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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  December 14, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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should handle it. >> we have documented value to hire the individual value in the saying and in the countries, the personal, the most important is that everybody takes order and the instruction. >> laura: you got it? just take orders, follow instructions. freedom, not so much. that's all the time we have tonight. the "fox news @ night" take it all from here. lots of news from here, bill barr and all the rest. >> shannon: dr. ingram, thank you very much and great to see you tonight. >> laura: a great show. >> shannon: the plot thickens with even more with the federal investigation and the financial dealings of hunter biden. question about the 400,000 poll,
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and the acting attorney general matt whitaker about where the investigations go from here. if joe biden continues to make curious and controversial choices about who he wants in the top levels of his incoming administration. here's a way in, samantha power, andrew cuomo, we get his take on tonight surprise recognition by bill barr. dozens of crimes in seattle depending on the suspects. we will tell you who could get a free pass as critics more and it's a light to chaos and business owners begged the season not to do it. our panelists are standing by. hello, welcome to fox news at night i'm shannon bream in washington and we begin tonight with white house correspondent kevin corke covering the very latest developments regarding the investigation. into hunter biden's financial dealings in the resignation by attorney general barr. a good evening, kevin. >> busy, evening. his fate has been in question and the doj investigation found
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no major fraud in the election then that obviously contradicted the president's point of view. still, he leaves on fairly good terms and given some other high-profile administration departures, frankly that's saying something. barr's resignation letter released shortly after he briefed the president about the doj review into the trump campaign voter fraud claim demand claims. the allegations will continue to be pursued at a time when the country so deeply divided it, it's incumbent upon all levels of government and all agencies acting within their purview to do all we can to assure the integrity of elections and promotes public confidence in their outcome. the president return volley on twitter calling his relationship with barr "a very good one" adding he's done an outstanding job. but it's what barr didn't do it that seem have annoyed the president. for example, his reluctance to allow mack announce his appointment of john which he did before the election.
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the refusal to promot -- most n, barr's failure to disclose that hunter biden is under multiple federal investigations. something that could well impact his father joe biden. the president's view, could have impacted the election itself, especially after so many in the media claimed the hunter biden story was simply russian disinformation. >> when you affect an election, bill barr, frankly, did the wrong thing. when they are saying things and making statements in the press is purposely not reporting it. speak of the new email obtained by fox news shows hunter biden did not report approximately $400,000 in income. he collected from his position as a member of the board of ukrainian national gas form burisma holdings when he joined back in 2014. according to an attorney for his firm who noted that biden's tax returns needed to be amended.
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>> $400,000 is a lot of money and the memo dated january 15th 2017 is one of the new emails obtained by fox news dealing with hunter biden's income from the years 2013 through 2015 for tax purposes. as you know last week, he confirmed he was under federal investigation for his "tax affairs" of a story that's not going away and one that can actually heat up in the months ahead, shannon. >> shannon: yes, it could, kevin corke will stay on it. thank you. u.s. attorney john durham is expanding his team and authorities set funds invested getting the origins of the probe that started and who hoarded it? federal law enforcement officials familiar with the situation tells fox news the durum team is making "excellent progress." the man who appointed durum, attorney bill barr handed his resignation to the president today. let's start there with former anacting general.
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there is a letter from the attorney general to the president and tweets from the president talking about the attorney general in they sound very friendly. there's frustrations along the way, but i thought it's interesting that the attorney general talked about the president and referenced historically because you did it in the face of relentless resistance and talked about the witch hunts and going after the president, the accusations and how do you think this will lead now? >> well, bill barr has a career of exemplary public service dating back to the '70s. the cia and the department of justice. i think bill barr is an extraordinary person and has served his country well. obviously the president was frustrated at times he did not publicly announced certain aspects of the investigation, but that is consistent with doj policy at the same time. i thought the letter of resignation that he presented really lays out a road map for the success of the trump
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administration and pointed out that under this immense media not only scrutiny, but opposition that the president has accomplished a lot including vaccines being delivered today to americans and frontline health workers. and hit less than a year it's an extraordinary record. >> shannon: after were told by people that's a fantasy and it would take a miracle, no chance of inhabiting insight 18-24 months, great news for every single person who is now in line at some point to get the vaccine and it should be something we celebrate. while he still on the job for a few more days, there's calls for him to do this. he said that his final act should be to appoint a special counsel to investigate joint hunter biden. any chance that it happens? >> i think it's consider that the department of justice and those regulations to appoint a
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special counsel and only under certain circumstances that the regular process can handle the investigation. certainly the investigation into a president child could meet those standards. with a special counsel has enabled his protections from being fired without cause. while as we saw in the russian collusion hoax investigation that you know, ultimately, it can be unguided and uncontrollable missile, at the same time it does protect that prosecutor and in this case john durham for the origins investigation. but in the hunter biden case it could protect the u.s. attorney and members of his team from being fired without cause. >> shannon: to the jerome point we mentioned earlier that a federal law enforcement official told our justice department producer that he's expanding his team by adding additional prosecutors and
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making excellent progress. of what does it say to you about where this may be and when we finally get answers? >> what it tells me is that there may be multiple facets that need to be broken off into compartments and handled in different teams. there may be some sort of issues surrounding may be a team that needs to look at may be attorney records and documents. of those types of things. it also points to the fact that those investigations been going on for a while, almost two years, and probably needs to come to a conclusion. throwing more bodies and investigation oftentimes can speed it up. >> shannon: do you think it will give attention on capitol hill and traded the same way the mueller report would be? >> it's treated very differently and you can see that both the left wing news media together with left-wing politicians have beyond and are not even
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inquiring as to the origins of the investigation. i will be a for the american people to know what happened and to have some folks that brought it to be held to account. >> shannon: a lot probably never thought they'd have to answer some of the detailed questions and we know much more about the fights in the dossier, how it got started. there will be many more pieces to the puzzle we think so we will watch for that. matt whitaker, thank you for your time. of >> thank you, dr. bream, period of >> shannon: thank you. early voting ahead of the crucial senate runoff in the schedule visit from joe biden. correspondent steve harrigan has more from atlanta tonight, good evening. >> stev shannon, in person votis got off to a smooth start. three weeks of in person early voting begins today. the two runoff races will determine which party controls the senate for the next two years.
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on a chilly raining morning, many polling places reported in life than less than of ou half n hour. they say it's time for dramatic change. >> what's really on the ballot? health care is on the ballot. livable wages on the ballot. criminal justice reforms on the ballot. >> republicans david perdue and kelly loeffler say their opponents are out of step with george's conservative values. their task of encouraging supporters to vote has been complicated by president trump's criticism of george's voting process and republican governor brian kemp. the president last week referred to the governor as hapless. this week as a fool and a clown. it's forcing republicans to rehash the november election. >> what were doing is making sure we have more signature verification, we are in the courts right now funding for it.
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>> the political fight got physical at a rally this weekend when a supporter was beaten. >> this is the political climate we are dealing with in america right now. >> police arrested the alleged attacker and the violence was condemned by senator perdue who tweeted behavior like this is absolutely disgusting and has no place in our civil society. political ads are running on tv and it seems like wall-to-wall, more than $500 million expected to be spent on the two races. shannon. >> shannon: steve harrigan n atlanta, we will keep an eye on it. for 11 months, doctors and nurses here in the u.s. have only been able to treat the coronavirus. today, they began to process of preventing it which is a huge historic milestone. 55 of the initial 145 shipments of the pfizer vaccine received today and more on the way. of correspondent kristin fisher.
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>> 3, 2, 1, vaccinate! >> from ohio state university to do new york among nurses and doctors finding on the front line for the pandemic finally getting their hands on the weapons that will hopefully end the war. >> this will mark the beginning and the end of a very painful time in our history. the critical care nurse became the first person in the united states to receive the coronavirus vaccine outside of the clinical trial. the moments months in the maki making. it comes just one day after workers loaded the first precious frozen vials onto ups and fedex trucks to be distributed across the country. it's a moment that could not come soon enough. the death toll united states tops 300,000. new york city come in the original epicenter of the outbreak is now in the throes of a worsening second wave. today the city shuts down indoor
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dining for the second time with andrew cuomo front and center for the first vaccination shot. >> we chose science here in the state of new york. federal government approved the vaccine. >> five weeks ago governor cuomo cast doubt on trump's operation work speed and question the process. >> how confident am i, i'm not that confident. i think it will be a skeptical. >> this afternoon, health and human services secretary touted it as 95% efficacy. >> as exciting as it is, it's just like getting any other safe and effective vaccine. >> secretary and surgeon general presiding over a vaccinatevaccination kickoff ev. >> you're a licensed physician, correct? >> you felt the vaccine was safe, correct? >> the development of the
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covid-19 vaccine is nothing short of revolutionary. i hope everyone appreciates the importance, the significance, the history of this moment. >> according to the fox news poll out today, 61% of the people polled said they would get vaccinated. that's up seven points in september. the fda is three days away from potentially green lighting a second vaccine. shannon. >> shannon: kristin fisher, thank you. ♪ and/or dining once again off the table in new york city tonight is marrieas mayor of bill de blo possibility. having the story live from new york city tonight, good evening, alex. >> gated and, shannon, ominous warning coming at the same day as a historic milestone in the n out today to eigh to a nurse.
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but it will be months before the vaccine reaches the general public. mayor bill de blasio says the city should prepare to lockdown once again. >> what's increasingly clear is that all forms of restrictions have to be on the table at this point. the governors quoting the times i think set it th said it right. you have to be ready for a full shutdown. de blasio noting andrew cuomo would need to issue the full-blown long tone order himself in the announcement comes the same day a as a sleepless indoor dining at restaurants and had been just two months since the restaurants had lifted. passing 300,000 deaths -- nearly 3 billion doses of the pfizer vaccine reached period of stay
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at orders and curfews in place in ohio, virginia, north carolina, california. stricter lockdowns locally like in the bay area where restrictions allow residents to see only one person from outside their home. california governor gavin newsom says that covid-19 infection rate they are tripled in the last three weeks and newsome visiting a vaccine site urging californians to not relax because vaccines on the table. >> we need to be sober and mindful, it's challenging and trying. today, we received as many doses in the entire state of california as there were new cases in the state of californ california. >> according to a new fox news poll released just this evening, 56% of voters say they do not believe that the u.s. responded to the threads of the coronavirus seriously enough, but again with a vaccine just around the corner, more people
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say that they are hopeful. shannon. >> shannon: what we need right now, some hope. alex, thank you. joe biden's controversial appointments continue. at the obama administration official called a master in chief, grilled by our next guest former congressman trey gowdy and so what does he think next? he is up. ♪ at visionworks, we know it's easy to forget
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♪ >> it's not over, we continued to keep going, some of the states are rigged and robbed from us. if but we won everyone of them them. >> shannon: president bowing to fox & friends that he will keep the campaign legal fights going. if that includes resolution on
8:22 pm
several emergency petitions concerning swing states, election procedures, certifications that attorney sidney powell said she filed to the u.s. supreme court. a correspondent jacqui heinrich live in wilmington, delaware, with the reaction to the electoral college vote in favor of joe biden as president-elect today hey, jackie. >> good evening, shannon. hours after the electoral college cap students of both affirming his win, president-elect joe biden recounted the way president trump used of lawsuits, recounts, even the supreme court to overturn the results. but they held firm, biden called it a test of democracy. biden touted his record number of votes of any ticket in american history saying the margin of his win is the same margin of president trump in 2016 which trump called at that time a landslide. biden called on the president to recognize the victory by zone standard it's time for the two parties to work together. >> four years ago when i was
8:23 pm
vice president of united states, it was my responsibility to announce the electoral college votes to congress that elected donald trump. i did my job. i'm pleased, but not surprised with a number of my former republican colleagues in the senate who acknowledged already the results of the electoral college. >> biden's been filling out his cabinet even as president trump tries to remain in the white house. several of his statements have drawn scrutiny. they require a russian congressional waiver and pushback for the international waiver who was referred to as the master in chief after she amassed hundreds of names during the 2016 election. she disparaged president trump over government email according to a 2019 lawsuit in her
8:24 pm
potential appointment may rankle republicans. former chief gina mccarthy reportedly being considered for a position is remembered by psalmist richard winsor, an alias sheet used to correspond with people outside including environmental activists. mccarthy denied any interest in joining the administration and there are several other contenders for the job including washington governor jay inslee. biden's just 37 days. >> shannon: jacqui, tight timeline and a crazy year. thank you so much. joe biden's reportedly considering former u.n. ambassador samantha powell and that sparking criticism. have to remind americans about her controversial past, and she calls the quote on massacre in chief and reports on the hill after document show the unmasking of hundreds of americans names during the 2016
8:25 pm
election. reaction tonight from fox news contributor and former chair of the house oversight committee, trey gowdy, good to have you with us tonight, sir. >> thank you, shannon, how are you? >> shannon: i'm good. okay, some reporting from fox news back in september of 2017 said this period of two sources who weren't authorized to speak on the record say the request to identify americans whose name surfaced in reporting exceeded 260 last year. it occurred in the final days of the obama white house and it was samantha power. if you're on the inside of the investigation and what can you tell us about how frequently she used it and why americans should care? >> well, shannon, we deposed her and she had far more unmasking requests than anyone else with unmasking power and if you can trust her with susan rice who also was the ambassador to the united nations. same administration, same job
8:26 pm
title, way more unmasking requests from samantha power. that's the bad news for her. the iffy news for her is she did not make those requests. she doesn't doubt they were made under her name, she just said i did not do it, which leads me to this. it's going to be a very interesting confirmation hearing for her if she is in fact the nominee because she's going to be asked about either while you made so many unmasking requests or why someone on your staff did it without your knowledge. >> so, reporting now that she's considered to head up the usaid, fox news reporting a couple days ago said that there are independent agency, it functions alongside the state department even though it's not a cabinet position, it's installed by the senate. what are your concerns if you have any about her level of power to do things like the unmasking or other things that we saw towards the end of the obama administration that even though she doesn't remember a lot, was done in her name?
8:27 pm
>> well, i mean, if you look at her career, when she was the ambassador to the united nations she wanted it elevated to a a cabinet level position. i think she enjoys power or influence and you can take your pick. but she likes it. i think that there is a debt economy even with the republican party about the role for an aged plane diplomacy, but if you look at the folks in the senate relations committee, you've got ted cruz, marco rubio, rand paul, all of whom ran for president in 2024, she's going to get a lot of tough questions about unmasking, about her position in libya, and then you've got lindsey graham who also has an interesting aid to advance our diplomatic interest, but his answers would be different from hers. it will be a rocky confirmation. >> shannon: let's talk about the departure of attorney general barr today. looking at the president saying nice things about each other,
8:28 pm
quick reaction about that. >> he has the hardest job in the world. if you ask him what's the difference of those two sons ag, political environments and the way media covered it it it, the hopeless intersection of justice and politics are politics wins. if it's an incredibly difficult job and he hung on as best he could. i'm sorry to see him go. i like him, it's an important hard job and it's just a ridiculous environment to try to work for that blindfolded woman, it is tough. >> shannon: the attorney general in the letter today talked about the relentless onslaught of attacks and all kinds of things the president faced along the way in praised him for being able to get a lot of things done despite that. mr. barr was in the middle of that and click a question what about the fact that governor andrew cuomo floated potentially as the next ag? >> in this country, i can't
8:29 pm
imagine living in a country that would have andrew cuomo as the attorney general. you talk about a partisan hack being in the position, you got sally yates, jeh johnson, you've got folks i wouldn't pick but are much better than andrew cuomo. and that would be a disastrous pick and i hope he would be confirmed. >> shannon: we will see, trey gowdy, great to have you with us and thank you so much. merry christmas. >> yes, men, thank you very much and merry christmas. >> shannon: click moments ago talking about former director mccarthy using a fake email account, it was actually her predecessor lisa jackson who would use the email. seattle new legislation like a legalized thousands of of crimes and find out why and who is eligible for a free pass as business owners begged the city not to do it. we will debate, next. ♪ you can get the perfect gift up until the last minute.
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>> shannon: seattle city council considering something called a poverty defense fund. if legislation that allows susps considered in poverty to use it as a defense to dozens of crimes potentially triggering for your past. in seedier correspondent rick leventhal taking a closer look at the situation tonight. a good evening, rick. buried >> come shannon, they call it a defense lawyer's dream, the first in america to give a free pass to almost misdemeanor crimes to anyone who can claim poverty, mental illness, or drug addiction. like most major cities, crime has spiked it with drug addiction on the rise. instead of combating the problems they're considering a measure that would forgive suspects for most misdemeanor crimes. including theft, trespassing, and assault if they can claim poverty, mental illness or dependency. they said in a situation where they took the sandwich because
8:35 pm
you are hungry and trying to meet your basic need of satisfying your hunger, we as a community should know we shouldn't punish it. the seattle city council said the proposals being crafted with influence from local public defenders and would not excuse accusations of domestic violence or driving while impaired. the so-called poverty defense fund would make the following crimes legal for the poor, addicted, disturbed. homeless people camping on your private property, car brawls, stalking, more than 100 other offenses. critics include former city councilman tim burgess who told a local tv station it sends a powerful message that as a city government we don't care about the type of criminal behavior in our city. former city council candidate ari hoffman on "fox & friends" monday morning said laws already are being enforced with crimes of 250-300%, ruining the emerald city.
8:36 pm
>> they're not prosecuting anybody and when they do, they turn them loose to reoffend. it which is why the businesses are leaving in droves and residents are leaving in droves. at downtown seattle looks like a ghost town. >> they said you crimes not the solution but seattle is headed that way. the mayor's expected to sign a new city budget with 18% cut to law enforcement. shannon. >> shannon: rick leventhal, west coast, thank you. back on the east coast, weekend of unrest and violence in big cities from new york to washington. let's get reaction and assess the situation with tonight's lightning round featuring democratic strategist tim wallace, congressional committee communications director macro men, and seattle radio talk show host jason rantz. starting with you, jason, on the issue in seattle, who is not
8:37 pm
part of the initial discussion last month was the exception that allows for the reselling of stolen goods to raise money for a basic needs. if somebody stole a bunch of cell phones and intended to resell them to repay their rent that would apply to that defense according to a staff member and the council there. jason? >> yeah, they're way they're talking about it is absurd and it's insane. if 1% going to lead to more crime and it's not merely saying or giving a pass, they're codifying a policy that's already in place and they basically don't go after crime in the city of seattle. they're codifying this which means once we get somebody in the position to actually change things in the attorney's offense, it will be that much harder to change a policy because the council is trying to for future generations to just completely change the scope of the law here. it will not end well. >> shannon: one of the reports i saw set up to 10 100 misdemeanors, not felonies, but
8:38 pm
the public safety health advisor says it's a green light for crime, kevin. >> yeah, the policy makes a lot of sense, shannon. if there is tens of thousands of americans behind bars right now because they can't afford bail for nonviolent crimes. that's one thing. but certainly loosening laws with regards to theft and violence, i don't think it's a winning answer. if we know americans are hurting because of covid economically and their lot in life because of the virus, a lot of work and their being led to this kind of activity. they have to provide for themselves and families. resources have to be made for soup kitchens and things like that and not for loosening these kinds of laws in our cities. >> shannon: mats, with youth make of it? >> your previous report said the person living in poverty they need to steal the sandwich, what about the person making the sandwich? if enough people steal they will be the ones in poverty.
8:39 pm
the homeless folks camping out on private property i think it is in private property anymore. also, what will it do to tourism of places like seattle, to say nothing of that. if you feel unsafe living there imagine traveling there. >> shannon: there is business owners writing the letter saying please don't do this because if you don't have the crime on your books because he won't have the prosecutions it doesn't mean they will still not happen. jason starting with you on this what to make sure everybody gets it and this is a red house autonomous zone that's been growing out there in seattle and apparently there's been -- i think this was portland, apparently, it has been -- i don't know, disbanded at the point. in some kind of agreement and town hall writing this up about the house autonomous zone appears to be coming to an end after the city issued an apology and promised not to attack supporters of the family at the center of the lengthy legal
8:40 pm
family. so now what, jason? >> i love the apology for the audacity to tweet that we will not allow an autonomous zone to be set up in the city of portland. to be clear, the last few hours, the story shifted a bit. at the autonomous zone is there and they've moved the barriers a little bit. if there is a disagreement whether or not an actual agreements been made between the family which we found out they're not destitute and being put out during the pandemic to live on the street. they have a second home about 2 miles in northeast portland, . the story we are told is not accurate, but the activists will not leave and it turns out that when you decide you're not going to punish people for setting up an occupied zone, they continue to do it. if shocking, i know. >> shannon: t still, somebody i think as they are living with them. a very, ten seconds each to
8:41 pm
kevin and then mats. >> this is not agreed to story for democrats that are being challenged across the board on defunding the police. no leader in my party supports it, joe biden actually supports more resources for community policing. republicans use the stories against us effectively, just two months ago, but we need to push back hard and support shop owners and those kinds of people in our community who are struggling. to be word, matt. >> we are seeing it right now, jon ossoff, republicans using it potently down there in the senate runoffs. >> shannon: okay, just a thank you all, coming back for lightning round very soon very soon. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: massive infiltration of western companies and embassies of what leaked documents are showing how widespread it is. next. ♪
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>> shannon: the recent
8:46 pm
revelation about california congressman eric swalwell and his pass connections serve as a reminder of the threads and the like the communist regime goes to and efforts to expand the foreign influence. talk about that thread to come on director for strategic planning at the national security council, retired brigadier general, welcome back. >> thank you. >> shannon: there is a reporting out of the australian and sky news about the leak showing that there is members of the communist party who are spread all over the place. sky news is saying this, the major league exposes members and lifts the lid on the chinese communist party and quoting sherri marksman who has a regional parting on this, calmness party branches are set up inside western companies following the infiltration of the companies by ccp members who have called on, are answerable directly to the communist party to the chairman, president himself. you don't seem surprised by this news.
8:47 pm
>> no, i was aware of this all the way back to 2014. there were companies that were tracking them and operating in our corporations. of course, it's a problem for our own intelligence community because they can't really look into our own society and prevent them from doing that by law. 14 or 5 million tenure visa holders from china running around the united states everywhere, it's far too many for the 8,000 or so fbi agents to track. they can't track it. i've known about it for a while and this dump actually came off the dark wood. i think it was four years ago. >> shannon: australian reporting this weekend say were talking about people who are big part of global companies like boeing, pfizer, and astrazeneca. what kind of spread do you think that poses?
8:48 pm
>> they're losing everything, the corporate talking point has been if we can just innovate faster than the chinese, will be okay. of course, all the while they are hiring chinese nationals into their companies and what i try to explain to them is there going to take your latest technology, they will innovate on top of that and they're going to be keeping the market. they would not listen and of course corporate executives, they have about a three or five year vetting. and that's all they care about, they don't care about the long-term future of the company. >> shannon: he's not accused of any wrongdoing, but the fact that there is this young woman who is here from china apparently tried to cozy up to several lawmakers, that's one case. but how widespread do you think it is across the u.s.? >> it's all over the place, it's in local politics, we know it's, it's at the city, county, state
8:49 pm
level. if secretary pompeo told the governors, each one of you has been profiled to find out if you're pro-ccp, anti-ccp, or neutral. they are designing and influence to campaign for your state based on your behavior. >> shannon: they're doing the work and i believe it was former and once again congressman elect who told us last week they have these people that they're not shy about what they're doing. it's important to pay attention and dig in where it needs to be investigated. thank you for being back with us. >> shannon>> thank you. >> shannon: much needed covid relief legislation passed by christmas, more than two sites tonight are going since across the country where they cannot survive aroun another round of lockdown. ♪
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>> shannon: the pressure mounts on lawmakers on capitol hill, there was a big final push under way to secure an emergency covid-19 relief package this week. congressional correspondent chad pergram shows us tonight. good evening, chad. there is intense pressure to secure a deal just before christmas. if congress is out of time. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the next
8:54 pm
few days will produce one of two outcomes. >> either senators will be shaking our heads, swinging blame, or we will break for the holidays having said another huge dose of relief out the door to the people who need it. >> bipartisan senators forged an accord on one covid package. >> you normally can get 16 senators to agree on what's for lunch. >> senators split the bill into a period of $980 billion proposal includes 160 billion for state and local governments. the liability shield against coronavirus related lawsuits. it provides money to distribute the vaccine. >> this is not just paper. this is hope. >> no congressional leaders endorsed the plan. plan. house speaker nancy pelosi is a re-engaging with the secretary of the treasury, steven mnuchin, in an effort to get the deal. they do well will talk for days
8:55 pm
in the late summer and fall with nothing to show for a period of pelosi knows time is short. >> we can't go before the package is ready and the votes are there. we've been hereafter christmas, you know. >> extra assistance expires in the bill offers $300 a week for four months. >> it would be scrooge like if we went away and left folks the day after christmas to lose their unemployment. >> the sides must fund the government by friday again. we expect lawmakers to release a $1.4 trillion spending package tuesday, but there is no final agreement on coronavirus assistance. the hope is to add covid relief to the spending bill. shannon. >> shannon: chad pergram, thank you. the good news before we say good night, firefighter julie raising $10,000 for the san francisco food bank after hearing about all the long lines because of the pandemic.
8:56 pm
fellow firefighter on instagram they took orders from all over the world. provided 20,000 meals at least. most watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, goo good night from washington, i'm shannon bream. ♪ beat heartburn fast tums chewy bites
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♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." if you've been watching the news, you got to get some credit to whichever msnbc contributor wrote the words to that joe biden speech earlier. if you didn't know better, if you had no context, you might think everything is better now. the great orange emergency is finally over. it's 1996 again and we can exhale. our democratic norms are on their way back out of russian cold storage. last month 's election was a win for all of us. "in this battle for the soul of america, joe biden just told us, democracy prevailed." so it wasn't a


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