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tv   Watters World  FOX News  December 19, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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we need a media that will hold these people responsible. we need it now. we'll have to work on that. i will see you next time on "life, liberty & levin." [♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. beijing biden. that's the subject of in the jesse watters words. the laptop and the wire transfers provide the roadmap of corruption. hunter biden's emails, text messages and tony bobulinski's eyewitness accounts show joe was for sale. he was being marketed to china and he was in on it the whole time.
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they are pai -- paranoid. get joe involved. best wishes from the entire biden family hunter writes to a chinese oil tycoon. a $5 million interest free loan was offered to the biden familiar lane even asked if they need additional funds. hunter introduces him to a chinese executive and they launch awed fund the next week. and they give the vp a 10% stake. the fund is linked to the chinese military. the chinese nationals heavily involved with the communist regime and the people's liberation army wired $4.7 million to joe biden's son who sent a million plus to joe biden's brother and $6 million
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to a biden family surrogate. what was the money for? we'll get to that in a second. why is the vice president ms son getting bribed with diamonds. why is biden's family in business with communists. why did they wire biden's son a million to help him get off. biden shared an office with a chinese money guy named dong. does joe know dong? why do you think not a single reporter asked this question? one reason. joe biden only doesn't views with comedians. >> i'm not concerned about any accusations made about him. it's used to get to me. i think it's kind of foul play.
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but he's grown man. he's the smartest man i know in terms of pure intellectual capacity. as long as he's good, we are good. jesse: hunter is the smartest man joe knows? that's like saying donald trump is the shiest man in politics. and colbert didn't foul. mr. biden, you know barack obama, tim cook and elon musk. and you are saying hunter is smarter than they are? the man who just fought a paternity battle with a stripper and is under investigation for money laundering. democrats get away with murder because the my yeah doesn't ask them why there are dead bodies in their basement.
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joe biden says i love my son, he did nothing wrong and the scandal evaporates from the lips of the press because they are in on it pore profit. the parent company of cbs has big stakes in the china market. they need revenues pouring in. the parent companies of abc and nbc have deep interests in china. they want u.s.-china relations back to normal. no tariffs, no scandals. don't you dare scrutinize where the virus came from. americans get ripped off unless you know the right people. but "watters' world" has been investigating who joe's family is involvedf with. the binds are involved with cefc, and the china energy fund
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company. this was the largest energy company in china and its investment arm. they were working for the president of china. china energy was the major player in china's belt and road initiative. and the bidens were the brokers. the belt and road initiative wa- was china's scheme. they are work around the clock to furnish new trade routes, type lines to enhance their influence and dominate the world at the expense of us. the binds helped broker china's international deals for a cut. why kazakhstan to oman and france to russia.
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the bidens helped china rise. what did they do with the money? hunter used it on escorts. but all the bidens benefited. after the china-biden deal was announced. they opened a line of credit and digs tribute credit cards to hunter, james and sarah biden. just follow the money. on the very same day joe biden visited kazakhstan, kazakhstan wired hunter's firm $180,000. the binds goat rich. china knows it. -- the bidens got rich. and china knows it. we'll see if brave prosecutors
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expose it or ifle powerful interests keep it down. joining us, ken starr and trey gowdy. all right, trey, the bidens were cashing in off the rise of china. and it wasn't good for america. they were on the wrong side of the deal and they lie about it. how severe is it and what do you think needs to be done about it. >> it needs to be investigated, jesse. there is lou enforcement, with the fbi, the doj if it's criminal in nature. but not all bad things aren't criminal. that's why you have congress and the media. the media has not lifted a finger to investigate this. in fact they have done the opposite. even if you don't believe any of what you just said.
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even if someone is sceptical. joe is clear, he knows nothing about anything. it many the sergeant schultz defense, i know nothing. his credibility is at issue. if he knew something, he's being disingenuous and it's relevant. i can't understand why the media completely ignored this story. jess require as mortal threat to the biden presidency. you saw this happen over a few administrations. joe could come in and wipe the slate clean of these prosecutors in delaware. perfectly legal. he could appoint an ag if it's a good ole boy who could quietly make it go away. do you need an independent counsel in a case like this? yes or no.
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shall i elaborate. jesse: please. >> look, that's a yes. the janet reno regulations from the clinton administration provide the framework for the decision. when you read those regulations it's quite clear certainly when the vice president becomes as it appears he will, the president. then there is a conflict of interest which cries out for the appointment of a special counsel. jesse: trey, do you see anybody in what you would call a lame duck situation with trump. do you see anybody willing to appoint an independent counsel to take the reins before it's shut down after bind gets in. >> i do. is there a real or potential
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could be applicant? of course. he's going to be the presidential of the united states. it fits the guidelines for regula --for regulations for spl counsel. if republicans can win one seat in georgia, they will have control of the senate. and i would be shocked if they don't ask the attorney general to appoint a special counsel. jesse: i'm sure they are watching right now and listening to everything you have say, trey. if they are not, the show repeats at 11:00. i want to play some sound of our friend -- i say that humorously. swalwell, who was out in -- kind of in bed with a chinese spy. and was allowed to remain on the house intelligence committee. here is swalwell kind of dodging
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the question. >> have you thought stepping down from the commit. >> i or anything like that or resigning from opening? can you til us anything about your relationship with miss fang? anything the in general? congressman swalwell? jesse: he handled it perfectly. don't say anything. that's how you have to handle something like that. but eventually he will have to open his mouth. what he says, i believe will determine his credibility in congress. personally i think he's compromised. >> already certainly serious questions about this relationship. the significance of the relationship it's hard to imagine he should remain on the intelligence committee in leave it what we think we know. that seems to me to be a
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minimum. there may need to be a house ethics committee investigation. that's something gowdy, trey, will know all about. but this is a serious matter that needs investigation and treated seriously and not resort to stephen colbert as the way to get your story out. jesse: there are a constellation of threats coming from china infiltrating every aspect of the united states society. trey, you were in congress. when they do the house ethics committees, they don't bite too much. but weren't you given defensive briefings, what to look for, who may be trying to compromise you? don't you go through security steps when you become a member of congress to look out for people like fang fang?
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zero. the background check is your election. when you get on the house intelligence committee which by the way is the hardest committee to get on. you are hand picked by the speaker or the minority leader. impossible to get on. for nancy pelosi to lead us to believe out of the 230 democrats in the house, the best she can find is the guy who slept with a comien sees spy. i get he's from california and an acolyte of adam schiff. pick someone who didn't get fooled for four years because he thought a chinese spy was in love with him. jesse: it doesn't make nancy look too intelligent. thank you, guys, very much. peter navarro steps into
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"watters' world." he's break down a bombshell report on election fraud. plus, secret tapes obtained by james o'keefe, cnn, hunter biden. it all makes sense now. >> obviously we are not going with the "new york post" story right now on hunter biden. tums versus mozzarella stick (bell rings) when heartburn hits fight back fast... ...with tums chewy bites... beat heartburn fast tums chewy bites
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jesse: new proof of bias in the liberal media. the hunter biden laptop story broke before the election. but if you weren't watching fox news you probably didn't hear it. >> this is a classic example of the street wing media machine talk about hunter biden. most those charges are unverified. >> the charge are so heinous i am not even going to say them. jesse: don't say them, please, you might say the truth. now that the election is over. cnn decided to cover the election and their favorite joe. a conference call from the stop
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executives of cnn obtained by project veritas exposes how they buried it before the election. >> on breitbart and fox news, the rabbit hole of hunter biden. i don't think anybody understood. their review of the records shows no role for joe biden on the chinese deal. >> obviously we are not going with the "new york post" story right now on hunter biden. >> this is dave, on the burisma story we should be careful about that. but there is a media story, what in the world are they doing retweeting that story? jesse: joining me now, the
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founder of project veritas. all the squall street journal did was -- the squall street -- the "wall street journal" did not the put joe biden's name in the document. what do you think the significance of the black holing of the story was. that would be like fox not reporting the access hollywood tapes because we can't confirm its authenticity. >> david chalian, one of the olympic cal directors at cnn saying obviously we shouldn't cover the hunter biden story. nobody pushing back on the stop dog at that corporation micromanaging and direct his people not to report facts.
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it's not surprising to you and i but it's confirmation what we have expected for a long time from cnn. tell us a little bit how something like this manifests itself. you don't have to go in to too many specifics. people are curious about how you guys are able to pull rabbits out of your hat month after month. >> people in this country want to do something. everybody says what can i do. and veritas is the answer to that question. there are brave whistleblowers. now we have these little things on our phones, we can record anybody any time. a brave insider inside cnn worked with us on this story to obtain two months of their 9:00 a.m. editorial call. there are a lot of insiders out
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there. there is no place they can go. they can't go to the "washington post" or "new york times." we are kind of the top of the spear. veritas tips. and we work with them to obtain these recordings. jesse: you do it legally? >> 14 lawyers. we do everything by the book. we don't settle lawsuits. jesse: i'm sorry, james, that you have to work with so many lawyers. that must be immensely stressful. i can only imagine what that's like. i imagine you have more things in the works. we don't want to blow anybody's cover. but keep up the great work you are doing. i think the more people see unfairness in this country the
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more they will come forward and speak to project veritas. a new bombshell report on the fairness and integrity of the election. it will knock our socks off next. parodontax is 3x more effective at removing plaque, the main cause of bleeding gums parodontax
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[♪] jon: live from america's news headquarters, i'm jon scott. the fight continues on capitol hill. lawmakers were nearly finished on a $900 billion deal until the talks were derailed. they are holding a weekend session to hammer out the details. among the most controversial deals in the waning days of president trump's administration is the transfer of lands and the' local tribes say their land is sacred. vice president biden is likely to oppose most of those new projects. i'm jon scott. now back to "watters' world."
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[♪] jesse: the fight over the election not over yet. a brand-new report by peter navarro details election fraud that's said to be more than sufficient to swing the victory to trump. it details six dimensions of alleged election irregularities including outrate voter fraud, ballot mishandling. equal protection clause violation within voter machine irregularities and statistical anomalies. georgia are over 400 balance lot -- ballotsin question. and in nevada where biden's victory margin was 33,000 votes. over 100,000 ballots are possibly illegal.
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the report questions the fairness and integrity of the 2020 election and all future elections if irregularities aren't investigated. joining me, the author of the rrt, peter navarro. you did this in your private capacity. what was it that you saw that you said wow. >> midnight on election night when the president had what seemed to be inyou are mountable leads in -- the seemed to have insurmountable leads and shortly thereafter in the dead of night he began to see the surges of biden votes and we wound up with tight, thin margins across six states. arizona, and nevada on election night we thought we would move
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to smartly as well. i watched over the next several weeks as people tried to sort this out. i thought what was missing like the 30,000 foot look at the chess board. i spent over a week looking through thousands of documents, photos, video. all sorts of evidence. i put on my harvard cap as an economist, training and writing in law journals and tried to parse all this out. you get to the bottom of this and it jumps out at you. coordinated democrat strategy. stuff the ballot box with often dubious mill-in and absentee ballots. one of the big takeaways from me, the tolstoy story, unhappy families are all alike but happy
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families are different their own way. every state kind of stole it differently? georgia you have this funky consent decree that wipes out signature matches. you have cash cards in nevada going to native americans, outright bribery. and in wisconsin confined voter abuses where people don't have to show who they are. they are suppose to be confined at home and they are out skiing on the slopes at aspen. it's a cesspool. what i'm worried about is we are going into inauguration day with the potential to inaugurate an illegal and illegitimate president when we have a great deal of the united states believing the greatest democracy in the world can't run an election. jesse: i believe a lot of
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americans think joe biden does not honestly represent them and does not have the consent of the governed. but you believe, i think circumstantial evidence would believe a rational person to believe this. on election night you saw the numbers democrats needed to hit. everything stopped. almost simultaneously. and then tranches and tranches of heavily biden ballots pour in over the course of the next four days, sho, shoo away the trump . i just wonder did the word go out? how coordinated was it?
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it does look like a conspiracy when you put it all together. >> i think the democrat party figured how much they needed to get to that thin victory margin. and here is the thing. we lost our way in this country. i think the democrats hate trump so much, twhe hate him more than they love this country. the whole independents justify the means attitude permeated the party. you have in rain county and detroit, these people were nothing but thugs intimidating, harassing republican poll watchers and observers. putting up boards on windows. this is about a lot more than fraud per se. the process involved democrat officials pushing the legal envelope way past where it
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should have gone. the consent decree which kemp was involved in as well, that is against georgia state law. it wise out signature matches. it's a great part of the report. i compare the rejection rates for absentee ballots in 2016. 6%. it goes down to virtually nothing in 2020 while the number of absentee ballots skyrocket. if you were to apply that rejection rate to 2020 it would be more than enough to wipe out the biden victory. jesse: i urge all americans the read the report. it's thorough and it goes from everything for dead voters and changing the rules at the last moment. and ballot stuffing, it's all in
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there. right. maybe we can do something about it maybe we can't. and we'll let it play out. thank you for the work you put into it. >> great coverage you are putting in on this. it's great pore america that you are doing this. jesse: the cancel culture claims another victim. curt schilling is here. students of color typically do not have access
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to high quality computer science and stem education. ♪ i joined amazon because i wanted to change education and i am impatient. amazon gives me the resources to change the world at a pace that i want to change it. ♪ we provide students stem scholarships and teachers with support. ♪ i'm a fighter and i'm fighting for all students.
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jesse: 2020 will go down in history for many many reasons. cancel culture will probably be one of them. the latest victim the cleveland indians. its owner says it's not acceptable in our world. but i guess it's not that unacceptable because it's not being changed until next season.
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he said they don't want to be called the cleveland baseball team in reference to the washington football team. we saw protesters trying to erase our history. a high school in san francisco is removing ab abraham lincoln's name because i quote, lincoln like the presidents before him and most after did not show through policy or rhetoric that black lives ever mattered to them. former mlb pitcher curt schilling. before we get to the lincoln deal. if they don't want the indians and the team doesn't want it, i'm okay with that. but i always thought it was an honor. it tells you about valor,
5:41 pm
ferocity, a warrors spirit. apache and the sioux, these guys struck fear in the heart of the pioneers and did some vicious things. we did vicious things back. but these were great warriors. they have cowboys and the pirates. i just don't get it. >> the indians are the latest victim. i guess what i'm waiting for now is peta. cardinals, cubs, blue jays, orioles, and i'm assuming other animals are going to file suit because -- i'm with you. i always thought that especially naming a fran chase after something was a proud thing, a good thing. apparently saying the word indian makes you what is it,
5:42 pm
native-phobic? i don't know. jesse: it is a little ridiculous. >> it's beyond ridiculous. i'm incredibly prude of what you have managed to do since you were walking campuses on this nation and i had to listen to college students with degrees say really dumb stuff. the fact that you can endure juan williams daily is amazing to me. it's funny, but it's also sad, and starting to get in my mind very dangerous. jesse: juan gets paid to endure me and i have to endure him too. we all say it's this team and that team. then all of a sudden they go after abe lincoln because abe
5:43 pm
lincoln didn't think black lives matter. can you imagine being a director at the education department and think that's a good idea that abe lincoln who freed the slaves didn't care about blacks? >> we are literally debating whether you need to have and be a citizen of this country to vote here. i think that's the danger. we are having arguments over topic that don't deserve an argument. one of the things i'm seeing with all the mainstream media is we are in this -- why would, why can, we are asking questions we don't know the answers to. why did hillary clinton destroy her cell phones? we know why. why at 4:00 in the morning when i was watching the election live. why did joe biden's totals go up a drastic amount and donald
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trump lose votes? and i have the luxury of not saying allegedly because i'm not in the media in that sense. i know way saw. wire kind of a round about way getting to the fact of the fatter what we saw, the fraud. i think now, jesse, if you cop out and say prove it or there is no evidence, you are an idiot. jesse: i know. we were just saying at the top of the show, the chinese gave joe biden's family members a diamond. and they are telling us that doesn't mean anything? what other man gives another man a diamond? >> hunter biden is getting keys made to his office for members of the chinese government connected to the military. we are way past you can't make this up. we are into like hollywood would
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never come up with a story this side, ignorant and dumb because people wouldn't buy it territory. we joke about it. but it's deadly serious. somehow some way this massive proud that was perpetrated on us. to me, it's second place to the blackout in the media. we have a contested slate of electors. how was that not the biggest news story on the planet. you are working in a place where discussions behind the scenes are probably not as amicable as they used to be. but i'm a citizen, i 1r0e9d, and i can talk about it and not face repercussions. jesse: i think some one in your caliber doesn't have to worry about what he says. >> i don't worry.
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jesse: but others have to watch their mouths because they could get canceled. i have got to hundred, but curt -- >> keep doing what you are doing and stay strong. jesse: tom cruise goes nuts over covid. these are real people, not actors, who've got their eczema under control. with less eczema, you can show more skin. so roll up those sleeves. and help heal your skin from within with dupixent. dupixent is the first treatment of its kind that continuously treats moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis, even between flare ups.
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>> we are back to making movies because of us.
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jesse: tom cruise losing it on the set of the mission impossible 7 movie after crew members broke covid-19 guidelines. the actorear apparently flipped -- the actor apparently flipped out a second time over social distancing. five staffers walked off the job, and production had to wrap early for the holiday break. when i heard this video i was ready to run through a brick wall. this guy has hundreds of millions riding on this film. paramount is all in. if people start sneezing on the
5:52 pm
director and get everybody sick, they shut it dune light money on fire. i think i has every excuse to let loose on these people. >> i agree in part. when i see a gym out of business, i feel bad for the trainers more than the owners. when i see a movie set, i don't see the movies. so many people in lighting and camera and season monthing to a i -- andcinematography. one thing i know about tom cruise, after 9/11 he set up that cleansing to clean the lungs for the firefighters and the cops who sucked in all that horrendous garbage.
5:53 pm
they literally told me it saved my life. it was a scientology setup. but they didn't talk about religion. jesse: you have to have people like that fly off the handle just to keep you guys motivated. if you have someone who is casual about these covid-19 deals and let people just run amuck, you can just shut these movies down. then we'll have to watch animated films. we'll never see a real actor because hollywood will never do this again. and the insurance policy is more than "fox and friends" co-host salaries combined. >> i don't know about that but i know what you mean. i'm tired of the' flintstones. i found this out. 12 have already tested positive. he shelled out $12 million for a
5:54 pm
cruise ship so everyone can live together. and he's got to fact this and do his own stunts. but i never lost my temper and thought that worked out better. he told everyone, i'm done for now. he understands this, he doesn't need the money. but the photographers and the key grips they need the money. those people that roll the credits and stay for the credits. jesse: there are three dozen people making sure you look gorgeous in the morning. >> it's 32, not three dozen. we all have to tighten our belt during the pandemic. jesse: up next, last call. the vice president.
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jesse: vice president mike pence, second lady, karen pence, and the surgeon general dr. jerome adams receiving their vaccines from pfizer. >> i want to thank the staff sat walter reed whose who administered our vaccine today. i didn't feel a thing. well done. jesse: i would like to get a show the. but apparently i'm behind prisoners and homeless people. go figure. that's all for tonight. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter.
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"justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: welcome to justice, i'm lisa boothe in for judge jeanine pirro. later on i'll be talking with trump campaign senior advisor. negotiations continue for a covid relief deal. let's get things started with arizona congressman andy biggs. i want to get to you about the


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