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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 5, 2020 1:00pm-3:00pm PST

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christmas tree. [laughter] >> all right dhangs so much that's it for this week's show thanks to my panel, and thanks to all of you for watching. i'm paul we hope to see you right here next week. ♪ >> president trump set to leave for georgia at this hour you know he's returning to the campaign trail. but the first time since election day. while lawyers keep unsuccessfully challenging election results states like georgia tonight the president will try to help republicans keep control of the senate that potentially up for grabs in next month's critical runoff. hello everyone welcome to america news had headquarters im eric shawn hi arthel. >> hello i'm arthel neville with control of the senate hanging in balance president trump tonight will rally voters for gop
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senators david perdue and kelly loeffler who face democrat chargers and reverend rafael warnock in those runoffs. both sides leaving nothing to chance pouring money and other resources into the peach state let's go to griff jenkins live with more. griff. >> hi arthel good afternoon andless than about 30 minutes we're going see the president, first lady depart the white house and marine one, air force base down to georgia for post election rally and you see people here behind me filling in, it is not on that crowd because weave been hearing all day chants of stop this steal and expect the president to talk about what he thinks is a rigged election and as you mentioned, senators perdue and love the her will be in attendance one who will not be here republican governor brian kemp who has been a frequent recent target of the
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president's including this tweet just a few hours ago. where the president tweets, i will easily and we cannily win georgia if governor brian kemp or the secretary of state permit a civil signature verification. he has not done and will show large scale discrepancies where are two republicans saying no if we win georgia everything else falls in place. governor kemp communication director says he cannot be here because of a personal tragedy. he tweeted this response saying as i told the president this morning, i publicly called for signature three times to restore confidence in our election process. and to ensure that only legal votes are counted in georgia, and as you mentioned, with control of the senate up in the air in stakes so very high, the rnc is flooded, georgia with dozens of teams of workers and the rnc chairwoman ron that mcdamage weighed in on what's at stake. take a listen. >> a message is we are fighting for the president and we want to
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make sure that we feed that through but we need to keep our majority? in the senate and if you want a check on chuck schumer an democrats and what they will do to get rid of the filibuster to embrace green new deal destroy the country and who we love we need to sending republicans to senate to keep that majority. >> fake a look how close these runoff races are a dead even tie perdue separated by barely two tenths of a point love the her and warnock separated by half point look these races are shattering sending records more than 315 million stwengt between campaigns and outside groups that number certainly has risen. we have that from yesterday, today it is even more. we'll see exactly what the president does arthel in areas between sort of straddling fence between talking about this race and what's at stake, of course,
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his frustrations with georgia officials and the overall election results. for which he continues to fight against -- arthel. eric. arthel: there's a big crowd there waiting for the president's arrival griff jenkins in georgia, thanks griff. eric. eric: well arthel, georgia has now counted all of the presidential contest votes twice. there was a hand count and machine count and both results officials say show a biden win. the two democratic senate challengers hoping to replicate that they held in drive-in rally in conners georgia where charles watson not live with more on efforts to turn this state's two senate seats blue. charles. reporter: look the democrats are not willing to let these senate runoff races slip away easily they have their kaingts out on the campaign trail today. trying to fire up orders hope pulling off another upset here in georgia. john and reverend rafael warnock the two democrat it is looking
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to unseat senators david perdue and kelly loeffler trying to counter some of that trump energy with a drive-in rally in georgia. as they have throughout this campaign they continue to pay perdue and loeffler as senators more concerned about enriching themselvessings instead of helping the people of georgia. today was also about their new slogan of help, jobs and justice really driving home the fact that people here in georgia and across the country need a senate that will work with president elect bide opinion to fulfill needs of the american people in midst of the pandemic and last week democrats have a big name to drive home that message. >> it's not that we just need two seats in order for the in in democrats to control the agenda but these are kinds of gentlemen who are going to be able to -- create an atmosphere of --
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of cooperation, of progress and most of all keeping the concerns of the american people and the people of georgia first. >> you know guys democrats are really pushing the message that this is not only about georgia. this is about america. and lifting this country out of what democrats believe is a mess that was created by president trump and republicans. eric. eric: all right charles, that up for debate waiting for rally to start in a few hours from now. thanks. president is scheduled to lead the white house about 20 minutes or so from now landing in georgia we're told, of course, about two hours from now. that rally we've been covering -- begins at 7 a.m. eastern time. trace gallagher will be here for the special coverage to bring you that live. so stick around here in the fox news channel for the president's rally tonight and tomorrow night there's a big debate between two
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of the candidates kelly love lor debating in georgia will be shown right here on the fox news channel. martha will be anchoring special coverage of that debate starts 6:45 p.m. tomorrow night. and man oh man likely be some fireworks with that debate with all of the stakes so high. arthel. arthel: lots to watch as we await the president's speech in georgia, tonight the trump campaign is requesting a doover in peach state election results lawyers are contesting the outcome with a new lawsuit filed just yesterday. mark meredith live at the white house with more. mark. reporter: eager to hear how much the president will devote his speech tonight at the rally that griff was at focused on his own efforts to basically try to change outcome of the election. although this is as rally as you've been talking about really supposed to be focused on georgia too republican senate candidates we know that president trump did have a chance to speak to the governor of georgia by phone. earlier today the white house
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not putting out readout of this call but the governor office saying they have spoken the president has been sharply critical of the georgia governor. ever since the election, even as there's been so much focus on what's been happening here at the white house and different states all over the country. one thing they'll be listening to is seeing how much the president will be focused on what he wants to see happen next with these state legislatures that will be handling electoral college as they get ready to sendingoff votes to washington later on this month on friday as you mention president legal team had a chance to file a new lawsuit in georgia essentially asking for a doover here that they want the results not to continue in georgia even though something as we've talked about there's been so many reports from the republican secretary of state as well as other georgia officials saying there was not widespread fraud. and while the president has been also talking about this secretary of state of georgia has been pushing back saying biden won the peach state without fraud. >> we did a 100% hand recount
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retally during audit process that verified accuracy of machine and count and then done roadway count running ballots of paper ballots through again and we've gotten the same results virtually the same. >> the president and supporter that continue challenges in court but rfly come up empty i was in michigan earlier this week trying to get the state legislatures to look at other options out there but that doesn't seem to have made a difference president calling out republicans today on twitter he felt that are recognizing president-elect joe biden as just that as the president-elect. also meantime i want to mention what's happened up in new york where a federal judge has declared that the daca program should be reinstated daca providing protection for undocumented immigrants often calls from dreamers from deported argued that program was not legal and overreach of executive powers from the obama administration, well daca supporters thrilled with this latest news there's always the possibility it can get challenged in court again an
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wait to see what happens come january 20th with biden administration how they'll handle daca going forward. eric arthel. arthel: mark meredith at the white house. thank you. ♪ >> you bet. eric: sadly coronavirus continues to spread. infections rising across our country, and prompted more state and local officials to impose tougher restrictions. country now topping 14.4 million cases. just over 279,000 americans. soling far succumb to the virus, yesterday we notched a new one-day recording with nearly 228,000 cases. the previous record that happened on thursday nearly 217,000 that doubling over last few weeks. and california five of the bay area counties temporarily shutting down most nonessential businesses that will start tomorrow. top of governor gavin newsom new
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statewide stay at home order starting today that's whenever icu beds and hospitals are 85% full christina coleman live in los angeles with what looks like more clamp downs coming. christina. >> hi yeah that's right eric. the sweeping restrictions these lockdowns went into effect today. two major portions of the state just hit the threshold four more restrictions, this latest rowngdz of state wide shut downs are focused on hospitalizations. the new original state home order break breaks into five regions with wh one falls below 50% icu capacity shut down is triggered for this particular area. southern california has reached that threshold and so has san joaquin valley and officials in bay area decided not to they announce new restrictions starting tomorrow. so retail will be capped at 20% capacity. and playgrounds museums, camp grounds, zoos, theaters, bars, and amusement parks all will be closed.
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covid roles will be hard for many parents especially when it comes to closing play grounds. i spoke with a mom this morning who says she's following the health guidelines but that it's been tough. >> it's been incredibly difficult it is been difficult explaining it to the kids. it has been difficult seeing how it impacts them. you know you want to be encouraging your child to go up to other kids to explore, to interact. and having to like hold them back feels so strange. and so abnormal -- >> here in southern california, los angeles imposed a city wide stay at home order last weekend l.a. county restricted nonessential activities and banned outdoor and indoor dining. a move that has restaurant owners confused and angry. this video went viral last night, the owner of a restaurant in sherman oak went to her business on friday morning only to find tents next to her closed outdoor dining area.
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that she believes were set up to feed a movie crew. >> tell me that this is dangerous. but right next to me sz a slap in my face -- that's safe. this is safe? 50 feet away -- this is dangerous. >> now that dining area next to her business was closed, and her post went viral also govan gavin newsom sounding optimistic earlier today he tweeted that light is at the end of the tunnel and that a vaccine is coming. eric. eric: boy you know talk about hypocrisy and it is so sad christina. thanks so much. arthel. arthel: eric president-elect bide about meeting with his transition advisors today after calling on congress to pass a
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new covid relief package now. the new congress will be sworn in next month with a democratic majority in the house shrinking to just a handful of seats. david spunt live in wilmington, delaware. david. reporter: good evening to you it is possible when the gavel in at the beginning of january and just about a month there will be two empty seats that's because we have several races that are incredibly close. it is also possible we could see a blue senate that is if the runoff in georgia turns to the democrats favor. now we're talking about the house, the house majority won't be as strong, though, it will be a democrat majority. but it won't be as strong as current congress because republicans picked up seats and closed gap with democrats. but two races as i said a month after election are incredibly close. democratic congressman anthony in new york is trailing claudia
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kenny by 12 votes at last official count then several dozens ballots were found it is not clear if they were previously counted. stay tuned to that race miller meets from iowa -- she was certify as winner in local municipality there by six votes her challenger democrat reta heart signaling a legal challenge heart is appealing to house leadership in washington to get involved. house speaker, nancy pelosi could always refuse to seat miller meeks and begin an official review of the race because we're talking about just six votes. listen. >> this my understanding that reta heart an excellent candidate for congress will be asking the house to take this up. but that should further information about technicality of that that becomes house not a political vote but a house administration matter. house decides who it will seat.
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reporter: pelosi says that new york is a different situation with anthony because there are more votes that need to be counted but ultimately arthel, this will affect president biden after he takes oath of office on january 20th because this is a congress that he's going to be working with depending on what type of bills economic bills -- any type of military bills that he wants to get through he's going to have to deal with it as for the president-elect he's been meeting with members of his transition team talking about cabinet position attorney general defense secretary also the secretary of health and human services which is an incredibly important position because that's going to be the position that ultimately will kind of head the effort to get out those vaccines to tens of millions of americans. arthel. arthel: yeah david spunt in wilmington, delaware. thanks, david. eric. eric: yeah arthel six votes 12 votes, i mean, such importance of voting. we know the president right now set to leave for the white house
1:17 pm
for georgia. well any moment now, it will be his first campaign rally since the election. can help republicans win a state that certified for joe biden last month? and will this rally and his efforts be able to keep the senate and gop hands as you can see we're live in georgia, we'll bring you the president when he's there and arrives. and what he says -- stay with us. if your dry eye symptoms keep coming back,
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>> for all we've done, for all we have yet to do, we need the peach state to defend the majority. because the road to the senate republican majority runs right through the state of georgia. eric: that's mike pence urging georgia i can to run on runoff election despite trump campaign legal challenges claiming election fraud there. trump will be speaking in georgia a few hours from now 7 p.m. rally being called a, quote, victory rally but for republican senators david perdue and kel lit loeffler both face january runoffs that will decide which party controls the senate
1:22 pm
so there's a lot at stake. suzanne she's congressional for washington examiner joins us now. suzanne likely will be a valley warm welcome but what is the president for in the speech tonight? >> again depends who you ask. the republicans want the mission to be holding on to the senate and as you said, this race, this rare double runoff race in georgia will decide who gets the majority in 2021. will it be the in democrats or e republican and if it is democrats well then you have a full sweep of government you have biden in white house and congress run by democrats they'll be able to potentially passes part of their own sleeping or much of their own sweeping agenda with that scenario. but republicans want to hang on to their majority so two seats in georgia -- are absolutely critical. and so is what president trump says in -- he takes a stage and it's
1:23 pm
completely about the election for the white house that he's contesting, that could undermine confidence in the election process of georgia and perhaps lower the turnout for republican voters. that would be absolutely catastrophic for the party. so what will the president say? you know, there are people lined up camped out ready to see the president today in georgia. he is the one drawing in all of these potential voters here, and not necessarily the two georgia candidates for the republican seats. is he going to talk only about the fact that he's felt election was stolen from him that georgia has so many problems that it should be overturned or is he going to focus on the two candidates who have to win these races in order to refer republicans to hold on to solid majority in the senate? you'll probably hear a little bit of both but where does he put his energy is it going to be
1:24 pm
about his race that he feels is still undecided? or is it going to be about these two very critical senate seats that are up for grabs on january a 5th. eric: that question up in his mind and he called governor kemp to give him to move to overturn results of the election reportedly to try to call a special session of the legislature the governor it is reported said not in his power to do nap look the state has been certified now for mr. biden. they've will two kowngts one hand count one machine count up by 12,000 votes you know for mr. biden officials say there's no -- you know massive fraud that would change the election. there are about 250 allegations we're told that the georgia bureau of investigation are looking at. so if the president spends most of his speech of doing that takes tension away from two republican candidates who from his view he's got to get in there, you know, could that
1:25 pm
squelch their message and how do campaigns deal with that? >>s that right he's the main draw here. everybody wants the president to focus his energy on the senate remaining in republican hands. and if you look at results that came out after november 3rd republicans are favored to hold on to seat but not by a lot. and there's a poll that shows democrats gaining or ahead in those two races. so it's really important it is really on the line here there's also three ways to vote. there's in person, early absentee voting and then there's mail-in voting. so there's three ways to -- for voters to register their vote. democrats have upper hand on mail-in voting they've established that already. so republicans i think have a lot to be concerned about. the parties really pushing this rally as you said a vrkt victory rally to hold on to sents elect rile will favor in a special
1:26 pm
election because it is not same people who turn out on november third but smaller group more focused group of voter so it has historically favor republicans s so what the president says tonight that could really help republicans push this -- over the finish line for them for january fifth -- to get out there to vote but if he's going to talk nothing about a lack of confidence -- in how the election system works in georgia, and that could dampen enthusiasm enough to hurt turnout. these, you know, these special elections really are about turnout. eric: yeah. what's your bets? both going to win both going to lose or split the votes? what do you think will happen in this race in january? ening >> number favor republicans in both of those races. and it's uphill climb for democrats but main hill factor i think make this is a little bit different that you can't be assured it if you're a republican that you're going win a special election runoff but i
1:27 pm
think well i'll be paying very close attention when president starts talking to hear whether he helps or hurts the cause. eric: all right we'll see and, of course, covering that live here in fox news channel 7 p.m. eastern good to see you susan of the washington examiner. thank you as always for your insight. , of course. arthel. arthel: thanks earth and suzanne small businesses are struggling to stay afloat with more lockdowns going into effect and government relief money about to run out. we'll tell you about one group in virginia that is giving mom and pop stores a helping hand. ♪ ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy.
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eric: headlines at this hour, president trump to be head down south holding campaign rally in georgia for republican senators perdue and kelly loeffler both face january runoff elections that will decide which party controls senate. the president rally set to begin at 7 p.m. eastern time and, of course, fox news will bring it to you live. california may shut off power for 130,000 people this weekend. the aim so lower risk of wildfires there. strong winds and fueling wildfires across the state. and that college basketball showdown between gonzaga and baylor postpone after two tested positive for coronavirus school say they'll mutually decide to reschedule that big game at a later date we hope those folk os well. arthel. ♪
1:33 pm
arthel: it's no secret the pandemic has really hurt small businesses. and as owners and employees the like wait for congress to pass a second relief package, organizations like virginia community capitol stepped up to help those struggling right now providing workshops, counseling, and other resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs trying to stay afloat. let's bring in leah who is the president, vice president and director of community innovation and marketing at virginia community capital leah thanks for joining us so if i'm -- a small business owner and i com to you for help. what kind of assistance do you offer? >> well thank you for having us here today and very excited to share some of the resources that we do have. so virginia community capital does a lot of small business finance but also commercial real estate and that's what we do across the state of virginia. and have been doing that for about 15 years and precomedominy
1:34 pm
where financial institutions won't go in addition we recently relaunch small business development center. or known as not been here if two years, and the covid crisis definitely highlighted the staff in our region and so the fdc is open again, ready to serve our small business community here. >> do i mainly coming to you for money and do i have to repay the loan? [laughter] >> so a little bit of both. so yes we can do legending we can be your finance partner for small business needs but we also provide free counseling and technical assistance and for small business owners as they're looking to secure financing, many have questions about their marketings plan or other strategic plan and all of that is subsidized due to grant dollars different type of assistance that we received at the nonprofit cdfi. arthel: i may be able to come to
1:35 pm
help and mom and pop shops don't know either how to navigate social media to get word out about their company or don't have time to devote to that particular very important marketing device that's available so would you help with something like that? >> yes. yes we would. that is the type of resource that the fdc will providing additionally you know our team prides ourselves on never being a dead end so if we aren't ones that can provide that service or help we probably know someone that can or know about a local government program or a state program that we can plug that business owner into. so again if it's not us we probably note right person to connect you to. arthel: just confirming this has to be in virginia my -- my company has to be based in virginia, and do i have to have a certain number of employees to get help from you? >> no. no yes we are predominantly work is in virginia, and capital regions fedc for richmond region
1:36 pm
specifically but one of 27 centers across the commonwealth so if you are coming from a different part of the state, we can connect you to one of the other centers across the state as well. but yes, there's no minimum employee we work with a lot of proprietor home businesses up to employment employers coming up 0 employees. arthel: can i apply through covid relief package or package that congress might approve? >> yes. yeah. some of the help that we were a ppp legender in the past and continue to work through that process. as we are also tracking the federal stimulus package and look like there's another round of ppp resources there and some other things. it has not been practiced before to restrict businesses from other resources once they've
1:37 pm
secured this. no there's no restriction working with us and then going forward and securing others. arthel: and you started this service i believe next month are you getting lots of clients? >> yeah. actually we technically launched just with this past monday november 30*9 is when we technically opened our doors and we are already getting lots of calls, and working through client requests we're building out our team if we can't help you we have partner like for and activation capital have a other players in our ecosystem to get these small businesses to. arthel: i don't mean as a small business owner to come to, you know, tap into your services. because it is taken care of you're covered by -- grants and what else how are you covered your overhead? >> yes. yeah so the small business development center is supported by the 7 localities in the region. and in addition to atlantic union go virginia, and the
1:38 pm
virginia state fbdc network so those subsidies allow us to give free advisory services workshops and consulting to small business owners. arthel: very good your website by the way is -- va community leah thank you very much. >> thank you. thank you for having me. arthel: eric. eric: a good service arthel and helping people who have been so effected by coronavirus you know now on capitol hill, there's momentum for another coronavirus relief package for some can't some soon enough that clock winding down before it expires at the end of the year. two sides remain a part on issues next we'll break it all down on what the speaker and majority leader have come to and what we can expect from capitol hill to help america deal with covid. ♪
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arthel: protest against police brutality turning violent in paris after they smash up windows and torch cars in the french capitol. let's go to kitty logan she's following all of this for us from london. what can you tell us kitty? reporter: hi, arthel so protest peacefully but police say it was infiltrated by hundreds of hard core demonstrator who is may have been behind some of the worst of the violence that we're seeing here. certainly several vehicles were set on fire a bank was looted, around 30 have been made so far we understand, and police say around 500 troublemakers who join that demonstration instigated chaotic scene some burning barricade smashing windows police officers in riot
1:44 pm
gear fire tear gas in response of the violence spiral now this protest is in response to a drop security bill which gives more power to have surveillance. now this bill also prevents publication of images of police which is the government says is to stop online hate. but critics say it prevents the public filming misconduct by police and tensions, of course, have been heightened since footage of one beaten by police last month this unrest a real challenge for french president emmanuel macron as he tries to toughen up on law and order in the country. and earlier this week he backed down as con physician to protesters agreeing to review part of this controversial bill but the public backlashed continues. and so these protest continue we also saw violence since last week -- protest continued across france and if this bill goes ahead and becomes law we could see more at
1:45 pm
this type of unrest. arthel. arthel: kitty logan live in london thanks kitty. >> compromise is within reach. we know where we agree. we can do this. let me say it again, we can do this. >> the bipartisan framework unveiled by the senators and bipartisan way with the support of house members in the house -- both sides of the aisle could be a basis for real and negotiations. >> well those are two sides as you heard them both say it after months of stall talks there's optimism finally in washington for a covid financial relief bill. what will be in it moderate pressing both sides house speaker nancy pelosi and senator mitch mcconnell to agree there's a deal to be struck but, you know, with current time and aid running out by the end of the year, there are still some
1:46 pm
differences remaining so house may pass thing he is up so anita political white house correspondent for politico and associate editor of politico so anita they're getting close number what, 908 billion dollars on the table now. what do you think we can see what do we expect? >> well it's been months and we've been back and forth so i'll never say it's going to happen but it does sound they do sound really more optimistic than they've seen and one of the reasons, of course, is that the election is behind them. now they're sort of getting down to business. and remember a lot of people are if to lose some of the aid that they are getting near the end of the month i think there's a lot of pressure. so what can we see you know they are coalescing around this bill that you mentioned but remember, senator mcconnell has said he still doesn't agree with that amount of money and he's looking at about a $500 bill -- 500 billion dollar deal instead. so they still have to agree on this amounts of money and, of course, they still have to agree
1:47 pm
on what's in that, and they have some philosophical differences on some of those things that are in there. >> so you're sitting at home you're out of a job you've been hit so hard by coronavirus you work at a restaurant or bar or business that's struggling. what kind of hope do you have what -- can we expect democrats wanted a payment of 1,200. they used to have 600 now democrats or republicans say maybe 300. as far as we know -- what can we expect do you think? >> yeah. , i mean, it does not sound like the stimulus checks that people americans got earlier in the year. that it is on the table i know democrats still want that. but in this compromise bill that came out earlier in the week that's not there. what that bill has is as you mentioned unemployment benefits it also has some money for local and state governments democrats think it should have more they're looking at some money for vaccine distribution which, of course, is so important at this point when one of the first
1:48 pm
vaccines is about to come out. and they're looking at that really popular program to provide help to small businesses that, you know, a lot of businesses some larger ones but a lot of small businesses in that earlier this year so those are things they're looking at in thes want some things that republicans don't and vice versa but republicans really want that liability protection for companies for businesses democrats don't like that broad protection. democrats want more money for state and local governments to those are the two issues i think that are the biggest sticking point. >> that protection that situation is protection for companies from being sued if employees get coronavirus. senator bernie sanders said that's breaks the deal for him he's going to vote against it and get out of jail free card prl companies republicans want corporations to be presented. you know, can the in democrats d republicans get together on that
1:49 pm
in a possible wail or horse trading opposed to trying to protect, you know, maybe corporate interest? >> yeah. i mean this is really if i had to peck one thing that they disagreed on from the beginning, it's this. i mean, you know, it's not that it is this one that they just aren't two different sides you're just mentioning bernie sanders who says he doesn't want it. you know we have mitch mcconnell saying it has to be in there so it's a philosophical disagreement as to other issues as to how much money to give up a particular program and that's really going to be tough now that bill that came out earlier this week as compromised did include some of the liability protections, and democrats some of the other democrats said as you saw bernie sanders and others are saying, no i'm not going -- not for that so that's one they're going to have to look at how can they get around that major impasse. >> quickly i think we'll get something by the end of the year? >> you know it sure does look like it when you have president trump and president-elect joe
1:50 pm
biden saying let's get something done you have the house and you have the senate saying it. it does sowpgd like it. i mean, they all sound more optimistic than they were before. and the fact that democrats said you know we want two or three trillion before and now they've agreed to one trillion or less. really shows that they're wanting to, you know, these are some confessions for them they really want to get it done and i think that was just a surprise this week when they said they would go with less amount of none so it does sound like everybody wants to do something, of course, always about the details can they agree on what's in the bill? eric: and ten million jobs have not yet come back. anita, political white house correspondent politico, anita, great to see you thank you. >> thanks. arthel: a winter storm slamming new england with millions under threat from the first nor'easter of the season. how bad will it get? and when will it clear? forecast is next. - [announcer] your typical vacuum has bristles
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arthel: severe weather threatening americans on both coasts in california, hurricane force gusts are fueling new wildfires unfortunately forcing thousands out of their homes meantime. the east coast is gearing up for
1:55 pm
its first major snowstorm. meteorologist adam klotz has our coast to coast forecast. adam. >> hey we're right in the heart of the snowstorm now battering portions of the east coffee we have a large area winter storm watch and warnings and coastal communities even though so far that's only mostly been let me take you in on this storm spinning off the coast of new england because the lands warmer right along some of the coastal areas from d.c., running up to new york, and boston it has been mostly a rain event interior new england, though, this is going to turn into a really big snow. we're seeing right now it is going to linger into early tomorrow morning. into your sunday afternoon, also but as i said, some of the areas maybe wanted a little bit of snow if you live along coast tougher to get temperatures have been slightly too warm from new york, now getting closer in the boston area they will eventually at least get some snowfall but those real big totals that people are dealing with that is a little further inland so here's some of the numbers we're going to be looking at if you're
1:56 pm
interior new england as much as a foot of snow but getting into portland maine area maybe half an inch of snow that's stretching down to a couple of inches of snow into boston arealy before i toss it back to you mention because you brought it up in opening there. we continue to see wildfires and they're battling that across portion of the -- southwest. this is southern california, the winds are strong wildfire helicopters to be critical threat for those folks throughout the rest of the weekend. back out to you. arthel: all right. thank you very much adam klotz and i'm getting this alert in here -- that it is official that southern california is under stay at home orders. what did you say? okay. we're going to have more details about that because you have to stay tuned for that that means big socal stay at home orders. if you still have symptoms of crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis even after trying other medications, it may be a sign of damaging inflammation,
1:57 pm
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arthel: president trump will be back on the campaign trail in georgia hours from now as he seeks to boost reelection campaigns of two republican senators heading into crucial runoff next month. which party controls the senate. hello, welcome to america's new headquarters. hi, eric. eric: thank you for joining us on the fox news channel. the president holding his first political rally since losing his own reelection bid. that's a result that he's still
2:01 pm
fighting and losses in several key battleground states. so far, the decisions have continually rejected the campaign's claims. systemic voter fraud and other issues. republicans are wearing the president's allegations of fraud could hurt turn out in the georgia runoffs. reporting from georgia, he is there now with the president is set to address the rally in just about two hours from now. he has the energy and look and the feel of all the presidential campaign rallies the president you know you will be graded incredibly warmly by the crowd waiting for him report that is right. if you outside, we been here all day, it is quite electric. the crowd is receptive to the president's message about a rigged election. there are signs, they are chanting and they are fired up. you see the crowd behind me, not
2:02 pm
only his first rally but for the first time, such a receptive crowd like a saturday night in the georgia valley. the president is going to talk about turning out the boat and that's something he does well campaigning for republicans, he'll try to keep georgians out for perdue but there is question about whether or not he will turn out to vote january 5. i talked to some of the reporters outside. here's what they said. >> i am not sure i want to vote for those two but do we have a choice? can we afford to lose the senate? i think we need to go back to using a different form of voting system versus the one we are using now because of everything exposed in the last week or so. i think paper route is the way to go. reporter: the race could meet closer.
2:03 pm
two tenths of a., just a half a.considering what is at stake, a super majority for president-elect biden to both win. stephen lawson waiting. >> here's what is at stake january 5, chuck schumer said it best the other day, first we take georgia, then we change america. we know exactly what he means. he wants to eliminate the filibuster, pack the united states supreme court. he wants to raise taxes, past the green new deal, he want to defund the police and socialize our healthcare. reporter: with 30 days to go before the voting, they have spending records more than $315 million combined between the campaign in those groups. one final program no, one person not in attendance, georgia's republican governor, brian.
2:04 pm
he has a personal treasury and cannot be here tonight. eric: that tragedy, sadly a campaign worker, so tragically killed in a car accident. a 20-year-old young man, understandably. thank you. we will have more on this race. later on in our newscast. arthel: meanwhile, john and reverend rafael worn off wrapping up there efforts to increase runoff elections in georgia by holding a joint driving rally earlier today. this is a day after former president obama joined the candidates for a virtual campaign event. charles is live in georgia with more. charles. reporter: no doubt democrats and opening here in georgia, the candidates are out on the campaign trail trying to fire up their supporters and get them to the polls and hope for another election upset here in georgia.
2:05 pm
reverend rafael, the two democrats looking to defeat revoke and senator david perdue and kelly loeffler trying to counter some of that trump energy we are seeing here today with the driving rally of their own in georgia. the two democrats and the incumbents as to senators were more concerned about enriching themselves instead of helping the people of georgia. >> i'm running against senator whose selected, not elected. who was appointed in the people of georgia are disappointed. because she's spent her entire time in the senate focused not on you but on herself. reporter: the democrats are calling for all hands on deck to help pull out a win.
2:06 pm
big names like stacy abrams and barack obama trying to drive home the idea that these senate races will largely determine the success of the joe biden presidency. >> the kind of gentleman who are going to be able to create an atmosphere of cooperation, progress and most of all, keeping the concerns of american people and the people of georgia first. reporter: tomorrow is a big day, senator kelly loeffler and raphael warnock will debate in atlanta. john says he will be in attendance despite david perdue's refusal to debate. arthel: big day tomorrow. big night tonight. his rally set to begin 7:00 p.m.
2:07 pm
eastern time, will bring that live when it begins. trace gallagher, an anchor of special coverage and like charles said, tomorrow is the big debate between public and incumbent kelly loeffler and democratic challenger, ralph warnock. martha will have special coverage starting 6:45 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. eric. eric: republican governor brian is pushing back against president trump's request to ask the legislature to overturn president-elect joe biden's went in the november election in the state. the president is making that request in the telephone call to the covenant this morning. this is attorneys to the president filing a lawsuit yesterday asking for a new election in georgia despite election officials in the state certifying results with to recount, full hand count and machine count came up with the same numbers confirming the
2:08 pm
biden went of roughly 12,000 votes. live at the white house with the latest on the president's efforts. reporter: president trump and first lady left the white house all medical making the trip to georgia. the president decided not to talk to reporters at the left but we have not an idea of what he's going to say his speech tonight. however, the president has been tweeting quite a bit and we've learned fox's learning is had a chance to speak to the governor, republican governor by phone earlier today. you can see here is the president and first lady the white house moments ago. as the president was on the phone call, he's calling on georgia, to consider all of his options before the state sends off its electoral votes to get the president and first lady agree with supporters there on the south lawn. it was right before he came out that the president tweeted the latest exchange with the governor of georgia and he wrote this, you never have a signature
2:09 pm
verification. people refuse to do what you ask, what are they hiding? immediately asked for a special session of the legislature that you can easily and immediately do # transparency. we'll see if the governor responds back to this ladies tweet, they've been going back and forth. georgia rule against pushing back against any notion that there was widespread fraud including the secretary of state, pending his state's decision to certify the results think he simply is following state law. >> i'm disappointed in the results but the results have shown the results reported election night were supported by the audit did a one 100% hand recount, retelling for the auto process which verified accuracy of machines and the count. >> the trump campaign has come up short in court. we seen these challenges whether it be georgia, michigan, nevada. we'll see how much the president has to say about that tonight and the news overnight, federal
2:10 pm
judge deciding to reinstate the daca program. home and security to give back to work, affirming president trump ended it. not the executive branch, to create a program that protects dreamers deportation, nancy pelosi praising the judge's decision overnight congress should work harder to make sure this is permanent. it's unclear how much the president will talk about republicans chances in georgia. some of the other issues facing his final we few weeks in office, it will be interesting to watch. who would have thought a trump rally in early december? we will let you know if he tweet midflight. eric: i got a feeling no matter what happens, there will be a lot of trump rallies coming up at any rate. mark, thank you. arthel: the coronavirus infections continue to spread at record levels in the u.s. the nation now reaching more than 14 million cases with a number of deaths topping 280,000
2:11 pm
breaking news at west, a vast region of california will enter a new lockdown after reaching the threshold for intensive care beds. the order will go into effect in 11 counties including the cities of los angeles and san diego. this follows a similar lockdown in five bay area counties. live in santa monica california with the latest. christina, when the lockdown go into effect? reporter: the stay-at-home order will go into effect for the southern california and san joaquin valley region starting tomorrow. these are going to be some of the strictest covid lockdowns had here in california since spring. this latest statewide shutdown are focused on hospitalizations. the new regional stay-at-home order breaks into five regions and one falls below 15% icu
2:12 pm
capacity, the shutdown is triggered for that particular region. in this case and the socal and san joaquin valley, the new order going into effect in those areas as of tomorrow. >> this is time-limited based upon the facts. it's based upon what's happening on the ground. it's based upon epidemiology, is based upon transmission rates. it's based upon what's happening by regions. reporter: officials in the bay area decided not to wait. they announced yesterday they will implement new restrictions starting tomorrow as well. retail will be capped at 20% capacity playgrounds, museums, campgrounds, zoos, theaters bars and amusement parks will be closed. here in socal, los angeles already imposed citywide state home order that happened last week. l.a. county restricted nonessential activity. today, people protested in front of the home of democratic
2:13 pm
supervisor, sheila, she voted to ban outdoor dining and called it dangerous but she was spotted eating out in santa monica hours before the controversial ban went into effect. the band has restaurant owners confused and angry. >> we've invested in changing and adapting business to be pandemic friendly and then the changes come again. >> it is hard to keep business going when these things are happening constantly for the ban is currently being challenged in court in this week, a judge ordered l.a. county to provide scientific evidence to support banning outdoor dining. arthel: thank you very much. eric. eric: on the other side of the country, restaurant owners share the same sentiment. new york bars, one of the countless businesses struggling to survive in the coronavirus shutdowns and restrictions.
2:14 pm
but the owner of match public has defied the state orders banning indoor dining. he declares as places in his words, an autonomous zone. you can see he reopened his doors showing no signs of backing down despite the warnings about the spread and transmission of covid indoors. live in new york city, the very latest on this defiance. >> as the year continues, more restaurants and small business are having to either close doors temporarily or for good here in new york city. mayor bill de blasio says restaurants will continue to use parking spaces for outdoor dining, calling it the future for the city. >> we are going to make it permanent. if that means there's less parking available, i think that's a perfectly fair trade-off because we know open streets have been a tremendous boost of spirits of people in the city giving them good
2:15 pm
outdoor options. reporter: in staten island, the bar that declared itself an autonomous zone, illegally reopened yesterday throughout the week, the sheriff ban mass public house public from operating and arrested the co-owner after repeatedly violating the state covid regulations. in michigan, despite the state pause on restaurants there also are opening up. in california, new regional lockdown would close most businesses in icu capacity falling below 15%. in florida, miami's mayor spoke on fox today about the pandemic struggling businesses around the state. >> hospitality in the entertainment industry, which is a huge part in how we succeed has been decimated, obviously people on traveling as much as they used to, they can't aggregate the way the use of. reporter: as some of these businesses are waiting for
2:16 pm
relief, potentially a stimulus package, they are waiting for a vaccine, eventually reopening but then lawmakers are putting in restrictions to control the spread even more as we see hospitals now medical workers feeling overwhelmed once again. eric. eric: and hospital beds in some places are really decreasing. thank you. arthel: president trump is back on the campaign trail, only this time he won't be on the ballot. january be a repeat of what we saw november 3? next. ♪
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president-elect joe biden wrapping up his meetings with transition today. he plans to make more cabinet announcements in the coming da days. the president-elect also pushing for talks on the new team of this package calling that up for a step on the road to economic recovery for our country. live in delaware covering the transition, here's the latest. hi, david. reporter: good evening. the questions that president-elect biden has a wish list when it comes to an
2:21 pm
economic relief package and depending what happens in georgia with this runoff, the power, the control of the senate come january for the next congress could make a difference, it could be easy or difficult. that's if it happens under the president elects watch. if it's under president trump's watch, that is a completely different story. president-elect joe biden says the situation is dire. he wants to see an economic relief package, a bipartisan relief package come as soon as possible. our cameras were there this evening as the president-elect walked into church his family church. he met with some family members this evening and spent the afternoon with his advisers filling out cabinet positions. attorney general, defense secretary and the next leader of health and human services, still waiting for those names to come out to the public. the hhs position is critical as is the person who will oversee the large-scale distribution of the vaccines to millions of americans in the coming months. one week from today, healthcare
2:22 pm
workers and nursing home residents will begin receiving the vaccine advisor, assuming it gets approved by the fda thursday. the president-elect coming into get as many people as vaccinated as possible. biden said he won't make a vaccine mandatory in his focused on on the distribution plan economic stimulus plan would include money for testing. >> funding for vaccines need to be now. don't lose time, we don't need people waiting for additional funds. we need serious funding for testing now. reporter: hhs and attorney general waiting on the defense secretary speaking of the pentagon, senior officials in the pentagon held a press call a couple of hours ago this afternoon to push back on reports that the trump pension is not being cooperative with
2:23 pm
the incoming biden administration at the pentagon. multiple reports that there were stonewalling going on from trump officials at the pentagon although officials are saying that is not the truth and they claim they are cooperating with the biden transition team. eric: i guess they are trying to dispel some of those reports of noncooperation. all right, david covering the biden transmission. thanks. arthel: president trump heading to georgia this evening to speak at a rally. they are facing challenges from democrat john and reverend ralph warnock in a january 5 runoff election one month from today. the senate runoff will be whether the electorate has truly shifted the after joe biden narrowly one the deep state and the presidential election. joining me now, james, national
2:24 pm
political correspondent for the washington post and author of the daily 202. republicans have spent or the three existing million dollars on this runoff election is this money well spent come one month from today? reporter: >> the stakes could be higher for reporters or democrats. if democrats one both of these seats, kamala harris will break the tie, a majority that will allow president biden to push through his agenda. the pelicans are eager to find a way to win. they are favored to win both. ultimately, biden one georgia by about 12,000 votes. the first democrat to do so since 1992 when bill clinton was on the ballot ultimately, it is still a more red states and bl blue. it's even more red than purple. part of it is who's going to turn out.
2:25 pm
usually in these runoff elections, turnout is far lower than the general election. this year, we saw the highest turnout in a century in the presidential election because people on both sides were really motivated. the question is, who's going to be more motivated january 5 that's why everyone is watching the rally tonight with president trump in both parties, to what degree he encourages people to turn out and participate with these two senators will be on the ballot when he is not. arthel: we are looking at a live shot out there in georgia, can the president star power overshadow the candidate cells? >> it's more about whether he spends his time during the rally going off, there is some history there. originally a former senator from georgia, he had health problems so he had to resign and the governor to appoint his
2:26 pm
successor. trump pushed him pretty hard to appoint doug collins. he's a big l.a. of the president on the house side, especially during impeachment inquiry the governor appointed kelly loeffler to the seat because he wanted republicans to be able to appeal to suburban women in the event of suburbs who they were struggling with, someone with kelly's background. so there's bad blood between trump and kemp ever since kemp made that appointment, the 28 team midterms so one of the things happening right now is the president down there, age and were hogan's are trying really hard to keep the president focused on making the case for loeffler, who the president elected that candidates doesn't feel like it's a great senator so his aides are trying to keep the president saying let's focus on why people should go forward, don't focus on frustrations with the county and certification
2:27 pm
process and the government because ultimately, it could depress your own base returning out and if replicants will win in georgia, they will need hurt turnout among people who support the president and voted for him last month. arthel: also, the candidate himself appealing to the undecided or independent voters. >> is really going to be a base election. there aren't that many undecided voters. it's getting their people out. there is some risk in terms of undecided voters the president will alienate them with the way he's gone about this, attacking the elections officials, that could turn off some voters in the middle or maybe because some people to stay home. mostly, this is about, or democrats able to get high african-american turnout in atlanta and savannah? the way they were able to last month that's why president obama
2:28 pm
held a virtual campaign yesterday for the democrats. on the republican side, are they able to drive the same level of turnout they got a month ago? arthel: i've seen reports, read reports where the asian vote there in georgia is very, could be helpful to the democrat side if they turn out. a month from today, so we will be watching and see what happens. thank you for joining us. eric. eric: you can see them there, let's take a look. knowing the president is on his way to the rally. the sun may be setting but the president looks to drive for publicans to the polls. democrats millions of dollars into advertising. the control of the senate at stake, republicans have another election defeat. jody heist is here next to tell us. ♪
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2:33 pm
looking at some of the headlines today, president trump returns to the campaign trail tonight, hosting a rally in georgia for republican senators, david perdue and kelly loeffler. both incumbents are in fierce runoff elections with the democratic challenger, john and reverend raphael worn off. the race will decide which party decides the senate. set to begin 7:00 p.m. eastern time and bring it to you live. federal appeals court ruled in favor of president trump's rules to do first millions of dollars for boardwalk construction. the fifth circuit court decision to overturn a lower court ruling
2:34 pm
from last year. our strong northeastern, swimming could become a, cyclone. they say the storm could be in the next 24 hours if there is there pressure. watches and warnings in effect from connecticut to maine. ♪ ♪ eric: president trump is on his way, counted as a victory rally in georgia. he'll be campaigning for the two incumbent republican senators, kelly loeffler and david perdue. the crowd is being warmed up and getting ready as the sun is setting. a beautiful night in georgia. the president not only talking about the race opportunity to discuss the presidential election and reaffirm accusations of election fraud
2:35 pm
there. this is the outcome of the race will determine the balance of power in the senate that election is one month from today. jody heist brings us now. good to see you. what is job one for the president in about 90 minutes? your go to the podium, i guarantee you, they will championing for four more years. after they stopped changing for more years, what is the message he has to deliver tonight to help kelly loeffler david perdue? >> i spent a good bit of time with the president this past week and he is fired up, excited about being in georgia and he's here to help reelect senators perdue and leffler he's going to keep the primary focus because he recognizes how incredible that is not only for our state but obviously our nation.
2:36 pm
there is still a lot of question about the election here in georgia so i don't have any doubt will have a hit on that but his primary focus, i feel confident will be the reelecti reelection. eric: you know what is at stake, it's very rare in american history to have a double senate and a runoff. this is unbelievable. it's not only two senate seats but it really is but also sorry, the tipping of the senate. >> you are spot on. that is what is at stake and as a result, georgia has become the epicenter of political activity for our nation right now. it is not an issue between replicants simply and democrats, it's a battle for the direction of our entire nation as it relates to radical socialism and marxism versus consumer values
2:37 pm
and principles upon which our nation was founded and freedom. limited government and maximum freedom for individuals and that is really what is at stake. a massive let's turn national democratic party and that is what is at stake with this so it is critical and frankly, the people of georgia are keenly aware of that. enormously high turnout and i believe at the end of the day, both of the existing current incumbent senators will be reelected. eric: speaking of them, david perdue on our screen, he is now addressing the rally in advance of the president arriving. congers and, as you know, some supporters do support the president, he's got to sit this one out. sidney powell for example. lynwood, steve maddie -- steve banning. as a protest, what you say to that? you think this affected and
2:38 pm
disappointed trump supporters in your state, should sit this out? >> absolutely not. nothing could be more foolish. strongly opposed that insane position at the end of the day, will know the one with the most votes will win and you can't get the most votes if you don't get out there and vote. i think republicans are keenly aware of what is it stake in the selection. they're not going to listen to this nonsense, they will get out and vote. no question the other side is going to do the same so this will be an extremely high turnout. of course, is not just something gaining attention here in the state of georgia but taking home national focus so there is no question that the turnout is going to be extremely high. eric: finally, the president is
2:39 pm
someone to speak off the top of his head and this would likely be an emotional moment for him. he kind of teared up at the end of the campaign and another rally when they started chanting out we love you and he kind of did get a bit emotional there. you expect him to reflect? do you expect him to have a fighting spirit? would you expect to hear from him besides this race in georgia? any reflections on his tenure and what he hopes for the country? >> i don't know if you've been to any of the rallies, any of the rallies you go to with president trump, they are extremely emotional because they are so inspiring and patriotic, so about america. i can tell you two things. number one, the president is going to be overwhelmingly received with love and respect and admiration and appreciation here in georgia. the state loves him, they are grateful for him and appreciate
2:40 pm
him as a fighter. he's stood for georgia and america. the values in our country. he's going to be warmly received. at the same time, on the flipside, he is a fighter, he'll come out with everything he's got to do whatever is necessary to get these two senators reelected, no question there will be some for him in georgia. the great expanses he's had here, the support he has here. he's going to knock it out of the park and i believe at the end of the rally, people will be inspired like never before to make sure we reelect senators perdue and loeffler. eric: that will begin 7:00 p.m. eastern here so folks can see it live here. jody hice, republican of the tenth district and georgia. thank you for joining us. arthel: with the first doses of
2:41 pm
the coronavirus vaccine set to go out new data shows how long lasting the shots can be. the chief research scientist of the most moderna vaccine coming up. ♪
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2:45 pm
i feel liberated, i am not doing anything crazy but i feel empowered to visit family over thanksgiving. phase one, every person got the antibodies. phase two, not a single person had bad side effects. arthel: that was a participant for moderna coronavirus vaccine trials, still immune to the
2:46 pm
virus three months after receiving a second dose. meanwhile, a federal advisory committee recommends healthcare workers and nursing home residents be the first to receive the vaccine together, representing around 24 million people. doctor lindsay is here, joining us now. the director for the clinical investigation and the division of infectious diseases. he's also the moderna vaccines chief research. thank you for joining us. our to jumping with a bunch of questions. if i get the vaccine, will i be immune longer than three months? does that mean i can no longer catch or contract coronavirus? >> those are terrific questions. what we have to remember is a year ago, sars kofi to did not exist. over the last year, identification pathogen, development of a vaccine,
2:47 pm
testing of the vaccine as presented in the phase i, phase ii and efficacy trial which recently read out with very strong signals of efficacy are all incredibly encouraging and we have an effective vaccine. as you said, things being done this quickly means we do not have long-term data. we don't know if the immunity production last three months, six months, five years or ten years. a vaccine like measles, polio, smallpox last for decades. other vaccines like influenza, we received a shot every year. i think it's these kinds of data are talking about help inform us that at three months, the immunity, we will have to continue to follow this three months, six months, a year from now to ensure we understand the persistence of immunity and therefore what is likely for
2:48 pm
protection. arthel: the discoveries and develops far are extraordinary for sure. we are talking about moderna and pfizer to deliver vaccines. in the end, how many vaccines you think there will be? how would i know which one i should take? >> thank you for clarifying that. both kaiser and moderna use and rna platforms, novel delivery system to deliver the vaccine. they both appear to have similar efficacy and safety profiles without significant safety concerns being identified in either trial. the trials are 30 -- 40000 volunteers each so a reasonable amount of volunteers and safety data. as best we can tell, the efficacy similar between the two products, the immune response we are talking about looks similar
2:49 pm
and safety looks similar so what's most important is how quickly can we get vaccinated given his 300 million of us needs to be vaccinated and some of us or some in our community are prioritized due to medical conditions predisposed to illness or high likely to exposure such as frontline workers at the key question is, how quickly can distribution be and what does access look like in your community? arthel: i understand 70 -- 80% of the population of our country have to get vaccinated, actually vaccinated to develop herd immunity by way of vaccination. what if a large chunk of americans refuse to get the vaccine? than what? >> that is an important part, vaccine hesitancy. that is one of the things we as a community have to deal with.
2:50 pm
in part, it has to do with trust and transparency so we trust the data that works and understand the safety. we need to educate our community as to the value of being fascinated and not getting coronavirus infection. if we look across the country today, there are 150 -- 200,000 new infections with a two to 3000 deaths a day, icus in hospitals are overflowing in exhaustion so i argue strongly we all need to be vaccinated quickly to stop this onslaught from continuing. the way to do that, trust and transparency. arthel: thank you so much. we have to leave it there. we'll see you again and we'll be right back.
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coronavirus vaccinations are expected to begin across the country in the coming weeks. the shots will not be available for children. in birmingham alabama. reporter: experts hoping the vaccine will be available in the next few weeks but it will be your children. two companies, pfizer and moderna have requested emergency authorization for their experimental vaccines with the
2:55 pm
efficacy of the vaccines reported by the company as 95 and 94% respectively. it is promising. if and when the vaccines hit the market, experts say they won't be available for children. deputy state health officer, doctor karen explains clinical trials to test covid vaccines on children in the u.s. are just beginning. because children are not little adults, it takes testing specific to the immune systems meaning the vaccine -- >> is a pediatrician, i certainly think vaccines are very important for children. clinical trials should be conducted what's available for immunization and children and once there is approval for that group. reporter: calling on researchers to broaden their trials. right now, there is one clinical
2:56 pm
trial testing covid vaccines on children age 12 and older. as for when a vaccine will be available for children, experts tell us it's a no. of course we will keep you updated. arthel: president trump is on his way to georgia where he will rally for david perdue and kelly loeffler. two senate rule against facing tough challenges there. runoff challenges. fox news will bring you the rally, it is live beginning at 7:00 p.m. eastern. check it out. that's it for now. eric and i will be back tomorrow at noon. ♪ ♪ this is us talking tax-smart investing, managing risk, and all the ways schwab can help me invest. this is andy reminding me how i can keep my investing costs low and that there's no fee to work with him. here's me learning about schwab's
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>> well president trump society make a first campaign appearance as election day as national political spotlight shines on georgia ahead of two jan runoff election it is that will determine which party controls the senate good evening everyone i'm trace gallagher and this is special live coverage of battle for america senate showdown. >> well, president trump is expected to land in less than an hour he'll make the case for republican senators david perdue and kelly loeffler as gop tries to hold on to its majority in the upper chamber. standing in their way are democratic


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