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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  December 22, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PST

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you mispronounce my last name. i apologize. >> jesse: rest assured, joe biden is going to get china to cooperate with us. that's all the time we have tonight, i'm jesse watters and for laura ingraham and you can catch me monday through friday on "the five" and saturday on waters world. shannon bream and the fox news at night team, take it from he here. >> shannon: shannon: i may have mispronounced a last name or two on this show, guilty as charged. breaking news, initially approved that $900 billion coronavirus of the package, the senate vote is underway, we particular to capitol hill with the midnight deadline to avoid government shutdown less then an hour away. supported the president say momentum is growing for
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electoral college challenge on january 6th following a meeting of some house republicans at the white house, questions remain will any senators joined them and what would happen if they do? legal panel is standing by to explain and break it all down. the outgoing attorney general says he has no plans to appoint a special counsel to investigate hunter biden. is the gop ramps up the pressure on congressman eric swalwell over his ties with a suspected chinese spy. rick grenell joins us live. welcome to fox news at night. we begin on capitol hill where a coronavirus relief bill that includes $600 payment for individuals for many americans past the house on the floor. they are voting in the senate right now. congressional correspondent chad program brings us up to date, he knows everything happening over there. >> reporter: this is that a long, hard slog is congress finally advances this bill just before christmas, lawmakers realize they couldn't leave for
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the holidays without stocking stuffers for the public but bear in mind when the process began. >> this covid-19 bill has taken far too long. we started these negotiations before the first day of summer in june, the longest day of the year. and here we are now headed into the darkest day of the year, the first day of winter. >> reporter: talks on the fifth round of coronavirus aid started and stopped and started again throughout the summer and fall until finally a massive package came together over the weekend but a lot slimmer than most democrats called for. >> this package is nowhere near enough. house democrats passed three times more relief in may but republican colleagues did nothing. we passed more than double this two months ago while republican colleagues did nothing. this package is not commensurate to the magnitude of the crisis
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we face. we need to do more. >> there was finger-pointing over who was to blame for the christmas crisis. >> if not too little too late. it is directly targeted exactly what the country needs right now. after the new administration comes in they want to advocate more we will take a look at it based on conditions in the country at that time. >> is what is the bill, direct payment checks, $600. most liberals and conservatives pushed for $1,200. there is a 1-month eviction moratorium and the bill protect jobs with an infusion of cash with the paycheck protection program. what's not in the bill is a liability shield and no money for state and local governments but both sides will try to another bill next year. here's what to look for. mitch mcconnell and joe biden served together in the senate for years and were friends. can make a deal in the new year?
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the senate is voting to align with the house of representatives. we should have a final vote shortly, they require 60 vote threshold. most time to take a simple majority to pass things in the senate but because they had to get this done for the government funding deadline 11:59 tonight they are subjecting this to a 60 vote threshold, we should have a final result. back to you. shannon: we will check back with you. new developments tonight. a couple high profile stories giving democrats heartburn. mixed news for hunter biden and republicans ramping up their calls for congressman eric swalwell to be removed from the house intelligence committee. jillian turner tracking the latest story tonight. >> reporter: donald trump and some republican lawmakers pounding the alarm about the president-elect's son hunter biden from is now, william barr finally weighed in saying he's got no plans to appoint a special counsel to investigate
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hunter biden's taxes or business dealings. >> to the extent there's an investigation it is being handled responsibly and professionally currently within the department and to this point i've not seen a reason to appoint a special counsel and i have no land to do so before i leave. >> reporter: president-elect biden is mulling his options for attorney general but his incoming press secretary spoke to fox news yesterday, no matter who it is that person will be a mutual arbiter of justice, the investigation currently underway. >> he will not be discussing an investigation with any attorney general candidates. he will not be discussing it with anyone he is considering for the role and will not be discussing with the future attorney general. >> reporter: hunter biden is not the only democrat ahmad seat. there are poles for republican lawmakers for eric small will to step down from the house intelligence committee, this
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following revelations about his past ties to an alleged chinese spy. >> there is no way eric swalwell should continue to serve on the intel committee. am going to request that every single member of the house intelligence committee get the same briefing from the fbi that i do because if this individual is sitting on this committee they've got to know the background of what has gone on. >> former intelligence community operator say what matters most is national security. >> you can't have someone sitting on the intelligence committee who may be compromised. >> swalwell said publicly he did nothing improper and is insisting the entire stories nothing but a political hit job and we know he cut off ties with the alleged spy back in 2015 after the fbi alerted him to an ongoing investigation into her activities but small well swalwell has not said anything on this matter for two days. shannon: thank you for digging
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in. donald trump calling into a turning point usa conference vowing to keep fighting for an election victory suggesting he's not the only one as congress had stored that january 6th data finalizing the electoral college vote. >> we have some great congress men and women that are doing it and others, great fighters but we won this in a landslide, they know it and we need backing from the justice department and other people to step up. >> republicans of the merits of that. significant opinion between the president and his outgoing attorney general. over the week in the president saying it could be china, maybe not russia behind the massive cyberattack against government computer systems. william barr said it appears to be the russians. mike meredith is at the white house with more.
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>> it certainly appears to be the russians but i'm not going to discusses the on that. >> outgoing attorney general william barr joins mike pompeo in blaming russia for a widespread cyberattack on us government systems. >> this was a very significant effort and we can say pretty clearly that it was the russians engaged in this activity. >> officials will be pakistan access to private data and multiple government agencies, the terms of commerce and energy. donald trump says the hack is overhyped tweeting i have been fully briefed and everything is well under control. russia russia russia is the primary chat with anything because lame stream is mostly for financial reasons petrified of discussing the possibility that it may be china. it may. within hours they pushed back in any suggestion russia was the responsible. >> disappointed in the president's comments but we've come to recognize the president has a blind spot when it comes to russia.
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>> the president met with republicans who plan to challenge the electoral college vote when congress meets for a joint session in early january. donald trump says he has spoken with incoming alabama senator tommy sommerville who hinted he may join the challenge meantime the president's campaign is having the supreme court will hear it's position and invalidate pennsylvania's electoral vote already cast for joe biden. >> what happened in pennsylvania and a number of other states is the state courts or state secretaries of state altered or suspended varies provisions of state law. >> the president tries for final resolution in the court senior republicans insist the election is over. >> the electoral college has certified the election. we have the constitution and i accept the outcome of the election. >> late this afternoon the president called a turning point summit in florida and told supporters he believes he won the election in a landslide and he wanted members of his own party to step up, this is the meeting congress will have in
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january, the attorney general was asked whether his special counsel is needed to investigate claims of voter fraud. he said he didn't feel one was needed. shannon: thank you. plenty of new developments on several fronts tonight involving justice and intelligence community. let's discuss what it means with rick grenell. good to see you tonight. so let's start with hunter biden and the attorney general saying he has no plans to appoint a special counsel regarding that investigation. congressman mark green tweeting a special counsel is appointed to investigate donald trump based on malicious rumors yet verified facts about hunter biden's business dealings don't warrant the same treatment. what do you think of that decision? there are other investigations ongoing. >> there are a lot of investigations going on and i would not count out a special prosecutor for the larger issue of china and how china has used
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its leverage not only in politics but academia but this is a larger issue that i think the bidens have taken advantage of. clearly we have the whole intel community concentrating on russia and the problem which it is and no one wants to diminish the problems we have with russia but china is a crisis and what has been happening over the last decade is numerous democrats downplaying this threat from china and the bidens took advantage of and the idea of look over here and pretend russia is a crisis when we know china is the crisis is concerning for a lot of people and it crosses into politics, sports, international diplomacy,
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the un is flooded with chinese spy and influences and academia so we've got to understand the china is a crisis and has been hidden crisis for too long. shannon: house majority -- minority leader kevin mccarthy talked about this in the context of congressman eric swalwell where there are growing questions. he's not answer questions from our producers we try to get information but here is what minority leader mccarthy said. >> is a junior member and a second term, he gets to the intel committee in the same year the fbi came to brief the intel committee they were concerned what they saw he gets put as the ranking democrat over the cia. i do not understand how this has continued this long. >> nancy pelosi has said she has confidence in swalwell as a number of other high profile
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democrats have the gop continues calls for him to be removed from the house intel committee. this is going? >> anybody who seemed classified version of what is going on with the chinese leverage, it is not just eric swalwell. it is local officials, this started when he was a local official, mayors, governors, members of congress and to get the policing on the leverage that has happened but me the very clear that since covid-19, since we know covid-19, the intel community rarely comes together with one voice and they came together and said covid-19 started in china. since then we've seen a number of democrats really get aggressive about pushing the beijing line which is to always blame russia on everything and downplay the threat from china
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and to talk different issues when it comes to the supply chain and really tried to engage china on a level i don't think right now we should be engaging china. we need to understand this growing crisis with china is very real and if you have looked at the in formation that eric swalwell talks about you would come to the conclusion that he should not be sitting on the intel committee, at a minimum. i actually think there's a real big question of whether he should be serving in congress but intel committee itself should say take a step back, let's let everybody get briefed and dig into what happened because he's not telling the truth when he said he didn't do anything wrong. if you read the entire intel, if you know the classified information, he is in a heap of trouble.
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>> we will keep asking questions but i hear what you're saying that you can acknowledge there is trouble with both russia and china and they are both threats we need to be aggressively honed in on and our intel folks are working around the clock every day and night on both of those issues among many more. thanks for stopping in, good to see you. back to capitol hill the coronavirus relief bill has enough votes to pass the senate. this has the funding to keep the government going. chad program joins us for an update. >> reporter: this vote is still open on the senate for right now. it is passing, the vote is 90-6 oh have enough votes to pass into the government will not shut down tonight and they will align with the house of representatives on this covid-19 package earlier in the evening, the house of representatives passed the bill, the vote was 359-53.
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the day votes came from republicans, there was one independent, just in amasher voted no in two democrats in the house of representatives, tulsi gabbard of hawaii and a member of the squad, rashida tlaib. this bill is going to go to the president, technically he has to sign it before midnight eastern time to avoid a government shutdown for what they usually do is put in a little bit of fiscal grout to make sure if it bleeds past the midnight hour the government will not shut down so the house and senate will be in alignment very soon. it is 92-6. vice president elect harris has voted. he has come to the building to cast a ballot so no government shutdown and covid-19 relief is on the way. >> good news to a lot of small businesses and people very much struggling around a new round of lockdowns tonight. appreciate you working 24/seven. doctor anthony anthony fauci and alex azar will be among the first to get the moderna fixing tomorrow.
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the first shots of the second vaccine to be approved for emergency use by the fda were administered to healthcare workers today. getting vaccinated has created a rift in the squad. rick leventhal has the story. >> reporter: the first people to get the vaccine would be those who needed it most, front-line healthcare workers, the elderly and others considered vulnerable. members of congress were prioritized, part of the campaign of preferred americans to get the shot and some elected leaders didn't like that. >> covid-19 vaccine becomes available to members of congress last night and take it. that is it. >> reporter: after progressive to your democrat alexandria ocasio cortez posted herself getting vaccinated fellow squad member ilhan omar called it shameful tweeting we are not more important than front-line workers, teachers etc. who are making sacrifices every day which is why i won't take it.
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people who need it most should get it. california has seen a dramatic spike in cases with 98% understand home order. hospitals avrs past capacity with coronavirus patients who deployed field hospitals to handle what surge. the government said some areas have to shoulder in place longer with 0% availability in icus. >> based on all the data and trend lines it is likely based -- that we will need to extend that stay-at-home. >> reporter: continue in san francisco, overdoses in the bay area skyrocketed. a record 621 people have died of ods industry, three times as many as died from covid-19 this year. many -- happening in city funded hotel rooms for the homeless and the toll could have been higher, since 3000 lives were saved. another officially is being accused of hypocrisy for flaunting lockdown.
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doctor deborah birx warned people before thanksgiving to avoid travel and limit celebrations to your immediate household. that after thanks giving she traveled to a vacation property in delaware with three generations of her family from two households including her son-in-law and two young grandchildren. tonight doctor birx said she did not violate covid-19 protocol traveling with family she lives with. in a statement she says i'm the soldier caregiver for my parents, they were with me in my immediate household in potomac where my daughter and her family reside as well. she says she normally celebrates thanksgiving with 30-40 people and only went to delaware to prepare her home for possible sale. shannon: update on a lot of stories. we will have that coming up as well. the nation's surgeon general confident a new strain of coronavirus in the united
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kingdom will not impact vaccination efforts in the us. several countries imposing travel bans on british citizen over fears about the new strain, the latest tonight from london. >> covid-19 chaos in the uk, a new mutant strain has been detected in england thought to be responsible for as many 60% of new cases and it could be more contagious. a tough new lockdown in london. >> given the early evidence we have on this new variant of the virus, the potential risk it poses it is with a heavy heart i must say we cannot continue with christmas as plan. >> reporter: included in new move the ban on foreign travel. 40 countries have issued their own travel ban, thousands rushed to train stations and airports. >> putting a strain a lot of people.
12:21 am
>> miles of back up trucks, transport from britain, distracting traffic between the uk and europe. >> i don't know what for they closed the border. >> reporter: amid new reports of mutant covid-19 virus has been detected elsewhere in europe and could be present in the us. washington to also bail flights from britain. >> i think the united states should do what other countries have done which is halt travel. >> reporter: the trump administration restricted most british citizens travel to the us since earlier this year along with a halt to travel by chinese seen by some at the time as controversial, scientists think that if i received is not resistant to vaccines now being rolled out and is not more dangerous but they are testing further. the uk now says it could take stricter measures with the virus variant and they could stay in place for months.
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they hope it can be contained. shannon: thank you. new york city mayor bill diblasio gets called out for his out to redistribute wealth and then double down on it. how is that going over to see where the wealthiest are already moving out? that is next. to your friends... your family... to your teachers. in that spirit of giving, chevy's proud to give our employee discount to everyone. the chevy price you pay, what we pay. not a cent more. because giving, ...and giving back, is what the holidays are all about. use the chevy employee discount for everyone to get a total value of over eight thousand four hundred dollars on this silverado. get the chevy employee discount for everyone today.
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you often see them together on magazine covers and on capitol hill taking on not only republicans but their own party. tonight members of the squad are at odds against each other over who should get limited doses of covid-19 as they become available. the plan for wealth distribution, let's talk about it with jessica karloff and molly hemingway. good to have you back.
12:27 am
i want to play a little video of congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez, she put it out on social media when she was getting the vaccine saying that is it things she's trying to lead by example by proving it is okay. congresswoman a lot omar responded to a tweet from somebody asking the question, the top political leadership getting leadership ahead of others because of their age or others? she says it would make sense if it was age but is of importance and it is shameful. we are not more important than front-line workers, teachers, etc. making sacrifices every day which is why i won't take it. people who need it most get it. you rarely see them split over anything. >> it is true that in general there should be distribution mechanisms where people who need it most get it first but it is also true it is important for political leaders and other
12:28 am
leaders to show getting the vaccine so people can feel confident in getting it. in 1958 there was a similar pandemic situation, president eisenhower thought he shouldn't get the vaccine because of what ilhan omar was saying but was important for people to see that even the president would get it so he did, people like the us naval academy, so people would feel confident about getting a vaccine that had, like this one, been put together in pretty short order. we need to have people who need it most including people in long-term care facilities and are not sure that is happening as much as it should. >> what do you think of this? people seem divided. either way about these two. >> absolutely and molly is right we can make an argument for both sides. this is the first time since she
12:29 am
has been elected a running for office i agreed with congresswoman ilhan omar. i believe especially the young and healthiest members of congress, ocasio cortez is in her 20s, no preexisting conditions or comorbidities, don't need to take it because there are enough people in positions of power like president-elect biden had it today, his wife had it, mike pence and his wife karen had it as well and there are enough people doing this on television that i don't think people want to see their local representatives to ensure that is safe. i appreciate the argument she's making, we are not exactly sure how the distribution is working across the board. we know whether senators of color was the first to get it in the united states but how has distribution gone since then. i would take congresswoman omar's side. shannon: quick reaction on this
12:30 am
-- mayor bill diblasio out of new york, he noted fox news doubled down, fox news is exactly right, redistribution of wealth is a factor toward ending structural racism and education. a lot of wealthy new yorkers fled for various reasons, not sure how they will react to that. >> you can't redistribute wealth in a free system because wealth is not distributed. it is earned. in every country where people are not forced to say in new york or particular state you can't take money people have heard and see you will take it from one person and give it to someone else who hasn't earned it without there being repercussions. it is good that bill diblasio is being honest about the schema for distribute wealth by force but it is terrifying thing that someone can articulate that in a free country without repercussions by people in new
12:31 am
york who have expressed frustration how he is managing is to be, do what is necessary to make sure people don't have their wealth taken from them. shannon: final word. >> not sure i equate taxes with that but i'm one of those new yorkers who has a high tax bill and i'm happy with a lot of my dollars going towards fixing a failing education system but bill diblasio is off-base as he has been in the handling of the pandemic and governor cuomo knows we have a $13 billion deficit and you need to keep wealthy new yorkers here to keep the city and state humming along. even outside of the 5 boroughs, not with mayor diblasio on this one at least in the articulation of the problem. >> you sticking to it so we will see how it plays out policies otherwise. great to see you both. shannon: how families across the
12:32 am
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>> shannon: it we are taking a closer look tonight at how you, >> taking a closer look how you, your family, neighbors and coworkers are serving the holiday season in the midst of the pandemic. jonathan and reporting on how many aspects of the traditional family celebration will be very different this year. >> this is an entirely new christmas for us. >> reporter: in so many ways it is new but for this family does not just traditions that have changed but location, a move from lockdown california to the less stringent rules of texas but for the kids that means christmas without grandma. >> we always went to church christmas eve. that was a big deal for her to have her family with her christmas eve, the only thing she ever wanted so having her back there is pretty sad.
12:37 am
>> reporter: across the country families are making changes. >> we are exchanging stockings and having dinner outside and when you are not eating you are wearing a mask so everything is socially distant and safe. >> while kim jong un to has taken a huge physical toll, the mental pressure at this time of year is huge too. >> stress upon stress upon stress. >> experts say the old adage of giving being better than receiving might be truer than ever. >> by extending a hand and giving to somebody else it is a very healing thing for people and it helps one to change their mood. >> psychologists say parents should talk to children about their feelings. >> building the basic building block for your kids and how they will cope with their own personal issues that are
12:38 am
nonpandemic. >> finally, they say, be thankful for the little things. 2020 is certainly a holiday season we will never forget but that alone might make it more rather than less special. shannon: coming up the trump campaign back at the us supreme court over pennsylvania's election results, will it go anywhere? our legal panel is standing by but first our real news roundup. hundreds of protesters at the oregon state capitol calling for end to covid-19 restrictions and the resignation of democratic governor kate brown, protesters smashed the glass doors, at least two were arrested. the statue of confederate general robert e lee removed after standing in the us capital for more than 100 years. it is expected to be replaced with a statue of the civil rights icon barbara john. jupiter and saturn appear to be close to each other, closer than they've been since the year
12:39 am
1623. they are visible around the world. in reality they are more than 450 million miles apart. the event call the christmas star because some astronomers think it could have been the biblical star of bethlehem at the time of the birth of jesus.
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>> at the white house plenty for the president contemplate in terms of legal challenges including a filing at the supreme court, the ongoing attorney general has no plans to look at hunter biden or potential election fraud. let's sort that out with jenna ellis. great to have you both with us. a lot to try to get to but let's start with this. a number house republicans that the white house say they will step up on january 6th when it is time for congress to certify the electoral college vote and large some kind of objection. it's a very long process.
12:44 am
they need a senator. there have been rumored talks of senators getting involved, no one seems to be fully embracing this publicly yet. is it worth the time? >> absolutely. integrity and upholding the constitution and law is worth the time and effort so that is what mark meadows tweeted today, stay tuned. what we've seen is a failure of the judicial branch to weigh in on election integrity, that was an absolute failure, there's been a failure of state legislatures to do their constitutionally mandated obligation, what donald trump and the legal team are willing to do and continuing to do is fight by every legal and constitutional the appropriate method to preserve and protect election integrity and we know at least six states violated their tools in administration of the 2020 election. we can't allow corruption to prevail because it is cheating and if cheaters prosper we will never have free and fair elections again. shannon: asked about it, vice
12:45 am
president-elect kamala harris on capitol hill, what about efforts to stop this, she said no and rolled her eyes, a number of republicans say let the legal thing play out but i got a tip from one of the attorneys working on this case in georgia where they outlined scores of people they say voted in georgia and can show they were ineligible. they say the judge will not assign someone to take up the case, to hear it, to set a hearing date or anything. i've reached out to get explanation if that is accurate, why not? but if the cases can't be heard how can the trump team be satisfied they are getting their day in court? >> the cases have already been heard in the case of georgia alone, they certify their elections with 3 different recounts all showing the same results of joe biden being the president-elect and 40 sixth president of the united states, there might the energy with the republican house members that are interested in doing this and
12:46 am
contesting this election but you are seeing republican leadership in mitch mcconnell, john soon, john cornyn and leaders of the senate caucus are saying this is a terrible idea and we should not go down this path, the american people are moving forward, joe biden putting together his administration, we are past time for these court battles, that is played out and we are less then a month from the inauguration. shannon: a quick comment from you both on the newest filing, the trump team told us you file a petition with the us supreme court asking the three different decisions by the pennsylvania supreme court be blocked or overturned. quick comment from you. they have not wanted to be involved, do you think they will this time? >> they may. it is unfortunate the supreme court to take of the texas case in terms of original jurisdiction. i don't have a lot of hope they will take up this case but it is important we continue these legal challenges and we haven't
12:47 am
had our day in court, we haven't have an evidentiary hearing but the american people see the evidence for themselves, the digital brand should weigh in and the supreme court isn't willing to address election integrity then they are violating their constitutional obligations to be unbiased and protect against disenfranchisement of the american public. >> you've had 60 cases go before courts all of them have been thrown out. you had your day in court, the american people need to move forward and get joe biden inaugurated on january 20th. shannon: we could discuss that but we have to leave it there thank you both. 2020 behind-the-scenes we 10 days. we will talk about finding hope after a tough year for a lot of folks. 'are my bones strong?' life is full of make or break moments. that's why it's so important to help reduce your risk of fracture with prolia®. only prolia® is proven to help strengthen and protect bones
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>> 2020 has been full of challenges and heartache for people around the world. as we move into 2021 we are looking for ways to find hope for the future. my next guest is wonderful book about lessons of overcoming called it is never too late to make the next act of your life the best act of your life, kathy lee gifford, great to have you with us on fox news at night. >> so nice to see you up late.
12:52 am
shannon: we try to go caffeine free around here, we do what we have to do but glad you're up with us tonight. i so enjoyed your book and it is funny, you share so many stories people wouldn't know about your life that i thought were fascinating but there is this undercurrent of hope, you share your own loss and talk about working through that. what is your advice through this book from people who had a tough year. >> if i sat down to write a how-to book it would have been one sentence, trust god. have a nice day. but you can't do that, the entire story of my entire life is god's faithfulness to me, not me to him. episodes in my life where god showed up and showed off and it is to encourage people that if nothing else has worked in their
12:53 am
life perhaps it is time for them to reach out for his hand which has been extending since they were seen by him before the dawn of creation, god is a personal god. he knows their name, everything about us and every thought in our head but i'm not the least bit interested in religion. i am interested in people doing what i did which is get rid of the religiosity of their life and start having a real relationship with god and go on the adventure of a lifetime and that is what my life has been. i am like waldo. what am i doing here. why am i without shoes? why is everyone in my bar garden? why my standing next to a full kennedy at this event? why am i just because god put me there.
12:54 am
that is why, there's a purpose to everything he does in our lives and people are terrified these days, everything seems random, such a sense of fear but the most commanded thing and all of scripture is fear not, it is mentioned the most. it is not an inception, it is a command. if we are not trusting god we can't - our faith, that is -- when we are afraid and hiding and paralyzed with fear we are not trusting him. shannon: we are human. you talk in your book this trusting doesn't mean nothing will ever go wrong and you have a fairytale life, your open about difficult things you went through, some of them very publicly but even through that, think what a tough time people have had this year there was good on the other side, purpose
12:55 am
and things and redemption on the other side. >> always, jesus said in this troubled, fear not, i have overcome the world and the truth is if we trust him he says you are going to have trouble and you will have trials and everything else but he said i will be with you through them. i am the path to the other side of everything and i just believe that. betty ford or bellevue or prison for having shot rank, having murdered frank. shannon: we are glad none of those things happened. we have all had real human emotions through so many travel through the valley and mountaintops and it is a great gift book, so entertaining but most of all really encouraging and points people to real solutions for all the things
12:56 am
they have gone through in their lives. thank you for dropping in and merry christmas. >> merry christmas, you are precious, much love to you. shannon: most-watched, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, i am shannon bream. we're going to nana's. wherever you go this holiday, chevy can help you get there. which is why we're making our chevy... ...employee discount available to everyone. the chevy price you pay... what we pay. not a cent more. so wherever you go, happy holidays from chevy. use the chevy employee discount for everyone to get over six thousand eight hundred dollars below msrp on this equinox. get the chevy employee discount for everyone today.
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