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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  December 11, 2020 10:00am-11:01am PST

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thank you to everyone. brian, emily, tomi and to you. happy friday. now here is harris. >> harris: growing controversies now for joe biden as we are learning about another federal investigation within his family. "outnumbered overtime" now. i'm harris faulkner. the feds are investigating joe biden's brother james over his role in the now bankrupt hospital business. biden's son hunter faces a federal probe over the overseas business dealings. hanging over all of it, what did president-elect joe biden know as it was all unfolding >> harris: conservative radio host mark levine weighs in. >> every newsroom in america bar a few covered up the story. a huge story. now early voting and mail-in voting. if this man becomes president of the united states, the
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family is crooked. no wonder china wants the family in office. >> harris: president trump steps up the criticism of the media for largely ignoring the hunter biden matter in the run up to the election. we'll get reaction from hogan giddily coming up. along with governor mike huckabee and ken paxson of a critical lawsuit underway regarding the election integrity. i will talk to him about it. i want to begin in peter doocy live in wilmington, delaware. peter? >> in 20 minutes we will see joe biden for the first time about the story of his son being investigated. the most detail we have gotten to date about the accusations that hunter biden's business deals with china weren't always on the up and up was actually in october on the debate stage.
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>> president-elect biden: my son has not made money in terms of what you are talking about, china. >> biden made millions on the speaking circuit and selling books. he has released the tax return and he is not the subject of the investigation in to his son. he claims to not know anything about hunter's business dealings but a whistleblower claims that biden knows more that he is letting on about the deals made by hunter and jim biden his brother. >> i remember looking at him saying aren't you concerned? he looked and he laughed and said, "plausible deniability." >> he did it out loud? >> he said to me one-on-one at the peninsula hotel half an hour and a half to two hour meeting. >> jim biden is caught up in a separate investigation that is
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died to a hospital company he works with. the whistleblower claim about china fox news tried asking also in october. >> i want to ask you about the china deal. >> would you please stop bothering me? >> the hunter biden story was official transition team business this week because the one thing that we have seen from hunter biden came from the office of the taxpayers funded transition. even though hunter biden doesn't work for the transition team. harris? >> harris: peter, thank you very much. the trump campaign national press secretary hogan giddily g. it's always good to see you. i want your top line thoughts of what is breaking, with the second investigation in the biden family with his brother james. >> 99% to what we talking about today we knew about
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months ago. at the campaign we had conference calls with hundreds of members of the main stream media on the call and we outlined the verified information that the biden family under criminal investigation by the f.b.i. money laundering was potentially the charge on the table. the media refused to cover it. we had tony bobulinski, you played a clip from him. he came on the record that biden was lying about what he knew. we had texas messages and e-mails. the media refused to cover it and they focused on the fake phony russian witch hunt for three years.
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they wouldn't cover biden's malfeasance for three seconds. it was totally egregious. that is why they are the bunch line. they are not just nice what they cover or don't cover but bias in how they cover and it pushes the personal agenda. you see it because of this right here. >> harris: we are not painted with the brush. but i hear what you are saying. i know you know this professionally because you were speaking for the president in the russia investigation at the white house as the detective press secretary. you personally felt some of this flow back from members of the media. >> i was in journalists before i got to the politics and i worked for huckabee. one of your upcoming guests. i know how the game is played.
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but to give flak to my office or the white house or the campaign to tell them you only have a shadowy source, or rogue actor in the background. tony bobulinski was part of the business deals and willing to go on the record. the media refused to cover it. thaw called it russian disinformation. talk about one of the all-time lies. the overused word in the last four years is "bombshell." this was truly a bombshell. that shows the der recollection of the duty on behalf of the main stream media. yes, the president suffered. that i shall media was made to destroy the president to prop up biden. that is what they did for the last three years on the russian investigation. and four years when the president was in office and the entirety of the campaign.
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this is obvious. >> harris: i want to get to this. the "wall street journal" today, hogan, reporting that attorney general bill barr knew about the investigations in to biden since at least the spring. worked to keep them from going public ahead of the election. this is what president trump said weeks before the election. >> we have to get the attorney general to act. he has to act. he has to act and appoint somebody. this is major corruption. this has to be known about before the election. this has to be done early so the attorney general has to act. >> he did act. i don't know what he could say what he was acting on. >> again. this shows that there is a deep state acted against the president from day one. we know about peter strozk and page trying to take down the
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president. the d.o.j. knew this was real and what was going on was dangerous for the country, too. not just profiteering off of the daddy name. not off of the big guy. covering this up and not allowing the american people to know it and to pri the end this reason it doesn't come forward is it would affect the election. not bringing it forward affected the election as well. if you want to talk about what was rigged the media played a part of this by the bias and refusal to cover these things against the president. what they did at the state level, violating the constitution. the unsolicitting universal ballots and the big tech con somewhering the conservatives and a -- conservatives and the different point of view.
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this is what thaw collaborated against the president to attack him on. they felt so bad in 2019. the media did its job. they knew it hurt her in the campaign. >> harris: i want to get back to the attorney general. he was taking action. i don't know how much he can say about that but what would the president want him to do now? he said special counsel, prosecutor, that we saw with the john durram case and his report. it would preserve the next
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administration. >> a lot of the things sink in the d.c. swamp. where is the durham report? where the people held accountable who attacked the president and went after the family and wiretapped and spied on the campaign? >> harris: that good question for john durham. >> absolutely. if they did this, they would be in federal president now. the swamp recycles its own. this allows them to security the law and get the cush jobs at a firm in d.c. inside the beltway. or a federal job with biden. though the family is under investigation for the potential money laundering and other things we now know. >> harris: something we'll all be watching is the decision that president-elect biden make for the attorney general. that is an announcement that we will anticipate and watch for that. >> for predictions.
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they won't answer any questions about it. that is a prediction. >> president-elect biden said he won't push for exoneration or prosecution. i was going to say i haven't seen you. happy holidays. >> thank you so much. >> harris: millions of americans are a step closer to getting the covid-19 vaccination. we are live where the trucks are ready to deliver the vaccine when the final decision comes down from the f.d.a. expected at any moment and at any time. and this. >> we will keep georgia. we'll save the senate and then we'll save america! >> harris: the g.o.p. reinforcement headed down to georgia. both sides ramp up the get out
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the vote effort. governor huckabee on the runoff races to decide the control of the senate. there he is, live. hi, gov!
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the stakes in this election have never been higher. the choice in this election has never been clearer. i'm here because of who they are. i'm here because of all we've done. but i'm here because this choice is so stark. >> harris: vice president pence stumping for votes in georgia ahead of two runoffs that will decide the control of the u.s. senate. this is as sarah palin and congressman jim jordan are in georgia today as part of a
10:17 am
save america tour. both political parties and their allies are ramping up their door-to-door get out the vote efforts ahead of the january 5 runoff. a powerful conservative group says the ground game will be the deal-maker. former arkansas governor and fox news contributor mike huckabee. governor, great to see you on the program today. what is at stake in georgia? >> well, i think everything is at stake for the country. this isn't just about georgia anymore. this is unusual to have the two senate races that come up at the same time. normally the terms are staggered between 4-6 years. so you have an appointed seat and then a regular elected seat that both coincide at the same time. now you've got runoffs. but what makes this bigger is will decide the balance of the senate and should joe biden prevail, and end up being sworn in, then what you will have a very, very touchy
10:18 am
situation. if the democrats control the white house, the senate and the house, it's like giving car keys to a corvette to a 14-year-old and free access to the liquor cabinet. we are going to be in a world of hurt if that were to happen in terms of those of us who believe that the government eight to do less, not a whole lot more and not should spend our money but should be more careful. that is what is at stake. >> harris: do you think that the democrats will hit that point on point or do you think what comes from their side of the aisle now. and the notion that all pal ticks is local. georgia may not care so much about the big other role. >> if they don't care about the national implication, care about the local implication. do they believe the control is good for prices on the shell? losing the trump tax cuts that gave every georgia household average of $6,000 is not worth
10:19 am
much and they would love to give it back to the government so the government can waste it? do they want china to come back in and have free rein our country and run right over us with unfair trade agreements? back to nafta days instead of the usmca days? do they want restrictions on abortion or how many ways you can kill a baby? there is a a lot at stake for georgia. this is also about the people of georgia adds well. >> harris: i want to turn to this. democrats are demanding that sylvester stallone detail the natur --demanding that eric stal give more information about his relationship with a chinese spy. and they said this. >> this is disturbing for any member of the congress to be compromised by the chinese communist party. if you sit on the select
10:20 am
committee that has oversight over the intelligence agencies, that gets the highly classified briefings with the adversaries like china and russia. eric stallwell is compromise and he needs to step down. >> harris: governor, your thoughts? >> she is 100% right. we don't know if he had a dalliance with the chinese and the spies that did the best to get hooks in to him. this is important that he step aside from the committee assignment. there is too much to be compromised. i don't think he will. this is a guy that lied about russia, russia, russia and the president was compromised with russia. if anybody has ever been
10:21 am
compromised it's eric swalwell with china. he needs to own up and own his mistake. >> harris: let me ask you this. i have talked with the c.i.a. experts and i talk with the people who do a lot of the vetting when you are going to run for president and the other offices. i imagine you have run for president, too, by the time you get to the point where use are a re-elected sitting member of congress you have invested a bit. there was a healthy heads up of the meeting. what do you think of what might have gone on? how is it handled? >> i can't imagine. by the way, thank you for bringing up that i ran for president. we know how that turned out. >> harris: oh, stop. >> that's okay. we still love you. the number one thing you do as a candidate opposition research. but the first person you research is yourself. that is where you spend the most money. you find out everything that
10:22 am
your opponents are going to find out about you because they will. you build a notebook and figure out what could be out there that could hurt you. my record, my opposition research on myself is only page and a half. nonsignificant things. i'm only kidding. we all have stuff, it may not be damaging if it were true or if it were explained but there is a maxim in politics if you are explaining, you are losing. you need to know what you will have to explain. eric swalwell is probably not the smartest guy in congress but he is smart enough to have the situation that all of the relationships maybe ways that he had encounters was going to
10:23 am
come out. i can't believe he wouldn't think it would. >> thank you. you make me laugh. >> i try. >> harris: have a great weekend. >> thank you. the states are once again tightening the restrictions as the covid-19 cases are surging across the country. our hearts break for all that is happening now. all of it. including businesses lost and livelihood and the mental illness. all of it. why a san francisco restaurant owner says she feels powerless from the changing rules an how desperate she is to stay in business and what she is doing to do just that. and f.d.a. is close to granting emergency authorization for the coronavirus vaccine. how quickly will we see doses sent out after they are approved? live coverage coming up. alright, i brought in ensure max protein to give you the protein you need
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well, what we have said to pfizer is that we intend to grant authorization for the vaccine. we could see the vaccinations on monday or tuesday. depending when the f.d.a. gets everything signed. >> harris: health and human services secretary alex azar now saying that the first vaccines could be given in the united states as early as next week and says the f.d.a. is on the verge of approving the pfizer vaccine. fox team coverage. casey stegall has more on the widespread distribution. let's begin with mike tobin live at the pfizer manufacturing plant in kalamazoo, michigan, where the trucks are lined up and ready to go. mike? >> if the emergency authorization approved soon, some suggest it will happen soon. but 24 hours within that
10:29 am
happening the million of doses can roll out of the massive facility in kalamazoo, michigan. another in wisconsin. this could happen in 240 hours. health and service secretary alex azar told joe bartolomeo it means that needles could go in the arms monday or tuesday 2. .9 million doses could move right away. it will require a second shot, three weeks after the first one. the trials show that th it was 50% effective with the first and 25% effective with -- 95% effect with the second shot. the message is it's not over but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. >> thank you. good to see you. >> you got it. >> casey stegall is live for us at the dallas fort worth international airport. looking how it will be
10:30 am
distributed across america. casey? >> it's good to see you. getting the vaccine from the point "a" to point "b" will be a well-choreographed and rehearsed chain of events. a lot of players here. fedex, ups and d.h.l. will fly doses to the designated airport hubs across the country. the packages will be loaded to the vehicle and taken to the awaiting point of the care locations or the dosing centers in the first americans' arms. >> we have informed the drivers across the country what is in the boxes and how important it is. so our goal is to have 100% accuracy in delivering those. >> now pfizer's formula has to be kept at the 96 degrees below 0. so the large freezer units or the farms like this at the
10:31 am
fedex h.q. in tennessee will be used. the specially engineered packaging has to be implemen implemented. commercial airlines will play a role to fly around the country. it will work like a well oiled machine. harris? >> harris: we pray for that. casey stegall, good to see you. thank you. outrage after the media accused of covering up the hunter biden election. plus, 18 states backing the texas lawsuit to toss the electors in. and ken paxton will join me to talk about where the case stands now as the white house steps up its support. the lawsuit clearly says the constitution matters or it's a
10:32 am
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10:37 am
story and criticized fox news for following up on it. m.p.r. refused to cover it. they said we don't want to waste our time for the stories that are not stories. we got slammed from the left mentioning the mere existence of the post story. they wanted to portray this as a russian disinformation. there is a distinction here. say hunter is biden is guilty of tax fraud. he has had tax problems in the past. the question in the campaign is whether biden was involved in his son's unseemly influence peddling. they are looking in the text and the e-mails and they found no evidence of the biden role in the aborted deal with china. you have a situation that the story got limited airtime on msnbc or cnn. cnn tried to break the story and they were preemitted by the transition office. there was a lengthy piece
10:38 am
yesterday. in a followup today the times says this is a no win situation for biden that could be somewhere, end up between just distraction or the politically and legally perilous. the final point, this is fair to say that the main stream media had more enthusiasm for the russia investigation. anything that involved trump's children. but we don't see the same enthusiasm for those with biden's son. >> harris: thank you. great to see you. i'll go to power panel. remember this from trump and leslie stahl in october? >> i wish you would interview biden like you interview me. >> you like this, i thought. >> i like it fine. but they watch him come out of
10:39 am
a store getting ice cream and they ask him what ice cream do you have. he is in the midst of a scandal. >> he is not. >> of course he is, leslie. >> c'mon. >> of course he is. >> harris: power panel lisa booth and leslie marshall. both fox news contributors. lisa, the president might have been right about that in october. he would be right about it now. it's a scandal. >> absolutely. not just this. the media is broken. what we have seen in the past four years and what president trump has done is expose preverse bias that exists in the media. he brought to light a lot of the world view of the individuals who work in the media. the notion of objectivity died in the last four years. it wasn't enough to ignore the story. the media actively worked to run interference for joe biden. and what we saw was in 2019, they said there was no evidence of any wrongdoing of
10:40 am
hunter or joe biden. when hunter e-mail surfaced, that nobody in the biden camp denied the authenticity of them, they told us it was the russian disinformation. they never tried to -- they ignored the successes of the trump operation. >> the irony here, too, i see. this is something i want to ask the president elect about. that is that this was simply look for answers. the scandalous part and the uneveryoneness of the coverage and this nonan site for getting to the facts -- non-appetite to get to the facts. it might be what you have said all along something that was nothing more or wouldn't but
10:41 am
no one is willing to ask. >> first, journalism 101, you have put it out there to let the public decide. i respect leslie stahl greatly as a journalist. in her defense at the time known of us knew that the attorney general office or the f.b.i. investigating joe biden. even before a.g. barr was a.g. barr. this is not about biden. republican committee in december said they found zero evidence to die biden to any of this, that there wasn't any evidence of wrongdoing by the president elect. the scandal surrounds hunter biden and it could be a distraction. speaking of the distraction. in the media's defense when the story about the "new york post" came out and they should have reported on it and everyone more so there were bigger news items. one is the election. of course, the pandemic. the surge many areas started to have after we thought maybe we turned the corner with
10:42 am
regard to covid. >> harris: you know, i hear you say that. i saw the competing way that the democrats handled the impeachment. again, we had pandemic coming. so i don't know where you are going but go ahead. >> this is about joe biden. to say he had no involvement, sorry, that is not true. >> so the republicans are lying about the report -- >> leslie, aim not finished. leslie, you are wrong. that report came out before hunter biden e-mail surfaced. i'll give examples. the official china trip of 2013 when then vice president biden brought air force biden to air force 2 and met with lee, a business partner of biden. two weeks later, hunter biden got a $1 billion private equity deal. looking at the e-mail
10:43 am
surfaced, no one denied the official of this, but there was a burisma official thanking him to introduce him to his father joe biden less than a year before biden called and forced the ousting of the top prosecutor investing for the holdings. then you have tony bobulinski a business partner of the biden who went on record to say this biden stood to benefit from a deal with an energy company who had ties to the chinese government. so look at those items. we need to get to the bottom of that. >> harris: i'll have to let you know and bring you back another time. thank you very much. we'll continue to coverage this obviously. president trump and 18 states now backing an election lawsuit filed by the texas attorney general. overturn the election results in key swing states. however, some critics are calling it hail mary. a longshot. the texas attorney general ken
10:44 am
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attorney general are not putting reputation on the line in any case without the real
10:48 am
significant legal effort. this is a herculean battle. it always has been. but the lawsuit is real, it's the real deal and right on the law and right on the constitution. it deserves to be heard. >> harris: that is sean hannity with his stake. they are challenging the results of four states and 100 house republicans support the effort. however, now, pennsylvania attorney general unleashed and the supreme court brief saying that texas literally seeks to decimate the electorate. the court should not abide this seditious abuse of the judicial process and send clear and unmistaken signal such abuse must never be legislated. joining me now is the texas attorney general ken paxson. paxton.
10:49 am
good to see you. >> good to see you. >> harris: what is your response to that? if you hear a word like "seditious" that is serious. what is your response? >> they are giving us an opportunity instead of fight with gun but to go to court and settle it civilly. this is the place to do it's the only place we can file so calling it seditious is ridiculous. >> harris: how surprised are you, attorney general paxton, that you got the support. 18 states. more than 100 republicans on the hill. how much does it make a difference? >> i think it makes a big difference. this shows the supreme court and the country the issues matter. not just for this election but for the elections that are come something people have confident and they can crust
10:50 am
that the vote matters. it's a sign people care about the issue. i'm happy about it. >> is this the hail mary some are calling it? i want to bring something up from the "wall street journal," the editorial board that call the lawsuit a long shot. to take mr. paxton's case they would have to set a new standard to accept the result in four states and disenfranchise million of voters. >> met me say i remember the hail mary pass. roger staubagh and they completed the hail mary pass. this is where we have to go. this is not a new thing that the state versus the lawsuit goes to the supreme court. this is not unusual. unusual for the seven states that are suing four states but it's not unusual that a state versus state request would go in front of the supreme court. that is the only place we can
10:51 am
go. there is no other place to go. >> harris: absolutely! and attorneys i have spoken with, even other attorneys general formerly i talked with said the state-to-state is where the u.s. supreme court comes in. the question is whether or not a state can say how another state handles the election. >> we are not necessarily saying we know how to run the election but we say that the constitution requires that the state legislature to set the rules and the laws as it relates to the federal elections. their responseth. we did it and other states failed to do it. they didn't follow their own state law. that matters and it affects my voters and those across the country. >> the timing of this matters. talk to me about what is next. >> this is completely now we have responded and we filed
10:52 am
our response to the response of the four defendant states. now we wait for the u.s. supreme court who will hopefully gives a chance to hear the case heard. we have not been in front of any other court. almost every other case you fail you -- every other case you file you have an opportunity to be in front of somebody and get your day in court. we have not had that opportunity. for something this important, i hope that the supreme court will hear us and hear us fast. >> we will cover it as it happens. attorney general from the great state of texas, ken paxton. it's good to see you. thank you. >> thank you, harris. >> many restaurants are wondering how they will survive. indoor dining is banned again in largest city and other cities have harsher restrictions in place. joining me next, a restaurant owner on her struggle to save her livelihood and her workers' jobs. ♪ you're still the one ♪ that i love to touch
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>> the hospitalizations have continued to increase in new york city. we said that we would watch it, if the hospital rate didn't stablize, we would close indoor dining. we are going to close indoor dining in new york city monday. outdoor dining and takeout continues. >> harris: that news breaking in just the last hour or so right here on outnumbered and overtime. america's small businesses are under siege. many are wondering if they can survive the pandemic, as more states are tightening and reimposing restrictions in some areas. just today, new york's governor said indoor dining will be shut down in new york city beginning monday. my next guest owns four restaurants in san francisco, where outdoor and indoor dining are still banned. amanda michael, owner of the jane restaurant group. amanda, thanks for being with me
10:58 am
today. >> thank you. >> harris: i have been talking with business owners across the country because i'm trying to get an idea of what happens as we start to heal. we've lost so much human life. but as we start to heal and get past the pandemic, i'm reading a lot of businesses like yours won't be here anymore. what's happening? >> you know, it's been such a challenging few months, i guess eight or nine months now. since the initial shutdown, we initially lost probably 80% of our business overnight and have just spent the past six months trying to claw our way back, pivoting to only takeout, pivoting to delivery, outdoor dining, limited indoor dining, back to outdoor dining, then curfews, then no dining. just trying to kind of keep up with all the changing regulations has been -- has just been incredibly challenging. you know, at the end of the day,
10:59 am
i love what i do. i love serving customers. i love creating community. i love bringing people joy. i mean, i'm relatively optimistic. we opened a new location during all of this because i believed we could get through it. but, you know, it gets harder and harder every time as the regulations keep shifting. laying people off is an awful thing, looking at that during the holidays, the staff that's been so committed to keeping things going. we get shut down again. you just try to keep up with the times and keep positive. >> harris: do you trust the people making the decisions? >> you know, that's a loaded question. i mean, i do and i don't. i know these decisions can't be easy to make, but i do feel like a lot of them are not necessarily founded in good numbers. we've been doing outdoor dining
11:00 am
successfully in san francisco since june and there was not a spike tied to outdoor dining. i can understand indoor dining, but, you know, the outdoor dining. >> harris: the question we all have, and i'm sorry to cut us short today but i'll bring you back, amanda michael. thank you. "the daily briefing now." >> dana: hello, everyone. i'm dana perrino and this is "the daily briefing." we are learning just how long attorney general william barr may have known about the justice department's investigation into hunter biden's tax and business deals and how long he kept quiet about that. we have team fox coverage. ari fleisher standing by with reaction. let's begin with mike emanuel. he's live in washington.


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