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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  December 12, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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hello and welcome to justice. thank you for being with us tonight. let's get right to my open. ♪ if you aren't convinced there's a deep state after witnessing the mainstream media, big tech and the democrat party so determined to destroy president trump get him out of office and prop up joe biden to get him into office, then come along with me. they didn't just steal the election donald trump, they stole it from all of you. there was fraud in the inducement of all things biden
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in order to con you. they call and you and can't america. they wanted to win no matter what. when at all costs, you didn't matter. you never got it because it was never about you. it was about power, their power. the kind of power that corrupts absolutely. people in office who long, they have a sense of entitlement, so convinced their superiority, supremacy, they justify to themselves and occasionally to us, like when speaker pelosi in office for far too long, admits she held off getting you ppp money so donald trump wouldn't get credit. she was willing to have you suffer as she waited for biden because somehow she knew he would win in spite of the fact president trump wanted to give those earnings to billion
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dollars. she would have none of it. she stole that from you. the deep state controlled the flow of information, the ugly about the bidens as they made up information, bad and ugly about the trump. they not only hit the dirt many of us were telling you about, the biden family, discussing ugly and treasonous, they made up lies and brief never ending life into them to destroy a president fighting for us. while the bidens were on sale internationally to the highest bidder including china, we now know hunter is being investigated not only for taxes but substituting lives like racketeering. this investigation also involves joe's brother, james and reportedly and deeply and months international ongoing criminal investigation. two of hunter's former partners have already been convicted of fraud and securities crimes, one
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is already in jail. but the deep state, big tech and democrat and mainstream media decided that you shouldn't hear about any of this, certainly not before the election. yet, eric trump, a businessman, makes news by attorney general and new york who ran on a platform, unethical platform of destroying the trumps. the deep state brought out 50 former intelligence community heads to tell us hunter's laptop was nothing more than russia disinformation. you know the names, brendan, offered, flyers about the trump collusion, saying the documents on hunter's laptop were ally and russia disinformation. really? his laptop of life?
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under never denied it. russia disinformation, what do the russians have to do with joe biden flying his son on air force to to china and hunter's is connected to the chinese communist party? joined in two deflects the efforts, the media. >> we know this whole smear on joe biden comes from the roman. >> i am a journalist and reporter and follow the fox and there has never been corruption. >> prosecutors do not open investigation based on disinformation provided by russian intelligence. >> disinformation, foreign disinformation or campaign disinformation. >> conspiracy theories about joe biden and his son. >> this is most likely propaganda. judge jeanine: didn't the american people have the right to know of the entanglements that the biden family had with
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china? they all lied to you. i told you this months ago if you know someone in the office like pigs, hunter, james, patrick collecting millions it's a piece of the action going to the big guy who then correlates our foreign policy to match their corrupt financial goals whose son runs around the world with the backing sucking up billions from communist china, russia, ukraine, pakistan and more. the new york post story and senator ron johnson's report on the biden family entanglement were censored, they were blacked out, the deep state would not let anyone report on it, they were even going to let you talk about it. the mainstream media wouldn't say it or print it. the intelligence community, the same who is said trump was a
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russian asset simply because they wanted to destroy him the democrats called us crazy. all the while hunter never denied it was his laptop and it was blocked and we were prevented from hearing about a criminal investigation of hunter, pending now, we know since 2018. we weren't even allowed to talk to each other about it. twitter and washington post, we wikipedia, the new york times, politico, axial, cnn, npr radio, they blocked it so we could not assess the bidens entanglement. we don't want to waste time on stories that are not real stories. joe biden lied to you, too, saying he knew nothing about sons business and gave out outright denials by the witnesses who met with them that most of america never heard fr from, said joe would get 10% of the millions of dollars his son was bringing in from china and good old bill barr, attorney
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general, the one who said joe biden is not under in criminal investigation against justice department guidelines, must have really had his hand on this one because the candidate for president's son under active criminal investigations for two years before an election is the kind of information that leaks out early and often but we now know bill barr was the ultimate do nothing deep state or there to defend the status quo. now eric swalwell, another one who had entanglements with the honeypot, saying saying, a chinese spy trading sex for secrets for years. raising money for the swallows campaign and placing an intern in his office.
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swalwell well, both democrats, got a warning they were involved with chinese spies. donald trump, on the other hand, is advised did nothing, set up by james, who wanted to leak information and make it look like he, trump, was a russian aspect. when asked about the intern, placed by the chinese spy congressional office, had a perfect deep state response, we need more money. in spite of all of this, swell will ran for president and sits on our national intelligence committee, thrashing president trump as a russian spy when it was he who was under the spell of the chinese spy so here we are, december 12, with 10% of voters saying they would change their vote if they knew hunter bidens entanglement with china but the democrats had a plan and it began when they introduced it
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january 3 to expand voting rights and get as many people floating as early as possible. they had him race against the clock. how much would they get past. >> and people before the american people knew the truth? they would need big tech. the mainstream media, all the democrats in sync and even the united states attorney general to make sure nothing leaked about the biden family. we continue the russia hoax even though there was no proof and the pandemic, well, the pandemic allowed them to change the voting process in violation of federal and state constitutions but it's not too late for the court to recognize that a fraud was intentionally perpetrated on the american people. by not allowing information to penetrate the public sphere and then creates a fantasy of corruption against the sitting
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president, they can bring in a family whose very present reeks of international blackmail and corruption. yes, they protected their trojan horse deep state candidate who answered little, if anything in the last year. today, as a vaccine is announced in historic time, they trashed him in spite of his sheer determination and caring for us that made it happen. god help us if we are to face the deep state without him. donald trump has a barrier protecting us. that is my open. let me know what you think on my facebook and twitter. # judge jeanine. if you like my open, you will love my new, don't like to make available for order. kevin mccarthy joined me, good evening. >> thanks for having me back.
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judge jeanine: i talked about congressman's while while in his entanglements with his chinese spy. she was allowed to then sit on the national intelligence committee by nancy pelosi, how does that happen when he's involved for years and apparently his family, his father and mother were still in facebook contact? >> it's very serious and goes much deeper than just eric swalwell well. we now find, i recently read today that there is a complaint against eric swalwell well, too. number with the ethics committee did, this is the place people get to see and keep american secrets. it's something most members of congress don't get to see or read. your only place on the committee by one person, your leader. nancy pelosi placed eric swalwell well on this committee is a junior member which is
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difficult to do even though shew this information and now she kept it. so did adam schiff but what is even more to me, why did eric swalwell, just a week ago, criticized the director of intelligence, john ratcliffe, on his report about what china is doing? why did he take china's side and attack america? it raises more questions, when did the speaker know it and what did she know? what actions did she or adam schiff take? judge jeanine: in addition, i suspect there will be a review of whatever legislation he was involved in or may have voted on as it relates to china and whatever his actions were, legislatively. will there not be? >> i am very concerned because it seems as though nancy pelosi is doing nothing about it but there is even more to this. why did nancy pelosi and the
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democratic leadership pull out of a bipartisan task force on china? why did adam schiff criticized the president trump when he shut down the corrupt consulate of china and everybody knew all the spies? he criticized the president about it. what does the chinese communist party have on the democrats? i don't know what it is but it must be quite powerful -- go ahead. judge jeanine: it appears that the chinese have vast plan where they infiltrate politicians, a lot of them in california, silicon valley and lower levels, whether they are mayors, this one in particular, swell well say anything about whether or not he had physical involvement
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with her and he gets away with it and get, the bundle money for them as they move up the political ladder so they go to congress and then run for president. >> that is exactly, think about it. the candidate here of eric swalwell, they found him and city council, they bundled money to help him get to congress. who knows, did someone try to influence nancy pelosi to put them on the committee? and he's running for president. what is worse, the chair of the intel, adam schiff do this. he knew this. the whole time they are trying to impeach the president. everything eric swalwell accused the president of, he did. nancy pelosi, the speaker of the house, third in line to the presidency, knew about this and kept him on the committee. the real question will come january 3. now that members of congress know this and only the leader can put them on the committee,
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if you vote from nancy pelosi as speaker, your voting to put eric swalwell back on the intel committee and adam schiff as chair while knowing this information. judge jeanine: this is all up to nancy pelosi, if she is reelected as speaker. >> she puts on the democrat, she named the democrats, intel mitty and i name the republican intel committee. judge jeanine: and he gets on it, the fact that he and adam schiff, both on the intel committee did nothing but trash president trump on a russian collusion, even mueller couldn't even find an iota of evidence on and get they continue to lie to the american people. there is a deep state in this country and it is the democrats saying with big tech and mainstream media and if you are not on top of this every day, you don't know what is going on.
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>> so true. for this to carry on, remember, this isn't the first democrat to get in trouble. senator feinstein, the person who drove her, a chinese spy for 20 years. they focus on silicon valley. when the director of intel, john ratcliffe brought up his report, he was explaining how fast the chinese are buying on us down to the city council level, down to mayors. who is the one congressman to go out and attack what was wrong? eric swalwell. i wonder what he said that. it raises more questions, is now an ethics complaint against him and why he should not be serving on the intel committee. judge jeanine: real fast, positive news on the vaccine. why does it seem joe biden is trying to take credit for this vaccine? don't you think we should call it the trump vaccine given everything he has done? >> the president deserves tremendous amount of credit, the
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thousands of millions of lives he will save because of operation warp speed. he told the american public what he would do. he pushed to get us here, keeping it safe and secure but we are not having one vaccine, we will have numerous vaccines. his ability to have the dosages already made so as soon as the fda asked, the american public can start taking the vaccine. the president deserves credit, history will be very kind to what he was able to do. people are going to study this because this is remarkable, government in a time of crisis. remember, it was created in china, something we did not invite but president trump will defeat. judge jeanine: kevin mccarthy, thank you for being with us tonight. still ahead, trump campaign attorney jenna ellis, congressman doug collins and small business owner struggling to survive but first, a lockdown nation continuing to grow as americans fight back against the
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outrageous restrictions. congressman steve scalise ways in next. ♪ when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
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americans across the country
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fighting back and choosing to defy democrat leaders covered lockdown orders in an effort to save businesses and neighborhoods and even some in law enforcement are refusing to enforce a covid regulation. listen. >> we still work 24/7, real victims are being injured and assaulted into those things. so to say we have to put that aside and move over to responding to calls to people not wearing masks or being outside their house or showing up at a restaurant, it not only does it make economic sense, it is unreasonable for law enforcement to be used in this manner. judge jeanine: my next guest is a democrat are hypocrites who won't even follow their own rules. steve scalise joins me now. good evening, great to have you here. what say you before we even get to whether or not is a valid reason behind these lockdowns
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the law enforcement saying no, we are not going to do it? >> great to be back with you. you think about these mayors who are trying to defund police and they don't want to lock up criminals but then they tell to lock up restaurant owner who just trying to keep people employed during christmas, talk about misplaced priorities. then they tried to dump it on our hard working men in uniform, law enforcement wants to keep the street safe, they don't want to arrest a local restaurant owner. it is ridiculous. judge jeanine: what's amazing is that, i think it was kate brown from oregon, the government there. she said you might want to, people at thanksgiving have more people at the table, might want to call the police. i've never heard anything like this. what if you have seven kids? throw one out? but then you say what is there and game?
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what are they getting out of it? policy isn't listening, lori from chicago isn't it gavin newsom isn't. what do they get out of pressuring the middle american? >> this is part of the government control movement. they want to run your life. it is not about science. if it was about science, the governors, speaker pelosi and mayors you've been highlighting that are hypocrites, they are telling you you can't go to your favorite restaurant but they are going to their favorite restaurant. they are saying you can't hang out with your family for thanksgiving or christmas and then you see pictures of them hanging out with her family. if the signs was there, they wouldn't be doing it themselves.
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they are crushing these small businesses, the millions of jobs tied to it and they just don't seem to care. speaker pelosi won't even bring up the bill in the house that would give, get almost unanimous support to give ppp loans just because, she said the other day, she doesn't want to help them, she's waiting for the new president. they can't wait and for them to say it's only about politics, it disgusts people and the democrat hypocrisy on top of that, do as they say, not as they do is what undermines their credibility. judge jeanine: and you know, so many americans are fed up, with all the democrat move so many seats in the house when they said they would be a blue wave and then they say joe biden got 80 million votes. you have to say to yourself, something is off here. something is absolutely off. we'll see whether courts end up doing. let's talk about the mainstream media and joe biden and kamala harris being on the cover of "time" magazine. what is your take on that? >> if this doesn't show how,
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they were all cheering for joe biden for years. the whole year they have been trying to get donald trump out of office because they don't agree with what he's doing because he's actually doing what he said he would, cleaning up the mess in washington and got our country back on track. they've never agreed with that strategy that worked so they want to unravel what they have been doing from day one, it's like global got an emmy award. crushing businesses, killed thousands of seniors in nursing homes and give him an award for it. judge jeanine: the amazing part is that it reminds me of when barack obama was elected and they nominated and gave him the nobel prize before he did anything. he was tangled in wars president trump got us out of wars, the latest addition to that is
9:27 pm
israel and the other countries in the middle east, it is a sad commentary. will it ever go away? >> it needs to go away but i think people are doing that stuff out. i don't know how many will by the time magazine and president of the year award compared to maybe 15, 20 years ago but it's a lot lower because people have tuned out the liberal bias. they know it and see it and they are tired of it. president trump should have gotten the nobel prize for peace just for what he did uae and other countries as well. he has actually delivered and stood by allies and delivering a peaceful world. for that, they hate him. people like john kerry who said they would never be peace, they don't know what they are talking about. judge jeanine: they off the haters. thanks for being with us this weekend. ♪ sharing smiles together is a gift.
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>> live from america news headquarters i'm ashley, president trump making a surprise visit today flying over a large rally of supporters in d.c. thousands of people began cheering as marine one buzzed overhead rally intended as show of force for president trump coming two days before electoral college meets to elect biden as president and not conceding yet claiming there was widespread election fraud. also president trump's legal team losing a lawsuits passing election results. u.s. district judge bret ?isessing the lawsuit. refusing to order wisconsin's really state legislature to name president trump the winner over joe biden. this loss coming within day after president trump loss his case before the u.s. supreme court. i'm ashley and back to justice
9:33 pm
with judge jeanine for all of your headlines log on to fox news doak. ♪ judge jeanine: president trump continuing to fight and why not? he had a remarkable first serve in office with accomplishments the mainstream media and liberals worked overtime to ignore. but they can't be forgotten. let's talk about it with my next guest, co-author of the book, trump, america first. david joins me now. good evening, david. a lot to talk about but what stands out to you as the president's biggest accomplishments? >> there's just so many and you know, there's so many to name. trying to come up with the president's accomplishments over the last four years, just operation warp speed, the biggest public private partnership since world war two,
9:34 pm
creating a vaccine for this virus that was not even known about ten months ago, these take eight or ten years to create vaccines for. the president but the full force of the american people, entrepreneurs, scientists, medical experts much is in a room and make sure he did everything they could to create a vaccine. the economy, what he did to build the economy and rebuild the economy that he took over from obama biden is an unbelievable thing, record low unemployment, record employment. real wages for the first time in a decade. the list just goes on and on and i am so proud of this president, of what he set his mind to, he taught the republican party to fight. we are never going to go back,
9:35 pm
that is the one thing this president has done, top the republican party to fight the democrats every minute of every day and that's what we will continue to do. judge jeanine: that is an interesting comment. certainly operation warp speed, i think we've got three vaccines about to come out, to be rolled out. that is unbelievable and it took a businessman to do that but you are absolutely right, the idea of fighting, publicans were always kind of proper and the democrat come out, we saw how they fight. they fight on the streets, through antifa and progressive left, they just don't give up fighting. i think this president taught the republicans how to do that. i think not only is that important but i think the whole concept of people feeling proud of being american, recognizing who we are and that we are a nation under god. >> one 100% but let's just go
9:36 pm
back or years ago, 2016. the obama administration was investigating the incoming trump administration, our transition team was already under investigation. they didn't attend, note democrats attended his inauguration. they said he is not a legitimate president and refused to work with him, they fought over everything he did and the mainstream media went along with it. what he's done, all these accomplishments have been up against the backdrop the people forget, i've got to tell you. we are not here yet fighting over 2020 but joe biden has a long way to go and he'll have to pay for the sins for the last four years. judge jeanine: we'll see about that. always good to have you, thank you so much. ♪ coming up, i stakes for the georgia runoffs. what could the democrats winning
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judge jeanine: all eyes continue to be on the battle in georgia as to runoffs in the state return control of the senate. joe biden planning for the two democratic candidates next week. doug collins joins us now to discuss this. congressman, i watched the debate, i won't get into it too much but the only thing that sticks out to me, georgia is a conservative state. we've got this guy warnock, a preacher but doesn't believe in the military or the police and believes in abortion and things the bible supports abortion. who's crazy, me or him? >> it is not you, judge. good to see you again.
9:42 pm
no, he's trying to pull the ultimate bait and switch. it appears puppy ads and everything is okay but came out the other day, i am a pastor. he said the room is too small for a whole and the government. my question is, where is god in that? he should have been the focus and my scripture tells me something different. he is also against police, can't serve god and the military. i've been a military chaplain 19 years. i've served in iraq. i'll tell you now, you better serve god and the military also. he really had it, -- what he said, counselors, you can't say how liberal you are, it is time georgia turns him back.
9:43 pm
judge jeanine: i would have sent you haven't thought about it, make sure you don't vote because you haven't thought about it. let's talk about president trump and governor kat. president trump tweeted that, how does he allow certification of votes without verifying signatures and despite the recently released ballots being stumped, his poll numbers have dropped like a rock? he is finished as governor. i guess he retweeted, tweeted that to you, to. so what is that about? in the end, you got everybody coming after him but they should. why will you call a session for the legislature? >> i think this is the frustration for the president. i thought about this a lot. the government didn't want to call a session because it would be overturned by the court. the problem is, he has called for signature verification but he said he doesn't want to
9:44 pm
because it would lie on his ba back. the governor rolled out and the democrats to softening and weakening the signature. this is something we have had with the president himself saying, we are going to be focused on this. one of the things we have to have, people have to turn out votes. if they don't turn out to vote judge jeanine: okay, before we get to that, i want to stop for a second. what did you say stacy abrams rolled over people? how did she roll over this guy to get him to violate the constitution and legislature? would she come in with something? how did he roll over and watch? >> this goes back all the way to the previous governor, she brought a lot claiming voter suppression. judge jeanine: who cares?
9:45 pm
>> well, they wanted to solve the lawsuit. they wanted to get rid of the lawsuit so most of them didn't know what was going into this. i know from some people it's probably not a good idea but when they did, they gave away verification, i could make the application and about land and that's all i need to do. we know certain counties didn't follow that. judge jeanine: then you know what? here's the bottom line, that is stupid. all right? he can't stand up against something that's clear violation of statutory law and the constitution, he should get out of office. here's the second issue. if the first vote is corrupt, doesn't it go along with the constitutional requirement, what makes you think the next to vote
9:46 pm
for the runoff would be legit? >> the biggest issue we have now is looking at this verification, we didn't find that out, we wouldn't even know where to look. the president has said have more now, the secretary of state is under scrutiny right now. the local election knows to do it the proper way that has to be done. so many things have been found out, they are not right but if we don't follow through, the president said the other night, look, we are going to follow through and make sure they do it right. judge jeanine: got it. thanks so much for being with us. coming up, this is owners siege and democratic governors continue to enforce unreasonable covered restrictions. one salon owner is fighting back and i speak with him in an exclusive next. two medical societies have strongly recommended to doctors
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my next guest is a small business owner struggling to keep his hair salon afloat, governor cuomo's covered restrictions and lockdowns. he not only worries for his own livelihood but even more for the 26 outer families depending on him. his owner of the salon, vasken demirjian joins me now. thank you for being with us. you are in a position that so many hair salon owners are in great you have suffered, like so many of us beginning in march when the shutdown began. i believe you were closed for several months but then open again in june. what happened when you reopened in june?
9:52 pm
>> thank you so much for having me on the show because sometimes we feel we have never heard, i really appreciate what is going on in public health, especially client health has been of utmost importance but since opening up, we closed 17 and opened june 16, what has happened then, we are suffering. i don't know what else of suffering. judge jeanine: how are you suffering? why do you think you are suffering? do you think you are being treated unfairly? >> i'm not sure it's fair but when you work at a capacity of 50% to begin with, you've already lost three months of your livelihood and you come back and you lose every single day 50%, that is suffering.
9:53 pm
now we are probably going to be faced with even more closures so i don't know, you tell me, is that fair? judge jeanine: well, what do you plan to do about it? some people are just working irrespective of the rules and some like jim owners and restaurant owners are just working anyway. what do you plan to do? can you survive? are due busier during the holidays? >> this was our busiest time. we were supposed to have made probably fourth quarter which is crucial to us, we have absolutely suffered. closing in november 2 weeks was over $150,000 worth of expenses for us. we've lost so much money some businesses are closing and i don't understand the closures.
9:54 pm
it's not fair. i don't know closing makes any difference. judge jeanine: so when you continue to stay open, will you end up going out of business? how will this and for you? >> i have to stay open. how else will i keep my business survive and take care of my 22 families here? what am i supposed to tell them? cannot work? i have to stay open. even the 5% capacity but sometimes business logic, how can i state open at 25% capacity with 75% i'm losing every single day? judge jeanine: what you say to the politicians, governor cuomo?
9:55 pm
>> i would say to governor cuomo, look at the whole picture from a fair view. if you close some businesses, make sure you do it across the board. not just some businesses, close some and not others. by the way. judge jeanine: i know you do. thanks so much. we'll be right back. ♪ when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum.
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judge jeanine: finally it's the holiday season and what better a gift to give them my new book don't lie to me. order tonight on amazon or judge jeanine. store and you can get a signed copy.
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i am jeannine pirro advocating for truth justice and the american way and i'm on cameo. justice has been served. greg gutfeld is next. greg: do you hear that faint sound off in the distance? if kamala harris doing cartwheels and why not the so-called vice presidency has needs and started yet in its ardea train wreck wrapped in a show covered in that staying. >> breaking news with biden's son and her under investigation for tax issues. an investigation has been ongoing since 2018. greg: well, well, well would you look at back? the strippers have finally come home to roost and democrats do love their polls


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