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tv   Cavuto Live  FOX News  December 26, 2020 7:00am-9:00am PST

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will: thank you for watching fox & friends we'll see you again tomorrow. >> "of you can hear this message , evacuate now. if you can hear this message, evacuate now. " david: the bizarre warning before the bombing. you are looking at live scenes of the nashville explosion where there are still more questions than answers this hour as to who did this , and why. the area under curfew right now as investigators are combing through the debris in search for clues. three people confirmed to have
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non-life threatening injuries and there are reports of human remains that were found in the vicinity and it is being called an intentional act. welcome, everybody, to cavuto over i'm david asman in for neil cavuto today. a lot of digging for more information is underway. let's go right away to charles watson he is in nashville with the very latest. charles. reporter: david, this is still an active investigation right now police are searching for a motive and suspect in connection to the rv that blew up in the center of downtown nashville yesterday. law enforcement say that explosion was set off intentionally around 6:30 a.m. local time and surveillance video, you can hear a voice telling people to evacuate the area, and then moments later , you see a big burst of flames as the rv explodes into a ball of fire. law enforcement say they are testing what appears to be human tissue found at the blast site.
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>> i thought maybe it was going to be a propane explosion from an rv, and it turned out to be an intentional act. we have found tissue that we believe could be remains. reporter: metro nashville police say these six officers are heros they were or the scene at the time of the explosion. the blast knocking one officer off their feet and causing what police is hoping temporary hear ing loss and another additionally the blast shattered windows, knocked down trees and caused structure all damage to several buildings in the area. >> we're going to rebuild second avenue, we're going to catch the people that did this , we're going to get our state and federal partners to help us do that, we're going to celebrate our heros which are first responders that went and saved lives this morning and now you're going to have investigators who are going to catch the people who did this. reporter: and at least three people were injured in the blast and were transported to area
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hospitals. they are in stable condition and are expected to make a full recovery and david, that rv blast went off in front of at&t's data center here in downtown nashville. really quickly they say in a statement that they have two portable sites operating in the downtown area with numerous additional portable sites being deployed in the nashville area and in the region so they can get those telecommunications issues solved. back to you, david. david: the heroic act of those police officers really can't be emphasized enough. i think that's extraordinary what they did. charles watson great reporting, charles thank you very much appreciate it. >> so what are the clues telling us about who might be behind all of this? joining me now is former fbi special agent bomb technician ba rry black. he was very influential as a figure in the oklahoma city bombing investigation, and i'm sure his expertise will be needed as we try to figure out what happened. barry, thank you for coming in first question, what are we to make of the bizarre warning that
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apparently came from the vehicle in which the explosions were placed? >> well, certainly, those types of warnings are unusual in this country. it's something that i'm unfamiliar with virtually, but that's something that our investigators will semitism be looking into. david: but at first we had it was an international event. i think they pulled back on that primarily because international terrorists don't warn people. they try to maximize deaths if possible, right? >> well oftentimes, mass destruction and mass casualties or the object, other types of organizations rely on property damage to get maybe more of a political message out, but we just have to be careful early on making any kind of assumptions until the post investigation and the larger joint terrorism task force investigation is concluded david: so let's talk about the investigation, how you go
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about figuring these things out. that's your expertise. i was listening earlier in the day to joey jones he was from the military. he was a bomb expert overseas trying to figure out where bomb makers came from and he said despite huge explosions like the one that we saw in nashville , you can still, a lot of investigators are able to track down enough pieces of a bomb fragment in order to figure out where that bomb came from. is that what investigators are doing right now? >> yes. the fbi certifies all of the non-military bomb technician s for state and local partners and we work very closely with the military as well, and in a situation like this , there will be chemical residue available as well as components of the iu d itself and from a thermal investigation those types of components can be recovered and through a number of scientific methodologies can be traced to a source of origin. david: are you surprised that as of now, i mean, there were
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body parts found in the investigation so far. those may have been the remnants of the bomber himself or herself, but are you surprised? we're all in wonderment of the fact that there weren't more people injured and so far as we know, nobody yet killed or identified as killed in this blast, when you look at the destruction. >> well, that is of course a great thing or the silver lining in a situation like this , is very small loss of life. the timing of the event, early on a holiday morning, of course i think reduced the number of people had that occurred later in the day or in the evening, the entire possible casualties might have been much higher but the timing of the event and the mechanism of the detonation how the device functioned is something that the post-blast investigators will be looking into. david: again it's very early on and i know in the oklahoma city
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investigation there were a lot of people that made judgments before the evidence was in that proved to be wrong. one of which we had the same suspicion of international terrorism that turned out to be wrong, but anything that you can see so far that would lead you in any particular direction? >> it's a really too early. these things take time. there are on-scene now i'm sure massive resources through the fbi and their state and local partners. all of that information will come together in one place to be analyzed and then as another major scenes throughout the u.s. , all that data will be followed to its logical conclusion, so it's easy, perhaps, to jump to conclusions early on but it takes time to get to the facts and then evaluate the facts and have a productive analysis. david: it also takes investigators who have been through something like this before, as you have. are you going to be helping out in this investigation? >> well, i retired almost exactly one year now.
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i did that job for about 30 years, and this is the first major event that i haven't been a part of the fbi's explosive response team, so they have experts in place, the torches have been passed. i was privileged to help teach post-blast investigations with our partners around the world, and this investigation is in very capable hands. david: finally, we're going to be talking a little later in this program to the head of the fraternal order of police in nashville. their job was just extraordinary running in there on a holiday morning on christmas morning itself, going right into the heat of the battle not knowing what was going to be occurring after that initial blast. how closely, these are some of the heros that did respond early on to the blast. how closely does the fbi work with local police who have a lot more information about possible suspects and the community
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itself? >> well the fbi does an acceptable job and places a great deal of emphasis on maintaining positive relationships with our state and local partners. they are out there on the street every day, and i think it's important around this holiday season, and really, 365 days a year, to appreciate the job that men and women and first responders are willing to accomplish whether it's a christmas morning or just any other day of the week. secondary devices, other threats that face first responders are things that are often overlooked i heard in the runup that these men and women are heros and that's true. it's a tremendous job they do and a great public service. david: it certainly is, and bar ry black a tremendous job you did as well and we thank you for your service. i know you've been retired for a year as you said, but they could do a lot worse than call you up and ask for your advice. i hope you're willing to give it thank you very much for being here, appreciate it. >> thank you. david: absolutely. well, we will have a lot more on
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this developing story throughout these two hours, but first, what is the fate of that relief bill, the covid relief bill that the president has yet to sign? we're on that, and why all is not well for democrat congressman eric swalwell's wrap ped up in that chinese spy scandal? republicans turning up the pressure campaign on speaker pelosi to get him off the intel committee. what are they doing now? one of them is here. rtin. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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david: to the pressure campaign on speaker nancy pelosi as the chinese spy scandal surrounding democrat congressman eric swalwell is not going away. republicans of course want him off the house intel committee and they are narrowing their focus on the speaker to do just that. to a higher republican congressman brad winstrop, he's one of those who wants him off and he sits on the intel committee with congressman
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sanctuary. good to see you. i must say, the biggest curiosity for me is how somebody like swalwell got on the intel committee to begin with. he was a rookie congressman. he had zero experience in intel, not to say not just that but overseas experience was limited. you, for example, you're not only a physician, you're also a army i believe you're an army colonel and reserve you were an iraq war veteran so how did he get on how does a rookie like swalwell get on such an important committee to begin with? >> you know, we've obviously got more questions than we have answers, and i think that's the same for the american people , and at the same time, a lot of the american people have no idea what's taking place with mr. swalwell, because mainstream media doesn't seem to want to talk about it, but we've always had concerns about this type of espionage because it's clearly took place. the chinese develop a farm team and here is young eric swalwell, working in local government, and
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on the rise, and builds a relationship with this woman whose a chinese spy. of course we want to know what pelosi knew and when and want to know why she would choose to put him on this committee when she's got hundreds of people to choose from. a lot of people want to get on this committee, seems to me, that he should be disregarded from the beginning because of his past, if she knew about it. same thing with adam schiff knowing about it, but beyond that, i also have some concerns with the fbi. if the fbi went to eric swalwell and told him about this , and knew of this woman, why was she never arrested? and why did the fbi basically just sweep this under the carpet rather than using it as an example to warn other members and other americans that this is the type of thing that they do and how they try to operate, even down to the local government. david: excuse me, let me just stop you there and just ask. is it conceivable that the fbi was investigating and you didn't know about it? >> oh, sure, it is, and you know, it was supposedly the fbi
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who went to eric swalwell to inform him what was going on, and then she goes back to china. that concerns me, but look, you know, this has been a tough four years for all of us. if you go back to who was in charge of the fbi during that time, that this was all going on it was robert mueller and james comey. i mean, are they just in this habit of trying to cover up for democrats? i don't know but they have a lot of questions, i think, that need to be answered as well as speaker pelosi taking eric swalwell off the committee. the optics of what he was engaged in are horrible for us and were to be perceived as legitimate so it seems to me there's a little california triangle of nancy pelosi, adam schiff and eric swalwell and we need to know why that is taking place. david: there's another member of that committee and that is senator feinstein. she was, her group was penetrat ed by a chinese spy as well, so they were intent, the chinese communist party was
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intent on getting everybody they could involved with california in the silicon valley area. that clearly was part of the thing and fang fang the chinese communist spy that was apparently bundling money for him in a campaign even though she was a chinese spy. are you curious as to whether any chinese money that would have been completely illegal went into his campaign? >> well, as far as its been reported so far, none of the money came from her directly , but how she was able to raise money from others should also be looked at and to see what the connections were there, and maybe she was just working every day americans to try and support this guy. that could be, not everyone knew she was a spy obviously. david: it's extraordinary that he's still on the committee. i do want to very quickly switch subjects and ask you the latest on covid relief. any indication that that $600 direct payment to americans will
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be up to $2,000 as the president and many democrats actually want >> well one of the things we proposed is to go ahead and increase it, but make some reductions in foreign aid, which could easily be done, and you know, the problem that we have is we were working hard to provide aid to the american people. it should never have been bundled with these other entities. those are two separate issues and americans have been held hostage by this , and nancy pelosi has put us off for months and months and months, and now she ties it to these other entities that should be completely separate, so, there's a lot of maneuvering going on but we've got to get the relief to the american people that's one of my highest priorities is to get that out the door so that we don't find ourselves. we're still at risk of going into a depression if we don't save some people's lives and businesses. david: there is definitely the possibility of a double-dip recession we'll have to work as hard as we did to avoid that, doctor, colonel, congressman wen strup, good to see you thank you very much for
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being here appreciate it. >> thank you david my best to you and your family. david: thanks same to you so is a special counsel in the hunter biden probe coming? some high level officials within the doj reportedly think one is needed. more on that in the next hour, but first, that covid relief bill is still in limbo, as the president doubles down on his push for bigger stimulus checks, so where is the fight heading? and when will aid be coming to you? details coming next. (customer) hi? (burke) happy anniversary. (customer) for what? (burke) every year you're with us, you get fifty dollars toward your home deductible. it's a policy perk for being a farmers customer. (customer) do i have to do anything? (burke) nothing. (customer) nothing? (burke) nothing. (customer) nothing? (burke) nothing. (customer) hmm, that is really something. (burke) you get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. see ya. (kid) may i have a balloon, too? (burke) sure. your parents have maintained a farmers home policy for twelve consecutive months, right? ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ (burke) start with a quote at 1-800-farmers.
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david: you are looking at a live view of capitol hill, where the day after christmas, there is still no covid relief in sight. president trump may veto the current bill if lawmakers
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don't raise stimulus checks from $600 to $2,000 like he and a lot of other congress people want. mark meredith is in west palm beach, florida near mar-a-lago where the president is staying for the christmas holiday. reporter: david good morning to you. as you mentioned president trump is doubling down on demands that congress increase the amount of money that some americans would get in those direct stimulus payments. the deal as you talked about mentions $600 per qualifying individual. the president doesn't think that's enough even though the consensus is that most congressional republicans will probably not want to increase those payments. we have seen a tweet from the president this morning on this very subject. he says, "i simply want to get our great people $2,000 rather than the $600 that is now in the bill. also, stop the billions of dollars in pork. " pork referring to the president's displeasure to the amount of money in foreign aid tied to a larger government spending package. lawmakers will vote on this measure again for a roll call vote in the house monday. the president has not said if he would veto the bill, or if
7:24 am
he'll simply sign it and push for remedies elsewhere. the government does face a potential shutdown next week, if no final deal is reached, but one lawmaker that's been talking with the president is weighing in and it's south carolina senator lindsey graham who at a tweet said after spending some time with president trump today, this is a tweet from yesterday, i am convinced that he is more determined than ever to increase stimulus payments to $2,000 per person, and challenge section 230 that's the big tech liability protection, and senators referring to what was not included in the national defense authorization act, this is a pentagon policy that was already overwhelmingly approved congress and the president vetoed it on wednesday and the house is going to take up the veto on monday to override that and it's expected to also win approval in the senate and we're watching to see if the president is trying to negotiate an all fronts tied to the stimulus bill, david right now we'll wait and see what he has to say later on today. david: we'll be talking about section 230 later in this program too a lot of interesting details about what happened there, mark thank you very much good stuff. happy holidays to you.
7:25 am
well the stimulus standoff coming as we see signs of consumer confidence and consumer spending were wavering a bit during this crucial holiday shopping season. so what is the fall out for our economy, and the job market? here to break it down for us former economic advisor to president trump, steve moore, market watcher erin begins and retail watcher, good to see you all, steve first to you, the president, as we just explained, wants $2,000 to go out and direct spending to americans that be about an extra 200 billion that wasn't in the bill that said they should get $600, but when you look at all the wasteful spending, shouldn't we up the ante in terms of direct payments to americans? >> hi, david. i think that this idea of more of what i call helicopter money where the government just prints money and dumps it out on people that's obviously not the way
7:26 am
that you get an economy back to life and the way to get $2,000 in more money in people's pockets do you know how we do that, david? we get the economy open again so people can go back to their jobs and people working in restaurants and in-stores and the retailers, and you know, we've got half the country that is opened up, but i will say this. i am totally with trump, and i think a lot of the activists, the conservative activists and taxpayers that i talk to around the country are just absolutely repulsed by this spending bill that you've mentioned. all of the foreign aid money, the money for the smithsonian institute, i'm for the smithsonian institute but what does that do to a coronavirus bill, veto that bill , mr. president, get rid of the pork and let's get the economy open through distribution of this great vaccine. david: well, just a fine point on all that, i think a lot of this pork spending is actually in the spending bill, not specifically covid bill but they've been put together so they're linked at the hip so it's hard to separate them but erin, i think steve scalise right.
7:27 am
no matter how much money comes from inside the beltway, it's not going to mention, it's not going to push the economy in the right direction until main street begins opening up their stores and restaurants, right? >> right, i mean, whether you're getting a $600 check or $2,000 check as we saw with the stimulus bills back in march , people really didn't save that money versus the money that went to businesses or unemployment benefits. they actually saved it until the restrictions were open and able to spend money on travel and restaurants and so on, and so we might have the same issue that even if you get $2,000 in january, most of the people will probably have the same habits or they are going to save it until the economy is reopened and we're not going to see those benefits until the second half of the year. david: in fact savings, heath, is up by i think double from where it was last year, before the pandemic so i mean, that explained a lot of the buying, the purchasing that was happening around thanksgiving time but in the past week or so , it appears that that
7:28 am
spending has been slowing down, doesn't it? >> yeah, consumer confidence, as you had said, it is wavering and rightly so. we don't know where we are going to get our next paycheck. i mean, to our guest's point the economy, you know, half the nation is open, half of it isn't. we are in the midst of a global pandemic so that's part of the reason why this is happening ; however, you know, the consumers waiting. one to figure out where their job is going to come from but two, whether or not we end up getting a $600 check versus a $2,000 check, and again, to your point, despite the fact that consumers wanted, you know, according to the study by oracle , 62% of consumers said that they wanted equal or more amount of gifts this christmas and this holiday season, it's just probably not going to manifest, and the problem is is that it was attached, the spending, this coronavirus stimulus relief bill was
7:29 am
attached to this congressional build that it was going to be or supposed to being passed and it's just that's what's causing all of this mess right now. david: one thing that the government can do very successfully is change the incentives and give producer s in this country whether they are restaurants or whether they are retailers or whomever, give them a little more incentives to produce, and that'll be better for everybody, because the more they produce, the more jobs people will get , the more the unemployment roles will go down. and there was this one effort to do this by allowing businesses to deduct almost 100% of their spending at restaurants which would sort of give restaurants a boost coming out of this terrible situation, erin. that was immediately ridiculed by democrats as a three martini lunch rule, but businesses and restaurants are going to need incentives like that to bring customers back, aren't they?
7:30 am
>> you know, it's so heartbreaking, david. i just saw a report this weekend as many as 30-40% of all restaurants in the united states might go bankrupt. i mean, what a tragedy that is. there's about somewhere between 12 and 15 million americans that are employed by restaurants and bars that's a big number. you know, we talk about going back in time. if six months ago we had done what art laffer and i and larry kudlow and others have recommended just suspend the payroll tax for the rest of the year that would have been cheaper than all this massive government spending think about how many jobs we would have today, david, if we told every business in america you have a 7.5% reduction in your payroll and every worker in america, you've got a 7.5% pay increase. the problem we have right now, david, that really bothers me, is with all these payments, the $300 supplement all unemployment benefit on top of normal benefits, the increase in food am stacey abrams pes, the $600 payments that might go to payment, people aren't going to have an incentive to working david.
7:31 am
now there's 6.5 million jobs in this country right now and there are construction crews that can't find workers. david: we're going to talk more about that. we're bringing the panel back in the next hour, because there's a lot more to say about how to get america back to work. that is the key to turning this economy around. folks, thank you very much, we'll see you in the next hour. meanwhile, sirens blaring, flames rising and buildings crumbling. this is what nashville, tennessee looked like just moments after that devastating blast on christmas day. the resident behind this video is coming next, stay tuned. >> [alarms sounding] cally pay d file payroll taxes. that means... world domination! or just the west side. run payroll in less than five minutes with intuit quickbooks.
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everyone to get a total value of over eight thousand four hundred dollars on this silverado. get the chevy employee discount for everyone today. >> david: imagine being there, right after the blast. this is the scene inside my next guest's nashville apartment just moments after that devastating explosion hit his neighborhood. nashville resident buck mccoy joins me now. buck, thank you so much. we're so glad you're safe and thankfully so many people avoided the worst through this explosion, but you actually were awake, i'm told, when that sound was coming off from the vehicle that had the explosives in it, warning people to leave the area. is that right? >> yeah, actually, around 5:30 a.m., i heard the gun shots on second avenue, which is right
7:36 am
in front of where i live. i live above the old spaghetti factory on the second level and i heard gunfire so i got up and looked out the window and i didn't see anything. i saw some snow on the cars, so i just went back into my other part of the apartment and went back to bed. i heard more gun shots, and i did hear some kind of noise like somebody talking, but it was inaudible. i couldn't understand what they were saying and i really didn't want to get backup out of the bed so i just put the covers over my head and then within like 10 minutes, there was just the most unbelievable explosion that just blew the entire apartment completely to pieces. david: it looks like you aren't going to be able to live in that apartment right now. i mean, we could hear the water flowing, apparently pipes burst, et cetera. are you going to have to move elsewhere until it's fixed up? >> yeah, i don't even believe the building will actually ever
7:37 am
be able to be put back together, the structure has been jolted so badly, and the windows were big brick windows and they just came flying through, and the door became unhinged, so i think it's going to be a while before that building will either be inhabi table or probably torn down and that building was built in about 1840 right on the cumberland river. david: unbelievable. now buck you mentioned these gun shots. any idea whether they were at all related to the explosion? >> yeah, i believe they have to be. i mean, we've had gun shots on second avenue before, and it's not a big deal. i mean, i've heard gun shots down there. it's the city, but this one had a lot to do with it, i think, because it was some kind of a, it was just pop, pop, pop pop pop, pop pop pop pop, it was serious gunfire, and i've shot guns and i know what they sound like. it was at least a .9-millimeter
7:38 am
and it resonated up and down the block. if i would have been standing, if i would have got up and went out there and said what's that noise, i don't think i'd be here today because the blast blew the windows completely into the next room, and there were glass cuts and stuff. david: you're not the olny one. it's extraordinary that more people weren't harmed by this. as far as we know, there were no fatalities. there is human remains that have been found that might be the result of the bomber him or herself, but do you remember seeing either any suspicious characters or in fact that rv itself in which the bombs were loaded? do you remember seeing that vehicle or any suspicious characters the night before? >> no, it just seemed like a regular night. it was very quiet. i had played earlier at john rich's club on broadway and i came home and was looking forward to play on christmas day
7:39 am
we were going to do a concert all day for the vets at john rich's place and i just went to sleep, like i always do, and i didn't really see anything or hear anything unusual until those gun shots. david: anybody that you know of whose missing from your neighborhood? have you been able to do a check of the people who lived around you? >> everybody in my complex where i live at, the lofts, which is just right there on commerce and second avenue, everybody got out okay but they were literally in shock. i could see their faces as they were walking out, and there was that kind of 9/11 shock look on your face and i was in a little bit of a shock too. the only thing that are missing now are some pets. i had a cat molly, that i just could not get out because it was just mayhem, and the firefighters told me to leave immediately, that there might be more problems, so today , the fbi is going to try and escort us back in and see if any of our animals, i know some
7:40 am
of our friends on the third floor had cats, and i'm just hoping, i hope she's still okay. it was a run for your life kind of situation. david: understood, buck. we have to go, but final question. nashville, any doubt in your mind that it'll come back strong >> well, i know we've been through the flood. that's when i moved out here and that was really trying. a lot of people lost their homes and we had the tornado and then we had the covid and that really put a damper on everybody's energy and now this is just one more thing that puts a damper on the excitement and the fun of having new years. i think it's going to be well past new years before we can get the spirit back here in nashville and get back into a, i'm just so grateful nobody passed away, because it is a miracle. a christmas miracle. david: it really is a christmas miracle, throughout that tragedy , you have to keep that
7:41 am
in mind because it is a shame that these buildings have been destroyed. buck, it looks like we lost buck , but we thank him very much for that account. buck mccoy, live from nashville in extraordinary videos he took. well meanwhile president-elect joe biden's spokesperson says he has been briefed on the nashville bombing and biden is at his house in wilmington, delaware and that's where we find jacqui heinrich and she joins us with more. hi jacqui. reporter: good morning, david this was the last we heard from the biden transition short statement saying president-elect biden has been briefed on the explosion in nashville, tennessee. the president-elect and dr. biden thank all the first responders working today in response to the incident, and wish those who were injured a speedy recovery. now the bidens released a christmas message also thanking service members and first responders on the frontlines of the pandemic as well as scientists who delivered vaccines. the incoming first family said they scaled down their holiday plans and called in americans to limit travel and use precautions
7:42 am
just a little bit longer. >> we know for some many of you in our nation, this has been a very difficult year, and we're reminded in this season of hope of common humanity and what we're called to do for one another. reporter: vice president-elect kamala harris also released a video expressing her thanks. there are no public events scheduled so far this weekend but the transition is still at work vetting incoming cabinet members. boston mayor marty walsh is under consideration for labor secretary but sources tell fox news racial diversity concerns are weighing heavily on biden's decision. interest groups have pressured biden for representation, and black leaders including majority whip james clyburn told the new york times this week biden needs to depart from traditions and resist appeasing republicans or else abandon the platform he ran on, but marty walsh has a long-standing relationship with biden and he's seen as a strong union voice and he does question recently about whether he would
7:43 am
accept a possible nomination and now walsh has not spoken with biden since he was elected however the final decision on labor secretary has not yet been made, we're told. david? david: okay, jacqui heinrich thank you very much i just want to mention we just got a tweet from the tennessee governor, asking for an emergency declaration from president trump so we'll see if that's incoming. meanwhile, as more people are getting vaccinated here in the u.s. , new strains of the coronavirus are being reported overseas, so are those vaccines going to work against the new strains? that's next.
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david: today we've allocated 15.5 million doses of vaccine and we are on track to allocate another 4.5-5 million next week, which will bring us to 20 million doses of vaccine allocated america before the end of the year.
7:47 am
david: so the same week we're finding out the 20 million vaccine doses are going to be distributed here in the u.s. by the end of the year, we're buying 100 million more doses for next year, and we're hearing that new strains are popping up overseas right now, so a big question. will all these vaccines work on the new strains? joining us now is dr. anita gupt a from the johns hopkins university of medicine. good to see you, doctor. so i want to put it slightly in a different way. is there any reason to believe that all these new vaccines will not work against the new strain? >> hi, david. thank you for having me. right now, you know, we have no indication that the new variant will really impact the current vaccination process, but certainly, this is critical new information. the world health organization discussed this on tuesday that the new variant includes 14 key new mutations and that new
7:48 am
critical laboratory investigations are required and in fact, pfizer and moderna are doing new investigations. new evidence is being looked at to determine if the vaccine is, indeed, going to protect us, so there is new research that is going to happen and we do need that information right away. david: now, could this more rapidly-developing variety or mutation of covid be one of the reasons why we're seeing it spread so fast in places like california? could it have popped all the way over to california? >> well, it's too early to say. it's too early to say, but we do know that what is happening in los angeles county, one person is dying every 10 minutes according to officials there, and we certainly know that there has been new restrictions, dozen s of countries have been traveled the uk in an effort to contain the new covid variant that has been recorded in
7:49 am
england, so you know, it's really important to remember the prevention strategies, staying home right now, to protect yourself and others. remember social distancing, mask s, you know, and to wash, hand washing most critically- important right now from our federal officials and even from the u.s. surgeon general. david: doctor i have to ask we're running out of time. we've got all these varieties right now at least four that i can think of of vaccines. some of them are rna vaccines which deal with genetic material and the other are the old fashion adenovirus vaccines. which would you advise taking quickly? >> most important, to get a vaccination, combined with the vaccine and comprehensive strategy we're in a good place so over 90% effective according to the evidence. david: it's amazing we have all these vaccines available so quickly. dr. gupta thanks very much for being here appreciate it so
7:50 am
is a special counsel in the hunter biden probe coming up what some high level officials inside the justice department are saying now but first to the senate showdown georgia, trying to make it harder to use absentee voting, why that may make it harder for one party to win. that's next.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
david: and on the left side of your screen, you're looking at a live picture of milton georgia where republican senate candidate kelly loeffler is about to hold an early voting rally. this is the georgia secretary of state is calling to end no- excuse absentee voting, while investigating allegations of illegal, out of state voter registration in the pivotal senate runoff. they are just 10 days away now
7:54 am
so how could all of this impact the elections? democrat strategist kristin hauh n joining us and gop fundraiser noelle nickfor. thank you for coming in, ladies. noel, first to come in i'm looking at the latest figures that come in about the pre- election day voting. 2 million votes have been registered, about 721,000 of those are mail votes, 1.3 million are total in-person early voting. it seems a little late in the game to be calling into question these early votes. no? >> yeah, i agree with you. i think that they really should have done this a little bit earlier, especially given all the problems that they had to deal with during the presidential election, which was not that long ago, and i think that a lot of republicans are shaking their heads, that, you know, that it's being dealt with this far along.
7:55 am
let's face it, january 5 is right around the corner. david: kristin, have you heard reports of any kind of illegal registration or attempts at illegal voting on the part of democrats? i mean, there were calls by some to do things that weren't quite on the up and up. some people say were totally illegal to register if you put your registration or your place of residence outside of georgia, it be illegal to register to vote inside georgia. what are you hearing about this? >> i'm not. there just isn't widespread fraud. david: how can you say that? >> because there isn't widespread fraud, and if i can finish, i think that the democrats and republicans should not make it more difficult for people to vote. if you look at states like florida, the republican party has been extremely successful in registering and getting people out to vote, so i think rather than undermine our election
7:56 am
system and the validity of it, i think we should all embrace the different ways that we can vote particularly during a pandemic. david: now, noel the president is going to be visiting georgia the day before the election. how does he convince georgia republicans to vote, to make their votes count, when in fact he's still questioning the votes in november, quickly. >> that's a great question and i think that that's going to give president trump a really fine line to walk. president trump realizes how important this election is, and a lot of his voters are very frustrated because they felt like he got robbed, and there was still some questions in georgia so i feel like if he can pull this over the line and convince some of the people that just want to sit out the election to get up and get out and vote, i think that he may be able to pull it over the line. david: it's a tough sell, to say the very least. ladies i'm sorry we have to leave it there we've run out of time we'll go live to nashville for a live report on what investigators have discovered in
7:57 am
the christmas day explosion that's coming up, next. we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. ... with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa
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msrp on this equinox. get the chevy employee discount for everyone today. >> you are looking live at nashville, tennessee where investigators are scrambling to find out who did this and why. authorities say remains found near the christmas day explosion are being checked now for dna. three injuries reported and more than 40 buildings have been damaged or completely destroyed. governor bill lee just tweeting out this morning that he is asking the president for emergency relief. of course, he just toured the site of the bombing, said the damage is shocking. it is a miracle that no residents were killed. all right, well, here now with more information on all of this is tennessee state senate majority leader jack johnson.
8:01 am
senator, first of all, our deep sympathies. it is a miracle nobody was killed. there were body parts found, it may be the result of the killer or the bomber, him or herself. we'll have to wait and see. nashville did come together yesterday as one and it's still doing so, but you've been hit with so much from so much to floods to the covid crisis to the lockdowns. how do you get through all this? >> well, thanks, david, it's great to be with you. you're right 2020 has been a difficult year for all of us, but in tennessee it got started with deadly tornados at that came through nashville and the surrounding areas and right after that, covid-19 began affecting tennesseans. we had a shutdown and we had a limited riot agoen looting over the summer. so it's been a challenging here. i'll tell you this, tennesseans will get through it.
8:02 am
david: the governor is asking for emergency help from washington. what exactly would that entail? >> what that would entail. it would free up resources from the federal level to help with the investigation and ultimately to help with repairs for the businesses and homes that were damaged in that area. so, it's very important. i saw the tweet come across probably the same dame you-- the same time you did and i think it's important. david: there's a nashville musician, buck mccoy who had damage in his building, it goes back to the 1830's, senator, he says it will probably have to be taken down or structurally unsafe or looks to be from his perspective. is there going to have to be a complete restructuring of this area of nashville as a result of the explosion? >> i'm afraid that might be the case with some of the buildings down there. some of them, as you said,
8:03 am
pre-civil war and very old. that he have been rehabilitated over the years. it's a thriving area for your viewers who haven't been able to see that and lower broadway and the thriving music scene oun down there. it's an exciting place. i'm sure there will have to be thorough inspections by engineers to make sure that the buildings can be safely inhabited again. and for those who haven't been to nashville it's one of the most exciting in our country, a great place to visit. you're going to have to convince people not only to travel, which is difficult to do with the pandemic, even with vaccines coming out, but now this. are you going to have to mount a big campaign to get the tourists to come back in? >> well, that very well may be the case. nashville is a thriving city. it's certainly an economic hub for the state and more specifically to the middle
8:04 am
tennessee region. the senate district that i represent is immediately south, ajoins the nashville area and it's a very strong regional economy, but i'm hopeful that people will want to come back once we're through the pandemic and we get the effects of this bombing repaired. it's a thriving place. i encourage folks to research it once we get this behind us, to come and visit nashville. whether you're a country music fan or not, it is a special place to come and a wonderful place to be and pre-covid, it was demonstrated with our tourism numbers, we had record breaking tourism numbers coming to nashville and we hope to get there again. david: well, what makes nashville great is not going to change, the people, the music and food i should mention as well. but all of those will remain no matter what and we'll wish you the very best. thanks for coming, jack johnson, we appreciate it. sources tell fox that high
8:05 am
level doj officials are still discussing whether or not there should be a special council for the hunter biden situation. some call it warranted. david spunt joining us live from washington with more details on that, hi, david. >> david, good morning to you. these are just discussions at this point, no final decisions have been taken place here or made here at the department of justice, i should say. when you're talking a federal investigation involving the incoming president's son and that's what this is, the u.s. attorney in delaware is expecting some conversations to take place, we don't know of a final decision. there's a special council statute. the reason that a special council would be appointed to take away any idea that there would be any type of conflict of interest. now, if you're looking specifically involving a conflict of interest involving an attorney general, one would say, well, if president-elect biden appoints somebody and
8:06 am
that person technically oversees the investigation even though it's run out of delaware, that could cause some perceived conflict of interest. one doj official told fox news, it's a textbook conflict of interest. bill barr is no longer an attorney general, he's a private citizen. he finished his service, acting attorney general jeff rosen is running the department. on monday, david, barr, now the former attorney general said on camera, that he did not see a need to appoint a special council to investigate the younger biden. listen here. >> to this point i have not seen a reason to appoint a special council and i have no plan to do so before i leave. >> significant words from the now former attorney general barr passed on that opportunity. now it's up to rosen to either give the idea a thumbs up or thumbs down. he has just a few weeks to do so, if he chooses. many republicans are hoping
8:07 am
that he does appoint one. president-elect joe biden has yet to name his attorney general candidate. some of the names we're hearing former acting attorney general sally yates and doug jones. deval patrick, also federal appeals court merrick garland, you remember him when he was nominated for the supreme court. something the biden team is stressing, they say that president-elect when he interviews his ag candidate, he will not discuss this investigation involving his son, david. david: thank you very much. as you heard joe biden is closing in on his ag pick. so will he picks determine the fate of the hunter biden probe? jim, a former prosecutor joins me now. great to see you. one thing that made me think, maybe we do need a special prosecutor, is when joe biden was asked, i believe it was thursday by our own peter doocy, whether or not he still
8:08 am
believed the stuff about all of the hunter biden mess being part of russian disinformation campaign, joe biden answered, yes, yes, yes to that. and clearly, if there's an investigation, at least one investigation, there may be multiple investigations, it seems to be a little more than russian disinformation, no? >> yeah, i mean, biden is kind of a one horse pony on that. and he keeps deflecting away. it's a difficult spot. you don't expect joe biden to say anything particularly negative by his own son. this was leaked out from the biden camp when he talked about the federal investigation, it was the biden camp that said there was a tax issue being looked at. i think that's a euphemistic, optimistic way to look at it. there's certainly a paper trail that is at least suggestivive of a pay to play type scheme that hunter biden was cashing
8:09 am
in on his last name. that doesn't mean that, but there's at least smoke. we haven't heard anything about biden about keeping the u.s. delaware attorney on board in the next term. there's precedent for doing that for the investigation. and a brand any acting attorney general who has flefr never been a prosecutor before this. i think we might see something pretty dramatic in the next four weeks. david: that begs the question, when you say something dramatic, what are you suggesting? >> one is there could be an indictment. could be attorney general barr looked at it and said they're about to indict the next week or two so there is eno no need to worry about the sanctity, and they may go with a special council. and a third place prediction, a
8:10 am
wild card is that there's a soft plea coming, that there's going to be a resolution, like a tax plea where effectively it shuts down the other angles of investigation, but allows the next attorney general to come on board, being with completely unsaddled from any sort of conflict problem with hunter biden. >> if there's no resolution before biden is inaugurated, that begs the question, if-- do you believe that he could remain neutral about his own son when he's waving these false theories about it being a russian disinformation campaign? >> if you're the next attorney general, a candidate to be the next attorney general, it doesn't take joe biden saying, you know, what will you do with my son's case to know that it's effectively in the mix. it's a real challenge to the character and judgment of that next attorney general to navigate this thing and to do the case right, to go where the evidence leads you. look--
8:11 am
>> forgive me, so if that's the case, if it's not resolved before the inauguration, should we appoint a special counsel before the inauguration? >> yeah, i mean, look, i think a lot of us are sort of special counsel fatigued. it's an imperfect solution. david: might be better than the alternative though? >> yeah, exactly. look the whole bottom line, you don't want federal prosecutors touching, investigating their bosses effectively and that's what this is, it's touching on the president's son which means that chain of command is directly in play for conflict of interest. david: jim, always a pleasure to see you. appreciate it. >> see you, david. david: while santa was busy this week delivering presents, congress was busy with pork, stuffed with it. should congress rewrite it as a gift to taxpayers? the holidays are a time for giving. to your friends... your family... to your teachers.
8:12 am
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8:15 am
hard to do? british prime minister boris johnson declaring victory after the u.k. and the european union did finally agree to a post brexit trade deal on christmas eve. it will allow both sides to avoid a nasty breakup on new year's day which could have let to tariffs and a lot more tension. the british parliament will have to approve the deal, but the pound has increased quite a bit. no gift from washington. a covid relief and funding bill that are stuck together. the president is demanding congress remove some pork stuffed inside. 25 million dollars for pakistan. the state department requested it, but not a good time to hand over millions to a country that just released the men-- the man convicted of the murder of american journalist seen here, daniel pearl. back with us is steve moore,
8:16 am
and i can't think of anything more disgusting of the fact that we're thinking of giving $25 million to the government that's about to release a man who butchered an american journalist right after 9/11. >> well, the anger from americans about these massive amounts of foreign aid at a time we're in a health crisis is gigantic and you know, i handed my kids yesterday for christmas three envelopes, and they thought this they were getting, you know, had a check from me. instead they opened it up and i put you owe $150,000 to the federal government. [laughter] >> that's what we're doing to our kids. we're spending money like crazy and handing the bills to our kids and grandkids. it's outrageous. david: erin, what about the markets? they want a deal, they're not thinking of the long-term consequence. they believe i think that the fed is going to keep money printing going despite what happens over the next couple of years. if there is no deal if it's all
8:17 am
stuck again, as it was so many times during the past year, will the markets tank? >> no, the markets tend to look ahead. they know that eventually this is going to have to resolve and rather quickly, particularly for those avoiding, you know, any type of unemployment benefits. there is a sense of urgency and maybe a lot of these plans aren't perfect, but we're phasing deadlines and for anyone who hasn't faced a deadline, you may not always have your perfect work, but ultimately things need to get done and wall street understands that. we're not seeing a lot of volatility around the back and forth that we've seen this past week and the market has been relatively stable. david: he says do american consumers understand that. do they think that this washington stuff as too in the weeds for their lives and they're just going to--
8:18 am
they're just interested in whether or not they get a little extra cash for spending? >> welcome, you would think so-- >> that's for you. >> yeah, yeah, we were-- and i was going to say, we underestimate the american consumer. the american consumer understands a lot more what's going on in washington versus just, you know, whether or not we're going to get a check and i think, you know, to erin's point the markets are, you know, looking forward ahead and that's not really going to have a major, major impact in terms of what we're going to see in the near term, but you know, david, the bottom line is we have to get people back from work and if we're functioning under these parameters, small businesses are going to rethink exactly how to get people back, how to get those revenues in. one sector that even though i cover consumer spending, i've been watching, the restaurant industry and how they are going to have to change everything and where my world kind of
8:19 am
meets that world is the retail sphere. the restaurants are going to start looking more and more like brick and mortar retailers as they move away from this model of people going into the restaurants, sitting down, eating, paying the check. they're going to look, start selling more products in those restaurants to get that revenue stream in. you know? we were talking about the oracle study that i was quoting in the last segment, but the same study, consumers want a 76 reduction in, people within small spaces. so we're going to have to start functioning in those parameters. david: well, steve, we're going to have to start functioning within the parameters of a new administration that committed itself to raising taxes. one of the worst economic decisions made in the obama-biden years was raising taxes coming out of a recession. that led to the slowest recovery from a recession on record. are we about to make that same
8:20 am
mistake again? >> i hope not, but it certainly is in the cards. i mean, the biden task increase would be a major, major mistake. it would do severe damage to the economy. now, i'm a little biased because i helped put the trump tax cut together, but my god, it caused one of the greatest explosions in poverty and decrod decrease in wages, and the other things biden is going to be inheriting at economy that is ready to take off with the vaccine. >> and then he said last week, another trillion dollars. what does it end. david: what about investors, erin, because we're coming out of the pandemic and the entire work it ready to explode and get back to work, that are they
8:21 am
concerned we might have the same problem as under obama, which is a very weak recovery? >> for the most part markets are discounting any tax increases it looks like they're betting they're not going to come through. certainly, one of the biggest hits on wall street is that corporate taxes and take those and raise them again and that hasn't come into how companies are managing their expectations. they have been lowering their profit expectations. it would be a big increase for corporate profits and we're certainly not seeing any talks about companies moving outside the u.s. remember before we had the tax cuts we had a lot of reverse mergers. that hasn't been on the table yet. so right now, wall street is really believing that these increases aren't going to be able to go through. david: let's hope wall street is right on that issue. good to see you all. have a wonderful holiday week. appreciate it. well, forget a threat, the president actually did veto the
8:22 am
new defense bill. is he right, that it lets social media companies put our nation at risk? we report, you decide. little girl is lost.
8:23 am
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8:25 am
>> and back to capitol hill where the house is expected to try to override president trump's veto of the national defense bill on monday. the president is ticked off that lawmakers didn't tack on a provision to reveal rule 230. 230. and protects social media companies, like twitter from billions in lawsuits. he says it puts our entire democracy at risk. is he right? let's ask morgan wright. good to see you as always. >> hi, david.
8:26 am
david: section 230 does save these companies a lot of money and it assumes that they're open platforms that they do not edit or censor material on their platforms. that's what they did in october and november leading up to the election. they did censor materials and they admitted. maybe it's okay to strip 230? >> there's no right answer to that. it depends on who is getting gored. 230, we were looking at online websites and platforms. it says that you have civil immunity from lawsuits even in the speech is otherwise constitutionally protected. to your point we get things, we know there have been terrorist communications, things that are called for incitement to riot and things like that, used by
8:27 am
social media. how much freedom do you give people and at the same time do you still have a duty at some point from a security standpoint? because we know from this summer and from the other things, from the arab spring, the use of social media can incite not only violence as we've seen around the world, it could lead to death. >> it did, you know how selective na has been. they allow black lives matter to come on and essentially in many cases incite riots. i've seen that material myself. that's kept up on they pull down proud boys and other conservative sites which allege the same sort of behavior. so it's very selective the way these companies use this stuff. >> and that's not shocking. when you look at the amount of contributions made by silicon valley and other places to which party? they tend to lean democrat. they tend to lean to the left. so it's not shock. the question we get back to, fur he if you're going to put
8:28 am
something in. everything needs to be treated equally. either you take out the same speech, no matter what site it comes on. but the selective determination, what a private entity considers to be speech that's acceptable and not, i think that chris plant, my buddy said one time, the most insidious power they have is the et power to ignore. david: they ignored a lot. and some said they would give some would say money to one side of a presidential campaign. these were like contributions from social media to the democratic party. so for one thing, it's unlikely after the inauguration of biden that in fact there will be anything done on section 230 so if it's going to be done at all, it's going to be done now
8:29 am
and that's why the president vetoed this defense bill. >> that's kind of a strange coupling, putting section 230 in with the defense bill. look, we've got a bigger problems with what's brewing in the middle east, with russia, china, going on in syria and bombings that happened a couple of days ago. so that for me was difficult to reconcile putting that into the defense bill. get why they do it sometimes. and i've got friends taken the first leave, a buddy of mine, the national guard bureau. the national guard is calling in, why? to defend against things inspired by social media, things that have the constructing the narrative. and now that they've got the narrative. i will tell you quickly, section 230 may be up for change because republicans think it's too selective. democrats think in some places it doesn't go far enough. david: at the very least, it needs to be tweaked.
8:30 am
>> yeah. david: because it's being used very selectively and these companies can afford it, they've been making out like bandits during the pandemic when most of us have been struggling. >> so they can afford it and it definitely needs to be tweaked the way that we've been-- >> one point. david: five seconds. >> think about banks, you cannot prevent people from getting loans and leveled it out from a financial standpoint, it's going to have to happen in the social media space. david: thank you, morgan. did you it in five seconds, impressive. we're headed back to nashville and police are asking the public to help identify the rv. there is the picture they say was involved in the explosion. extraordinary to look at it. are they getting any leads? details next.
8:31 am
8:32 am
8:33 am
8:34 am
>> back to nashville now, look at this picture. police have released the photo of the rv that was suspected in the christmas day explosion that rocked that city. unbelievable picture. and these police officers are being called heroes for getting people out, the messages coming from the rv forced the police to get out. they went in knowing something bad was going to happen and indeed they saved lives. joining us with more from the national fraternal order, and
8:35 am
mr. -- i say mr. because you were a police officer. i feel compelled to call you officer. and maybe we can put up a picture of those who went in harms' way. are they not? >> 100% without a doubt we saw some officers take some heroic actions yesterday and they took measures that saved lives and protected their community. we could not be prouder of the metro national police department than we are for what happened yesterday. >> now, police have had a very tough year all over the country and i'm sure nashville is no exception. you didn't get hit quite as hard as some communities with the riots that happened, but certainly, you were hit and there was a pandemic itself and all of the extra work they're doing. how do police stay so on edge, so perfectly will to respond as
8:36 am
bravely as these officers did, despite all the pushback they've received? >> well, you know, i'm glad you brought that up. nashville is a little unique. we started in march, we hit the ground running in march with the tornado that devastated our community and from that into global pandemic and into civil unrest and now this bombing event that we're having to mitigate. you know, policing and law enforcement is a calling. you have to have a certain mart, a love for the community that you serve. without that you would not survive in this profession and that's exactly why you're seeing the resiliency from the law enforcement officers not just here in nashville, but across the nation because we want to serve our countries and serve the folks in our community and make the world a better place. >> now, it is a calling, but at the same time, it must be tougher now days to do recruitment, no? >> certainly is. you're seeing nationwide a recruiting issue and we're struggling all over the country
8:37 am
and trying to get the best and brightest officers as candidates and get those into our department to help the community. when you're seeing the issues like we've just talked about, you've got the young folks coming out of college and turning to law enforcement as a career second guessing whether they want to do that and the families are standing behind them asking whether that's what they want. and it's a difficult environment to recruit, but we're coming up with innovative ways trying to bring them in and we continue to protect our communities. >> you know, what's so frustrating and it must frustrate you more than most. it's only when you have a tragedy like this, a real outrageous situation when you realize how valuable police are. i and others who value police more than others perhaps recognize them even when there isn't tragedies like this, but i wish it could just be all the time, recognizing that were it
8:38 am
not for police officers, our country, our cities would be in desperate, desperate shape. >> yeah, there's no question. i think, majority of americans support law enforcement. and there's a recent study that said over 70% of americans want better or stronger police departments. so, there are folks out there that support us, but events like this, certainly serve as a reminder to folks how important public safety and law enforcement, firefighters, the entire gambit is to our community and our way of life. so, i think there's a lot of defunding and what that may mean for the future of our country, certainly, that's not what americans want and they support what we do and they want us to be stronger and better and they want their communities to continue to be safe. >> it shows in the elections. the democrats, moderate democrats are the first to admit it's defunding the police rhetoric that led to a lot of
8:39 am
losses by democrats in house races at least throughout the country, in the last election. so it's bad politics, it's certainly bad for our nation and our cities and again, these officers deserve at the least a tip of our hat if not medals for what they did. when other people were trying to run away, they were charging towards danger. that's a definition of a hero. james smallwood, please give our appreciation and thanks to those officers, we appreciate you back here. >> thanks for having me on. david: well, as health care workers and long-term care facility residents are getting vraciu vaccines, other group is asking to be next in line. the other group tells us why next.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
>> the hotel industry is
8:43 am
urging governors to include their employees in the next phase of vaccine distribution. they say their businesses and workers have been suffering directly from the pandemic and need relief now. the best western ceo joining us now, david, good to see you. we know how desperate your industry has been hurt by these lockdowns. i mean, restaurants, all of the businesses dealing with hospitality have suffered, but particularly hotels which have been shut down and here in new york, i go down sixth avenue or any of the major thoroughways, where there are many hotels, they're all shut, completely shuttered. the workers there must have been hurt by covid in the beginning as well, right? i mean, you had a lot of people that suffered and died as a result of covid, no? >> oh, absolutely. it's been devastating for the hometown, both professionally and personally. many of the hotels have been
8:44 am
shuttered. if you look at the markets, many of the hotels are not even open at this time. so, definitely, they've been hurt professionally and personally, i mean, who can escape the wrath of covid? it's such a devastating virus and it's awful. david: but with vaccines and we have at least four now that are ready to be distributed, some are already in that process. that gives us an opening. it gives us a chance to open up more to at the very least think of the world without the lockdown situation. so is this part of your reopening strategy to announce to the world that the hotels, the people you'll be dealing with in the hotels are clean from the virus because of a vaccine? >> yeah, absolutely. you hit the nail on the head. let's face it. since the pandemic, just like a lot of the critical infrastructure, the transition and other essential workers, we've been on the front lines, serving our communities under
8:45 am
the hospitality program. tens of thousands of hotels have opened up their doors to first responders, medical professionals and with house people in quarantines and others in the pandemic and the hotel industry has em enhanced cleaning protocols we've kept our patrons safe. and now for the employees, the well-being and safety of our travelers. david: the most effective thing that's happened, i think, over the past year that we've suffered from this worldwide is operation warp speed, the speed at which we've developed these vaccines is extraordinary and even the democrats are willing to give the trump administration that right now, but it's the combination of the public sector support, particularly in deregulating some of the log jams that usually happen in the process of vaccine development, but more importantly, the distribution and the use of the private sector has been extraordinary.
8:46 am
we usually have these things controlled by international bureaucracies and frankly, they don't work as well as the private sector. this kind of-- your idea of getting the hotels in and the vaccine distribution is part of that working with the private sector, no? >> absolutely. we love to work with governments to make sure the vaccine is quickly and evenly distributed. david: well, i do wish you the very best. the industry is a vibrant industry and it's so vital to millions of workers around the world, but particularly here in the united states. i do hope you get those vaccines soon. thank you for coming in, we appreciate it. >> thank you. david: coming up, i've been waiting for this all two hours long. the entrepreneur and u.s. marine corps showing us all how to spread holiday cheer. that's next. the holidays are a time for giving. to your friends... your family...
8:47 am
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>> toys for tots, bringing kids in puerto rico some holiday cheer this week. to the men who helped make all that happen. toys for tots vice-chair brad pierce and toys for tots coordinator, i think angel melendez. brock, first to you, how did you get involved with toys for tots? >> well, i mean, this year 2020 has been an especially challenging year. i was running for president of the united states in election cycle as an independent candidate and we were headquartered out of new york and i'm always trying to live my life through service and see all the ways that i could give back and i was presented the
8:51 am
opportunity to get involved with toys for tots and looking at the incredible organization and gives more toys to kids in the u.s. than any other organization so i jumped at the opportunity to spread a little joy this holiday season. david: and star sergeant melendez, anybody who knows the marines, it's really the non-commissioned officers who make the marine corps work. the generals and nice, but they rely on the sergeants to coordinate and work. that's why toys for tots work. >> thank you. david: i should say, i'm biased in all this because my son worked for toys for tots. he was a staff sergeant as well in okinawa. what they do, what the marine corps does is they actually allow the marines themselves, while they're going on these
8:52 am
tours, to take a part in the distribution of toys, is that right? you're essentially using marine corps movements, troop movements, in order to spread toys for tots, no? >> yes, our mission is to spread holiday cheer and collect toys, yes, sir. and it's worth noting here in puerto rico, 43% of the population lives in poverty. 67% of the children in puerto rico are living in poverty and that was prior to covid. i have to assume that matters have only gotten worse and it's important this time of year if you've been bleesed with abundance to give where you can. david: absolutely. now, christmas was yesterday, brock, and a lot of people wonder, what happens to toys for tots after christmas. >> well, i know we're going to be handing out toys again on the 28th, so the program isn't over. it will continue on. david: so, it doesn't end here.
8:53 am
go ahead, staff sergeant. >> in puerto rico, we have, our program runs later than the toys bringing to children thanks to brock's help we'll reach out and this year, if it wasn't for brock, we wouldn't have support on the island and we appreciate appreciate their help. david: how do you guys work together? does the private sector, the influence that brock has, work well with the marine corps way of doing things? >> well, i know just in our community of friends, we collected a great deal of toys. i also was handing out toys with other organizations. i think every opportunity i get in live to live back and i live my life through service and this year especially this country is hurting and if you can, this is the time to dig deep and help out wherever you can. david: before we go a step further, brock. how exactly can people out
8:54 am
there listening contribute to toys for tots? >> well, on the website, assuming there's a capability for everybody to contribute and make a donation, they can go on facebook for toys for tots website and donate and that's how they can reach out. david: staff sergeant, i have to ask, with a name like melendez, i'm assuming you're fluent in spanish, right. >> i am. david: are you from puerto rico or do you have family there? >> i was recruited from puerto rico, sir. david: does that help you -- you clearly have a lay of the land. you know where-- how to make things move and get things done there, right? >> yes, going into the communities that really need the kids and toys out there, mep help deliver it and better communications. david: brock, that must help. in a foreign country, i know sometimes it's hard to get around. of course, puerto rico is a u.s. territory, but at
8:55 am
sometimes some parts are like a foreign country because it's hard to get around with just english. >> yeah, i mean, we don't need to reinvent, to try to find the organizations that are doing the best work and lend a hand wherever you can. david: so, staff sergeant, let me just ask exactly how appreciative are the people that get the toys? i mean, you mentioned or brock was mentioning the poverty level, which is very high in puerto rico compared to the united states general. how appreciative are the families that are receiving these toys? >> my first year here, i've been here three years and when i went out to the community to give out toys and some of them received a doll or a car and they break down in tears because they got a gift this year. david: is it the combination of covid with the natural disasters that they're still recovering from in puerto rico?
8:56 am
>> brock, is this something that can be replicated, the working with military outfit like the marine corps, of course there is no military outfit like the marine corps, is it something that could be replicated for other nonprofits and charities around the country? >> yes, so i'm very active in the nonprofit world. my foundation here in puerto rico has submitted 175 different organizations and i'm taking my experience from entrepreneurialism, from capitalism, and taking this concept to return on investment and creating a return on impact. so working with organizations to create greater accountability, greater transparency, but figuring out how to measure success so when you donate a dollar you're not just creating a dollar impact. but taking those and applying them to the nonprofit sector. >> it works great. and we saw it in operation warp
8:57 am
speed as well. it's a great combination. we wish you the best. you're doing god's work and we love what you're doing. and safe sergeant, thank you very much. stay tuned to fox for the very latest on the nashville bombing. thank you for joining us. keep it right here. so when a, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa
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tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. learn more at >> authorities now searching for both a suspect and a motive. just one day after an rv exploded on the streets of nashville. welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm alicia acuna. hi, leland. leland: nice to see you, alicia. i'm leland vittert. and police say there was a message blaring from the rv before it blew up. and live in nashville not far from where the explosion took place. hi, charles. >> hey, leland, law enforcement have not identified any suspects or motive in this


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