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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 24, 2020 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> charles: mayor suarez, congratulations. i'll be down there soon, at least to visit if nothing else. we'll talk to you again real soon. folks, that will do it for me. make sure you catch me on fox business "making money" every weekday at 2:00 p.m. merry christmas. now "the five" starts now. ♪ >> greg: hi, i am greg gutfeld along with jesse watters, dana perino, juan williams. what have you done? and emily compagno paid "the five." ♪ merry christmas eve, everyone. we are celebrating with lots of fun tonight including a special christmas edition of supermarket show down. because you asked for it. our first ever holiday edition of jesse's feeding frenzy. and of course my personal favorite, the greatest segment that ever was and will ever be in the history of segments.
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animals are great. plus we will do our secret santa gift exchange. you don't want to miss our annual tradition. we invented. first we have been making a list and checking it twice. let's find out who's on "the five"'s knotty and nice list. look at that graphic. spent a lot of time on that one. all right, dana. i am transfixed by juan's suit. >> juan: this was jesse's christmas gift to me last year. i think it's a joke about snowflakes and liberals. but i actually like it. he didn't think i would like it. i am frosty in my neighborhood. i am jack frost. >> greg: i think we found someone worse you can give someone besides covid, that suit. [laughter] dana, with your naughty and nice list? was it hard for you to do a
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naughty list? >> dana: no. i had to narrow it down. i noticed juan's outfit and i noticed yours, yours is not very festive. my naughty and nice list, i went with the chinese communist party on the naughty list. i think for obvious reasons. for unleashing this virus on the world, for being reckless with global health. and for the economic pain that it is because everyone. just awful, awful behavior. on the nice list, i had a chance to go to a food parenti in new jersey -- food pantry. i met ladies and you can see them on the screen. they volunteer every week. they do to distributions, one on mondays and one on saturdays. they asked for no credit. these are the most humble women. the whole time we were there filming they never stop working. i was super inspired by them. and i think them for what they
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do. >> greg: and it's all volunteer. they are not there by force, are they? >> dana: no. that would be on the naughty list. >> greg: just wanted to make that clear. i would hate to find out later that you are actually promoting some kind of strange cult. >> dana: no. >> greg: juan, it's your turn, unless you want to discuss dana. >> juan: actually i thought that was pretty cool. i think those people are doing really great work. hats off to them. santa's hat if i had one. on my naughty list, i'm going to go over something that's a little smaller than dana's. joe exotic. i think joe exotic and the whole idea of mistreating animals and making animals into sort of toys not to be well treated, not to be abiding by their nature. i think it's just wrong and i just can't stand it and i hate to even think about it because
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there are people who have exotic pets. i hope they treat them better than this and i hope they don't put them on display in ways that endanger their lives. to me, joe exotic belongs on the naughty list this year. >> greg: that's a good one. what's your nice? >> juan: it's going to be teachers. teachers have had to go through really hard work in order to help our kids. this whole notion of virtual learning, going over the ipad, social media efforts. it's been very difficult. it's difficult for kids but i think you've got to understand its required teachers to adapt to changes and of course it even includes what you're seeing on the screen, how to say hello to kids without a hug and let them know that you do care that teachers are there for them when they get back to school. for me, a special, special christmas wish and blessings for teachers. >> greg: very good. it's my turn. my naughty and nice list.
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let's do naughty first. poor man's abbott and costello. i think you know why they are on my naughty list. let's roll. >> this was the actual swab that was being used to fit up that double barrel shotgun that you've mounted on the front of your pretty face. >> the official reentry from the basement, cleared by cdc. >> do you think that you are an attractive person no because you're single and ready to mingle? do you really think you are some desirable single person of the this not just people's pain coming out of them? >> i think beauty is in the eye of the beholder. >> greg: so is competence, i guess. he's the governor of new york. you're doing some comedy stick while people are dying in rest homes.
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not a good look. my nice list. it's similar to dana's. she probably stole my idea but i'm going to give it to the fund-raiser organizers and people like our viewers at home who reacted these fund-raisers. when we mentioned the officer shot during a protest and paralyzed, we mentioned it on "the five" and it raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. almost a million i think. and then a couple that was killed visiting their veteran sons grave in a cemetery in delaware and we mentioned it again on "the five." the money poured into help pay for the funerals. it's really amazing. the gofundme organization has made it easier for people to do this. the people who organize this out of the goodness of their hearts. and then you guys at home will react and just start pulling out your money. it's something really, really
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special. there you go. who's next? emily. hello, emily. >> emily: hello, you all. on my naughty list, heading it up is congress. for their continued incompetence and inability to compromise on behalf of the american people. there is not enough coal for that hill in my opinion. in terms of the nice list, hit heading it up for me as every small business owner out there and their families including and especially my dad. that's him behind the counter of our winery. may santa and congress bring you all everything that you need. >> greg: when are we going to you or winery? >> emily: any time! you are always welcome. >> greg: yeah, right. sorry, jesse. >> juan: i can attest to the quality of that wine. it's quite good. >> greg: jesse, speaking of wine, what's your naughty and nice list?
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>> jesse: my naughty list is hunter obviously. my nice list, jesse watters tops that. we will begin with hunter. it's obvious from the escorts to the strippers to the sex trafficking to "the drudge," bullfighting of the child support, he basically was responsible for getting donald trump impeached with his shenanigans in ukraine and may be responsible for getting his w administration. hunter takes the cake. hopefully by the time this airs he's not behind bars. in terms of the nice list, i may be have misread this segment but i'm going to go with it. i'm going to choose myself. i'm going to speak from the heart. i think i had a great year. i was nice to my cohost. i was tender and loving with regards to my analysis of people who i don't share their political opinions. i've matured as a person and i
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think everybody recognizes it so i go on the nice list. >> greg: the only way you could be on the nice list was having hunter biden on the naughty list. just by the comparison. you win. all right. >> jesse: i'm going to ask dana to hold my hand and squeeze it if i go down the wrong path. if dana will virtually hold my hand here. am i doing okay so far? sometimes i feel like the sailor on the show, clinging for dear life, hoping someone will come rescue me. when i was about to say something controversial, i would ask for you to hold my hand and squeeze it. we can't reach anymore. i have a solution. >> dana: okay. >> jesse: before i say something controversial. i will ask you to squeeze my --
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what do i call this? [laughter] oh, it was nice to look back and see us all together like that around the table. maybe that will happen one of these days. >> greg: hopefully soon. >> dana: it will. >> greg: all right. coming about, our amazing secret santa gift exchange that you do not want to miss. first we will face off in a christmas edition of supermarket showdown. that's when we come back. ♪ ♪ [ engines revving ] ♪ it's amazing to see them in the wild like th-- shhh. [ engine revs ] for those who were born to ride, there's progressive. we're going to find the perfect tree. we're going skating.
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go to >> dana: welcome back. it's time for a special christmas edition of supermarket showdown.
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♪ that's right. that's right. we're battling it out over the prices of some of our favorite christmas items. whoever guesses the closest without going over is the winner. a reminder, i do not know the answers in advance. first up, mistletoe. i have no idea how much mistletoe costs but everybody write down your answers on your boards. i'm going to say... i really don't have a good idea. one, two, three. >> greg: do you remember how you get mistletoe? >> dana: no. >> greg: it's a parasite that lives in trees and you actually have to get it down with a shotgun. you have to shoot it down with a shotgun. in oregon is where it comes from. what is it? oh. it's dana. >> dana: i won. >> greg: "oh, i don't know the stuff in advance." liar. >> dana: $15.99. i have no idea and i've never bought mistletoe.
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>> greg: women never have to buy it! it's always the guys. >> jesse: you know what you call a woman who buys mistletoe. >> greg: stop it. >> dana: let me hold your hand, jesse. let me hold your hand. number two. >> juan: i bet there's not much of a market for mistletoe this year. >> dana: there might not be. this is a 2020 covid ornament. 2020 covid ornament. how much with this cost at the store if you want to the store or if you bought it online? one, two, three. go. all right. >> greg: i was over by 3. >> dana: juan won. emily, you thought that was $18? >> emily: i was thinking personalized. it had people's names on it. california. i feel like everything -- >> dana: i hear you.
2:17 pm
>> emily: imploded. >> dana: i hear you. the third one is a festive mask. oh, my goodness. >> greg: that doesn't look like a mask. >> dana: i don't think i would wear that. i'm not against masks. >> greg: a holiday medical bag. that's festive. it looks like you have -- you are like a creepy mardi gras clone. clown. you have a follicular disorder. >> dana: jesse. you are like, this is an expense of item to you. >> jesse: made in china. >> dana: juan really gave it a lot of thought. let's see what the answer is. $5. jesse wins! >> jesse: nailed it. >> greg: emily, you have to keep it on the whole show. >> emily: no. >> jesse: give it to juan. it would be nice with his suit.
2:18 pm
>> emily: it's not a muzzle. it's a mask. i'm not keeping it on. >> dana: your next one everybody. and lol surprised dog. i think jesse is probably going to get this right. i don't know. i don't know what a surprise doll is. >> greg: i do but it's only in amsterdam. >> dana: it's a hot toy. all right. how much is this hot toy. >> greg: i am over again. >> emily: walked? >> dana: [laughs] >> jesse: i was closer. >> dana: i didn't know was a hot toy but now that i do, i will get one for this little girl i know. >> jesse: that was my nickname in high school. hot toy. >> dana: lawn decoration. lawn decoration.
2:19 pm
>> emily: is that the big thing that was in the hallway? >> dana: anything with a dog. >> greg: do you have to inflate it? is it inflatable? >> emily: something in the hallway. >> dana: $58? >> emily: isn't it the really big thing that was down by -- $43? >> dana: jesse wins again. >> jesse: they are bigger than they appear on the screen. [laughter] >> dana: okay, okay, okay. a 7-pound spiral ham. >> greg: ooh. >> dana: i love a christmas ham. i'll tell you that much. greg makes fun of me for liking ham. >> greg: i love him. >> dana: didn't you make fun of me for giving a ham?
2:20 pm
>> jesse: no way. no way. [laughter] no, no, no. a spiral ham. it was a lot more. >> dana: i don't know how much they cost when you order -- if you order from honeybaked h ham. >> greg: they gouge you. >> emily: nice. greg, you and i are losers unfortunately. >> greg: i just don't buy groceries. i buy everything at walgreens. i go into walgreens with a buzz and that's where i eat my dinner. i get cookies and crackers. i can tell you how much zquil is. and a few other things. >> dana: don't go anywhere. our first ever holiday dish in a feeding frenzy. stay with us. ♪
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>> merry christmas eve from fox news in washington. i'm mike emanuel. "the five" continues but first a special report newsbreak. high drama today. house democrats tried to put forth a measure to increase the stimulus amount to $2,000, something president trump says he wants. house republicans would not support the effort so it was rejected. it remains unclear if the president will sign a stimulus package without the increase. cybersecurity officials are warning local municipalities they may be victims of a cyber attack that targeted several federal agencies less than a week ago. officials warning they still don't know the full extent of the hack. the national weather service is predicting a wide range of hazardous weather for much of the country through christmas. blizzards have already struck the midwest. stay safe, everyone. i'll be back at 6:00 p.m. eastern for a live "special report." back to "the five."
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♪ >> jesse: merry christmas, everybody. it's time now for our very first ever holiday edition of jesse's feeding frenzy with a twist. this time, each of us is going to sample some very, very bizarre holiday treats and we are going to start with a mint chocolate twinkie. all right, everybody, dig in. do you want me to read you some of the ingredients here? >> greg: i don't think it's good to know. >> emily: no thank you. >> dana: i am scared. >> emily: cream in the center. >> jesse: dana, i will have you know this includes 29 grams of added sugar. >> emily: wait, no one wants to hear that.
2:27 pm
>> jesse: 250 calories. >> greg: for this little thing? this has got more sugar than a huge glass of red wine. i can to be okay with this. >> jesse: greg. >> emily: it's good. >> jesse: 60% of your daily value of sugar. you basically can't have any sugar for the rest of the day after you eat one of these. >> emily: but 100% of your christmas cheer. >> dana: good answer, emily. >> juan: actually tastes pretty good. >> jesse: you like it, juan? >> juan: i do. >> jesse: juan will eat anything. we know that. >> juan: i thought this was mint and twinkies and chocolate. i thought it was going to be of bit much but it's tasty. >> jesse: good. it has juan's endorsement. let's go to the goldfish. these are hot cocoa grahams.
2:28 pm
>> dana: i like these. >> greg: they still have the yellow goldfish on the cover. why couldn't the fish be brown? something weird going on. >> jesse: they are brown at the bottom. are you making a racial comment? >> greg: yes, i am. it's a terrible way of doing it. you need to make the fish brown. >> dana: i like it. >> emily: exactly what it says on the cover. putting it into hot chocolate. a little bit of whiskey. whipped cream on the top. it's perfect. that's christmas. >> dana: does anybody notice those marshmallows in here like lucky charms? >> greg: i did. you didn't know that. >> jesse: dana perino. you know more about the feeding frenzy than i do. very good.
2:29 pm
so those are the winners so far. >> greg: this is disgusting. >> jesse: left transition. what are these, marshmallows? they are marshmallows, people. cocoa marshmallows with pink peppermint inside. bite all the way through. >> dana: it can't be good. greg. [laughs] >> greg: that was absolutely disgusting, and i love. i love sweets. >> dana: no, no. >> emily: this is delicious. >> juan: doesn't work. >> greg: it's terrible. >> jesse: they are sponsoring our show, people. >> greg: emily, everything but youth say tastes good goes into hot chocolate. that's not how you cover up something bad. >> emily: i think it's amazing. >> dana: i would put this in hot chocolate with some peppermint schnapps. >> emily: of course.
2:30 pm
>> jesse: juan, you are making a face. did we check the expiration date on these? not for sale past... december 2018. >> greg: [laughs] >> jesse: well done, producers. let's finish this off. we have a tootsie pop. it's a candy cane flavored tootsie pop. >> greg: this one? >> jesse: wow. sabotaged again by the producers. here we go. here's the candy cane. it doesn't look -- >> greg: oh, my goodness. oh, that's terrible! it tastes like pizza. it is disgusting. >> jesse: that is disgusting. >> greg: that is absolutely disgusting. [laughter] >> juan: i don't want to try that. >> greg: it's like you check your oil and then you stick it
2:31 pm
in your mouth. >> jesse: i am on the naughty list for some reason. oh, my god. juan, you've got to try it. >> dana: reminds me of when -- >> juan: it's like, you know. it's a circle. >> dana: reminds me of a jelly belly. >> emily: i will eat these all day. >> dana: you remember when jelly bellies came out. i gave my mom and jelly bean and waited for her reaction and i had given her the hot buttered popcorn one. she was not happy. >> greg: you should put that in your next book, dana. it's a great story. >> dana: life lessons. >> jesse: we are all going to get sick in the commercial break. but we are going to be right back with a christmas themed "animals are great." later, our biggest secret santa reveal ever when our christmas eve special continues. s your home insurance, here's something you shouldn't try at home...
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>> ♪ animals are great! ♪ animals are great! ♪ animals are great! >> emily: welcome back. it's time for a christmas themed animals are great. greg, you're the king of the animal video so why don't you kick us off. >> greg: i am. i always like it when animals are tricked by things that aren't really alive. this little fella, this pug is completely freaked out by what's clearly a musical santa toy. this is not a smart dog. or maybe it is a smart dog. i like pugs because they break more wind than i do. they are known for that. they have energy. that's my holiday edition of animals are great. vote for it. >> emily: dana, see if you can top that. >> dana: i think you're going
2:37 pm
to like this. this is phoebe. she's a boxer. she is in aurora, colorado, and she got a piece of ice and look at what she can figure out how to do with it. she knows how to ice skate. [laughter] she loves it. all she wants is for her owner to give her some ice and she's on her way. >> greg: i don't know. mine's better. >> emily: potential limbic champion. jesse, what's yours. >> jesse: that's a tough act to follow, dana. but i will give it my best. i too have a pug. i think it's a pug. i have no idea. i've only seen the video wants. it's a pug skateboarding. i don't know where he's going. it's a french bulldog. what do i know? he's got very flashy pink sparkly. it looks like perez hilton. >> greg: that's cheating. i think it's a remote control
2:38 pm
skateboard. >> dana: she's not pushing it. you can tell. >> greg: and owner with the phone is directing it. this is animal cruelty. >> emily: it's a skill. >> jesse: french bulldog fraud. >> emily: all right, juan, what's yours? >> juan: since i am dressed as jack frost, let me show you dogs actually, handicapped dogs pulling studs trickle sled through the snow. it was incredible. i like the idea that these guys have been rescued and loved and cared for despite their handicap. they have gotten ability. they are showing off. perfect for christmas. >> greg: forcing handicapped dogs to pull other animals seems like, i don't know. that doesn't seem wrong? >> juan: they were pulling their own weight. they were having fun. >> greg: i am writing a letter to their owner, and angry lett
2:39 pm
letter. >> emily: handi-capable three for the grand finale, mine. i am breaking the mold. it's not a dog. it's a cat and this is what cats do. 33 oh, boy. oh, boy. >> emily: they destroy. exactly. >> dana: then he runs off. >> greg: somebody was filming it so they knew it was happening. i smell a set up. >> emily: vote for myself. who do you vote for? >> greg: even though it was a fraud, i will go with jesse's. it was good video. >> emily: dana. >> dana: i love phoebe from colorado. i've got to go with eb. >> emily: jesse, your vote? >> jesse: i am tempted to vote for griggs because he voted for
2:40 pm
mine but to be honest i thought dana's was pretty good. >> emily: all right. >> juan: to whom do you give the gold medal two. i like the dog on a skateboard. greg says it's a fraud but i have to take into account but that dog is pretty skilled to get up there and hang on. >> greg: i think it is dominion controlling that skateboard. >> emily: okay, make sure to head over to the "the five" instagram page to vote on your favorite video. the wait is almost over. our secret santa gift exchange comes when we return. narrow to those whose dogs... also fit under the bed. no, not that one. ok, that one. meaning, you. you're the one we made mywalgreens for.
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- [narrator] as many of the. nation's most trusted hospitals, we all know this. the science has not changed. masks slow the spread of covid-19. every one of our healthcare professionals is asking you to do one very simple thing.
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let's keep it up. let's mask up. (solemn orchestral music ends)
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♪ >> juan: welcome back. it's the moment we've all been waiting for. it's the moment you've been waiting for. our secret santa gift exchange. i want to kick it off and open my gift first. here is my gift number one. it's like, you know, christmas eve. you're rushing under the tree if you're a kid, even if you're an adult. what did i get? it's a bird.
2:45 pm
it's a bird. [laughter] that's pretty cool. here's my second gift. here's my second gift. hey, it's a plane. >> dana: very good. c7 it's a bird. it's a plane. if you're a fan of the show, you get the joke. my third gift. i think this could fly high. it's tequila. that will warm you. >> emily: that's a great gift. >> jesse: you have to do something for me. you have to say "it's a bird. it's a plane. it's tequila." >> juan: jesse, anything to make your christmas day. it's a bird. it's a plane. hey, it's really tequila.
2:46 pm
[laughs] oh, i thought there was one last gift. it's something from my washington football team, a hat. thank you, guys. okay, dana, europe. >> dana: i have three gifts, cute wrapping paper. can i say a big thanks to the producers who figured out how to get all of us are gifts here remotely appreciated. we went over and beyond. >> greg: always a teacher's pet. >> dana: oh, it's plush toys for dogs. i think it's for me but. very cute. i love it. number two. we've got a lot of people here. i feel like jesse wants to come and clean up my compartment here. >> jesse: i do.
2:47 pm
>> greg: yes! [laughter] yes. >> jesse: it's so big it doesn't fit over your face. >> greg: so many comments no one can say. so we will just say. >> dana: no one can say. no one can say. >> greg: there was another one. there was another mask. there was another mask and there. do you think i would forget jasper. >> dana: i'm sorry. i was so flustered. that mask. greg, did you get one for yourself. also thank you, greg. for the cities so that i can learn about real music for the first time in my life. >> greg: what you have got is that collection.
2:48 pm
>> dana: anthrax. slayer. >> greg: power trip. >> dana: jesse, soon as i download these to my cassette tape, i will hand them over to you. >> greg: you also have the new mr. bungle album "the raging wrath of the easter bunny." these are the four best thrash metal cds out right now. >> dana: i love it. >> juan: i think there's going to be a dumpster fire outback the house tonight. greg, europe. >> greg: this is pretty heavy. >> dana: that was pretty funn funny. while he opens, i will put this back on. >> juan: i love that mask, dana. >> greg: this is box one.
2:49 pm
i think you going to have to speed this up. this is serious. >> juan: you can't get in. >> dana: make it like fast walking. use those muscles. >> juan: there's got to be a pony in there somewhere. >> greg: its beef jerky. oh, my god. what is this? >> dana: [laughs] >> greg: what the hell is thi this? a drone. who got me this? i got pork. >> dana: i'll tell you what it is. you put it under your desk and you can pedal away while you're at the office. >> greg: premium summer sausage. now you're talking my language.
2:50 pm
this is crazy stuff. >> juan: greg. >> greg: i've got one more box. >> juan: wait, greg. you've got to react to the bike under the desk. i've never seen anything like that. are you going to use it? >> emily: for the peloton king. >> greg: of course i'll use it. it's exactly what i hoped for and dreamed of. i hope this is not... is difficult to open >> dana: jesse. all the wrapping paper everywhere. >> juan: no, it's not my house. if it was my house. i'd be having anxiety. what is it? >> greg: it's a peloton jacket. wow. >> dana: so cool. come on.
2:51 pm
>> greg: wow. after my workouts when i want to go to the coffee shop, this is what i will wear and i will sip coffee outside and feel like i'm better than everyone else in my peloton jacket. >> juan: you know what. let's give credit to greg. he actually uses peloton. he has gotten pretty good shape. we are going to take a quick break. jesse. >> greg: we have run out of time for emily! >> juan: it's coming up. after the break. after the break! easily and automatically pay your team and file payroll taxes. that means... world domination! or just the west side. run payroll in less than five minutes with intuit quickbooks.
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i had this hundred thousand dollar student debt. two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars in debt. ah, sofi literally changed my life. it was the easiest application process. sofi made it so there's no tradeoff between my dreams and paying student loans. student loans don't have to take over for the rest of your life. thank you for allowing me to get my money right. ♪ ♪ >> all right. we are back with more of our secret santa exchange with jesse
2:56 pm
and emily. who goes first, jesse? let's make emily last as usual. >> i'll go first. don't you love to just rip -- oh! silk eagles bathrobe! >> you're welcome! >> oh, man. i should actually wear this next show we do like williams did with his snowflake jacket. i will be wearing this. thank you very much and i will have something on under it, i promise. >> over your suit. >> no, not over a suit. gift number two. ed already fell out of the wrapping. whoever wrapped this, emily, did a terrible job, but thank you. i'm not surprised because i saw this earlier today. an eagles onesie. how cute. >> i had the same one. >> for your new baby. >> so disgusting. so jesse, i played with getting -- exactly and i toyed
2:57 pm
with giving you raiders diapers because then you know, there's a hole like the team that you don't like him he put them on, or then your baby would be wrapping, so i went with a safety -- with a safety one. >> those would have been cowboys diapers in the nfc. juan knows. at last one from emily. thank you, these are great so far. >> you're welcome. >> it's not heavy metal cds. >> something i will actually use. >> yes, because you said during covid that you've gotten into skincare, so we thought that this would be, you know, to go with your new regimen. >> i'm so glad you brought that up again on television. thank you so much, emily. i can't wait to apply all of the masks in the creams and the d ring colors. thank you so much, i'm serious, merry christmas. >> very good. >> all right, emily, is it you? >> okay, so this is the first one.
2:58 pm
oh, my god, how cute, you guys! these are totally great! oh, my god! they say "number one fan." these are amazing comedies are totally perfect! i literally -- i literally watched christmas movies on the channel all the time. this is fantastic. >> you guys, amazing and literally, you just hit for the cycle right there. >> i'm so excited! >> i thought -- i think that's you. i can see you on the couch with the hallmark christmas movies. it's pure heaven. >> your amazing! you totally nailed the gift with this! thank you so much! thank you. so my second one, this says number two. lynn door on the outside. chocolates! irresistibly -- oh, my god, amazing.
2:59 pm
delicious! also gift recipient i've ever seen. >> she could be -- >> i love gifts! thank you so much! and the number three. >> if you gave her a call. if you give her call should be like great! great energy! energy to power my electric car! >> because i'm grateful, great! and i like juan. and he's nice to me. >> there you go. >> it's a santa! for duchess! just what i always wanted! >> what is it? >> it's a toy for duchess. >> oh, your dog. >> and it is -- oh, it's an outfit! oh, my god. oh, my god, and santa is going to write -- also -- it's totally like that scene in "labyrinth," you are a number little moppet -- oh, my god, this is amazing! this is going to be historical. i'll make sure to take tons of pictures. thank you so much, you guys. merry christmas! >> that was great!
3:00 pm
that's it for us. we are out of time. we will see you back here tomorrow for our christmas day fan mail special. merry christmas, everyone. ♪ >> the fate of a coronavirus relief package is in jeopardy tonight after house republicans object to increasing direct payments. plus, extreme weather blows into the east as americans prepare to celebrate christmas and speaking of christmas, how some are spreading typical christmas cheer in an atypical year. this is "special report." ♪ good evening, welcome to washington and merry christmas eve. i am mike emanuel in for bret baier. president trump is spending christmas eve at mar-a-lago in south florida is the status of the next round of covid relief remains in limbo and even though it's the season of giving, stimulus checks for millions of americans are on


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