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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 1, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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good night. ♪ >> hello, everyone. i am juan williams with greg gutfeld, dana perino, jesse watters, and emily compagno. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." happy new year, everyone! we have a fun show i including our resolutions and predictions. we are also going to crack open a time capsule that we made a year ago in 2019, before the election, to see if our political predictions came true. you don't want to miss that. plus, we are answering some of your female questions.
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but first, 2020. what a year. it was a wild ride. let's take a look back at some of the top news stories that made the biggest headlines. >> earlier today, impeachment articles were presented and read aloud by the democratic managers and supreme court chief justice john roberts swore in senators as jurors. >> jesse: the world mourns and we have new information on the tragic death of kobe bryant. we are learning what happened inside the helicopter before the terrible crash that killed the nba legend, his daughter, and seven others. >> juan: concerns in the united states about the fast spreading coronavirus. it's killed more than 100 people in china. the trump administration issuing its highest travel warning. >> mcdonald's is closing stores in china. infections are doubling every six days and we are sitting here and we are like going, you know what, it's not the flu. the scientists are mapping this virus are super worried. >> dana: feels like a long time coming.
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iowans prepared to caucus. >> juan: the final vote on impeachment is set. president trump is excited to be acquitted. >> jesse: you asked, are you pumped and i set about what you said about the acquittal. i thought to myself, we knew this was going to happen. even after hearing the good economic news and stories about war heroes from president trump. nancy actually ripped up the speech. >> dana: the next big chapter in the battle for 2020 is here in the granite state. primary data for the democrats in yet another high-stakes contest in the race for the nomination. >> juan: have a wednesday will be heading to prison. the disgraced hollywood mogul found guilty today of third-degree rape. he >> jesse: the world health organization designated it as a global pandemic due to its spred and severity. >> dana: we are doing things differently today. as much as we love sitting elbow to elbow, we want to set a good example for everyone and for
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practice physical distancing. >> greg: president trump was asked about a potential pardon for joe exotic, that star of the hit documentary. >> jesse: socialist bernie sanders suspending his campaign. protesters clashing with police in minneapolis after the death of george floyd, an unarmed black man who was pinned down by an officer during an arrest. >> dana: protests continuing across the country as we get breaking news on the four officers involved in george floyd's death. >> juan: follow continues after the arrest of longtime jeffrey epstein associate ghislaine maxwell. prison officials making sure she stays safe in jail before her bail hearing next week. >> jesse: biden, exceeding expectations with his big speech at the dnc. democrats breathing a sigh of relief of biden didn't blow it. hours from now, president trump will speak of the republican national convention of except his party's nomination for president. the death of ruth bader ginsburg sending shock waves throughout washington with the election just 43 days away. >> dana: president trump and the first lady in quarantine
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after testing positive for covid-19. the news appending an already chaotic campaign season. >> jesse: marine one has touched down at the white house and he's being taken to walter reed for some examinations. >> greg: trump wasn't out of the woods when he returned, just as the economy won't be out of the woods when it returns. all decisions in life happen when you're not entirely out of the woods. >> jesse: judge amy coney barrett expected to be confirmed to the supreme court by the senate. >> dana: coming to life from liberty state park for one of the most highly anticipated presidential races in american history. 37 biden's lead in pennsylvania, nevada and georgia inching closer to the presidency. many states remain still too close to call. >> dana: attorney general william barr given the great green light to the justice department to investigate allegations of voter fraud. >> jesse: claiming election victory today. his campaign's legal team ramps up their efforts to challenge the results of the 2020 race.
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>> juan: president-elect joe biden enters in more cabinet picks today and promising to fix the economy with a progressive agenda. >> greg: california putting president-elect joe biden over the edge. i was trying to do that. passed 270 electoral college votes. >> dana: a monumental moment, the first vaccine shipments are finally here. >> juan: greg, i remember one day you said something to the effect that years like the 1918 pandemic and i think he went back to the black dread of whatever of the 1500s. you said they are going to be able to say 2020, we've got nothing on you. >> greg: yeah. it was a weird year. when you look back at everything, it is like a time when america came together to question reality. this is truly the year of the red pill. when you think about how humans from now on are going to look at
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politics, how they are going to look at elections or the media narratives that are fed every day, the social media. the tech platforms, no one can trust them. we cannot trust our experts because our experts turn out to be wrong every three to four weeks. we have no idea what war really is anymore. in the sense that it's not throwing bodies against each other. our wars take place on our tech platforms. it's online. it's the creation of disinformation and misinformation. it has a low overhead so you can keep doing it over and over again. we are at war but we are not even sure who it is. it could be china. i guess my point is 2020 added a lifetime of sober wisdom to anyone who paid attention. c7 yeah, hits enough to make you stand up straight. it was an unbelievable year. dana, you and i traveled a
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little bit in this year for the politics. do you think politics was the top story of 2020? >> dana: i do feel like it's an election year, that's always the case. everything became political. the economic need for people to get relief as well as who got credit for the economy, which remain strong, relatively speaking. given what we've gone through as a country in terms of the pandemic. it became political. wearing masks became political. everything became political. as greg was mentioning, that whole list, also politics involved. a lot of people i would imagine are ready to have a little bit of a break and a fresh start in 2021. a lot of what happened to people personally wasn't necessarily going to be solved by politics. i do think the members of congress and the president, thee
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president-elect should've pushed harder to get covid relief to people earlier. they knew it was a problem and then dragged their feet. i think the poor performance by congress that they deserved, their dismal approval ratings, i don't know if that gets better. but i would say i do think that the founders of our country that thought about experimentation across the states and that local control and smaller government was a better way to run a country, i think that really was born out this year. if there is a silver lining to look at. there was some good things that happened in 2020. i'm looking forward to turning the page on that calendar. >> juan: jesse, i was watching you in that package that we did at the top of the show when you were talking about the shocking death of kobe bryant. we lost a number of people is here. off the top of my head, diego maradona, alec trebek and the
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like. when i saw you doing that, that was 2020. kobe bryant. >> jesse: it was so shocking because he was recently retired and his whole family, members of his family went down in that helicopter. no one no one could have predicted something like that would've happened. it was so sad for so many people and it cut across all the political lines. yes, it was hard to deliver that news. can i call timeout for a second? did gutfeld edit the package? they made gutfeld look like some sort of soothsayer. [laughter] at the top, greg basically saying how bad covid is going to be. come on. you could have put in there how i said that all the mail ballots were going to be fraudulent and how was right for fraud. that was left out of the packa package. if you're going to make greg look like a god, can i look like
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a prince at least? [laughter] >> dana: can i point out that juan pronounced nevada wrong. >> juan: you go. >> jesse: i'm not going to accept that. >> juan: jesse. it's a surprise. as i was saying to you it was a surprise when i saw you do the kobe bryant thing but i was thinking you have ruth bader ginsburg, chadwick boseman. a number of prominent people anything, that's just 2020. 2020 was a rough year on a lot of fronts. >> emily: right. >> jesse: it was a rough year on a lot of fronts and i'm going to let emily respond to that. >> emily: sorry, i didn't mean to -- >> greg: let's just talk about death. >> emily: what struck me about seeing that package, i have the same reaction you did, juan,
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there were elements wears like god, that was this year. this year just felt like a dog year. he was seven years and one. every day felt like an eternity and yet looking back, it really flew by. i think what this year brought for so many people, to dana's point about how everything became political, i think oftentimes there's a chasm between politics and the things that we talk about in the headlights. we feel or what we experience in the home and how we are affected in our jobs our paychecks and the like. short of taxes, a lot of that stuff seems to be a little bit removed from our daily lives. to me what 2020 put into perspective, in addition to the fact that while all those headlines were going on, so much of the same was going on with our families and our personal lives. like a normal year with births and deaths and celebrations and engagements. that's life. what this put into perspective is how much politics touches us and how much it can have an
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immediate effect on how we live our lives. why all of us should be so hopefully interested in it or invested to the point because it makes a difference to us. to me, 2020 was a reminder that everything is all about family and freedom. >> juan: what a wonderful way to put it together. up next, we are revealing the items that we put inside a time capsule a year ago, before the election. in our predictions come true? find out next on "the five" new year's special. [♪] when you have diabetes, managing your blood sugar is crucial. try boost glucose control. the patented blend is clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels. boost glucose control products contain high quality protein and key nutrients to support immune health. try boost.
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♪ >> jesse: welcome back, everybody. a big moment for us on "the five." we have been waiting a full year to open up this capsule. in 2019, a year before the election, we all made predictions about what might happen. now we are finally going to open it to see what we got right. okay. i think these are dana's. dana, were these your earplugs and smelling salts? [laughter] why? >> dana: i had to be reminded. i did three things. i put in a printout of that day stock market. >> jesse: i have that here. >> dana: the stock market is usually a very good prediction for what is going to happen in the election. at the time i did think
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president trump would win. of course we know that didn't quite turn out. the stock market obviously it was a very, very close election. that's when i thought at the time. i did the smelling salts to help anybody who was unhappy or surprised that the election results so that they could be woken up from their fainting spell. and the earplugs were just because i knew it was going to be one of those years where everyone was yelling at everybody on politics and for the ads, especially if you lived in a swing state where you had all those political ads all year long. >> jesse: dana, i was so excited that i was going to hold real smelling salts and i was going to crack some of these puppies open after the show. it looks like this just bath salts with the words smelling salts taped over it. [laughter] thanks, guys. well done. all right. we have here someone else.
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a constitution of the united states of america with also the declaration of independence. who was that? >> juan: that's me. >> jesse: is this the first time you've ever read this one? >> juan: i'm sorry. is that the first time what? >> jesse: tell us why you put this i in the capsule, juan. >> juan: oh, about the transition of power. in the constitution. i was concerned that whoever won or loss, especially now we know who won and lost. they might not be quick to concede that they in fact had lost and allow for a peaceful and strong transition of power in order to keep our democracy working. i think my prediction was right on target. i think this is what we have been dealing with as we came to the end of 2020. >> jesse: yeah, totally peaceful transition. the only violence was on your
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side. i am going to go to -- this was a "washington post" abc poll. it's laminated. that's how seriously i took it. this was from a year ago. this had biden beating trump by 15 points. warren beating trump by 15 points. sanders beating trump by 15 points, and i pretty did none of those things would happen and it's true. i was right. no one beat donald trump by 15 points. right. greg, what was yours? >> juan: that was a real spin, i tell you. >> jesse: think about it. this was before the virus and the fraud. who would have thought? >> juan: i think you said trump was going to win, right? >> jesse: that wasn't in the capsule. i said no one was going to beat him by 15. try to stay focused, juan. we have a mouthpiece for greg. you haven't used it.
2:21 pm
should i not hold it? >> greg: i haven't. it's brand-new. i said that might be the only thing left. i said it might be the only thing left in 2020 because i've predicted that if we were already at each other's throats in 2019, 2020 was going to be really bad. i didn't anticipate the rioting and looting of the destruction of my neighborhood and the absolute violence and intimidation in the bullying tactics of the polling stations. but i think the mouth guard pretty much symbolizes all of it. you're welcome, america. >> jesse: okay. you're welcome. we have a gavel. the judge was on the show that day. i'm going to keep this gavel with me and deal with the rioters that way, with my gavel. >> greg: predicted that she was taking today off. >> jesse: a blunt instrument. she's always right. i take every day off. up next, what would we be famous
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upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. ♪ >> happy new year. iron mike emanuel and washington with a look at some headlines. runoff elections in georgia are four days away but the initial voting totals are in. 3 million georgians cast their ballots before early voting ended yesterday, setting up a showdown that will be decided in tuesday's election with the balance of power in the senate riding on the dual runoffs. the big turn out so far reflects the enthusiasm of georgia voters. in eventful new year's day and capitol hill were senators voted 81-13 to override the president's veto of the national defense authorization act. the majority was well over the required two-thirds needed. the nearly three weeks since the first coronavirus vaccine
2:27 pm
shipments, only about 25% of available doses have actually been administered. administration officials expect the process to pick up once pharmacies begin to offer in-store shots. more on these stories and more at the top of the hour on "special report." ♪ >> greg: welcome back. we are answering fan mail questions on this fine new year's day. first question. i've got my laptop so i can read these. from sean d. if you were famous for something other than "the five," what would it be? i was already famous before "the five" so i guess i should pull myself out of it. emily, you were also kind of -- you are not famous, famous but you are like locally famous, correct? >> emily: i think famous is a very strong word to use for me.
2:28 pm
and you too. just kidding. if i were to look at this logically from the trajectory that i was on right before i came here, i was on a travel channel show in spain which was awesome and i had a blast. maybe my career would have continued developing more in either the sports or travel industry. people could have followed along in my journey there. >> greg: i have a prediction. whenever i go -- i go to youtube to look up words to pronounce and it will say how to pronounce, you know, hyperbole. you could have been that person. anyway. >> emily: that's a compliment. thank you. >> greg: it could be construed as a complement. construed. dana, thoughts? dana, what would you be famous for if you weren't famous for "the five" or being a press secretary or being the tiniest
2:29 pm
person on earth? >> dana: definitely i am the shortest person at fox, i know that for sure. a little bit of a fantasy but i think, what about, i could have become kind of a famous dog trainer. i'm pretty good at it. pretty good. >> greg: are you really? i think your dog has trained you. you have been trained the dog. >> dana: oh, i'm in charge, believe me. and i love it. maybe i will do that in the future. >> greg: there you go. if there is a future, dana. xes after the show. juan. if you are not on "the five," would you be famous for? >> juan: dana was really famous as the press secretary for the president of the united states. i was a star reporter at a major
2:30 pm
metropolitan newspaper. look up in the sky. it's a bird, it's a plane, it's clark kent. i was a talk show host national radio talk show host. being on "the five" takes it in a different direction. it's not like either or. it's like a continuum. >> greg: yeah, i guess no one is really understanding this question, jesse. what would you be famous for if you weren't famous for this or anything? >> jesse: i was pretty famous on "the factor." sometimes i feel like i was more famous on "the factor" now that i'm on "the five." but i think if it wasn't doing this, i would have done a reality tv stand. i was kind of dabbling in that world. the reality folks were trying to book me to do one of their silly shows and i was interested. luckily my parents cancel that whole concept. now i'm on fox news. >> dana: what show? >> jesse: i'm not saying.
2:31 pm
i'm not saying. >> dana: come on. >> jesse: i'll never say. >> dana: the bachelor? >> jesse: no. >> greg: i bet it was "survivor." >> dana: "dancing with the stars"? >> jesse: no. >> greg: all right, let's move on. here's something from conor waller. what's the worst cooking you have ever done? that is excluding the queso, dana. jesse, what's the worst cooking you've ever done? [laughs] what is going on? >> jesse: you know when you grow food and there's a fire in the grill and you don't realize that there is a grease fire inside the grill and then you open it and it's like 700 degrees. i have singed a few very
2:32 pm
expensive cuts of meat. >> emily: rookie. >> juan: i was listening to jesse. i'm not big cook. i'i don't cook a whole lot but i remember throwing a stake in the broiler and saying i've got a phone call or i'm reading something and then all then all of a sudden you smell like the houses on fire. oh, my god. i'm not big on that. i was saying that i make some delicious bread and i think everybody in my family wishes that it was 20 years ago and i still took time to have a daylong breadmaking exercise. >> greg: it's nice to hear a liberal actually making some bread. [laughter] emily, do you want this question or do you want to move on? it's kind of a dull question. do you want to go with this one? >> emily: i will make it exciting. i am a good cook but obviously
2:33 pm
i've had a ton of mishaps. one of the worst mishaps. i'm literally not kidding about this. the day at work that we had a demonstration by the local fire department that taught us how to put out fires and told us that the majority of house marriage begin in the kitchen, i went home and while preparing dinner accidentally knocked over the paper towel dispenser onto the oven stove that was lit and it started a fire. it was a small one. i put it out. it was incredible. that's my worst cooking experience. >> greg: i don't know if this is a mishap but i did not know that you had to cut the fish before you cooked it. that was kind of a problem. i'm next, we are revealing our new year's resolutions. stay with us. n. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right.
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>> dana: welcome back. the new year might not be the same without making some resolution so let's go to you first, jesse. what's on your list? >> jesse: my new year's resolution is this. i am going to give joe biden a chance. i'm going to treat joe biden fairly. i'm not going to come down hard on him just to come down hard on a democrat. so i'm going to treat joe biden the same way i treated donald trump, in a fair and balanced and very nuanced way. and that is something that i promise you. >> dana: okay. i know you did a good job on not ridiculing anybody's appearance. your resolution last year. greg, how about you. >> greg: i want to say i don't think it's possible for jesse to be more nuanced and fair than he
2:39 pm
already is. to go beyond this is going to be quite -- i mean, i don't know how he's going to do it. godspeed, as people are often saying these days. my resolution. i'm going to stop stealing money out of brian kilmeade's wallet. he has a backpack that he leaves on the 20th floor and it's never guarded. i'm also going to start more around the house. so far i clean lew's pool but i could do a better job with the steam room and the hot tub. going to be nicer to juan. but juan pablo from the bachelor series in 2013. i have been kind of rude to him. [laughter] >> dana: those are good. you put a lot of thought into that. juan. >> greg: did i really? >> dana: juan, what do you have? >> juan: i think going forward
2:40 pm
i'm looking forward to, definitely a resolution on my part, take the vaccine. let's get past all this covid stuff. let's get back to what we were. let's celebrate life. i want to get back to the fraternity of fans. i want to get back to the ballpark. on a personal level. i have eased up on reading fiction especially. i love detective novels. to get in the last year or so. i don't know what it was. i have been reading detective novels. i want to get back to reading and enjoying getting lost in a detective novel. >> dana: all right, those are all good and achievable. you might think it's lame but i think it's a good lesson to learn. because of the year that it was and the pandemic and everything, i wasn't the best at keeping up with all of my health checkups. i am committing here on national television. i'm going to do all those things in 2021. hopefully the first half, get it -- i can find out all the things
2:41 pm
that are falling apart. >> greg: on "the five," on "the five"! you're doing it on "the five" live. you're going to have to be katie couric getting a colonoscopy but i am all for it. >> dana: okay. emily. >> emily: i have some great detective authors to recommend to you, juan. i have a hard time distinction between goals and resolutions. obviously i'm going to the def leppard motley crue concert. i'm writing the hot rod power tour. my resolutions, and repeating last years learning italian. i failed. i signed up and i did it well for a week and then i fell off the wagon. my second resolution, you know that i do this every year, to travel to a new country. i've been doing really well so far. 2020 it didn't happen. i'm going to cyprus or someplace
2:42 pm
exotic. >> dana: love it. all right, everybody. stay right there. our predictions for 2021 are up next. research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. wow! what'd you get, ryan? it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! what does it do bud? it customizes our home insurance so we only pay for what we need! and what did you get, mike? i got a bike. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ >> emily: welcome back to "the five." it's time to make our annual predictions for the new year. dana, what are your predictions for 2021? >> dana: i'm kind of bomb that we are not going back to look at our previous predictions. i had a banner year. i said that meghan and harry would be moving to north america, and six weeks later, they moved to north america coming to california. here are the ones for this year. one, i think nancy pelosi will be reelected speaker of the house but i do not believe that she will serve out her term. i believe that she will take a job in the biden administration and that there will be a big fight as to who's going to take over for her. that's production number one. number two, i could see dianne feinstein retiring and
2:47 pm
then there being two senate races in the next election in california. number three, i feel like we could have another supreme court vacancy. you might see somebody like breyer retire. he's 82. the democrats could have an even worse majority or minority, majority, minority whatever in 2022 depending on what happens in georgia on january 5th. i think were going to have another supreme court fight and i love those. >> emily: dana, those were so good. jesse, what are your predictions? >> jesse: i am predicting that a member of "the five" will be rocked by a major scandal. i am talking the kind of scandal where you're fighting for your career, the kind of scandal where it's not just a one-day thing for you trend on twitter, the kind of scandal that goes day after day, week after week. i don't know who it is. but it's one of us. my second prediction is that we are going to have in the next
2:48 pm
year major celebrity murder ca case. like o.j. simpson. or it's going to be one of those tabloid trials, like the scott peterson. it's going to consume the nation. we are not going to care about politics. we are going to be doing this kind of thing day after day after day on "the five." those are my predictions. who the hell knows what they're going to be right or not. >> emily: jesse, i literally feel like one, i have to take a shower. two, that's the kind of thing future detectives are going to play back and be like there was a motive. that was the weirdest thing you've ever said. what do you mean by that? >> jesse: and i just confessed to setting one of my cohost up? i would never do something like that. >> emily: basically. >> jesse: there i am. now i have an alibi. >> emily: okay, juan. >> juan: i'm going to check my security system here, jesse. that's what i'm going to do.
2:49 pm
my number one prediction would be that obamacare, the aca, survives in the supreme court this year. again, it will be 10 years old i'm heading into 11 years. it's still there nobody's ever tried to successfully replace. it's a reality of american life now. the second thing that i would say and it's a little bit related, over the last year, we have the virtual doctors visits. i think people like to them. i think virtual visits with doctors is going to be the norm, not the exception. also on the political front, i think that you're going to see student debt get tackled by this incoming administration, the biden administration, in a serious way. one final thing, i think what is going to consume the nation next year and in fact consume the world in terms of fun is the tokyo olympics. first time the olympics are
2:50 pm
going to be held in an odd year, 2021. dealer picks up and canceled a few times but they've never been held in an odd year. 2021. >> jesse: excuse me for interrupting, give me one second. i have to call juan out. before the election you predicted amy coney barrett was going over term and the court was going to overturn obamacare and now you're saying they're going to leave it alone? >> dana: i am the one who was saying it was going to survive the whole time. v7 i think dana -- >> emily: greg, save us. >> juan: that was the argument. i didn't say that was going to happen but that was the argume argument. i don't think it's even close. >> jesse: you parroted it. >> emily: greg, get in there. what are your predictions. >> greg: i have three predictions i feel pretty strongly about. number one, harry and meghan will divorce.
2:51 pm
but not that harry and meghan. the harry and meghan who live around the corner from me. i hear their arguments. i hear their arguments. number two, we've been talking about this. we are going to make contact with aliens. i am thinking maybe under biden as he allows for amnesty. we will see a lot more on the southern border. number three, joe biden will be forced to step aside when he's on a walk and sees some horse poop. >> emily: fl for all of those. i feel like all of these predictions, i think they are true. a reminder that i was correct when i said we would discover a new species. we discovered multiple paired along that same line i predict we will discover a new planet either by the radio method or the transit method.
2:52 pm
i believe that's how you discover planets. what other prediction, along juan's lines, has to do with the tokyo olympics. they have added five new sports. baseball and softball, karate, sports climbing, surfing and skateboarding. i predict that the u.s. will meddle in all five of those new sports and that we will take gold in at least three. that's my prediction. actually, jesse, part of me was thinking i was going to predict that you are going to write a book in 2021. now i just feel like you're going to be weird and i don't want to think about that anymore. more fan mail questions ahead on "the five"'s new year's special. stay with us. did you know that every single flush
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>> juan: welcome back. we are answering more from social media. jesse, what are you most excited for in this coming year, 2021? >> jesse: i'm really looking forward to people inviting me places again. no one invites me anywhere during the pandemic and i use to go to lots of events and balls and galas and fund-raisers and parties and now i don't. i'm looking forward getting those invitations and going to them and having a lot to drink and enjoy myself and then taking pictures and looking at the pictures. that's what i most excited for. >> juan: can i make a suggestion? >> greg: when covid goes away. people are going to want covid to stay. [laughter] >> juan: i just wanted to make a suggestion for jesse because i think you've got some unmatched exciting news coming in 2021 and
2:58 pm
hopefully god bless a wonderful child. >> jesse: thank you. also excited about the baby boy. [laughter] >> juan: there you go. there you go. emily. emily, can you answer this question? what are you most excited about in the coming year? >> emily: all right, it's hard to narrow it down. there's a lot of things i'm excited about. i think they all have to do with getting out and about and seeing, going to concerts and everything like that and being on the open road and being free from the nest. i think of those the thing i most excited for is going to the home opener for the new las vegas raters, since we didn't get to experience that in 2020. that will be an amazing night. >> juan: back to the roar of the crowd. dana, how about you? what are you looking forward to? >> dana: i have to say i'm really looking forward to being able to see my family again.
2:59 pm
they live in colorado and wyoming. 2020 did not allow for that. getting a chance to hug my mom and dad and sister in everyone, that's what i'm looking forward to the most. >> juan: that's heartwarming. greg, you're the party guy. what are you looking forward to this coming year? >> greg: well, you know, there's one thing. i'm the party guy. we knew what donald trump was like before he was president. we knew what donald trump was like when he was president. we are going to experience something we've never experienced before, what is donald trump like after he's president? what will he be doing all of next year? he is going to be come i can't even predict what he's going to do. it will be a parallel universe with trump and it and we will have the other universe. >> juan: wow. you know i have a sense that we
3:00 pm
are all glad that it's a new year. that's it for us. happy new year, everyone. we will see you back here on monday. have a great night. >> mike: good evening. welcome to washington. i mike emanuel in for bret baier. senate runoffs in georgia coming down to the wire. for the first time in his president c, the senate overrides a trunk veto. the china challenge facing the new u.s. administration and the new year. this is "special report." ♪ we are just four days away from election day in georgia. four candidates, two races, who will determine who controls the united states senate and the direction of the incoming biden administration. a record for early voting turnout, national interest in fund-raising dollars have


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