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tv   Bill Hemmer Reports  FOX News  December 11, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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all sorts of shenanigans. we have facebook friday. always a blast. hey, hemmer. how you doing? >> bill: doing well. i fired a few questions for facebook friday. >> good. we'll figure out which are yours. >> bill: i want to learn about your life. have a great weekend. we have news popping right now. good afternoon. it's friday on this made in america. i'm bill hemmer. numerous reports at the white house is cranking up the pressure on the fda with the vaccine. the fda chief pushing back on that. the suggestion is that the white house chief of staff mark meadows ordered dr. hahn to authorize the vaccine today or resign. whatever the case, we know this, as of this hour, the first doses may start as early as monday. this week, however, we mark the milestone in america, the daily number of deaths earlier this week hit more than 3,000 in one day. health and human services
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secretary alex azar kicks off our hour. welcome back. a good afternoon to you. >> good to be with you, bill. thanks for having me. >> i saw a couple of interviews. the shots go in the arms monday or tuesday. i think that's fantastic news. what is wrong with yesterday? >> well, we have to get the fda approval done. today is a historic day for the american people. at 7:00 a.m. today, the fda announced they had communicated to pfizer that we will be approving their emergency use authorization as a product of fda's independent scientific review process. so we should be getting that approval signed at some point today, tomorrow as soon as fda can get everything worked out with pfizer. we're already shipping the kits -- >> bill: let's do it. i'm hering todd beamer's voice here. let's roll. let's go. listen, amazing work. operation warp speed has succeeded in ways that no one
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could imagine in january and february of this year. here's the question. you broke down walls of bureaucracy that nobody thought about. did we not go far enough? should we have reformed the fda to get that out already? >> this is 11 months since this arrived on our shores. it's never been done before. the previous vaccines were four years to get out. i'll tell you, there were a couple of people that did think it could get done. president trump thought it could get done. he told me we can get this done faster. i told him i thought given my knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and of the resources the u.s. government we could get it done. we did operation warp speed and here we are today. it's unbelievable. >> bill: i know you're with hhs and some of this conversation may not be fair to you. i'm asking you questions about the fda. but here's what the president said. a still big old slow turtle. get the damn vaccines out now.
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dr. hahn at the fda, symptom playing games and start saving lice. would you address that comment there about the speed? >> well, listen, president trump has from day one had a tremendous sense of urgency about our work but he's also given me the ability and the secretary of defense the ability to run the process with independence here and that's what has led to these incredible results. every day, every hour, focused on a tremendous sense of urgency. at the end of the day, what the the american people need to know, the fda has and will only make decisions based on their independent judgment of science, evidence and the law. >> we wait. new york city is going to ban indoor dining. is that the right call? >> you know, we tried to defer to our mayors and governors about the community mitigation steps that they're going to take and whether they do it by law or by advice. let's be clear. we are seeing spread of disease from people in overcrowded indoor restaurants and
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overcrowded bars. then actions -- >> bill: because in new york, the law is 25% indoors. so they're going to go to zero as of monday. these people will suffer greatly. where is the data that supports indoor dining spreads covid-19? >> we have data saying that in the indoor bar settings we have spread. whether it's 25%, 50% or zero, we don't have precise levels of data like that. you know, we did see with phoenix -- you know, the outbreaks in june and july that we saw in the southeast and the severe weather. by basically getting people to not have such overcrowded indoor dining and indoor back activity and with wearing masks, we got the spread down. then we see other actions like restrictions on outdoor dining and actually like restrictions on just outdoor activities. and then you start saying where is the science and evidence around that. people are tired. if we do restrictions or
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mitigation requirements that are not based in evidence, if people don't get the why, if they don't ups why they're being asked to sacrifice, they're just not going to comply. >> bill: i think you're right about that. when the governor makes that announcement today, he has to back it up. sort of the argument you're making right now. three minutes, two more topics. when can a family in tennessee or atlanta or anywhere in america -- when can they walk into a kroger or walgreen's or a cvs and get the vaccine? >> yeah, here's the timeline. by the end of the month and a couple weeks, we think we'll have 20 million people vaccinated with these pfizer and in a week the moderna vaccine we hope will have the same approval process. 20 million this month. 50 million vaccinations by the end of january. we believe we will have 100 million shots in arms by the end of february. that means by the end of february, into march, depending on our governors, they make the call, depending on the governors, we could see that
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general vaccination where you go to cvs, walgreen's, walmart, get your vaccinations just like your flu vaccinations. could be beginning in that late february, into march period. >> bill: so let's play it out the next six months. i spoke with a colleague yesterday from hhs. he's very optimistic. he thinks life in america goes back to normal in the month of june. >> i would agree with the deputy secretary there. we're going to have enough vaccine for every american in the second quarter of next year. it's not like it's a one-time event. we're going to be putting out tens of millions of doses each week vaccinating more and more people. getting more safety, more security as we go. and by the end of the second quarter, you know, if the american people cooperate here, we should have people vaccinated and i do see by next summer things being back to a much more
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normal existence. >> bill: how would you define american cooperation? >> getting vaccinated. we need people too step up. >> bill: so we could see 30,000 people in a baseball stadium in june? can we forecast that? >> maybe june, july or august. it's possible. that's the amazing thing. >> bill: i agree with you. but that's the united states, right? global normality would turn around when? >> the president signed he is going to protect americans first with vaccines. i have contracts for up to three billion doses of vaccine. we've built incredible manufacturing capacity in the united states. once we're taken care of, we will give away or sell the excess vaccine that we produced and make that capacity available to the rest of the world so the rest of the world will be able
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to get back to normalcy through america's leadership in global public health. >> bill: we're watching the wires here. see if the fda punches through. secretary azar, thanks for coming on and taking the questions. >> thanks, bill. >> bill: you bet. now the fall out from hunter biden's taxes and financial dealings. our corporate cousin reporting that a.g. bill barr knew about the problems in the president-elect's son since at least the spring. he worked to keep them from going public during the campaign. hunter biden responding to the investigation of his taxes in dell way saying he acted legally and appropriately. mike emanuel has more from washington. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. a spokes woman for the attorney general declined to comment on the report. bill barr was clear back in may he didn't want the criminal justice system in the middle of the presidential election. >> we live in a very divided country right now. i think that it is critical that
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we have an election where the american people are allowed to make a decision, a choice, between president trump and vice president biden based on robust debate of policy issues. >> a short time ago, a key biden surrogate praised bar for doing the right thing. >> i don't know anything about this other than brief press reports. what i read was, he followed the rules of the department of justice. that's a good thing. >> a white house ally vented his frustration with the justice department on the hunter biden issue. >> how long did the fbi have that laptop for hunter biden? about a year now. why did they suppress it? why did we not know any of this? why wasn't congress given that information so we could conduct investigations and hearings? >> there's various investigations looking into hunter biden's business and financial dealings and taxes. there's the president-elect's brother, jim. jim and hunter have been accused
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of trading on the family name to land lucrative business deals including a chinese energy form. a powerful senate committee said biden inc. could be a major problem. >> the president-elect has all kinds of legal jeopardy here. they'll only up these financial transactions. it's troubling. that's why we published our report in september and the press ignored it. they had an enormous impact on our elections. >> some republicans are now expressing the concern with the new president coming in january 20th. the u.s. attorney's investigating hunter biden and others could be replaced. so the case is being made, they must be allowed to complete their work. >> thanks, mike emanuel on that. the biden team, by the way, was asked zero questions today about hunter. molly hemingway weighs in on the media coverage of that in just a moment. but first there's this.
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>> waiting on a response from the u.s. court after a dozen states back texas in their election challenge. andy mccarthy will tell us more. and joe biden heads to georgia next week after warning the defund the police slogan could hurt democrats in those races. karl rove will give us the late of the land in both races in georgia coming up next. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, ...little things... ...can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression.
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>> bill: it appears the high stakes in georgia means higher turnout. 1.2 million voters have requested absentee ballots so far. that's according to the u.s. elections project. that's about the same amount in the en -- in the general election. in-person early voting starts monday. tuesday, joe biden campaigns there. i want to bring in karl rove. you have a sense of this right now, karl. the million absentee ballots says what so far to you? >> the way to look at this -- again, i'm heading up a national fund-raising effort for the republicans in georgia. so i did get a look at this and i follow it. the key comparison is here at this point, what was it in the general election? this many days out from the general election. there's 1, 192,000 requests for absentee ballots. many are automatic requests from people on the file that allows them just to automatically be sent one. general election at this point
12:16 pm
in the general election, there were 1,550,000. so we're about 300,000 fewer requested for absentee ballots. about 77% of the total at this point. in terms of returns, as of today and yesterday, 200,972 returns at this point. again, this far out from the election, there were 448,683. these are all public numbers. nothing secret here. what i'm seeing when the republicans run that through their modelling system, the democrats will have an advantage in the mail-in ballot's. but the advantage of people returning ballots so far is a third less than the advantage that they had. >> bill: so riddle me this thin. you're talking to people every day. who do you believe has the energy? republicans or democrats?
12:17 pm
>> well, i think both sides have the energy. i think the republicans have more. i think they have a better ground game. republicans are better able to get out their voters in a georgia run-off. you see that in the number of return ballots in particular. 45%, the number of returned ballots today based on the number of days from the election, comparing it to the november 3 election, 45%. the number of people requested a ballot is at 77% of what it was at this same point before the election. you have to think that with december, you know, 24 and 25 and january 1 and december 31 coming up, that, you know, there's fewer dates. people will be occupied doing other things. my sense is we don't see them moving ahead of the performance in the november election and the question is how far behind are they. >> interesting analysis there. you heard about the leaked audio
12:18 pm
tape of joe biden. he talked about defund the police. sounded like it was a clarification of a policy. sounded to me like you're going to georgia tuesday, you want to tell suburban voters, that's not where we are as a party. that's not how i will be as a president. because if he said they beat us over the head with it during the november election. what do you make of that, karl? >> well, he ought to have a conversation with his two candidates that -- mr. warnock, reverend warnock he called the police gangsters thugs and called for "reimagining the police", what is the term that the defund the police used. he's also in favor of cashless bail. so you get arrested for something, you can get out without having to put up cash. so you know, he better have a conversation with his candidates first before he starts lecturing people about it. i guarantee you --
12:19 pm
>> bill: do you find a message in that? it was a signal to voters that we're okay? >> yeah. i think he's laying the predicate. i'm coming down here. before i do, let me create news. we don't want to be the party of defunding the police and i'm not in favor of it. again, he ought to have a conversation with his two candidates particularly reverend warnock. >> bill: i understand your point. new york magazine says this about the cabinet picks. he said they're getting weird. here's the quote. put more precisely, starting to seem like joe biden's staffing the administration by writing the names of cabinet positions on tiny slips of paper, tossing them in a hat and inviting ex-obama forces and nonwhite democrats to reach in and draw their new jobs. i don't have a ton of time. what do you make of the picks? >> it's clear he has people around him that are comfortable, long-time aides that have been given key positions. it's a question if they're qualified. dennis mcdonough, a chief of staff for obama and worked with
12:20 pm
the vice president is the secretary of veterans administration nominee. he has no experience in that. representative fudge, no experience that he will be presiding over as husband secretary. the most interesting one is the hhs secretary has no experience in healthcare. not a former for. ran the state's medicaid system. not involved in this when he was in congress. he is an extreme pro abortion advoca advocate. he believes in partial abortion and defending the right of an abortion up to the moment of birth. strikes me. it's three things. i'm appointing people that are close to me personally to hold key positions, people i'm comfortable with from decades that they were staffers for me. i'm appointing people that are sort of traditional democrats that i served with in the obama administration and then trying to apiece the left of my party by picking people for posts that are people of color and hard
12:21 pm
left but don't necessarily have experience in their areas. >> bill: could be battles during the hearings. we'll see which way that goes. karl, nice to see you. karl rove. potential impact beijing may have on the biden administration. we'll check that out. a new report about democratic congressman eric swalwell in a suspended spy for china. that is next here. >> eric swalwell should take it upon himself to resign from intel. he's a national risk that shouldn't serve.
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move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. >> bill: new details about the democratic congressman, eric swalwell with ties to a chinese spite. gillian turner has the reporting in washington now. good afternoon. >> so democrat eric swalwell is facing a mounting storm of
12:26 pm
criticism from republican colleagues over fbi concerns that he was snared be a chinese spy. republicans are is a iing that the democrats are naive to the real threat of klichina. >> you have the chinese being very comfortable and cozy with some of these democrat leaders and continuing to try to find n inroads to the democratic party and our government. >> nancy pelosi did drop a bomb shell yesterday when she was told fox news that dem and republican leadership were talked to in the past about this threat. >> i think it's unfortunate that mr. mccarthy is trying to make an issue of this. we all found out at the same time. >> we still don't know who briefed congressional leadership back then. at the time, james comey was the fbi director.
12:27 pm
a former senior staffer on house intelligence tells fox news that a comey briefing would have been standard operating procedure. eric swalwell says this is all made up for revenge. >> the same time this story was leaked out is the time i was working on the impeachment in the judiciary committee. >> eric swalwell was one of the president's fiercest critics in the impeachment. >> he's a repeat offender. crimes against our constitution. yes, crimes that one day may be prosecuted statutorily. >> we're also learning now a lot more about just how ubiquitous chinese spying operations are today in the united states. take a listen do dan hoffman. >> you think about chinese intelligence operators in washington d.c., san francisco, new york, chicago, los angeles.
12:28 pm
the trump administration closed china's embassy in houston for spying. >> national attention was brought to the issue when politco blow a story that an alleged spy was working directly on the payroll, on the staff for senator dianne feinstein back in 2013. >> a lot to follow there, jillian. >> you bet? a new survey showing u.s. companies are optimistic about doing business in china but more than half are not making plans. edward lawrence has that story. >> companies like the money potential. they have ignored the stealing of property. the trump administration shined a light on this issue. president-elect joe biden says the blunt way in which the president went after china should be changed. gathering consensus among allies. but it may take time to reach a consensus.
12:29 pm
right now there's warnings coming from lawmakers on capitol hill. the concerns among a few senators i've heard from is that the chinese influence will seep into a biden administration. you have connections that the federal authorities are looking into with hunter biden's business dealings. we know about as gillian turner the connection with representative eric swalwell and a possible chinese spy. we're also not the only country concerned about chinese influence over people connected to the government. the canadians are looking closer right now into their country's ambassador to china. former post also as an advisory board member for the china development bank as well as running mckenzie and company's global operations. they have a lot of state companies. the connection here, president-elect biden added mackenzie an company's inhouse attorney as director of legislative affairs. the president-elect's pick for the head of national economic counsel was head of susstageable
12:30 pm
investing for black rock, which has a sizable investment with a chinese state-owned companies. you can see the tentacles here that china is spreading with money, espionage and their hopes that it pays off. >> bill: thanks, edward. keeping a close eye on the u.s. supreme court as we await a response to the lawsuit out of texas challenging the election results from november. andy mccarthy will analyze as the ball is in the court's court so to speak. media outlets did not report on hunter biden. molly hemingway will have more on that when we continue. this year you got it done. now walmart can help check off your gift list with free curbside pickup, fast delivery from your walmart store, or gifts shipped right to your door. let's end the year celebrating. ♪
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♪ ♪ [ engines revving ] ♪ it's amazing to see them in the wild like th-- shhh. [ engine revs ] for those who were born to ride, there's progressive. walmart makes it easy with groceries, gadgets, and soo much icing. let's end the year deliciously. ♪ z. >> bill: the u.s. supreme court are responded to a lawsuit filed on behalf of texas challenging the results in key battleground states. texas responded to counter
12:35 pm
briefs from pennsylvania, georgia, michigan and wisconsin. next up, the order by the supreme court, andy mccarthy waiting with us. how are you, andy? good afternoon to you. i don't know when this comes. when would you expect the supreme court to give us some guidance? >> i expect it today, bill. that's not any great insight. it's the court have having a regular friday conference that they have during the term. this is the last one in 2020 before they go on recess. so i think given the fact that we have already passed the federal safe harbor day on tuesday where the federal government considers state certifications to be conclusive and the electoral college is supposed to vote monday, i would think the court would probably deal with it today. >> bill: okay. we're watching that. could come any moment now. don't go far, andy. you've been writing a lot. you include writing about hunter biden. what you talk about is an overt
12:36 pm
and primed opportunity for a special counsel. we know that bill barr knew about this in the spring, kept it quiet in the election. he's no jim comey, andy. why do you make the case for a special counsel? how would that work during a transition? >> well, i think -- i make the case still in part because the attorney general has already appointed a special counsel in connection with russia gate. seems the case is stronger with respect to hunter biden. if you have grounds for an investigation, which certainly by -- what we've heard, it appears they do, you are talking about an investigation that is either of the president himself or someone close to the president that is like a classic case for a special counsel. here we have not only the information that is come to light about hunter biden but the fact that joe biden, the incoming president, is immersed
12:37 pm
in the facts that will be subject of the investigation. so that's really a classic special counsel situation. >> bill: who appoints that? where does that come from? >> comes from the attorney general. i actually think -- democrats won't see it this way but the attorney general will be doing the next attorney general a favor. otherwise, you drop this hot potato in the lap of a new attorney general who will be badgered about a special counsel, like what janet reno went through in the 90s in connection with al gore's fund-raising. if barr does it, it's done and the next administration will have to live with it. >> bill: fascinating stuff. thanks, andy. some media outlets did not report on hunter biden. i want to bring in molly hemingway. good afternoon to you. what does the mainstream media
12:38 pm
do now with this story? >> i think it's important to understand that the media didn't make a mistake by failing to cover this story. they intentionally failed to cover this story. that i knew that the hunter biden drama would affect joe biden's prospects of winning the election. they didn't want him to lose. so they suppressed in every way, whether it was the senate committees that came out with the report showing suspicious transactions from foreign entities including wife of the moscow mayor or the chinese entities. they mocked that report when it came out. the e-mails surfaced and the laptop, they claimed falsely it was russian disinformation. even when it came out the fbi was investigating him october 29, they failed to cover it, too. they failed because they wanted to fail. they didn't want to help him out. so if you're looking for the media to do a good job now, you are making a mistake.
12:39 pm
the question is what should people do that are hurt by our corrupt media in light of their massive failures going back decades now. so people hurt by this, conservatives or republicans, their leaders need to be much more harsh toward corrupt media entities, big media entities that have been meddling in our republic and this election through their bad behavior. >> bill: there was a transition phone call at team biden today. they called on six reporters based on what we heard. not one asked about the hunter situation. i would imagine that doesn't come as a surprise to you. >> it doesn't. but this is what is so bad about the way our media has behaved in recent years. they are implicated in so many of these problems. the russia collusion hoax that was put forth by the hillary clinton campaign was perpetrated also by the media. when it came out that there needed to be accountability for that very false and damaging conspiracy theory, the media was
12:40 pm
nowhere to be found because they participated in it. likewise with the hunter biden's business story, they were keep players in making sure that that story didn't come to light. would be embarrassing for them to begin to cover it now or to cover it with any amount of honesty because it reminds people of how corrupt they are. >> bill: i would suggest -- >> it's a serious problem. >> bill: it's not just big media, it's big tech. >> exactly. >> bill: they did quite a number. when the two of them get together, it's quite a team, molly. >> it's horrific what we saw, twitter do, mark zuckerberg at facebook. they suppressed that story with no reason. they knew it was damaging to biden so they announced that they would suppress the story and they managed to do so. the media helped provide cover that they could engage in that election meddling. these people need to be held accountable. these people that are not democratic leaders need to make sure that they're held
12:41 pm
accountable. this does harm the republic and dangerous and damaging. we need a free and fair press and we don't have much of that right now. >> bill: "new york post" was blocked for eight days. they talked about hacked material. that talks on a different light now when you talk about bill barr and the investigation going on behind the inis as. great to have you on. we'll talk about soon, molly. molly hemingway. >> thank you. >> we cannot go back to our families during the christmas holidays while tens of millions of families are suffering. they are working toward us. >> senator bernie sanders teaming up with a republican to try to get money out to americans. part of a covid relief bill. our money team, steve moore and austan goolsbee will have it out next. research shows people rememb
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>> bill: chad pergram has more. >> no government shut down tonight. the senate approved a one-week plan to keep the lights on. otherwise there would have been a shut down over the weekend. vermont senator bernie sanders wanted to add to the measure a round of $1,200 checks to most adults. sanders tinkered withholding up the government funding plan. he didn't do so. sanders say he won't be as nice next week if there's not help on the way. >> if i have anything to say about it and i guess i do, we're not going to go home for the christmas holidays unless we make sure that we provide for the millions of families in this country who are suffering.
12:47 pm
>> coronavirus aid talks are in shambles. mitch mcconnell criticized democrats continuing to push for a state and local government rescue money. >> small businesses need saving right now. distribution networks need funding right now. none of that should be held hostage over bailouts for states that are raking in revenue faster than they can end stephen paddock it. >> one crisis averted. same bat time, same bat channel next week. >> bill: thanks, chad. want to get on with our friday money time. steve moore, an adviser for president trump. austan goolsbee used to work with president obama. good afternoon. the band is back together. denver riggleman is from virginia. he says get off our damn asses.
12:48 pm
top negotiators can't agree where to start talks let alone where to finish them. is that where we have gone, austan? >> yeah, i think that is where we have gone. i think there's two things going on. one, the virus is raging out of control. we've got to slow the rate of spread of this virus if we want the economy not to tank. you're starting to see that in all the numbers that people are getting afraid again and they're stopping to go out of their house and stop going to restaurants and stuff like that. i don't think the president wants to be there. it's happened before that crises, you're leaving, the next person is coming in. he just doesn't want to actively take part in this. so now it's between mitch mcconnell and the congressional democrats -- >> bill: mitch mcconnell has a plan. >> they can't do anything. >> bill: you have the sticking points. democrats want to bail out the states, steve. mcconnell says i want to get the
12:49 pm
lighty protection for schools and businesses. so mcconnell comes out this week and says why don't we take them both off the table and deal with what we can at the moment because we're both coming back in january to work on more of this. >> maybe. all i'll say is maybe. we're not in the negotiations. there's numerous -- >> bill: i'm telling you that's what mcconnell said publicly this week, steve. >> look, this is something that the president and mcconnell have been saying now for six months. let's do a version of this bill that we can all agree on that does not include the blue-state bailout, which nancy pelosi from california and chuck schumer from new york, two states that are going bankrupt really need. the other thing is, austan, the most important stimulus is the vaccine. we're rolling that out quickly. i think that donald trump does not want his legacy to be as he leaves office passing another
12:50 pm
trillion dollar debt bill. there's not a lot of support for it. by the way, i'm in south carolina right now. the economy is doing just fine right here. i mean, it's not great but it's doing fine. really is some of those states like illinois, new jersey. how about -- >> bill: new york. >> how about getting the restaurants open in california? >> look at the numbers. >> bill: we have bad news from new york today. go ahead, austan. >> look at the unemployment numbers from yesterday. the economy is really suffering because the virus is out of control. it's not just in blue states. the biggest impact of the virus are in red states. they're out here in the midwest. in indiana, wisconsin, the dakotas. their economies are definitely suffering. i hope that we can get both parties to come together. but i kind of think what is happening now is since it's not a big national decision on the part of the president, the president is not having public events, he's rage tweeting from
12:51 pm
his couch in the white house. this is now a negotiation between mitch mcconnell and nancy pelosi and you can -- you have seen how congress does when they -- >> here's the point. bill hemmer is exactly right. let's agree with what we can agree on. the republicans want to do the payments. they want to help the small businesses, the restaurants and the stores and get them some funding to get through this. pelosi has consistently said no because she wants all this money for state and local governments. >> bill: let him finish. >> i hear you. the only thing i'll say is that there was a bipartisan group, republicans and democrats, that came together and said, instead of doing two trillion, which is what nancy pelosi asked for, let's have a bipartisan $900 billion. the democrats said okay. let's use that as the starting point. they came back. mitch mcconnell said no,
12:52 pm
absolutely not. >> bill: mcconnell said we'll cut it in half. steve, wrap this up. breaking news. >> you know, false history here. the president put on the table a few weeks before the election a deal that steve mnuchin put together for $1.7 billion. by the way, that's a lot of money. >> bill: a lot of money. >> not billion, trillion. the democrats said no, we don't want it. >> bill: gentlemen, next week, shall we? maybe we get something done. steve, thanks. >> one of these days it will be christmas. >> bill: one of these days. roll this, guys. breaking news on joe biden. peter doocy asking joe biden a moment ago about his son on stage in wilmington, delaware. if we have the clip, go ahead and roll it. here we go. first title we're watching it now. >> did hunter biden commit a crime? have you spoken to your son,
12:53 pm
mr. president-elect? >> bill: if you heard it, he said i'm proud of my son. two questions. first one did not get an answer. second one, "i'm proud of my son." more on this in a moment as we continue. i felt like... ...i was just fighting an uphill battle in my career. so when i heard about the applied digital skills courses, i'm thinking i can become more marketable. you don't need to be a computer expert to be great at this. these are skills lots of people can learn. i feel hopeful about the future now. ♪
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>> bill: so it's the holiday season. fox nation airing some original christmas content. casey joins me. merry christmas to you. and to those on fox nation, what can they find during the holiday season? >> thanks for having me on. merry christmas. happy friday. fox nation is not putting their toe in the water of original christmas movies. they're diving in, they're
12:58 pm
cannon balling into this pool and hitting it out of the park. this movie is fabulous. i laughed and i cried. it's about the silver lining. who doesn't want romance and being the underdog and conquering your goals around the holiday season? right? that's what katie jolly does in christmas in the rockies. you'll see some familiar faces with ainsley earhardt and steve doocy making cameos. she's going after this fancy pants law firm in new york when tragedy administration. she has to take over the business. can she take over the business and find love? you'll have to see. >> bill: i'm looking at christmas in the rockies. you can get that right now. bing crosby's christmas, that's online as well. fox nation's -- the list goes on and on. you have 24 hours. >> it does. it does. so you mentioned bing crosby. the merry old christmas. released in 1977 originally, i believe. it stars bing and his wife,
12:59 pm
katherine and kids. you have david bowie doing a duet. it's this whole adventure. they go overseas. it's this big plan. that's a favorite, a holiday classic. throw it on while you're shopping. you mentioned fox nation's 25 days of christmas. this will roll out every day. it's an advent calendar. each day, a new mini episode is dropping. it's like two minutes each. it's teaching you about the little maybe nuances that you don't know about christmas. what is an advent wreath? you have to know about st. nick. this dives into it. >> bill: we'll do cannon balls, okay? a merry christmas to you and we're looking forward to seeing all of that on the nat as we like to say. see you soon. >> thank you. >> bill: peter doocy getting that question and answer with joe biden a moment ago. we played that for you. it was the first time that he answered a question about the
1:00 pm
investigation since hunter biden and the transition team with the president-elect made their statements public. so more of that coming up throughout the day. back here on monday. 3:00 eastern. set the dvr. never miss a report. meantime, here's neil to take you through on a friday. almost there. >> neil: sorry we are closed. in new york and in baltimore, that today or by monday will be the rule of thumb for indoor dining in the case of baltimore for both indoor and outdoor dining amid a spike in cases that has gone on in baltimore. in new york, indoor dining. the new york metropolitan area effective monday. how long all of this could go on? anyone's guess. it comes at a time that ironically vaccines are on the way. so are speaks in cases. what to make of this? a fast-moving news day. we're looking at the hope of a vaccine that could be out in america's hands and


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