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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 29, 2020 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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wish everybody a happy new year and all the best going forward. >> sandra: well said. thank you for joining us in our best to you and your business as you try to recover. >> thank you, sandra. >> sandra: thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. "the five" is next. ♪ >> hello, everyone. i am lawrence jones with lisa boothe, emily compagno, jason chaffetz, it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." a major battle in washington over beefed up twodollar stimulus checks. president trump telling republicans to approve the payment as soon as possible unless i have a "death wish." senate leader mitch mcconnell not giving into democrats. demands to hold a vote. linking the bill now to other trauma priorities.
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studying claims of election fraud. this issue igniting a fierce debate on all sides of the political spectrum. is the answer more stimulus or ending crushing lockdowns? >> i don't want to hear it that it cost too much to help working families get a check when they're struggling. >> i am delighted to support the president and his increment over what we've already done. >> do we turn our backs on struggling working families or do we respond to their pain? >> we are talking about sending checks, the vast majority of which will be going to people who have had no loss of income whatsoever. >> my republican colleagues seem more interested in funding defense then in funding the defenseless. >> the best stimulus there is is a job. >> lawrence: it's a great last tuesday of the year. thanks for being on the show
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today. jason, i'm going to go to you first. it seems like this process is a big mess. leadership is controlling the process. seemed like the people's voices and being heard. you used to be in congress. why does this continue to happen? >> jason: thanks, lawrence. good to be with you. i'm really not missing being in congress right now. i've got to tell you. this problem started march 26 of 1940, the day nancy pelosi was born. we could have dealt with this over the summer. that's where this whole thing should have been dealt with a long, long time ago. there was an election coming. no way democrats were going to let this go. where we are today with people in desperate need, people in desperate need, no doubt about it. a few days until the next congress so you're going to deal with these issues, you have to speed up the process. a normal bill takes five days to
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go through the united states senate. in mitch mcconnell use what's called rule 14 to try to mesh together with $2,000, also looking at investigations into election fraud and trying to deal with section 230. nobody has read the text so we don't know exactly what is going to be but literally within the last hour this is the outline mitch mcconnell has given. they've got to push it over. they've got to do so before sunday when they start the new congress. >> lawrence: these guys typically don't read the text. they vote for what leadership tells them what to do. i made the argument that if you're not going to roll up your sleeves and help the american people after you told them they couldn't work, then let them go back to work. what say you? >> lisa: absolutely. states like florida where i am that are doing it right. they are not having hospitals at capacity and the weight states like california are in california has taken much harsher lockdowns. cases per 100,000.
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new york and california doing worse in florida. governor desantis had allowed the economy to drive, to stay open allow people to work. business is to open. i want to address something that joe biden said earlier today because i'm so sick and tired of know whatever holding into account account. he criticized president trump's vaccine rollout. how dare he after he and kamala harris trying to so doubt. >> lawrence: let's play that shot of the vice president. i will get you to react. >> trump administration's plan to distribute vaccine is falling behind, far behind. as i long feared and warned, the effort to distribute and administer the vaccine is not progressing as it should. trump administration suggested 20 million americans could be vaccinated by the end of december. with only a few days left in december, we've only vaccinated a few million so far. >> lawrence: this is a guy that criticized operation
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warp speed in the beginning. >> lisa: he and kamala harris tried to so doubt in the vaccine for political purpose heading into the election. how dare he criticized president trump. president trump has brought to vaccines to the public in record time with operation warp speed and that's a man, joe biden, said in 2012 he didn't even want to be mayor because you have to produce, it's a real job. that's why he's stuck in the senate for 36 years. incoming chief of staff ron klain says they got lucky with h1n1 that it wasn't a mass casualty event because they made so many mistakes, the obama administration. and joe biden. how dare joe biden criticized president trump when he has pushed one of the most successful, you know, government campaigns in history with operation warp speed. >> lawrence: what about that, marie? what's the democrat response to what lisa is saying? >> marie: donald trump promised us 20 million americans would be vaccinated by the end
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of the year and only 2 million have. the reason that according to the experts who looked at it is that basically what the federal government did, they were very successful getting the vaccines done and approved and ready to be distributed but they basically then just sent it to the states and left it to the states to get it distributed. states are trying to do things, they are not all going to do it well. we are well behind the base of where we should be. lawrence, this segment isn't actually about the vaccine. it's about the fact that the reason americans, middle-class working americans across the country aren't going to get a $2,000 check isn't nancy pelosi. she passed it. it's not donald trump. he supports it. it's mitch mcconnell and republicans in the senate. it is so unpopular what mitch mcconnell is doing that you see the two republican senators up for election in georgia in a few days coming out. david perdue in supporting the $2,000 check. >> lawrence: they all should be supporting $2,000.
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the american people deserve it after they told them not, that they couldn't work. the fact the matter is we could have gotten this long time ago if democrats didn't play politics and wait until after the election. emily. >> emily: that's exactly right, lawrence. >> marie: democrats passed two bills over the summer that the senate didn't take up. >> lawrence: nancy pelosi admitted she waited until the election until they had joe biden as the president to get something done. nancy pelosi. both political parties, including the people that lost their seats have been very critical of this. emily. >> that's exactly right. in the conversation and support to a knowledge of why americans need the relief and why it's taken so long to get here. there are three separate issues. we have the ndaa, the covid relief bill that congressman crenshaw called the lockdown relief bill and then we have the direct cash payment. keep in mind we are managing the
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astronomical debt that continues to grow. in terms of the lockdown relief bill, that has the targeted relief for small businesses, the 11 million unemployed americans. it provides that extension. rental assistance. that's for those americans that have been suffocated by this lockdown and then there's the direct cash payments which those fiscal card counterargument, the fiscal responsibility counterarguments are apt. there are a ton of americans whose incomes didn't change, including and especially the government workers that we saw talking at the beginning of this block. when we analyze this, we don't have time anymore. we are against the gun and those americans need help. the normal time if congress wasn't as toxic as they are an unhealthy and it so political, we could have acknowledge this and actually deemed what would be more valuable to those americans that need help. for the ndaa, those expenditures are outlandish and ridiculous but there's a special interest and lobbyist continue to win back and take it from me as a federal attorney when you try to
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make incremental changes in managing, it's like the weight of the world pushing back on y you. i'm yet we continue to not cut spending. we continue to not say. we overspent and over obligate ourselves. do you know a family thing is that? >> lawrence: meanwhile. they continue. goodies to other countries, continuing to give their friends deals in congress. the american people don't get taken care of. coming up next, democrats are getting very worried about those two critical senate runoff races in georgia after republican candidates warned of a socialist takeover. we've got more on "the five." ♪ sanctuary music (kids laughing) (dog barking) ♪ sanctuary music
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♪ >> jason: critical senate runoff elections in georgia are one week away and major power players, including president trump, will soon be descending on the peach state. despite his apparent advantage in early voting chuck schumer is apparently pessimistic on democrats chances there. the republican senators, senators kelly loeffler and david purdue laying out what's at stake. >> the future of the country is on the ballot here in georgia. we are the battleground, the firewall for stopping socialism. you heard chuck schumer in the clip said he wants to change america. his radical agents of change are our opponents. >> they want open borders, they want to defund the police. they want illegal immigrants to vote. they want to defund the military and give us the green new deal in addition to socializing our medical system. this is an aggressive, aggressive liberal plan that so
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dangerous. that's what we are fighting against. >> jason: yeah, no, that's so true. lisa, nancy pelosi with the gavel is bad enough that i can't imagine chuck schumer also having a gavel. >> lisa: god help us all if that happens. i think raphael warnock might cost democrats both those seats because he help make republicans think the left has gone too far, they are too extreme, they've gone too far to the left. he's an extremist and a radical. he has praised louis farrakhan. this is a man who has ties to jeremiah wright whose anti-american. he has praised marxism. now you have this individual, anthony washington, whose 30, who said when he was 12 years old a counselor threw urine on him at a church camp raphael warnock oversaw and raphael warnock was also arrested.
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the charges were later dropped for allegedly obstructing an investigation into abuse at this church camp. you have three different state entities in the state of maryland that all investigated this camp for child abuse, among other things. he not only has these personal issues and demons to address put also just the fact that he's a radical and he so out of step with georgia voters. >> jason: emily, there's the personal issues that the candidates have but there's an overarching concern about socialism. i want to put upward ambassador nikki haley tweeted. "20/20 was the year socialism went mainstream. the dangerous ideology which has failed everywhere. it's been tried and run countless lives on is on its way to becoming the default economic policy of the democratic party. this terrifying trend threatens the future of every american. how do you react to that? >> emily: i agree that this
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terrifying trend threatens the future of every american but respectfully i disagree with how long it's been mainstream. this reflects in amnesia how history has taught our students coupled with the short-term attention paid by media coverage and social media seems to foster. social media. socialism 2020 is the direct descendant due to radicalism in the 60s and every year up until then it's been reflective of that and all those radicals, they flooded two industries. community activism, community organization and academia. they have been entrenched in those two for decades. they also had pcn cancel culture. they called it self-criticism. they made no secret of wanting a violent overthrow of the government and they were born out of affluence and alienation just like now. there was an excellent op-ed in 2016 detailing all of it and he said it frankly has become a secular religion and i agree. to combat this we also need to
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acknowledge why it's taken root and how. not just look at it moment to moment but really see the trend and also acknowledge finally the role politicians have played. a senator sanders but also presidents like barack obama, figures like that and how they've been allowed and unable to perpetuate it. >> jason: marie, how do you react? you can see why a number of people are concerned. >> marie: i think it's clear republicans are scared about losing in georgia because they are trying to scare voters with the things they are saying. almost nothing david purdue said in that interview was true. these so-called radicals, as emily and lisa call them, the democrats running in georgia, they don't support socialist economic policies. they support getting people better health care for cheaper. they support getting better education for people. they support the american people having government that works for them, not for the corporate special interests like
2:19 pm
republicans kelly loeffler and david purdue have shown themselves to be at the mercy of in the senate. i think republicans are scared because they are throwing out every scary term to try to demonize democrats. georgia voters. it's not the truth. georgia voters are smarter than that. the elected joe biden and kamala harris just a month ago. saying all these nasty things. georgia voters are smarter than that. they are much more diverse than i think we've seen in the past. democrats i think are nervous because it is a traditionally republican state but they have shown they can win statewide. we will see what happens in a few days. >> jason: monday night, lawrence, you've got donald trump was going to show up and have quite the rally i'm sure. >> lawrence: i will be there to cover it for the fox news channel. the debate, if republicans are trying to scare voters or not, that's irrelevant. the problem is voters are scared. i've been on the ground in georgia and most of the strategy
2:20 pm
was anti-donald trump. he's nowhere on the ballot. stacey abrams had some success being able to mobilize people, they can't take that message and strategy and use it when a lot of voters have said they want divided government. they want someone is going to be able to check the other administration. i think they're going to have to change the strategy. republicans have to get out the vote. this is an election to lose. those people on the ground suggesting republicans shouldn't show up to vote because of the presidents litigation there in georgia i think this might be harmful for them but i think it's going to be up to the president on monday night to get his supporters out to support those candidates. >> jason: get out and vote. next tuesday. we are a week away. it's going to be quite the election. "the new york times" accused of celebrating cancel culture for reprising a teenager getting revenge on his former classmate
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>> lisa: "the new york times" accused of running cancel culture by highlighting how young man got his revenge on the former classmate. 18-year-old mimi groves was forced to withdraw from college after a year's worth old clip of her using a racial slur resurfaced. here's the back story. in 201 2016 groves recorded a 3-second video using a slur which she has since apologized for. three years later her classmate, jimmy galligan, who comes from a mixed race family, was sent the clip. he waited until groves chose her college oppose the video the days after george floyd's death. it set off a firestorm. galligan doesn't regret it and
2:26 pm
he said "i wanted to get her where she would understand the severity of that word. if i never posted that video, nothing would've ever happened. i'm going to remind myself you started something. you taught someone a lesson." the lawyer for mimi groves is calling out the university of tennessee. >> didn't give her a meaningful investigation. what it revealed on this happen years ago. revealed the context. they made a decision and they forced her out of it sets a bad example. that's horribly unfair and devastating to her and her family and it's not the job that an educational institution should be doing. >> lisa: jason, i want to start with you. should mimi groves be held accountable for something she said at age 15? >> jason: i think that's the problem. i like what they are doing in europe where you have the right to be forgotten. we excuse a lot as minors. if you do something stupid is a
2:27 pm
minor, who among us doesn't have some sort of something stupid we said or did or something else. that's why were minor. you should be able to be forgotten for that. legislation in dealing with social media companies is going to have to change long term you are exchanging your access to who you are, where you're going, what social media you're using. the social media companies can monetize it. if you suddenly break the contract and say i don't want to do that anymore, you i think have the right to be forgotten. certainly when you're 15 years old. this poor young woman put it in context, made a mistake and she apologized for it. she's got to be able to move on with her life. >> lisa: i went to the university of tennessee so i am ashamed of their reactions here but what message do you think they're sending future applicants? >> lawrence: i really hate to play the race card on this but
2:28 pm
as the black member on the panel, this is ridiculous. is this where we are at in society? we have real issues that are affecting black america. the state is abusing its power in some communities. you have redlining still happening. you have an education system that continues to put us in zip codes that they know are failing. you have a planned parenthood hope with their abortion facilities in our communities to kill us. the 15-year-old white girl is who we go after? it's shameful what we choose to cover as a news media. the fact that this is national media story, the fact that this is a topic on the show today, it's shameful. they really don't care about us. i would love to give some type of political response to this but this story lacks humanity. back home. i am from texas in the south and i remember having a racist encounter with one of my former
2:29 pm
teammates. i don't promote violence but we had a scuffle on the playground. after that we ended up becoming friends. we dealt with it and then we got over it. they didn't give this girl any room to deal with her problem. they decided to make it a national story and destroy the rest of her life. i'm not saying that she's innocent or that there shouldn't be any consequences but the way they handled it is shameful and i guarantee you there's a lot of books and videotapes of stuff other people have done. do you all really want to start doing this because it won't be pretty? >> lisa: we just heard from lawrence criticism of the media. "the new york times" for running the story. should they have ran it? >> marie: i think "the new york times" story in some respects cast her in quite a sympathetic light. you came away from that story thinking should something she had said when she was 15, something horrific she never
2:30 pm
should've said, should that have impacted her life in the way it did? her life is not ruined. she can apply to another college and i'm sure she will get in but i actually think the story was fairly balanced. it raised a lot of complicated questions. i would say for people who say why should this girl's life be changed for something she did when she was 15? why shouldn't she be given the benefit of the doubt? we have heard some trickle from somfrom some black activist who said they do something as minors and they are locked up in jail. or killed by police or injured by police. a lot of activists would say we feel bad for this young woman but there are a lot of young black men who are never given the benefit of a doubt or nevinr given a chance because of thin things -- >> lisa: let's get lawrence.
2:31 pm
>> lawrence: things happen, as i just listed to black folks every single day. instead of focusing on those issues and making it right, we target other groups of people. that's not right. the fact that, even marie just used us as a shield. this is what the activist said so that must make it right. >> marie: i didn't use it as a shield. i was quoting what people said. i also said it's complicated. it wasn't blaming her. >> lisa: i want to get emily in here before we've got to go. emily, she's obviously retaining an attorney. does she have any legal recour recourse? >> emily: sure she does. we can have an inductive action taken by the university which essentially means opening up her spot backup. i would say baked into the fabric of how we operate as americans is the concept of rehabilitation. that's why in law we have and dates to sentences. that's why we have restitution and recompense and the
2:32 pm
opportunity to cure. the punishment should fit the crime and why there are consequences for behavior and then it's over and done with. i don't understand the people, to marie's point, who advocate for criminal justice reform and also advocate for lifelong cancel culture. to jason's point, minors. there should be a different approach to social media ownership that europe takes versus us. i wholeheartedly agree. back to the university, the fact that it's a public institution. tax dollars from this poor girl's family that goes to pay for it is how they can deny her admission to character basis. i can see the cheerleading squad doing that but for them to do it it's cancel culture ridiculousness being manifested in these huge public institutions. >> lisa: to marie's point, president trump got criminal
2:33 pm
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>> marie: president trump is the most admired man of 2020 according to gallup. trump taking the top spot and ending the round of former president barack obama. beating of others like president-elect joe biden, dr. fauci and the pope. former first lady michelle obama was named the most admired woman, topping vice president-elect kamala harris and first lady melania trump. jason, i'm going to start with you. in all fairness if you look at the numbers, people who identified as democrats actually
2:38 pm
split their votes between barack obama and joe biden, anthony fauci, donald trump got something like 18%. do you make anything of these polls? i thought republicans hated polls? >> jason: i admire donald trump. i've got a lot of respect and admiration for some of these people. i wouldn't put him on my top ten. are you kidding? who are they asking? i looked at the top 50 people on instagram. like the rock? 200 million? kris jenner and aldo, 248 million followers? who says yeah, dr. fauci, he's my man? who are you -- are you kidding? i don't get the list. i don't know. >> marie: so it's another fake poll according to jason? lawrence, who would you name is your most admired person this year? >> lawrence: i don't know. i don't really put too much
2:39 pm
thought into celebrities. they put on their pants just like me and you, marie. but i do think there's something to donald trump becoming this figure. i often said that there are a lot of similarities when it comes to the transfe transformas that barack obama was versus donald trump. he wanted hope and change in galvanized the country around that message and then you had donald trump was saying hope and change really isn't working. washington is not fighting for you. that's my message and i'm going to fight for you. if people would get out of their echo chambers, they would see, although they had different tactics, getting things done. a lot of similar as well. >> marie: emily, we have seen this year unsung heroes like health care workers, postal workers. people during the pandemic that have really stepped up and kept
2:40 pm
our country running. who would you have put at the top of your list this year? >> emily: absolutely law enforcement on the first responders 100%. to take lawrence's comment and run it a few extra yards, there was a poll that came out as we were doing this preparation that went only to g.o.p. members and said as the party is reorganizing and restructuring, should it be more like president trump or she would be like your average g.o.p. congress member? 3 out of 4 answer trump. to me the party needs to hear that message and see exactly how the american people view president trump? he put american economic and military interests first, recognition of the swamp. refusal to operate in the swamp. prioritizing the average american needs for the party to succeed and to progress through the post trump era. the g.o.p. needs to take it as gospel. >> lisa: i think
2:41 pm
president trump interestingly stands at the top because he's been an incredible president. he has, marie. he led one of the strongest economies. covid. a man who was gotten more middle east peace deals done in just one term alone. he's gotten more than half of all the piece deals we've seen in our nations history done in one term. this is someone who got mexico to step up to the plate on things like illegal immigration. someone who brought a business approach to washington, d.c. solving problems. people like joe biden who have been there forever created the mess president trump went to go fix i also think it's remarkable because you have a media who has vilified him, demonized him, lied about him and yet he still sits atop the throne. marie, i love you but this must be a hard segment to lead. >> marie: no. if you took a poll of the least admired american, i think donald trump would be at the top of that one too. at least as far as popularity
2:42 pm
numbers. we will see of next year when he is no longer president if he is anywhere in the top ten. we'll see. we've got to go. up next is the fastest seven. stay tuned. we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa
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♪ >> emily: welcome back. time for the fastest seven. making a comeback for adults thinks about pandemic. sales are rocketing compared to last year as americans embrace the full-body outfit designed to keep skiers warm and dry. jason, i'll start with you because you come from a cold-weather state. are you and your family rocking these onesies? >> jason: totally acceptable as long as you wear a diaper. if you are a diver, totally acceptable. >> emily: marie, we run into the same issue when we wear robbers. he makes a great point. >> marie: yes, he makes a great point. i think they are: they keep you warm in the snow. i endorse, although not what jason said. >> emily: lisa, you're in miami so you might not need a snowsuit anytime soon.
2:47 pm
what do you think? >> lisa: i have one. i got one last year. i think it's really cute. i haven't had the chance to test drive it and as you pointed out that i am so close to the beach i don't really know how near snow i'm going to be wanting to get after living so close to the beach in the warm and sunshine. >> emily: you will have to trade it for a one-piece wet suit which you also won't need. lawrence. >> lawrence: i think they are a little silly. grown men wearing onesies. it's a little too much. >> emily: definitely cuter on women. i like it and they want to try it. for me it's easier to have one item to pick up and put on rather than two. next up, quit looking at your phone and listen. a new study finds the pandemic has made our screen addiction worse. americans spend an average of 19 hours a day watching tv, using a computer, checking out their phones and gaming. it's an increase of two hours from a year ago. for anyone especially was
2:48 pm
march the social dilemma, it's frightening. marie, what are your thoughts. >> marie: i was horrified when i read the story and the worst notification i get from apple that tells me what percentage of my time i was on my phone. i think everyone should log off and pick up a book and talk to your family. walk away from your phone. it's okay. >> emily: lawrence, i muted that notification on my phone. >> lawrence: it's really sad. it shows you where people are at. they can't go anywhere so courts are going to be watching movies or being on the phone. it makes a stronger case for me to open everything up for people's sanity. >> emily: lisa, what do you think? >> lisa: equated to 44 years of your life that you waste on social media. i tried to do one of those apps to curtail your time on the phone but it was all always going off early and i would hit
2:49 pm
the limit. i deleted it. i would try but i was unsuccessful. >> emily: jason, you have kids. do you hold them to strict rules with screen time? >> jason: yeah, right. i try. it doesn't go anywhere that i our kids to throw down their phone and pick up some dirt and throw those. too much time on the phone and the tv, i totally agree it's a problem. >> emily: emily, you've got this last one. cool benefits from talking to yourself and the third person. research finds it helps people deal with stress and emotionally intense situations. i confess after i read this, i was like i do it but i don't say my name to myself. i say, if i'm working out or doing something hard "you can do it. you've got it." i don't say "emily, you've got this." what do you think, jason? >> jason: i had a conversation with jason chaffetz and jason
2:50 pm
agreed with me and he agrees... people deal with mental health issues. if you think it's therapy to reduce stress, there's got to be a better way. >> emily: lawrence, what do you think? >> lawrence: it's not like my voice when it's like "don't do this, lawrence." it's my mom's voice. don't say it, don't do it. control yourself. it's my mom's voice. >> emily: lisa, is there a difference between the jiminy cricket voice and the voice of encouragement which is you talking to yourself? >> lisa: lisa really hasn't done this. but i guess lisa might trying to do it. you've got this, lisa. it's going to be a great show. 2021 is going to be your year. not going to be anything like 2020. it's got to be better. i guess lisa is going to maybe try this. i don't know. it seems weird to say your name when you're talking to yourself.
2:51 pm
i don't like it. i have weirded myself out. >> emily: marie, what do you think? >> marie: there is no one else to talk to. [laughter] 's i've got to talk. it's better than being silent. something to deal with the boredom. my husband i think is sick of telling me things. >> emily: you can call me anytime if you want another voice to talk to. stay with us. "one more thing" is up next. ♪ limu emu and doug. and if we win, we get to tell you how liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. isn't that what you just did? service! ♪ stand back, i'm gonna show ya ♪ ♪ how doug and limu roll, ya ♪
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♪ >> lawrence: welcome back. time for "one more thing." i'll go first. as you know basketball is a team sport.
2:56 pm
what happens when your entire team fouls out, literally fouls out? the arkansas high school basketball player all by himse himself. team was down two points with two seconds left in overtime. kenny hit the winning three-pointer? no. let's see. he misses. if only he could have made it, he would've made the entire te team. >> emily: oh, man. poor guy. >> jason: he got off a good shot. >> lawrence: he tried. >> emily: not using the third person clearly. >> lawrence: put his team on his back literally. lisa. >> lisa: a sergeant with the
2:57 pm
st. pete police department had the best holiday gift ever. her son was waiting to surprise her in the lobby of the police department. according to police, the sergeant had not seen her son since july when he left for bray basic training. church couldn't attend her son's graduation ceremonies due to the coronavirus. nothing is better than an expected family reunion. so beautiful to see. >> lawrence: so beautiful. we interviewed him on "fox & friends" yesterday. his grandmother as well. marie. >> marie: i have a very sweet wedding related story for everyone. amber got married in september, and her grandmother was unable to make it to the wedding. she decided to give her grandmother greatest christmas surprise. they were spending the holidays
2:58 pm
together. amber surprised her grandmother by recreating her father daughter dance. in her wedding dress. they danced around the living room. amber's grandmother smiled on, truly a memorable wedding gift. a someone who has done the father daughter dance at a wedding, it's a very special moment. glad that her grandmother got to see a recreated version of it. >> emily: i have such a fun book recommendation. if you love history, british royalty, you will love this bo book. from her majesty's royal palace and fortress the tower of london and member of the severance bodyguard of the human guard. i can't remember a more delightful book i've read. he references "game of thrones." it's filled with global references. it's so detailed.
2:59 pm
he loves the special ravens tasked with guarding the tower of london. obviously you know i love animals and especially birds. this book was fantastic. >> lawrence: this is an emily book. >> emily: the guy who wrote a "game of thrones," and helen mcdonald, bay road awesome reviews. don't just take it for me. everybody loves this. >> lawrence: i love "game of thrones." jason. >> jason: i had a conversation with jason chaffetz and he will not be reading that book. there's no way. i read this in "the washington times." 71% of americans use according to the mission readiness study done by the pentagon, 71% of our youth could not get into the united states military because they are obese, have problems
3:00 pm
with greats, drugs. they can't pass their classes. that's got to be scary. only 29% of our youth are ready to go into the military. >> lawrence: we need our next generation. that's it for us. "special report" is up next. hey, bret. >> good evening and welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. bret baier. senate majority leader granting the president's wish, introducing new legislation the closing days of the 116th congress. the move ties the $2,000 stimulus checks to a repeal of liability protections for tech companies. it also includes a closer look at election fraud. the majority leader's standing firm on funding for the military, supporting the national defense authorization act of the president vetoed. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel following the development and joining us now. that evening, mike. >> good evening. you have the senate majority leader offering new legislation to address three of president trump's key priorities. the $2,000 checks,


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