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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  December 18, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PST

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jillian: friday december 18th, new text messages for potential family business. >> great confidence in our son. i'm not concerned about any accusations made against him. i think it is foul play. >> we are not going to sweep this under the rug. jillian: republicans ramping up call for a special counsel. >> a vaccine nearing approval just before the holidays. anthony fauci doesn't want to cancel christmas. what he's really asking americans to do for the holidays. jillian: taking time to chill, "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪
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todd: the country christmas music is awesome. did say santa would be coming to town, rudolph allegedly, we are trying to confirm that. we are going to get into the bill. watch, don't sleep on the bill. sports center is going to end, you are watching the big show on friday morning. jillian: let's talk about this. president-elect joe biden labeling republican accusations against his son hunter. foul play. todd: hunter's former associates tried to get the former vp involved in business dealings.
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>> reporter: president-elect joe biden defending his son hunter amid the federal investigation into his tax affairs pointing fingers at republicans calling the question foul play in an interview with stephen colbert. >> we have great confidence in our son. i'm not concerned about accusations against him. it is used to get to me. i think it is kind of foul play but it is what it is. he is a grown man, the smartest man i know in pure intellectual capacity. as long as he is good we are good. >> reporter: biden's comments come as republicans call for a special counsel to make sure the investigation into hunter biden continues. >> not willing to sweep it under the rug. as much as i like joe and jill
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and hate this we are not going to sweep this under the rug. >> reporter: the tax investigation into hunter started in 2018 prompted by suspicious transactions in foreign nations, new text messages show hunter and his former associates tried to get joe biden involved in their chinese business deal. in one exchange, quote, let's get the company set up and then get joe involved. bobohlynncs what role joe biden's brother played in the company, with -- good to have a backup. he strengthens as it looks like a truly family business. joe biden repeatedly denied being involved in his son's business dealings and hunter may be the target of the federal investigation, his father is not.
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todd: another a, jeff swalwell's ties to a suspected chinese i, questions about his relationship with christine fong and whether he will step down from the committee. >> congressman swalwell, do you plan on stepping down from the committee or anything like that? can you tell us anything about your relationship with ms. fong? anything in general? >> fong helped fund raise for the 2014 campaign and place one in turn in his office, swalwell cut ties after investigators gave him a sensitive briefing in 2013. jim jordan says from hunter to swalwell the media is missing the mark. >> hunter biden, the guy who took $1 million from ukrainian
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energy company, 3 million from the company, the chinese communist party, we learned he has been under investigation by the justice department for two years, swalwell had a relationship with the chinese by 4 years, the speaker of the house kept him on the intelligence committee knowing all that and the mainstream press, the networks, 26 seconds is all they have given to the hunter biden story. that is the kind of coverage we get from the mainstream press. this is what drives americans crazy. >> not just the networks, new york times hasn't mentioned the eric swalwell story. jillian: on capitol hill lawmakers work into the weekend to finalize covid-19 relief. the $900 billion package includes in fenced unemployment benefits and $600 stimulus check. senators josh holly and bernie sanders once more money for americans, proposing $1,200
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checks for adults and $500 for kids. the stimulus deals and stocks soaring, wall street at the end of the day with record highs. the fda says it will work toward emergency authorization of modern's vaccine after a panel endorse the shot. todd: pfizer waving a red flag claiming to have millions more dose is waiting to be shipped. >> reporter: if and when they give the approval to moderna vaccine, 600 doses distributed next week. the initial fda panel voted unanimously 20 in favor and one absentee, said it would work to rapidly get the emergency authorization for the vaccine coming as 2.9 million doses of the vaccine has been given out and vice president mike pence and his wife along with surgeon general doctor jerome adams are
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set to give their shots this morning. pfizer says they have doses ready to go by waiting on the fed to tell them where to send them. a statement from 5 this is no production issues with the vaccine and nothing on hold and millions more dose is sitting in a warehouse. anthony fauci is clarifying his comments about the christmas crackdown. take a listen. >> i am not saying everyone should cancel the family gathering but people need to make individual choices would you can spend time with your family. i am just asking people to be careful when it comes to travel that may not be necessary. travel you can avoid and when you get together try to make some limitations. jillian: california doctor criticizing the lockdowns, california, failure of imagination and creativity and policy.
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he says they need to work hard to protect not only elderly in nursing homes but older people with chronic conditions in the workforce. he continued on saying these broad lockdowns cause harm to the non-elderly. they are not doing much too slow the spread of the disease and it does come as the latest california numbers thursday show 50,000 new cases and 16,000 people in the hospital with covid-19. jillian: an american college student sent to prison for violating foreign team orders. from georgia to the cayman islands last month. tracked by the government and must undergo a 2-week quarantine upon arrival. they were rest after breaking
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the quarantine. jillian: a close advisor to president-elect joe biden tested positive for covid-19. his diagnosis comes days after he spent time with biden at campaign events in georgia. biden's transmission team says this was outside, they wore masks and worked together for 15 minutes. biden tested negative for the virus yesterday. 5 people dead after a powerful winter storm hits the northeast. a dozen tractor-trailers losing control in pennsylvania, 60 car pile up. >> buses in boston, the snow made it impossible to get around. a plane full of passengers in baltimore and some areas seeing three feet of snow in new york, trapping one man in his car for 10 hours. the new york state trooper had to rescue him in the hospital recovering from hypothermia. todd: janice dean joins us with the latest.
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>> reporter: record-breaking snowfall. i hand it to the forecasters of the national weather service, this snowfall was really well done in terms of where it was going to hit the hardest, central pennsylvania, upstate new york, the southern tier of new york where they shattered snow records. look at that, 34 inches in parts of new york, pennsylvania, 43 inches, four feet of snow in one event, really incredible. in the tri-state area we didn't do bad, rain, sleet, snow line, 11 to 12 feet of snow which is what we were calling for. around the new york city area, not as much but for snow forecasts we did pretty well. patting myself on the back. current wind chills very cold, that snow will stay put for a while. it's not going to melt anytime soon and it will be dangerous,
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the power is out so hopefully everyone is heating all precautions and warm and inside was that late radar imagery, a couple weaker system is moving into the planes but certainly nothing like we had over the last couple days. kids were outside all day enjoying the snow was a good old-fashioned snowstorm brings people together. todd: i got to apologize. it is my fault. i combined super bowl sneakers to sneakers, elevated the wall street journal for the highest stock market in history and you come through with that. >> sounds like it is a delicious snack. i am going to try. todd: happy friday. jillian: the buffalo bills
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making the most, watch this. todd: the team's billionaire owner recorded owners who didn't mind taking a break from football despite being a top contender for the super bowl. the steelers not having a good run. ravens up and down all year. not sure about these. with that, still ahead the likely fda approval of modern's vaccine. jillian: christmas magic for young boy and his father, the police department that made his wish come true. ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ booster. downy unstopables.
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neil: fda says it will work toward authorization of modern's vaccine.
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don't expect it this weekend after the advisory panel gets the green light. jillian: 5.9 million is how many doses they are ready to distribute starting this weekend. this is good news. >> the safety profile is similar. we didn't know if the mare in a platform would work but it works so well we are thinking of using it for hiv and other diseases, they ever to be extremely safe. it should be going out today. we should have gotten the authorization last night, not sure what the fda is waiting for after a 20-0 vote yesterday but they find a machine typewriter and stapler to put out the final report tomorrow night or tonight. todd: you called it an american disgrace that it hasn't been authorized by now.
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>> the expert panel has met, the top vaccine experts in the country and when they say overwhelmingly this thing should be out there what are we waiting for? the time between that vote and when the fda says go ahead we will have lost more americans that we've lost in the entire iraq war. we are seeing federal bureaucracy right now. todd: you've talked about this for some time. let's pull up the moderna vaccine reactions, pain, redness, swelling of injection sites, fatigue, headaches, muscle, joint pain, chills, nausea and vomiting. is this pretty common when it comes to side effects or reactions from the vaccine? >> the headline information is there were 0 long-term or serious adverse effects but once you take the vaccine it is likely you will have some degree
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of fatigue, muscle aches, headache, something to set you back for a day or two or three and maybe people should plan on that. a small majority of patients in the moderna trial. in the placebo group 23% said they had fatigue after receiving nothing so that tells you the country is tired or there is a placebo effect. >> karen pence and the surgeon general are expected to get the covid-19 vaccine live at the white house, always following the fox news poll asking do you plan to get the kim jong un for shot when it is available? yes, people in the yes category 61%, that is up from 54% in september. the combination of public outreach combined with the fact there is a tangible vaccine the two of them potentially, are you confident we will reach heard immunity next year?
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>> i never thought it was a fair question to ask them but he would you take a vaccine that is not yet authorized or developed and that is the survey result we have had up to this point. as people see people they relate to get the vaccine they will be more okay with it and we are continuing to follow the safety data but i don't think we need to immunize 100% of the country as you hear from a lot of folks. natural immunity is at 30%. natural immunity doesn't last as long as vaccinated immunity but at least a year. if you had the infection in the last year step aside and let somebody else get it as long as we are supply constrained. todd: appreciate you sharing that with our viewers. jillian: the campaign to push
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gavin newsom out of office gain some unlikely allies, democrats. todd: a toast on house will. the congressman cracking a beer in the name of bipartisanship. ♪ take it easy ♪ take it easy still suffering today. god calls on people who believe in him to act on his word. "comfort ye, comfort my people." especially during this holiday season of hanukkah. when i come here and i sit with lilia i realize what she needs right now is food. these elderly jews are weak and they're sick. they're living on $2 a day this now, is how god's children are living. take this time to send a survival food box
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jillian: aoc going to bat joe biden's deputy chief of staff jen am eligible in when critics have an issue with her. todd: i haven't seen this much defense of the f word since andrew dice clay. carley: more reaction to the
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interview where she said joe biden wants to reach across the island work with republicans while in the same sentence calling the gop a very bad word and calling mitch mcconnell terrible. marco rubio posted a sweet saying biden talks about unity and healing but want to know what they really think, read how the person he wants to be the next chief of staff calls republicans in congress a bunch of expletivess. alexandria ocasio cortez hits back tweeting marco rubio who stood by and held silent when you're gop colleagues call the congresswoman a expletive on the capitol steps in front of press, you weren't big enough to speak then come you don't get to sabah now. the back and forth between those two continued from there. i don't think republicans are taking issue with the language as the comment as a whole. o'malley saying joe biden wants to work with republicans and we will be a unifying force and in the same sentence calling them bad words.
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jillian: there's never a bad time to crack open a beer. carley: this is a trend we can get the client. joe cunningham cracked open a cold one on the house for yesterday in the name of bipartisanship. >> in the spirit of bipartisanship and cooperation, i raised his glass to colleagues democrat and republican. carley: the beer that he opened hilariously is called joint resolution. he did not get to drink the beer, only open it because house will say you can't take off your mask. congressman cunningham is ranked the fourth most bipartisan congressman. he lost a congressional race to his republican challenger. todd: is that a guy you want to hang out with? carley: i am out of congress, i will drink a beer in my office.
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todd: the vice president stops in georgia as a judge strike down challenges to ballot rules. the congressman may or may not have a beer but he is from the peach state and does have the latest on the next step that of crucial senate runoff. jillian: the new study that suggests the biden agenda could set everyone back in a big way. todd: more pictures how you are celebrating your holidays, who other than her alpaca in florida. jillian: celebrating by tolerating their parents decoration. we are coming right back. ♪ we snuggled up together ♪ we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
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todd: beautiful shot in capitol hill, the government will shut down at the data for spending
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the was not finalized. jillian: republican lawmakers pushing the president not to back a proposal. congressman jody ice is one of them. thank you for being here. why do you have this position? >> several reasons, foremost is we had 0 regular order on this bill, looking at potentially a $3 trillion bill and as members of congress we have not seen it yet. this is been done behind closed doors. we had no input, no debate on the house floor so literally millions of americans who vote on different representatives to represent them are going to be disenfranchised and a bill that horrible things, and good stuff as well. and all sorts of things, the bottom line we don't know what is in it and we are expected to
2:31 am
vote on it, another pass it to find out what is in it kind of bill. todd: a couple years ago donald trump said he would never sign another omnibus. take a listen. >> there are a lot of things i am unhappy about in this bill, a lot of things we shouldn't have had in this bill but in a sense, i say to congress i will never sign another bill like this again. todd: don't the american people and the president get frustrated with this concept of staying up all night for the final the next day and kicking the can down the road. this combo that doesn't seem to be the best way to govern. >> absolutely this is no way to run a government. these are things that should have been dealt with months and months ago and we are being told we will come back next week around christmas and this is
2:32 am
nothing but political shenanigans to pressure everyone at a time of christmas to pass things that are horrible the we don't know what is in the bill and we need to get back to regular order and let members have input when dealing with the direction of our government. we don't need these deals behind closed doors and swamp types spending, got back to regular order. >> republicans filed 3 lawsuits, two in federal court, when in state court, in front of the january 5th senate runoff election going on among other things, targeting drop boxes to return absentee ballots. let's listen to ballot in georgia, a lot of accepted and
2:33 am
1500 rejected. all eyes on george and this is important. how do you make sure this is unfairly and accurately? >> that is the big question. we have been reaching out to the secretary of state to get some answers and directions. what happened in november was a disaster and we don't want a repeat of that. we are not getting real information. we need signature verification. absentee ballots in georgia have no voter id. everyone else in the state has voter id but absentee ballots are not like that so what ability we have to verify a legal voter is through our signature verification and that is not taking place. i don't have an answer as to why. it makes no sense. we are 1.3 million absentee
2:34 am
ballots in november, more than that in january and this incredibly important election and we have to make sure only legal ballots are cast and only legal ballots are counted. unfortunately it doesn't appear a lot of cooperation from the secretary of state. todd: very interesting comment, you've got to fight before the election. we will see. always a pleasure to have you in. beaches a fallen hero in north carolina. he was killed in a should i would responding to a carjacking. jeremy daniels opened fire on several officers hurting one of them. daniels died in a shootout. he grew up in concorde with the department for a year and a half. todd: behind an effort to recall california governor gavin
2:35 am
newsom. political reporting some democrats quietly expressed support, he joined us earlier this week. >> a disaster of a governor, we are not fueled by millionaires and billionaires but by regular people in california and half the country we are sick and tired of gavin newsom. todd: he has drawn fire for his coronavirus restrictions. he told others they couldn't. the group has half the signatures it needs. jillian: five mission impossible staffers walk off the job after tom cruise launches a second tirade. they -- days after audio surfaced of the first outburst which he went off on crewmembers for not social distancing. >> is it understood? if i see it again you are gone.
2:36 am
i can't deal with it, you're fired. >> the second tirade was also over covid-19 protocols. he is pulling an early christmas break after wrapping up filming. todd: early christmas break. still ahead joe biden's nominee for interior secretary appears anti-fracking. jillian: what does that mean for the oil industry? that is next. sofi made it so easy to pay off my student loan debt. (chime) they were able to give me a personal loan so i could pay off all of my credit cards. (chime) i got my mortgage through sofi and the whole process was so easy. choosing sofi was literally one of the best decisions i could have ever made because it gave me peace of mind.
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>> president-elect joe biden nominating deb holland as interior secretary. todd: what the new mexico representative brings to the cabinet. >> reporter: we are talking someone who is a champion.
2:40 am
to be the first native american to be interior secretary, possibly a very pro-regulatory agenda to the interior department and she's being applauded by aoc because she is someone they seem to have a good relationship. i want to show you aoc's tweet, applauding her on twitter saying she was excited about her becoming the interior secretary, and is very much against the oil and gas industry and fracking. even though joe biden says he is not anti-fracking she is very anti-fracking and that has folks in the business community nervous.
2:41 am
jillian: a study people would be interested in hearing about. >> reporter: the biden economic agenda and the fact that a lot of things, tax hikes on individuals and corporations will affect the overall economy, the expansion of obamacare and trillions of dollars lost out of the economy but when it comes to individual wages there will be a median income drop over the next decade for average americans and this 4.9 million is potential jobs that would be lost under the biden agenda. todd: another big apple below. >> reporter: this is coming from andrew cuomo, the assault on new york state businesses, andrew cuomo plans to move ahead with planned increase of the minimum wage in the suburbs and upstate new york, which would see all
2:42 am
workers with $15 an hour by the end of 2021 but these businesses across new york state are fighting to keep their doors open. >> new york restaurant association estimates over 60% of restaurants will close and not reopen. on the border with pennsylvania where the minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. this is going to be more pressure on businesses and they will continue to close. >> reporter: the minimum wage in new york city is already $15 an hour for companies with 10 or fewer workers. it is already happening in new york city. in the middle of a tough environment for businesses out there. todd: it is not getting better in the big apple. so tight. thank you. jillian: critics calling out the media accusing them of burying the hunter biden story. a new poll shows most americans agree. todd: what is coming up on "fox
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and friends"? >> we are one week away from christmas thank goodness. coming up on our show, 18 minutes from now, kevin mccarthy will be joining us because it is friday. geraldo rivera, alan west, mike huckabee, "fox and friends" weekend cohost will kane and pete hegseth will join us from their remote location. christmas is just one week away. if you have not decided on your menu i have you covered, a family christmas feast. we will show you how to make fantastic recipes including bret baer's wife amy's chicken casserole and the number one entrée of christmas 2020, marcos littrell's mama's prime rib. it is off the chart.
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help the world believe in holiday magic.thing and this year was harder than ever. and yet, somehow, you all found a way to pull it off. it's not about the toys or the ornaments but about coming together. santa, santa, you're on mute! just wanted to say thanks. thanks for believing.
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i'm not concerned about any accusations made against him. it is used to get to me. i think it is foul play, but it is what it is and he's a grown man, he is the smartest man i know. >> president-elect joe biden crying foul as republicans question his son hunter's foreign business dealings but don't americans have a right to know the truth? >> here is rachel campos duffy, good to see you this morning. >> merry christmas.
2:48 am
>> first time joe biden has outwardly addressed this and responded to this at somewhat at length on tv. do you think what he said is enough? >> of course not and the venue he chose, the colbert report shows he wants to go where he can get softball questions. this is a very serious matter, someone who may be inaugurated in january who is a national security concern. he has been compromised by the chinese government. he has lied about it on the debate stage. he said he knew nothing about it. it is impossible that his son was under federal investigation since earlier this year and he didn't know at the time of the debate when he said he didn't know. that is a lie. we know he lies about this and it isn't a small matter just because the bidens are taking money and is a national security concern although that is enough.
2:49 am
they are stealing from our kids. the bidens are stealing from our children's future, the chinese government is our greatest competitor and we know hunter biden when his father was vice president took 5 trips to china. this is a man with a very troubled past, no real business experience in china, no special language skills, he was there trading on his family name and just this week another email came out, former associate of his in 2017 said make sure the chinese know that this is a family matter, get joe involved but don't say in the emails, all the evidence is there. >> obviously at fox we are talking about a new online poll shows voters think the media buried under biden story about joe biden. 52% say many news organizations ignored the hunter biden story
2:50 am
to help the campaign, 32% said they felt it was a partisan hitch up, 17% not sure. by the late-night shows and everybody other than the fox news channel a preview of the next four years? >> absolutely and another number, 56% of americans believe joe biden knew and profited from this. the most important number, one that gets under my skin, 10% of those who voted for joe biden in november said they would not have voted for him had they known about this story. right there you have the media and big tech, the greatest election interference scandal in american history. this is very troubling and this is a foreshadowing of what we are going to see in the next
2:51 am
four years. now the media is covering it kind of but a little too late for those 10% of voters who wouldn't have voted for him. if that is true the 10% of people who voted for joe biden wouldn't have, all six swing states would have slipped for donald trump. jillian: it will be curious to follow it to see if and when other media outlets decide they are covering this and how they are going to. it will be interesting to see it play out. thank you for joining us and don't forget to check out rachel campos duffy, have a great day. still ahead, he lifted himself out of poverty thanks to hard-working capitalism. todd: his challenge to aoc to admit the free market changed her life. ♪
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is. .
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vicks vapopatch. easy to wear with soothing vicks vapors for her, for you, for the whole family.
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trusted soothing vapors, from vicks is. jillian: welcome back. christmas is very quickly approaching but congress not going anywhere as lawmakers scramble to relief and avoid a government shutdown tonight. kevin hearn sit on both the house and senate committee now. he joins us now. thank you for being here. here is part of what is at stake 12 million americans will lose unemployment benefits on december 26th if lawmakers fail to act. those are the people who need this the most. at least part of that group. does a deal get done? >> i'm optimistic. i think any time that we have
2:56 am
these continuing resolutions that we have, there is always opportunity for late night dealings. we are seeing that going on right now. we are seeing just a complicity lack of leadership in the house with speaker pelosi. she can't seem to get her conference together. it's creating a real problem. i'm optimistic we will come together to get it for the american people. jillian: i hope so. i want to talk about your op-ed that you have out right now. it is a fascinating story and everyone should hear. capitalism pulled me out of poverty. why can't aoc admit it saved her, too? in it you talked about how your family didn't have electricity or running water for years because they couldn't afford to pay the bills. and you are a perfect example of what is possible here in america. you are living the american dream. tell us more about this. >> well, unfortunately, she happens to be the target of this because of what she said that republicans need to start working hard. and, you know, i give all the credit to leader mccarthy going back even two years ago when the democrats took over in
2:57 am
2019 we had to call out this socialist democrat movement. a few months ago he asked me to tell my story. a few times you get to speak on the house floor with all 435 members on the floor and tell my story for 5-minute period. one of the first people who grabbed me as i finished my story dead calm in there was maxine waters. and she said incredible story. you know, we always think the republicans are born with silver spoons. we need to hear more of those stories. this is somebody who has been in congress almost 40 years. we need to i can that the time to it will reach across the aisle and talk to each other and see what we are '. in the days of the cancel culture that's not possible. she was the target of this, this response because of who she is. it could apply to half the democrat conference right now. todd: interesting. here is what aoc says about capitalism, calling it irredeemable. quote, capitalism is an ideology
2:58 am
of capital the most important thing is the concentration of capital seek and maintain profits. to me capitalism is it to me irredeemable. >> she is part of the 1%. this is my first term in congress and obviously i'm doing this later in life as a way to pay it back. this great nation through p to allow a person that came from a backgrounbackground that i did y the american dream of being successful in business and employing tens of thousands of people my career. congress is not the highlight of my career. it's really a spot i came to to help protect the ideas of capitalism for others that followed behind me. when you have these concepts of socialist democrats are putting forward like alexandria ocasio-cortez and many others. they achieved the 1% roll and now they want to stop that for everybody else they want the government to be in control for all the folks behind them and
2:59 am
aeliminate the possibility for them to chief. are it's important to call it out. it's important and not take it lightly. you are already seeing alexandria ocasio-cortez and others call out will speaker pelosi and chuck schumer they are not the democrat leaders in the future. they want more people that look like them, meaning the socialist democrat. we have to take this at face value. take it as serious. wwe won 11seat back when we thoe were going to lose 15 seats so it's a big deal. jillian: thank you for your time and for your story we appreciate it. >> you are welcome. recall great. jillian: creating a bit of christmas magic for a boy after reading his letter to santa. >> the will will boy how sad it is thawbled to help his dad out. right? we really respect that. >> officers giving him a gaming system for christmas after reading his letter. >> the 10-year-old said he would
3:00 am
give up his own be present for his dad to get a new car. a local dealership made that wish come true the car one that is after many reading his letter. jillian: so beautiful. thank you for watching. have a good weekend. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> we have great confidence in our son. i'm not concerned about i had accusations that were made against him. i think it's kind of foul play. >> i applaud the fact that the bidens are a close knit family but you can't pretend these commercial deals are never discussed. >> do you plan on stepping down from the committee? >> are you really the best we can come up with? a guy who dated a chinese spy. >> on his way to a second covid-19 vaccine. >> the moderna shot whop the backing of the it committee. >> will barstool sports have. the barstool fund we will try to save as many small businesses as we can. >> thank you from the bottom of my heart and


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