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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 28, 2020 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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this is something we will continue to be following here. thank you for joining us today. "the five" is coming up next. it's important to get out to vote if you're in georgia. that's coming up. ♪ >> hello, everyone. i'm emily compendia with lisa boothe, sean duffy, marie hearth, and tyrus. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." at any moment the house will vote on president trump's stimulus demand. president trump signing a massive bill into law last night after railing against its price tag and spending. >> i'm asking congress to amend this bill and increase the
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ridiculously low $600 to $2,000, or $4,000 for a couple. i'm also asking congress to immediately get rid of the wasteful and unnecessary items from this legislation. >> emily: trump taking issue with spending for the kennedy center in washington, a billion for the smithsonian, 7 million for reef management and 25 million to combat invasive asian carp. tonight won't -- republicans oppose adding more and say spending should be targeted to people who need it. >> it's terribly untargeted. why would we be sending $2,000 to people with a six-figure income who have had no suspension or reduction of their income. this money isn't sitting on a shelf. we are going to print it or borrow it. i think the age should be much,
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much more targeted, targeted to people who have lost their job. >> we are in crisis because of nancy pelosi politicizing this. her refusal to deliver covert relief. most provisions were bipartisan, paycheck protection program, support for hospitals or vaccination distribution. we could've gotten it done had it not been for speaker pelosi. >> emily: as a former congressman, part of the issue is that in an unprecedented year with an unprecedented pandemic, congress seems to be operating as usual. every congressman that we talk to says here's the problem and here's the issues but can you break down for viewers what is the problem and what is the issue?
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>> sean: great to be with you. we are doing a covid spending bill at christmas when this congress is about to end in less than a week. the new congress is signed into office. plenty of time to get a bill done in october. they are angry there is so much pork in the bill. saying this money isn't targeted. we don't want help retirees. we don't want to haven't lost in the income because they are government employees. some of the leavenworth for the last five years. all of them are going to get a $2,000 check. that doesn't make sense. seeing this divide in the republican party especially tonight. the backdrop of this is simple. publicans want the government to open. winona -- they don't want to give checks to the american people. so newsom and other governors can keep their economies close. we want people back to work and making their incomes. >> emily: to shawn's point, if
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this you isn't spending. how is speaker pelosi's elucidation of the spending bill, how is it different? >> donald trump refused to sign the spending bill. he meant millions of americans will lose at least a week of that on a plane and benefits. trump has put republicans in a really tough position. the democratic led house will pass a bill. the republican senate led by mitch mcconnell has a choice to make. do you say no to the american people? we think you can survive on $600? especially when they are senate seats up for reelection, to republicans running these georgia runoff elections in just a few days. donald trump is put mitch mcconnell in a tough position. the administration isn't
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helping. mike pence, donald trump. steven mnuchin, key negotiator for the administration is on vacation in mexico. the democrats in the house are back at work today. they are tonight voting. they are going to give the american people more relief. we don't want to give handouts forever and ever certainly but this is a pandemic that we have never seen the likes of in this country. right now the american people need that money not just for themselves but to help the economy. the economy will do better if the american people have a little bit of relief as we see this vaccine. the end on the horizon so soon. this is a tough place for republicans in the senate to be to say sorry, american people. we don't think you deserve more money during this crisis. >> emily: lisa, to marie's point, she's right he could've been more a long time ago but according to speaker pelosi "republicans obstructionism, even though we know there was a lot of politicization and complete stalemate on her part throughout. what is your response to that
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characterization? >> we have this bill months ago back in july. if you look at the act, the mitch mcconnell republican bill, it mirrors the bill that was signed into law. we could've had this deal months ago but nancy pelosi held out for maximum pain on the american people into denied president, victory. to marie's criticism of president trump, he had run two of the most successful government programs we've ever seen in american's history. forthwith ppp. it has saved something close to 50 million jobs. as well as operation warp speed which brought two vaccines to the american people which is a way to solve the crisis we are facing so we can go back to our lives. we can live as normal, just like we did before. what have democrats done? liberal leaders, governor cuomo, gavin newsom, shutting down the economy, locking down the economy, kill the middle-class,
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kill small businesses. over what? indoor spread in new york is 1.5% yet they are questioning small businesses, crushing restaurants when the science doesn't even back it up? both have been the solutions and the responses for democrats. locked down, shut down, take away your freedom and deny the american people the aid that they need for political purposes to try to stick it to president trump. >> as we are having this conversation, the house has begun voting on the bill so we will keep you posted. tyrus, my question to you is about the future. if in this really insane year if everything proceeded as normal and we are still having the same argument back and forth, will it ever change? >> that's an amazing question. i guess the good news is when we specifically need something, we can keep it to two or three pages like when they tried to bring it up to a $2,000 seamless check as opposed to the actual
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bill which was just under 6,000 pages. this was classic holding into the wire. pelosi did a really good job waiting until the last minute to anybody opposes that now they look like the bad guy. this is, we are going to stay with obstruction and not focusing on the importance of the american people. that's why it's so important that we need term limits so we can stop this madness. they weren't thinking about the american people and they were stalling. the bill has blown up. the president took one look and said it's windy because. let's get rid of the pork belly. if we stretch it out and be responsible we are hurting the american people. because it's the old football term, they ran the ball and ate up the clock and said here you go. if you don't like it, you're hurting the american people. i think we'll see exactly what this is. you don't need glasses to see what's going on here. >> emily: amen. coming up next, brand-new video of the christmas day bombing in
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♪ >> investigators searching for motiveprogress police release nw video of the solution in nashville. the bomber is identified as anthony quinn warner and officials say he died in the blast. the focus is shifting to why the suspect did it. let's go to mike tobin in nashville. >> one of the avenues investigators are traveling is a possibility that anthony quinn warner was paranoid over a 5g technology and that goes back to
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a number reports that quote an unnamed investigator. onone of things investigators he set on the record is that the father of anthony quinn warner worked for at&t before he died. you know the bomb was placed outside the at&t building. investigators caution in making the connection as far as the motivation would be speculative at this point. footage from the scene is absolutely dramatic. one police officer, james wells, seen in the area of the blast before he says he heard a voice telling him to check on his fellow officer. moments later debris from the blast overwhelms the area where the officer was standing. one person was giving credit to police, jeffrey rasmussen who got the warning from cops and escaped as the blast shook his family car. >> the second thing, i'm so grateful to those officers. they put themselves in danger to help us get to safety.
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the way i see it, to angel showed up on our doorstep christmas morning and they happen to be in police officers uniforms. >> dna analysis of material found in other vehicles by deed warner. they say there's no indication anyone else is involved. a raid was conducted at warner's home outside of nashville. the ap quotes her neighbors saying that warner told him nashville and the world would never forget him. the rest say he was reclusive. >> i'm very surprised. a little bit on edge. maybe i should know my neighbors a little bit better than what i do. >> investigators say they don't want the bomb is made of yet. evidence is being analyzed in quantico. warner does have a police record but pretty minor. pot possession charge in 1979. back to you guys in new york.
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>> thanks, mike. emily, you've been involved in a lot of law enforcement investigations over your career. we don't know a lot about this man and why he did it. what are you looking for in the coming days and the investigation? >> emily: the closure from an identifiable motive would be huge. that's something that to this day is lacking remember from the las vegas shooting i think for the families of victims to not have had the additional emotional closure, it's something they deal with every day. obviously thank goodness here there was no loss of life in addition to the perpetrator. people need to know so they can proceed and they aren't living on edge. without an ideology being pressed. it reduces the risk of it being domestic terrorism. three things that stick out to me are one, we know the nypd has had internal memos warning of incoming ied and vehicular assault targeting nypd.
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secondly the fact that our infrastructure is vulnerable. especially the electrical grid. all it takes is one person with the paranoia and intent and a way to carried out for this kind of damage to be done. risking lives. thank goodness there weren't. the last one is that the six policemen who are indeed angels and also are doing their jobs, of the six, five were essentially rookies. their experience was 11 months, 21 months, one had 11 years. as one's head in front of the podium, he said christmas day will never be the same for me again. i can't imagine what they and their families must be thinking right now. >> marie: the reports knocking out the at&t building grounded some flights at the airport and 911 going off-line. that's really scary. sean, we heard today from president-elect joe biden. he addressed this issue in a press conference that he gave. he credited the police officers. we have yet to hear anything from president trump yet.
2:18 pm
what would you like to hear from president trump or from other national leaders addressing the situation? >> sean: sometimes in situations like this it's good to step back and let law enforcement do their work. to build on what emily said, they are going to pull computers from mr. warner's house and see his searches, look at his phones. see if we can find a motive. was he concerned about 5g? i look at this investigation and say what speed in which law enforcement works. the atf and fbi and local law enforcement. only a few days past christmas and we have identified the perpetrator. we know where he lives. we know that it's a sole actor. it's pretty remarkable. this was a christmas miracle. i don't believe mr. warner wanted to kill anybody. that's why he gave a warning. but there's a lot of people in the area and law enforcement showed up and they were able to clear the area. no one died. we had a dog walker that was
2:19 pm
going to walk down the street was turned back by law enforcement. you referenced officer were also set a voice, a voice from god, had them turn around and walk away from that explosion. this is absolutely a miracle. >> marie: nashville has been through a lot this year. they had terrible when he does. tennessee has been hit pretty hard. what are your thoughts? >> lisa: i believe the media's giving this too much attention. clearly had he had an intention to make noise. live in infamy. you don't do something like this to set off an explosion like this. i'm all about denying him what he wanted and the ability to live in infamy. we see it time and time again. there's a ton of research to back up the copycat effect. school shootings, bombings, terror attacks. they tend to lead to more particularly when the media gives it a lot of coverage. i don't believe we should be
2:20 pm
giving this incident that much coverage. looking at the columbine shooters come a lot of mass shooters after that point, they idolized them in the attention they got. i personally believe in all of these initiatives and school shootings actually shouldn't have so much attention to it. >> last work, tyrus. how do you respond? terrorist attacks if they come from overseas may happen here in the u.s. they get a lot of attention. with your response to lisa? >> tyrus: i couldn't agree with her more. we need to stop making martyrs out of domestic terrorists and foreign terrorists. it sends the wrong message. people of the same mind-set taking i can live forever, to do this and you hate to see that. instead of worrying about investigating motive, we need to start investigating how a motivated individual can literally bring our telecommunications down to its knees, canceling flights, losing
2:21 pm
service. one person was able to do that. to me we should be focusing on how is it possible that one motivated individual can hurt our entire communication infrastructure. that to me is where the investigation should be. >> agreed, that's important. coming up next, we will move on. dr. fauci under fire and defending himself after being accused of moving the goal posts on herd immunity.
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♪ >> sean: welcome back to "the five." dr. anthony fauci being accused of misleading americans after he told "the new york times" he intentionally moved the goal post on when the country could reach herd immunity to the coronavirus. fauci denies that's what he was doing. watch. >> why weren't you straight with
2:26 pm
the american people about this to begin with? >> no, i don't think it could be interpreted as being straight or not. we have to realize that we have to be humble and realize what we don't know. these are pure estimates and the calculations that i made 70, 75%. it's a range. the range will be between 70 and 85%. the reason that i first started saying 70, 75. i brought it up to 85. it's not a big leap. >> sean: senator marco rubio calling out fauci. "dr. fauci lied about masks. it isn't just him. many believe the american public doesn't know what's good for them so they need to be tricked into doing the right thing." interesting. marie, many americans have become frustrated with the
2:27 pm
changing stories from dr. fauci. what say you about senator marco rubio's tweet? >> marie: if marco rubio doesn't trust dr. saatchi maybe he shouldn't have gotten vaccinated like he did before health care workers and elderly people. and he was so dubious about the science name he shouldn't have taken place at the front of the line to get vaccinated. the bigger point is one dr. fauci made in the clip. this is a new disease, a new virus. we didn't even know about a year ago. a brand-new vaccine that we are just seeing the first results from. throughout the pandemic i think people need to realize that as we learn more, doctors will tell you what they learn and as we get new information they will be up front with you and they should be encouraged by lawmakers and people in positions of power to understand the process. we had never even heard of covid-19 a year ago and now we know so much more about it. that's what dr. fauci was talking about. the bottom line, everyone should get the vaccine when they are
2:28 pm
able to. the more people who get it, the more are protected. >> sean: the point is well made. lisa, if you look at some of the things dr. fauci has talked about and that he thought wrong. he was opposed to closing flights to china, post a lockdown, in favor of school shutdowns come in favor -- he got herd immunity information wrong. dr. fauci and the power he has to affect people's lives and livelihoods, should we be listening to dr. fauci and anything he does? >> lisa: and he was wrong about the fatality rate. he said it was going to be something like 1%. it's closer to the flu. he urged, depending on the age group. he's been consistently wrong. the left fix the wrong heroes. they heralded dr. fauci despite the fact that he's been consistently wrong about just about everything. it's not just the changing data. a lot of the information has been there but he got it wrong. he has spoken show definitively
2:29 pm
without any caveats, any hedging. his words have consequences. what we have seen is now we have an economic crisis as a result of some of the decisions people made in part because of the information he was putting out. we have an education crisis. we are have so many children falling behind in schools. we have these issues as a result of the decisions for public health officials have made, like dr. fauci. that's my problem. he has spoken so definitively when he didn't have the information or the information didn't really back up what he was saying. it's caused a lot of pain for a lot of americans. >> sean: good point. tyrus, i want to talk to about your beard. i can't. we don't have time. a lot of americans are unwilling to take the vaccine, right? more and more people are skeptical. if you look at some of our public health officials and some of the statements they've made
2:30 pm
on the missteps they've made through the coronavirus pandemic, is it one of the reasons why they don't trust the vaccine? >> i think there's a lot of reasons but before we get to that, my beard game is strong, just so you know. it's the way it works out. the biggest problem, i think we need to relax a little bit as far as calling scientist lawyers. it's new. we're going to see changes. what we know in the beginning we don't know what the end. the problem is only start politicizing them singly and up in situations like this. it's not so much that dr. fauci had information. it's that he decided to change and a little bit so it would be easier to swallow. 75. 50% of the population taking the vaccine within he found out it might be 60. once you start tweaking things like that, you open yourself up to criticism. it's science. it should be the hypothesis which is, as things go until their facts and that's the problem. once you start saying i can only tell them this because i don't
2:31 pm
think they can handle it, you are now being political. it's a fine line in this climate. it's hard for guys. give us the facts. that's why i encourage everyone, be your own investigative reporter. read everything. go to the sites and educate yourself. you never know what side of the fence they might be trying to lean or what tv station they are in terms of giving information. it's unfortunate we are not sticking to science and we are starting to get into personal opinions. >> sean: make decisions for yourself. emily, you're a west coast girl. you've seen some of the strictest lockdowns in california. we see surgeon covid cases in california. is it a case study that shows lockdowns don't actually impact the spread of covid? >> emily: in part. i think science reflect that to begin with when in the initial studies we saw there wasn't discernible evidence delineating between outdoor and indoor dining.
2:32 pm
it's a bigger reflection of the incompetence that has plagued california for decades. as a lifelong californian, it breaks my heart to see for some reason the sky rocketing statistics. you throw a bunch of money at something and it makes the problem worse because it's not backed by a targeted, reasonable reason. we've seen it with homelessness, with lockdowns, pensions and budgets in bankruptcy. unfortunately to lisa's point, of course a hammer will see every problem as a nail. everything dr. fauci says of course will be with the biology and science in his view. it's the elected officials that failed to take into account the other ramifications, economics. starvation of livelihoods that occurred when they were making these decisions. the blame lies squarely with them. >> sean: california lockdowns break my heart too, emily. we have to move on.
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♪ >> cnn's jake tapper to getting called. >> some people are so mendacious i wouldn't put them on air. kayleigh mcenany, i never booked her. jason miller from the trump campaign. i would never book him. these are people who, they tell lies the way most people breathe. there was no value in that. there's a big difference between some of my kayleigh mcenany, this is what she does, she tells lies all the time.
2:38 pm
she can't acknowledge reality. so i'm just not going to put somebody like that on air. kayleigh mcenany saying on twitter. "this is a therapy session for broker network." all right, guys. let me ask. is it super hypocrisy saying she's a liar? or is it, until they turn on the president because we know there's quite a few cnn jobs available for you if you leave the white house under angry terms, you end up as a special guest on cnn pretty regularly. the list goes on and on. emily, is it hypocrisy or is there any truth in what he saying? >> emily: i think there is absolute hypocrisy and also i think this is the streisand effect. naming the beast and obsessing
2:39 pm
over it. they are all still and we are all still talking about it. despite their better than thou attitude, they are advertising dollars of those networks are being spent on the topic of president trump. what's their perceived benefit? the president-elect has been named. it's joe biden. what is it to them that they are continuing to spend these advertising dollars and their time talking about this administration. why wouldn't they be focused on the incoming one? i think it's pretty obvious why. >> tyrus: ratings manner. lisa, let me ask, isn't the whole point of the interview to determine for the american people to figure out whether someone's lying or telling the truth. is it up to the broadcaster? >> lisa: the irony here is that people like jake tapper and many of the liberals that work in the media have protected the most prolific liar in american clinical history which is joe biden. if you look at joe biden, he
2:40 pm
lies about everything. he's a plagiarist, he lied to his family coming from coal miners. he lied about receiving the naacp's endorsement even though they don't endorse. he's lied about things like graduating the top of his law school. he's lied about everything, yet the media didn't invent him. they protected him and his sons lies in his business dealings from that information getting out to the american people. i think the entire reason the media hates president trump so much as he doesn't buy into their b.s. narrative they push. for instance, people like mitt romney with the war on women, he said in response i have binders full of women. he played along. president trump if he gets a question like that he just says wrong, move on. he ignores it. he doesn't buy in, doesn't placate the left and the b.s. narrative they've always pushed and continue to push. >> tyrus: marie, you are the staunch democrat in the room. he tends to look one-sided. do you think both sides are
2:41 pm
pretty guilty and wanting to hear the voice that agrees with them? to think that happens way too much in today's news network or opinion channels? c7 well, sure but also someone o has had to represent the government at the podium answering reporter's questions, we always saw our job, democrat or republican as telling the truth, giving information. the media has had to deal with donald trump, a president, the first time in my lifetime certainly who lies every single day, multiple times a day. no sense of reality many times. people like kayleigh mcenany who i know and have liked for a long time, going on tv and says things are demonstrably false. how do you deal with that? how do you fact-check it in real time? you can't fact-check everything on an interview so you just don't book them? it's a challenge for reporters and for the first time we've seen a president and his staff
2:42 pm
blatantly outright not telling the truth. >> lisa: lied about the iran deal. the things joe biden said. >> tyrus: sean, you've been behind enemy lines. you've been on the back deal of this. take us home and make some sense of it. >> sean: i love left-wing media and how seriously they take themselves. they put on eric swalwell and adam schiff and michael avenatti. the ones who failed to report on juno and hunter biden laptops and foreign payments. they spent two years on russia collusion. i don't believe anything they say. the news is not on news networks anymore, especially in liberal media land. >> tyrus: more of "the five" coming up.
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♪ >> alec baldwin's wife causing controversy over claims she's been faking a spanish accent and
2:47 pm
lying about her heritage. trying to defend yourself but admitting she was born in boston. watch. >> i am born in boston and i spent some of my childhood in boston and some of it in spain. yes, i am a white girl. i am a white girl. ethnically i'm a mix of many, many, many things. culturally i grew up with different cultures. >> lisa: i feel like if you're explaining coming or losing. emily, is she 2020s rachel dolezal? >> [laughs] exactly. i couldn't make it through her entire video. no one has time for that b.s. her husband, alec baldwin called twitter of vast orchard of crap and was like, i know. i've been guilty of slinging crap also but this takes the cake and from here on out i am publicly denouncing it. that's exactly the point. until it comes for you, it is
2:48 pm
speaking truth to power but when it does come for you, then all of a sudden it's crap. >> lisa: her real name is hillary, not hilaria. do you have sympathy for hershey a -- or is she a lying liar? >> one of the news outlets found at her real name for her myspace archive. that still exist somewhere. it's too good to be true. i think if we end up canceling alec baldwin because of this, i will be very happy. you can't make it out. >> lisa: nothing surprises us anymore. sean, she says she's from mallorca, spain. she's from boston. this is pretty unreal. >> sean: i knew nothing about this story. my kids and my wife knew all about it. she does not sound like a woman
2:49 pm
who came from spain. she sounds like she's from boston. twitter doesn't lie. people say you went to school with me in boston. you grew up in boston. you are not hilaria. your hillary. it's funny. the appropriation that happens where it's cooler to be from spain than boston. okay, hilaria, pretend like you are from spain and that you can't pronounce cucumber. >> lisa: tyrus. >> tyrus: you know what, i myself always wanted to be a tulip, identifies a tulip. i can't prove that i sprouted from a bulb but i feel that way. that's where we're at at. american dream, you can be anything you want to be. even if this is from another country. go on. i ain't mad at you. i don't have time. >> lisa: tulip tyrus. >> tyrus: my myspace page would've gotten the best of me. >> lisa: i have one more for you guys. if you don't have a shovel or a
2:50 pm
snowblower, don't worry. grab your flamethrower. >> that's how your clear driveway. >> lisa: a kentucky man going viral for using fire to snow on his driveway while chugging a beer in his bathrobe, slippers. sean, coming from wisconsin, some people are saying this is unconventional. but shouldn't be more conventional? >> sean: i love this. flame throwing your driveway. we less work than shoveling. i don't know if you've seen christmas vacation but doesn't he look like uncle eddie with the hat and the beer? totally hilarious. i have flamethrower envy and tyrus and b. i would flamethrower my wisconsin driveway. >> lisa: the beer is a solid
2:51 pm
move. >> tyrus: he's trying to settle the argument on why he bought the flamethrower. look at all the things i can do with it. i know you said it's a ridiculous purchase but i can clean the garage with it. i can chase away beehives. i can keep the cat out of the garden. so many uses for the flamethrower. you don't know. it's also good for glazing hams. the pineapple, cherry, flamethrower. phenomenal. a million uses for the flamethrower. >> lisa: marie, will we see you out this winter with a big flamethrower question rick >> marie: know, you won't. but i think like sean i thought of christmas vacation. it was it dead ringer. didn't know there were so many things you could do with the flamethrower. i was going to say, why would you buy edi it? >> emily: as someone who's
2:52 pm
been begging her mechanics to put flamethrowers on the back of my muscle car, that was was hashtag goals all over. all i need is snow and flamethrower. >> lisa: i hope you get it. "one more thing" is up next. seat people remember commercials with exciting stunts. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's something you shouldn't try at home... look, liberty mutual customizes home insurance so we only pay for what we need. it's pretty cool. that is cool! grandma! very cool. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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robinwithout the commission fees. so, you can start investing today wherever you are - even hanging with your dog. so, what are you waiting for? download now and get your first stock on us. robinhood. ♪ >> welcome back. it's time now for "one more thing." i'm going first. so archaeologist and pompeii have made an extraordinary discovery. this was a town that was buried by a mount vesuvius eruption in 79 a.d. and these guys found a hot food and drink shop that served up the ancient equivalent of street food to roman passersby, so it's basically a 2000-year-old street food cart and it even had remains of food that was 2,000 years old including snails. i just love this stuff. i want to show you a photo of my dad that my mom took sort of
2:57 pm
playing around with what they called at the time "pompeii's wineshop." tyrus, next to you. >> you know, my dog stole the show at a soccer match in bolivia and this little go hard decided he had enough -- didn't like the way the defense was going in the game so he jumped in and grabbed a soccer cleat and he could go all -- but you know, everyone who had a young dog who gets off the leash, you know this pain. at least this time it didn't disrupt an entire soccer match and quite possibly ruin the evening, but at the end, he was sorry because it rolled on his back. probably exhausted from making the entire team look bad. look at him. no one can stay mad at the sky. can't stay mad at you. whose dog is this? >> [laughs] lisa, your turn. >> he's a very good boy. so sometimes all it takes is some motivation from a friendly face to help us take our first big steps.
2:58 pm
watch this. >> i got my legs now. i'm ready. >> so that is blake, a paralympic medalist and a double amputee and he's cheering on little kj there, so they met. he was at a facility in oklahoma city for some new legs in his quest to run the tokyo olympic or paralympics and while he was there he was meeting kj, who was receiving his first prosthesis from an accident that he had and with his guidance and encouraging words, kj took those first steps. what a sweet boy. >> love that. sean duffy, you're up next. >> i'm from wisconsin, i used to driving in the snow, but i love seeing video of people who aren't used to driving in snow actually get snow and so this is from turkey. and remind me of many southern cities in the united states. it also reminds me of my wife
2:59 pm
rachel, who originally is from arizona when the first snow comes, this is how she drives as well. a little bit of advice, all they need is to not apply the brakes when going downhill and get some snow tires. >> oh, man! burn, sean. all right, marie, what's your one more thing for us? >> well, check out this video of an amazon driver in rhode island, one of our essential workers busting a move while delivering packages just before christmas. his name is abraham, he was dancing like nobody's watching on that video. we all need things to give us some joy in 2020 and he certainly found a very shot up to him and all the other amazon guys who got us our gifts for christmas too. >> he's got some solid moves. at least if you're going to get caught dancing, he's good at it. >> great. it's great. i love it. >> i think we need to find him and have him addition. it literally, this is awesome. i give this a full five stars
3:00 pm
for sure. >> i think it's not awesome if you're waiting on your package next door. less dance, more delivery. >> trying to get a little -- >> over to you, hey, brett. >> bret: hey, emily. i think it was greg gutfeld dancing there. good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. breaking tonight just moments ago, the house voted to give struggling americans twodollar checks to replace the $600 relief checks the president signed into law late sunday after leaving many wondering what he would do. the house is also, after that vote to provide the $2,000, is also now working towards overwriting the president's veto of the national defense authorization act. the democrats are depending on republican cooperation to accomplish both. we have fox team coverage. rich edson with the president a wish list for pets from congress. but we begin with chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel and the latest action on capitol hill moments ago. >> the vote


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