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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 10, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> jesse: i am rooting for the browns too. we've got to get the eagles back in the playoff picture. emily, we'll get you next time. that's it for us. "special report" as of next with the bret baier. >> bret: sorry, emily. good evening. i am bret baier. we are following two major stories, new information about the government investigations of hunter biden, the son of the president-elect. first, the day after the grim milestone of more than 3,000 americans dying of covid and one day, an advisory panel has recommended the approval of the pfizer coronavirus vaccine. food and drug administration can green light the distribution of the formula immediately with the first shots in the u.s. soon to follow. correspondence david spunt has details at fda headquarters in silver spring, maryland. >> good evening.
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the advisory panel that for about nine hours. they were incredibly thorough. they 17 yeas, four knows, and one abstention. during the debate they talked about potential side effects from a mild fever that lasted for about a day, also the debates over the age. some covid vaccines, nobody 18 and younger. this specific vaccine, the pfizer vaccine deals with 16 and 17-year-olds. that was an issue if the full fta career employees approve it, we could see vaccines going out in a few hours or days. the majority of americans won't be vaccinated until the spring, maybe early summer. >> that will get us on the road to being normal. as soon as we speak of the new normal will take some getting used to for americans who want to get on a plan plane. the largest airline trade association in the world is
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working on a mobile app that will show you are covid free and vaccinated before you build board a flight. >> this information is only kept by the customer, which is key. the customer shares with whomever they wish to share it with, and if they want to delete it, they delete it. >> u.s. health officials believe the international airline industry will continue, long after the united states achieves herd immunity. >> multiple years, so must always have a global risk of reintroduction for susceptibles if they haven't been vaccinated. >> jennifer holler was the first person in the united states to participate in the original moderna trial last march. nine months later is, she has no problem with sharing her information before traveling. >> it would be reasonable for me, and i would hope that it would be reasonable for a majority of people when we are talking about trying to combat a global pandemic and keep people
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safe and save lives. >> business owners are also grappling with operating a post-vaccine world. for some, and app sounds appealing. >> i would certainly endorse it. >> josh owns tiger tree, a boutique shop in compass ohio. we first met him in april. in august, he closed his brick and mortar store. he hopes to open another physical store after the majority of americans are vaccinated. >> i am an optimist, and i honestly think by the summer, between the vaccination efforts and some increased measures coming our way, i think we are going to be mostly out of this next october. >> now we are waiting to hear from the full fda to see if they grant emergency use authorization. the millions of doses are vaccines are ready to go to nursing homes and hospitals to help those first-line workers, bret, next week, one week from today, moderna, the second
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company to come before the fda for that emergency use authorization. big day, bret. >> bret: big day, david, but quickly, this is the advisory panel. the full fda has to green light it. i guess there are some people saying, why not just say, boom, it's done. why does it take a few days to do that? >> you know, it could take a few days, it could take a few hours. that is the process here at the fda, i ask myself what is the reason for having this advisory panel, and then giving it to the fda to make that decision? but from what we know, bret, this advisory panel deals with pediatricians, scientists, vaccine developers, they make their recommendation to the fda, then the fda career employees that work for the commissioner, dr. stephen hahn, those are the ones that make that final decision, and it is possible, bret, it could happen in the next few hours. it could happen overnight. those vaccines could be going into the arms of people just within a few hours.
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>> bret: okay. david, we'll watch for that. thank you. again, or other top story, new information about the federal investigations into hunter biden's taxes, but sources telling fox the investigation is actually bigger in scope. a senate committee report may lay out a blueprint. it describes the sun of the president-elect, his business dealings with china, and what is being called in the report, the potential for criminal activity. senior political correspondent mike emanuel starts us off with that part of the investigation tonight. good evening, mike. >> bret, good evening. this investigation are cording to a source familiar began in 2018. fox news have learned, not only are they digging into hunter biden's taxes, but he is also the target of a grand jury investigation. the federal investigation into hunter biden's tax affairs and business dealings was active in the final days of the presidential campaign. but it was covert to avoid influencing the outcome of the election. it's now in an overt phase. fox has told his father the
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president-elect is not part of this probe, but a republican member of the homeland security committee noted hunter traveled overseas when his father was vice president. >> what did joe biden know, and when did he know it? he needs to answer questions. >> a source familiar says the investigation was founded on suspicious activity reports with foreign transactions. hunters business dealings of chinese nationals had flags for potential criminal activity and are outlined in a senate committee report. the chairman of senate finance, one of the two committees digging into hunters business dealings, says there investigation was justified. >> the liberal media and members of the other political party chose to dismiss our work, even falsely claimed that our work was russian disinformation. >> the senate report notes "hunter biden had business associations with chinese nationals linked to the communist government and the
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people's liberation army." those associations resulted in millions of dollars in cash flow, a point echoed by the homeland security chairman. >> there have been reports of the bidens cashing in on the biden name for many, many years, dating back to joe biden was a senator. >> joe biden and his allies were quick to dismiss questions about hunters business dealings in the final days of the campaign. >> i know you ask and i have no response, right up your alley. >> i think this is a question that has been pretty well litigated in the last year, as to whether or not the effort to bring hunter biden's history into this whole situation is a smear campaign. >> fox news was first to report that the fbi opened a money laundering investigation into a laptop connected to hunter biden. it is unclear if that portion of the investigation is still ongoing. republicans are now expressing concern that with a change of administration on january 20th, a new president and his team could replace the u.s.
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attorneys. now there is a call that those spearheading this investigation must be allowed to complete their work without interference. bret? >> bret: okay, mike, thank you. hunter biden is not the only member of the president-elect's family under scrutiny tonight. some business dealings of joe biden's brother, james, also being examined. correspondent peter doocy reports tonight from wilmington, delaware. >> there is more than one biden caught up in a federal investigation. hunter. >> the reaction to the news of the investigation -- >> hunter -- >> and james, biden's brother, whose name has come up in the course of investigation into a hospital business he is linked to, according to a report in "politico." visit the same brother who allegedly introduced then former vice president biden to a business partner. >> i was introduced to joe biden by jim biden and hunter biden. >> jim biden did not want to talk about any of that when approached recently by >> are you mr. jim biden? i wanted to ask about the china deal.
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>> please stop bothering me. >> biden has promised distance. >> my son, my family, will not be involved. >> but yesterday, the taxpayer-funded transition team sent out a statement from hunter biden, who doesn't work for the transition. now mike davis, former chief counsel for nominations at senate judiciary, wonders why is joe biden using federal funds related to hunter biden's personal legal problems? is this legal? that is happening at the biden house, filling up with three more obama alumni. susan rice, obama's u.n. ambassador and national security advisor, will be director of the domestic policy council. eight years after infamously blaming the benghazi terror attack on a youtube video. >> this is not an expression of hostility in the broadest sense toward the united states. or u.s. policy. it's proximately a reaction to this video. >> denis mcdonough, obama's chief of staff, is the pick for be a secretary from upsetting the founder of iraq and afghanistan veterans of america, who treats, "a stunningly
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strange and surprising pick. he is not a vet, and not a post-9/11 vet. tom feels like i'm obama's agriculture secretary, is biden's choice for agriculture secretary. payback for help on the trail. >> they have helped more than any candidates have helped me in my whole career. >> using history as a career, bidens went to try to talk policy and is not his son's problems. >> we want to talk about families and ethics. i don't want to do that. >> the president-elect is scheduled have susan rice and other white house staffers at an event in person in wilmington tomorrow. the closest we have come to a reaction from him to the hunter biden story is a one sentence statement that was signed by the transition team. we have not seen joe biden since this story broke, he stayed home today. bret? >> bret: all right, peter, thank you. the president-elect is asking civil rights leaders not to
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promote the defunding of police departments, portions of a zoom call to supporters have been posted by the intercept. >> they have already labeled us as being defund the police. anything we put forward in terms of the organizational structure to change policing, which i promise you will occur, promise you, just think to yourself and give me advice whether we should do that before january 5th. because that is how they beat the living hell out of us across the country, saying that we are talking about defunding the police. we are not. we are talking about holding them accountable. >> bret: biden transition official tells fox news on background the president-elect believes in supporting bold and urgent criminal justice reform while continuing to support law enforcement mission to keep communities safe and he says in public what he says in private. there are many questions still tonight about why a california democratic congressman was allowed to serve on the house intelligence committee, despite
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his relationship to a woman accused of being a chinese spy. the top democrat in the house seems unconcerned by that. house minority leader calls this the tip of the iceberg. correspondent gillian turner has to make the update. >> democrat eric swalwell facing a growing storm of criticism from his republican colleagues in congress over an fbi probe into an alleged chinese spy he had ties to several years ago. >> this man should not be on the intel committee. he is jeopardizing national security. >> until he comes forward and has a thorough and complete explanation for what happened, than he should not sit on the house intelligence committee and have access to classified information. >> house speaker nancy pelosi waved off the matter today, saying both democrat and republican leaders were briefed in the past, simultaneously, about this threat. >> i don't have any concern about mr. swalwell. i do think that it's unfortunate that mr. mccarthy is trying to
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make an issue of this when his -- we all found out at the same time. >> we still don't know who briefed congressional leadership. at the time, james comey was the director of the fbi, and a former senior staffer on the house intel committee tells fox news comey briefing would have been "standard operating procedure." >> and he threw his republican colleagues on house intel are laser again on the role the alleged spy, christine fang, played in the california political career. >> this is a chinese citizen who was hyper aggressive in developing relationships with politicians. we know she helped him get reelected, she helped him raise money. >> swalwell himself insists he did nothing wrong and claims the fbi actually thanked him for helping their investigation. he also said wednesday, the whole story is just political revenge. >> at the same time this story was being leaked out, the time i was working on impeachment on the house intelligence and judiciary committees. they may think they are going to silence me. they are not going to silence me. >> he was one of president trump's fiercest
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critics during impeachment proceedings. >> he is a repeat offender, crimes against our constitution, and yes, crimes that one day may be prosecuted statutorily. >> swalwell insists he long ago cut off ties with fang until fox ofox news reported yesterday he had friends on facebook who were friends with her. they are no longer. bret? >> bret: gillian, thank you. stocks were mixed, the dow lost 70 come the nasdaq game 67. up next, president trump wants the supreme court overturned election results in four states, urging supporters to sign on to what he says is one large lawsuit, and legal experts are calling it a hail mary. >> we will see what happens. we have tremendous cases, a big, big case. 18 states, as of this moment. [cheers and applause]
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>> bret: secretary of state mike pompeo issuing a new warning about china's threats to the u.s. on the ground and in space. and more harsh accusation and denials in the georgia senate runoffs, next. ♪ ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list sales event. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment.
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tonight, mexico's senate approves a proposal to restrict u.s. agents and removed a boom at a community. it requires all foreign agents for any country to share information gathered with authorities. the law would compromise agents and informants. isis is claiming responsibility for the shooting death of a female tv presenter and women's rights activist in afghanistan. she was killed along with her driver in the attack on their vehicle. the lebanese prosecutor probing last summer's port explosion in beirut finds charges against the prime minister and three former ministers, accusing them of negligence that led to the death of hundreds of people. lebanon's official news agency says four of the most senior innovators to be indicted so far in the investigation, which is being conducted in secrecy. breaking tonight, president trump puts new pressure on the u.s. supreme court over a lawsuit
3:20 pm
originating in texas, seeking to put a temporary hold on electoral college voting in four states. he is getting an assist today for more than 100 house republicans, who joined in a friend of the court amicus brief in support of the texas appeal. chief white house correspondent john roberts tells us where things stand tonight. >> at the white house today, president trump hosting lunch for 12 republican states attorney generals. meant 11 of whom are asking the supreme court to overturn electn results in pennsylvania, georgia, michigan, and wisconsin. texas attorney general ken paxton leading the effort. >> my voters are now disenfranchised in a national election where other states didn't follow state law. >> paxton argues a patchwork of inconsistent rules across those states harmed voters in texas by electing joe biden. paxton asking the supreme court to block electors in those states from voting on monday. >> we are asking that the court basically put this back in the hands of the state legislature
3:21 pm
to fix their own electors, as was commonly done, you know, for years in this country's by certain state legislatures. >> in total, 18 other states have during texas, filing friend of the court briefs, including louisiana. >> there were states under with each nonlegislative actors, like governors, secretary of state's, state courts, basically modified election law in the midst of the game. >> 106 house republic is also filed so called amicus briefs and saying the president intervened because h his rightss a candidate are affected by the states inability to follow state election laws in the 2020 election. at a hanukkah party last night, the president again insisting he won the election. >> we are going to see what happened. we have a tremendous case right now, a big, big case. 18 states, as of this moment. >> in the response to the supreme court, the four states pushing back on the petition, saying the state of texas has
3:22 pm
now added its voice to the cacophony of bogus claims, and adding, nothing in the text, history, or structure of the constitution supports texas' a view that it can dictate the manner in which four other states from their election. while the majority of the focus of the white house is on the election results, business is still getting done. president trump today announcing yet another normalization of relations agreement. this one between israel and the north african nation of morocco. as part of the deal, president trump recognizing morocco's sovereignty over the disputed lands of western saha sahara. of course, the big prize still remains the normalization agreement between israel and saudi arabia. white house officials today told fox news that they believe that it is inevitable that such a deal will take place, it's just a matter of time. but no prediction on when that time might be. bret? >> bret: john roberts come alive on the north lawn. john, thanks. the top u.s. diplomat with
3:23 pm
pointed statements about the growing threat from china. we will have details when we come back. ♪ >> more bad decisions will schools make because they are hooked on chinese communist party cash? what professors will they be able to co-opt or silence? ♪ we're all putting things off, especially in these times. but some things are too serious to be ignored. if you still have symptoms of crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis even after trying other medications, it may be a sign of damaging inflammation, which left untreated, could get much worse.
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if you have symptoms of ketoacidosis, which is serious and may lead to death. answer the alert. ask your doctor if farxiga could do more for you. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. with a supportive casper mattress and plush pillows soft percale sheets, all things cozy for your best night's sleep. give the gift of a better bedroom with 10% off at >> bret: the nation's top diplomat issuing fresh warnings about the threat from china. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has details
3:27 pm
tonight from the pentagon. >> their fighter jets looked remarkably like u.s. fifth generation war plays, their hackers tried to steal the covid vaccine from the u.s. last summer, and many of the 400,000 students sent to the u.s. from mainland china each year are actually spies for the chinese communist party. >> they want to influence american students, as well. professors and administrators, too. look, they know that left-leaning college campuses are rife with anti-americanism and present easy targets for the anti-american messaging. >> earlier this year, the head of harvard's chemistry department was charged with lying to the federal government about his relationship with wuhan university of technology, excepting $50,000 a month to be a strategic scientist as part of an aggressive chinese attempt to recruit scientists to share their work. last summer, the u.s. government ordered the closure of china's consulate in houston for its role in economic espionage. >> the chinese communist party was using their consulate in
3:28 pm
houston as a den of spies. >> after a half dozen suspected chinese spies were arrested last summer, 1,000 chinese researchers on university campuses suddenly left the u.s. >> those five or six arrests were just the tip of the iceberg. honestly, the size of the iceberg is one that i don't know that we or other folks realized how large it was down that road. >> since the u.s. election, chinese influence operations targeting the biden administration have been on steroids, according to the national counterintelligence chief. >> we have also seen an uptick, which was planned and we predicted, that china would now re-vector their influence campaigns to the new administration. >> today, the sec designated china's top telecommunications firm huawei as a national security threat. bret? >> bret: jennifer griffin if at the pentagon, thank you. >> it is not that the intelligence community, china and russia are equally acting in
3:29 pm
this election. i can say in open session, that is false. it is false for the american people to walk away and believe their any equivalence between what russia and china are doing. >> bret: democratic congressman eric swalwell, statements about china being looked at again after the investigation and seeing now. let's get into detail about the china threat. training is, will hurts, national security correspondent for "the washington times," author of the book "deceiving the sky: inside communist china's drive for global soprano c." ed retired brigadier general spalding, author of the book "stealth war: how china took over while america's elite slept." gentlemen, thank you. when i say investigation, house minority leader mccarthy wants eric swalwell off the house until committee, the house speaker bill saying she doesn't see a problem with this. how do you put that in context to what we just heard about the threat from china?
3:30 pm
>> first of all, i think it shows extremely poor judgment on the part of congressman swallow any time a chinese national shows up at your office and says she wants to help you fund raise and place people in your office, certainly, you know, the fbi would call that a clue. i think that is what happened. and also remember, swalwell for a short time last year ran for president. we have seen this playbook in the past, the chinese funneled cash into the bill clinton reelection campaign back in the '90s, and then there was the case of katrina long in los angeles, who was sleeping with two fbi agents who were handling her as a double agent. >> you know, general, i talked to chris ray in the summer, the fbi director, and he told me at the time that the fbi was opening up an investigation, counterintelligence investigation, somehow tied to china come every ten hours. i don't think people fully understand the length to which china is trying to go to
3:31 pm
infiltrate all elements of the u.s. >> nor did they really understand how many are actually operating here. i got to the embassy as a senior defense official in beijing in 2017, the embassy told me that we had some 4 million, 10-year visa holders in the united states at any one time. this is a big problem and i'm glad we're finally starting to pick at it. >> bret: you know, bill, the incoming nominee for secretary of state, tony blinken, has said it is unrealistic to decouple the u.s. from china, something president trump had talked about. he said recently, trying to fully decouple, as some have suggested, from china is unrealistic and ultimately counterproductive. it would be a mistake. as you get ready for this next administration, how it deals with china is really going to be front and center. >> yeah, the presumptive president-elect has said that he is going to win the competition. of course, early on in the campaign he said we can't
3:32 pm
compete with china, we shouldn't try, they are nice people and all that. everybody is going to be watching very closely. i think it is going to be very difficult to undo a lot of the hard-line policies that have been put in place under the trump administration, and i think we are going to be seeing more of that in the final weeks, as the administration winds down. they have done some tremendous things. on the intelligence front, i can tell you, retired cia counterintelligence official told me that what the chinese are doing, and intelligence assault that has not been seen since the cold war days of the soviet union. i would make the point that we really, really need a much better counterintelligence system then we have. let's go back, this case we are talking about with swalwell happened around 2015, and that is when the fbi was at its worst, in terms of what we found out to be politicized counterintelligence people. we really need to beef up our counterintelligence
3:33 pm
capabilities. >> bret: general, where do you see the biggest threat from china? he of the military buildup. you've got their cyber capabilities. they are now really going into space significantly, and we have been talking about counterintelligence efforts and intelligence efforts inside the u.s. >> it is really on the collection of data. they seek to become the saudi arabia of data, data drives artificial intelligence. they think to use the same tools that silicon valley developed to harvest data and then influence consumers. they want to influence not only our conception patters, but also our social and political beliefs, so it is a real threat to our democracy going forward when the population doesn't know where the truth lies or they are following the dictate of the chinese communist party, that has access to their data through modern telecommunications systems and can use that data with advanced artificial intelligence, some of the best algorithms in the world today, to influence them in ways that
3:34 pm
are counter to our own interes interests. >> bret: economically, bill, republicans on the trump administration had said the trade efforts that they have made weekend china. democrats are saying it wasn't, it didn't. do we have a sense of where china is, was come as a result of the trade actions of the trump administration? >> it hard to tell because of the pen pandemic, their economy has been no market contracted significantly. all questioning aside, i think clearly it has had a tremendous impact on forcing china to back off. doesn't mean they will end their technology collection and spying efforts. they may be waiting for a more conciliatory biden administration, but clearly, during the trump administration, they put tremendous pressure on the chinese, and they didn't gain economically as they have in the past. >> bret: gentlemen, we appreciate your time. this is a serious subject that we are going to continue to follow across the board. thanks a lot.
3:35 pm
up next, star power for the georgia senate runoffs and harsh personal attacks and rebuttals. we will bring you there. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering. box nine in minneapolis, the city council approves a budget shifting $8 million from the police department towas violence protection and other programs. it will keep the staffing levels in tact, condition for approval from the mayor there. fox 32 in chicago from hundreds of firefighters battle a blaze involving auto parts warehouse on the west side of chicago. the facility holding more than 100,000 auto parts. no injuries reported. and this is a live look at san francisco from our affiliate fox 2, the big story there tonight, general motors self-driving car company is sending vehicles without anybody behind the wheel as it navigates its way toward launching a robotic taxi service. the move by gm owned crews comes two months after the company received california's permission
3:36 pm
to operate fully driverless cars in the state. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." would you get in that car? we'll be right back. ♪ bill barr. president trumps attorney general. and loyal ally. americas top prosecutor and a champion of conservative values. now, when it comes to the november election bill barr has said he "has not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome." america has spoken, the election was fair. the results accurate. republicans and democrats were elected to offices up and down
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the ballot. it's time to move forward, together.
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♪ >> bret: the justice department says the funds to compensate victims of disgraced investor bernard made off and the world's ponzi scheme has had a distribution of $488 million in funds, bringing the total distributed to almost $3.2 billion to nearly 37,000 victims worldwide. made off was accused of stealing billions from his clients and pleaded guilty to 11 federal felonies. vice president mike pence headlined a rally for georgia
3:41 pm
republican senators today in a gust ahead of month runoffs. that will determine the balance of power in the senate. president-elect biden plans to visit the state next tuesday to campaign for john ossoff and raphael warnock. reverend warnock is fighting back tonight that has tough new allegations of senator kelly loeffler. correspondent steve harrigan has the story tonight for modesto. >> the second time in a week arm of the vice president was in georgia, backing a runoff senate campaign of david perdue and kelly loeffler. >> we are going to keep georgia. we are going to save the senate, and then we are going to save america. >> spending in a january 5th 11 could top $400 million, as airwaves are saturated with the four candidates attacking each other. >> received a confidential briefing on the third of coronavirus and immediately starts dumping stocks. as kelly loeffler downplays the threat publicly. >> democrat rep fail warnock accused his opponent rep
3:42 pm
loeffler of being an out of touh billionaire who benefited on insider stock trades. brought attention for allegedly obstructing police. a charge that was eventually dropped. >> you were charged for obstructing police in a child's abuse investigation. >> i was working and trying to make sure that young people who are being questioned by a law enforcement had the benefit of counsel, a lawyer, or a parent. >> republicans have a strong history of winning runoff elections in georgia, but several factors make these races difficult to predict. the president's criticism of georgia voting system as fraudulent has some g.o.p. strategist worried they could keep republican voters away. and suburban democrats who turned out in record numbers to flip georgia after 28 years of voting republican, could stay home with president trump off the ticket.
3:43 pm
early in pursing voting begins monday. mail-in voting has already started. bret? >> bret: we will have full coverage, steve, thank you. up next, a panel on the lack of media coverage about the hunter biden tax investigation or wherever else that goes. plus, joe biden's transition, next. ♪ is now even more powerful. the stronger, lasts-longer energizer max. the stronger, lasts-longer ♪ you're still the one ♪ that i love to touch ♪ still the one ♪ and i can't get enough ♪ we're still having fun, ♪ and you're still the one applebee's 2 for $20. now that's eating good in the neighborhood. learning is hard work. hard work requires character. learning begins in faith. it must move upwards toward the highest thing, unseen at the beginning - god.
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♪ >> the right wing is going crazy with all sorts of allegations about biden and his family, too disgusting to even repeat here. >> also insist on transparency from joe biden and his son hunter. >> the president isn't telling the truth. >> one thing i don't have to do is sit here and open my mouth as it relates to how much i make. >> hunter biden did well come i never met the guy. i newbold. you know what, own it. >> your daily reminder that there is no evidence of wrongdoing by the former vice president or his son in ukraine. >> the news that the family member of an incoming president is under investigation is a big deal. >> income was reported on the r. >> bret: the federal investigation we have confirmed looking into hunter biden, the
3:48 pm
president-elect's son, some of the media coverage before and now after the election, let's bring in our panel. former tennessee congressman harold ford jr.. mollie hemingway, senior editor at "the federalist." and founding editor of "the washington free beacon." mollie, we know now there is a tax investigation, and we know from sources it was broader than that and deals with foreign exchanges of money, as well. we know that the fbi had this laptop, you know, before the election. big tech, other media, weren't covering the story and in fact blocked it from social media. >> yes, we hear about the rigging of the election, and partly what people mean by that is targeted vote fraud, but partly what they mean is meddling on the part of big media and big tech to affect the outcome of the election. we had a senate report from the judiciary committee and homeland security committees that showed suspicious money transfers to the biden family business from
3:49 pm
foreign governments or people linked closely to foreign governments. it barely got any coverage or was mocked. in "the new york post" broke the story about these emails, even though they were verified and people who were recipients of these emails verified they were real, the media suppressed that story. and we actually also knew there was an fbi investigation into hunter biden before the election, except that the media suppressed it so, so blatantly and so brazenly. the american people had a right to have a thorough discussion of the biden families involvement with corrupt foreign governmenty benefited from that, and this meddling on the part of big media and big tech, which banned people from even talking about this on facebook and twitter, is a very serious problem and a huge threat to the republic. >> bret: harold, what do you think of this story, where it is going? it's not even, you know, obviously joe biden hasn't even been inaugurated yet. >> well come i think we had all
3:50 pm
probably take a deep breath. thanks for having me on tonight come and count our blessings on a lot of fronts. this story is disturbing. from the standpoint that hunter biden is going to have to answer questions, sounds like there is an investigation underway, it may be broader than what we think, and i trust this into his statement today that he will respond and act accordingly. i do think some of the reaction around whether this should have been reported before the election or after the election, to our knowledge, haven't seen any reports suggesting that joe biden had anything to do with this or there was any involvement on his part. i don't know how or what voters would have to have considered about joe biden in this story. there were numerous stories about hunter and some of his personal challenges, and things he has had to overcome. i thought his father, the president-elect's statement about his son was touching and heartfelt, it is what a father would say about a son.
3:51 pm
but hunter and whatever he did, he will have to face whatever comes to him, and i take him at his word today that he will answer those questions and he believes he has done nothing wrong. we will have to wait. >> bret: yeah, a couple of things, matthew. tony bobulinski reference joe biden and meeting him, and he was blacked out media coverage, other than this network and a couple other places. the other thing, matthew, it was interesting to see a hunter biden statement put out on transition, you know, memo, by the transition team, that hunter biden's legal challenges were going to be talked about by the biden-harris transition. >> right, and it shows how it does affect president-elect biden. that they are related. what i find interesting, though, bret, is despite the legacy media and the social media companies trying to suppress this story in the final days of the election, it seems to have
3:52 pm
broken through to some degree, you look at the exit polls, it's actually the late deciders tended to break first before, and one has to imagine that discussions of hunter biden played some role in that. more importantly, the fact that joe biden has never had an answer to what hunter biden was doing in china, and why he was able to get so much money from chinese entrepreneurs or whatever, connected to the chinese communist party. he continues to not have a good answer, just giving outright denials, and i think this is going to really come to hurt him in the coming months. >> bret: all right, lastly, i want to turn quickly, mollie, to the swalwell situation with the house speaker and house minority leader set about that. take a listen. >> at the same moment, have democratic and republican leaders and the leadership of the committee were briefed at the same moment. make sure you know that.
3:53 pm
they were asking when did they know -- we knew when they knew. >> speaker pelosi was notified, i was not. i'm asking for an fbi briefing now. but if she knew and maintained swalwell on intel, wrong. he is a national security thre threat. >> bret: okay, where is the story going, mollie? >> stunning news that someone on house intel committee had this relationship with a chinese asset, and that people knew about it and he was allowed to stay on this committee. a lot of concern that the democratic party, that the chinese have too much control over the democratic party and its agenda, the same way they have too much control over hollywood and the nba. this is a big issue for the entire biden administration, as we are talking about, and on the house side. i think it is important to note that devin nunes had house republicans tried to focus on china when they had control over the committee, and these democrats, swalwell and
3:54 pm
adam schiff, pushed to russia, that they were personally involved in this is coming out now makes us look even worse than it did at the time they were trying to dissuade house intel from looking into china. >> bret: harold, i guess we sometimes do look at the panel through the prism of what happens if this was the other way. let's say devin nunes had a relationship with some russian. how much coverage with this be getting, as him on the house intelligence committee, and what we see today? do you see a disparity here? >> it deserves a lot of coverage. the panel you had on prior to us focused on at the right way, though. the increased proliferation of chinese assets in our country, that's what we should be focused on. this is not a partisan issue, democrat or republican. i can't believe any member of congress, republican or democrat, would openly want to work with a chinese asset. two, the hunter biden thing, let's remember, covid, the economy, and other matters are on the, as well. until we get to the bottom of the swalwell thing and
3:55 pm
focus on the number of chinese assets here in the country and ask the american government to stop it. >> bret: yeah comment on the covid front, the vaccine moving forward. we will see if the fda moves in coming hours. panel, thank you very much. when we come back, holiday season first and second. ♪ trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high you know how i feel ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel ♪ [man: coughing] ♪ it's a new dawn, it's a new day... ♪
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>> bret: finally tonight, some holiday leave. ♪ ♪ you must be smart parking your ride ♪ ♪ we wish you >> bret: the sergeant went viral this summer with his quartet videos. now he returns to spread holiday joy and encouraging safe drivi driving. margaret keenan greeted with cheers as she left the hospital. the 90-year-old was the first person to take the coronavirus vaccine in the u.k. she departed hand-in-hand with
4:00 pm
her family, feeling good. that's good news. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report." fair balanced and still unafraid. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. hey, martha. >> martha: hey, bret. good evening to you, and good evening. this is "the story." breaking tonight, hunter biden is not the only member of the biden family whose business deals or investigation from the doj. political reporting federal agents in pennsylvania are conducting criminal probe into a business deal that has ties to jim biden, you see here with his brother. tony bobulinski said that jim bh hunter to ensure business deals in china comes all of this before the election, those who did dig in, "the new york post" on fox news, were mocked or stonewalled. here is our reporter outside of jim biden's home back in october. >> w