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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 5, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PST

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have a great weekend we will be following the president's speech in georgia, his rally on saturday and we will do the job that the mom won't do, we'll pick it up on monday. let not your hearts be help the senate candidates. not everybody is sure. here's the five. ♪ >> jesse: hello, everybody. i'm jesse watters along with greg gutfeld, judge jeanine pirro, geraldo rivera and emily compagno. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." if things weren't already heated down in georgia, getting that much more intense. the future agenda for america is on the line and both parties are pulling out all the stops to try to win back the two key runoff races that will decide to
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control the senate. president trump is heading to the state tomorrow for his first rally since the november 3rd election. today, former president obama doing a virtual rally for democrats, and vice president pence rallying the maga base for kelly loeffler and purdue. speak of the special election in georgia is going to determine ultimately the course of the bin presidency and whether joe biden and kamala harris can deliver legislatively all the commitments they have made. if the senate is controlled by republicans, who are interested in obstruction and gridlock rather than progress in helping people, they can block just about anything. >> if you don't vote there could
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be nothing to stop chuck schumer and nancy pelosi from cutting our military, raising taxes, and passing the agenda of the radical left. for all we've done, for all we have yet to do, for our president and our future, for georgia and america, cast another vote for all that president trump has accomplish accomplished! vote to send david purdue and kelly loeffler back to the united states senate. >> jesse: judge jeanine, don't you love her barack obama says republicans don't want to help people? do you think he's going to have any impact in this georgia race? >> jeanine: you know, for some reason i really don't think he's going to have an impact but you know, what is so telling about this is you are getting the sense that barack obama is now going to be the president of the united states again.
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that joe biden is kind of like a little here, a little there, it is going to do her thing but barack obama is really going to call the shots here and for him to actually talk about obstruction and gridlock when all we had for four years where the democrats obstructing probably the best president in my lifetime delivering for the american people is the highest hypocrisy and it goes all the way to the spectrum of actually lying, but that's just me. >> jesse: they are also basically obstructing the money that's going out to help the people that barack obama says republicans don't want to help. greg gutfeld, president donald trump had some things to say about four years and may be the next four years. listen to that and you can rea react. >> we are going to do another four years. [indistinct] >> jesse: i think that is as
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straight as you can play it. >> greg: except it was so out of focus. very disappointing in that prison's expertise with the phone. trump 2024 run will be the greatest political story ever. it will be like a rematch of ali versus lisbon. here's the challenge with this election, this georgia election. a lot of us are electioned out. when we are covering this election it's like watching olympic curling after the super bowl. i mean, the 2020 race was so huge, it's like chasing a t-bone steak with a chicken mcnugget. like going to the local playground after you've been to disney world and that is a problem because this is such a vital, vital election. i'm going to say it's the end of the world if biden gets of the senate, the democratic senate because for four years we were told that every trump tweet was land of the world so i'm going to say this is the end of the
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world. if we let the democrats control the senate and the white house, your taxes will soar, you will defund the police, every democratic city will be unlivable, america will become a health skate. i want to tell this to joe biden, it will be great if democrats could lose georgia for him because a good cop always needs a bad cop. he needs to have the republicans and around to blame stuff on them. when he decides not to play ball with the squad he can point to the republicans and say it's on them. this is how i use my wife. i need my wife whenever i've got to give bad news to a contractor or a plumber, or a roofer. i will say hey, i i thought you did a great job but it's the wife. it's the wife! she says you need to redo the tiles. you need to redo the tiles are i'm sleeping in the garage. that is biden, he needs the
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republicans for that. >> jesse: you are so brave with the contractors, greg. geraldo, let's go to you on who you think is most motivated in georgia. is it the democrats that are looking at possibly a three here was that the republicans, who think everything is on the line. how to think that affects turnout, mentally? >> i don't know how motivated the democrats are. i am a republican, i consider myself a friend of the president and i'm thinking about this of course. you have spelled out the profound importance of the senate, otherwise it will be a biden runaway administration by thinking about the president of the united states, i'm thinking for donald trump, tomorrow is as important as the first debate and the first debate, he had a chance to really dominate joe biden.
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instead, he became very theatrical. interrupting, bullying. universally condemned. a show all about him and narcissists and everything else. compared to when he finally did debate appeared appropriately, presidentially he stomped biden. tomorrow, if he goes in there and he whines about the election and oh, my god, this is about me and i won. where do we go from here, the nation is going to go to hell in a handbasket and the commies are taking over, if he does that come instead of going kelly loeffler, yes, purdue, yes, we need the senate, yes. he has a chance tomorrow. he goes high or he goes low and i'm urging him to take the noble route. >> jesse: emily, do you think that donald trump will follow his good friends advice tomorrow and make it a disciplined presentation about just electing these two senators? or did he think he's just going to tee off without the prompter about everything he has been feeling throughout the last three weeks?
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>> emily: we know that he tees off of the prompter often but i do hope he takes geraldo's advice. i am marrying everyone's comments here but there is no surrogate like the sitting president of the united states. that rally tomorrow has so much power. and including the power to mitigate and undo all of the potential damage caused by lynnwood and sidney powell telling georgians not to vote. in the president's most compelling argument is that the republican backstop, winning the two of them is the last chance we have to preserve everything he's accomplished in the last four years but to do so, yes, he needs to stay laser focused on generating support for those two in this race right now. if he details his accomplishments and talks about what these guys stand for, he details defund the police and exactly the arguments these guys are making. that's enough to do it and by the way he can point to it if they win and i believe they will, he can point at the rally
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tomorrow and say this is why you need me in 2024 because this is the impact i will continue to have. >> jesse: all right, and i believe that sidney powell will be on judge jeanine's show this weekend if i'm not mistaken, and "waters world" will be carrying the president's rally and always the amazing greg gutfeld at 10:00. coming up, biden already cooking up new covete covid restrictiond cable news blow up over lockdown. you don't want to miss this. ♪
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♪ >> jeanine: americans fed up with covid restrictions may have to get ready for many more. joe biden says he will ask people to do this. speak of the first day i'm inaugurated i will ask the public for 100 days to mask. just 100 days to mask. not forever, 100 days. and i think we will see a significant reduction that
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occurs with vaccinations and masking to drive down the numbers considerably. >> jeanine: and check out this heated exchange over the government picking and choosing which businesses have to close their doors. speak of the difference between a big box retailer and a restaurant or frankly even a church are so different it's unbelievable. >> i disagree. i disagree. you can have your thoughts and i can have mine! >> it's science, i'm sorry. >> it's not science! 500 people in a lowe's art any safer than 150 people in a restaurant that holds 600! i don't believe it, sorry! >> jeanine: i would like to first go to greg. i understand that you were very animated when you saw this particular back-and-forth. do we even know whether or not there is a science, and agreed
2:16 am
upon science or is everything now political? >> greg: every day it seems like we get further into the fog of war. we know less than we did the day before, it's a little strange. i don't think science has ruled on whether walmart is okay but church isn't. i haven't seen that data, so just smugly saying it's science, it's science. it's easy for someone in the media to do that because there is no scientific data saying that the media can't work, so we are safe. somebody is now going to come to us and say we need to shut down cable news for nine months. he will see how people will flip out. we don't have that problem, so i'm sick of the media safe in their jobs reprimanding, and arrogantly because i can sense a little bit of arrogance from that one guy, while the public is trying to do their best in a novel situation that is challenging for everybody.
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let's point out that the last time he snapped, he lost the tea party. so he has his finger on the pulse of something and everybody knows this when you're talking to people during these shutdowns, they are at that edge. they are at the edge for public protest in your going to see it happen if this continues. >> jeanine: you know, geraldo, you are someone who has been on the edge of a lot of issues. i don't think there is any question. the more americans see the hypocrisy, the more they see the fact that, that's my dog pulling my arm. [laughter] the more they see people saying you can't go out to eat while they are going out to eat and expensive restaurants or don't leave your home while they are in cabo. i think we are at a tipping point, geraldo. >> geraldo: think you are right and i think greg is right but that wasn't the question. the question is what about wearing a mask for 100 days? i live in a very red state,
2:18 am
ohio, and for president trump by eight points. >> jeanine: i'm not asking that question, i masking -- >> geraldo: we believe in independence and self-determination and everybody in ohio at least in my county, every place where we go, people wear masks voluntarily. if you are outside in ohio are certainly in cleveland without a mask on, people look at you like you are a freak. i went into a -- >> greg: that's a stupid! b3 a window to my prescription and forgot a mask i had to hide my face with my tie i was so panicked by it. >> jeanine: does anybody disagree customer equity where mass, most people will say i will wear a mask with other people. the issue now that is the tipping point for america is small businesses are looking at the big box companies and saying why a in my being treated
2:19 am
differently? >> jesse: when people look at geraldo like a freak i don't think it is because he isn't wearing a mask. i think it's because it's geraldo! i think they see geraldo! that's what i think they see. now, i'm getting. i wear my mask, i've got my mask right here, it's got a flag on it, everybody thinks i'm a bigshot when i wear it. is anybody going to listen to joe biden for 100 days? no, i think if he sent everybody a free mask in the mail they might like that. everybody likes free stuff and everybody likes opening packages. that might work or it might not. in california they mandated mask wearing months ago and now look at those numbers. they are through the roof. it's not just of the mask, it's the hand washing and the social distancing, and then until you get the vaccine. you've got to inject faith because i'm a front-line worker. i am inessential worker in this country.
2:20 am
>> jeanine: jesse, you are so offensive. emily, i want to listen to the sound and that i want to come to you after. >> we want to make sure the people who need to get a first are going to be there but of course, of course we will take it. >> i will be happy to do that. when dr. fauci says we have a vaccine that is safe, that's the moment in which i will stand before the public. obviously we will take it. it's important to communicate to the american people, it's safe. >> jeanine: it wasn't more than a few months ago when kamala harris said i'm not taking it if donald trump says to you. it's the same pharmaceutical companies that are making the vaccine. what say you? >> emily: exactly right. at october in the presidential debate when kamala harris that i would be first in line when dr. fauci or dr. say we have a vaccine but she said i will not take it if president trump tells me to take it. cut to the clip you just played and like you just said, the
2:21 am
vaccine hasn't changed, the pharmaceutical companies have been changed, operation warp speed hasn't changed. the only thing that will have changed as the president 's a role in that moment and his involvement in that moment. to me it does such a stark and startling example of how willingly these guys play politics with the vaccine when the entire time they were decrying the sitting president for operation warp speed, saying that was playing politics because he wanted it as fast as possible. >> jeanine: all right. coming up, joe biden getting the softball treatment and gushing about his interview afterwards. ♪ ♪ you're still the one
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♪ >> geraldo: welcome back, everybody. cnn being criticized for the
2:26 am
softball treatment of the interview. he comes in stark contrast with the way president trump has been treated the last for two years. remember? take a look. >> how was your foot and what happened? your third running for president, and you made it. you made it. what does it feel like? she and doug emhoff, by the way, the second gentleman, is he the second dude? what should we be calling him? >> the term has evolved into the second gentleman. i will call him honey. >> geraldo: what their favorite flavor? don landesman praising joe biden and attacking trump. >> it feels like we are watching interviews for president-elect and a president who are on earth one and earth two. a very normal and safe and sedate and it was welcoming news. we are no fake news, we heard no conspiracy theories, we heard no
2:27 am
personal grievances. >> there certainly was a lot of the right answers. there wasn't the attack. >> it was so sedate i was falling asleep. remember when they were accusing the president of the united states with absolutely no evidence of being a spy for the russians for goodness sake? >> jeanine: yeah, you know, being a spy for the russians, a putin puppet and all that and never admitting they were wrong. never taking the task, the individuals that stood before them and said i have evidence like adam schiff or even people in the fbi. never took any of them to task and i've got to tell you, the saddest part of all this is that we have a sitting president who is 74 years old who had covid and we understand that the older you are, the more serious it can
2:28 am
be when you are that age. they could have cared less. they didn't even believe he had it. there were all kinds of theories in this vice president-elect, breaks his foot allegedly playing with his dog, fractures that, i don't know what he did and they are all concerned about it but not president trump. their humanity is nowhere to be found. they wanted biden and they got him in. he is their guy, it's that simple. >> geraldo: but you know with the press being in urban elites, overeducated, based on one coast of the other generally speaking. may be a couple of them in chicago, they will never give up republican a fair shake. particularly not this republican, don't you think? >> jesse: i agree that i am overeducated, geraldo, and you are right. i did some digging and found
2:29 am
trump's first interview after winning in 2016 by leslie stahl and here were the questions leslie stahl asked president trump. she asked about the street protests against him, asked when he is releasing his tax returns and then didn't even ask. stated that blacks and muslims are afraid of you. that's the interview and then you cut or something like this and it's like, what do you feel about having lunch with, kamala on a weekly basis. i didn't learn anything come all the land was joe fractured his foot chasing his dog and he's not going to punish china for covid-19 and everything he does is going to be really expensive. i wasn't impressed by joe biden's performance and i have to tell you, i didn't think those cnn guys afterwards were impressed, either. you can tell, not even cnn is impressed with joe biden. >> geraldo: may be the country has to be in a cocoon.
2:30 am
maybe that's the best place. maybe everybody wants to be sedated, to use the word that don lamented. >> greg: you know, it was interesting, when jake asked how was his foot and joe said it tasted funny. that was weird. >> geraldo: that was his favorite flavor. >> greg: i'm just really happy that don lemon is emotionally okay because that is what this is all about. there were no body bags coming in. he just wanted to make him feel so uncomfortable, he is so mean and rude and now we have a really boring guy who might start wars. the difference is the behavior. with trump and after with joe will be so stark. it's like going to be a drug ad for psychosis.
2:31 am
before biden they will be scratching at their skin and eyeballing the ceiling and afterwards they will be licking a lollipop in sunshine on a swing built for two and it will just be perfect. before derangement, after derangement. >> geraldo: do you think it's the honeymoon with the press or do you think it will be forever? you think they will always be uncritical. supremely, sublimely uncritical. >> emily: i'm usually an eternal optimist but i have to say i think this will be a forever honeymoon and it terrifies me because there's two things that it covers up. the good things and the bad things. the fact that the media is unwilling to ask challenging questions, critical ones. they don't have to attack the next president in the way that they have two illicit factual,
2:32 am
important information and a half that administration be transparent, which is what we all deserve, because we pay the salaries of everyone in office but that is how things like congressional slush funds get set up because there is no accountability for that. also it covers up the good stuff. if they continue this, if they don't ask the questions that get real answers, come the next election, they are not going to be able to say with historical accuracy all the good things the next administration has accomplished. they're shooting themselves in the foot. >> geraldo: no doubt the way to get good press in the trump administration was to attack president trump. "the fastest seven" up next. ♪ (burke) deep-sea driving, i see... (customer) something like that... (burke) well, here's something else: with your farmer's policy perk, new car replacement, you can get a new one.
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♪ >> emily: welcome back, time for "the fastest seven." will going to the movies be a thing of the past? warner bros. announcing it will simultaneously release all of its 20 t 2021 slate to hbo max d movie theaters. as he could imagine, movie theater owners are not happy about it. is everyone else as excited for "wonder woman 1984 opening day as i am? geraldo, i will start with you. >> geraldo: now, i like wonder woman, my wife really likes her, but i remember what a big part of my life drive-in movies were. i wanted to get a driver's license, i got a 1947 chevy so i could go to the drive-in with my date and then drive-ins went away. now i think of the same, almost the same nostalgia for a movie
2:38 am
theater. it's tragic but it's going to be very difficult, it seems to me, to get people motivated to go spend $20 to see a movie they could stream at home for a whole bunch of people and enjoy equally. >> emily: please bring photos of that "47" for the next one more thing. if you're used to seeing a new lease on the couch, what is going to make you want to leave the house and pla pay $20 to set outside? >> jeanine: absolutely right, the whole concept is that the amc movie theaters, they are losing money hand over fist. although in nevada we had the case where the movie theaters can open some of the casinos but the church, you can only have 50 people but that is another issue. i think all of us have been weaned off of movie theaters and we are now more likely to watch things at home. i think it's more fun.
2:39 am
with technology being what it is we like watching the stuff at home. >> emily: is this nimble or should we feel sorry for the movie theater owners and operators? >> jesse: if you are a woman who went to a drive-in movie theater with geraldo, contact our producers. i will put you on "watter's world" this weekend. i don't know, i go into a theater because i enjoy shushing people. just to go -- to other people and then they listen to you. that gives me the sense of control in my life that i don't find anywhere else and i enjoy that. >> jeanine: i've got to say one thing, i've got to throw this in. i remember when he went to movie theaters and people would smoke then you would get into fights with people because you didn't want them smoking. they were chain-smoking.
2:40 am
but anyway, i had to throw that in there. >> emily: greg, what do you think? >> greg: movie theaters were the one place where the customer was never right. the food was overpriced, the floor was sticky, you had to sit through 20 coming attractions and commercials and you had to endure everything. my feeling is the movie theaters were weaning us off of movie theaters. but there was a drive-in porn theater in california and we would drive on the 101 and you would have to get on the right ankle coming around in order just to see it just a little b bit. you had to drive and park because you are not allowed in. those were the days. >> emily: i don't remember that, weird. next up, work could be coming to an end. microsoft reportedly has new software that can detect when
2:41 am
employees are acting lazy. it can monitor your body language and facial expressions during virtual and in-person meetings, resulting in a numeric productivity score. it tops out at 801st of all, look at me. my score would be a million because i would be excited but what about someone like him i don't know, jesse, you? you have a calm face all the time so would you be penalized just because you are less expressive than i am? >> jesse: i think the new yorker could have used this software for jeffrey toobin. that would have helped them out a lot. >> emily: so disgusting. okay. judge, what do you think? is this legal? >> jeanine: listen, what they are doing is, it's their facility. if they were on their equipment they're also going to look at your emails, your schedule, not going into meetings.
2:42 am
do you look excited? excited, not like jeffrey toob toobin. there are different ways to be excited. i'm going to let that go because i don't want to talk about what you just said. >> greg: first of all, my sister text me and said that the porn theater was on the left side of the 102. i'm going to tell you, if you want to find out who the laziest employee is it's the one that's always in a conversation with somebody else. you think maybe when that person is talking to you it's only you. in fact, he's doing that all around the building and just destroying the company. you are not even in the office! >> geraldo: i think we have to
2:43 am
surrender ourselves to the fact that there will be no privacy, we will have no privacy. every text will be read by people we don't like, every email, the phones, tabs. i think people will be surveilled everywhere. there will be no -- and people, as jeffrey toobin discovered, have to comport themselves with the realization that there is no privacy in life and you've got to deal with it. you can complain about it but you can't stop this trend. all the software and everything else, our own technological nerdy people are going to figure out a way to figure it out. >> emily: all right, "fan mall friday" is up next. hello i'm an idaho potato farmer. you know a lot of folks think of a potato,
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the team's been working around the clock.wire, we've had to rethink our whole approach. we're going to give togetherness. logistically, it's been a nightmare. i'm not sure it's going to work. it'll work. i didn't know you were listening.
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with the kids at home and less money coming in, there'd be no way we could afford health insurance. my kids think i'm a superhero. but even superheroes need help sometimes. we found help at covered california. and not just us. 9 out of 10 people who enrolled got financial help. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll now at ♪ >> greg: it's "fan mail friday," we are answering your questions. the first one from chris p, do you have any weird or strict rules for your house? going to first, judge, because i know you do. >> jeanine: i don't!
2:48 am
>> greg: yes, you do. >> jeanine: i don't have any strict rules. >> greg: yeah, you do. >> jeanine: everybody is allowed to bring their dogs to my house when i come and visit. i used to have two pigs and the pigs came in my house. so i mean, i love to cook. yes, i have strict rules. if my kids come out and get food they have to clean up the bags and the garbage. or the camera guy, they have to throw out their own bags. >> greg: i think you're hiding something, judge. i know you do something very, very awful in your house. it is not telling us. geraldo, you must have some weird or strict rules for your home? >> geraldo: that, for sure and it's made out of velvet because i am latino. it goes right next to the matador i have next to me. guys, i don't like shoes, i don't like a lot of shoes,
2:49 am
especially if you are coming from some muddy place. i don't like my kids not doing the dishes. i don't like glasses but on tables without a coaster. you know, i am not compulsive, but i'd like a -- >> jeanine>> emily: coasters ar, you're right. we are issues of household also and i think the only thing that may be would be weird but seems normal to us is that duchess has her specific couch in one room in her part of the couch on another so definitely may be he gets worried if we are like you can sit here because this is for my dog. >> greg: interesting. that is weird. jesse, what's a weird rule? >> jesse: my only rule is that you're not allowed to come over. but if i do allow you over, my rule is don't look in my medicine cabinet.
2:50 am
>> jeanine: oh! >> geraldo: that's a great rule. >> greg: because i would. i would just look, i would sample. >> jesse: that's why you're not allowed over. my wife has a rule, no shoes and my rule is no number two in the bathroom if you are a guest. you take your business before you get to my apartment. you don't drop it off here, drop it off at home! this is a good question. we get this question a lot to but i like it. what bulk has influenced your life the most? i'm assuming jesse has read one book. jesse has one book influenced your life? >> jesse: it's "the hobbit." it's the same book i use for every answer about anything having to do with literature. so i'm going to go with "hobbit," answer. >> greg: i try to live my life
2:51 am
like a hobbit. >> emily: it's impossible to pick just one, so can i just say that my parents read to us going up "the "little house on the prairie"" series and also the mildred detailer series and those more than anything else because it created a whole -- they were amazing, this whole foundational thing, so i would say in terms of that kind of thing, for sure "little house on the prairie." >> geraldo: that's adorable. alexia forrester, horatio hornblower series, a british sea captain. the serious traces in from when he is a midshipman until he is a commander -- anyway, i became a sailor because of it. i was a very landlocked as a child. i had no experience, i never had to boat as a kid but reading about horatio hornblower, this fictional character, gave me aspiration to sail the seven seas. >> greg: you just like saying
2:52 am
hornblower. >> jeanine: geraldo, you are never going to vote. now you have an island. my favorite book is "to kill a mockingbird." i keep going back to it. i do. courtroom drama, inequity, injustice and justice. >> greg: and you get to kill a bird. you know, agatha christie mysteries. i read every one of them when i was a kid and it taught me how to enjoy a fine literature. that and nancy drew because of the plaid skirt. "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪ chicago! okay, so, magnificent mile for me! i thought i was managing my moderate to severe crohn's disease. until i realized something was missing me. you okay, sis? my symptoms were keeping me from really being there for my sisters. so i talked to my doctor and learned that's us. (reacting to boarding announcement)
2:53 am
humira is for people who still have symptoms of crohn's disease after trying other medications. the majority of people on humira saw significant symptom relief in as little as 4 weeks. and many achieved remission that can last. humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, ...have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. be there for you and them. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible.
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♪ >> jesse: time now for "one more thing." greg. >> greg: all right, tomorrow night it's a doozy and emily compagno, she's okay.
2:57 am
great comedian kennedy in my cat will be back next week and now it's time for this. ♪ really, bummed me out when they canceled one of my favorite shows, cops, and watched it every saturday night before i got out and got me primed for action. i don't know what i'm saying but it was a whole new tab, check it out. furry version of "cops." there they are on patrol with the little hats. it is an adorable? their guinea pigs and adorable. that's it for me, i've got nothing else to add. these little fur balls. for balls. >> jeanine>> jesse: give me str, great on a saturda saturday nigt watched "cops" and went to the drive-in x-rated movie theater? >> greg: i drove to -- by the way, geraldo, is that a mercedes
2:58 am
behind you? >> geraldo: this one? no, -- >> greg: no, over here. >> geraldo: yes. that's mine. shall i go? all take it away. >> jesse: i'll save you, i'm going to go i'm going to go. it's national cookie to everyone. we're going to celebrate. watch me eat. were going to celebrate national cookie day by going to oreo idea, that's right. oreo cookies you can now customize them. you can add anything you want to the middle, put someone's face on it. who we put the five logo on it and i'm just going to eat them all after the show. go to i also come out last chance to get the discount 20% at that fox news shot. also, we never discount "waters world."
2:59 am
live coverage of the trump rally and now, geraldo, you can talk about your mercedes. in >> geraldo: she's down the market. [laughter] i'm also after fox & friends i take a nap as i took a nap i woke up from my nap and i realize that -- [laughter] i've not had a proper haircut. there we are, me and albert einstein. i'm america stoner uncle now. a lot of it, i hide behind my ears and i'm not the first to make it with the crazy hair andd picture welfare l. >> jesse: i love having you on because you're the only one that has a bigger ego. all right, judge. >> jeanine: okay, i've a show and its called "justice and
3:00 am
judge jeanine" i'm doing jesse and greg and apparently they don't have a local. look at that. lara trump and we've got general mike flynn, sidney ♪ jingle bell ♪ jingle bell ♪ jingle bell rock ♪ jingle bell time and jingle bell time ♪ >> welcome to "fox and friends" saturday morning december 5th, 2020. that is will kane. i got to say the studio, it feels like we are on tv. what does that mean? feels like a studio. we moved downstairs, this christmas tree dec


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