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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  December 11, 2020 6:00am-9:00am PST

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live. just scan that qr code on the bottom. brian the psalm way you get a minute knew you with. i'll e hopefully have an interview with the president on sunday. stay within yourself.
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>> trace: we begin with peter doocy live in wilmington, delaware. peter, good morning. how much was biden asked about this in the homestretch of the election? >> not much. access was really limited, trace. in fact, in the final days the person who had the most opportunities to ask joe biden about his son, hunter, was president trump. >> my son has not made money in terms of this thing about what are you talking about china. >> "politico" reports jim biden, the president-elect's brother is being investigated for his links to a shutdown hospital business. remember, a whistleblower claims they were all in business together.
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tony bobulinski one of biden's former associates looked at jim biden and said how are you getting away with us? biden laughed and said plausible denyability. that's jim biden. i have asked joe biden about this many times. his answers were never super detailed but always very emotional. >> have you ever spoken with your son? >> everybody has looked at it and said there is nothing there. ask the right question. >> the first time anybody asked joe biden about that on camera. when that happened the feds had already been asking questions of their own about hunter's taxes for months. trace. >> trace: you the end to get him going, peter doocy live in wilmington. peter, thank you. >> sandra: more on this let's bring in bill mcgurn main street columnist for the "wall street journal" and a fox news contributor.
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good morning to you. so bill barr knew about this investigation. why did he keep it from the public? >> i think that's his job. i would be surprised if bill barr didn't know. you investigate the vice president's son and the vice president is running for president that's a very sensitive investigation. we blasted james comey when he gave that press conference on hillary clinton and didn't charge her but went on to say all bad things about her. so i don't blame the d.o.j. their job is not to leak investigations about different people. but i think that the press has absolutely fallen down. not only did they miss this story, they deliberately looked the other way. we were told this is not news. when the "new york post" broke those emails from the laptop, you had twitter and facebook banning it from there. people didn't want to know. they turned the other way or they at least didn't want to know until the election.
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the irony now the pressure will be much greater on joe biden. the questions will come up as he is president. for example. what poor soul who serves as attorney general is going to have to deal with this now? because the question now will be if joe biden is sworn in, can he have a fair ind -- investigation of his son. >> sandra: that's a point they're making this morning. the story the press ignored returns in time for joe's presidency. it writes even the press corps may awaken from its partisanship if hunter made himself vulnerable to blackmail. it will complicate life for your point, for whomever mr. biden nominates to be his attorney general. to your point about the media ignoring this. social media ignoring this. tucker carlson teed off on that last night.
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>> the "new york post" published a trove of documents showing that members of joe biden's family have been selling access to the former vice president to a number of foreign governments but the rest of the media decided to kill it before you could read it. social media companies banned users from sharing the "new york post"'s reporting. other news organizations simply ignored it. unless our media start doing its job and telling us what our politicians are up to, the justice department and bill barr may have no choice. >> sandra: the post this morning that headline. the hunter cover-up. was this indeed a cover-up? >> by whom? certainly it's a cover-up by the press. they looked the other way. this wasn't just a matter of people being -- it's too insulting. they turned their backs on this story especially after the post emails and they let joe biden off the hook. they maybe once or twice asked
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a question but never questioned it. biden said he didn't do anything wrong and he will never do it again. dubious that he never discussed it with his son especially based on the email. maybe it will be different now that they think donald trump is out of the picture and now they feel free to go after. it really was disgraceful. >> sandra: i just wonder what we'll see as far as coverage of this story or the ability for reporters like our own griff jenkins who tried to ask dr. biden, jill biden a question about this and this happened. watch. >> let's go. >> sandra: what does this tell you about the ability of those asking the questions to get any answers?
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>> yeah. that tells you a lot there. that's a perfect example because he tried to ask a question and they brush it away because they know they can. they know other people won't pick up on it. one or two hardy souls venture a question but know if they brush it off the rest of the press will join in. you know, you compare any trump scandal. just look at the press conference where every other reporter is asking the same question. this is one of the lower moments. and i trace it back to the summer of 2016 when "the new york times" carried the front page story saying that in the age of trump, press objectivity was a luxury america could not afford. we paid a high price for that. >> sandra: you go back to nancy pelosi's press conference yesterday in the middle of this eric swalwell spy story and nancy pelosi received one question on that and it was by one of our own reporters, chad
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pergram. bill mcgurn, good to see you this morning. thank you. >> this is a state versus state so our direct action, our first action is in the u.s. supreme court. i think we ought to have the chance to be heard at least once. this is an important case for how our elections will be in the future and whether we have the opportunity to have elections that we count on and trust. >> trace: half a dozen more states throwing their weight behind the texas lawsuit seeking to flow throw out the election results in four states joe biden won. griff jenkins. good morning. how many states are now on board and where is this whole thing headed? >> good morning, trace. well, this has been described as a long shot. now 17 other states have joined texas. it is trying to get the supreme court to hear their case, toss the election results in four states, pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, georgia and
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invalidate joe biden's election results overall. vice president pence was down in one of those battleground states georgia yesterday turning up the heat. watch. >> president donald trump deserves his day in court. the supreme court. and all i can say is god bless texas. >> the president's campaign has joined the suit and so have 106 house republicans filing amicus briefs. this after four defendant states pushed back in their filings yesterday. pennsylvania attorney general wrote the state of texas has added its voice to bogus claims. texas seeks to invalidate elections in four states for results it disagree. its request for this court to exercise its original jurisdiction and it's legally indefensible. here is where things stand. the supreme court right now at
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this moment waiting for texas to file their final brief. at that point the court will be free to issue an order. we don't know exactly what they may do, whether they will take it or not. or how long they will take to make that decision. they took about 45 minutes to deal with the pennsylvania case on tuesday. they aren't on a deadline right now. trace. >> trace: a lot of balls in the air. griff jenkins in the nation's capital. more on this in our second hour with arkansas attorney general leslie rutledge. why her state is supporting the lawsuit and how she expects it to play out coming up. >> sandra: an fda advisory panel endorsed pfizer's coronavirus vaccine for emergency use giving it the green light yesterday in a 17-4 vote clearing the way for fda leaders to give their final approval. hhs secretary alex azar telling maria bartiromo he is confident that will happen shortly. >> what we have said to pfizer is that we intend to grant
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authorization for their vaccine and at this point it is really a matter of working out some of the final details, dotting the is, crossing the,s, getting the fact sheet for the doctors. within the next couple days we'll start having pfizer ship that vaccine to where the governors have told us. >> sandra: as the u.s. outbreak continues to worsen. more than 3,000 people are dying from the virus each day. >> trace: as pfizer waits for the green light from the fda the company's shipment plants are standing by and ready to roll. coming up the plan to distribute the vaccine across the united states. plus democratic leadership still backing congressman eric swalwell despite his past connections to a suspected chinese spy. why top republicans say democrats need to take this more seriously. >> this is swalwell who has been coned by the communists. speaker pelosi has covered for
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>> sandra: house speaker nancy pelosi says she is not concerned about congressman eric swalwell serving in
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congress or on the house intelligence committee despite past connections with a suspected chinese spy. republicans are trying to make a deal out of nothing pelosi says but gop leaders are taking this very seriously. >> it is unfortunate that mr. mccarthy is trying to make an issue of this. the house republican and democratic leaders and the leadership of the committee were briefed at the same moment. >> speaker pelosi was notified. i was not. i'm asking for an f.b.i. briefing now. but if she knew and maintained swalwell on intel, wrong. he is a national security threat. >> sandra: marc thiessen joins us now. former speech writer for george w. bush. is mccarthy trying to make a big deal out of this or is this just a really big deal that members of congress should be genuinely interested in getting
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answers about? >> it's a really big deal and it is an issue -- the issue here is hypocrisy. eric swalwell was one of the most prominent purveyors of the disproven conspiracy theory that donald trump colluded with the russians to steal the 2016 election. he abused his position on the house intelligence committee that he had seen evidence that trump was in bed with russian intelligence. he said that he was an operative of russian intelligence, in an interview with chris matthews and said he is an agent like in the 1940s when we were concerned about the red scare? swalwell said yes. it was a lie. and so now the irony is that while he was spreading these lies, he knew that he had been cultivated and funded by the agent of a foreign hostile power, china. so he used -- there was much less evidence that he used to suggest that donald trump was
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compromised. why should we give him the benefit of the doubt now that he wasn't compromised? >> went on this yesterday and they want to know if there were other lawmakers compromised. >> the chinese have focused on northern california, silicon valley. dianne feinstein for two decades the person driving hearing all her phone calls a communist spy. it wasn't that swalwell went to the f.b.i. the f.b.i. went to him knowing that they picked up on this chinese spy following her. >> sandra: we talked to members including brad wenstrup of the house intelligence committee on this program yesterday, marc. he says that they were never briefed on this. nancy pelosi then held a news conference a few moments later and said that they were briefed on this. so there is obviously clearly a lot of questions that lie there and now mccarthy says he wants to be briefed directly by the
6:19 am
f.b.i. will that happen? >> it better. and quite frankly i don't know, i would probably remember if i had been briefed that one of my colleagues was funded and cultivated by a chinese spy. that would be a memorable event. i think these members would remember if they were briefed. dianne feinstein was also targeted by the chinese intelligence and had a driver working on her staff for 20 years and listed as her office director and her driver. when the f.b.i. hunt down mob bosses the first person they go after is the driver. the driver hears everything. we don't know what intelligence the chinese got from that. look, this is a real pervasive -- >> sandra: i will let you expand on that point. it's an important point. stefanik came out on this as well on the house intelligence committee and points to what she sees as the irony of this
6:20 am
eric swalwell news. listen. >> what is truly disturbing and very sad irony that eric swalwell was the perpetrating of these baseless accusations and the phony russia hoax of russia collusion. you can take his words and replace the word russia with the chinese communist party and replace the name of president trump with eric swalwell and the accusations he was lobbing that weren't based in fact are true about his coordination with the chinese communist party asset in the united states. he owes his colleagues answers and his constituents answers and he should step down from the house intelligence committee. >> sandra: he currently still sits on the house intel committee. marc, you were about to speak more broadly to the threat china poses. >> first of all she is right 100%. we have all these photographs now of eric swalwell palg around with a chinese spy. if he had had photographs of
6:21 am
donald trump paling around with a russian spy you don't think he wouldn't have put that out as evidence that he was a russian asset? of course he would. i don't believe giving him the benefit of the doubt he denied donald trump. we look more deeply into this. the chinese threat intelligence threat is huge. think about what they did. he was recruited when he was -- targeted when he was a member of the dublin city council. they are going after young, rising politicians and waiting for them to come to positions of prominence. it's a great danger. >> sandra: thank you. >> trace: the final approval expected to come as early as today. pfizer is ready to roll with its covid vaccine. how long will it take to get to you? susan rice headed back to the white house sparking major pushback. one of the loudest critics a former marine who fought in benghazi. >> we have a u.s. ambassador who was missing for several
6:22 am
hours before we knew that he was -- before we were able to confirm he was killed and there was zero response. no matter what the cause of it. there was zero response from that administration and biden was a part of it and susan rice. for so long.
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>> trace: bottom of the hour. top stories. america's total death toll tops
6:27 am
more than combat fatalities in world war ii. >> sandra: morocco reaching a historic peace deal with israel becoming the fourth arab nation to do so under the trump administration. >> trace: more mixed messages from governor newsom encourage everyone in his state to get fresh air, the same guy who shut the beaches. he imposed stay at home orders that closed down non-essential regions in areas of the state. for more on these and other stories download the fox news app, scan the qr code or go to >> sandra: pfizer's largest manufacturing plant standing by ready to roll out the first batches of the coronavirus vaccine as soon as it gets the final go ahead from the fda. mike tobin is live for us outside of that plant in kalamazoo, michigan this morning. hey, mike. >> one more step to go to get
6:28 am
clearance from the fda. when that happens shipments. vaccine start rolling out of this massive facility in kalamazoo, michigan and another pleasant prairie, wisconsin. 2.9 million doses are ready to roll within 24 hours of the emergency use. another 2.9 million doses are stored for the necessary second dose. trials show the vaccine was 50% effective with a single dose. 95% effective with a second dose 21 days later. as the doses go out to state priorities are healthcare workers and at-risk populations like people in nursing homes. >> it will taing us probably until the end of the second quarter and beginning of the third quarter before there is enough vaccine that the american public will haveal access to it. >> it is waiting for approval from the fda and the vaccine is ready to roll. >> sandra: thank you, mike
6:29 am
tobin. >> trace: president-elect joe biden tapping susan rice to lead the white house domestic policy council touting her experience in crisis-tested governance despite rice being the public face of the obama administration's misleading messaging in the wake of the benghazi terror attack. here to talk about it are marie harf executive director of the serve america pac and katie pavlich. biden chose her because of her deep experience in crisis management and all you can conjure is the video. we'll put it on the screen of the five sunday shows after the benghazi attack that susan rice went on blaming the attack on an internet video. i mean, it really comes down to the fact that many say joe biden believes there is no way to get her confirmed so you give her this position. your thoughts, katie? >> susan rice is the face of
6:30 am
scandal during the obama administration. the press likes to say there were no scandals during the obama administration when vice president joe biden served in that office. susan rice went on national television and lied to the american people about the cause of benghazi according to the guys on the ground who survived the attack. the crisis management in the aftermath of the consulate in libya being overrun was handled very poorly. let's not forget the other scandal. the bowe bergdahl scandal when she said he served with honor and distinction but it turns out he deserted his comrades. joe biden bringing back the old gang, washington insiders, she couldn't be confirmed due to her being involved in the scandals that plagued the obama administration and now she won't have to answer questions
6:31 am
from senators who may want people to be reminded how she handled another crisis previously in the united states and abroad. >> trace: what do you make it's obvious she could not be confirmed? >> we don't even know what the makeup of the senate will look like. we have two outstanding races. i worked with susan and i know susan. she is a strong leader. she knows how to manage complicated issues. she did it at the national security council. i'm confident she can do it at the domestic policy council as well. we don't need to necessarily relitigate all the details of benghazi. an issue i've talked about quite a bit when i was at the state department. she went on those shows and did those interviews based on the best information we had at the time. in the fog of war we get more information every minute and as our administration got that information, we gave it to the public. we participated in bipartisan congressional investigations, independent outside
6:32 am
investigations. they all came to the same conclusions and so i think susan has addressed these questions. she has spoken out about it in interviews repeatedly and i know that she like all of us who served in that administration were heartbroken by the tragedy of benghazi. but republicans in congress using this issue to criticize her are playing politics and koufpg it in principle when they said nothing for example about the four american soldiers who were ambushed and murdered in niger just a few years ago. let's call a spade a spade when we hear republicans in congress criticizing someone like susan rice who has a lot of experience and i think will do a good job. >> trace: i want to play this sound bite from a u.s. marine who fought in the battle of benghazi. >> joe biden puts in somebody like susan rice who we know has lied to the american people about benghazi, who has zero
6:33 am
experience in domestic policy, and foreign policy even outside of benghazi and how she handled that. >> trace: the whole thing she wasn't chosen as his vice presidential candidate or secretary of state. am seems like many say a consolation prize and shows she still has political ambitions, what do you think? >> well, she may. but when marie says we shouldn't relitigate benghazi. if we talk about putting like people like susan rice people of influence before and looking at their record benghazi is part of her record. you don't have to just blame republicans for bringing this up. you had marc guys talking about it. others disappointed in the pick. this isn't about republicans. it is about people on the ground who saw her failed leadership first-hand and speaking out about it. if we will have her in a position of crisis management it is important to look how she has managed major crises in the
6:34 am
past. >> trace: final thoughts, marie? >> and i think she is happy to have that conversation as am i and everyone who has had to speak publicly about the tragedy that was benghazi. when it comes to the issue the people we played in that clip of she has foreign policy experience but running domestic policy i think it indicates how really the two are not that separate anymore. what happens overseas impacts all of us at home. all you need to do is look at coronavirus and know that's the case and why she was chosen for this important position. >> trace: thank you, appreciate it. >> sandra: one state pushing to help businesses stay safe and open during the pandemic. the plan that would expand access to rapid covid test kits. arkansas joining texas lawsuit looking to throw out the election results in some of the key battlegrounds. arkansas attorney general leslie rutledge joins us next hour for much more on that suit.
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>> sandra: amid the pandemic we have seen unemployment numbers surge and food insecurity on the rise across the nation. feeding america, the largest hunger relief organization in the u.s. estimates more than 50 million people including 17 million children may go hungry this year. but because of rising demand it is harder than ever to help keep those people fed. katie fitzgerald is the coo of feeding america and joins us now. it's heartbreaking to hear numbers like that and hear so many americans and so many families and children are struggling with the most basic of needs like food. what are you seeing as far as that increasing demand amid
6:40 am
this pandemic? >> the bad news is, it is relentless. we have seen a consistent on average 60% increase in people seeking food assistance across this country. it is affecting every county in the united states including rural count eels that are particularly hard hit like those around me here in oklahoma. good news is there are a lot of things people can do to help with the situation. >> sandra: how can they help out in their own communities? >> three things people can do and hoping everyone will attempt. the first, of course, if folks are in a position to donate, the feeding america network of food banks can use those resources to pay for additional food that we're procuring, equipment that we need to distribute that food and even temporary labor. volunteering is another thing folks can do if they are comfortable.
6:41 am
they have done an incredible job creating safe protocols for volunteers. not every food bank is accepting volunteers, 60% of our food banks are. folks can find their food bank at our website feeding then we ask people to contact their representative or senator. there are critical programs in place now that will expire at the end of this year and americans all over this country again in every county really need this support in this unprecedented time in our nation's history. >> sandra: while you've been speaking your organization's website has been up so that people can look into how they can help whether it's volunteering their time, donating money, food. katie, as far as that demand it has gone up incredibly, the numbers you talk about as we see unemployment numbers sky high amid the pandemic. as far as keeping up with that
6:42 am
demand, you've seen challenges before. but a pandemic is like no other that we've seen in our lifetimes. what sort of challenges have you had to overcome to try to help feed these people while also keeping workers and those people and children safe? >> yeah, so there have been two sort of areas of major challenge. one is the supply chain. the supply chain is working far better now than in the early days of the pandemic. we continue to work very hard to get as much donated food from that supply chain as we can and as your viewers may know, food prices are at a an all-time high and we have some federal programs that are about to be reduced. that's an area of great struggle we are continuing to work hard on. the operating model. we're a network that relies on almost two million volunteers a month to get done what we do. and we're so grateful for that. that has been a challenge as people have made very wise
6:43 am
decisions about their own safety to stay home if they need to do that. so we've worked really hard to create low touch, no touch distributions, incredible safety protocols both in our warehouses as well as in the distribution lines. and we have really learned and adapted so quickly. this has been an incredible feat but privilege to watch the courage and innovation of the feeding america network of food banks. >> sandra: an incredible challenge you face and amazing things you're doing. we want to highlight that during this holiday season where so many families need help. katie, thank you for what you are doing. >> thank you, sandra, so much. >> sandra: thank you. >> trace: federal authorities now reportedly investigating joe biden's brother james while conducting probes into the business dealings of joe's son hunter. what this means for the incoming administration. plus the seattle city council might be moving toward changing its criminal code to dismiss
6:44 am
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>> trace: in addition to the probe into the president-elect's son they are also asking about his brother james and his involvement in a bankrupt hospital business. let's bring in assistant attorney general thomas dupree. that business is called -- a bankrupt hospital. i want to read you what "politico" wrote about james biden earlier this year. two small medical firms that did business with james biden have claimed to have obtained evidence that he may have fraudulently transferred funds
6:49 am
from americorps outside of the ordinary course of business. a former executive has told political that james biden had more than a half million dollars transferred to him from the firm as a personal loan that has not yet been repaid. you and i have talked about this before, tom, big amounts of money raise big alarm bells. >> that's for sure. look, i think that with every day it seems as though the scope of this investigation and various members of joe biden's family is expanding. i think what we're seeing, this ising to be shaping up to be a very early test of joe biden's promise that he is not going to interfere with federal investigations, even if they're touching on his close relatives or other family members. >> trace: when you hear that james biden reportedly was a principal of the company saying he had business cards printed up saying he was the principal
6:50 am
of americorps, now he denies it. >> i think the concern on one hand he has been saying he was the leader, the principal, one of the managers, directors, making decisions. that sort of thing. then when things go south he tries to distance himself from it. disassociate himself from it. at a minimum it raises questions that bear further investigations what did he know, what was his role, who made the decisions, what was the purpose of these money transfers if they in fact occurred? >> trace: who was involved. you had tony bobulinski saying joe biden, james biden and hunter biden were in business together and he said this. >> i remember looking at jim biden saying how are you guys getting away with this? aren't you concerned? he looked at me and laughed a little bit and said plausible
6:51 am
denyability. >> he said it out loud? >> yes, directly to me in a cabana at the peninsula hotel after an hour and a half, two hour meeting. >> trace: tucker will have more on that coming up tomorrow night at 5:00. that's incredible stuff to hear, tom, what do you make of it? >> well it is. at this point they are allegations. i think they warrant further investigation. but look, it looks as though what what's happening is there was one story that was being publicly told. surface impression to create that element of plausible denyability. the facts on the ground, the truth, what was going on behind the scenes may have been something completely different. >> trace: coming full circle, tom, finally the laptop that everybody ignored is back in full play in this investigation. >> trace, that's what is so funny about this. there are so many bits of evidence floating around six months and nine months ago that people were not paying a lot of
6:52 am
attention to. all of a sudden the world changes. everything revolves around people looking at these things in a slightly different light now that we're after the election. >> trace: good so see you as always. thank you, sir. >> sandra: brand-new information this morning in the investigation into hunter biden just how long did attorney general bill barr know about this probe and why has he kept it largely from the public? chris wallace on that and more plus one state taking a brand-new approach to keeping small businesses alive despite strict shutdown measures. will it be enough? ♪ [ engines revving ] ♪ it's amazing to see them in the wild like th-- shhh. [ engine revs ]
6:53 am
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6:56 am
>> sandra: texas rolling out a new program to help businesses stay open during the pandemic. businesses, here to talk is the texas state director of independent business. i know you are helping promote this program to help businesses survive this. >> yes, good morning.
6:57 am
thank you for having us. governor abbott has come up with a thoughtful solution to help provide some relief for some small businesses as we wait for congress to act. he has rolled out a pilot program which will help with rapid testing employees so that an employer may not have to necessarily worry about exposure but if there is a concern about exposure they could rapidly test these employees and that will then keep the business open safely and it will keep people working and it will help with customer confidence as well. >> sandra: part of the problem with the rapid tests was getting access to them. how is the state able to secure enough tests to be able to roll this out? >> well, thanks in part to the department of health and human services they supplied the rapid testing supplies which will then be filtered through certain chambers of commerce in regions of texas where we've
6:58 am
seen the small businesses apply to the chambers for these rapid tests. i will tell you that cost of health insurance and everything that applies to the cost of health insurance for a small business owner has always been a major burden. the fact they've asked us to do the rapid test at no cost is going to be a major help for small businesses and again, keeping them open safely and providing confidence to those who want to patronize the business and keeping people in the workforce. >> sandra: is it regular administration of these tests or is this on a needed basis? how do you do it? >> well, as we've seen so far and this was just rolled out this week, a business can apply and then have that in their stock. so then they can apply the test as needed. so it will be up to the
6:59 am
business. obviously it probably won't be that so they'll use them, you know, as needed if an employee feels like they've been exposed and if you think about in the case of a restaurant, in certain cases restaurant would have to shut down three to four days waiting for a test result if they felt like an employee was exposed. in just one day can be a deal breaker when they've been shut down for so long early on during this crisis. >> sandra: a few seconds left. when talking to you about this you seem hopeful it could help some of those businesses really turn a corner in this pandemic and those especially that are trying to survive a tough time. >> yeah, there is a lot of uncertainty out there. we don't know how long the pandemic will last or know if congress is going to act to provide further relief. and so this is one step forward in helping with some certainty for small businesses, their employees and their customers. >> sandra: thanks or coming on
7:00 am
to talk about it. good luck. >> thank you so much. >> sandra: we'll continue to monitor that. fox news alert as we approach the top of a brand-new hour. the feds reportedly widening their criminal investigation into the biden family to include the president-elect's younger brother and his role in a now bankrupt healthcare company. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom" on this friday morning. i'm sandra smith. hi, trace. >> trace: good morning everyone, i'm trace gallagher. a report from the "wall street journal" that attorney general bill barr knew about the investigation into hunter biden's foreign business dealings well before the election but kept them from public view. reaction from republican senator marsha blackburn. >> well, this is one that they all got wrong, shannon. they knew and you know, joe biden's campaign team had to know he had been under federal investigation by the f.b.i., by
7:01 am
d.o.j. for it was a criminal investigation. >> trace: let's get to mike emanuel live for us in d.c. mike, good morning to you. the controversy for the bidens just seems to be growing and growing. >> good morning. various investigations looking into hunter biden's business and financial dealings. a powerful committee chair already investigating the biden's business activities is expressing this concern. >> these are the people that hunter biden and the bidens had foreign and financial entanglements with. what other connections do they have into china? we may only be just really the tip of the iceberg. >> the "wall street journal" reports bill barr knew about the investigations looking into hunter biden's business dealings since as least the spring and worked to keep the probes out of public view during the election. a spokesman for the attorney
7:02 am
general declined this morning. >> president trump: we have to get the attorney general to act. he has to act and he has to act fast and appoint somebody. this is major corruption and this has to be known about before the election. this has to be done early. so the attorney general has to act. >> there is also the president elect's brother jim. he and hunter have been accused of trading on their family name to land business dealers. tony bobulinski said members of the biden family dismissed concerns that their overseas work might damage joe biden's political future. >> i remember looking at jim biden and saying how are you guys getting away with this? aren't you concerned? he looked at me and laughed a little bit and said plausible denyability. >> he said that out loud? >> yes, directly to me. >> trace: fox has reported some of the hunter biden investigation dates back to
7:03 am
2018, trace. >> trace: thank you. >> sandra: all of this coming as president-elect biden prepares to take office next month. let's bring in "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace. seems like the days and weeks are going by pretty fast, chris. what do you see happening next with all this? >> well, i assume the justice department will continue its investigation. there is a direct investigation of hunter biden's taxes by the u.s. attorney in delaware. and as a broader criminal investigation, it is not as clear that hunter biden is part of that, in manhattan as well. it raises an interesting question, though. joe biden during the course of the campaign kept saying look, in my justice department i'm not going to be telling them what to do or telling them what not to do. it is the people's attorney, not my personal attorney. he hasn't named his attorney general yet and that person will have to go through senate confirmation.
7:04 am
you know one of the questions he or she will be asked is are you going to continue the investigations into the biden family? and will you change as normally a new administration comes in and change the u.s. attorney in various locations. will you keep on the u.s. attorneys that are conducting the matters in delaware and manhattan? >> everyone is wondering why he wouldn't have made public prior to the election. is that a reasonable question, chris? >> it's a reasonable question. i will say that justice department guidelines are that the justice department does not take any action in the weeks or even months leading up to an investigation -- to an election that would sway that election. so it would seem that barr was playing it by the book in not doing this. and remember the firestorm when james comey, the f.b.i. director, came out first in
7:05 am
july of 2016 and while he said there would be no prosecution of hillary clinton for her emails, he kind of roasted her and 11 days before the election he announced the investigation was being reopened because of information that was on anthony wiener's laptop. this is one of the situation if the f.b.i. or justice department says something just before an election they get roasted and if they don't say something just before the election they get roasted. you can be sure that donald trump is not happy today that his attorney general did not release the information that this long investigation since 2018 had been going on while all of the fuss about hunter biden was at its zenith during october days before the election. >> sandra: the president is calling on bill barr calling it major corruption. we'll see where it goes next. a lot may change by the time
7:06 am
your show airs this weekend. as far as the controversial biden picks so far, cabinet and team picks. susan rice as domestic policy advisor, what are we seeing so far about what his team will look like? that obviously made a big splash when this announcement came in yesterday. >> yeah. i'll get to rice in a second. i think overall his cabinet picks to me are notably centrist and moderate with the possible exception of neera tanden as the budget chief. janet yellen as treasury secretary. she is a long way from elizabeth warren. lloyd austin, he will need a waiver but not somebody to the far left of the democratic party. this is a four star retired general. susan rice is a different matter and it is interesting to note. a couple of things striking about this. first of all, he has appointed
7:07 am
her as his domestic policy -- the head of his domestic policy council. her experience to the best of my knowledge is overwhelmingly in foreign policy. she was on the nsc, a russia expert, the u.n. ambassador, national security advisor for barack obama. so it seems a little bit odd that she would be the domestic policy advisor and not in foreign policy. obviously she would have been a tough person to get through congress because of the statements that she made -- the misstatements she made about benghazi in october of 2012 just before the 2012 presidential election. what's notable is the head of the domestic policy council, that nomination does not go to the senate. she doesn't have to worry about confirmation. >> sandra: chris, you will likely have a big show coming up this weekend with all of these stories hitting this week. what should we expect? >> well, the biggest story, of course, is we hope that the fda
7:08 am
will come forward with approval of the pfizer vaccine. we think we'll have a top health official from the trump administration. we know on covid relief we'll be talking to senator joe manchin part of the so-called gang of eight, four republican senators and four democratic senators coming up with covid relief. we're further away from a deal today than a week ago. we'll talk to him about that and we'll also try to get his reaction. he is one of these very centrist republicans and out there saying look, if they try to end the filibuster i won't go for it. if they try to pack the supreme court i'm not going to go for it. be interesting to ask him what he thinks of some of these biden picks. a full "fox news sunday" not to mention the biden investigation we'll be talking about that as well. >> sandra: chris, we'll be watching. great to see you this morning. thank you. >> trace: we're now awaiting the fda's approval of the pfizer coronavirus vaccine for
7:09 am
emergency use. after an advisory panel voted 17-4 yesterday to green light it. mark meredith at the fda headquarters in silver spring, maryland. good morning. >> the fda is expected to give its approval any time now potentially over the weekend. we saw that advisory committee give its final blessing yesterday. we're still waiting for that final green light from the nda. pfizer has already gotten to work producing millions of doses of its vaccine to be distributed once it is approved. production will still need to be ramped up in the days and weeks ahead. that advisory committee voting 17-4 to give its blessing on this. a 95% efficacy rate and requires two doses. there will be work that goes into this. approved in canada and the united kingdom. health and human services alex azar says relief from the pandemic is within sight. >> we should be seeing the authorization of this first vaccine and as you just said we
7:10 am
will work with pfizer to get that shipped out and so we could be seeing people getting vaccinated monday, tuesday of next week. >> but president trump wants them to move faster. he said while my pushing the money fda saved five years in the approval of numerous great new vaccines it is still a big old slow turtle. get the damn vaccine out now, dr. hahn. stop playing games and start saving lives. the fda says they are working hard and fast. a statement earlier today saying they're working with pfizer to make sure it will be distributed once things are getting approved here. the moderna vaccine that the fda will consider next week. >> trace: mark, thank you. >> sandra: after all the chaos and occupied protest zones this year seattle is looking at big changes to the criminal code to excuse some misdemeanors. over a dozen states backing a
7:11 am
texas effort to overturn the results of the election in four key battleground states that joe biden won. arkansas attorney general leslie rutledge tells us why she is joining that fight next. >> i'm not going to give you false hope. this is a, you know an uphill battle it has been. but this lawsuit is real. with the va streamline refi at newday, there's no appraisal, no income verification, and no out of pocket costs. one call can save you $3000 a year. do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy, even a
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7:15 am
>> trace: 17 attorneys general won't put their reputation on the line with any case without real significant legal merit that is not on solid constitutional grounds. these six attorneys general are not going to waste their valuable time, their limited resources to sue other states without a legitimate cause and case. >> trace: sean hannity calling a texas lawsuit challenging election results in michigan, georgia, wisconsin, and pennsylvania the quote real deal. 17 states backing the effort including arkansas where state attorney general leslie rutledge is promising to fight to protect the integrity of the election process. and she joins us now. attorney general, thank you so much for joining us this morning. i think sean hannity makes a fair point there saying that a lot of these attorneys general
7:16 am
are going out and putting their reputations on the line. in your case, what's the biggest reason you are supporting this lawsuit? with >> this lawsuit is important to the integrity of our elections and to protect the votes of people from arkansas. the state of texas has sued and arkansas filed a motion to intervene that we want to make sure that arkansas's votes are protected. >> trace: the legal experts say you have to in the term of this lawsuit you have to prove injury. how exactly was arkansas harmed by what georgia, michigan, pennsylvania, and wisconsin did? >> sure, if they did not constitutionally adhere to the election laws. if they did in fact have a judiciary change the election laws right before at the election. if the state signed off as in georgia on a consent decree the constitution of the united states is clear that the
7:17 am
election laws are set by the legislature. in these states they weren't. if those states voted otherwise and illegally cast votes and it is not repaired, arkansas's six electoral votes will be diluted because these states didn't follow the same rules. >> trace: you look at the "wall street journal" and saying it's water under the bridge. it is too late. they quoted here the legal analysis will upset many readers who believe the election was stolen. democrat used the election as an excuse for mail in voting but gop should have fought those changes more competently before the election. in other words, had their chance and they didn't do it. >> well, had we filed these suits beforehand they would have said the issue is not right. you don't know yet whether or not you will be harmed. now we know we would be harmed if these states are in fact allowed to move forward having
7:18 am
changed again the rules of the game mid game. so they would have all said the case wasn't right. now they're saying it's too late. we can't please those legal experts. our argument is before the u.s. supreme court and they need to be the ones to decide it. >> i don't know exactly how -- what kind of schedule the supreme court ising to set. i'm hoping it is quick. i think america needs to get this resolved as quickly as possible and we just want the opportunity to have our arguments heard because we think they are good arguments based on the constitution and we think it is fair for all americans to have this done well and have it done soon. >> trace: the clock is ticking. what is your thought on the speed of this process? >> well, i agree with ken paxton from texas. we want the supreme court to act quickly. yesterday the defendant states were turned in and did their response, if you will. the six states filed our motion
7:19 am
to intervene along with the president filed a motion to intervene. we're hopeful the supreme court will take this up and hear arguments and make the ultimate decision. whether or not they send it back to the states to either have a new election or state legislature. that remedy will be up to the u.s. supreme court. they need to make the decision. this question will come up again. the american people need to know this was a fair election and they need to know this won't happen again. >> trace: arkansas attorney general leslie rutledge great of you to join us, ma'am, thank you. >> sandra: well, it is key to fighting the pandemic. airlines gearing up to distribute covid vaccines across the country. the challenges they face trying to pull that off. plus with congressman eric swalwell caught up in a china spy scandal how wide is beijing's espionage network here in the u.s. >> it wasn't that swalwell went to the f.b.i. the f.b.i. went to him knowing
7:20 am
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♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ you may pay as little as $25 for a 1-month or 3-month prescription. ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. >> trace: bottom of the hour. top stories. the u.s. topping 3300 coronavirus deaths in one day yesterday. that's the highest single day total since the pandemic began and more than the number of people who died in the 9/11 terrorist attack.
7:25 am
>> sandra: "time" magazine naming joe biden and kamala harris as person of the year. we'll have brand-new reaction to that coming up. >> trace: an investigation finding the f.b.i. probed at least six sexual misconduct allegations against some top officials but none faced disciplinary action even when reports were substantiated. for more on these and other stories download the fox news app, scan the qr code on your screen or go to >> this goes much deeper than just swalwell. when you think about it, if the speaker, nancy pelosi, and adam schiff knew this and kept him on the committee, that raises a very big question. it also raises a question when the democrats backed out of the bipartisan china task force, now it raises questions why would they do that? what's most interesting is the chinese have really focused on
7:26 am
northern california, silicon valley. dianne feinstein -- >> sandra: minority leader kevin mccarthy on the suspected chinese honey trap spy targeting u.s. congressmen. how much is china's spying. dan hoffman may have an answer to that question. how big is it, dan? >> it's extraordinarily diverse. they're operating in washington d.c. at the consulates in san francisco, new york, chicago, los angeles. the trump administration for good reason closed the consulate in houston and they were conducting spying operations there. they used all sorts of collectors and some very creative ways of stealing our secrets. a chinese subsidiary owned and run by a chinese general bought
7:27 am
100,000 acres of land in texas. this company g.h. america bought the land to build a windmill farm but they are plugging into our electrical grid an conducting espionage against the air force beige. they are ruthlessly focused on conducting espionage in this country. >> sandra: you have strong thoughts how it was handled. talking to members of the intel committee who have said. republican members who joined us saying they were not privy to this information and not briefed on this happening. nancy pelosi says that happened but these lawmakers told us that did not include brad wenstrup on the intel committee. so if it did happen, why wouldn't he have just come out and said this happened, informed the members of his committee, informed members of congress, put it behind him. learn from it and move on. >> when i was at cia we said
7:28 am
counter intelligence flaps are not like fine wine getting better with age. the most disturbing part of this, this case is five years old and we're only hearing about it today. we missed an opportunity to learn some lessons and take corrective action. we need to help our state and local elected officials whom the chinese are targeting ruthlessly. eric swalwell is one of them. he was a low-level council member when he was tar g*eted back in 2011. so getting out the indications and warnings to those who are under threat is critically important. we need to do that. and we haven't to this point at least. >> sandra: marc theesen joined us on this earlier. listen. >> the chinese threat is huge. think about what they did. they are going out -- he was recruited when he was -- targeted when he was a member of the dublin city council. they go after the young, rising politicians waiting for them to come to positions of prominence. it's a real danger.
7:29 am
>> sandra: contrast that with what we heard from nancy pelosi saying she is not concerned. listen. >> leadership of the house and the committee were informed that overtures from a chinese person were being made to members of congress. when that was made known to the members of congress, it was over. i don't know that it means we have to do background checks for every intern who comes into the capitol. >> sandra: according to nancy pelosi at that point it was over. >> yeah. i draw a distinction between the damage that was done. the f.b.i. said there is no indication that christine fang stole any classified from representative swalwell. but we risk -- again we take great risks by not sharing all the details of what happened. christine fang departed for china in 2015. there should have been no reason why at that point we
7:30 am
shouldn't have delivered a real serious analysis for the public at large so we were all aware and are forewarned and forearmed against china's ruthless espionage in this country. they practice their own espionage on their citizens and they're mounting a full throttle espionage campaign against us here. if we don't come together as democrats and republicans we won't be able to counter them very well. >> sandra: i have to leave it there. kevin mccarthy is demanding the f.b.i. brief him and some of the members of the intel committee. do you think it's going to happen? >> i think it should. i think the f.b.i. should brief the house and senate intel committees and congress should have a plan for helping our local and state officials so that they can better defend themselves against china's attacks. >> >> sandra: sounds reasonable. we'll see if that happens. thank you for joining us this morning. >> trace: the fda could approve
7:31 am
coronavirus vaccine's today by pfizer. the next task is transporting it across the country. casey stiegel live at dallas/ft. worth airport and airlines are cargo carriers are getting ready to ship the vaccine. good morning. >> for the first round of those doses pfizer said it will rely heavily on strategic transportation partners to get that precious cargo from point a to point b. united parcel service or ups is certainly one of them. in fact, ups has delivered vaccine kits already this week with all of the supplies needed to administer the vaccine once they get those vials. now, pfizer's formula has to be stormed at 94 degrees below zero. there is a lot going on behind the scenes to manufacture dry ice. and special shipping containers, freezers. this is all at a time when shipping carriers are slammed
7:32 am
with moving our holiday gifts. >> it's important to point out that right now we're in the middle of our peak season. we've also had even more volume because of the pandemic. ups is ready for this. we have capacity set aside in our system. >> now fedex making similar preparations getting planes ready. pfizer said the doses will be flown to major hubs across the country and then they will be transported by ground to the point of care or designated dosing centers. dhl is also a piece of that puzzle getting everything to all corners of the globe, as will most commercial airlines. however, passenger aircraft have certain restrictions when it comes to moving dry ice and other cargo. so they will actually be playing a larger role with future vaccines that don't have such stringest temperature
7:33 am
requirements. trace. >> trace: casey stiegel live for us at dfw. thank you. >> sandra: seattle looking at changing its criminal code to excuse most misdemeanors even as crime is spiking after occupied protests. should poverty be a defense for committing a crime? plus this. >> sandra: i remember looking at jim biden saying how are you guys getting away with this? aren't you concerned? and he looked at me and laughed a little bit and said plausible denyability. >> sandra: tucker carlson's exclusive interview with an ex-business partner of hunter biden as new things emerge in the investigation. what he says about the former v.p.'s claim that he knew nothing about his son's dealings.
7:34 am
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7:38 am
>> sandra: brand-new developments coming the light in the hunter biden investigation. critics are slamming the mainstream media for largely ignoring the scandal. some of what tony bobulinski told fox's tucker carlson in an exclusive interview. >> the former vice president said he had no knowledge whatsoever of his son's business dealings and not involved in them at all. but this sounds like direct involvement in them. >> that's a blatant lie when he states that. >> sandra: tucker's full interview airs this weekend. catch it tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern and sunday at 10:00 p.m. right here on the fox news channel. >> trace: seattle city council preparing to discuss changes to its criminal code. if approved it would make it the first city to excuse misdemeanor crimes if they can be linked to poverty or mental health disorder as crime has been up in seattle since the occupied zone protest over the summer.
7:39 am
let's bring in jason rantz, host of the jason rantz show in seattle. i want to make sure i have it right. you allow people less fortunate to commit crimes against local businesses and then city council is telling the businesses suck it up, we don't really care about you? >> pretty much. they're basically saying you have a legal excuse if you are trying to go after a basic need, which simply means you are excusing yourself saying there were no legal alternatives for you to have. but it has been so lopsided in this conversation. even the seattle city attorney's office is saying can we at least not have the individual who is homeless or dealing with some sort of mental illness have to at least acknowledge on the record they believe they had no legal alternative? and they are saying no, that's a little too far. what that means for practicality sake if they rob a grocery store on the same block as a food center that's literally handing out food for
7:40 am
free to the homeless, they can still get away for going after that grocery store. it is pretty maddening. >> trace: the definition of what's a crime and what's not is so wide that one of the city council staff members pointed this out quoting here, if somebody stole a bunch of cell phones and intended to resell them to pay their rent, it would apply to that defense. jason, what's next? can you walk into a bank and rob it as long as you are only robbing it for your rent money then you're good to go? >> for the most part so long as it doesn't get to a felony. when you look at the misdemeanors we're talking about, there are up to 100 that we go after. assault, intimidating someone with a weapon an person. it felt like we're talking about low level things here. the greater context is important about what shap evening in seattle. we have the culture of lawlessness and prolific offender problem where pretty much the same 100 or so
7:41 am
individuals keep breaking the law, not seeing any punishment, and then doing the same thing over and over and over again. you are making it easier for those people to continue down that behavior. the fear is does this only apply to seattle residents, this law, this affirmative defense? if not, does it mean someone can come from outside of the region who is destitute and low income, break a bunch of laws knowing if you do it in seattle you don't get in trouble? >> this city council member and this conversation could be mute. the city attorney in seattle pete holmes says his office is not prosecuting what he calls survival crimes and says the following. good prosecutors don't take any satisfaction in prosecuting that type of offense. we talked about it but they aren't being prosecuted anyway. >> it is kind of interesting. he is correct and it is a weird kind of flex to say we're not actually practicing law here as it is.
7:42 am
but the problem here is this codifies a policy into law which means let's say we get to replace pete holmes with someone who takes the issue seriously. it makes it more difficult to get back to a place where we prosecute these kinds of crimes. that's what this is about. not just poverty. you make the point about substance abuse and mental health. that is being driven into this law once it gets written. it is not simply proving you have a mental issue. the way it's currently being discussed is you have symptoms of either substance abuse or mental or emotional impairment simply saying i had a symptom of depression and what led me to do this. what prosecutor can prove you didn't have a symptom of depression at the time? >> trace: jason rantz, thank you, sir. we appreciate it. >> sandra: the fda may approve the pfizer covid vaccine any time now but when will people be able to start getting the first shots of that vaccine?
7:43 am
dr. marc siegel will be here on the next steps in that roll-out. >> we can see the end of the pandemic. it is really in our sight. if your dry eye symptoms keep coming back,
7:44 am
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>> trace: shortages of clorox wipes may last through the middle of last year. since the middle of next year. the company executive says demand is way up and they can't make enough to keep store shelves full. the third time clorox has pushed back the time frame for easing shortages for next year, not last year. >> as soon as we get the final documents signed by fda we'll give instruction on pfizer where to ship. they use fedex and ups and drop ship through a tightly controlled system to the 636
7:48 am
sites our governors have designated and we could see vaccinations beginning on monday or tuesday. >> sandra: that's health and human services secretary alex azar on pfizer's coronavirus vaccine. as we await approval for that some americans still have some concerns. dr. marc siegel professor of medicine. people are saying should i get this? could i have adverse effects? could i get sick from this? what are you telling your own patients? >> well, those are all excellent questions. what i'm telling them is we'll start off with the groups at the biggest risk of covid like in nursing homes where 40% of deaths are occurring or healthcare workers treating covid patients every day and could spread it from one patient to another. that's the group we start with. as we vaccinate those groups, we get millions of data. data on millions of patients
7:49 am
instead of thousands. then by the time the general population is ready i'm going to be able to tell them exactly what the risks are. what the side effects are. i'll tell you one thing i predict, sandra, i'm never going to tell them that this awful virus is less dangerous than the vaccine. the vaccine has got some transient side effects for 24 hours. mostly fatigue and headache. that's never going to be as bad as the risk of the virus itself. that's why this vaccine is so important 95% effective so far. >> sandra: which is why part of the warnings that we've heard from some of these health officials is you will get some side effects in those cases and know they're normal. they don't want people going to get the second follow-up shot to make it effective. the details we know so far about the pfizer vaccine. the vaccine efficacy rate is huge, dr. siegel. 95%. two doses as i just mentioned are required. 50 million are to be
7:50 am
manufactured this year. up to 1.3 billion manufactured next year. and that refrigeration point that we keep making has to be refrigerated for up to five days. dr. siegel, as we await the roll-out. how confident are you that we have the capacity, that we have the public will to get largely vaccinated as a country? >> i think we do. and i was very impressed with the press conference the other day about how fedex is working together with the army, with pfizer, with health and human services, with mckesson and all that. what i want our viewers to know, very important. two reasons to get vaccinated. one to protect you. one to protect others around you and society. we have to understand as a country that we need to get vaccinated to stamp this out. you aren't just protecting yourself. that's the first reason. but you are going to protect those around you to go towards what we call herd immunity. that can only occur with most of the country getting vaccinated.
7:51 am
>> sandra: final question i'm sure you probably have also thought a lot about how to make it easily accessible to people. they are more likely to go get it having their employer say you can to go a certain floor on a certain day and time to get it. what do you want to see so it's wide reaching fast? >> it is starting in major medical centers. that's good. pharmacies are getting involved. that's good. pharmacy chains are getting involved. that may be easier with the moderna vaccine that doesn't have to be kept as cold or the astrazeneca vaccine when that comes out. your point about employers. we'll have to reach the point where you can get it on the job and get it at schools. we aren't there yet. that will be in the spring, sandra. >> sandra: you heard from admiral giroir he is optimistic by the may/june time period any american who wants this vaccine will have it available to them. big news. we're hopeful, thank you. >> sandra: thank you, sandra. >> trace: "time" magazine naming joe biden and kamala
7:52 am
harris as its person of the year. does this pick carry an anti-trump message? plus the media under the microscope over the widening investigations into the biden family. did reporters drop the ball on the story? >> october surprise, you've heard that term. political slang for a damaging news story that appears in the final days of a campaign. this year we had one, one of the biggest october surprises ever. now walmart can help check off your gift list with free curbside pickup, fast delivery from your walmart store, or gifts shipped right to your door. let's end the year celebrating. ♪ three thousand dollars!! let's end the year celebrating. that's how much veteran homeowners can save every year by using their va benefits to refinance at newday. record low rates have dropped to new all time lows. with the va streamline refi there's no appraisal,
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7:56 am
>> trace: "time" magazine naming president-elect joe biden and kamala harris as its person of the year. it's profile taking sharp jabs at president trump. carley shimkus with fox news headlines 24/7 on sirous xm. for changing the american story and the forces of empathy are greater than the fury of division, for sharing a vision of healing in a grieving world they're times 2020 person of the year. don't you think they should at least wait maybe a year to see what kind of job they do? >> yeah. we've always been told the "time" magazine person of the year is not an award. it is given to the person for better or worse changes the world the most. they changed the rules this year. joe biden was in no position to change the world as a private citizen running for president.
7:57 am
he certainly presented his worldview but didn't change it. he was not the person responsible for responding to the coronavirus pandemic or protests and riots that took place this year. it reminds me of when former president obama received the nobel peace prize and he was confused why he got it. like you said they rationalized their decision saying that the forces of empathy are greater than the fury of division. the 75 million people who voted for president trump voted for the fury of division. that's a divisive comment. >> i won the nobel prize for what exactly? the editor of news buster. "time" magazine show their far left tilt and hatred for the 74 million americans who voted for president trump by picking joe biden and kamala harris. it really does feel like kind of a slap at trump while you
7:58 am
are praising biden. >> of course. that tweet is exactly right. if i had to pick somebody i would say pick the folks who created the coronavirus vaccine. those people have not been celebrated enough. i propose a parade in 2021. i think they should really at this point just change the name of the award to "time" magazine's liberal person of the year. it would be more fitting. >> trace: now let's talk about the sweater over on a different network. you can pick it up from here. >> yes, i hope we have a picture of the sweater on a cnn anchor. very nice fitting sweater. looks good on her. however, folks outside of her liberal media bubble would say this is the same network that spent three minutes on the eric swalwell china spy story this week because they interviewed eric swalwell, the same network that refused to cover the hunter biden email controversy before the election and refused to ask tough questions why did
7:59 am
joe biden say he had never spoken to his son about his foreign business dealings. is he the big guy that received 10%? does it have sway on how he is and serves as our commander-in-chief? none of those questions were asked on that network. i have a feeling they still won't be asking those tough questions, trace. >> trace: at the time the president of cnn said i don't think we should be repeating talking about the hunter biden story, repeating unsubstantiated smears just because the right wing media suggests we should. nothing like using those hunter biden's own emails to smear. that's like saying i don't know why we're using o.j.'s own blood from rocking hamm to bundy to try to prosecute him. that's not fair. >> it is the journalist's job to look into the story. we had tony bobulinski on our air and he was a recipient of some of those emails backing up what they said.
8:00 am
>> trace: yeah, exactly. great to see you, carley. >> sandra: thank you, trace. hunter biden under investigation and the media under the microscope. what some analysts accused of largely ignoring the controversy surrounding the president lekts son before the election. here we go. welcome to a brand-new hour on "america's newsroom" on friday morning. it's 11:00 a.m. on the east coast. hi, trace. >> trace: happy friday, everyone. i'm trace gallagher. the bias backlash against the "new york post" reporting on the feds investigating hunter biden's business dealings with near universal. some people who tweeted or posted about it were censored. news outlets suggested the story was the work of a russian disinformation campaign. >> she is receiving and is now regurgitating, repeating and disseminating disinformation that he knows to be fabricated and supplied by a foreign
8:01 am
intelligence service. >> rudy basically functioning as a russian asset by pushing russian disinformation. >> cnn reported that if these emails they talk about are connected to an ongoing russian disinformation effort. >> sandra: fox team coverage. howie kurtz will break down the media coverage of this hunter biden story. peter doocy will have the latest on the investigation itself and analysis from joe concha in a few moments. we begin with peter doocy live in wilmington, delaware this morning. has the biden team tried to clear up allegations in the "new york post" story from october? >> no, never, sandra. there has been no denial about the "new york post"'s findings or really an explanation or clarification. just anger that it was asked about at all. >> i know you would ask it. i have no response. it is another smear campaign. right up your alley. those are the questions you always ask. >> but this week the biden team
8:02 am
made the hunter story official, transition business having the taxpayer funded transition release a statement on behalf of hunter who doesn't work for the transition. an arrangement that brings new questions about how strictly biden will enforce this in his white house. >> my son, my family will not be involved in any business, any enterprise that is in conflict with or appears to be in conflict with an appropriate distance from the presidency and government. >> in the time between leaving the vice presidentsy and coming a 2020 candidate he made millions on the speaking circuit and selling books. he is not a subject of the investigation into his son. a whistleblower claims joe biden knows more than he is letting on about business deals made by hunter and jim biden, his brother. "politico" reports is caught up in another investigation about a hospital business he is connected to.
8:03 am
>> a kind person and i'm thinking about the biden family like how are they doing this? i know joe decided not to run in 2016 but what if he ran in the future? aren't they taking political risk or headline risk? and i remember looking at jim biden and saying how are you guys getting away with this? aren't you concerned? and he looked at me and laughed a little bit and said plausible denyability. >> 3 1/2 hours from right now joe biden is scheduled to introduce susan rice and other new staffing selections at an event here in wilmington. it is going to be the first time we have laid eyes on him since the hunter story broke. >> sandra: we'll wait for that. peter doocy, thank you. >> trace: for a closer look at how the media treated the hunter biden story both before and after the election let's go to howard kurtz in washington howie. >> trace, good morning. the simple fact is that much of
8:04 am
the media blew off or played down that "new york post" story on hunter biden's laptop censored by twitter during the fall campaign and criticized outlets for fox news like following up on it. npr refused to cover it saying we don't want to waste our time on stories that aren't stories. reporters for "politico" and "new york times" got smeared and some in the media dismissed it as a bunch of russian disinformation. important distinction. let's say hunter biden is guilty of tax fraud. at one point he owed tax liens. the question during the campaign is whether joe biden knew of or was in any way involved in his son's rather unseemly foreign influence peddling and we looked into this and found no role for joe biden but the two-year-old investigation is continuing. even now the story has gotten
8:05 am
limited air time on msnbc, on cnn. they tried to break the story this week and preempted by the biden transition office. a lot of air time on fox. and "the new york times" ran a lengthy piece and today following up by saying oh no-win situation for biden that could be damaging. mainstream media showed a lot more enthusiasm for the russia investigation, for the ukraine investigation. any hint of trouble involving president trump's kids than they have been and are for this probe of joe biden's son and this will be a challenge for the press in the coming weeks and months. trace. >> trace: indeed it will. howard kurtz, all good points. thank you, sir. >> sandra: our next guest writing in the hill media's pre-election burial of hunter biden's story proves dereliction of duty. what do you have to say, joe concha, the way it was covered and how it is covered now and
8:06 am
how things could have been much different if it got the attention it deserved. >> what we're witnessing in terms of this hunter biden story. now two bidens under federal investigation was both intentional and insidious. the first punch from traditional media as howie pointed out as far as blowing off the story. dismissing it and then if you even brought it up or even asked why isn't this being covered? why doesn't it have more inquiry? an exchange between lesley stahl and president trump. trump, i think it is one of the biggest scandals i've ever seen and you don't cover it. it can't be verified she replied. i'm telling you. it can be verified. excuse me, leslie, they found a laptop. it cannot be verified. you can't verify something when you don't look into it in the first place to verify it. that was the first punch. the second punch, the knock-out blow social media, sandra, mareking sure that that story
8:07 am
that is being dismissed if it gets reported, that will be censored and the accounts of people that share the story get locked out of their accounts. look, joe biden called this a smear campaign himself. that was echoed by journalists and by the way for all time sake russia disinformation and again if you dare broach the possibility of further inquiry you were mocked and laughed at in the most pious of ways. >> sandra: we remember this moment september 21st in iowa with our own peter doocy asking questions of joe biden. listen. >> mr. vice president, how many times have you ever spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings? >> i have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings. >> trace: how do you know >> here is what i know. i know trump deserves to be investigated. he is violating every basic norm of a president. you should be asking him the question why is he on the phone with a foreign leader trying to
8:08 am
intimidate a foreign leader if that's what happened? that appears that's what happened? >> sandra: daily news editorial board says the burden is on his father -- sorry, not on joe biden but on joe biden talking about hunter, his father, president-elect joe biden to insure the nation that his attorney general and federal prosecutors will follow the evidence wherever it leads. joe, with the time we have left your reaction to the cover of "time" magazine person of the year goes to joe biden and kamala harris. your thoughts on that as many are questioning in the middle of a pandemic why perhaps front line workers are not being celebrated and highlighted? >> so sandra, you and i on this show and other shows talk about bias in media. i will be biased now from a personal perspective. my wife is an e.r. doctor currently now and has been for nine months treating covid patients putting herself at
8:09 am
risk. her co-workers putting themselves as risk. the janitorial staff even at these places or all those essential workers that have been keeping this country going and saving as many lives as they possibly can. there was no doubt that they should have won this award here just as ebola workers did in 2014 under president obama. instead time magazine a shell of itself gives it to joe biden and kamala harris because it was the politically correct thing to do and what their readers wanted from a comfort forward perspective. >> sandra: it continues to see the dwidling evidence of influence i should say of that magazine. we were looking at "time" magazine circulation and you look just how it has been halved since the mid to late 1980s when you see them choose joe and kamala for their cover. our thank you to your life a front line worker in the pandemic in the emergency room, joe. thank you.
8:10 am
>> sandra, ran track in college like you. we have to get a race between you to. she was the 400 and 800. >> sandra: i'm sure she is faster than me, 1600 meters. >> it's on. >> sandra: tell her hello, thank you. >> trace: i hear sandra is very fast. minutes from the feds final stamp of approval before the first covid vaccine is ready for americans. how quickly we could see doses sent out upon approval is straight ahead. plus congressman eric swalwell facing more backlash over his reported ties to an alleged chinese spy. this as a former c.i.a. official warns there are likely more of these women out there. a live report on these chinese spy networks is next. attention veterans,
8:11 am
today's all time low mortgage rates just dropped even lower. veterans who refi now can save three thousand dollars a year. with newday's va streamline refi, there's no income verification, no appraisal and no out of pocket costs. one call can save you $3000 a year. $3000! that's a big deal.
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>> trace: we're awaiting the fda's final approval of pfizer vaccine. the head of the administration telling pfizer it will rapidly work to move it forward. health and human services secretary alex azar saying once it passes people may start getting it by monday or tuesday. >> china practices their own
8:15 am
orwellian espionage on their citizens and they're mounting a full throttle espionage campaign here. if we don't come together as democrats and republicans we can't counter them very well. >> sandra: that warning from senior official dan hoffman last hour on the threat of chinese spies infiltrating our government. it comes as congressman eric swalwell faces more scrutiny day for his ties to a suspected chinese spy. gillian turner live on that. what are republicans saying about all of this now? >> well, sandra, there is some serious blowback now for democrat eric swalwell facing a growing storm of criticism from republican colleagues over f.b.i. concerned he was ensnared by the spy and the opportunity to make the case that democrats are naive about the broader threat from china to the united states. take a listen to senator marsha blackburn. >> you have the chinese being
8:16 am
very comfortable and cozy with some of these democrat leaders and continuing to try to find inroads into the democratic party. >> house speaker nancy pelosi did drop a bit of a bombshell yesterday telling fox news during her presser that both democrats and republicans were briefed in the past at the same time about this threat from this alleged china spy. >> i do think that it's unfortunate that mr. mccarthy is trying the make an issue of this when his -- we all found out at the same time. >> we still don't know who briefed congressional leadership at the time. james comey was the f.b.i. director and former senior staffer on the house intelligence committee tells fox news at a comey briefing back then would have been standard operating procedure. swalwell himself is insisting he did nothing wrong and says this whole story is just a
8:17 am
scheme to seek political revenge from his adversaries. but he was it's important to note, one of president trump's fiercest critics during impeachment proceedings. take a listen. >> he is a repeat offender. crimes against our constitution and yes crimes that one day may be prosecuted statutorily. >> we're learning more today, sandra, from intelligence operatives as well as our own dan hoffman, a former c.i.a. operative, about the reality that china likely has hundreds if not thousands of operatives on the ground inside the united states today and thousands of operations going nationwide. the threat is definitely real and considerable. >> sandra: very important story. thank you. >> trace: for more on this let's bring in jim walsh, senior research associate at the mit security program.
8:18 am
dan hoffman, former c.i.a. operative saying he thinks china's mo is to flood the zone. do you believe there are no christina fang as out there trying to infiltrate and influence american politicians? >> certainly i think there are chinese personnel in the united states spying. everyone spies on everyone. the chinese are going to spend -- they were not seen as a leader in cloak and dagger type operations that your viewers think of when they think of spying but they have caught up more recently. i think it's good to step back and recognize we think about trying to pick a politician off or somebody like that. most spying is electronic. we've heard lots of stories of economic espionage by china. them stealing secrets. russian iminformation operations, these days most people operate through
8:19 am
electronics. with a little human intelligence. there is some. but it is really driven by electronics. >> trace: so what i hear you saying this is rare. this christina fang and go sboong the eric swalwell world is rare. it is mostly done, you believe, by going after, you know, our computers and so forth. >> both happens. you the end to get more from the electronic stuff. one of the big breaches was the 2015 when the chinese got into the federal government's office of personnel management. that was a huge, huge breach. i think again most countries, including some of our friends and it is understandable, they want to know what we're up to too. their security depends on it. the u.s. has lots of people walking around trying to, you know, pick up information. for the chinese they're also doing other things, right? they're keeping an eye on chinese dissidents on hong kong and uighur activists, there are a lot of things they do that maybe other countries don't do
8:20 am
in terms of spying because they don't have the same sort of problems. >> trace: you talked about u.s. security, jim. you know we had a federal prosecutor, u.s. attorney for utah was questioning whether or not eric swalwell should remain on the intel committee. let me play his sound bite and i'll get your response. >> we're still trying to figure out how or why he was put on that committee. having done so, he should have been the first to call out the efforts to criticize what was going on in china. >> trace: if he is going to be on the committee shouldn't he out this whole thing is the question there? >> my guess is this is not the first time -- i know it's not the first time where questions have been raised about a member's ability to serve on a committee. i don't know what the particular rules are. they should follow those rules. i don't think we should -- you know, all the reporting so far including the reporting from fox suggests that the congress person was not new
8:21 am
knowledgeable of it and a victim. maybe he was sloppy and made mistakes. we don't know enough to say. as far as who gets to sit on a committee they should follow what rules the house has, republicans or democrats they should follow those rules. >> trace: brings me back to what ratcliffe said in the "wall street journal." the big picture of china overall. beijing intends to dominate the u.s. and rest of the planet economically, militarily and technologically. many of their prominent companies offer a layer of camouflage to the activities of the chinese communist party. they have nefarious intent. your final thoughts. >> china sees us as an adversary and we see them as one. we're bumping into each other a lot. when friends spy on each other, you can imagine how foes spy on each other. i expect as china grows
8:22 am
stronger and wealthier it will increase its spying as we will spy on them. that's the way the game works unfortunately. >> trace: jim walsh, good insight. thank you, sir. >> thank you, trace. >> sandra: republican splintering on a texas lawsuit trying to throw out the election results in some key battleground states. should the supreme court take this up? we'll ask karl rove who is joining us live next. the governor is now being accused of telling people how to worship during the pandemic. we'll tackle that one with molly hemmingway. >> you don't have to sit in the church pew for god to hear your prayers. worship with a mask on is still worship. worship outside or worship online is still worship.
8:23 am
8:24 am
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8:26 am
8:27 am
>> sandra: some stories we're watching at the bottom of the hour. a father who murdered his daughter scheduled to die tonight. attorneys for the killer do not deny -- his low iq should spare him from lethal injection. >> trace: ben and jerry's honor coalian cape cape. the one time pro-football player says he hopes it will
8:28 am
help defund but also abolish the police. >> sandra: another big nfl star moving to the same exclusive island that jared kushner and vancouver trump plan to call home. tom brady and his wife are building a mansion on billionaire's bunker, an island in south florida. brady confirms his move there telling reporters you won't catch me dead back in the cold northeast. for more on these and other stories download the fox news apps or go to >> trace: pennsylvania telling the supreme court that texas is trying to decimate the electorate with a lawsuit seeking to throw out election results in four states won by joe biden. griff jenkins has more from washington griff. >> trace, yeah, things are moving. texas just moments ago filing their final brief. that is what the supreme court
8:29 am
was waiting on and they are asking in a suit backed by 17 other states for the supreme court to ultimately invalidate the results of four states, pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan, and georgia. in this filing attorney general of texas ken paxton writes this. texas does not ask the court to reelect president trump or disenfranchise of the majority of state voters. texas asks this court to recognize the fact that defendant states maladministration of the 2020 election makes it impossible to know which candidate garnered the majority of lawful votes. this after yesterday the four defendant states pushed back in their filings. pennsylvania attorney general wrote the state of texas has now added its voice to the to
8:30 am
bogus claims and yielding results for which it disagrees and -- now trace here is where things stand at this moment. we could hear from the supreme court issuing an order and this is a big if, but if the supreme court decided to hear this case, then they could move to request oral arguments or to be expeditious simply decide today, tomorrow, over the weekend based on the briefs alone. we simply don't know that. again, many legal experts say it is a long shot that the court even hears that. if you look back on tuesday when the court took some 45 minutes to not take up that pennsylvania case, things could move very quickly today. trace. >> trace: indeed they can. we'll get back to you as the news breaks. live in d.c. thank you, griff. >> sandra: some republicans including texas senator john cornyn are breaking from texas
8:31 am
attorney general ken paxton on the lawsuit suggesting it stands on shaky legal ground at best. here to talk about that is karl rove. former white house deputy chief of staff and fox news contributor. how should the republican party move forward with this? >> well, they don't need to move forward with it. what needs to happen is for the supreme court to rule on texas's claim. they want to invalidate the election results in georgia, michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin and have the supreme court block the electors from those states from voting next week which would mean no one would have 270 electoral votes. they want them to rule those states allowed illegal votes and for the supreme court to direct that states to make changes in how they count the ballots. and look, those states have already certified the election. i'm not a lawyer. i didn't stay in a holiday inn express last night. it seems to me this is a hail mary, maybe too little and way too late. i wouldn't be surprised at all
8:32 am
if the court didn't in the next few days basically refuse to allow that to move forward. >> sandra: interesting, karl. you reference the states involved here suing in this lawsuit over the battleground election results. we can put that up on the screen for you, those backing the lawsuit include missouri, arizona, alabama, arkansas, look for yourself on the screen there. meanwhile, senator john cornyn on the state's election lawsuit from the state of texas of course. states handle their own election laws and voting and you can make claims of constitutionality you know in that state in lawsuits but i've never seen anything like this, he said. so i don't know what the supreme court is going to do. i think it is pretty much unprecedented, karl. why are republicans so divided on this? >> well look, remember senator cornyn is a former state attorney general himself and a former texas supreme court
8:33 am
justice. before that a district court justice. he began his career of public service as a judge. he have is a legal scholar and look, it is an unusual claim. at the heart of this is texas is claiming that the four states in question violated their own election laws because they allowed the executive and judicial branches of their state governments to say things about the manner in which the elections were conducted and the constitution according to the texas claim gives that to the state legislatures. actually, the constitution as i read it says that the states shall set the manner and method of elections. so again, it is extraordinary. it is a state joined by others saying that four states violated their own laws. there will be a real question of is there standing here? trying to dictate the outcome of what those laws of how the states ought to run their own elections being dictated by a state filed by texas.
8:34 am
it's the 11th hour. the safe harbor date is past. think about it. they ask that next week the voters of georgia, michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin not be allowed to be represented in the electoral college and that would make it impossible for anybody to get the 270 votes needed to be elected president and could set up either what the texas case is asking for is have the supreme court dictate to the four states how they will count the ballots or potentially end up having it tossed into the u.s. house of representatives for resolution. >> sandra: we'll see what the supreme court ends up doing on that. you mentioned georgia with the two key runoff elections about to happen. what's the impact on that, karl? >> well, you know, i'm not really certain. the georgia attorney general a republican is defending georgia state law as are the other three state attorney generals
8:35 am
all democrats. michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin. all of them have the same argument which is we didn't violate our state laws. we executed our state laws as they were required and the idea that somehow or another we were doing what the law didn't allow us to do is inaccurate. now, this is a question. there seems to be in at least one of the briefs an acknowledgement there are concerns that the legitimate concerns about minor infractions in isolated instances. but every one of them takes the case that outcome of the election was certified by the appropriate state election authorities after a review of the procedures and in the case of georgia several recounts. >> sandra: all really important stuff. we'll be watching all of it. karl rove. great to talk to you this morning. >> trace: bloomberg news says chinese authorities detained one of its employees based in beijing. officers seen taking her from her home monday morning. authorities say she is being held on suspicion of endangering national security. the worker has been identified
8:36 am
as a chinese citizen. bloomberg says it is doing everything in its power to support her while trying to get more information. >> sandra: another prime target for china's plot to gain influence in our country. college campuses, but not undercover spies that schools need to look out for. we'll tell you what intelligence agents say what china is trying to do there instead. one family's christmas decoration earns them a fine from the homeowner's association. how the holiday played a role in their decision. fox nation host will join us on that.
8:37 am
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>> trace: virginia governor north ham said he knows what
8:41 am
god wants. don't worry if his rules don't fit with your faith. under fire for effectively telling people how they should and shouldn't worship. the governor making what some consider to be condescending remarks about religious services during a news conference on the state's latest coronavirus restrictions. watch. >> this year we need to think about what is truly the most important thing. is it the worship or the building? for me god is wherever you are. you don't have to sit in a church pew for god to hear your prayers. >> trace: molly hemmingway senior editor for the federalist and fox news contributor. why is a governor telling anybody how to worship? >> right. that is my governor telling people how to worship. governor north ham is due honor and respect as a politician but overstepped his role by being a teacher in the church.
8:42 am
he is teaching something false. he is articulating an actual theological concept called enthusiasm that a swiss theologian advanced. it is rejected by many christians whether they're lutheran like myself or catholic or orthodox it is essential to be gathered to receive the means of grace, the lord's supper which is a communal thing. northam is wrong when he thinks he can instruct people how to worship. it is a real unfortunate thing to see him trying to do this. >> trace: to your point the president of the catholic vote says quoting here, the governor's quotes are a mix of shameful -- the worship of god has always had a public de-- it goes on. we talk about hanukkah starting yesterday and of course that is
8:43 am
honoring an >> if he would have said something about muslims and how they should pray there would have been more flak. >> assembly is important. the original word for church means assembly. it is what synagogue means, too. it has always been a public thing. religion is a public thing and worship is a public thing. he is wrong and it does affect muslims and jews and christians and it is a shame because virginia has always had so much religious liberty thanks to thomas jefferson we have stronger protections than are guaranteed in the first amendment. i wish northam knew that. he is not operating -- he is beyond his role here and it is bad. we just saw there was a gallup study that came out showing people who are church going have been better able to handle
8:44 am
this pandemic in terms of mental health. there are all sorts of reasons why northam is wrong theologically or in terms of mental health as well. >> trace: the supreme court just ruled that barring religious services strike at the very heart of the first amendment's guarantee of religious liberty and of course governor cuomo responded to that i won't put up the quote saying it was just an opportunity for the court to express its philosophy and politics. it doesn't have any practical effect. 15 seconds to end this for us. >> well the first amendment has not just our religious liberty but the right of people to assembly. natural rights that no government can take away. not even someone like governor northam. >> trace: thank you, good to see you. >> sandra: north carolina family is being slapped with a $100 fine for a christmas deck caition. their homeowners association says the cross in their yard is okay for easter but not for
8:45 am
christmas. the family is refusing to take the cross down. the case is now under review. kat timpf is a fox nation host and fox news contributor. quite a story here. we saw pictures of that six foot cross in their yard. why would they receive a fine for doing that? >> they shouldn't. this is ridiculous. keep in mind i say this as somebody who has no religion whatsoever. okay? i used to be catholic. i'm lapsed. maybe someday i will find my way back. someone not religious i realize and well aware the cross is a symbol of christ and christmas is about that just as much as easter is. although easter is more about the resurrection. still i also know that as a christian you are supposed to be celebrating and practicing your faith every day of the year, right? so this could easily be this is a year round decoration someone might have crystals on their porch every day of the year.
8:46 am
it is insane makes zero sense to me and it is wrong. >> sandra: that's not the way the homeowner's association saw it. this was in the letter that they presented to the homeowner. the cross is appropriate for display during easter season but not a decoration during the christmas season unless biblical references can be provided noting the cross as a symbol of the christmas season for the board to reconsider the cross is not considered to be a christmas decoration. the family is refusing to take that cross down. and not until an eyewitness news reporter contacted the homeowners association did they then respond that they could keep the cross up while this was under review. the homeowner shot back battling the hoa. >> they didn't say go and look in the bylaws as far as it relates to the community. this is the reason why. not any of those things. they asked me to provide
8:47 am
biblical references. >> sandra: very emotional response from the homeowner there. >> good. i completely on the homeowners side here. i was laughing because i don't know if they know this, right? there is a lot going on right now. if you actually have enough time and energy in your life to be able to have this still be under review and focus on this you should be grateful. there are a lot of people really suffering right now with this pandemic and the shutdowns. if its bothers you don't stand in front of their house and look at it. >> sandra: i'm pretty sure many of us. i mentioned it to people who observed the same, a lot of people are putting up christmas decorations this year, holiday decorations in general. more so than i've seen in years past. so many people are home, so many people looking for symbols of joy and happiness and i really hope that they can work this out, the homeowner and the
8:48 am
association, i really do. we'll continue to follow that. >> again, you need to find something better to do with your time than try to take away someone's joy in this difficult period we're all experiencing. >> sandra: thank you, always good to see you. trace. >> trace: a surge of crime is hitting new york city corner groceries. why criminals may be targeting bodegas next.
8:49 am
8:50 am
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8:52 am
>> trace: lots of reports of crime increasing nationwide but in new york city the famous bodegas are plagued by the blood shed. corner stones usually family owned with some 20,000 in the city alone. according to police data obtained by "the new york times" there was a 63% increase in shootings either inside or
8:53 am
in front of bodegas and corner stores. the businesses seeing a 222% rise in burglaries. one store owner tells fox 5 in new york he has received advice from well-meaning nypd officers to let anybody who is stealing something leave and that it is not worth engaging them. >> sandra: after an unsuccessful reelection run matt rose is filing paperwork with the city finance board this week to allow him to fundraise for his campaign as mayor. "the new york times" is reporting that former democratic presidential candidate andrew yang may also be interested in that job and meeting with new york city power brokers telling them he intends to enter the race to succeed bill deblasio. >> trace: secretary of state mike pompeo saying china is buying influence at america's
8:54 am
colleges. china reportedly has given a billion dollars to american universities since 2013. jackie deangelis from fox business with a closer look. >> good morning. as you mentioned secretary of state mike pompeo earlier this week highlighted china's threat to u.s. security and free speech specifically on college campuses. his warning was u.s. colleges are basically bought by beijing in several different ways and that they are funding creates a situation where universities censor themselves to avoid upsetting the people's republic of china. according to a bloomberg report over a six-year period close to a billion dollars in gifts and contracts have come from beijing. 150 u.s. colleges got the gifts and harvard took the lead. now there are several ways that china is funding u.s. colleges. they don't always have to report it. there are also 400,000 students that come here to study from china and while the students
8:55 am
may not be compromised per se they often get tuition funding from home. what that does is create a reliance on this stream of revenue by the universities and the experts say that funding comes with strings and leaves us vulnerable. >> you have to look at if you are really serious the grotesque levels of tuition universities charge. the failure of state support for state universities and following the financial crisis the need for another source of four-year out of state tuition payers. that becomes china and that's a big vulnerability. >> the trump administration took a tough stance on china. hopes are the biden administration will do the same. tuition costs are high in the states. states don't provide enough funding to universities and that's where the need for the foreign revenue comes in. the hope is that the government can find a way to have some sort of filter for all of this. but at the current moment there isn't one, guys. >> trace: jackie deangelis from
8:56 am
the fox business network. thank you. >> sandra: the reemergence of the hunter biden investigation threatening to complicate the transition for president-elect joe biden. what president trump is now saying about that just ahead. ... i've got some terrific news for veteran homeowners from newday usa. interest rates have dropped to record lows. one call can save you $3,000 a year. newday's va streamline refi lets you refinance without having to verify your income, without getting your home appraised,
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9:00 am
>> trace: done. finished. >> it's beautiful, mid-town manhattan christmastime. but it's bizarre how empty the streets are. >> trace: beautiful. have a great weekend. everybody else do the same. >> sandra: we'll see you here monday morning. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. a stunning new report that attorney general bill barr knew about two federal investigations in to hunter biden's business dealings and had known since last the spring. however, work to keep that information from the public as the election loomed. that is according to the "wall street journal." president trump tweeted this -- "now it turns out that my phone call to the president of ukraine, which many including me, called perfect is even better than that. predicted biden corruption said to call the attorney general who perhaps knew of the corruption during the impeachment hoax?"


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