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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 21, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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on my website thank you for joining us tonight. j don't forget to set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity." the only one jesse watters filling in for laura ingraham on "the ingraham angle." jesse. >> jesse: i will check out your photography right after i get finished with "the ingraham angle." thank you very much.h. i'm jesse watters in for laura ingraham, and this is a special edition of "the ingraham angle" from new york city tonight. the u.k. now playing the part af the grinch and canceling christmas amid new lockdown restrictions. could this be in our future? dr. harvey risch and alex berenson a new report reveals seattle public schools are telling teachers the education system is guilty of the spirit murder of black children. we are going to investigate and dr. fauci caught in a big lie this weekend, and of course, raymond arroyo exposes it all in
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"seen and unseen." but first this week and joe biden with climate change and putting the rest of the world first and america last. here is joe's new climate are gina mccarthy. >> climate change is not always a threat to the planet. it is a threat to our health and our well-being. it is a threat to people everywhere.t success will require engagement of every community, everyle secr in our nation and every country in the world. >> jesse: i can only imagine which country she's willing to focus on here. that is right. she has a long history of praising china, even saying in 2013, she is impressed by them s and applauds their climate change progress. it is not just what the administration stands for but what they are getting behind. just days after biden's inauguration, the inaugural forum with a reset agenda in
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gapos. -- doll vos. laura warned you about this last month, the biden globalist to force medical, social economical change across the world at your expense. joe biden's comment envoy john kerry is already promising the great reset will happen. >> the notion of a reset is more important than ever before. the dawn of extremely exciting time. i know that biden believes this. it is not just enough to rejoin paris for theaw united states. it is not enough to do the minimum of what paris requires. >> jesse: joining me now steve milloy at the trump transition team and chris bedford senior editor for "the federalist."ve steve, joe biden said that the climate change agenda was going to rescue us from the
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coronavirus pandemic. how exactly does that happen? >> i'm not sure what he's talking about. since the coronavirus pandemic started, they have been talking how we can go from coronavirus lockdown to a climate lockdown. that is what the great reset is all about. senator merkley supported it. at first joe a biden exercised emergency powers as president to basically get us into a state ol emergency and climate lockdown. they liked the fact missions were cut 5-7% because of the covid lockdown. they would like to do that every year. >> jesse: so they can just declare a crisis and overregulate everything and then just continue the lockdown of fossil fuel industry, drilling, cracking, and allri of that. all right, chris, we have this woman deb holland
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, she is native american and nominated to be the interior secretary. here is what she said the agenda for the interior department is going to be. listen to this. >> decisions at interior once again be driven by science, issued under interior jurisdiction, part simply about conservation. they are woven in with good jobs, justice and closing the racial wealth and health. >> jesse: so the secretary of the interior will now be in charge of incoming equality and racial o justice agenda. what is going on here? >> that sounds like a hard thing to square when your job is concentration. -- conservation. atat least until the last couple of years, the department of the interior hasn't been that wonderful a record in conservation. a as we conceive if i were in charge of the sort of thing, i would look at california, taking a look at yellowstone and taking a look at
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places where wildfires have gotten out of control. taking a look at places and helping out species if able to. this is an agenda that we will see reachingpe out here where science is once again put up there is something that can't be challenged. all of that actually means is one of the talking points, no one has a right to agree or allowed to ask questions aboutac peer this whole covid lockdown over the last year has been basically a snow globe of the global warming agenda where they have all right, we will all die in two weeks if we don't do this. we will have a spike if you go to thanksgiving. everyone in florida, texas, or georgia will die because they opened up and allow their citizens to be free. a few weeks later you find out that is not true. you don't get the years and years and years of runway we have with global warming hysteria when people die in ten years, 12 years and every time it comes up and predictions come true, they say look at the science. it is too complicated for you to understand, everybody get back in your homes. >> jesse: they are trying to jam in global warming stop. the coronavirus relief package,
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steve, listen to this, they scroll down 35 billion in spending on wind, solar and wind power sources. they were curtailing the use of planet warming chemical that is used in air-conditioners and refrigerators. so this has all under the dark of night. 6,000 pages and no one is ever going to read it. everybody else gets $600 if you make less than $75,000 but if you are a donor and help him get in there, you are getting $35 billion. >> you will be spending $600 on the new more expensive air conditioning and refrigeration that is required by this obama era treaty that he didn't even introduce to the senate because he couldn't get past. the air conditioning industry has doneld with senators to stik in the bill here they are all laughing because donald trump would never agree to something like this, but in the covid relief bill, they think he can't say no.
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thi'm urging him to detail this thing, you know covid relief is fine. this sort of communism, don't take it. >> jesse: do we know which republican senators shoveled into shovel this in there? >> we do senator john kennedy and senator john barrasso, >>they are good guys but in this case they are carrying the water of the air industry and it will cost everybody more money. it will get a snarled in u.n. regulations. decline will remain the same, the weather will remain the same. there is no benefit to any of just all more cost all paid by for us. t >> jesse: you are paying off donors who got you in the office. and you are making life more expensive for regular, g hardworking americans that will be paying more for gas, more for home utilities and all that stuff.
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and the claimant doesn't change at all. what is it, a billion years we have been here. it gets warmer, it i gets colde, and all of a sudden, the democrats come along with a crisis. high taxes, more regulation and just kind of a sway for guilt and all of the success that this country has had to. it is unbelievable. we could talk about this all day, but again it will cost all of us a lot more money. gentlemen, thank you guys very much. >> thank you, jesse. >> jesse: joe biden's environmental policies are not the only things that put china first. his advisors are also urging him to cooperate with china on space exploration.>> politico reports biden advisors assert that despite china's pattern of stealing american technology and diverting it fron military purposes, a limited space partnership between washington andno beijing could reduce tensions and the likelihood of a destabilizing space race. joining me now is gordon chang,
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institute senior fellow and author of "the great u.s. china tech war." who are these biden space advisors? are they related to fang fang, do you think, gordon? >> no, but they come out of the obama administration where we had a atrocious policy. jesse, we are actually allowing the chinese to make great strides and create disadvantage to ourselves. because you know it sounds nice to cooperate with chinese in space, but we know they still put hundreds of billions of dollars in intellectual property each year. but more important the china space program is oriented. any transfers of technology are going to improve china's military capabilities. and china is configuring its military to kill americans. so this is horrible policies on the part of obama as the biden transition team. >> jesse: so if they steal our secrets and use it for weaponry
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that they point directly at, d.c., losm. angeles, new york, y would the democrats want to engage in such a space and space riddled with the highest u.s. technology? we are talking about satellites, of course, why would they risk giving access to the chinese communist who have shown for decades that they can't be trusted? >> well, in the obama era, we have a big lead on china and space. so president obama said, and this sounds reasonable, while we shouldn't militarize space because we will be the big losers. the problem with those reasonable sounding words, however, china and russia were militarizing space and weaponizing themselves. we weren't protecting our assets and space. so we lost a lot of ground. unfortunately, we don't understand the militancy of both moscow and beijing. so what sounded reasonable on
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the surface was actually misguided to extreme degree. >> jesse: so if they just sprung a virus on us and cripple the economy and killed 300,000 americans, why would we be reaching our hand out at all? i mean, they should be paying a severe price economically, potentially, militarily if we can prove it was intentional reckless release. it seems like we should be dominating space until they have shown they are responsible stakeholders, which they are not. >> i could not agree with you more. and we can show china maliciously spread this disease. because for at least five weeks and may be moments, they tried to deceive the world about the contagiousness of this disease. >> jesse: exactly. >> they said it wasn't transmissible but it was and they forced to take from china. when you put those two things together, jesse, it is clear that spread beyond china's borders washi deliberate.
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>> jesse: all right, space is a pretty crazy space when you think about it. everything that goes down here with regards to our satellites, missile capabilities, our navy, ability to find people in tight situations, it is all eyes in the sky. if they knock out the eyes in the sky in any way, we are flying blind in iraq, flying blind in the pacific, everywhere. we need to stay wide open up there in any threat has to be dealt with severely and swiftly. i just don't trust the biden administration. because anything the biden administration does with regards to china, i feel hunter got wired $6 million. i feel like they are completely compromised and anything they do with china, i'm not going to trust. >> the next 9/11 will be in space. and we will be the victims of it. so we better start understanding that we've got to protect
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ourselves and our assets in space. the chinese will get to them in first. they are going to take the best commercial exploitation and the best spots for military purposes. we need to get there first. we can do it and we can do it without the chinese. >> jesse: that is why trump launched space for us to put up trump hotel right on the moon. and will charge the chinese a lot of money for a room. all right, gordon, thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: hunter biden may avoid a mueller style probe in financial dealings. outgoing attorney general bill barr made this announcement >> do you believe there should be a special counsel with the allegations hunterer biden case? >> to the extent there is an investigation, i think it is being handled responsibly and professionally. and i have not seen a reason for special counsel, and i have no plan to do so before i leave.
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>> jesse: here now is matt whitaker former acting attorney general. with all due respect to barr, i disagree here and here is why. you appoint a special counsel when you have tor have impartiality. and you cannot have impartiality when there is an investigation going on into the president's son or potentially the president himself. and if he's in charge of the executive branch, he has full control over the prosecutors in delaware and full control over whatever ag appoints to shut that investigation down. so it needs to be removed from any sort of biden ability to shut downt any potential criminl investigation. and by not appointing a special counsel, you are allowing him to completely blow thissh off. >> yeah, jesse, i think good to be with you tonight. a lot of people are concerned that very fact that hunter bidet
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investigation under a biden administration would be swept under the rug. i think what bill barr was saying today, as of right now the need to appoint a special counsel under the regulations of doj that requires a conflict, that conflict did not write until january 20th. i think after joeir biden on january 20th is sworn in, i think he willi fully see the department of justice revisit that regulation. i can't imagine how a special counsel won't be appointed ultimately because i can't -- the department of justice with president biden cannot be impartial, as you pointed out, in an investigation. >> jesse: all right, let's walk through this though. barr is gone in a couple of days or two, acting attorney general jeffrey rosen goes in. could he potentially find it ripe enough, as you say under doj guidelines appoint special counsel at that point, or do
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they actually have to come to a point where biden becomes president? of fact ripens it to a point where they can appoint a special counsel? i just don't ever see it being ripe enough with biden in there in the white house and handpicked attorney general. i know the media likes to call them handpicked when they are from republicans, but you will be the wing man, just like eric holder was obama's wing man. i just politically, i don't see them doing that. do you? >> again, the challenges the doj regulations which requires the actual conflict of the entire department and not just the attorney general or acting attorney general. so that conflict cannot occur until joe biden is sworn in january 20th. but as soon as he is sworn in, that causes the conflict and i think to protect the attorneys investigating, you know, in a kind of appraisal to be held against them by their boss,
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ultimately the president and the attorney general, i think bill will need to appoint specialrn counsel to finish out that b investigation. >> jesse: could he also come in, joe biden, and wipe the slate clean of all federal prosecutors? where would he have to leave those guys in delaware in there? >> no. well, the u.s. attorney obviously serve the pleasure of the president. and he could, hypothetically, take out all the u.s. attorneys, including the one in delaware. i think that would be a very bad political move. and that, he would pay a pricee for that and that would almost demand immediately the appointment of special counsel because that would demonstrate the president is trying to put his finger on the scale of justice. i t would expect that my former colleagues of the department of justice would be very loud in their review because they have been in this administration when they perceive the president has overstepped his bounds. >> jesse: i don't know, whitaker. i don't have faith in the
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democrats. i think they are too crooked. i see how they act. i don't think they will play this by the book. i don't see them feeling there is a conflict. they could just say there is no conflict. and everything is fine and dandy, and we will just go along and maybeis the prosecutors in delaware find something. maybe they find something really nasty. they start working it and they start working it and it gets up to the level of the attorney general and he does shut it down. he can shut it down, slow walk it, bring people off the investigation. there is a lot of things to come up the works in there. i have no faith in the integrity of the people that are coming in. i just don't because i know who they are and i have seen how they act. >> jesse, you are right. what we went through withw the mueller investigation and i understand why americans feel that way. the department of justice has to gain credibility back doing w things by the book the right way
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like this hunter biden investigation and has to be run to ground and that we have to understand that every rock was turned over. that the same type w of the investigation was executed as they did against the president. because there is more evidence against hunter biden than there ever was against president trump. >> jesse: you are absolutely right and national security implications because of the shenanigans with the chinese not to manage and money laundering and racketeering and tax fraud. all right, matt, stay with us. thank you very much. >> merry christmas. >> jesse: you too. coming up, the left finding new ways to use covid to control you. plus u.k. with the mass of lockdown. is that in our future? alex berenson and dr. harvey risch are here in a moment ♪
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♪ >> jesse: the u.k. this weekend announcing for a large >> jesse: the u.k. this weekend announcing for a large part of the country, harsh covid restrictions forcing residents to stay in their own homes, even during christmas. >> it's is a very heavy heart, i must tell you we cannot continue with christmas as planned. in england, those in the interior areas should not mix with anyone outside of their own household at christmas. i know how disappointing this will be, but we have said throughout this pandemic that we
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must and we will be guided by the science. >> jesse: oh, yes, the science, of course. joining me now alex berenson author of "unreported truth about covid-19 lockdown" part 3. and dr. harvey risch professor at yale school of public health. epidemiology, of course. all right, alex, if it is scientific, i don't understand why 70% of the covid-19 transmissions occur inside the home with family members. so why is the government locking us down and forcing us back inside our homes with family members? >> alex: you know, that is a great question. and by the way, it looks like excess deaths in britain. we don't have very good data concerning real-time on how the death looks in the u.s. but in britain, calculating almost on a
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daily basis. and not just covid but death overall. i and it looks like in the spring, you could say, well, the amount of covid deaths really with excess factors, there is extra deaths happening not counted as covid right now in the u.k. there are fewer excess deaths the number of covid deaths being reported. which suggests what people, you know, people call a systemic is happening. an amount of things happening and people classified as covid deaths, you know, when something entirely and just happen to have a positive test in their past. so we went by the standards the u.k. is using to justify this, it looks like it is not necessarily justified. if you look at hospitals, there is really just in the u.s. no evidence of raw hospital overrun. yes, some stress locally but the same in the u.k. so how it is to decide to
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destroy the business, destroy the holidays with people at the end of a bad year is mystifying to me. >> jesse: they celebrated christmas during world war ii. i don't know the numbers. all right, dr. risch, this news dictated strain of covid, highly -- mutated strain of covid, highly transmissible, but the vaccineam can still knock it out. and so i just don't understand what the panic is. it seems like cuomo is licking his chops to slap a bunch of travel bans on europe, especially the u.k., and lock things down in new york again. >> dr. risch: well, those lockdowns haven't worked in the first place. the lockdowns don't work, they only delay. we don't even know if this virus is more infectious.. furthermore in u.k. in the areas where some 10% to 20% of the people have already had it, which means it's already a pandemic,
11:28 pm
which means it will spread because viruses do what viruses do. locking down will not prevent the spread. it is inea the population and is going to go. it might even be better that it's more transmissible becauses by and large almost everybody that gets these viruses do well. it's the high risk people we have to protect. we have methods to do that. so the fact it could hasten the end of the pandemic by being more transmissible and not the disease. we have to protect its people. -- high risk people. >> jesse: one of the ways one person, we will call him andrew yang, he ran for president. some people might not remember that. he has an idea how to fix things after people get vaccinated. are you ready? is there a way for people to show easily vaccinated, like a bar code to download to their phone? alex, this is making people go crazy. it sounds like a a good idea, bt how practical is it? you get a bar code and suddenly,
11:29 pm
oh, you don't haveoo the bar coe and you're not allowed to fly, not allowed to go on a train, subway, vote, or eat inside a restaurant. all of a sudden, there will be first and second class citizens. >> alex: what about the sensitivity? maybe we ought to have a tattoo on our forearms. look, the vaccine, the vaccine right now, if you are a certain age and high risk group, it looks like a good idea to get the vaccine, okay? everybody else it's less clear given the fact that most people, you know, as hard ase it is to recover, usually pretty quickly with a few complications and the vaccine clearly especially after the second dose and have real adverse effects for a significant fraction of people who get it. that is downplayed, but obviously when you look at the clinical trial data. so if is were in charge of rolling out the vaccine, i would do the exact opposite way they are doing it right now.
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i would not try to make this because w quasi mandatory and terrify people. i would say, look, this looks positive and can prevent a lot of cases and we know people inin high risk groups should probably get it and everybody else, we encourage you over time, but we will not force it or try to make it, as you said, a second-class citizen if you don't getu it. instead, what they are doing is leading to a massive backlash among people who already reasonably have a lot of questions about health experts on what they have been saying. >> jesse: yeah, if you wanted vaccine idea that you must want voter i.d. wright, dr. risch? >> dr. risch: well, you know we don't need ids for all these things, every step you take in life. would be i.d. unrelated to the efficacy of an immune, immuneability against the virus. we can measure everybody every 20 minutes every time we change their location to see if they are still immune, but you get the point. this is a signaling.
11:31 pm
it's not reality. >> jesse: all right. >> dr. risch: you know, jesse. >> jesse: quickly. >> dr. risch: what if your hiv status became bar-coded on your phone? people would write in and be crazy about that. that would never survive for five seconds as a proposal.op but somehow,, we have all lost our minds, not all of us but some have lost their minds about covid.on they will throw out basic civil liberties it seems like. >> jesse: the only idea i like, especially after the last election. voter i.d. alex, dr. risch, thank you very much. coming up, dr. fauci just can't keep his story straight. we caught him in a huge lie this weekend. raymond arroyo obviously has it all in "seen and unseen," and that is next. ♪
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♪ >> jesse: it's time for tonight "seen and unseen" segment where we expose the stories behind the headlines. and for that,t we turn to author of "the spider that saved christmas" fox news contributor raymond arroyo. raymond a number of bureaucrats invoking santa when discussing their covid rules and remember michigan governor gretchen wittner? >> does anybody have a question for santa claus?? >> santa, do you have to wear a mask? >> when i'm in my workshop with all of my elves, we are masked up and social distancing. >> that was a good suggestion. another way to stay safe during the holiday is to stay home, but call your grandparents and your cousins and your family. >> so jesse, stay away from your family this christmas kid.
11:38 pm
i find this so disgusting. the governor is using santa claus here to indoctrinate children, jesse, and normalized covid restrictions. one of the things santa and elvis, carbon footprint by turning off the heat and deliver presents and may be sign on to uranian nuclear deal. this is insidious. as buddy the elf would say you sit on a throne of allies. -- lies. that is what i would tell the good governor. this is really sick watching. >> jesse: my parents might not want to see me on christmas but that's a wholero nother story. dr. anthony fauci though appears on "sesame street" and a bunch of characters there and it's on cnn. he's talking to kids about santa and that scene. -- vaccines. i want you to react to this. >> elmer fudd has a question about santa claus. y >> santa, will you get coronavirus this season? >> well, i have to say i took care of that because i was
11:39 pm
worried you would all be upset. so what i did a little while ago, i took a trip to the north pole. i went there and vaccinated santa claus myself. i measured his level of immunity, and he is good to go. >> raymond: jesse, i hate to say this but dr. fauci is either forgetting himself or just lying because on november 22nd when asked if santa could spread to covid, dr. fauci told "usa today" this: "exempt from this because santa all the good qualities, has a good innate immunity." >> raymond: if santa has an innate immunity why is he lying about giving santa vaccine in the north pole. children need to know because i know the real santa, he survived spanish flu, sars, world wars and he will come this christmas and he's not going to get covid which is a good thing because dr. fauci has not been off tv
11:40 pm
long enough, jesse, to get g to the north pole. if dr. fauci keeps telling fibs, he will end up on the naughty list. >> jesse: all right. >> raymond: he needs punishment. >> jesse: coal in his stocking. raymond, this is driving me crazy. a number of politicians have received the covid vaccine over the last few days including aoc over the weekend and joe biden got it today. now, i don't mind politicians modeling the safety of the vaccine. but everybody says no, they should wait. t s they should wait until everybody that his old gets vaccinated. do you agree or not? >>ve raymond: well, i'm going to tell you i split a little bit from you on this. the cdc said the vulnerable and frail elderly should be first. so i defend joe biden and nancy pelosi getting the vaccine immediately. but marco rubio and aoc, we should be giving this vaccine to teachers, jesse. the teachers need it because a
11:41 pm
look at the damage this is doing to kids not having an personal learning. they need to be in the classroom. vaccinate the teachers and take away this excuse. the kids can barely pass it along to teachers anyway. the data shows us inoculate them and get the schools open again. we need that. >> jesse: i think they are saying, look how safe this is. this is a little public service announcement, not that big of a deal. but here is a big deal, raymond, $900 billion stimulus deal and raymond, looking into these nuggets, that they slid in under there. it will drive you crazy, go ahead. >> raymond: jesse, no matter what vaccine is in their system, none of these politicians are immune to porn. ppe loans and wild $284 billion goes to pp loans and $600 go to individuals. and there was also this $10 million gender programs in00 pakistan. funds to address gender inequality among statues. $190 million so federal hiv/aids
11:42 pm
workers abroad can buy new cars. $40 million for the kennedy center, i guess, pelosi can see hello dolly. $1.5 million for the appropriations committee office of diversity and inclusion and build it and a new hiring to ensure diversity in the intelligence community. >> jesse: raymond, i just want to know, what is a gender program? what isus a gender program? you know what, it almost doesn't matter because it's k in packag. -- pakistan. what does it have to do with relief here in america? >> raymond: but the gender of statues. maybe mrs. robert e. lee has a shot because the general got >>moved out of the capital. we will see. >> jesse: i guess they tore a bunch of statues down and maybe they will send somebody to put them up. but they have to be the right gender, i guess. all right, raymond. >> raymond: i will check up on it. >> jesse: get back on the gender of these people.ebebth
11:43 pm
-- statues. coming up in a report reveals how seattle schools are turning into nothing more than activist organizations. and accusing white teachers of committing spirit murder against black children.ct we have the details next. ♪ it's moving day. and while her friends
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♪ >> jesse: journalist christopher rufo has been for months exposing racially charged training sessions in schools and the government. tonight is no exception. according to documents, seattle public schools tell the teacher training session where they system of u.s. school "spirit murder", which means schools murder of the souls black children every day through systemic institutionalized antiblack state sanctioned violence. city journal is contributing editor christopher rufo joinslae now. what the hell does that even mean? >> you know if they turn from academia that is invoked amongst educators and the idea systemic racism, white privilege, and all the other characteristics of american evil have transpired to murder the black souls of children. it sets the premise for what they call the abolition movement to abolish whiteness, to aboliss the white nominated schools, and
11:49 pm
to abolish the framework of the united states itself. >> jesse: i think what crushes children's souls is not being in school because these virtual sessions to stay at home and learn on the computer, they got to get these kids back in school but that is another issue. are they saying they want to rid the schoolego system of white teachers or white privilege, or is that the curriculum that they think is to white supremacist? what exactly is they are specific problem? >> the specific demand and this training is to get white teachers in the room and the zoom room actually and to teach them to what they called bankrupt they are privilege. t so what is basically a kind of spiritual conversion. they have to admit their complicity in the white supremacist society, shed themselves of white privilege and bow down to the new antiracism.
11:50 pm
and it is really kind of a cult indoctrination technique we have seen an institution after institution. >> jesse: it reminds me during the racial struggles this summer where they had, i guess, the white crowd and blm movements bowing down and kind of submitting to the leadership of the black lives element. -- blm movement. which was just bizarre to me. if you are into that movement, just work together. there doesn't have to be any sort of submission. that is strange to me. so our teachers actually doing this? are white teachers bankrupting their white privilege? do you have to call the bank? how does that even work? >> yeah, it is all for show, right? none of this stuff is real. this is the kindnd of ideologicl performance you do. you go into a meeting. >> jesse: it is a performance. >> emotional but not changing any subject. less than half of all seattle public schools have logged into any remote learning session.
11:51 pm
so you are actually having more than half of the students basically lost anog entire yearf education.n. instead of figuring out how toso get kids back in school, seattle school leaders are doubling down on this toxic, divisive, and truly disgusting kind of training telling peopleou to bankrupt their own identity. >> jesse: probably just some consultant related to one of the school administrators that they are paying $10,000 to do the silly performance skit. chris, good investigation, thank you.ho joining me now is horace cooper project 21 cochairman. do you want to react to any of that garbage? >> you said it exactly, it is garbage. cou look, we are going to have to go back and apologize to bo connor. and lester maddox. this idea that we need to tell americans that some of you are going to be privileged and better treated and others of you are going to be denigrated.
11:52 pm
and the way we are going to do it is because ofer your race. we've already tried this. it is called jim crow. and it doesn't matter whether in one case it is a white person or a black person. it is the same, evil idea. no one should be expected to step and fetch and bend a knee because someone of another race is coming in. shame on them! and frankly, what we really need is to open the schools back up so that these kids can actually get a chance to succeed. >> jesse: like reading, writing and arithmetic should be the focus instead of all of this race space. >> absolutely. >> jesse: butng it is along the same thing you just mentioned, horace. i want to move on to this electoral college situation. this is an assistant law professor at washington "abolishing it would mean that
11:53 pm
ballots cast by black voters ari any voters for that matter would count the same, but there is another way to undo the damage of the electoral college and other structurally racist political institutions. we can implement vote reparations by double counting ballots cast by all black residents. wow! go ahead. >> i guess -- once again here, he partnered with david duke. let me understand this. america is supposed to be based on the idea ofer one man, one vote. but now, certain races are supposed to have more votes than other races. it is note just unconsitutional, it goes far afield of the idea that we are all supposed to be americans. i actually have written an op-ed on this very topic.
11:54 pm
it is crazy. it is unconstitutional, and it is just jim crowow for the 21st century. it is a terrible idea. >> jesse: horace, i think republicans need reparations from the last election. maybe we can try that. thank you very much.nk coming up, say what you will about joeca biden, but at leaste is consistent. and "the last bite" explains that next.
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to treat acute, non-low back muscle and joint pain with topical nsaids first. a formulation they recommend can be found in salonpas. a formulation they recommend can be found in salonpas. salonpas. it's good medicine. hisamitsu. >> jesse: more than 40 days after declaring victory in the election, joe biden is still having trouble with his own appointees names. >> to serve as our national climate advisor i appoint ali zadie. and you can call me by it and if
12:00 am
you mispronounce my last name. i apologize. >> jesse: rest assured, joe biden is going to get china to cooperate with us. that's all the time we have tonight, i'm jesse watters and for laura ingraham and you can catch me monday through friday on "the five" and saturday on waters world. shannon bream and the fox news at night team, take it from he here. >> shannon: shannon: i may have mispronounced a last name or two on this show, guilty as charged. breaking news, initially approved that $900 billion coronavirus of the package, the senate vote is underway, we particular to capitol hill with the midnight deadline to avoid government shutdown less then an hour away. supported the president say momentum is


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