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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 9, 2020 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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going to safe room of the date and we just don't have that right now. >> it ain't honest, thank you for catching up on all of this. again, we will be following all the developments tomorrow as we wait for stimulus, if it happens. here comes "the five." >> jesse: hello, everybody, i'm jesse watters along with greg gutfeld, dana perino, geraldo rivera and judge jeanine pirro. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." an explosive development in the hunter biden saga, the president-elect's son says his tax affairs are under federal investigation and according to a brand-new report, the justice department paused this probe into hundreds taxes in the months prior to the presidential election. the biden transition releasing a
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statement from hunter that reads in part "i take this matter very seriously but i am confident that a professional and objective review of these matters will demonstrate that i handled my fares legally and appropriately, including with the benefit of professional tax advisors. and the biden-harris transition thing president-elect biden is deeply proud of his son, who has fought through difficult challenges, including the vicious personal attacks of recent months, only to emerge stronger. all right, judge jeanine, let's start with you, this jives with the reporting we did before the election that there was indeed an active investigation into hunter biden. now hunter has confirmed it. what say you? >> jeanine: what i say is that this can't possibly be simply a tax investigation without expanding into some of the more international accumulation of
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monies that hunter biden collected when he went to china and got the $1.5 billion from the chinese communist party connected bank as well as the money he got in ukraine and i understand it's romania and a few other places, so i think two things, that it's got to expand beyond just this country, number one, and i think number two, the idea of a special counsel is certainly very interesting because it's going to be very difficult for any united states attorney who is working ultimately if joe biden takes the presidency and the electors' side to elect. i know full well that investigations involve every piece of paper you have ever touched, every purchase you have ever made, every airline ticket.
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there's nothing that is out-of-bounds for these investigators and it all has to be looked at completely and totally and this is a god, you know, to say that he believes everything is in order, it sounds crazy because he is so out of it he left his laptop at a repair facility and forgot it. >> jesse: i would guess this isn't a simple turbotax mistake, he uploaded his taxes onto the internet and didn't carry the 1. this is a guy who is doing dozens of international business deals for decades through wire transfers. i can imagine there are a lot of things to look at here by federal investigators. >> geraldo: at the very least hunter biden is a parasite who has been sucking the blood off his father's official duties. it's never as judge jeanine said very accurately, is never just a
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tax matter. he is a hot mess, attacks like this are like a malignancy, they are a cancer that grows and grows and grows until it infiltrates every aspect of every shady deal he ever did. it is to me ironic that like the trump administration, the biden administration is beginning under these awful circumstances now. the shadow, the dark shadow of his sons troubles will definitely take the luster off a lot of the biden presidency. he is in real trouble, hearing stories about chinese business people leaving under the pillow in his hotel and other undeclared income like that, it's going to be big and bad for hunter. it's going to embarrass the president-elect and this will
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taint, i think, the beginning of the 46th president's term in office. this is a very big deal, i'm glad the father still loves the son because this son is a screw up. he's been a screw up his whole life, he's cut corners, taken money he didn't earn from coast-to-coast, from continent to continent and now it seems the chicken has come home to roost, dare i say. >> jesse: it could be an awkward dinner at the biden household over christmas vacation. how do you think the media is going to begin to cover this new development with hunter and his father? >> greg: they want. it's funny, hunter is a walking episode of law and order. you've got sex, drugs, strippers, videotape, mystery people coming in and out. it's amazing how the media finds hunter beneath them and i mean
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that figuratively, not literally, although it could be possible with hunter, you never know. i will say this with a 5:00 audience, payback is a pregnant dog because that's what you're going to see right now. you are going to see payback in every shape. i'm not a vengeful person, but he spent two years and $32 million chasing something that didn't take place, involving a country whose gdp was roughly that of texas. russia was nothing compared to china. china's economy arguably is no bigger than ours and they are ruthless. they have concentration camps going right now. they have our tech giants, our professional sports teams, they've got entertainers and politicians already defending them and why is that?
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it should raise concerns that china, china is so happy that joe biden is coming in and that is not good news for america. when you're number one adversary on this planet is ecstatic that you have a new team captain and the new team captain's joe biden, that's kind of scary. i think the judge is right, i think this isn't about taxes, we've got to look into these relationships that hunter had with china, trying to get $10 million in exchange for making introductions, which i assume is joe biden, the big g guy. this administration is already compromised, but more compromised than a preacher after a four day bender in vegas with jesse. >> jesse: just threw my name in there like that at the end! i did not see that coming. dana perino, it does look like
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china is now going to dog the biden administration probably worse than russia, substantively, because it does look like is a lot more material there. how do you think joe biden will handle something like this? you can fire the prosecutor, can you? >> dana: actually, i'm curious about that because every president has the ability to fire the u.s. attorneys. most presidents to fire the u.s. attorneys and then you appoint new u.s. attorneys to that position. some u.s. attorneys do stay on. we don't know enough about this. this investigation apparently started back in 2018, i believe, so it depends on if it was a career public official that was handling this. that's going to be very dicey and if i were the incoming biden administration i wouldn't touch that with a 10-foot pole. but do you know who is the most
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happy person right now about this hunter biden news? congressman eric swalwell. >> jesse: we are going to get to him in a second. >> dana: it all leads back to china. but you know, sometimes -- >> jesse: in a way, though, i agree but in no way those two stories are very connected because they both involve the same countries, the same kind of money. >> dana: yes, but if you're eric swalwell you would much prefer for the incoming president's son to be the one getting the headlines 24 hours after you are getting the headlines. >> jeanine: can i say one thing, most incoming presidents request all of the u.s. attorneys to hand in their resignation and what bill barr
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tried to do by claiming the special counsel for john durham, special counsel can be dismissed in the second by the sitting attorney general, so don't be confident that this thing will be covered up, either. >> greg: but the media is going to cheer. >> geraldo: this is different. when it's all about not paying your taxes, at the very least you are in a big jam. >> jeanine: that's supposed to be a big one. we are still waiting on that. more on another explosive story that we just mentioned, a suspected chinese spy, allegedly cozied up to a number of politicians including california democratic congressman eric swalwell. the best eggs...
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♪ >> geraldo: china, china, china. this other blockbuster story rocking capitol hill. another democratic member of congress possibly compromised by a chinese spy. a woman, lawmakers demanding answers. eric swalwell at the center of what could be a massive scandal to thi his toys for what could e a chinese spy, targeting him and other democrats, sometimes influencing these democratic politicians. congresswomacongressman in the l denying all wrongdoing and
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blaming president trump. >> the wrongdoing here, the same time this came out was the time is working on impeachment and if this is a country where people who dislike the president are going to have law enforcement information weaponized against them, that is not a company that everyonanyone wants to live in. i hope we investigate who leaked this information. >> geraldo: who leaked the information? how about what you do? evan mccarthy mccarthy's not buying his explanation of being entrapped. he wants swallow well off the house and intelligence committee. you're very nice person, dana perino. these are chinese spies that go down to the level of a mayor, they court and help a city council council member become a congressman. this congressman now gets in the house intel committee. why is he still on the intel committee, why is he still a member of congress customer did adam schiff know as chairman of
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that committee that he had this problem? >> geraldo: ahead, democrats admit putting politics of her people, i get right to that but here's a quote from chris wray, the fbi director. china is engaged in a highly sophisticated malign foreign influence campaign. they are using this woman who entrapped, she had sex with a couple of mayors. i never like to swalwell, such a smarmy person, but does he have any juice when he says that this is all them trying to get him because he went after trump for impeachment? >> dana: first of all, they have 48 hours to actually come up with a better excuse than trump campaign or somebody in the trump of administration is leaking this to hurt me. logically, i think if somebody were going to leak this they would have done it during impeachment and not only during impeachment but what was
2:18 pm
happening just a few months before that. does anyone remember? eric swalwell threw his hat in the ring to run for president. so this information, i would imagine, what was going to come out at some point. is he that blind to how this all works, that he thinks he could run for president in this information wouldn't come out? for speaker pelosi or adam schiff, if they knew about this and didn't care and put him on the intel committee instead of putting him on the rules committee or something like that wear may be his past wouldn't have come up, that would be one thing. i think this is extremely problematic. again, he's lucky that hunter biden is taking the headlines right now but we haven't seen the end of this story and i don't think it's going to cut it for him to blame leaks on the trump administration. >> geraldo: i totally agree with that. greg, i know how paranoid you are about china but that doesn't make you wrong.
2:19 pm
i think china, china, china. they're trying everything whether it's the honeypot or jewels under the pillow, they will do anything to get influence. how scary is it? >> greg: first off, her name is fang saying, that should clue you in to her sinking her teeth into you. raising concerns about china, china he knew was compromising him so why did swalwell do this? why did he push the russia hysteria story? because he wanted to get it away from him so he was actually pushing a lot of the stuff. that's my opinion but now this is really important. now you see why trump was so despised by the media politicians, academia, the tech giants. he stood between them and china. he was the first to call out this threat and he had to go. this is another weird thing that trump was right. he called them out and he was demonized for it early on.
2:20 pm
people mocked him when he said china, china, china. again, we are all the bernstei bernsteins? this is a massive story coming of compromised americans can be have them defending china and now china ecstatic that joe is in the white house. seems to me that would be something good for somebody to win a pulitzer for instead of chasing tweets. >> geraldo: it's a fanciful notion that the press will work as hard to investigate the biden family as they did to wreck the trump family. but judge jeanine, you have a situation here with china, relays this malignancy now. i have nothing against, obviously, this isn't about chinese people. this is about the communist party that runs the richest nation on earth right now. >> jeanine: you know, the hypocrisy of it all just makes me crazy. eric swalwell, his complaining
2:21 pm
about donald trump and all this, trump is a russian asset and a prudent puppet, he gets a warning, he gets the fbi to tell him look, fang saying, whatever her name is, she is part of a communist chinese intelligence group, the president, they try to impeach him. the president of's kids investigated. i want swalwell investigated, what did she tell him, and i don't want him to get away with some stupid answer like can't engage in this story right now because it may involve classified information. hogwash! at the trumps were put through hell for four years. this is real. the russian collusion hallucination was a delusion. infiltrating people, they are a danger to this country. they accessed people with egos like swalwell who think they can be the president of the united states. that's who they are giving money to and that's who they are playing with her were sleeping
2:22 pm
with, whatever. >> geraldo: whatever. jesse, what about him being the real manchurian candidate? >> jesse: yeah, i don't buy that. i don't think he is a chinese agent, i just think he's a fool. the guy had a chinese spy put an intern into his congressional office. do you know the things you can access at a congressional office? i've interned with joe lieberman in college, i had access to lots of stuff i shouldn't have had access to. god knows, but i'm going to be fair to him and a little respect. but when someone says, did you sleep with a spy in your answer is, it's classified, you probably slept with us by. maybe he's a little shaky because the spy slept with a couple other politicians, but it's humiliating. and the fact that they put a compromised guy open to blackmail on the house intel committee, could you imagine if
2:23 pm
devin nunes was sleeping with a russian spy in the g.o.p. knew about it? that's crazy. the only thing i don't understand is, and judge hit on this perfectly, how come the fbi didn't frame swalwell for colluding with the chinese? how come -- >> geraldo: i want to see his dossier. what does his dossier look like? they made that russia thing last for three and a half years and tried to destroy trump. now they have this, this is gigantic. democrats admit they put politics over people, holding up the stimulus aid while americans were suffering. scathing monologue, we are told, right after this. don't miss it. ♪
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>> greg: first, she spilled the beans. >> this has simplicity. it's what we've had in our bills but that's okay now because we have a new president. >> greg: then bernie backed it up. speak of the democrats walked away from that bill because they wanted to $.2 trillion and they walked away from $1.8 tril. is that what you're saying? >> that's what i'm saying! >> greg: now this. >> there was some exuberance involved because there was an election coming and they were trying to find some common ground. they didn't reach that point but to return to those pre-election days and sentiments, political sentiments, is very difficult. >> greg: that's dick durbin. the party of rich liberals turned down a covid belief
2:29 pm
package because it would help biden and they try to accuse trump of the very same since they were committing. >> we are in a full-blown economic and health catastrophe and it's amazing to see the patience the g.o.p. has four other people's suffering. >> our efforts to pass another emergency relief bill through the senate have been stalled until now for one reason: the republican leader has refused to compromise. >> every single one of those deaths is important to us. we carry those people in our hearts, and they should be carrying them on their conscience. >> greg: ghouls. it was them who actually hurt you to help themselves, just like any toxic ideology, it's politics before people because if you want an omelette sometimes you've got to break a few eggs, except those eggs are actually people. it's evil but it's a pattern among leftists. first they lied about lawlessness to help their cause. remember these bozos?
2:30 pm
>> democratic cities are in chaos right now, is this what you want from joe biden, and they are going to take your country away, the taking on the statues! >> crime is rising. >> oh, my gosh. >> greg: then they undermined trust to help their cause. >> i trust vaccines, i trust scientists, but i don't trust donald trump. speak of the doctors, if they tell us we should take it i will be first in line, absolutely. but if donald trump tells us we should take it than i am not taking it. >> the trump administration is rolling out a vaccination plan and i believe it's flawed. >> greg: and some days under my law and order, and now they delay urgent help in a pandemic offer politics. the political could complain about the least political man on earth. the press play to sidekick,
2:31 pm
pushing lies to help the democrats all relief and in december was it was just another media hoax. the media didn't mind, they weren't losing their jobs. one smart man tweeted this, trump got impeached for allegedly holding ukraine aid for political reasons. the dems withheld coronavirus aid for american citizens for political reasons. one captured the press as the virus spread, the other real crime deliberately ignored until it's too late. it makes me wonder how much of your suffering the left could be cool with just to win. remember how happy cnn was about the new guy? >> very normal, very safe, very sedate, and it was welcoming news. it was good to watch. >> greg: it's amazing what the media will do to you for a full belly and a little peace of mi mind. so judge, it's interesting to me how matter of fact every
2:32 pm
democrat is about this. oh, yeah, they are not even bothering to hide it. >> jeanine: they don't have to hide it because their plan is so all-encompassing that they've got the answers to everything. they all talk in lockstep, they all agree with each other, they circle the wagon, and there's nothing that we can do, including talking about defund the police and crime goes up, or if you don't get stimulus money or covid money, people are going to die but they will blame republicans anyway. the sad part of all this is when the media is connected to the lying left, then we've got a message out there that kind of permeates everyone, especially the low depth voter. as far as time is concerned it's disgusting and that is why 74 million people voted for donald trump.
2:33 pm
did you tell me 80 million people voted for joe biden? there are no black live black lr protests right now. they did it to threaten you and extort you. if you don't give us power we will give you peace. now we gave them power, they are happy. >> greg: has president trump quality? is he still not talking to you? >> geraldo: [laughs] let me just say come on a very, very serious note, at the end of this month on the 31st, the expanded support for the joblesd of nationwide eviction ban expires in the emergency pay sick leave, emergency paid sick leave also expires. the working people of this country are in financial peril and when you look at why this was done, why this happened, why nancy pelosi turned down
2:34 pm
$1.8 trillion, now she's begging for half of fact, less than half of that. i think this is really a story of monumental proportions. >> greg: i agree. dana, i remember during this whole battle, you weren't screaming what you were pointing out who was doing the stalling. every ten people were trying to blame the republicans he would go no, no, it's this, this, this. no one in the media would list listen. >> dana: and then yesterday, mitch mcconnell actually gave up a huge thing. initially, you and i talked about this, that he wanted liability protections for small businesses so that they could keep open and keep paying their employees, frivolous lawyers. then on the democratic side they really want state and local money, regardless of need. but mcconnell said yesterday, tell you what, state and local
2:35 pm
money, strip out liability protections, let's just get money directly to the people who need it. we called their bluff and guess what happened, no, we can't do that. a place like the bull pantry lines where you have people who have never had to ask for charity in their lives, and now they have to be in a line waiting to see if they can get some help and they can't worry about politics. they don't have time for that. their lives are too busy figuring out a way to survive. we have to do better than this and congress should not go home without figuring this out. >> greg: there still claiming that trump has blood on his hands and while this is going on they get a free pass. >> jesse: i too remember when withholding aid for political purposes was an impeachable offense so if it's a high crime
2:36 pm
in ukraine then it's a high crime in the united states of america. where is the media, by the way? you remember the debt ceiling situation? john boehner was called a terrorist because people couldn't go camping in a national park. now they can't or else. they can't go out to eat, they can't cross state lines and then call nancy pelosi brilliant. the cornerstone of the democrat political philosophy is paying people not to work. only during a pandemic does that make any sense, so the one time when we should be doing that, the only reason the democrats didn't do it is because donald trump agreed with that. right now i am taking their compassion card that they play and i'm taking it back in and putting it in our deck because we care. >> greg: yes, especially you, jessie. no one cares as much as you. all right, coming up next, pressure building on joe biden to build the most progressive cabinet ever.
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why his problems with the far left just got worse. ♪
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because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪ >> jeanine: joe biden causing a bit more controversy with this cabinet picks nominee for defense secretary is facing opposition from both sides of the political aisle. that comes as the far left attempts to twist biden's arm. now the most progressive cabinet ever. let me start with you, greg. does the fact that the socialists are really ramping up the criticism, i mean, this would be the nation's first black secretary of defense. his biden focused on diversity or qualifications?
2:42 pm
>> greg: he will do anything the loudest voice tells him to do. what's hilarious about progressivism is that the selling point of progressivism is we are not that progressive. it's like selling left-wing ideas is how a waiter sells fish at a restaurant. you'll love it, it doesn't smell or taste fishy at all. that's exactly how -- you know your ideology sucks when you're telling people, it's not really like that at all. defining the police isn't really defunding the police, even though what kind of is. >> jeanine: all right, got it. all right, jesse, does being black make it impossible for people to vote against lloyd austin? >> jesse: judge, i don't see color. you know, that's why race isn't an issue for me. i look at the content of character, most importantly. but general austin, he would probably wrap me into a pretzel
2:43 pm
so i'm not going to say anything bad but in all seriousness, he oversaw the mid east from 2010 to 2016. not a great stretch there. that would be like coaching the jets for the last six years and asking for a contract extension bids are, were going to look elsewhere. instead of looking at voting blocs, i have a few nominees who i think played an instrumental role. maybe he could nominate these people for a cabinet post. how about jack dorsey? how about jeff zucker? how about the attorney general of pennsylvania? i think those people played a pretty critical role and should be richly rewarded for what they did to help joe. >> jeanine: all right, geraldo, what say you to that? >> geraldo: a good soldier with a good reputation. the g.i.s that i've spoken to like him very much. he did oversee all of
2:44 pm
afghanistan as commander. he commanded the first, the first black man to command a fighting division in combat. that counts. the military is almost half people of color. it's about time. he's the first and i think it's a big, big plus. to blame general austin with what happened with isis, i think that is really scapegoating in a grotesque way. >> greg: so who do you blame? >> jeanine: what do you think about the comment that isis was in fact -- >> greg: who, me? >> dana: general mattis, general mattis, the first order of business was helping president trump defeat isis. javier botero from california, it's becoming a big issue even in georgia for these runoff elections because socialized medicine doesn't go over so well down there. >> jeanine: all right, everyone, we did it. and "the fastest seven" is up next. ♪
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♪ >> dana: welcome back. time for a little fun and we deserve some fun. sorry, guys, but this is backed up by science.
2:49 pm
a new study finds women a better multitasking than men. a judge, how is this news? didn't we all know this? >> jeanine: we all knew that, that's why women have been able to have kids come around the house, cook the meals and go to work and then take care of the kids, watch them come up with tm to bed and the men just come home and put their feet up. we all knew that. they showed all the women were able do not just go on a trip, then they would ask them these tricky language tests and all the women beat the men. all of them, especiall except tn who was over 60. the men couldn't do the tricky language tests while they were on the treadmill and it's no shock. >> dana: no shock. geraldo, do you want to agree or disagree? >> geraldo: no, i totally agree. i have three daughters, my wife, they are like volcanoes -- not
2:50 pm
volcanoes, tornadoes, swirling energy, constantly doing this and doing that. have this screen open, that screen open come on the phone, going someplace. it's breathtaking. i admire it, i salute it. it's not me. i love when i can just focus on my thing, but i love them. >> dana: you want to make sure erica is not angry at you tonight, for sure. that's what we have figured out here. greg, do you want to debunk this study? >> greg: yes, i want to debunk it and i also want to throw up! first of all, imagine if the -- no, listen to me because you will understand. imagine if the findings were reversed, that men are better at multitasking. you can't imagine it because those findings would not be released, right? they would never publish them because if they did publish them, do you think a show like "the five" or any show would cover it? because you can't do this didn't
2:51 pm
we all know this, of course women are better than that! let's assume that these findings are true. you want the reality question wrecked the reason why it's true? you are going to have to look at evolutionary biology. the fact that child bearing and rearing creates multitasking talent, so they are they gather in the hunter and gatherer. meanwhile, the man has to be singularly focused on one thing, which is finding food through hunting and then protecting that bounty from other people. so they cannot multitask. they can only do one thing whereas women have to do other things we are going to have to have this evolutionary biology origin behind us which will make it all even more sexist for the modern, pc culture. >> dana: jesse, give me the final word. >> jesse: i was going to ask you to virtually hold my hand, dana, but greg already said exactly what i was going to say, which is that the men are so
2:52 pm
focused on killing the woolly mammoth with the spear and women are doing back in the village doing the cooking, cleaning, and the child raising. that is evolutionary biology. >> dana: i think we solved everything, as we always do on "the five." "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) once-weekly ozempic® is helping many people with type 2 diabetes like emily lower their blood sugar. a majority of adults who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. here's your a1c. oh! my a1c is under 7! (announcer) and you may lose weight. adults who took ozempic® lost on average up to 12 pounds. i lost almost 12 pounds! oh! (announcer) for those also with known heart disease, ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death. it lowers the risk. oh! and i only have to take it once a week. oh! ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪
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2:57 pm
is called "everything will be okay. life lessons for young women from a former young women," which is me. i have been a former young woman. it is premier life advice come everything all in one. my goal is to help, hopefully lower the anxiety level of people and get them a little bit of a push. it's kind of tough as well. it demands personal responsibility and good decision-making. so i'm excited about that. it comes out march 9th and tonight at 6:30 p.m. eastern, i will do a q&a on my facebook page to tell you a little bit more about it. so, i hope you will check it o out. >> jesse: all right, so the book is just for women. guys are not allowed to read this book. we should not even open the book at all. [laughter] >> dana: actually peter thinks that every guy should read this book so that he can understand that he will never really understand women. [laughter] >> jesse: okay, because we are not good at multitasking either so we can only read the book. we can't do anything else while we read the book.
2:58 pm
[laughter] >> dana: you can read it while you are on the subway. >> jesse: okay. trust me. before we get started, congratulations to pete hegseth. his new book, "modern warrior" is now on the top ten for the second week of a role. congratulations, pete. way to go. now we have jesse's robot news. very good. look at those little robots. all right, so we know that jordan is the best of all time. now he is the greatest golf course owner. look what they dialed up. >> you got to be kidding me. >> jesse: so they are not having people drive around and give you drinks because of the coronavirus so they will just drone you a case of beer out on the course. that is the greatest idea he has ever had and he has had a lot of good ideas.
2:59 pm
greg also has some good ideas. you are up now. >> greg: well, actually, to throw out an audible here, i just wanted to announce that i also have a new book. it's called "everything sucks and will not get better." and it is not for women what is also never met me there. it's binary woodland -- it is a very small target audience but they are big got got-felt fans. i want to say congratulations to dana. i don't understand why you would put a former young woman because you are young at heart, which is what they say to really old people. >> dana: aw. i'm feeling it. [laughter] thanks. >> jesse: geraldo, you are. >> geraldo: dana is one of the most pleasant and impressive people i know. this month marks 9 years since the last convoy, i was honored
3:00 pm
to be on the last convoy leaving iraq. it was a tumultuous time where we were assigned 11 times. >> jesse: thank god you survived. >> geraldo: i can't believe it. >> jesse: and thank god you survived the show. thank you, geraldo. >> jesse: up next with bret. >> bret: hey jesse, thank you. good evening and welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, several stories. increasing scrutiny on a democratic congresswoman from california who had a relationship with a woman now convicted of being a chinese spy. resistance on some of the cabinet elections. we will tell you who and why. but will begin with breaking news with biden's son, hunter under investigation by the u.s. attorney in delaware for "tax issues. an investigation that has been ongoing since 2018. and we are learning new information just in the past few


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