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tv   Watters World  FOX News  December 12, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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greg: a special thanks to dave rubin mike baker and kat timpf and tyrus. i'm greg gutfeld and i love you, america. why the president is fighting it and exactly why i support him and you should, too. see you next time on life, liberty. ♪ jesse: welcome to "watters' world". i am jesse watters. where is hunter? that's the subject of tonight "watters' world". found him. watters office, sweating bullets because the feds are investigating him for money laundering. federal prosecutors in delaware have been looking at hunter for years while hunter had no idea. now the investigation has broken wide open and joe biden's son is the official target/subject. laptops involved in christmas at the biden household, going to be
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a little awkward this year. remember the feds are investigating hunters china deals. swearing under oath, that joe biden ran the deals from the shadows. they were holding ten for the big guy, joe, the kickback from the communists. to potentially joe biden is this close to the heat. the details are salacious and open up the biden family to extortion threats from a foreign hostile power, not to mention counterintelligence concerns. hunter biden is a hot mess and was targeted by the chinese because of that. and who his dad is. this is from the senate report. quote, there exists a vast web of corporate action and financial transactions between and among the biden family and chinese nationals. hunter biden had business associations with other chinese
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nationals linked to the communist government and the people's liberation army. associations resulted in millions of dollars in cash fl flow. large sums of money were being transformed from the chinese to the bidens so large and suspicious that the transfers raise red flags at hunter's own bank. the bank flagged several wires as potential criminal activity and reported them. most wires had no legitimate documentation and when the bank asks, what is going on here? the biden family wouldn't tell them because they couldn't tell them. money was going from china to hunter, sometimes joe biden's brother wouldn't have any explanation at all. hunter was opening lines of credit from china russia hunter was opening lines of credits in the biden family celebrated celebrated out? by going on $100,000 shopping
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spree. luxury goods, hotels, apple products, flight and fancy restaurants. one chinese tycoon gave hunter a three ^-caret diamond. was he down on one knee? did hunter say yes? apparently diamonds are biden's best friend. it is not complicated, china was influenced and the bidens were selling access. could this be why joe is so soft on china? >> of a rising china is a positive development. not only for china but for america and the world at large. it's in our self interest that china continues to prosper. >> it's in our interest for us to see china positively move forward and succeed. >> i like the chinese people and want them to do well. they are not our competition, we
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are our competition. >> it's easy to compete when you break the game. virus escapes from china, democrats choose ballots, big tech centers, wall street injects cash and media attacks trump. who, coincidently is the first president in decades to be tough on who? china. makes sense now, doesn't it? the china alliance drag joe over the finish line. now the big guy will pay him back. the chinese even admitted they own joke. >> -- speaking in foreign language. [laughter]
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[speaking in foreign language] jesse: china consenting to the conspiracy but will the media cover this? big tech and big media randy information warfare campaign for the china alliance. biden owes them everything. the research conducted a swing state survey of biden voters after the election. you ready? one third had never heard biden was accused in this sexual assault. a quarter had never heard harris was the most liberal senator. nearly half of biden voters had never heard of the hunter biden scandal but here is the important part. if they had heard of the hunter scandal, 10% of those voters say they with not switch their vote to trump and that would have delivered trump to be a head. that is what you call real election interference. that right there is why trump calls fake news the enemy of the people.
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doctors notified that test results to patients. financial advisors don't hide financial losses from clients but the media hides negative news for them their entire audience. the coverups worse than the crime and it's tearing us apart. the media uses for cover up techniques. they labeled bad news for democrats this information, unverified, a conspiracy theory or just completely block it out. here is the probe china media before the election reporting on the hunter biden story. >> the spread of an unburied verified story. >> he talks about conspiracy theories. >> baseless conspiracy theories about joe biden and his son, hunter. >> this looks like your classic disinformation campaign. jesse: this is what is totalitarian countries do. it's sleazy, ungrateful and
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un-american but the cover-up is sanctioned by these platforms. big players in the market and a profit handsomely from biden returning to the status quo with china where americans get robbed and the well-connected get rich. it is always about the money when it is not about the sex. we will have more on that later. i urge all americans not to take with the mainstream media tells you at face value. the same people who told you trump colluded, the fbi didn't spike, protests were peaceful and hunter hunter was clean, the same people who are telling you now there's no election fraud. even when hundreds of eyewitnesses testify, there was. you are being brainwashed. the only antidote to the china alliance is watching "watters' world". your for reaction, new york post columnist, miranda and former acting director of national
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intelligence, grinnell. ck, what is the most surprising aspect to this story? rick: i couldn't pick one, there is just so many angles that are hard to explain. obviously you nailed it with the media angle and hiding negative news. this was wrapped in the election and we could see cnn and others constantly message that this was no big deal. how about cnn finding 50 different former intelligence officials who didn't see the information but swore this was absolutely russian communism? this was really getting outrageous with what is happening in washington d.c. everybody knows they hide the ball, so to speak. the rest of us in america watch this and are sick and tired of it. jesse: the next time you get one of those letters signed by dozens of former intel officia
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officials, just shred it. it is worthless. miranda, you yourself broke a lot of the hunter biden stuff, you were maliciously slammed, they tried to discredit you and your company, now looking back over the last month, month and a half, how do you feel? >> i guess you could say that, it is not much of a consolation prize considering now cnn and the washington post quite happy to report on hunter biden's legal problems because hunter biden has given the green light. the whole transition team has because strangely, hunter released what he was under investigation by federal authorities, the biden harris transition team and of course,
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it allowed joe biden with his addendum, his usual go to when trying to shield his family from these allegations and peddling around the world. he said i'm so very proud of my son who is being delicious and recent months, he's like a journalist of the new york post, not smearing anyone, just publishing evidence on hunter biden's laptop that he abandoned at a shopping place in delaware. apparently it is part of the investigation, several that are going on into the bidens family. it is not just hunter biden, it is james biden, joe's brother who seems to be the mastermind of these family schemes. he hasn't had a lot of media
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attention so far but i think it will change officially with the news just a couple of days ago that he's also under investigation, his dealings with a hospital company. jesse: i believe we will hear more about joe's bro in the months to come. rick, remember in 2016 we came in and said we are not going to let the d.o.j., fbi announced these explosive investigations in the run up to an election like they did with hillary or the trump spike garbage, we are not going to do that anymore. we are going to wait, so that is what barth did. the attorney general, about these hunter biden investigations, with a new for years and he kept the lid on and now we are hearing about it
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after the election, a lot of people say the republicans play by a different set of rules. the democrats would drop this in october and change the race, potentially seeing it, people would have been aware. you agree with bill barr by holding this back to not interfere? do you believe the american public has a right to know something as serious as this hunter biden, joe biden china allegation is? ric: i'm always for transparency. i think the american people can handle it, they deserve it. transparency is not political in any major. i do think we have to have prosecutors and intelligence officials who just do their job and ignore the or not an election is coming up or whether or not they are close to a certain person that's running, i just think they need to do their job, look at the facts and when they can prove something, they come out with it, or when they
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know they have to launch an investigation, that they launch it and announce it. i don't think we should hold back in any way because when you do, you allow for political manipulation and that is what we are trying to remove. i do have to say that this whole episode is troubling because all we have ever heard from this, the democrats side, it's an overplay of russia being a threat and an underplay of the china threat. we all know russia is a problem, for sure but china is a crisis and we need to stop underplaying the china problem. jesse: it is not a problem for the democrats because they are getting rich off china. that's probably why they play it down so much. you talk about political manipulation, what to say joe doesn't get in there once he's sworn in and just clean house and get rid of these prosecutors and appoint someone new?
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or just have the new ag shut the whole thing down, i could see that happening. i hope it doesn't but -- i know. this story again, the media is covering up. california congressman, eric swalwell, a name i don't like pronouncing, a chinese spy. she is while well elected to congress, building and getting donations and infiltrated the congressman's office, getting an associate hired as an intern, no idea what they had access to. then when asked if he had a romantic relationship with the chinese spy, congressman's swalwell wouldn't say. his answer was, that is classified. where i come from, if you asked if they've slept with a woman and they say that's classified, he probably slept with her.
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maybe he had his heart broken because the chinese honeypot also slept with two other democrat politicians. this reported by axioms. she came to america as a college student on secret mission and penetrated democrat political circles, attending events across the country, establishing a network of contents and grooming politicians. the whole time, loyal to red china, getting intel back the hospital regime. she tripped up and flashed the fbi's radar. does james comey assume he was colluding with china of course not. he gave the democrat defense briefing. warning him he was being compromised. swallow well reported the cut it off and fang fang fled, returning to her homeland. obviously he sat on the intel
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committee, he briefed them about the infiltration. just kidding. he only breathed the democrats and he remained for years. while on the committee, swalwell accused trump of the thing he was guilty of, co- mingling with foreign intelligence assets. shameful but not surprising. but back to china. his swalwell tough on the middle kingdom? >> we are in significant trade deficit with china today. one on one in the trade work is an effective. >> the china is the greatest threat which does not match what we have been briefed on privately. >> the american people walk away and believe there's any equivalence between russia and china, what they are doing. jesse: the congressman is either compromised, but off by his pro-
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china donors or a sucker. whatever the case, he needs booted off house intel. this story has a congressman, chinese spy and sex. it is a tv storyline. surely the networks networks covered it. zero minutes on the networks, zero. the china alliance is alive and well. "watters' world" reached out to hunter biden to see if he had ever had the pleasure of meeting fang fang and we are awaiting a response. miranda, this story i feel like is only just beginning. where do you see this going? miranda: swalwell is a clear and present danger to the national security, whatever way you look at it because a man who sits on the house intel committee and yet, he has constantly run the beijing line whether it's on the coronavirus when he attacks the president, calling him a
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xenophobe or cutting off china or when it comes to north korea or the trade war, he is constantly taking beijing side. you couple that this history with fang fang and the fact that he has access to classified information, we are supposed to take his word for it that we can trust him or nancy pelosi's word? nancy pelosi put him on that procedures committee i can't see how he will receive anymore classified information. he is thoroughly scandalized and he had actually atoned for it. he's not come clean with the american people and said look, this was an unfortunate episode and i've learned a lesson, i realize that china is a great security threat, no. now we are seeing a future potential president going into the white house next month who
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himself is compromised by china and we saw that tony, his former advisor. we see it with professor d who you just showed and that speech in shanghai that saying the chinese compromised joe biden doing these deals -- [laughter] they admitted it. it's so obvious. jesse: they admitted it and no one is playing the sound bar. i believe with everything you said and i will give ric the last word. ric: i want to empathize with something she said, eric swalwell is constantly taking the beijing line whether it's about russia and really trying to overplay that, he's constantly taking the beijing
8:20 pm
line. why is that? why is it that need to pelosi, eric swalwell and diane feinstein all live in san francisco or that area, all captivated by the chinese and constantly giving the chinese lines? i think there is something amiss in san francisco and with the control of the chinese in the city. we need to get to the bottom of this in both intelligence committees on the senate and house side need to have a classified briefing with what's going on and what we know about eric swalwell being compromised for many years and getting intelligence, the intelligence committee. it is a scandal. jesse: couldn't agree more. we will follow up on that. thank you very much. kayleigh mcenany is on deck and the real joe biden is exposed. the secret audio of him screaming at black activists
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about that? >> i have never spoken to my son about that. i've never discussed with my son or mother or anyone else in this business. what i will do is the same thing we did in our administration, an absolute wall between personal and private and the government. >> do you stand by your statement that you did not discuss any of your sons business. >> did hunter biden -- have you spoken to your son? jesse: i said this at the top of the show, the same people who said hunter, whose clean as a whistle are now saying no, there's no election fraud. i think we know who to believe here. speaking of hunter, didn't you
8:26 pm
tweet something about hunter and then you got knocked off social media? are you going to ask for an apology? >> i am asking for an apology. twitter specifically, not helpful but yes, the new york post article, one of the biggest newspapers of the country is censored and i would go, why are you covering this? just entertain me, why won't you cover this? they just stare at you blankly. no interest in covering this. now we know hunter biden is being investigated by the fbi and d.o.j., the media refused to cover it and now they are waking up. despite people like brian, taking a stand. cnn calling it disinformation. jesse: [laughter] the disinformation is coming from cnn but they do not see it that way. shocking. make you very much. she awaits the apology. eric swalwell caught up by a chinese college student spy.
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here is the real story about what happened. ♪ ♪ to support a strong immune system, your body needs routine. centrum helps your immune defenses every day,
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>> i'm ashley strohmier. the nation's capitol is pro-trump supporters and counterprotesters clashed. much of the day was peaceful
8:32 pm
with tensions escalating as the escalating as a somewhat tempered four people were stabbed with one in critical condition 80 others taken to the hospital and 23 protesters were arrested. coronavirus cases spiking across the u.s.. shipments of the first approved vaccine gets underway to 60 million cases confirmed in the west. 1 million of those coming this week alone. death surpassing 3300 on friday shattering a single day record for the virus now claiming the lives of more than 297,000 americans. i'm ashley strohmier and now back to "watters' world." for all your headlines go to >> we see too often american campuses, the silence and censorship driven by the chinese communist party, boils down to something far less idealistic. many colleges are bought by
8:33 pm
beijing. jesse: bought by beijing. secretary of state mike pompeo warning about china infiltrating college campuses. the chinese spy linked to swalwell came as a college student and infiltrated democrat political circles, targeting up-and-coming politicians all while feeding intel to the hostile regime of china. >> the leadership for his form from a chinese person were made to members of congress when made known to the members of congre congress, it was over but i don't know that means they come to the capital. jesse: joining me now to contribute, a former administration in the reagan administration, it seems like a
8:34 pm
gaping hole the chinese are exploiting. you can be accepted into one of our universities and just work your magic on politicians and we don't know what's going on until they slip up. how do you deal with something like that? >> that is great question. first of all, pay attention and give credit to president trump and secretary pompeo because they made us pay attention for the first time in a long time. now i fear we may be going back to sleep. we have maybe 360,000 chinese students in the u.s. while the here? they want the great american degree because our schools and advanced technology, math and science are the best in the world. they don't come here to study buddhism and humanities, they are here for the high tech stuff but what is important to reali realize, and very few americans do, i know it comes as a shock, by law, they are all spies of the chinese government. the 2017 intelligence act reminded citizens they are all
8:35 pm
agents of the state and they are responsible to aid the state in its intelligence work. when they get here, there often required to check in with the chinese consulate to report on what they are seeing and finding out. the other part of this is the cooperation on the universities and i could get into that if you would like. jesse: just the fact that you said they are required to be loyal to their communist government and report back what they are seeing and hearing at labs at universities settings, perhaps even interning and congress. who knows the kind of information they have access to. so tell me about -- they are showering universities with million-dollar donations to set up these, i guess centers. what is happening at these centers? >> one thing quickly, americans are known for their ability and
8:36 pm
disposition and they do. every time i hear someone we brought in a foreign exchange student, i ask if they are chinese and i say be careful. they say they are a lovely person, why? they are an agent of the state or could well be an agent of the state. universities here have two things they care about. one is tuition and fees chinese students pay full freight, a lot of these colleges can say we are keeping our tuition down. of course an increasing percentage of the undergraduate student body is chinese and maybe chinese agents, residents of that state. there are confucius institute, two funded by the chinese government. they are there purportedly to help understand chinese culture and history. that is the pretense to get information and bring it back.
8:37 pm
we got to pay attention to this end the universities don't cooperate with us. here is the flip. the chinese government requires all citizens to be intelligence agency here and we have universities help identify these agents, they don't want to help us. they don't like the cia, or investigations. full control of the state. jesse: we are tying our own noose. i don't understand what is going on but before i let you go, if you are a member of congress and an attractive chinese national, perhaps a student wants to sleep with you, what would bill bennet recommend you do first before diving in? [laughter] bill: before diving in, just say no. just say no. [laughter] jesse: okay. we are not discriminating, let's keep our eyes open out there
8:38 pm
especially if you're on the house intelligence committee. bill: it is a dangerous world. americans tend to view the world with openness and full of grace but we have our enemies and now we are figuring that out. hopefully we put this knowledge to good use. jesse: thank you very much for joining "watters' world". joe biden screams at black activists. the secret audiotape, next. ♪ ♪ one of the worst things about a cold sore is how it can make you feel. but, when used at the first sign, abreva can get you back to being you in just 2 and a half days. be kinder to yourself and tougher on your cold sores. this season, ♪ harkspoiling your petsntal has never been easier...
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seriously? but zerowater- let me guess. zero? yup, that's how i know it is the purest-tasting water. i need to find the receipt for that. oh yeah, you do. ever wonder how joe biden really asked when he thinks no one is listening? this is him in a meeting with black activists, it wasn't
8:43 pm
supposed to be recorded. they are not happy with joe. >> a lot of people in our community are anxious because they are not seeing enough of the progress they thought they would have seen. >> let's get it straight, you shouldn't be disappointed. what i've done so far is more than anybody else has done thus far. number one. number two, i mean what i say, when i say it. i mean what i say when i say it. i'm the only person who's ever run on three platforms that i was told could not possibly win the election. one was on restoring the soul of this country because what i saw happen in charlottesville. jesse: ned ryun, founder and ceo and charlie kirk, pounding of turning.usa. ned, do you think joe is angry? that was the same day he found out his son was in
8:44 pm
investigation? [laughter] >> i think we are just seeing the real joe biden, the cranky old phony angry white man was a 50 year inhabitant of the swamp was decided he's not going to listen to anybody, he's going to dictate to these supporters. the funny thing about all of that is his lying about claiming credit for being the only one to talk about charlottesville. there are plenty of other progressives lying about charlottesville and here you have joe typical fashion trying to steal all credit for all the line. what you see, this is the real joe biden when cameras are off and there's audio, this is who he is and has always been. jesse: he just seems like an angry guy, just trying to keep them in line, doesn't seem grateful for the black support he's got. >> what i find interesting is the tape leaked. over the weeks from the last six months from the campaign? it seems as if the activists, now they have done their part
8:45 pm
with joe biden and all of a sudden, the investigations are announced. inc. has now said they want a meeting, it's been 32 days and these private conversations are now being leaked. it seems there's a democrat civil war brewing and joe biden will be on the wrong side of that conflict. joe biden is a democrat and will pander to the needs, wants and interests of the trillion dollar operations, not the angry social justice warrior intersectional activist so it's fascinating that we didn't have any leaks from joe biden in june, july and august. of all the off the cuff remarks we know he was making in press calls and staffers but a month after they declare victory, all of a sudden we get these leaks. joe biden will finally get a taste of what donald trump has been going through the last four years. jesse: we have to run but just want to say congrats to charlie kirk who is engaged now. ladies, he's off the market so
8:46 pm
fang fang, i'm sorry, you don't get a shot at charlie. he's a taken man. congrats. next, the war on christmas rages in 2020. a report from the front lines. ♪ mr. grinch ♪ ♪ ♪ the grinch ♪ ♪ you are a bad banana ♪ ♪ the grinch ♪ ♪ your hearts and empty hole ♪ ♪ mr. grincncncncnc - [announcer] your typical vacuum has bristles that can leave cleaning gaps and wrap hair.
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no guns. not even a nerf gun. note. if your dad wants to get it for
8:51 pm
you, that's fine. what else would you like? [inaudible] jesse: radical left santa claus at the mall telling a kid he won't bring him a nerf gun. unbelievable. that wasn't the real santa, by the way. the kids watching at home. fox news contributor and author of the spiders that saved christmas. >> is guy obviously was not the real santa, as you said. i've been lamenting the kids have to see santa behind lexi last in a mask, it looks like he is in a black site. this is sandy who should be taken to a black site. he plays that man, perfectly
8:52 pm
comfortable with guns so kids, nerf guns are perfectly fine. this is to go to reprimand school. this guy should be out of a job. jesse: we have another crazy war on christmas, i guess nbc sexualized the grinch. this is too much. tell us what happened. >> family viewing and the broadway actor decided he would bump and grind, tell jokes, totally sexualized this character. needless to say, kids were scandalized. this thing was scary. the music was horrible but it had no bearing of this cupola fable dr. seuss created 60 years ago. leave the classics alone. if you want to sexualize
8:53 pm
something, played the joker somewhere else. he said he was inspired by the joker, it looks like it. that was an adult movie, this is a child fable. let our christmas traditions alone. this cartoon was a lot near. as opposed to this, this was a lot. [laughter] jesse: all right, on the front lines, fighting the war on the front lines. thank you for your bravery. merry christmas. speaking of christmas. christmas shopping, "watters' world" style. >> fifty-five, going to the bedroom. jesse: so you can watch me when you go to bed. [laughter] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the christmas countdown is on just a couple of more weeks until the big day. the holiday shopping season is in full swing. let's take a look back at the last time i caught up with some holiday shoppers. here we go there we go. ♪ >> we were never in it. >> you got to spend more money than this. you're not a communist are you? >> by, have a good day. jesse: how much do you usually spend on your grandson? >> maybe 100. >> twenty grand kids? a magic trick. that right. >> like make mom and dad. jesse: how many? >> fifty-five, going to the bedroom. jesse: so you can watch me when you go to bed. >> of course. jesse: you don't even know who i am do you? >> no. [laughter]
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jesse: who this for? >> i'm putting it back. jesse: why? >> my wife told me too. jesse: you do everything your wife says? >> a much. jesse: what does the hobbit have to do with jesus? have you been thinking about jesus this whole time shopping? ♪ i'm watters. this is my world. >> i can see. >> i watch him every day. >> i love you. jesse: i love you, too. that's all for tonight. follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. just as with judge jeanine is next and remember, i'm watters. this is my world. ♪
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hello and welcome to justice. thank you for being with us tonight. let's get right to my open. ♪ if you aren't convinced there's a deep state after witnessing the mainstream media, big tech and the democrat party so determined to destroy president trump get him out of office and prop up joe biden to get him into office, then come along with me. they didn't just steal the election donald trump, they stole it from all of you. there was fraud in the inducement of all thi


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