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tv   Fox Report with Jon Scott  FOX News  December 27, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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night, i want so much for america to be prosperousro and strong the way our founding fathers intended her. you can still buy my book, don't lie to me i'm tired of their lies, i'm jeanine pirro, signing off tonight. this fed name the suspect and nashville just an hour ago saint anthony quinn warner acted alone and died in the massive explosion, good evening i'm jon scott and this is the "fox report". ♪. jon: officials are looking into possible motives for the bombing during the news conference last hour they said dna found at the blast site matches with the fbi and atf found yesterday in a raid on warner's home in antioch tennessee, 10 miles southeast of where parked rv detonated at 6:30 a.m. in music city downtown area right outside an at&t building.
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police responded to a call of shots fired found the rv blaring a recorded warning to evacuate that it would explode in 15 minutes. and then to begin counting down the minutes. the explosion destroyed dozens of buildings and disrupted cell phone service in several states. three people hospitalized in stable condition but many more lives could've been lost if not for the six brave nashville police officers who immediately evacuated nearby civilians. authorities about 30 miles away in lebanon tennessee are searching a suspicious box truck parked at a stripmall playing audio similar to what was blaring from the rv and nashville. they detained the truck driver and appears to be no threat, it is not clear if this is related to the nashville explosion. charles watson is live in nashville right now please enter. >> authorities confirming the suspect in this case anthony warner was killed in the rv explosion and they also say they have been able to positively
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matches dna to the human remains that were found at the massive explosion site, police say this initially kicked off after they recovered a vehicle identification number from the site of the explosion and use that to find a vehicle that was registered to the 63-year-old suspect, once they knew a name officials say they were able to positively identify warner by the remains in the personal belongings and dna of relatives. >> tennessee bureau of investigation as well as the fbi laboratory in virginia completed their dna testing of a sample of human remains recovered at the scene. those results were consistent with the suspect identified by u.s. attorney cochran. >> right now authorities say they have no reason to believe any other individual were involved in this massive explosion, police are looking at the suspects activity online and
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continuing together tips and leads that can help them figure out a motive, they also continue to process evidence taking during an hours long search of warner's home in antioch tennessee saturday, meanwhile officers in rutherford and wilson county not too far from nashville have detained an individual parked outside of the store in a box truck playing audio similar to what was heard before the explosion in nashville, the atf is now investigating, federal authorities say they are still unclear what the motive is in this case, there still asking people in the public if they know anything about anthony warner to get in contact with federal authority so they can get to the bottom of this investigation. jon: charles watson and nashville. thank you. meantime minutes ago the house of representatives raising the text of its stand-alone bill to raise covid relief checks from
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600 - $2000, is expected on the floor tomorrow and contingent on president trump signing the massive combination covid relief government funding bill. he has refused to do so unless congress boosts those checks which republican lawmakers generally have opposed. all this as enhanced unemployment coverage for millions ran out last night, fox team coverage, jacqui heinrich in wilmington, delaware with president-elect biden's reaction but first mark meredith live in west palm beach, florida near the mar-a-lago a state where the president is spending the holidays. >> in evening, president trump is not tipping his hand whether he will sign or veto the massive package. but tonight lawmakers appear to be more frustrated with all the confusion, we have not seen the president speak with reporters since he arrived in south florida on wednesday night but he has been reaching out to lawmakers on twitter telling them what he wants them to do
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writing $2000 plus $2000 plus other family members not 600, remember it was china's fault, this is a tweet from the president, congressional democrats are saying they're willing to increase payments but the house will vote on that tomorrow. the government faces a potential shutdown tomorrow night and hansen appointment benefits lasted on saturday in an eviction moratorium will expire this week. a bipartisan group of 11 lawmakers are sending a direct message to the president and the letter they released today, they pleaded with him to make a decision, never before in your personal, professional or political life have you been characterized as the man of action, now is not the time to sit idly by, please do the right thing and sign or veto this bill immediately. pennsylvania senator pat toomey republican does not support increasing the stimulus payment but he is calling on the president to take the deal right in front of him. >> i understand he was to be remembered for advocating for big checks but the danger he
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will be remembered for chaos and misery and erratic behavior if he allows this to expire. i think the best thing to do as i say, sign this and then make the case for subsequent legislation. >> we see the president continue to criticize republicans over the last few days claiming they're not doing enough to change the outcome from november and the president tweeted moments ago about a rally in georgia ahead of the senate runoff early next month, the president is expected to remain in south florida through this week and will see if that changes as ago she asian's continue on capitol hill. jon: mark meredith live in west palm beach. president-elect joe biden is calling on president trump to sign bipartisan covid-19 relief bill, he warns any further delay will have devastating consequences for americans. jacqui heinrich live in wilmington, delaware with more on that. >> good evening john the president-elect urge president trump to sign the bill passed by
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congress calling it an evocation of responsibility with devastating consequences, joe biden wrote in november the american people spoke clearly that now is the time for bipartisan action and compromise and it was hard to see members of congress he that message and reach across the aisle and work together. president trump should join them and make sure millions of americans put food on the table and keep a roof over their head this holiday season. biden called a down payment on more action needed next year saying the passage is critical to retain unappointed benefits for 10 million americans and resources for small businesses while extending government funding for vital services like the military, biden pushes for economic relief from the pandemic, vice president like kamala harris is urging the public health guidelines to bring down virus cases preaching tweeted it took over nine months for california to pass 1 million coronavirus cases, we had 2 million cases two weeks later, please do your part to reduce the spread of the virus, every hospital and healthcare worker
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is counting on us. biden had no public event this holiday weekend but transition is at work with cabinet nominees, bernie sanders said today biden has so far fallen short on establishing a coalition cabinet the republicans are working to keep biden's pick the middle of the lane. >> the progressive movement is probably 35 or 40% of the democratic coalition and i believe the progressive movement deserves, seats in the candidate that have not happened. >> your previous guests would probably like them to move more to the left but i been pushing to try to keep them in a more moderate place where he is willing to reach across the aisle and work together with republicans. >> there are three remaining cabinet positions left to fill but to cabinet level positions that are still open, biden is more than two weeks late on his
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self-imposed deadline to pick his nominee for attorney general. >> jacqui heinrich in wilmington, delaware keep it and i on the president-elect. thank you. jon: tomorrow, house lawmakers will vote to override president trump's veto of the 740 billion-dollar defense bill, he is calling for changes to section 230 of the communications decency act which grants social media community for content posted by users. kt mcfarland is president trump's former deputy national security advisor, also the author of revolution trump, washington and we the people. kt, i mentioned section 230 is from the communications decency act, the national defense authorization act is what the president has vetoed, what does one have to do with the other? >> there is a thing in washington and it's called a christmas tree a gestation and a christmas tree legislation is
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wind every congressman and senator puts his ornament on the tree it's his blackmail, his pride, i want this for my constituents or my special interest group. that is one of the reasons president trump is vetoing this, there's a lot of stuff that has nothing to do with what it's supposed to do whether the defense department or give relief to the american citizens. i think he is right to do it but there's a particular part which is even more sinister i think which is the social media, big giant liability protection. jon: he warned in early december that he would veto the bill if there was not some kind of change to section 230 but a lot of observers think it's because the president is angry at twitter and the other social media companies that it been giving him a hard time. >> i think they're two separate things, i think the problem with this is what big tech has done in social media, they serve on one hand, they let their platforms be used by russia,
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chinese disinformation to show dissent and destruction within the american society and on the other hand they use their ability of censorship not to censor the russians or the chinese but to censor conservatives. they are playing politics at exactly the wrong way, what they should do is not censor american political conversations and they should censor or get involved with other countries are trying to abuse our freedom of press and freedom of speech to screw up our political conversation. jon: adam king's anger is congressman from illinois, you know him well i'm sure, he is an air force veteran, part of the president's party and he thinks the veto is a huge mistake. >> this is something that we have done for 50 some straight years, it was vetoed for nonsensical reasons, the section 230 which has nothing to do with national defense or the nda,
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somebody has got to the president and convinced and this is a great deal under bill goes after china and russia into shore up our cyber defenses as we've seen are extremely want to borrow to sustain the president's veto after he voted for this bill i still understand. jon: the fact of the matter is, there are enough votes already, this passed overwhelmingly in the house and senate, it only takes a 23rd majority to override the presidential veto and they already seem to have those numbers, isn't the president tilting the windmill? >> i think it's an important point to make, every president is blamed when he doesn't veto the christmas tree bills. president trump is in a unique position, he's not running for reelection, his election is over he will only be in office a couple more weeks, why not take a principal stance, i think it is right, there is very good cyber defense money and very good money to defend against china and to defend against
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russia, there is a lot of junk in there that does not belong, i think the president is oddly enough despite what the codex a i think he's taken a principal stance particular he of what you just said, he knows legislation will pass. jon: let's talk about what he accomplished overseas during the past four years in the a compliment are significant, we can put some on the screen right now the usmca trade deal, signing the phase i china trade deal and declaring beijing a currency manipulator, three american detainees were freed from north korea, american pastor andrew got out of nearly two years of detention in turk turkey, the peace agreement in the middle east in which morocco, bahrain, the ua and sit on have not recognized israel and began to normalize relations in the death of isis leader al-baghdadi and the u.s. taliban agreement to begin reducing
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hostility in america's longest war, it is a significant list, how are historians going to judge the trump foreign policy and should president biden continue down the same path? >> in the middle east particularly, this is a significant achievement, we really don't even know how good this is more and more countries are joining, it's the first peace agreement between israel and arabs and not just ten or 20, it's a couple of thousand. what it has done what president trump has done if everybody was paying attention elsewhere, he was able to craft an agreement and convinced the arabs that their only prosperity platform, the only way they could get peace and prosperity was by having a peace agreement with israel, israel and the arab states that are really united so they see potentially abide in a administration going into enabe iran to have nuclear weapons,
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enable iran to support nuclear, i think he put in place abraham which i don't think even the biden a administration gets through that one. the other thing that is significant his approach to china, he stood up to china, nobody stood up to china, china has a no secret that they plan to replace the united states as a dominant power in the world and rewrite the rules of order to favor them at our expense and president trump was the only political leader to stand up to china, i hope the biden a administration continues, i don't think they will but it will be a darn shame if they go back to the china first policy by jettisoning america first. >> joe biden has said china is essentially not our enemy, they are not bad folks. >> yeah, he ought to go read what the old leadership is saying, the united states days
3:16 pm
are over, china plans to take over the worldwide communication network by building the internet infrastructure of the future, the 5g network china plans to push the united states out of the south china sea the world's most important maritime trade group, china plans to beg, borrow, steal whatever they have to do to be the technology kingpin of the world of all the world's critical technology and then they make no secret of the fact that they will rewrite the rules, china is when you be in charge, everybody else in the world has to fall in line or else china will use warrior diplomacy, they are ruthless on how they will pursue their own special interest, if joe biden think that is fine, i think is making a big mistake in particular concerned because i think his family has business relationships with china and the chinese government for way too long and way too deep. jon: given what we know about hunter biden's business dealings over there which may involve
3:17 pm
payments to joe biden, do you really expect joe biden is going to be tough on china? >> joe biden could have been tough on china and could've stood up to china ten or 20 years ago it would've been easy, it would've been so easy to force reciprocal relationships and equal trade agreements but he never did, now it is hard, china is in a position to really put the screws to every country but particular to the united states. do we really think that joe biden who did not taken seriously when it would've been easy will taken seriously now when it's hard for tickly when his family has financial interest with the chinese leadership? jon: it is going to be something to watch as the new administration takes over beginning january 20, kt mcfarland, thank you very much. >> thank you. jon: california business owners feeling the pinch from the
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jon: new york city has seen a shocking increase in violent crime this year end one of the
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latest incident a beating on a manhattan subway might also be a hate crime, six suspects attacked a woman not wearing a mask and reportedly yelled anti-asian slurs at her, aishah hasnie live in new york city with more. >> a 2020 was brutal for new york city whether gun violence or subway violence, we've had plenty and police are looking for these six suspects who they say attacked a woman in the middle of the day on a manhattan subway for not wearing a mask, nypd hate crime task force is on this group anti-asian statements to coronavirus and punched her in the face, also on christmas eve and nypd cop shot in brooklyn while responding to domestic violence call, he was thankfully saved by his bulletproof vest and last night reports of two people shot dead three wounded and four shootings
3:23 pm
in brooklyn and the bronx, gun violence is up 103% so far this year compared to this time last year, pba president pat lynch says all of this happening because of anti-police rhetoric bail reform and defunding the police. >> we said the same words, while we were lucky, while they were great, we haven't star asked the question why is this happening, why does the person feel bold enough to shoot at a police officer. >> in a recent interview with the new york post nypd commissioner dermot shea says the number one priority for new york city should be to get illegal guns off of our street. jon: aishah hasnie in new york city. thank you. california is rolling out new laws in 2021, some could but more pressure on small businesses already struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic.
3:24 pm
christina coleman is live in los angeles with that. >> that is right, 70 businesses have been struggling financially this year especially family-owned restaurants and stores and now they have to deal with california laws in the next year, first off business owners and government employers must notify their employees in writing within one day of a possible covid exposure at their worksite is called the right to know law and requires employers to tell contractors were freelancers about access to worker's comp. and paid sick leave. speaking of leave, now businesses with the staff as small as five employees are required to grant family leave for 12 weeks to take care of a sick family member or after having a baby, employees have been with her business for at least a year. minimum wage will increase to $14 an hour for businesses for 26 or more employees, $13 for
3:25 pm
smaller businesses and this is part of california incremental increase with statewide minimum wage of at least $15 and more diversity is coming to board rooms, publicly held companies, headquarters in california must appoint a person from an underrepresented community to their board of directors by the end of next year, after calls for racial justice and equality over the summer there is other laws on the books, many police departments across the state stop using chokehold and carotid holds after protests over the death of george floyd at the hands of a minnesota police officer, now the statewide ban on those restraints will become law, the new california racial justice act will allow defendants to get a new trial or sentence if they can prove racial bias played a role in the case against them and the state will establish a task force to study possible reparation for slavery, prison reform also on tap, california controversial inmate firefighter program was in the spotlight this year when
3:26 pm
we sell the largest wildfire in the states history and the inmates could not fight them because of covid. now former felons who go through firefighter training have the opportunity to get their felonies expunged and lastly people on parole will now be allowed to vote, we covered a lot of ground and a lot of new laws in california coming into next year. jon: christina coleman in los angeles, thank you. federal investigators name and the suspect in the christmas day bombing in downtown nashville and they say he died in the blast, police asking for your help in finding a motive. coming up a former fbi official with his insight into the investigation.
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options, answer any questions you have and, if you're eligible, help you enroll over the phone. call today and we'll also send this free guide. humana, a more human way to healthcare. jon: i am jon scott and this is the "fox report", it's a bottom of the hour and if you joining
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us was a look at the top story, one and 1000 american have died of covid-19 as of saturday. the number of worldwide cases topping 80 million. three people are dead and three more wounded after a bowling ally shooting in the chicago suburb of rockford illinois, the suspect armies sgt duke webb charges with three counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder. a beverly hills restaurant is accused of pleading a new year's eve party in defiance of los angeles county covid restrictions. the restaurant reportedly put flyers and takeout bags advertising a discrete speakeasy style celebration. for more on these and other stories download the fox news app scan the qr code or go to back to the top story, federal investigators seen a man named anthony quinn warner is a suspected bomber and nashville's christmas day explosion, they say he acted alone and died in the blast.
3:32 pm
this is agents sift through evidence of the crime scene in the city downtown. >> based on the evidence that we gathered at this point, we come to the conclusion that an individual named anthony warner is the bomber. and he was present when the bomb went off and he perished in the bombing. right now were looking at any and all possible motives were not in a position where we can speculate now, were interviewing individuals that we identified that are known to the suspect. jon: david spunt takes us through what authorities have learned so far. >> yesterday fbi agents armed with a search warrant combed her warner's home in the nashville suburb of antioch tennessee, neighbor say up until a few days ago and rv sat in warner's driveway and authorities believe that was the rv seen in downtown nashville christmas morning before it exploded, at this
3:33 pm
point officials believe warner was killed in the blast and the rv exploded after recorded warning told people to evacuate the area within 15 minutes and something unusual for the crimes reporting to bomb experts, this morning the national police chief said those anxious about visiting the city. >> we feel nashville is safe, there are no known threats to the city at this time. >> even though authorities named warner as a suspect, they're still looking for information. if you have any call the national police department or the fbi, you can name anonymous. jon: david spunt at the justice department. thank you. the fbi haverhill analysis team in virginia is helping in the nashville bombing investigation trying to figure out the suspects motive. joining us now danny colson former fbi assistant director and commander of the fbi hostage rescue team. when i heard about this bombing i was reminded immediately of
3:34 pm
the oklahoma city bombing and it's my understanding you are one of the commanders on the scene there, are there similarities? >> yes, the case was solved by components of the vehicle, that is how they got to make they trace the vin number from the truck that he used, same thing happened here, the vehicle becomes a key to the investigation and a habit exactly the same way in this case. jon: timothy mcveigh set out to kill as many people as possible did not care there was a daycare center in the building, this guy apparently took pains to try to not kill people, he played the weird recording telling people to clear out of the area that there would be an explosion of 15 minutes in the timer went on down, have you ever heard of something like this? >> no, i am not, when i first heard about it on fox i thought at this time in the day i was just in the neighborhood two
3:35 pm
weeks ago with my wife in the same location or area and i was thinking christmas day, this time a day they were not trying to kill people or he was not, he was trying to make a statement, i don't know what the statement is yet but he did not want to kill anybody put the recording out and self detonated it. it was not a high for tally operation with mcveigh, he was trying to kill as many as he could, this man was not, it will be interesting to see what we get from the investigation of the fbi and the analysis done by the science unit. jon: we mentioned the behavioral science unit is taking a look at this and authorities are asking anybody who knew this guy or knew of his actions come forward with any information they might have as to motives. listen. >> we are interviewing individuals that we identified that are known to the suspect, we are asking the public if they know him or spoken to him or
3:36 pm
know his ideology and might've motivated him. jon: how important is it to figure out what the motive is and that seems like a silly question but he is gone and you know apparently there is no other threat to the city, why is motive important? >> what was his philosophy, a lot of that is going to come from his computer, what was his history of searches, did he leave a manifesto, notes but was he in chat rooms, was he talking to other people, knowing his motive and some clue about 70 us wanted to be a copycat, this is important to know and the fbi will work just as hard in this aspect of it as they did on trying to find out who did it, it's very important that we know this and it could be very viable in the future. jon: federal authorities and police are saying that they would like the public's help in
3:37 pm
knowing whether anybody else might've been involved, here is that. >> the pbi confirmed a match of the dna at both locations belonging to the person of interest in this case. >> there is no indication presently that anyone else was involved in this crime. jon: no indication anyone else was involved, that is welcome news to the residents of nashville and the whole country, when you heard about a bombing on christmas morning, immediately some kind of massive terror attack seemed possible and now this seems to be a very small isolated event that rocked in entire city, the fact that there's only one guy involved and he took his own life in the process, i suppose that is a great relief to authorities. >> exactly when we arrested timothy mcveigh we did not know what we had we didn't know if it
3:38 pm
was a conspiracy, more bombings or whatever, at least they have the knowledge probably no one else involved, but there may be some people out there from a bar he visited or club that he went to that he talks about, they may not of figured out that he was going to do it but they may give us some inkling into what is motive may have been or what is philosophy, why do you do this, you don't just get up in the morning and decide to blow up a bomb in downtown nashville, there's a precursor situation that is in his head and that's important to know. jon: we know he was nit expert he worked in the it field or the technology field but there's a lot of technology people who don't know how to build bombs, where does he get the information. >> off the internet. that's where it all comes from, he's good at technology, you and i can go on the internet tonight and we could build a bomb tomorrow, and it's in great detail and unfortunately we don't censor that and that's where people will get their ideas to get the ability to
3:39 pm
build them based off what they get off the internet. it's all of the play. jon: scary stuff, danny colson former fbi director assistant director who is one of the commanders of the oklahoma city bombing. thank you. >> thank you, i enjoyed it, happy new year. jon: happy new year to you. israel and another coronavirus lockdown and it continues to deal with the rising cases, as a new strain of the virus found in the united kingdom has appeared in canada. a trip around the globe next. honey? yeah? i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad... try this new robitussin honey severe. the real honey you love... plus, the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? new robitussin honey severe. strong relief for your severe symptoms. we're portuguese? i thought we were hungarian. can you tell me that story again? behind every question is a story waiting to be discovered. this holiday, start the journey with a dna kit from ancestry.
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jon: here are some other headlines from around the globe in the uk boris johnson saying the brexit trade deal will provide new freedom to people who felt left behind, parliament is sent to vote on wednesday.
3:44 pm
in italy pope francis this morning. for healthcare workers and families who lost loved ones due to the coronavirus, the pope said he will stop making public appearances at the vatican window to reduce crowds in st. peter's were. in israel at the coronavirus lockdown in effect today. health officials warning it will likely last for a month until infection rates are down. in canada officials say they have detected two confirmed cases of the new coronavirus strain that first appeared in the united kingdom, experts say this is more contagious than the original strain although it does not appear to be more deadly. in the european unio union a mak over 19 vaccination program officially underway amy to make shots available to all of adults by the end of 2021. germany the pilot traced a syringe in the sky promoting the beginning of the same vaccination program across europe. that is a look at stories from around the globe.
3:45 pm
federal investigators name the suspect in the nashville christmas explosion, they say he died in the blast, the latest on the investigation into this bombing. but first how veterans united at the ronald mcdonald house charities are teaming up to spread much needed cheer this holiday season. ♪ so you only pay for what you need. isn't that what you just did? service! ♪ stand back, i'm gonna show ya ♪ ♪ how doug and limu roll, ya ♪ ♪ you know you got to live it ♪ ♪ if you wanna wi... [ music stops ] time out! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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jon: christmas is a bit brighter this year for a family who an newborn son is getting critical care for heart condition, army veteran brandon swan and his family are staying at the ronald mcdonald house near advocate children's hospital in oakland illinois. veterans united home loans and ronald mcdonald house teamed up and surprised them and others staying there with a holiday light display, a visit from santa and of course lots of presents. the swan family got another surprise last month when veterans united paid off their homes mortgage through its make it mean more initiative, joining is now branded in taylor swan also with this holly buchan doll the ceo ronald mcdonald house charity of chicagoland and northwest indiana. thank you to each of you for
3:50 pm
being here. brandon your yo u.s. army veter, was a week ago you got quite a surprise regarding your fairly new to you home. right? >> yeah, we got a brand-new ho home. jon: tell us about it, how did you get the word. >> after we bought the house the word was put to me that we needed to do an interview or a review on how our experience was with veterans united and they asked me a little bit about myself and my wife and they told me they were going to pay off my mortgage. jon: wow. they also paid to set up this amazing and dazzling christmas display the ronald mcdonald house where you are staying now while your son is in the hospital right? >> yeah, it's really people out
3:51 pm
there. jon: what is it do for your spirits taylor. >> it is really nice because we can see it coming down from the hospital, everyone enjoys christmas lights, seeing it and hopefully the rest of the families of the rana mcdonald house as well. jon: he's a little too young to understand what christmas is all about but tell us how he is doing. >> he is doing really great right now, we are getting closer and closer to going home, right now were working on his breathing and getting him down to a level of oxygen which he can safely go home on. jon: he looks like a happy little guy. >> he is very happy and smiling. jon: let's talk to holly a little bit, this is just one happy story among the many, while thousands of families that the ronald mcdonald house has
3:52 pm
allowed to stay in your area, they can stay there for free while the children are in the hospital, this time a year, especially after a year like this, how is the fundraising going. >> it's been a challenging year but childhood illness does not stop because of the pandemic, we've been very clear about being resilient as an organization and making sure that we raise the necessary resources to keep the families close to the child, our goal is to deliver 162 families throughout the chicago area and little finley is an example of one of those kids that are just sick and fighting for their lives, partnership like this when veterans united brought so much joy to brendan and taylor but so much joy to the families staying at our house, the advocate children's hospital and
3:53 pm
quite frankly hospital workers across the street are getting to enjoy the holiday festivities happening at the house as well. jon: we can take another look at the video, it's absolutely beautiful the winter wonderland display. >> absolutely. bringing joy to the neighborhood, the families and our hospital partners for sure. veterans united was able to support this family, there is a lot of stress and worry on families when their kid is sick and little finley has been in the hospital since august, we try to take away the worry and pain a home mortgage or the monthly mortgage off in time is one of those worries let alone how to keep your family together and have a place to sleep and eat, ronald mcdonald in chicago northwest indian indiand the world to make sure that happens for children and their families. jon: veterans united home loans
3:54 pm
took care of your mortgage taylor in brandon, we know that they did it to other veterans as well, we thank you for your service brandon and we hope little thin gets better very quickly, do you think you'll be taken home soon. >> yes, hopefully soon, stay by day but hopefully soon. jon: everybody spirits lifted after the declaratio decorationd everything else. we have a second or two left, holly, what can people do if they want to help you out at ronald mcdonald house. >> a financial donation is always extremely helpful and for our organization that is ronald house but we also rely on gender support partnerships and volunteers in our community to help us provide all the basic needs and amenities that we need for families so i always say whatever you do in your house, we do and ours on a much larger
3:55 pm
scale, you can make donations small and large about items that we need but you can also make a financial donation for a family and give your time through volunteering. jon: it's been a tough year for a lot of americans but we know they are generous and everybody's got time to give, we hope that they help you out. holly, brandon and taylor swan, we wish you well in our very best to little finley. he is a happy guy like i said. >> thank you. jon: coming up law enforcement officials say they have their suspect in the case missed a bombing in nashville but they're looking for the motive. will be back with the latest on the ground. ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ it's a new dawn... if you've been taking copd sitting down, it's time to make a stand. start a new day with trelegy. no once-daily copd medicine has the power to treat copd
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will. jon: were checking back in with charles watson live in nashville the latest on the quiz mistakes motion. >> authorities say they will continue processing evidence they've collected during the course of their investigation so far law enforcement say they have been able to positively match anthony warner's remains with they don't know is why the motive is still unclear in this case officials are looking at the 63-year-old online activity to see if they could piece together his thought process and they will also continue to take tips and leads from the public, officials say they don't have any reason to believe that any other threat existed nashville. we expect to hear more about this investigation in the coming
4:00 pm
days as it develops. jon: charles watson, thank you. that is how fox reports on this final sunday of 2020 the summer 27th. i am jon scott to give her watching and we wish you happy and healthy 2021. see you in the new year. [♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world," i'm jesse watters. a complacent country. we live in an enormous country. the third largest in the world. we sit between two oceans and clock in with the third largest population. over 300 million people. not everything affects us the same way. those of us who live in texas process things differently than those who live in hawaii. but there are things that happen to all of us that should make us angry. but many americans jus


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