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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 16, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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e u yoready to du more with less asthma? talk to your asthma specialist about dupixent. if your financial situation has changed, we may be able to help. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight, they called it the weekendca that change the world, that was richard nixon's description of his visit to china in 1972. t nixon was the first american president to engage directly with china's communist government and he was right, that visit changed everything. for a while they told us it would all be good for everyone, relations with china would help everyld american, that's what te experts said. free trade would make us rich. io continue to tell us that for decades even after evidence mounted it wasn't true, even after china entered the wto and immediately eliminated entire
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portions of our economy along with millions of american jobs they sustained, most of which never returned. the media mostly ignored that part, it didn't affect them and they weren't interested. factory workers could learn to code. and some workers may have learned to code with an ironically china began the full sale theft of intellectual property. which was the only thing we had left once our heart industries died. the media it stayed silent as this happened, they didn't seem angry about it, they didn't seem bothered at all by china's relentless espionage campaign against the u.s. government which was the biggest and most successful spine operation since the cold war. reporters didn't find that interesting either, instead they screeched about russia and georgia floyd and hoped we didn't notice any of it, the biggest story of the decade ignored. why did they do that? why the deception? we can only speculate but we can tell you so many different americans have been hurt by china including hundreds of thousands of them killed in
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their prime from imported chinese narcotics, a small group of americans was prospering. in every age there were a few who get rich from the china trade. in our time, most of these people have clustered around joe biden, he's their candidate. a man called bob iger may become america's next ambassador to china. he runs the walt disney company. ifal you have made more money fm his connections to the chinese government and few are as openly grateful for it as bob iger is, that's not slander -- it's true. he admits it, watch. >> today is a celebration of creativity and elaboration. commitments and patients. a triumph of imagination and innovation. andum a testament to the strong partnership between disney and china. together, we have created an extraordinary destination. here, east meets west, the past
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meets the future, and anything is possible for those who believe. >> tucker: anything is possible for those who believe -- that was the 2016 at the opening of the new disney theme park in shanghai but it took more than belief to get that dealel done. bob iger didn't explain what disney had been willing to do to get the park to open. according to an account in "the new york times," bob iger met personally with china's propaganda minister m in 2010 ad promised that he would use disney's global platform created wby walt disney, patriot, to introduce more about china to the world. in other words, disney promised to spread that chinese government propaganda and that's what they did. disney began working directly with the ministry of culture in china and that partnership produced a film called born in china, it promised to showcase the spectacular wildlife and natural beauty of china.
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he also granted the chinese government to 30% share of the disney management company that rang the shanghai property, plus a 57% ownership i in the resort including revenues from merchandise, restaurants, and hotels. put yourself in his position, you've watched for decades thet government of china has hurt your country, hurt your fellow americans. if you are a patriotic person, would you dump into business deals with people who did that? bob iger did. bob iger is a sensitive soul, he's a man of deep conviction and principle, at least when he's here in america. just last year he announced that it would be difficult for his company to film in the state of georgia. why? because the state of georgia was moving forward witheo a law that would ban abortions after doctors detect a fetal heartbeat. if he was offended by that, he would like more americans to abort their children and he's willing to pay a price for that
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high ideal. but in china, there is a separate slate of standards. china can throw a ethnic minorities into concentration camps. in china can crush protesters with tanks on none of that bothers bob iger. in fact, china has it right, he says, apparently including thesa forced abortion. bob iger loves china and he's not shy about saying so. >> s they welcomed us there and let us build shanghai disneyland. we have a good relationship with theat government of china and local governments in china and our access has actually increased over time. i generally look at china quite favorably. >> tucker: seems shocking now, how can that man be in the running but you should know that joe biden isn't thinking about nominating bob iger in spite of what he heard him say, his praise for the communist government of china -- he may
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nominate bob iger because of what he says. sucking up to china is the qualification and actually bob iger is just following the lead of the biden family. today our reporter obtained a 2012017 email from joe biden's n hunter to the chairman of the chinese energy company cfc. o pr operate the buyeden family's venture with the company. now, ce fshg c, you might remember, is the company that offered hunter $30 million for, quote, introductions alone, introductions to the people his father worked around, introductions to his father. and the equity stake for someone called the big guy. who's the big guy. according to the ex-business partner, the big guy was joe biden. if all of this seems a little too brazen to be real, consider the media class and the silicon
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companies they depend on for revenue operate in the same way. it was four years ago today, december 16, 2016, that our national news media was united on one point -- nothing, they told us, was a bigger threat to the safety of this democracy than foreign meddling in our politics. it was happening before our eyes, we were told, and our president-elect, donald trump, was probably come police it in that meddling, not by chinchinat by russia. a specter of treason hovers over donald trump. the same day, december 16, 2016, "the washington post" open bed by "the washington post" owned by jeff bezos, china's biggest front for retail sales in itsa' country, published a piece with this headline -- fbi in agreement with cia that russia aims to help trump win the white house, of course national public radio, cnn, nbc, every major news organization -- top similar points. none of these outlets are saying word one tram about the emails we just read you, the biden
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families attempt to get the money from our chief adversary. they say nothing about the propagandizing and profiteering in china, they celebrated he might be our country's representative to the government of china. why istrs that? because our media are dependent onon china, they won't let you view stories on hunter biden because those stories are really about china and negative stories about china are not allowed. it's becoming obvious, just hours ago a major digital storefront in the united states banned the sale of a video game because it marks the appearance of the president of china, not of our president but of the chinese president, that's not allowed.d, and yet in the face of this, joe biden is accelerating our sucking up to china, installing chinese propagandists in the u.s. government to represent our interests in front of china. this will continue to have an every day in this country and if
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you try to say anything about it, your words might disappear too.o ken buck represents colorado in the united states congress calling for a special counsel to probe the business dealings with the government of china and he joins us tonight, thank you so much for coming on. what would you like to know specifically about the biden families business deals with the government of china? >> i think the critical question is how much joe biden knew about hunter biden's activities? we know he met with a board member at burisma and hunter biden joined the board of burisma making $83,000 a month. we know that hunter biden received multi-hundred thousand dollar check from the wife of the mayor of moscow. we know that hunter biden was on air force two with vice president biden going to china, meeting with chinese
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government officials and banks and investment firms controlled by the chinese communist party and 12 daysys later starts an investment firm partnership with those chinese government officials. so we know that joe biden was o aware of some of the activities, we don't know if he benefited financially but there's no way that the american people are going to trust the biden administration to look into his own son and possibly his dealings. that's why it's so critical we get a special counsel to investigate exactly what happened with hunter biden, with china, ukraine, and other countries. >> tucker: i think the themes are becoming clear, a hollywood trade publication today reported that biden is considering naming bob iger of disney, a company that explicitly carried chinese propaganda under the guise of entertainment as the u.s.nm ambassador to the government of china, how can that be under consideration? >> it's a perfect example of how
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far the biden administration is willing to move away from a very effective policy of the trump administration. the trump administration took china very seriously, wee know they are a military threat, we know they cheating every single single area financially and economically and we know that their domination around the world continues and if we don't stand up to them and frankly if we don't build an alliance with western europe and other countries to stand up to china, they will continue down this path and it is clearly to our detriment and the detriment of freedom, ask the protesters in hong kong, ask the uighurs, the minority group that is being persecuted and put into slave labor camps, the chinese will do anything they can to oppose dissent and crackdown on dissent and it is not a value that we share in this country. >> tucker: ask anyone who uses google, american news consumers of the victims of it too.t. great to see you, thank you.
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so back in 2018, an executive at apple explained that his company will never do two things -- pornography, hard-core, and china ---- right now you can go find pictures of donald trump and vladimir putin but try tos. find a picture of china's president xi jinping, you can't. vince noticed this today, he's a radio show host in washington, d.c., and we are happy to have them on tonight. i looked briefly, endless pictures of trump, some in drag, same with pollutant, not one ofa xi jinping, leader of the world's largest country, how was that? >> think about everything you said so far, it applies to apple as well, apple is a company that is deeply depended on china for a bunch of reasons. they have offshore to so many jobs to china come upwards of 90% of the supply chain for
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iphones and all the products apple creates come straight out of china, manufactured in china and additionally as a market they are responsible for upwards of a quarter of all revenues. apple deeply intertwined with china and they made a decision some time ago that they will not be criticizing china, that is 1 of 2 gigantic redlines for them. hard-core? a lot of people would agrees r h that. criticizing china?th this is an american company, it was created in america and today, just using the text messaging app was an unbelievable thing. on your iphone, on this product there is an image feature and you normally would search for some sort of funny -- bob iger possibly joining the biden administration and i wanted to find a gift of xi jinping rejoicing, i wanted to show how goofy it was that bob iger would reps of the
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united states for china and sell us out there and i couldn't fino anything. i searched china president, nothing. i searched tiananmen square, nothing. just really drive home the point, there are pictures of trump looking like a buffoon, pictures of kim jong un all over this, vladimir latimer prudent, easy to find. all of those china related topics, nothing. >> tucker: it tells you what you said a minute ago which is apple can't afford to mock xi jinping, so was th -- that raises the question if you love someone, you encourage them to be independent, self-sufficient. our leaders don't encourage that, they have allowed us to become dependent on a foreign nation that hates us, what does that tell you about our leaders? >> it tells us they have lost sight of the people they are supposed to care for and lead, they are not actually leading us, they are blindly asking us to follow and not caring about our destruction.
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two important things here, the destruction of the american middle class, the economic impact but also there's the cultural run. hollywood film studios that are selling out to china. apple by censoring content on behalf of china, the effect ofs all of this is to short-circuit the conversation about the evils china.s they are whitewashing china's oppression so that americans can't think about it, can't talk about it, can't't express it. they are doing china's bidding, they are serving the chinese communist party in order to keep us from having real conversations about the way that countries communism threatens us. it's frankly despicable. >> tucker: we are going to have to keep bowing to them as long as we are dependent on them -- you can't quit your job if you have a huge mortgage. maybe someone could work towards making this country genuinely independent. we have heard all week aboutr.
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someone called dr. jill biden, of course we've mocked the idea that she's a doctor and then we decided let's read her doctoral dissertation. she got it in delaware, we spent the day doing that and we will tell you what we found in her research, next.
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♪ >> doctor? doctor. >> doctor. >> doctor. >> doctor. >> doctor. >>ct doctor. >> doctor. >> doctor. >> doctor. >> doctor.ct >> doctor. >> doctor. >> we miss anyone? >> tucker: kind of amusing the let's get serious for a minute, i imagine your nightmare healthr emergency, you're on vacation with your family once and leave double over with shooting chest pains and lose consciousness, you wake up and strap in the back of an ambulance, racing to the emergency room, paramedics hover over you trying to keep you calm. you've had a massive coronary they shout but we are going to
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take good care of you, you're about to see one of the best doctors in the t country. whoopi goldberg just said this person should be the next surgeon general. you slumpedgai back on to the stretcher deeply relieved, maybe you're going tomp make it after all. moments later they will you into the hospital, there she is the famous doctor they told you about but something's wrong, she doesn't have a stethoscope, not a chart or an ekg machine insight. instead she's turning on what appears to be an overhead projector. jill, there's a patient here, what do we do? that's dr. biden to you the woman replies and launches into a slideshow on equity and diversity in delaware's community college system. very soon you begin to lose consciousness, for the first time in your life you have no fear of death. in fact to welcome its sweet release. you don't just walk toward then. light, you rotten. contrary to what you may have read, dr. jill biden is not a healer, she's not allowed to write prescriptions and would know what to do with your appendix. dr. jill has an education degree
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from some school in delaware and you're supposed to find that highly impressive, she could be surgeon general. many have laughed at the apparent absurdity of this, we took it seriously because that's our job. we actually read her dissertation, the very document that made her aad doctor. dr. jill needs reading glasses, either that or she's borderline illiterate, there are typosst everywhere including the first graph of the introduction. she can't write and can't think clearly either, parts of the dissertation seem to be written in a foreign language. they are essentially your nonsense like pig latin ors dogs barking, the whole thing is incredibly embarrassing and not simply to pour illiterate joe biden but to the college that considered thisis scholar scholarship. to the nation itself. jill biden's doctoralsh dissertation is our nationalst
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shame. are we overstating this? you decide. on the very first page of dr. biden's opus she describes an average class of students at a community college called delaware tech. she counts the students by their skin color, she's a biden after all but pai pay close attentiono the math. three quarter of the class is caucasian, one quarter of the class will be african-american and the remaining seats will be filled w with students with asin descent or nonresident aliens. somehow, she accounted for all five quarters of the class which actually isn't easy come you've got to pay very close attention to do something like that. as the dissertation continues, so does her habit of counting things in nontraditional ways. on page 47 she writes "on the hundred 50 students surveyed, 59 received financial aid, 45 students and parents pay, three spouses pay, nine others
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received funds from the g.i. bill or grants.ha we said that fast but did you follow the accounting there? she surveyed 159 students but she receives a total of 162 responses. that at home -- you can't come you're not a doctor. it goes on. at one point she suggests and this is innovative, the administration may want to consider future planning an eight week study week, and eight week week -- i'll let you know when the administration thought of that, in their tired western linear approach to time and space there was only a single week in a week, yet another relic of the patriarchy. once jill biden smashed the glass ceiling which shielded community colleges in delaware from new progressive approaches to time management, a week could have eight full weeks. as it jill biden might say that's an 8000% increase, not
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bad. we got to be honest and tell you not all of jill biden's dissertation is hallucinogenic fantasy, some of her claims seem real, some are easily verified -- takefa this one. according to the retention director at cecil community college, they have made a concerted effort to address retention. so there you have it -- in delaware, retention directors say they are addressing retention. consider the debate settled, straight from the source. there are a lot of newsy bits in the dissertation, read it yourself -- it's still online at least for now but whatever you do, do not make fun of it. if you dared to notice thatup dr. jill isn't a super genius, you hate all y women. you're a dangerous misogynist. >> many are saying what was written about dr. jill biden would have never been written about a man. >> an attack on jill biden's doctorate that managed to be
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petty, elitist, and misogynistic all at once. >> numerous professors told "the new york times" that suggested that dr. biden not use the honorific was blatantly sexist and emblematic, to disparage women's credentials. >>n do you give it oxygen by talking about it? you do have to bring attention to it and say this is outrageo outrageous. >> tucker: they are so touchy,'r interesting. they are telling you that no one ever calls a man dumb -- that's wrong. we call dr. jill's husband dumb all the time, wee are going to o full feminist and admit that she's a lotl smarter than the mn she married, not that that's saying much. joe biden never wrote a dissertation even on community colleges per the only thing joe biden has written recently as t a reminder to get matching socks.
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it's not a sexism thing, what is thing, wes a class have a class system in this country and it's based on credentials like the ones dr. jill biden has speared a certain person in america gets advanced degrees are works at mckinsey or goes to yale, not in order to learn or to create or to achieve anything inherently impressive, instead, to justify their power over you. they have got more merit badges, therefore they rule. it's a ridiculous system when you think about it and that is precisely why they don't want you to think about it, that's why they shout at you and call you names when you mention it, that's why they are so touchy. if you are allowed to point out that jill biden isn't really a doctor, maybe not even very bright, then you're just one step away from noticing that the metals onha their chests aren't real either. it's all totally fake just like the meritocracy that justifies their power.
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we've seen a lot of meltdowns but tom cruise possibly tops them all up and not for the first time so you might want to lower the volume on your television, we will play audio from the set of the new mission impossible movie straight ahead.
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>> typewriter maintenance at the club school for women. thank you for playing. should we or should we not follow the advice of the galactically stupid? >> tucker: almost 30 years ago, >> tucker: almost 30 years ago, tom cruise in the movie a few good men, 1992. as always, life imitating art, fox's matt finn joins us tonight
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with breaking tom cruise news. >> the jerry maguire star reportedly saw two crew members breaking social distancing rules on the overseas set of hist latest mission impossible movie, he started screaming at the crew that their disregard of risk shutting down production and people not getting paid to. the british newspaper the sun released some of the audio. >> ig don't want to ever see it again! ever! and if you don't do it, you're fired. if i se see you doing again, you are [bleep] gone. we are not shutting this leap movie down. is it understood? if i see it again your [bleep] gone. >> tom cruise has been one of the leading names trying to keep the k hollywood float, he called the latest mission impossible set the gold standard for covid precautions, shouting at crewmembers that he's in daily
9:36 pm
talks in the industry keeping an eye on the production. >> because they believe in us and what we are doing. i'm on the phone with every [bleep] studio, insurance companies, producers. and they are looking at us and if we can make this movie, don't blow it. you can tell it to the people were losing their [bleep] homes because the industry is shut down, or pay for their college education. all the way down the line. >> actor george clooney is now standing with tom cruise saying if production goes down from a t lot of people do lose their jobs. he said he might not have reacted as big as he did, he reportedly shelled out $700,000
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of his own money for covid precautions for the crew on this movie is set. >> tucker: great to see you, thanks. that answers the question does scientology make you calm -- apparently not. mark steyn joins us with reaction. i'm not even sure we are doing the segment but there's something amusing about it. i actually want to know what you think about it, let me know. >> that was a long soliloquy in tom cruise terms, it went for about four at a quarter minutes after which a member of the crew walked forward and said to him you have me at hello. this business is going on, this shoot was actually happening in england in southern england t where 60% of the population of england is currently under the most extreme form of lockdown. you can't have anybody who doesn't live with you in your
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house or even in your garden, yet somehow tom cruise managed to get permission from her majesty's government to shoot mission impossible 37 and southern england at a time when you can't open a restaurant, you can't open a laundry, you can't open a hair salon. there's something funny about -- something odd to me about the way the motion picture industry is apparently essential, at a time when nothing else is. i can understand why he wants th keep getting his however many tens of millions of dollars he makes. i think this is mission impossible 27, he's making them too fast for me. i don't think i got past mission impossible 12 but i don't quite get why mission impossible 27 is essential work and at 60% of the population of england is currently locked up in its homes
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while he shoots it. >> tucker: that's a good question i'm just speculating -- i'm not an epidemiologist as you know but perhaps because it's fantasy and not real, nobody can get sick while making a movie? just a guess. >> i also think it's because in the multiplexes of shanghai and wuhan they are desperate for product and that somewhere behind all this, even though nobody here can go to a movie -- at the wuhan multiplex, at the rialto in shanghai, they are desperate for mission impossible 27 and chairman xi expects tom cruise to deliver. >> tucker: that's a really good point. everyone is mad at someone these days, o no one seems met at chi, i wonder why? >> that's very true. >> tucker: the president has a major decision to make about the
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fate of julian assange, that's a founder of wikileaks. we will speak to his fiancee about him and what the president might do in that case, straight ahead. every year, we set out to do one thing:
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help the world believe in holiday magic. and this year was harder than ever. and yet, somehow, you all found a way to pull it off. it's not about the toys or the ornaments but about coming together. santa, santa, you're on mute! just wanted to say thanks. thanks for believing.
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♪ >> tucker: julian assange is the founder of wikileaks, tonight he's in jail in london reportedly in poor health. he was arrested last year, u.s. authorities charged him with violating the espionage act of 2017. whatever you think of julian assange and whatn he did, he's effectively a journalist. he took information and he put it in a place the public could read it. he may die in prison, the current president donald trump has the power to pardon julian assange,li indications he might many are pushing for. should he do it? 's fiance joins us tonight. stella morris thanks so much for coming on tonight. this is something you thought about obviously a lot but give us the condensed version of why. you believe the president should pardon the julian assange.
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>> julian has been suffering for ten years, he lost his liberty ten years ago right after the u.s. diplomatic cables were published byic wikileaks. he's been in prison for two years, he's there because the u.s. wants to put him on trial. and the consequences of a trial against julian don't just affect him or us as a family, they affect everybody because everyone agrees that this is a terrible, terrible case because it is the end of the first amendment if it comes to pass. if julian doesn't face a fair trial in the u.s., he will be tried in alexandria, virginia, where the jury pool will be composed of the people who live in virginia who have a preponderance of people who work
9:47 pm
for security contractors and the deep state. essentially once he gets to the u.s., he will be in the hands of the deep state. that's why i put out and pleaded the president to show the mercy that the deep states will not show julian. >> tucker: one of the striking things about this case is he is in jail because he releasedcu documents which he did not steal, he simply provided a platform for those documentsho that showed the u.s. government was illegally spying on me and everybody else in this country, 350 million americans spied upon illegally by the government. the people who did that -- clapper, brennan, people who knew about it they are not being punished. the guy who revealed they are doing it is, what do you make that? >> as i said, everyone agrees this is a terrible case.
9:48 pm
republicans, democrats, the aclu, "the washington post," "the new york times" editorial board, the only people who are pushing for this are the worst elements of the deep state, not just because they want to silence julian but because they end the first amendment because they see the first minute as a threat to their malfeasance in their abuse being exposed, that is what this case is about. >> do you have any hope that joe biden would pardon julian assange or is that a rhetorical question? i >> as i said, there are people in the democrats and the republicans who understand what this case is about. it is in no one's interest except those worst elements of the deep state that this goes aheaddo. it creates a terrible precedent that can be used against everyone, it can be usedus agait
9:49 pm
youu and i see a lot of things that are said about julian and that are entirely false. he is a libertarian. he comes from a deep distrust of institutions of government. not because he's anti-antiauthority per se bute because institutions are made up of people and people are fallible and yet some people are principled, yet many people are also corrupt and corrupt people in power are dangerous because they lie and that affects us, it affects our families and our brothers and sisters and sonsat and daughters who are then sent to war and sometimes don't survive. it affects everyone and basically this case is about revenge against julian and
9:50 pm
julian -- the president has to think about what his legacy will be. julian is the foremost, perhaps the foremost free-speech campaigner alive in the west. he is imprisoned and does the president wantan that to be his legacy or does he want to ensure that the first amendment survives this trial, survives by pardoning him and not having this trial?tu >> tucker: he is fortunate to have you speaking for him because you are a powerful case. i appreciate you coming on tonight -- for what it's worth i think the president probably does want to pardon him, i think there are a lot of sinister people who don't want the pardon to happen, will next see what happens. great to see you w tonight, thank you -- good luck. t you might have thought that theft and assault are serious crimes but one major american city is fun to make them legal -- all you have toav do is say the magic words, we'll and
9:51 pm
say what the magic words are next in case you want to commit assault or theft, you're not allowed to -- whatever. the first big snow storm of this winter is hitting the northeast, we'll look outside our headquarters in new york city.
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>> tucker: because seattle is a no mike not chaotic, dirty, or dangerous enough, a law drafted by local public defenders complete can imagine, not everyone qualifies for these new protections. speak with the municipal court does not give defendants a good way to explain their underlying. >> it gives the attorney
9:57 pm
representing the client an opportunity to share that with the court. >> tucker: so what underlying life circumstances will get you out of jail? they didn't explain, so we invited jason rantz to do so. he is a radio host in seattle. hey, jason. hey, jason. you all you have to do is say you are homeless or mentally ill. what this bill essentially does is carve out a legal loophole f that allows for crimes to address "basic needs" beers or what that means is you go ahead and break into a car, you steala radio, you sell it, that gives you a pass, as long as you say i was stealing it and selling it because i need to buy food. proponents will tell you, like lisa herbold, the council member behind this, this is about stopping the criminalization of the poor, which is of course absolutelyly absurd. i defy anyone, literally anyone, to find me the case of the mother who is stealing baby
9:58 pm
formula for her starving kid, or the guy who just can't get by because he doesn't have food. we are not prosecuting those people. what we are talking about here are the ones who take a piece of cement, throw it into a storefront, steel bicycles, go into stores in the middle of broad daylight and steal a whole bunch of stuff. that's what we are talking about here. and by the way, those folks right now, rarely, rarely get charged by the prosecutors here. the irony in all of this is a lisa herbold herself with just a victim of a crime. she called the police, which she defunded just a couple weeks ago, to report someone had thrown a rock at her home. now obviously, that is a crime. people should not do that. but under her bill, all that person would have to do is say, "i kind of felt depressed about the direction the city is going in," and i felt i had to do tha. and technically, that is an affirmative defense i could getf that person off paying for that
9:59 pm
crime. of course, she called 911, she wants the actual investigation. >> tucker: she called the seems racist to me. >> to be fair, this was a white guy, so you are allowed -- >> tucker: it doesn't matter because it is systemic, jason. come on, now. wake up. >> that is true. [laughs] it's really bad. it's not actually how helping anybody. you're not giving consequences to people in large part -- we're talking about people who are dealing with a serious issue concerning drugs, and if you don't getdr them in the system,f you don't actually get them on the right path, they end up doing what they usually do, we just continue to destroy their lives. travis is an individual who had almost 40 convictions, right? he didn't really get punished all that harshly. he was in and out of the system. didn't really take it seriously. he has a brutally murdering someone in a park in seattle justag a few weeks ago. that is the path we are going
10:00 pm
down. seattle, right now, is on life support, and with a bill like this, you are going to flatline the city. and that is a serious concern that even some liberals in the city are starting to speak up about u. >> tucker: yup. letting junkies get by is not compassion. sean hannity right now. >> sean: tucker, thank you and welcome to "hannity" tonight. we are tracking multiple stories, 9:00 on the east, 6:00 on the west coast, including what is a major new rift inside the democratic party. yep, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is now publicly calling on pelosi and schumer to step aside. i'm actually in full agreement withle the congresswoman from new york. she wants them gone from leadership. so do i. it's long overdue. we will play the tape state ahead. a lot of chaos there. later, we will introduce the radical democrats that biden t would love to surround himself with, which includes a top aide that just called republicans a


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