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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  December 23, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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much, thank you both, merry christmas. thank you for joining us this holiday week. and thank you so much for watching. we appreciate you being here with us this afternoon. a "the daily briefing" starts now. >> dana: president trump slamming the coronavirus relief bill passed by congress calling it a disgrace and refusing to sign it unless lawmakers grant stimulus checks for americans. and now nancy pelosi says that democrats are ready to do just that. hello, everyone. i am dana perino, and this is "the daily briefing." ♪ >> it really is a disgrace. despite all of this wasteful spending and much more, the $900 billion package provides hardworking taxpayers with only $600 each in relief payments. and not enough money is given to small businesses.
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>> dana: that from president trump yesterday after the house on the senate overwhelmingly passed the $900 billion relief bill, let's begin with kristin fisher in the white house. what's the latest? >> this may be one of those few times were president trump and house speaker nancy pelosi actually agree on something. both of them are now saying that they want to increase the amount of this second round of stimulus checks from $600 to $2,000. stuck in the middle are house and senate republicans, many of whom have already said that they believe $600 is too much, let alone two grand. we have not heard anything from president trump today about these new demands, but house speaker nancy pelosi wrote a letter and she said "if the president truly wants to join us in $2,000 payments, he should call on leader mccarthy to agree to the unanimous consent request. we are scheduled to go in for a pro forma session tomorrow at
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9:00 a.m. in addition to the coronavirus stimulus package president trump also has a problem with the massive government funding bill that is already on the way to his desk for signature. >> i am also asking congress to immediately get rid of the wasteful and unnecessary items from this legislation. and to send me a suitable bill, or else the next administration will have to deliberate covid relief package, and may be that administration will be me, and we will get it done. >> the frustration for many republicans on capitol hill is that president trump has largely been absent from a lot of these negotiations, and now at the 11th hour he is threatening to blow up these bills unless congress commits some very big changes in very little time. of the government funding, the government set to shut down on monday. federal unemployment benefits running out on saturday. and christmas just two days
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away. and this also puts those republican senators were campaigning in georgia in a very tough spot, because they have been campaigning and saying that they were able to help get the deal across the finish line, and now they may not be able to say that. >> dana: kristin fisher, thank you. let's bring in republican senator pat toomey of pennsylvania. negotiating part of the relief bill on the federal reserve lending powers got that language in. what does it say when it comes to the possibility of increasing these direct payments to be much higher than the $600, and is it something that you support? >> well, the state of play is that we negotiated the bill, and the president's people were intimately involved every step of the way. secretary steve mnuchin was arguably one of the most involved people in this whole
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negotiation. there are a lot of provisions i don't like. there are provisions that the democrats don't like. this is what we were able to get to, and my suggestion would be let's pass this and get this signed and into law, and we can have an ongoing discussion about whether there should be additional direct maintenance or not. my own view is i am not a fan of these direct payments, because the vast majority of the money inevitably goes to people who never had a loss of income. consider all the federal employees, millions of people across the country who never lost a dime of income, why would we be sending them $600 much less 2,000, so if we are not in the same place that we were in last march, i was not riled up about the direct payments back in march, but that was a fair question of even if we had an economy because governors were so overreacting in terms of shutdowns and doing so much damage, so that took really,
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really extraordinary and sort of global intervention. we are in a very different place in december where we have had a very strong recovery. the unemployment rate is half of what it was in the problems are very cute in certain industries but are not universal. it so the help should be targeted. this bill draws imperfections, that's what it tries to do. >> dana: that was the covid relief bill, and there is also the omnibus bill that got things happening in december, take a listen to congressman and putt andy biggs and what he thinks they should do with that bill. >> well, this is the worst bill and typifies the swamp because it is terrible from a process and a sub submit point of view. i've written a letter with a good number of my colleagues where we have delivered the letter asking the president to veto the bill. >> dana: senator, "the new york post" as it often does capture some of the thinking about the bill calling
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it a big stocking stiffer with a lot of xing for the special interest but not for us as they put it. we don't have regular budget order, these bills have been out there for a long time. people could read them if they wanted to. but this is what happens, all jammed into the very end and the democrats on the republicans all vote for it and complain about it. do you think that the president is going to veto the bill? >> the problem is they are all one, it was merged with the covid bill, frankly if it were the omnibus spending bill and the package of annual appropriation, if that was a prestanding bill, i would've voted no. but i felt that the covid portion was so important that on balance i decided to vote for the package. there is no question we have a completely dysfunctional congress and what we should be doing is the annual appropriation process consisting of the 12 separate bills done sequentially one at a time, subject to scrutiny and
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amendment. give had a long time since we have done it that way and it is terrible, which is why i vote against the big omnibus bills, but i do think it is different when you have this covid emergency and as you alluded to what i view is extremely important is shutting down the temporary short-term emergency vet facilities that the democrats want to turn away and a universal flush fund. i don't like where we are, but i think that it is much more constructive to sign this, get this done and then we can have conversations about what the next step is. >> dana: you are not running for reelection coming announced that a little while ago. i imagine one of the reasons is because you are frustrated with the process, you can speak a little bit more bluntly now as you are not planning, do you think the process can be changed and is there anybody in the senate willing to try to make that difference?
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>> there are number of us that are having regular conversations about how we might change the senate rules that would facilitate actually functioning. i will give you one simple example, you know, throughout all of american history, the senate was famous for being a body of open debate and open amendment. on any given bill, any given senator could offer pretty much any amendment on any subject. the advantage of that if you can litigate any issue. and get to a political consensus or outcome. the fact is in order to offer an amendment under our rules it takes the unanimous consent of the entire senate. so anyone senator can block any amendment, so we don't do any amendments. i would like to change the rules to make it easier to offer an amendment. >> dana: that would also make any member who is advocating for a certain program, kennedy
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center funding, whatever it is that they would have to argue on the merits rather than just hiding behind a big omnibus bi bill. >> that is exactly right and i could go down the senate floor on a big bill like this and hopefully preferably on the subset bills and offer an amendment to strike that fundi funding. we would find out where people stand and people would be accountable for the vote they cast. >> dana: it should be a change that happen soon. thank you for joining us, merry christmas. >> thank you for having me, you too. >> dana: up next to the latest on the georgia runoff that will control the senate. plus president-elect joe biden about his son hunter based on russian disinformation, but is there any evidence of that? both of those stories up next. ♪ some hot cocoa? mom, look! are you okay?
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>> dana: lawmakers and george are holding a hearing on election security today with less than two weeks until two senate runoff elections comes as we learn more about a domestic dispute involving one of the democratic candidates jonathan stare is live in atlanta with more. >> hi, dana. the top election official is calling for reforms to relieve some of the stress on overburdened counties and also to make the process of loading in georgia more secure. secretary of state brad roethlisberger says with three weeks of early voting people have plenty of time to cast ballots in person and requiring those asking for absentee to provide a reason. he wants a signature verification with a state i.d. acquirements and the ability to fire local election officials who make repeated errors less than two weeks before the senate
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runoff senate runoff republicans are pointing to police body cam footage that surfaced of a domestic call back in march where democrat candidate now ex-wife accuses him of running over her foot with his car during a verbal argument. >> tried to keep the way that he acts under wraps for a long time, and today he crossed the line. >> and i barely moved, and all of a sudden she screams that i ran over her foot. >> medical professionals found no evidence of injury and police filed no charges. speaking with local media about the incident back in march and his campaign says for his opponents to attack him over this now is "desperate and shameful. back to you. >> dana: can i ask you one question, because i know that early voting got under way about a week or so ago, what do we know about the turnout so far? >> it has been huge.
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we are around 1.8 million georgians casting early ballots, that is a combination of early in person voting which is now in its second week and also people turning those mail-in ballots. but right now no excuse required, anyone can request a mail-in ballot provided that they are a legal state residents of legal age and registered to vote. >> dana: just two weeks ago, thank you so much. we will be in touch. and up next the fed hitting walmart with a lawsuit saying the retail giant helped fuel america's opioid crisis. how walmart is responding. ♪ if these beautiful idaho potato recipes are just side dishes,
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get over six thousand eight hundred dollars below msrp on this equinox. get the chevy employee discount for everyone today. ♪ >> dana: joe biden doubling down on his business and his son hunter under representation. a biden justice department will remain independent in its handling of the probe. >> do you still think the story from the fall about your son hunter with the smear campaign like you said? >> yes, yes, yes. god love you, man, you are a one horse pony. i tell you. thank you. thanks. i promise you my justice
11:21 am
department will be totally on its own making this judgment how they should proceed. >> dana: let's bring in fox news contributor marc thiessen. i would really like to unpack to the phrase one horse pony, but i will save that for another time. do you think, mark, that the president-elect believes that the justice department is investigating at sun and that that is all based on russian disinformation? >> well, apparently it is. the providence of all this is that when "the new york post" broke the story a few weeks before the election, a group of 50 never-trumped national security expert signed a letter where they did not say that it was russian disinformation to cover themselves, but they said it has all the hallmarks of a russian disinformation campaign that gave joe biden the talking point he needed in the second debate when trump brought it all up to say 50 national security expert say it is russian disinformation and a bunch of garbage. i do not have to answer it.
11:22 am
so the campaign comes and goes, the democrats used the talking point, the media refuses to cover the story and does not investigate at all, the social media suppresses twitter, twitter social media suppresses "the new york post" and its coverage, then the election comes and goes and it turns out there is an fbi investigation. it is not russian disinformation, it is real and the fbi is opening a criminal investigation into hunter biden. so joe biden is sticking with the same old talking points before we learned that there was an fbi investigation and the media is letting them get away with it. >> dana: ric grenell was on stuart varney show, and talking about when ever china comes up, the democrats tend to focus on russia, and whenever russia is brought up, the republican say let's bring up china. >> we have seen too many times the beijing line spewed by the
11:23 am
democrats that you should look over there, look at russia, they are a bigger threat as china has started to rise. they pretend to be a permanent member of the security council. we have allowed them to hoodwink not only the american public, but the international community. >> dana: i wonder if those 50 national security experts between that debate and agree that china is a bigger threat to the united states and russia? what do you think? >> it is. they are both a threat. let's keep in mind that this was in 2121 mitt romney was running and he was saying that russia was the biggest national security threat. it was barack obama that said the 1980 calls and they want their foreign policy back. and it's true that we do that, but we see president trump do the opposite. a russian cyber attack that compromised the department of
11:24 am
treasury and homeland security and department of state, the nuclear regulatory weapons agency that regulates the nuclear weapons and he tweeted out saying maybe it was china. it wasn't china, it was russia. so i think that there is a lot of going back and forth where they are people who don't want to focus on one country and the other with the bigger threat, the reality is that they are both threats. china is a bigger rising threat and it will be a much more powerful economy and a much more likely that we would ever end up in a conflict with them, but it does not mean that they are a huge threat as we see with the cyber intrusion into the government and economy. >> dana: marc thiessen, always love having you on the show. merry christmas. >> merry christmas, dana. ♪ >> dana: and a trump administration filing a lawsuit against walmart, accusing the retail giant of fueling the opioid crisis by filling in valid prescriptions along with others, live from the justice department. >> here at the department of
11:25 am
justice, federal prosecutors are saying that walmart was taking part of this and enabling thousands, hundreds of thousands of americans during the heart of the opioid crisis. they said that this was going on for too long and that's why they filed suit. they say that it happened essentially your local neighborhood walmart pharmacy. looking deeper into the complaint it mentions that it began several years ago and as i said we are talking hundreds of thousands of prescriptions that were not properly reported to different officials across the country. they say the controlled substances act was violated hundreds of thousands of times, walmart knowingly filed suspicious prescriptions and did not notify the proper authorities. i want to read a statement coming from seth bouchard in new york as a wholesale drug distributor, walmart had an obligation to notify d.a. of suspicious orders of controlled substances and failed to comply with their obligations and
11:26 am
failed in its responsibility to divert the diversion of controlled substances. a quick response demanding pharmacists and pharmacy is a second guest doctors. the justice department is putting them between a rock and a hard place with state health regulators who said that they are already going too far in refusing to fill the opioid prescriptions ultimately patients are caught in the middle. right now the doj is seeking conductive relief that means to stop it. they also want billions of dollars in civil damages. and attorney general bill barr's last day at the justice department, but that means the case continues to go forward because there are those career employees in this case will go well on into the upcoming biden administration. >> dana: indeed it will. a big case. thanks. for more on this let's bring in former justice department prosecutor jim trusty. in your case like this, a big one out of president trump's term, and it will go on for
11:27 am
quite a while, how big of a deal is this in your book? >> it's pretty big. it's early in the process, all we have right now is a civil complaint filed by doj for the consumer protection branch within civil and five u.s. attorneys offices, so a very big collaborative long-term project, but this is just the accusation stage. we are not seeing litigation or formal defenses raised by walmart. it's big and based on the notion that walmart was in a position where they were on notice about the problem of pill mills and corrupt doctors and opioid addiction and they did not do enough to address it. >> dana: what sort of evidence is the justice department saying that they have that puts walmart at fault here? >> it is a mixed bag. everything comes down in these cases to the idea of basically giving notice and seeing what the reaction is. so the notice is in particular that walmart was getting word from pharmacists that they were
11:28 am
seeing evidence of pill mills and doctors that were overprescribing opioids were addicts taking this information and siloing it, but not really reporting it to the authorities. and they appointed this in very specific examples, a lot is antidotal, but one that was big was 37 and a half million orders placed by the dispensers of walmart that only 200 suspicious activity reports were filed about possible opioid problems they are. the distributor with the fraction at the same time reported 13,000. so they have antidotal information about the information not getting out to dda, but then they also have these kind of broad numerical approaches to say these guys knew and were part of an administrative settlement they knew they had to do better and did not do it. >> dana: and walmart is saying that they are innocent and that the justice department is in sensing legal theory.
11:29 am
people say that often. >> it is early and we will see how they actually respond on the pleadings, but it will be interesting to see if they attack the state regulation scheme, the dea or these anecdotal moments and say that is not enough. >> dana: jim trusty, thank you, merry christmas. >> all right, you too. >> dana: president-elect joe biden called president trump's actions at the border inhumane, but now he says he will have to keep some of the current administration policies in place at least for a while. we will tell you which one coming up. and all my last-minute shoppers out there between now and christmas you can go to and get a new addition on my book, "everything will be okay." and you will be emailed a digital gift certificate and be the hero of your christmas party. ♪ now is the time for a new bath from bath fitter.
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>> dana: the bottom of the hour, time for some top headlines, the trump administration announcing earlier this morning that it will buy a 1 million doses of pfizer vaccine. president trump granting pardons overnight including one former campaign aide george papadopoulos. both of whom were convicted as part of the mueller investigation. president also granting clemency to his three former republican members of congress. president trump has part in 44 people. at that is expected to grow. and a scary scene in baltimore, two workers trapped on scaffolding after a building falls leaving 21 people hospitalized. they pulled the workers through windows as part of the building's roof collapse. for more in the use and other stories let's download the fox news app and scan the qr code or go to and it will all be there at your
11:35 am
fingertips. president-elect biden giving supporters a reality check on the timeline for reversing some of president trump's major immigration policy. he says changes will be made, but not right away. william la jeunesse is live in los angeles with more. >> remember during the campaign he said he would reverse almost every trump immigration policy, will now he is not. call it a flip-flop or another bait and switch as they are needed, but securing the vote, he promised in his first 100 days to stop all construction, hold the remaining mexico program, lift limits on refugees and attention and mean ore at the border and allow asylum-seekers and tree. now he says he cannot do that admitting if he did he would be inviting millions to make a run for the border. >> the last thing we need is to say we are going to stop immediately the access to asylum the way that it is being run now and end up with two million
11:36 am
people on our border. it's a matter of setting up the guardrail so that we can move the direction. >> so choosing to enforce policies he criticized denying entry and asylum workers. and leaving people squalor in mexico. he said he needs at least six months to rebuild border capacity to handle his changes. border officials have repudiated having tools to help handle the current surge. >> one of the things that we have been able to do is certainly gain an awful lot of control and some of these areas. and we don't want to lose that. >> our immigrant advocates with some of these very same issues are giving joe biden a pass. at some call it a double standard. dana. >> dana: william la jeunesse, thank you. >> there are a lot of provisions i don't like. they are provisions that the democrats don't like. this is what we were able to get to, and my suggestion would be let's pass this and get this
11:37 am
signed, get this in the law and we can have an ongoing discussion about whether there should be additional direct payments or not. >> dana: that wa was a republicn senator pat toomey just a few moments ago on what he thinks the next step of the covid-19 stimulus deal should be. president trump slamming the bill calling on congress to give struggling americans more money and cut wages. sean, i want to start with you. i'm sure that you are having a little bit of a flashback to your time is a member of congress at the end of the year must pass bills and get basically attached to something else and it feels like a christmas tree and nobody is happy with it, but it is what it is. to tell me what you're thinking today. >> i am thinking i am happy then not be a member of congress right now, dana, because this is what is so embarrassing. all the republicans and democrats knew that there was a bill that was going to give $600 to individuals and expand unemployment insurance. they do not get to read the bill
11:38 am
and see the garbage stuffed in there. by the way $27 trillion in debt, this money is $900 billion on the american credit card. and president trump should be angry too that we are not putting america first at america stores, giving money to aid, the kennedy center, global gender politics when we should focus on three things, and i like him as a great champion, but when the doors open to all kinds of special interest projects that can come into a bill, that's what you get our special interest projects. this is about small businesses, health care, and families. that's it. nothing else gets in here. >> dana: if they had passed the covid relief bill months ago they would not have to attach it onto the on notice bill, things that were in the present ends budget request. >> yes, absolutely. there has definitely been game of contradictory statements in
11:39 am
terms of the administration lashing out. we did not want this when it is in your budget as you point out the military aide was exactly the dollar amount that they request it. but this is president trump that people voted for in 2016, this is the republican who comes out and botches conventional wisdom saying i'm a populist, i think americans need those dollars in their pockets. i only wish that he had been more a part of the negotiation process the past few weeks and maybe we could have gotten past the $600. i am hopeful they will pass the bill and keep the government open and then get nancy pelosi's unanimous consent request and get the $2,000 tomorrow, they can do it by the end of christmas eve and it can be a christmas miracle. to be on the $1200 as senator toomey was pointing out when i went out in march all the economy was shut down. arguably not as bad as it was, the economy has bounced back. many more people are back to work, but there are people still struggling including home health care workers who have not
11:40 am
had been back and they can use the $2,000. people facing evictions and now this bill that moratorium continues, but do you think that $2,000 should go out into that broad swath of americans? >> i do think more americans who have been impacted by covid should get to not $600, but $2,000, but the problem, dana, i know people who are on the golf course that were not impacted at all that are getting stimulus checks. when you have one blanket approach taken from the wealthy americans given to those who make less than $150,000 per family, you are not targeting. and i think that if we were targeted we could give more money. if there was less fork in the bill we could give more money and give the $2,000, the single mom waitress who needs a helping hand because a democrat governor shut down our state, she needs that money. not the guys on the golf course who are in retirement.
11:41 am
>> dana: may be just a quick word from you, do you think they will get additional money passed before christmas or monday? >> i remain hopeful. i've never seen more folks unified from aoc to the most conservative members of the party and the president in a blaze of helping american lori, so i am hopeful, it is washington, so who knows. >> dana: blaze of helping indeed. merry christmas, thank you both. the cayman islands cutting jail time in half an american teenager who violated the covid rules, but her family says that's not enough. ♪ their parents. i'm having a big lunch and then just a snack for dinner. so we're using a speakerphone in the store. is that a good idea? one of the ways i do that is to get them out of the home. you're looking for a grout brush, this is -- garth, did he ask for your help? -no, no. -no. we all see it. we all see it.
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11:46 am
present in half for an american teenager violating coronavirus rules in the cayman islands. facing two months behind bars they are now, but her family once more to be done. jonathan hunt following this from los angeles. >> we spoke to schuyler max attorney today saying that the family is hope now to get her home in time for christmas and beyond that to resume her college studies on time in january is for the governor of the cayman islands to step in. the attorney jonathan hughes told us via email that the governor "has the power to remit sentences at his discretion, the prerogative of mercy. we are examining all those have options, no intention to bring the matter back to court however." 18-year-old us to the end of university of houston traveled to the cayman islands on november 27, and like all travelers was required to take a coronavirus test in quarantine
11:47 am
for 14 days. fitted with an electronic monitoring device at the same time. but two days into quarantine her test came back negative and he took off the monitoring bracelet i went to watch her boyfriend taking part in and winning a jet ski competition, thus the arrest and four months jail sentence reduced to two months. it is the first time that the government of the cayman islands has sentenced anyone to jail under its strict coronavirus guidelines. and skyler max family argues they overreacted. but it seems like unless the government sets in. skyler max will be spending christmas and most of january in a cayman islands jail. >> dana: thank you so much, for more on this, i want to bring in tyrus, talking about this on the five. you are talking about going down there with jesse watters. any other thoughts since the evening? >> yes, jesse is too angry. he would not be a fun guy to
11:48 am
investigate the cayman islands. i go a lot, it's my favorite vacation spot, actually. but to the point where we need to understand that with billions of pandemic countries taking this very seriously. and one of the things that we have individual freedoms in this country so things are a little bit different. we don't necessarily follow the rules, and might be frowned upon or you might have somebody coming back to you on twitter, but other countries take it very seriously. and the cayman islands may be a small island that they're worried about infraction rate if you do not follow the rules, you can be fined or sentence. and as much as i hate seeing anyone incarcerated, she broke the law and it looks like she knew what she was doing when she made that choice. >> dana: i feel like the idea of having to go to jail probably scared her straight and not for the rest of her life. we will see if anything happens, any phone calls from the state department. people are on the move, tyrus.
11:49 am
to look at this year, population decreases and increases in the three biggest states, so one is losing the most, new york, illinois, and hawaii, i guess because -- but the biggest increase, idaho, arizona, nevada, and that could actually have some impact on the health representatives, because with a new census, you are going to see that reallocation trying to gain seats, arizona, colorado, montana, oregon, florida, and texas. new york and california the losers, i can understand that. what is your thought? >> one of the things we learned during the pandemic was that you did not necessarily have to be in the office to get the job done. you are able to do it from home. so if you can do it from home, you have wi-fi, you don't necessarily have to live in the city and go through traffic every day, deal with we will call it new york courtesy and this streets with people and you don't have to deal with the air
11:50 am
freshening fragrance of trash everywhere, so moving out to the wide-open spaces spaces and the clean fresh air and still do your job has changed things. so people no longer have to be on the grind of having to be in traffic all day and work hard to drive home, they can do it from home, so why would you want to live in a small apartment at cost as much as a ranch when you can live in a ranch and do the thing. and i was glad to see that montana has not upped too much, because i was a landowner in montana, so i was watching that making sure -- oh, yeah. 22 beautiful acres. >> dana: i did not know. congratulations. >> wyoming was on the list. >> dana: montana is beautiful too, tyrus. merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas to you and your family. tell jasper hello. >> dana: the video game industry passing a major milestone as people are hooked up during the pandemic. you won't believe it. that's next.
11:51 am
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>> dana: former cia boss believes there could be life beyond earth and he points to navy video like this as evidence. john brennan calling this images that look like ufos quite eye-brow raising. lucas has more. i'm a skeptic on this stuff. tell me more. >> many people are. former cia director john brennan said this about ufos on a recent podcast. >> it's presumptuous for us to believe there's no other form of life anywhere in the entire universe. what that might be is i think subject to, you know, a lot of different views. but i think some of the phenomenon we'll see is unexplained.
11:56 am
>> brennan has been saying that russia is manipulating trump. this after u.s. navy fighter pilots seeing ufos at hypersonic speeds, dana, off the east coast of the u.s. five years ago. it wasn't ufos last night, but jupiter and the rings of saturn. no ufos. >> dana: thanks, lucas. they were beautiful. and the new york yankees are stepping up to the plate to help small businesses hurt by the pandemic. the team says they're giving $50,000 to businesses near the stadium in the bronx. games usually draw tens of thousands of fans to the neighborhood every night during baseball season. without fans showing up in person, some owners say they're barely getting by. the yankees say ten different
11:57 am
businesses are set to get $5,000 each. one industry thriving during the pandemic, video gaming. new data shows that the video game industry is making more money than the sports and movie industries combined. brett larson joins me now. brett, i guess this has been a long time coming but they have really overtaken. >> i mean, when you think about it, it has been. it's been the past 10, 15 years that these gaming consoles have become more powerful, the graphics are mind-blowingly amazing. just this year we got a new play station 5, which is a hot demand gift for christmas, as well as microsoft's x box and nintendo had a new switch last year. because so many of us are staying home, the gaming industry is expected to hit $300 billion by 2023. they're expected to hit $180 billion this year, which as you mentioned is more than movies
11:58 am
and sports combined worldwide. it makes sense. these games are immersive. they sell for just around $60 to $80. you can spend weeks and weeks playing them. a lot of them are interconnected. you're know playing by yourself. you're playing with people all over the globe. i have played lots of super mario brothers on the switch. i saved the princess from the castle many times than i care to admit. the gaming platforms -- the cloud gaming platforms, google stadia, all fun games. so there's a lot of fuel in this fire of home gaming. also, with so many of us restricted to where we can go and we can't go out to the movies, we can't go to sports games, so of course we're going to stay home and play these video games. there's estimates this will continue to grow especially into
11:59 am
next year primarily again fueled by the new x box and the new play station and some long-awaited games that are going to hit both of those platforms that will keep people glued to the controllers. >> brett, isn't it true that a lot of these games are also attracting young women or girls? girls love to play as well. i feel like that's one of the things that has helped grow this business. >> absolutely. this is the often overlooked angle of video games. everybody thinks that it's this young teenage boy or, you know, young adult male playing. that's not the case. there's so many young female gamers. that's a great thing because now they're going to get into the fold of creating the next revolution of games and bringing their smarts and their skills to the new games. so a lot of -- a lot to look forward to on the gaming platforms, dana. >> girls are good coders, too. indeed. so thank you, brett larson. >> better at math.
12:00 pm
>> dana: i have to admire you for getting your dog in the backdrop. you might take the cake for 2020. you win. i'm going to give you the award right now. thanks so much. thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino. i'll see you on "the five." here's rick leventhal. >> thank you, dana. i'm rick leventhal in for bill hemmer. president trump set to leave the white house for florida in the next hour with the covid relief bill in limbo. the president called the bill a disgrace and said he's asking congress to increase payments to most americans from $600 to $2,000. house democrats say they'll try to approve the bigger checks tomorrow but still need the republican minority's backing. a veto could lead to a shut down. kristin fisher will report live. kristin? >> here we are, rick, about an hour away from president trump


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