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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 12, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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hope to see you all right here next week. ♪ eric: well, after months of shutdowns, wearing masks and social distancing, this weekend could mark the beginning of the end in the fight against coronavirus. the fda green lighting the first vaccine here in our country with the very first shots expected to arrive in the states on monday morning. hello, everyone. welcome to a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. i'm eric shawn. hi, arthel. arthel: hello, everyone. i'm arthel neville. the cdc voting to recommend the vaccine from pfizer and germany company biontech for people 16 and older, this just happened a few hours ago.
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setting the stage for a months-long inoculation drive. healthcare workers and residents in long-term care facilities are expected to be among the first in line. president trump releasing a video yesterday, speaking from the oval office, hailing the vaccine as a scientific breakthrough. >> today, our nation has achieved a medical miracle. we have delivered a safe and effective vaccine in just nine months. this is one of the greatest scientific accomplishments in history. it will save millions of lives and soon end the pandemic once and for all. i'd like to thank all of the brilliant scientists, technicians, doctors, and workers who made this all possible. arthel: we have live team coverage here on fox. mike tobin is live at the pfizer manufacturing plant in kalamazoo, michigan with more on the rollout. we begin with steve harrigan, live in atlanta on the cdc's next steps of. what can you tell us, steve?
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>> reporter: arthel, this was widely seen as the last step before distribution, really the final you'r hurdle. the cdc advisory panel voting an hour and-a-half ago to recommend americans age 16 and older use the pfizer vaccine, it is safe for use. a number of medical experts have said not only is this pfizer vaccine a complete breakthrough, but it is also safe. >> we know a lot about this vaccine. it's been extensively tested in large populations. it does require two doses. it provides stunning protection, 95%. that's more than we anticipated. and the studies show that it's safe. we have a little bit of a side issue here with people who have had serious allergic reactions in the past, that was just discovered in britain. we'll take care of that going forward. but we think we can roll this out really in a very deliberate,
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careful way, first to healthcare workers, and also to residents of long-term care facilities. we're all looking forward to that. >> reporter: 95% effective, the pfizer vaccine was developed in just 11 months and the second vaccine already on the very near horizon, moderna, also a highly effective vaccine, scheduled to be approved next week. arthel, back to you. arthel: very encouraging news. thank you. eric. eric: approving the vaccine is one thing but getting it to hundreds of millions of americans who need it, that's another. pfizer expected to begin rolling out the first batches of their vaccine in the coming days and it turns out to be a massive logistical challenge. trucks are lined up and ready to leave from the manufacturing facility that's in call ma zoo, michigan. -- kalamazoo, michigan. from there it will be distributed throughout the country. mike tobin is near the facility in kalamazoo with the latest.
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hi, mike. >> reporter: tomorrow is the day when the pfizer vaccine will start rolling off the dock from kalamazoo, michigan. just high sh shy of 3 million de ready to hit the road. an equal amount needs to stay behind in cold storage for the next shot. the speed with which the vaccine went public does not mean corners were cut. the chief of operation warp speed say it was a historic partnership with public and private that resulted in vaccines ready to ship. he compared it to d-day, not the end of the war, but a turning point. >> we are not taking a victory lap. we know that the road ahead of us will be tough. we know that situations will occur. we will figure it out together, collectively, whole of america approach to solve the problems.
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>> reporter: fed ex will ship the vaccine to the west, ups to the east. the shifting comes with challenge as the vaccine needs to be kept at negative 94 degrees fahrenheit. slipments will be monitored with gps thermal sensors, that will report the location and condition of the cargo. theft is a concern. u.s. marshals will accompany some of the shipments, at least 15 states enlisted the help of the national guard to get shipments to their destination and many states are not disclosing the cold storage locations out of concern for security. eric, back to you. eric: could not come soon enough. mike, thank you. arthel: president trump calling pfizer's covid-19 vaccine a, quote, medical miracle, after it was proved by -- approved by the fda for emergency use and saying the first doses are already being shipped nationwide. the trump administration also announcing it purchased an additional 100 million doses of moderna's vaccine which the fda is expected to authorize later
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this month. mark meredith live at the white house with more. mark. >> reporter: arthel, good afternoon. the fda's approval of pfizer's vaccine is cause for celebration here at the white house and nationwide. president trump praised pfizer last night, among others, in a video released by the white house. >> the first vaccine will be administered in less than 24 hours. the governors decide where the vaccines will go in their state and who will get them first. we want our senior citizens, healthcare workers and first responders to be first in line. this will quickly and dramatically reduce deaths and hospitalizations. >> reporter: the president did not speak to reporters as he left the white house this afternoon. he's at the army, navy game right now up at west point. the administration is thanking americans who stepped up to take part in trials of pfizer's vaccines, all part of the effort in the race to save lives. >> nearly 100,000 americans have already rolled up their sleeves
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and participated in clinical trials across america. they were the true furs recipient -- first recipients of the vaccine. they deserve our utmost respect and appreciation. without them, we could not be here today. true american heroes. >> reporter: today, the head of the fda also he defended his staff's work you amid some concerns from some people that this may have been rushed to market. the fda insists these vaccines are safe. next week they'll review a second vaccine candidate, coming from massachusetts based moderna. on friday the trump administration announced they purchased 100 million additional doses from moderna. officials insist it appears to be a safe drug. there's a reason they order multiple va vaccines from mull testimony providers, it will -- multiple providers. they believe by the second quarter of next year it will be
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widely available. arthel: mark, thank you. eric. eric: arthel, in washington, d.c., thousands of supporters rallying there to show solidarity to president trump, after the supreme court dealt the president another legal blow, refusing to hear arguments in that texas-led election challenge. griff jenkins has been out there with the rally-goers, and has the very latest from the streets of washington. hey, griff. >> reporter: hey, eric. how are sunny well, here we are -- how are you? well, here we are, now at the supreme court. people are speaking to the crowd, most of the thousands that were at freedom plaza have marched down here and they're not happy with the way the ruling went at the supreme court. now, we did earlier today, when the speakers were happening, an amazing moment, the president flew over the rally and the crowd went absolutely yeah. >> --crazy there. i want to take a moment and
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bring in now amy kramer. amy kramer is the chairwoman of women for america first. they org. of knifed this entire day. amy, how is the day and why are you now at the supreme court? >> it has been a phenomenal day. people come from all across the country. we had an incredible rally at freedom plaza. the president flew over, not just once, but twice. then we marched up here to the u.s. supreme court because we believe that ultimately the court's going to decide. we, the people, feel that the election is being stolen not from president trump but from we, the people and we're not going to stand for it. i would think that all of these americans would agree they have standing and so we're going to continue to fight and we're not going to let this election be stolen. >> reporter: you and i first met some 10 years ago. you ran the tea party express. that was a movement then. is this a movement we're seeing in the earliest stages, post-president trump? >> i think this movemen movemens
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the tea party movement. we morphed into something bigger and better, the maga movement. i don't think we would have president trump without the tea party movement. so here we are. we are not backing down. we just brought two busses in to washington, d.c. we've been crisscrossing the country for two weeks and we announced today we're going to continue and keep the busses going so people can go to to find out where we're going to be and we need people to come out and join us. this is a time that people need to rise up and have our voices heard. you cannot convince me that a man who had 40,000 people in a little small town in georgia on a sunday night before election day was defeated by a man who -- it's absurd. this election's been stolen. we need to get the would to on of what happened. our message to the president is do not concede, do not give up, we want you to expose voter fraud. >> reporter: amy, thank you very
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much. eric, the new fox news poll shows 77% of the trump voters think the election was stolen. 100% of these folks do. as you heard from one of the organizers, amy kramer, this continues beyond today. we should point out there are counter protesters here but so far it's been peaceful in the streets of d.c. on a gorgeous saturday afternoon. eric. eric: all right, griff. thanks so much. arthel. arthel: eric, new developments today in the hunter biden investigation, fox news obtaining a 2017 e-mail that suggests he requested office keys for his father, joe biden, to an office hunter planned to share with the chinese emissary. this as president-elect biden breaks his silence on the federal investigation into his son's tax filings. hillary vaughn is live in wilmington, delaware with more. hillary. >> reporter: arthel, that 2017 e-mail is now raising new questions about how involved president-elect joe biden was with his son, hunter biden's
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business. biden has repeatedly denied any knowledge of what his son hunter was up to overseas but this 2017 e-mail, hunter calls his dad and two chinese businessmen with ties to the communist party, quote, office mates. in the e-mail object of contained by fox news, hunter writes this. please have keys made available for new office mates, joe biden, jill biden, jim biden. the e-mail also lists chinese businessmen and a chairman. biden stayed away from directly addressing the new federal criminal investigation into his son, hunter, and when the news broke earlier this week biden let his transition staff issue a no named statement saying biden is proud of his son and yesterday fox news was the only outlet able to get him to react on camera to the investigation into his son's overseas business deals in china yesterday. >> did hunter biden commit a
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crime? have you spoken to your son, mr. president-elect? >> i'm proud of my son. >> reporter: the 2017 e-mail from hunter calling his dad office mates with the chinese is not the first time that president-elect joe biden has been name dropped as part of his son hunter's business deals. the first allegation came from his ex business partner, tony bobulinski, who told tucker carlson this. >> the former vice president has said he had no knowledge whatsoever of his son's business dealings and was not involved in them at all but this sounds like direct involvement in them. >> that's a blatant lie. when he states that, that is a blatant lie. >> reporter: that full exclusive interview with tucker carlson and hunter biden's former business partner, tony bobulinski, will air on fox news channel in about 45 minutes from now. arthel. arthel: hillary vaughn, live in wilmington, delaware. thank you very much. i think you have a graphic for
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what you told us. tucker carlson has more on this with tony bobulinski, next hour, 5:00 p.m. eastern, right here on the fox news channel. eric. eric: well, arthel, with the coronavirus vaccine, getting ready to ship, our country faces an immense challenge. inoculating hundreds of millions of americans with not one, but two doses. how will it work? what will they do? and how soon could you get a shot in the arm? when i started cobra kai,
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>> the comments are from the co-founder and chairman of
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biontech, a partner with pfizer on the vaccine. his name is uber shahime, in a zoom interview from germany, he told us there is hope for next year. take a listen. >> we know we have a solution and we know that we can put mane many doses of vaccines, which have shown efficacy. and therefore, people -- we should be confident that we will be able to control this disease and the pandemic layest end of next -- latest end of next summer. >> reporter: control the disease, at the late effort by thestby the -- latest by the enf next summer. vulnerable lives could be protected quickly. by next april, he says, with his and other vaccines possibly being used to inoculate 30% of all americans, we should according to him start to see a difference. he says he's pleased with the introduction of the vaccine the
1:20 pm
past week in the u.k., including the super cold handling and despite a few allergic reactions and despite some shortages he is confident that pfizer biontech will meet production goals, he says they're looking at making many more. the hitch is getting enough people to have those injections. he assured us the vaccine is safe. he's also warning that even with all sides cooperating, it could take well into the next fall to fully eradicate the coronavirus. nevertheless, he is proud. take a listen. >> this is something that you want to do because you love science, you love immunology, you love to do -- to provide benefit to people. but this is of course a an extraordinary situation which is unimaginable. >> reporter: he is the son of turkish immigrants who came to
1:21 pm
germany. his father worked at a ford factory. he went on to become a doctor and start his own company and maybe help to save the world. eric: a medical hero if there ever was one. arthel: a cdc advisory committee voted to recommend the vaccine for people 16 and older. the cdc has already recommended that healthcare workers and long-term care facility residents should be the first to get the vaccine. representing about 24 million americans. dr. janette nesheiwat is here. she's a fox news medical contributor as well as a family and emergency medicine physician. dr. jeanette, good to have you. >> hey, arthel. arthel: this is very encouraging news, still lots of questions. so i'm going to try to go through as many as i can in the time we have together. the cdc by the way as you know and fda, they are still deliberating over whether or not to warn pregnant women to use
1:22 pm
caution and consult with their doctor before taking the vaccine. siting lack of trial data. -- citing lack of trial data. what's your thoughts on that? >> right. that's correct. what we want to do is conduct further studies to determine is it safe in pregnant women and this is a common theme that we see with all vaccines that get put on the market. this is what we had to do for example when tetanus, influenza, when all these sorts of vaccines came about, we have to test them in those special groups, those who are pregnant, children, immunocompromised, certain ages, certain ethnicities. they have to conduct more trials to determine the risks and benefits, is that pregnant mom, his she in a higher risk categoy because she has di diabetes or heart disease. being pregnant puts you at a higher risk of having complications. we have to look at the benefit and the risk. it's not that it's harmful if you have a covid vaccine and
1:23 pm
you're pregnant. it's just that we don't know and don't have all the data available yet. so that's why it's so important to talk to your doctor, to find out what your risks are, if you do take it, versus cal catching covid itself. arthel: what if you are not prone to allergic reaction but you have a strong reaction, adverse reaction to the first dose, should you get that second shot 21 days later? because you don't get the full protection without both the shots, right? >> that's a very good point. the first sho shot of the pfizer vaccine gives you 52% protection. it's recommended if you do have a severe allergic reaction to the first pfizer vaccine, it's recommended not to get the second one but at least you have 52% protection. it's also recommended right now, if you have a severe anaphylactic allergic reaction to any of the ingredients in the pfizer vaccine then you need to
1:24 pm
discuss that with your doctor, you should not take that vaccine. but we have to first determine what type of reaction do you have and when we say anaphylactic, that means for example your throat swells up, you can't breathe, you have to use an openy pen, which could -- epipen, which could be life saving. you need to discuss with your doctor to see if you're at risk. we don't want to have any adverse reactions. keep in mind, less than 2% of the population suffered from severe allergic reactions, so majority of people, especially as we found in phase three, a pivotal phase three study of the pfizer vaccine show that the majority of people did perfectly fine without any serious adverse effects. arthel: what about other side effects? is there anything that has the attention of scientists and doctors like you? >> well, what we do know so far is that if you do get the vaccine, some people might suffer from maybe a headache, a fever, body aches, maybe some chills, maybe sot pain at the
1:25 pm
site of -- some pain at the site of injection, but those are transient, usually last for one or two days and go away and can be treated with tylenol or ibuprofen. the benefit of getting the vaccine could potentially save your life, potentially save you from being hospitalized, put in the icu and it might help you protect from spreading the virus to other people as well. arthel: i have one final question about people who are older. what if elderly people, they're at the top of the list to get vaccinated but i'm talking about the ones who don't live in nursing homes, so as you know, many elderly people take medications for various reasons. so at this point will their doctors know which medications that the elderly patient is taking that could either counter the benefit of the covid vaccine or cause a bad reaction? that's a great question. what they look at is not necessarily just the medicines you're taking but do you have
1:26 pm
any underlying medical conditions. do you have kidney disease? do you have heart disease? do you have cancer? that's particularly what they are looking for. but if you are not in a nursing home and you really don't have any significant underlying disease, it doesn't matter if you're 85 or 90 or 95 years old. you're eligible to get that vaccine. we saw the very first vaccine candidate in the united kingdom, she was 90 years old and you apparently is doing very well. so almost everyone is going to be a candidate for this vaccine unless you are immunocompromised, possibly if you have a severe allergic reaction, if you're breast feeding, if you're pregnant, you have to talk to your doctor and of course with children we need to take a look at that. arthel: are you taking the vaccine, yes or no? and when are you getting it? >> yes. probably just around the corner. remember, the healthcare workers, those who are of on the front lines, icu. arthel: i've got to go. i love you but they're going to kill me if i don't go. thank you. stay safe. >> have a great weekend. arthel: thank you dr. jeanette
1:27 pm
nesheiwat. eric: goes to the doctors and healthcare workers and front line first. right now, you attending the annual football game between the army and the navy, well, it's a time honored tradition for the commander in chief and despite the pandemic this year's no exception, we're live at west point with more on how the president is taking part in today's historic matchup. into a smaller life?
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1:32 pm
move operations from the west coast to the lone star state, joining tesla and hewlett-packard. ♪ i'm the one. ♪ arthel: very sad to tell you, country music legend charlie pride has died. he was born a sharecropper's son in mississippi and broke racial barriers on his rise to stardom. charlie pride released 52 top 10 country hits between 1967 and 1987, becoming one of the top selling country artists in the nation. his family says mr. pride died today in dallas from complications of covid-19. charlie pride was 86 years old. ♪
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eric: sharely pride, what a -- charlie pride, what a great american talent. president trump is at west point attending the annual army, navy football game. the commander in chief took part in a coin toss before the big game this afternoon and he started sitting watching on the army side of the bleachers at west point but moments ago he switched to the navy side at half time. that is the tradition, when the president attends the time-honored game. alex hogan is live at west point with more on today's historic matchup. hi, alex. >> reporter: hi, eric. that's right. we did just see him pass by here here. as you can see, it is a rainy, foggy, hazy day for everyone in the stadium behind me. as you mentioned, these teams haven't faced off here in nearly 80s years. the pandemic not stopping the rivalry. the teams were originally set to face off in philadelphia.
1:34 pm
crowd control would have prevented all cadets and mid-shipmen from attending. today, they are the only ones in the stands. it is a day of excitement, building up to this. on top of playing here for the first time since world war ii, both teams are sporting new looks. army is wearing a uniform honoring soldiers of the 25th infantry division during the korean war, navy's new uniform honors the naval academy's 175 a-year history. while the game is closed off to the public. president donald trump took part in the opening traditions like the coin toss today. so far, army is at the lead at half time. this is trump's first army, navy game as a sitting president. to make sure all this came together safely, you can see everyone is wearing masks and there's rapid tests on-site. people are encouraged to social distance. the weather definitely having an impact on what we've been seeing, being inside the
1:35 pm
stadium. it's just difficult to see across the field at this point but still for the people here, they say they're having an incredible time, something that for them marks a highlight of 2020. eric. eric: yeah, the navy mid-shipmen honoring one of their own, former linebacker david pornoy. he sadly died of cardiac arrest in his dorm at annapolis. his friends and former teammates have a special decal and one of his dear friends is wearing his number out on the field, so quite poignant and a special day at west point. alex, thank you. ♪ >> i remember looking at jim biden and saying how are you guys getting away with this, like aren't you concerned and he looked at me and laughed a little bit and said plausible deniability. arthel: and that is tony bobulinski, speaking about his
1:36 pm
former business partner, hunter biden and his family. this as a new wrinkle emerges in the investigation of president-elect joe biden's son. joe biden has said he was never involved in his son's business dealings. initial investigations found no wrong-doing by the father. in an e-mail obtained by fox news it appears that hunter requested keys for his dad whom he called a new, quote, office mate, for an office he shared with an emissary from a chinese energy company. byron york is here now, a fox news contributor and chief political correspondent for the washington examiner. hi, byron. so we'll jump off here. what is most concerning, the most concerning aspect of this story? what's the there there? >> well, what has changed everything in the story is the revelation that the justice department is investigating hunter biden for possible tax crimes and possibly something else. we're not entirely sure. that has shaken loose
1:37 pm
information in the story. if you go all the way back to the fall of 2019, during the impeachment battle, remember, there were many people saying there was absolutely no evidence of any wrong-doing on hunter biden's part. the same thing happened in october of this year, the last weeks of the campaign. again, these assertions that there was absolutely no evidence of wrong-doing. and now we've learned that all that time prosecutors were actually presenting evidence to a grand jury. so what we've seen now is more inclination in the press to actually pay attention to this and two big questions, one of which is did hunter biden actually commit any crimes and if so, did joe biden know about it and what the new information shows is just more evidence that suggests that joe biden might have known about it. doesn't prove anything but it is suggested. arthel: so will there be bread
1:38 pm
crumbs of liability that will ultimately lead to president-elect biden? >> well, a lot of this information came from the hunter biden laptop, that was such a controversial story. the new york press -- excuse me, the new york post originally published it in october and a lot of news organizations either ignored it or tried to knock it down or attacked the new york post. the two social media giants, facebook and twitter, actually suppressed the story. but now we are getting more evidence from that, in part because we know had that the justice department was looking at that. so remember those accusations that it was all russian disinformation and even though we have the word of the head of national intelligence, no, it wasn't russian disinformation, still it was ignored. so i think what's happening right now is kind of a big game of catch-up where people are
1:39 pm
actually looking at some of the evidence. it's been there for quite a while. the election's over. it cannot help president trump. arthel: byron, let me ask you -- because i'm getting a time for you to go. but because hunter biden's father is the president-elect, should this raise questions like how does this compromise national security and is it a threat to our democracy, are those questions now being raised? >> well, the money we're talking about is foreign money. it's from ukraine or from china, perhaps involving state-owned enterprises in china and if joe biden knew about that, yes, it does raise certain questions about national security. remember, we're at a very early stage of this. but this evidence does raise questions that joe biden knew about this and so far the president-elect has not answered a single he questio question ab. arthel: byron york, thank you very much. eric. >> thank you, arthel. arthel: by the way, you can see
1:40 pm
tucker carlson's full interview with tony bobulinski in less than 30 minutes, it's going to start at 5:00 p.m. eastern time here on the fox news channel and we are back with more in a moment. this year, we learned a lot about baking. walmart makes it easy with groceries, gadgets, and soo much icing. let's end the year deliciously. ♪
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it was in this small little village. in connemara? right! connemara it is. honestly, we went there- oh, oh look at that! look at that. arthel: another devastating blow for countless new york city restaurants and bars after governor andrew cuomo announced a second ban on indoor dining, that starts monday. this is following a flood of covid positive patients into area hospitals. many owners fear this is the end of the road. brian llenas live in new york city with more. brian? >> reporter: hey, arthel. well, look, new york city had shut down indoor dining for six months before reopening it just two months ago. at 25% capacity inside. well, now the new york governor, andrew cuomo, shutting down indoor dining on monday for a
1:45 pm
variety of reasons, namely the hospitalization rate has not stabilized, the infection rate in the city is too high under his estimation and also the cdc is recommending that people stay away from inside nonessential spots like restaurants and bars, that new recommendation coming last week. now, this morning the new york post cover depicted governor cuomo as the grinch. blasting this decision for banning indoor dining as another startling blow during the holidays to businesses that are just trying to survive the pandemic. the biggest criticism is the governor is choosing to shut down indoor dining in the city monday despite the fact that the state's contact tracing data shows restaurants and bars accounted for just 1.4% of the 46,000 recent covid cases across the state and meanwhile private household gatherings are linked to 74% of recent covid infections. erin bellar, the owner of e's bar in new york city spoke to
1:46 pm
fox news earlier this morning, she said this could be it for so many businesses that are waiting for federal relief. >> restaurants run a very small profit margin. so at 25% occupancy we were already losing money being open. we were counting on moving to 50% so that potentially we could break even. and now they're closing us down again, i don't see how most people are going to make it. >> reporter: so many businesses relying on outdoor dining and tents and take-out but in the winter it's tough for so many of them. arthel. arthel: it's so tough. so tough. brian llenas, thank you. eric. eric: how tough will it be, insiders in the restaurant industry say restaurants are unfairly targeted as being the main source of infection. we just heard that report from brian, talking about that. they say it's the unregulated gatherings that account for majority of the coronavirus positive cases. bob lust joins us now, president
1:47 pm
and ceo of the massachusetts restaurant association. bob, the national restaurant association so far says as of now about 110,000, 110,000 restaurants across the country have closed so far, not even with this new wave. what do you feel will happen to the industry? >> well, here in massachusetts, we are bumping along at record levels in the hospitality industry and in marco individual hit like ninja thunder and it kept rolling. we employed 300,000 employees in the restaurants. 250,000 were furloughed for all of ' or part of that time and 39% will not be recalled. every operator thinks of them first and foremost. despite the chorus of experts and doctors and epidemiologists, pushing to shut down indoor dining in massachusetts,
1:48 pm
governor baker has been steadfast in saying that he will follow the data and the data leads him to believe and to conclude that restaurants are not the issue. he's had 12,000 unannounced visits by his alcoholic beverage control commission since the end of august, 97% of those visits have been in full compliance. as you said, leading to less than 1% of cases being traced back here to massachusetts. every operator puts the safety of his and her guest and their employees first and foremost and would never, ever put anything before it. despite -- eric: we're looking at via mexico downtown in water street in boston and boston is such a great restaurant city. here's betsy king, the owner of via mexico, saying how this has affected her. >> they can come out and say
1:49 pm
we're not closing restaurants, but they might as well just say they are because without help, we're not surviving. restaurants bring in business and work and jobs to communities. if we close, the economic status of our state is going to be even more in peril. eric: bob, what do you say to those that say you take your mask off, you're sitting two feet away from somebody and it really shouldn't be the case? >> well, again, there's no doubt to conclude that it's being driven by restaurants, and the recent spike combined -- it was combined with the fact that winter was coming, that thanksgiving arrived, and that private gatherings where those practices aren't -- you know, distancing and sanitizing and masks aren't worn, that's what's driving it. boston, it's driving restaurants to say they may have to high
1:50 pm
better nate for the winter -- hibernate for the winter as a results of of what's going on and trying to make it through to the other side. which means if we do that, tens of thousands of employees will be back on the state's payroll. what we need is we need federal help. we need the local -- the national electioned officials to stop pointing fingers at each other of and realize that it's our neighbors, our friends, our families that are at peril and we need them to do their job and at the very least, if they can't get a comprehensive plan that includes the restaurants act, then they need to get at least ppp and a federal unemployment assistance that we so desperately need for that industry. eric: it's going to be a hard next few months, certainly for the restaurant industry and as you point out the new york figures, 1.4% of infections according to the new york state government from restaurants, 74% from people in households. bob lutz of the massachusetts
1:51 pm
restaurant association. bob, thank you for joining us here on the fox news channel. we'll have more news for you right here when we come back. derriere discomfort. we try to soothe it with this. cool it with this. and relieve it with this. but new preparation h soothing relief is the 21st century way to do all three. everyday. preparation h. get comfortable with it. new projects means you need to hire.gers. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a short list of quality candidates from our resume database. claim your seventy five dollar credit, when you post your first job at
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arthel: there are growing calls among house republicans for an ethics investigation of congressman eric swalwell after axios reported the california
1:55 pm
democrat was targeted by a suspected chinese spy when he was a city councilman. christina coleman is live in los angeles with more on this story. >> reporter: the whole situation gives context into how deeply china is willing to go within local politics to try to influence the u.s. government. the prospective spy is identified as christine fang, accused of targeting up and coming politicians like congressman eric swalwell. she helped him fund raise and placed one intern in his office. she is suspected of having a romantic or sexual relationship with at least two unnamed midwestern mayors. swalwell cut ties with her once u.s. intelligence officials briefed him on their concerns of her in 2015, that's when she left the united states. despite growing concern over swalwell and beijing's influence operations, house speaker nancy pelosi says she's not worried
1:56 pm
about swalwell. on the other side of the aisle, a much different sentiment. yesterday, a congressman filed a complaint with the house ethics committee urging them to investigate whether swalwell has been compromised. some republicans want him kicked off the house intelligence committee. axios reports that fong did not get classified information from government officials. however, as you can see, a lot of people are still concerned. arthel: christina, thank you very much. eric. eric: arthel, that does it for us for now. but a tucker special is next here on the fox news channel. arthel and i will be back tomorrow, noon eastern, with all the news you want to see. have a good night. ristles that can leave cleaning gaps and wrap hair. so shark replaced them with flexible power fins to directly engage floors and dig deep into carpets. pick up more on every pass with no hair wrap. shark vertex with duoclean power fins.
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tucker: good evening. welcome to tucker carlson tonight. before the presidential election we interviewed one of hunter biden's business partner, the former naval officer called tony bobulinski. the rest of the media are ignoring the interview, they admitted that hunter biden is in fact under federal criminal investigation. you're not allowed to know the details of that. that's why tonight we're going to rebroadcast our interview of tony bobulinski in its entireity. we'll devote the entire next hour to a single interview, something we've never done before. in this case it's a conversation with a man called tony bobulinski, the former business partner of james and hunter biden. the brother and the son of the current democratic


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