joe biden complete control of washington or keeping his administration's agenda and check with the republican senate. good evening, everyone, i'm trace gallagher in for martha maccallum and this is "the story." president trump heading to a rally just 24 hours from now to ensure republican senate candidates kelly loeffler and david purdue are victorious there. but his reach in the state are garnering attention tonight thanks to this video. the trump legal team it shows voting officials pulling a suitcase and pallets out from beneath the table in
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fulton county out of view from media and election officials. they are now pushing back on the claims tonight and gabe sterling tweeting imparts that the video "it shows normal ballot processing." a senior source in the georgia secretary of state's office telling fox news that the claims that "investigated and debunked." the case of the ballots in the video are what they are all supposed to be kept in. my next guest talking to witnesses who swear the exact opposite, consultant and litigation consultant and cofounder of the key party patriots, jenny, good to have you on. if i want to read more of gabriel sterling's tweet for you right now and get your response on the other side. he goes on to say "the 92nd video of election workers and state farm arena purporting to show fraud was watched in its entirety hours by the georgia
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secretary of state investigators shows normal ballot processing. the president's team is intentionally misleading the public about what happened and state farm arena on election night they had the whole video too and ignore the truth that you have some witnesses coming forward to, jenny, that are telling you different stories. what information are you getti getting? >> we know for certain that on election night, fulton county georgia which is where they were counting votes in state farm arena, they stopped and said publicly there were going to stop counting votes at 10:30. if sometime around 10:00, 10:15, there was contemporaneous news report saying they're going to stop counting votes at 10:30. if the media left, the poll watchers left, the public observers were allowed to and legally entitled to observe the canvassing of the votes all left. after all the people left, the counting began again and these
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boxes were pulled out from underneath the table and they were used -- i don't know exactly what they were doing, you can look at the video and figure it out for yourself. if but they were scanning ballots at all during that time after they told the public to leave and that they would resume counting the next morning, they were violating state law. they're supposed to give the public notice and the people do my public is allowed and entitled to observe the counting of votes. the canvassing of votes. >> trace: if i can stop you right there because it's important in the timeline because the secretary of state and georgia has been saying for a while that the media and the observers did not leave early that night. now, there seems to be some contention on that. >> all you need to do is look at "the atlanta journal-constitution" website for the night. you will see they reported that the counting was stopping at 10:30. if the mariana daily journal did the exact same thing. a local news affiliates to the
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same thing and the national news even reporting that fulton county georgia and philadelphia were going to stop counting around 10:30 at night. this is fact and happened on election night. if people there who are a monitoring who left. they signed affidavits saying they're told that the counting was going to quit. we also know for a fact that leader in the middle of the night, the vote tabulation changed and there's a video showing that some kind of counting or some kind of something was going on in state farm arena. >> trace: when you say some kind of something and let me jump in here, when you say some kind of something, people of been talking about anecdotal evidence. you have witnesses and are they giving you any more? are they giving you anything substantial that you can bring? >> it substantial, it's a violation of state law to count and canvas votes without the public being allowed to be inside. they sent everyone home and
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there's news reports that say they send people home. you can look at the video and see that after people left, there was a handful of people in the room and they continue to do something. they pulled out the cases, where the people who did it and who paid them? what exactly where they doing in the tables in the back with the boxes? >> trace: i got to go, jenny, but let me get your last thought. the secretary of state will investigate what you're talking about the end is that when i'm understanding here? >> the secretary of state investigating like a fox guarding the hen house. at this point, they're covering themselves up because they could have investigated this or looked at the same exact video weeks ago rather than us having to subpoena to get it. they haven't done their job when it comes to this kind of investigation and they know what the law says when it comes to public observation and want to the public is entitled to in the state of georgia. also, today the trump legal team
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filed suit against the secretary of state. members of the georgia election board and election supervisors in 15 counties around the state. >> trace: so far those suits have gotten nowhere in your understanding is you believe this one might have more key to what? >> this is talking about direct violations of the georgia state election law. it's a very direct violations. there's tens of thousands of votes that were tabbed illegally and then counted in the state of georgia. if we make the case in this suit. if there were felons who voted, people under age two voted, people who knew and other states registered out of state after they register to vote and the list goes on and on. >> trace: to give her coming on. we appreciated. >> thank you for having me. >> trace: here with the reaction, usa founder lisa krause, "washington examiner" newsmakers podcast and jessica tarlov head of research i bustled to civil demand digital group and fox news
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contributor. we will talk about other stuff including the georgia senate race but i want to get your feedback on this first if i can, charlie, give me an idea if you are the conversation with jenny right there. what do you make of the new allegations and claims? >> i think they are stunning and i want to apply jenny martin on the phenomenal work that she's been doing. the kind of concerted efforts by the powerful people to have this conversation around voter fraud just completely ended. if someone healthy for a country in a variety of different ways. not just that video, but so chilling and shocking that brian kemp reversed course and said that video and him change his mind and now calling for a signature audit in the state of georgia. there is a other questions we have around the state of georgia as jenny mentioned, under aged voters, felon voters, out-of-state and even roethlisberger himself has now said he has 250 active investigations in the state of georgia. the conversation is just beginning around this period of >> trace: going to you in a minute but jessica tarlov on this. what do you think is happening
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in georgia right now? >> i don't think much of anything is happening in georgia. it may certify the results, joe biden won the election, one back by about 12,000 and we know he went back and other key states that president trump would have the pickup to win the election and it's over. i just see the trump legal team grasping at straws. i don't know why they're prolonging this. i think the only fact is going to be massive levels of humiliation for them. also, deterring folks in georgia from going to the polls for the upcoming senate race by telling everyone that they've been disenfranchised in that dead people and miners, felons, illegal aliens has been voted. >> trace: have got to say, the whole idea is that jenny mentioned a good point. it was debunked in a heartbeat. it very quick to debunk this thing without really taking a good look at all this and talking to all the witnesses involved. if thoughts on as we move on?
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>> i have to respond to jessica quick. i thought democrats were for every single vote being counted and every vote to being important. if i understand that president trump probably did not win georgia bent as a conservative constitutional loving person, i want every legal vote to be counted there, whether therefore joe biden or donald trump. the video is definitely scary and it doesn't help people left, right, or center become more confident in our election process. we really need to work on streamlining that across the board in every single state. of >> trace: the "washington examiner" says president trump's focusing so much on the presidential election in what's happening in georgia recounting the votes and so forth that he could lose sight of the senate races and could lose control of the senate for the g.o.p. and they go on to say "here is persistent claims that the election was stolen from him are feeling disillusionment that could backfire. if 1% of the republican electorate is convinced not to turned out, it could be the
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difference. if the difference is one between republicans having veto power over the liberal agenda or biden being sworn in with unified democratic control of washington." it is it fighting a losing battle only to coal on and lose the senate and the g.o.p.? >> i don't think so. if there is merit to the argument that we can to keep our eye off generate for. i was in georgia doing a couple of events for senator loeffler and senator perdue because it's critical we win votes in the races and the conservatism and the republicans do the exact opposite from being apathetic. and stay try to avenge any laws that they're being told is happening in georgia. i think actually the fight for election integrity will have a difference and an impact in the republicans and conservatives find more reason to go and vote because they actually want to have something on the calendar as an action point. i will say this, anyone out there who is a trump up order, saying to boycott the generator for the election is trump
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reporter. that would completely turn the country into ruin and i'm saying right here, as a loyal trump up order that every person and georgia conservative has a moral obligation to go vote for senator perdue and senator loeffler. >> trace: fair assessment and he saying, you can show your hands and say, well, okay, that video and sue kate video's debug let's move onto the senate race. on the stand and fight is when he saying in your thoughts on that? >> he's absolutely right. if you want donald trump to be your president and you definitely do not want to kamala harris being the deciding factor in the senate, and i interviewed stan crenshaw the other day, he pointed out that this is where republicans have to put on the big boy pants and go and make sure that they votes. bring your friends and neighbors and if you don't trust the mailing or absentee ballots, go vote in person in january. these runoffs are crucial in order for the future of our country in the next four years. it is indeed biden-kamala which it looks like it's going to be a
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period of >> trace: democrats are sitting back and saying keep fighting the presidential race and meantime were on the ground trying to win the democratic senate race. thoughts on this? >> i definitely do not know any democrats who don't welcome another sydney powell press conference or rudy giuliani and jenna ellen talking about the preposterous claims of voter fraud which are then too scared to actually say in front of the judge when the law licenses are on the line. what were focused on the turnouts and that huge conductive on operation and aware of the fact that there's many people in georgia like there were across the country who voted for joe biden and kamala harris top of the ticket. above voted for the divided government down ballot. if republicans senate, congress. we know we have to take it into account. stacey abrams was a powerful force on november 3rd that is out there and she's sending the same message which is about to mitch mcconnell getting his way versus joe biden kamala harris being able to get their way. it's critically important and so sydney powell, bring it on, but
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give us the vote in georgia. it was >> trace: 15 seconds left and i'm giving them to you. >> i think every republican and conservative trump supporter should fight a two front war. if you have cap debunk skepticism it's warranted but make sure we keep the senate and republican and hand. >> trace: good debate, think you all for coming on. >> thank you, trace. >> trace: you saw georgia won election day, president trump's elite demand legal team trying to challenge the election results. the clock is ticking. january 6th, the joint session of congress needs to count the electoral votes and declare the results. one trump ally and congress is planning to launch one last bid to challenge joe biden's win. alabama republican congressman walbrook seeking to use a 1880s law which goes back a ways, i know, the electoral account act. the president is thanking him for his efforts. joining me right now is mo brooks. good to have you.
4:14 pm
i know your plan is to challenge the electoral results but some conservatives believe it's a noble challenge and it's a very steep hill to climb. your thoughts? >> no question it's an uphill climb because i'm not sure how many republicans we have that are willing to do what's necessary to protect the sanctity of our election system. that's what's at stake here. my judgment, states like nevada, georgia, pennsylvania, donald trump clearly according to overwhelming evidence prevailed. he won. the counting lawful votes cast by eligible american citizens. my judgment, donald trump got a clear majority in georgia, nevada, pennsylvania, a number of other states. the only reason it's an issue is because the democrats in my judgment today have successfully been able to pull off one of the greatest election thefts in history. >> trace: let me give you the ground rules here because this is what you need. the joint session ghost sa
4:15 pm
objections to individual state return must be made in writing by at least one member each of the senate and house are bursa notes. the two houses slowed separately to accept or reject. it must be excepted by both houses for any contested votes to be excluded. if you need supports in both houses. do you even have a single senator who's willing to jump on your team on this? >> i haven't asked any senators and for that matter i have been asked house members. >> trace: what's the problem? >> you ask a question let me finish. i have one vote in united states congress i can control and that's mine. i've looked at the circumstances and i firmly believe that selection has been stolen by the socialist democrats. i believe we ought to fight and one congressman from alabama was going to fight. it lemmie mentioned something else. if a number of other congressmen who come to me and said, you're exactly right and were going to join the effort. in time i believe theirs will be a senator who will join the
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effort because i believe the american people will demand that. we cannot allow this kind of massive election thefts that we've seen across the board. i'm going to fight. while the others joined me, i sure hope so. >> trace: the question is this. you said, the idea i'm going to stand and fight but it seems like it's a very long on symbolism. not really going after results. is this just a symbolic battle and do you really intend to take this to the floor? do you take it to the match or is it something you're kind of running up the flagpole and hope somebody jumps on board? >> you have no idea who's going to win the political fights or any other fight until you fight them. i will be fighting in there and i hope there will be other people in the united states congress who will understand the depravity of what's happened to our election system in the large number of different ways. there are systemic flaws in our election system that have been very badly taken advantage of by the joe biden team and by the socialist democrats that resulted in a travesty of an
4:17 pm
election that's house speaker newt gingrich noted is the worst in american history with the possible exception of 1824 when andrew jackson who is leading after election day had a morality and the votes of the electoral college was denied the presidency. i agree with newt gingrich. >> trace: congressmen, all credit in the world and fight the fight, sir, the giver coming on. >> my pleasure. >> trace: democrats taking heat for implementing some of the harshest covid-19 lockdowns we've yet seen. >> it's time to hunker down. it's time to cancel everything. just be smart. and stay apart. >> trace: dave rubin live from california, both have a lot of strong opinions about what's taking place in their home state and that's next. ♪ if your dry eye symptoms keep coming back,
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♪ >> trace: democratic leaders facing backlash after mandating some of the strictest lockdowns we've seen today to bear to michigan, governor whitmer's threatening to extend her already harsh and restrictions for three more weeks. if meantime los angeles, eric garcetti shuddering hair and nail salons, bars, restaurants putting a stop to outdoor dining and public playgrounds as he demanded days from the city. watch. >> it's time to hunker down. it's time to cancel everything. and if it is an essential, don't do it. don't meet up with others
4:23 pm
outside your household, don't host a gathering, don't you attend a gathering. just be smart. just stay apart. >> trace: the rubin report and charlie the dove, host of the "no b.s." a newshour podcast and thank you for coming on and i appreciate it. if i can come to you first, dave, the hypocritical democrats lost their credibility. new york post writing the following, we see more and civil disobedience like the bar protests in staten island precisely because democrats aren't practicing what they preach. it is the arrogance that leads you to make a mockery of a threat to that's killed more than 1.5 million and rubbing it in the faces of the most vulnerable. you see the mayor of austin, right, he says the stay home report order from his time-share in kabul, it's just one of those things where you know people are going to push back when they get that kind of action.
4:24 pm
>> yeah, let's not mince words. eric garcetti is a ridiculous human being and people have no choice but to fight back, fight back peacefully and protest peacefully. they are literally stopping people from being able to live their lives and put food on their family's table to open their businesses, live with any sense of normalcy. we are nonhamsters that are supposed to leave in 10 gallons tanks and never leave our homes and celebrate holidays with our families and everything else. life is about a little bit of risk and this has nothing to do with i think at this point with protecting us from covid. let's not forget eric garcetti in june you can find a picture of him standing out there mask less with protesters. when he thinks it's okay for him when it's right, he can g go to super-spreader events but then people can have outdoor restaurants. it's absolutely insane and we the people have to fight back because nobody is going to come to help us.
4:25 pm
>> trace: charlie, one of the problems is that after nine months we've been told again and again that the politicians are simply following the science. when you talk about seeing the closed restaurants in los angeles county they came out and said, we don't have the science to back up shutting down the restaurants. yet, they do it anyway. shouldn't we be finding out where this virus and the infections are coming from? before we shied businesses down again? >> shut them down and you're going to kill regular people's lives. here's what we should be doing. what's covid about? death rate of we are afraid of death. what's the data? old and infirm to people and an institutional care, that's where they're dying. at this date, we downplayed in the spring what was happening in our nursing homes. we want to know what my calculations showed me what the states dated today? somewhere between 62 and 70% of the new deaths are in these
4:26 pm
facilities. the government is responsible for the facilities. what did we do when the curve went down? what do we do to improve the safety of the people in there? nothing. now what do you see? i have a friend and she's an emergency room nurse. one of the nursing rooms is very terrible took all the asymptomatic old people, dumb to them in the emergency room, and through their hands up were not taking that. no protocol. they death is coming in the majority from the state and federally sanctioned facilities. >> trace>> trace: nobody's argue pandemics not getting worse but you have to look at the numbers to know that. but the question is we don't know why it's getting worse. things like what gretchen whitmer is saying in michigan, probably critics say not helping. listen to her. >> tried to imagine 1013:30 sevn
4:27 pm
airplanes crashing into the ground every single day. that's what we're facing every single day. >> the idea of the examples, it's just not helpful. >> trace: it's not helpful and this is the same gretchen whitmer at the beginning of the lockdown is telling people that they could not plant seeds, could not do gardening in the front lawn while she was going to her husband's birthday party on a boat. i'm in the state here in california, where is gavin newsom, he's having a $15,000 bar bill at french laundry, the most expensive restaurant in the entire country. the people are hypocrites and all we have to do is start doing is pushing back. not diminishing what's going on with a virus and the 99% recovery rate, but they don't have the constitutional power or any authority to ruin all our lives. if that's not what america is about. >> how effective is this in your state with the things that the governor is saying? >> let me say personally, trace, i'm also a new yorker.
4:28 pm
i covered ground zero for the full year. i lost friends there. we all from new york know personally what it looked like. it was mass murder. this is a disease. that the government can help control with specificity that they seem to lack. i personally -- i understand this is a deadly thing. the hospitals are filling out. i'm not a denier of it. but 9/11, i'm sorry, what's next? is a nagasaki, the holocaust, it's a bad choice of words. you should stop using them because you didn't use it once and it hurt a lot of us. i don't speak for everybody, just me watching a guy jump out of a flaming skyscraper and explode like a sandbag. it's not the same and we should grow up, focus, do what's right for the country. >> trace: it's funny and were talking about the northwest today how in oregon, some of the
4:29 pm
states they are decriminalizing cocaine and heroin, right? the graph we put on the screen is in king county and seattle, they have more overdose death then covid deaths. if the conversations about covid and are we losing sight of some other things in life like kids going back to school, things of importance. are we losing a little sight of some of the things in lieu of just numbers and grim statisti statistics? >> of course we are and they're using fear in the absolute worst way possible. but we know that people's level of depression's up, levels of alcoholism, suicide. people are supposed to have purpose in life and purpose comes from going out there, earning a living, going to school, learning, communicating with other human beings. these people, if any of these policies work, if any of them were based in science, we would not be in this situation.
4:30 pm
but instead, eric garcetti is telling people not to walk their dogs. i have a dog, he wants me to let my dog out in the yard and i can't walk my dog. stopping attention to the orders and that's really where i met that this point. figure out how to live your life. again not to diminish the reality of the disease, but it's not the radical position saying we should live freely in the united states of you know ameri. >> trace: charlie, 15 seconds. >> again, the economist told me today he estimates half of americans do not have anything in the bank. think what comes out on the other side of this, washington gets their act together and get stimulus or it's not going to be a pretty january. >> trace: gentlemen, thank you both. at a time when millions of americans are out of work, the federal government now suing facebook and accusing the social media giant of discrimination against the american worker.
4:31 pm
passing over well-qualified u.s. citizen so they can hire immigrants instead. judge jeanine pirro on the potential fallout of this when we come back. ♪ usan! honey? yeah? i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad... try this new robitussin honey severe. the real honey you love... plus, the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? new robitussin honey severe. strong relief for your severe symptoms. i waited to get treated. thought surgery was my only option. but then i found out about nonsurgical treatments. it was a total game changer. learn more about the condition at
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♪ >> trace: facebook under fire tonight accused of discriminating against american workers. the justice department's suing alleging it violated federal law and would not look at applications from u.s. citizens before offering thousands of well-paying job to markets as well. it claims they refuse to consider available workers and reserve 2600 jobs demand jobs to term for every visa holders and paying an average of $160,000 a
4:36 pm
year. at ten i facebook saying it's been cooperating with the doj and while we have disputed the allegations in the complaint, we cannot comment further on pending litigations. here now, jeanine pirro host of justice for judge jeanine saturday at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on fox news channel. judge, great to see you. if i want to continue the doj quotes and get your response. if they go on to say the facebook intentionally created a hiring system in which it denied qualified u.s. workers a fair opportunity to learn about and apply for jobs at facebook instead sought to channel temporary visa holders. facebook wanted to sponsor for green cards. judge, you say what about this? >> i say the department of justice has investigated facebook for the last two years. based on the fact that they've been intentionally discriminated against american workers. it's kind of shocking but maybe not so shocking that they are from silicon valley.
4:37 pm
so the point they refuse to consider or recruit, hire americans instead hiring temporary visa holders and then using what's called the perm program, p/e rm where they take someone with a temporary visa off of full residence and so thm to work for facebook, and pretty much not even allowing them to allow americans to apply. there is a statistic that there was something like out of every 99 jobs, there were zero or one american who applied. they kept to the use jobs away from americans. they did not put it on their website. americans knew nothing about the job. in order for them to get these temporary visa holders, they had to actually under american law say that we had no qualified
4:38 pm
americans who were willing or could work in the circumstances. if they made it impossible for americans don't know about the jobs and they swore to the governments that they had no american applicants and then they offered up two foragers the ability to become residence by becominworking for silicon vall. >> trace: the supporters of facebook who say facebook desperately needs temporary foreign workers to run the business and the trump administration is making it harder and harder for these people to come into the country. >> you know what, you don't have to look to have people to come into america to satisfy jobs or technology jobs in america. if all you need to do is allow americans to know about and apply for the job. do not suggest to me or any other judge that there aren't sufficient numbers of americans
4:39 pm
who have the technology background or the qualifications to apply for 2600 jobs, which you can make $156,000 a year. then claim you have to go out of the country when you hide them from americans. there should not only be a lawsuit here, there's got to be a punitive punishment or sanction for trying to leave americans out of the jobs in the country. >> trace: if i can, judge, i want to get your quick take and were talking about facebook. they are deep prioritizing slurs against white people and focusing on slurs against black people come on jews, lgbt peopl. >> there into the censorship businesses, and as far as i'm concerned, violate my first amendment rights. i'm tired of political correctness, americans. were tired of prioritizing of tempering residents of visa
4:40 pm
holders over american citizens who need a job. we are tired of people saying you can't open your businesses and i can go on for 30 minutes, but i know you don't have the time. >> trace: we need time for your promotion and show this weekend. what's coming up on the big show, just as for judge jeanine? >> we've got lara trump, general mike flynn, excited about that interview. of course, we've got sydney powell, jenna ellison, peter and a barrel. at talk about china and we can talk about it with peter. we've got a small business owner who's going to fire unit out because he fired me up. tomorrow night, 9:00. >> trace: judge, always good to see you. i thank you for coming on. >> thank you. >> trace: does joe biden need to go back to the drawing board? upset progressive say his diverse cabinet picks are not diverse of enough buried at victor david hanson on the consequences of that.
4:41 pm
next. musical means go it's down to the wire,
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the team's been working around the clock. we've had to rethink our whole approach. we're going to give togetherness. logistically, it's been a nightmare. i'm not sure it's going to work. it'll work. i didn't know you were listening.
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♪ >> trace: more than a month after the final votes cast for the 2020 presidential election, president-elect joe biden and his running mate vice president elect kamala harris finally sat down for their first official interview to take questions on policy. if one of the most pressing concerns comes from the progressives in his own party who believe that despite his diverse cabinet picks, they're not nearly diverse enough. >> this is going to be an incredibly diverse and i will keep my commandments that the administration both in the white house and outside is going to look like the country, i promise you. if you will see the most diverse cabinet representing all folks, asian-american, african-american, latinos, lgbtq, across the board. >> trace: joining me now, victor david hanson, senior fellow at the hoover institution and author of "the case for trump." good to see you sir. we can talk about the infighting of the democratic party, and we get the idea during the campaign it was about blaming president trump for covid, but we know precious little about the biden-kamala agenda. we do know this and i'm going to play this about when he wants
4:46 pm
for the first 100 days. watch. >> in the first day i'm inaugurated i will say i'm going to ask the public for 100 days. to mask. just 100 days. to mask. not forever, 100 days. >> trace: we know precious little because he's not been asked. >> he hasn't been asked because the traditional campaign is designed to introduce the candidates to the country and the issues he's going to run on. he did it in 1980 8:30 22 years ago when he bombed a variety of reasons from plagiarism to his doctor his cv, did it 12 years ago in 2008 and it was not successful. it wasn't successful, let's be honest in 2015 and -- excuse me, 2019 end '20 untold michael bloomberg bombed and they turned to him to play the role of all joe biden. but because of the perfect storm of quarantine and the lockdown, the lack of a viable candidate
4:47 pm
elsewhere, joe biden did something they never seen before and ran a 19th century campaign from his front porch. he essentially -- his handler said he's not going to go out, not going to have a unscripted press conference, not going to have an interview and traditional sense. if you can say anything anywhere any time and it can blow up the campaign. were not going to take the risk. we will not let him weigh in on issues, fracking, medicare for everybody, the border, new green deal because we made a bargain with the far left. we're going to pick kamala harris with a wink and a nod that they like to buy it and be the veneer, she gets her term. we don't know what he stands for. the progressive wing is saying, wait a minute, we've got blm to behave, no rioting, everything is calm. it's going to usher in your presidency. we've got a 95% turnout mysteriously and miraculously in some of the key cities,
4:48 pm
philadelphia almost in detroit and what do we get for it? that people don't know about the deals he made, don't know what he's running on because they didn't run a campaign that was transparent in the traditional american sense. they're flying blind. >> trace: it's crucial we learn about some of the things. if we do not know where he really stands on china. i want to play this on his evolving views. watch. >> china is going to eat our lunch, come on, man. i mean, they're not bad folks. but guess what, their competition for us. when you're in a situation where if you want to do business in china and your high-tech firm, you have to have a 51% chinese partner. it's not going to happen. it's not going to happen. >> trace: the truth is most experts think china is the biggest security risk to the united states. if admiral harry here is the commander of the pacific police told me five years ago that
4:49 pm
china is worry number one and yet it does not seem like it's really sunk in yet. >> on all the issues, trace, he has a great decision to make. he's going to inherit a new get tough containment policy that everyone's on board with from activists to people in business that are sick of the mercantile cheating on the part of china. if all he has to do is continue and take credit for it. and appropriate from trump even though trump created it. if same thing with a middle east, the new alliance between israel and the arab states, buried around just about had it, the oil prices are down in the iran deal is gone. all he has to do is preside over once a landmark breakthrough in the middle east. you can ditto the same with the allies in the nato contributions and on and on. but if he wants to blow up all those achievements because they have trump his fingerprints on them sort of like the hydroxychloroquine that you don't discuss it because trump endorsed it, he will have real
4:50 pm
problems because they were decisive new breakthroughs in foreign policy and he's going to inherit a far more stable world then donald trump did from joe biden and barack obama. interesting thing to see which way it goes. of >> trace: presidents fingerprints on the economy to come victor, and we hit -- the w hit a 30,000 over 30,000. one of the things where why does he do? does he blow up the economy and raise taxes? what decisions, we have about one minute left, victor. >> that's a good point about the economy. tough new trade deals, all that is giving him a renaissance pre-covid. all he has to do is continue and tweak the edges a little bit around the edges of the whole plan and he would be successful. or if he's bought and sold by the hard left of his party and he wants to go the full progressive socialist routes, he will blow it off. it will be interesting to see what he wants to do. he says one thing's and knows
4:51 pm
where his heart is. he made a bargain with the left and unfortunately the country they will call most of the decisions. i hope you can withstand it. >> trace: we will find out. victor davis hanson, good to have you on, sir. thank you. >> thank you. >> trace: pentagon's decision to form a task force was met with skepticism but we just got her hands on some leaked reports from the task force. wait until you see what they are working on. ♪
4:52 pm
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fastest growing retailer. because our customers love it. see for yourself, at ♪ because the pentagon turned to n late documents show defense officials discussing this photo taken from the cockpit of a fighter jet as possible using nonhuman technology. overnight anchor and news correspondent take a deeper look into the story. it >> is back in august when the pentagon created to task force to investigate ufos to attack, analyze, and catalog unidentified aerial phenomena. it was a move that raised my eyebrows. it came in the wake of several unexplained incidents observed by military members, and followed questions from marco
4:57 pm
rubio, instructing them to gather data. we are seeing them part of two military reports. this includes pentagon documents reportedly discussing nonhuman technology and mysterious objects. we conclude that 2019 email exchange, it was between high-ranking military officials citing concerns about potential aliens under water here on earth. we are seeing the leaked photos taken from fighter jets, one showing an unidentified silver cube that was hovering above the atlantic. another released photo shows a triangular craft with lights on its corners, craft military pilots claim popped out of the ocean and shot out into the air. at the leaked containment contat the debris. the task force is also considering the possibility of the ufos being operated by "intelligence of unknown origin. at this point, the pentagon is
4:58 pm
still officially refusing to comment on the unidentified aerial phenomenon. >> it's fascinating. great to see you. while, we want to wish a very happy birthday to world war ii veteran jane smith he turns 100 years old on sunday. he was given the nickname horse collar because he would occasionally butt heads with his sergeant. as a result, he would have to carry a cart filled with guns and ammunition upheld by the collar. jim was a marine communicator and the rifleman earning two silver stars for his valor during the battles of two lucky, of the solomon islands and the bloody ridge on the island of guadalcanal. he was interviewed for an untold story podcast. watch this. >> i don't feel like 100. >> you don't look like 100. >> i can no longer play rugby, but i have lot of comments on
4:59 pm
the sideline. i'm pretty happy. i'm in fairly decent condition. life's been good for me. i have a lovely wife, i have five wonderful children and plenty of those grandchildren. life is going good. >> happy birthday, jim. 100 years old on sunday. here's to many more. that's a big news on sunday. at the big news on saturday is president trump is holding a rally and atlanta, georgia, remember, it's now all about georgia because that's where the two key senate runoff races i. you've got purdue and all stuff going on. we've got warnock against kelly loeffler. at this is where all comes down to control the senate. guess what? the rally is at 7:00 p.m. at 6:00 p.m. we'll have special
5:00 pm
coverage. i will anchor the special coverage. we hope to have you along. that is the story of friday december 4. as always, the story continues. we will see you back here monday night, martha will be here. have a great weekend. good night, everyone. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. what does joe biden believe? we've asked that question before. people with known joe biden for 50 years are still asking that question. the short answer is, absolutely nothing. after a lifetime of serving the democratic party, joe biden has no fixed beliefs, he can't. the party has changed too much. a joe biden became a democrat back when democrats represented america's working class. democratic voters of that era tend to be populist on economic tt


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