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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  January 3, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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in a thoughtful and compelling way. that mission is more important today than it was yesterday. i will see you next time on "life, liberty and levin". ♪ >> it has been said that house divided cannot stand. if there is any lessons that americans have learned in the last two years it is this. a house distracted cannot govern. >> i just asked that you keep in mind of all the voices in america that have a voice on this floor. steve: breaking tonight minority leader kevin mccarthy slamming pelosi's leadership as he presents her with her captor as she yet again elected speaker of the house. also tonight reaction to a leaked phone call between president trump and the georgia secretary of state same it is worse than watergate. is it? we will see. good evening and welcome to the
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next resolution and welcome to the new year but i'm steve hilton and this is the home of the resistance, pro- worker, profamily, pro- community, pro- america, positive populism, anti- elitism. give the latest on the election of challenges, doctor fauci's groupthink, lockdown rebellion and senator david perdue joins us live from georgia. with us for the hour sara carter who has exclusive new details on biden corruption along with matt gaetz, janelle king. there they are in here we go. the ruling elites seem to have lost their minds in the last few days. the language they are using, treason, sedition, authoritarianism and autocrats and the republican party dies on wednesday and jim crow caucus. i'm principled but if you disagree with me it is because of your ambition. it is all insane. histrionic hype to try to boost their relevance. i don't know whether it is because they've been cooped up for so long with these lockdowns or whether they're just spending too much time on twitter or on
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cell phones but honestly get it together. this is america and we deceive deserve serious leaders who behave seriously. the ruling elites are behaving with all the emotional maturity of political sophistication of a teenager on instagram. moral preening, vapid and showboating, formulating virtue signaling, they are just not serious. policy that helps people's actual lives is too boring for them and instead they hyperventilate about treason and sedition and it so much easier but at what cost? it is so divisive, so reckless and these people are privileged to have a platform so why can't they use it responsibly and we have to lower the temperature we have to be able to talk about lyrical disagreements without calling people traders. this is what cnn was putting out this morning. >> traders and sedition, bloodless coup.
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sara: here is the fact check from the law professor jonathan turley, they opposes the election challenge but says this is not a bloodless coup. he is making the same challenge under the same federal law previously used by democrats and the rhetoric is now entirely from reality heard the establishments is entirely untethered from reality. here are the facts. it is not disputed but there is widespread distrust of the election. four out of five republicans nearly 40% of all americans, 4 40%, millions of independence even over 4 million democrats -- are all these people dumb peasants brainwashed by trumps lies and fox news? the elite so insultingly claim this. come on, they see what is happened to our voting system
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and the election was a two month and yet we still have today congressional races without a result and they have not finished counting. what kind of banana republic dysfunction is that? about harvesting. it is supposed to be one person, one vote. not one union activist 156 votes and what kind of banana republic corruption is that? no voting system that has legalized ellet harvesting will ever be trusted. we should not allow it for any election, anywhere but instead we now get to the heart of the distrust and the democrats have been pushing ballot harvesting everywhere. they use the virus as an excuse to bend the voting rules in their favor. we know that because they push those exact changes long before the virus and pelosi's notorious hr one bill back at the start of 2019 we were warned repeatedly not the least by "the wall
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street journal" but the democrats multiple late changes to the rules would cause massive legitimacy problems especially in the event of a close election. it was close 43000 votes in three states. 30000 according to the national reviews andy mccarthy. in five of the six battleground states pennsylvania, georgia, wisconsin, michigan and arizona late changes to the voting system pushed by democrats were made, not by state legislators as a constitution specifies, but by courts, commissions or the executive branch. these are facts and the democrats are angry because it's all coming to a head and raining on biden's parade. i'm sorry, but you reap what you sow. you are the ones who pushed ballot harvesting and you are the ones who pushed the changes to the system they were designed to help your party there were all in pelosi's bill long before the virus, not trump, not josh turley, not the republicans but
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you the democrats who did this to america, not to mention four years of conspiracy theories and trying to overturn the previous election. and now when anyone has the temerity to point all this out they are the ones accused of undermining democracy. >> right now our country is facing two historic crises. one is the greatest public health emergency and a century and the other threatens the health of our democracy. >> undermine democracy. >> undermining democracy. >> we have to stop this and it is undermining confidence in democracy. steve: what orwellian double speech? the undermining of democracy would be to outlaw protests and everything. 2020 being a fair election, democrats partisan changes, big media and big tech, 100% working for [inaudible]. right now millions of americans are so angry about the presidential election they could not care less about the senate elections and as far as they
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concerned unless trump is there to fight for them and makes no difference who was there to fight for them, they think they get the same result whether mcconnell or schumer. the same result whether pelosi or banner or biden, what is the difference and they are all a disaster for decades open borders and the rich get richer and the workers get screwed, big business booster, small business crushed, donors rewarded, jobs exported, communities weekend, china and powers and those ruling elite understand that millions backed trump in 2016 and in 2020 and back him and now precisely because he is a living breathing tweeting rebuke and so are them and their pompous ways. now they go on tv to dance on trumps grave. >> he has really divided the republican party and with four weeks left in his presidency. >> is president trump losing his grip on the gop? >> is trump losing his grip on
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the party? >> as he enters his final three weeks in office there are signs that he is losing his grip on the republican party. steve: what arrogance? they think their party as a politicians in congress, no, the party is the people. they are sticking with trump because he delivered results. jobs up, and equality down, earnings up, poverty down, wars ended, borders defended, china confronted, woken is resisted and sticking with trump means sticking it to mitch they think so much the better, mitch mcconnell is everything that is wrong with our political system. at this point after all that is happened the ruling elites and total lack of emotional intelligence is just staggering. people are furious about the election and furious about the ruling elites catastrophically incompetent 2020. the utterly mishandled the virus, failed to protect the vulnerable, shut down the
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country for a disease that for most causes mild or zero symptoms from a closed schools even though children are vastly less affected and barely contribute to virus spread. arrogantly assumed they could substitute government spending for the economy, crushed small business, enriched billionaires and big business and then turned literally everything they said about the virus on its head as they encouraged, encouraged mass gatherings. now they continue with their counterproductive lockdowns ignoring the science, ignoring the data, spending yet more money we don't have on lockdown bailouts, messing up the vaccine, delivered in record time thanks to trump by the way, instead of using this to end at the lock down as soon as possible by prioritizing the vulnerable they waste doses on young, healthy people. the lockdown must go on for most of the year they tell us. please forgive us, if after all that we never listen to a single
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word from the establishment experts and politicians and pundits ever again. yes, it's vital to vote for david perdue and kelly loeffler. we need them reelected but we also need a revolution in congress and throughout our political system, a new populist army to kick out the failed establishment. in america change comes from the people, revolutions come from the people. if you agree with what i am saying you have to run for office. that friend or family member who is always saying how much better they would do than the idiots who get elected, you have to tell them to run for office. this is the moment to get started. not just to retake the house in 2022 but to retake it with a conservative populist majority. here are some resources to help you. american majority .org has training sessions to help grassroots candidates run for office. the leadership institute teacher
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candidate school teaches conservatives how to create a winning campaign and if you are conservative woman thinking about running for office check out winning for women .com. the fantastic book written by our guest last week, step up, how to advocate like a woman. let's get it going this year. follow us now at steve hilton media and share this message and please do it on twitter, facebook and especially with those that you know who can help lead this next revolution that is just getting started. joining me now fox news contributor sara carter, cofounder of speak georgia janelle king and author of firebrand florida corpsman matt gaetz. matt, you were there today and pelosi is back. what is your reaction? what will we see from her and the next term as speaker? >> the democratic party did solidify their leadership.
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biden, schumer and pelosi. their leadership teams in homer's association in florida retirement communities that are younger and more sprite than the democratic party in washington right now. it will be interesting to see how they speak to a new generation but your monologue was also a warning shot to republicans and the establishment. we aren't going back to the old republican party bird we are not going back to losing politely with mitt romney and not going back to the bushes and the chinese but this is donald trump's party and i'm a donald trump republican and that is where the energy in our party is. for those on cnn calling us traitors and seditious for utilizing the very same process utilized by democrats i would have to point out that a republican president has not been sworn and absent some congressional efforts or challenging electors since 1989 and somehow the union held. no serious concerns with tens of millions of americans have serious concerns when the congress as a place people come to debate important matters of the day and that is exactly what
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we are going to write in with our objections. steve: we will talk by the way about the future of the gop later in the show and we got that big protest we are expecting in our nations capital on wednesday as you there and congress meet to discuss the electoral college results. i want to get your reaction quickly to the state that we've been in if you're watching cnn they're pacing it making it on the loop with the president talking to the georgia secretary of state mark meadows is on it as well and they are saying it is worse than watergate and he needs to be impeached. it's so over-the-top it was your reaction? >> stream of consciousness trump is my favorite president trump because he is so clear and so visceral. if someone has followed president trump's tweets they are pretty well in line with the comments he made to the secretary of state. republicans are furious all over the country that you have a
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republican governor in a republican secretary of state so worried about potentially losing to stacy abrams in court that they essentially surrendered the battlefield and gave up on important issues regarding voter identity and voter integrity and so when the president expresses his frustration he does so on behalf of a movement that will not tolerate this republican surrender in the future. steve: so much to get to butera, i want you to pick up on the election challenges and all of that. we've seen first josh holly and then another group led by ted cruz wayne in plus hundred 40 or so along with matt gaetz in the house. what do you think this says about the republican parties desire to really represent those voices who were so angry about what happened with the election? >> 74 million plus americans voted for president trump and
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are extraordinarily frustrated and a lot of information out there and a lot of concern about electoral fraud and i think that these senators in these house gop members have every right to speak up. this is their job. this is what they were elected to do so now we got 12 senators who are going to do something that hasn't been done since 1876 when they are going to try to push for a ten-day audit of the vote come january 6 and that will be very interesting to see how that all plays out. there's an enormous concern that the courts just turned their heads when it came to any concerns about electoral fraud but remember steve, the courts do not turn their heads in the beginning so when they believed the state legislators should have been charged with any type of changes with election laws and that to not happen through the state legislators which were gop legislators like georgia and pennsylvania it was the court
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that the democrats used two basically strong arm the election so now we will see what happens but this will be a really historic moment for us. it will be a crossroads and it will be an apex and i think for the 74 million plus americans that voted for president trump this is exactly what they want. steve: janelle, let's switch to the other giant story were following the two senate races in georgia. you are there in atlanta so what's the latest and how do you see that shaping up? >> i know that the data showing that the democrats have already pretty much turns out to vote is much as they probably will and now it's up to republicans. a lot of the rule area in the rural districts are who we are counting on to come out and turn out on election day. i know even the democrats believe that they can't win without having republicans show up. i'm sorry, without having
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republicans not show up. they are also pushing for republicans to stay at home through billboards and these other things i think it's important that we just do what we know to do. we have two candidates who are extreme socialists and we know that to be the truth. i don't know anyone in the state of georgia who is ready for socialism to run or be a part of our senate and to be making decisions for us. that's a very clear drawn line in the sand and we have turned one who still has not answered questions as to what happened to his finances with the closure when it comes to china and then we have warnock who is refusing to response to the claims made by the mother of his children so these are things that are pretty obvious i think that this is all about turnout and as long as republicans show up on election day i think we will pull throu through. steve: thank you, janelle. we did discuss that with the candidates later tonight, sara carter has the latest reporting on biden's corruption but the
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♪ steve: welcome back. the elections will determine control of the senate on tuesday and we're delighted to welcome one of the candidates right now, senator david perdue. great to see u.s. senator prayed for those of us will been with the show the beginning you were one of our very first guests and we talk to you about that great work you did on immigration. great to see you again tonight. before we get to the substance of your campaign, i'd like your reaction to this tape that has
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been leaked and your state secretary of state on their talking with the president so how will it affect the election on tuesday? >> i don't think it will really affect our election but i'm still shocked the member of the republican party would tape a citizen sitting president. that's disgusting in my view. the president has said what he said the last two months and that is the last two months anyway we had irregularities in november and he wants answers and has not gotten them yet from her secretary of state and it's one reason i asked for him to resign and we've not gotten from a state legislator because there's been no special and then the president went to court and i went to court and the courts have denied us hearings saying it's more of a legislative issue. with the president said in this tape today is no different than what he's been saying for the last two months. steve: the president will be there in georgia and forcing your campaign and your colleagues tomorrow so what are you hoping he will do? what are you hoping he will say?
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>> i know what he will do. he will call his faithful out here some two and half million people voted for donald trump in november and two and half million people voted for me and he will remind end of the future of the country is in their hands and the people of georgia will determine the future direction of our country and he will remind them of that. the people of georgia will determine if our children will live under an oppressive socialist government or continue to enjoy the freedoms that we all cherish. he is coming down here to win this election and he knows what is at stake. not only do we not only need to hold off the radical socialist and dangerous agenda the democrats are trying to perpetrate but to protect what donald trump and this agenda has achieved over the last years. six and half million people were pulled out of poverty before covid we lowered the debt curve by trillions of dollars before the pandemic hits. were trying to do both of these and hold the line here in georgia. steve: that's exactly right. it so important to remember that that it is not just the future
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changes in terms of the agenda that the democrats have but it is on doing all the things that the president and his team put in their particular like regulation and taxation that created that wealth. you lose the benefits of that. i want to ask you what you think is the balance in terms of people when they go out to vote between those national issues that you just mentioned in the more local lysed issues particularly in relation to your opponent john ossoff which will be more important that they are as to who they want to represent them or control of the senate overall. >> i think it is as simple as this, steve. 75 million people voted for donald trump and their eyes on georgia right now. too nationally people voted for donald trump in georgia and there are many of those who have not voted yet because for one reason or another they were upset about the november election but traditionally republicans in georgia vote on election day and we are in the
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same position we were in november and we came then and delivered the vote and we will do it again tuesday but the democrats know they can't win if we get our vote out. that is what the president is coming here to do and that's what we've been purchasing to do and i am delighted that he is coming. i think we will show the world that the people in georgia know what is at stake here and we will hold the line here in georgia. we've often said in our bus tour when georgia say to america and it's not a slogan, it's the absolute truth, steve. steve: it was chuck schumer wasn't it in menacing term said the exact opposite and i think he crystallized the stakes as well. >> he did but he said take georgia and it would change america but add to that what aoc said and that is all no, we have to have these two seats for the democrats do because they don't want to negotiate and they want the green and new deal without compromise. even pelosi yesterday said this will give them if they win these two seeds it will give them a
9:27 pm
super majority and they will do everything they want. the most telling thing is what schumer said two months ago and he said i am not work this hard to become a majority leader not to get everything done that we want to get done. he's talking about total control steve, as you called out but he wants total power and will change the voting rules and stack the supreme court in ad democrats into the senate and eventually he wants to do away with the electoral college. that is the only way they will ever be able to perpetrate this socialist agenda that is so dangerous. steve: senator, thank you for joining us. good luck and we hope to see you back here as senator for georgia again. see you soon. >> thank you, steve. steve: coming up, surprise, surprise. it turns out doctor fouts he has been lying tooooo (senior) helping seniors. (boy) helping kids. (dad) helping families. (women) helping pets. (vo) these are the lives subaru retailers have impacted in our communities, through our support of over fourteen hundred hometown charities.
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9:32 pm
all part of the establishment vaccine group think and it is dangerously wrong. if we just target the vulnerable we could and lock downs by end of this month but instead doctor fauci and the establishment want to keep it going despite all the death and destruction they are causing. sarah, it's unbelievable to me -- do remember in the beginning and those of us who argued against the lockdown said there's an alternative strategy to protect the vulnerable and then they would say to you, how will you protect the vulnerable and what does that even mean? now we have highly specific way of doing it i.e. the vaccine and they don't seem interested or care about whether this is scientifically justified but seems they just want to keep this lockdown going because they are ideologically committed to it. >> that's right, steve. look at the beginning of this year with doctor fauci and the masks. he thinks it's okay to just say whatever comes out of his mouth
9:33 pm
whether it's the truth or not to the american people. remember, in the beginning he would say no, don't go out and buy masks and it's not going to help you that much at all or help anyone and make sure they are out for the medical professionals but then he said i did not need to say that and i was just trying to save the masks for the medical professionals been outliving the goalpost almost 295%. look what is happening in great britain and in canada and the gentleman that went out and hugged people in the street in front of the police and then they handcuffed him. they said he was exposing people and putting people's lives in danger. this is a trampling of our rights and our human rights and how far will this go and it's absolutely something we all need to think about that how far are we willing to allow this to happen before we start questioning and saying wait one minute, when is enough and enough and when will we get the truth from our medical professionals? steve: exactly.
9:34 pm
janelle, when the lockdowns started the justification was low, we know from the data that most people who get this will be fine and have mild or zero symptoms but obviously as we know it's incredibly dangerous for small proportion and they made it clear that's healthy people. even though you may not be at risk we are worried about you taking it home to grandma and infecting her. if we can and vaccinate grandma and grandpa and the people at risk than the justification for the lockdowns falls away but there is no acceptance of that. >> that's right. that's completely right. it's almost like they want to completely destroy this economy and say you have nothing left and it's a scary thought. i think the biggest issue for me is that this is some one in government who feels like they can make decisions for my healthcare much better than i can for myself and have you told us the truth and let us decide what is best we probably would
9:35 pm
be in a different position but instead he decided that it's better to light to the american people and be untruthful versus allowing us to make these decisions. to your point, the economy is what is taking the hit and the small businesses, restaurants, we talked to a restaurant owner just this past weekend who had to shut down one of his restaurants and he said he will never probably reopened and then lost half of his staff. the level of stress that is causing our business owners in the economy that it's unbelievable and sad that we are that dr. fauci is not giving the same level of criticism they give the president when he wanted to make sure he made a strong decision without jumping to conclusions. steve: the other aspect of this vaccine i'm noticing is how the rest of the media just desperate to try to find anyway to criticize president trump, even though it was his action that brought us the vaccine so quickly. they are saying the rollout is a
9:36 pm
disaster so let's just put up the data on this which shows the proportion of populations of certain countries, large countries that have already been vaccinated. this is a table that the u.s. is at the top of and the only other major country doing better than us right now terms of vaccination is the uk and they approved the vaccine of course these before we did and we rapidly are catching up and seems to me they are literally not prepared to give the president credit for anything and they just want to hit them every way they can, even when the facts don't justify it. >> you will remember that it was doctor anthony fauci who said it would be 18 months at a minimum before we would even have a vaccine but as a consequence of the president's focus and marshaling our nation's great resources we were able to have that time. turns out doctor anthony fauci is a government official and not yoda and not the oracle of all things true or false and but you're right be medical
9:37 pm
industrial complex is a zenith power bid these unelected people have the power to deem our fellow americans essential or nonessential and can rack and stack different populations of americans for prioritizing the vaccine distribution and i found an interesting website covid predictor .com where american innovators found a way to use your dna sequences alongside other comorbidities and predictors to ascertain what your risks would be for covid using science and it would be better than using politics or just the desire of government officials to exercise their control over people when making these decisions that are so consequential to our lives. steve: well, i mean, that is so right. you all made great points and would keep fighting this. unfortunately, it seems like we will keep fighting it for a long time to come because of the lunacy of the establishment exactly as you said, matt. and q. sara carter has the latest on
9:38 pm
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steve: welcome back. small businesses from "coast to coast" are facing financial devastation from the school counterproductive lockdowns with hundreds of thousands being forced to close their doors for good but more and more are fighting back. the owner of pacifico brewery who joins me now. helen, great to see you. tell us your story. what have you been subjected to and how are you trying to fight back? >> hello, steve. thank you for having me. well, our story is much of the same as thousands and countless of restauranteurs, breweries, small business owners all over the country. we were given the same guidelines and restrictions that everyone back in march and to
9:43 pm
only be continuously discounted and not looked at as essential business and we are not surviving. no, this new ppp rollout is too little, too late for many businesses that cannot withstand anymore shutdowns and you know, we are fighting for the state of california to reopen us effectively immediately, reopened outdoor dining at the very least, outdoor establishments at the very least because the science is on our side per the keep telling us the data and the science look to the science and the data but we have followed and adhered to every single guideline that was set forth back in may and we continuously set those guidelines and our customers are safe and our staff has been safe and we've not had one outbreak for the last six months and you look at -.
9:44 pm
steve: is so frustrating. >> yes, so frustrating. it's so tiresome. you know mac the saying that people are saying only as a strong will provide it's the sense of because so many businesses through no fault of their own have lost everything. steve: and there is something else that is offensive that i heard from governor gavin newsom trade i want to play it and get your reaction. listen to this. >> if you thumb your nose at the health of your constituency and health of your community then you're sending a message, two messages. one, you don't care about the health of your community. steve: he is saying you don't care about the health of your community and your reaction. >> yeah, he should, you know, it's do as i say, not as i do. he should, you know, apply those to himself. you know, we have complied
9:45 pm
completely with every single guideline they have set forth. we have complied mask wearing, cleaning, if you come to our establishment in particular breweries and all of these establishments follow hospitals in terms of the health codes. we are very, very very strict on what goes in and out of our establishments and it is insane that that is what he's saying. we are taking care of the committee and we are public servants and we are the people that are taking care. i have over 30% of our customers are doctors and nurses that have to come to this at the end of the day. a lot of them are traveling in state to help out our hospitals and they have nowhere to eat. they aren't in hotels with food. they come to us and tell us that this is one place where they feel the safest. they've allowed indoor retail stores to remain open and it's impossible to adhere to the guidelines in these big corporate retail stores, impossible to adhere to the
9:46 pm
guidelines yet the establishment that is following the guideline are being shut down and it's un-american, it's un-american. steve: while the said pair thank you for speaking out. we're right behind you. we are not far from where i am and just across the mountains and i'm in the bay area. i will see you in pacifica, beautiful. >> thank you for hearing, thank you so much. steve: thank you so much. we really appreciate it. see you soon. steve: coming up, sara carter with an update on the biden corruption story you won't hear anywhere else but next, president trump calling on the supporters to join wednesday's big protest in washington. what c c c c c
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♪ steve: thousands of the president supporters are expected to show up in wednesday's dc protest issue with several public of the house and senate are expected to object as well so what are these efforts reveal about the future of the gop. we talked about this year earlier and there are people saying that this is the end of the republican party and there will be a split and you will have the trump party and then the establishment and is that likely? what do you think will happen?
9:51 pm
>> republicans who do not stand and fight for president trump now will do well to remember how hard it was to win without president trump previously. the trump coalition is the winning and enduring coalition for our party and there are republicans who would like to go back to the days of endless wars and bad trade deals and illegal immigration to benefit big businesses at the expense of our fellow americans and i think we have to be the router for the america first movement. what i know after being on the phone with president trump for about an hour last night with many of my congressional colleagues as he is still absolutely here to lead this fight. we will make our objections and we will not leave democracy undefended on the sixth. it's interesting that of the human beings who showed up to vote in the selection donald trump won an overwhelming landslide and the farther you got away from the actual voter
9:52 pm
participating in an authentication process the more joe biden's margins went up. that should concern all americans. steve: janelle, the thing that is often overlooked is the extent to which trump won the policy argument against the establishment republicans and exactly as matt was saying, especially on questions of immigration and trade and then showed that by winning that argument he could deliver for working-class americans and the result was this new coalition as matt was talking about which included the fact that you had much higher proportion of african-american supporting the republican party, hispanics and so on and the multiracial working-class coalition. that is what you got from this president. >> yeah, i believe that if i told someone that there was a party that raised over $100 million and there was a party where all the hollywood elites support and that they are
9:53 pm
definitely have all the corporate executives as a part of their coalition or group as well they would think about the republican party but i'm talking about the democratic party who is the party of the elites and the republican party is now the party of the working class in this is a lot to do with president trump. he pulled out those who were the forgotten and those who felt as though they did not have anyone representing them or so reporting them. i think that was a great thing and i think it's interesting that there is a huge risk happening between the democratic party and the progressives as well as the establishment democrats and the ernie dems and that is all about platform and agenda and policy. they can decide on a policy that actually within the purview of their party but on our side we may have a little bit discrepancies around the election process but that could totally be fixed but one thing we for sure that the robot can party is good foundational he. steve: very good summary.
9:54 pm
thank you. sarah is standing by we got that biden story, congressman matt gaetz and janel king who will say goodbye now but thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> thank you. steve: alright, coming up, sara carter staying with us here to break down new revelations
9:55 pm
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welcome back. we have an extra new role for sarah, our swap investigator. sarah, what you have for us tonight. >> do i have some information for you. i spoke to several sources in the d.c. swamp and set the tech giants like google, amazon, twitter are positioning themselves to put people inside the biden administration. they're working diligently. one of those is amazon ceo.
9:59 pm
the white house advisor steve machete will be working very closely with ident. he communicate similar to kelly anton connolly did with trump he also has a mother, he and his brother started a lobbying firm. he left that firm and jeff continued that firm. he has been hired by amazon to be there top lobbyists. very interestingly enough, people are concerned about that. they believe there is a serious conflict of interest and they believe jeffrey will be the white house. there isn't any promises that he won't. that's a big concern right now. >> it's unbelievable. so brazen right before he supposed to take office that they do all this. it's just unbelievable. sarah thinking. that's all we have time for
10:00 pm
tonight. i'm excited about your new role as our swap investigator. it's going to be great. you will be very busy thank you all for joining us. see you next sunday on "the next revolution" will be televised. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the people of georgia are angry, the people of the country are angry and there's nothing wrong with saying that you reach out to them. >> as voters in georgia prepared to decide the balance of power in the senate, trump urges georgia secretary of state to find the votes he needs to overturn election. we are coming to you from the georgia international plaza in downtown atlanta in the heart of what is in the first days of 2021, the center of the political universe, the state of georgia. as you just heard the presids


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