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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  February 5, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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the first time for the full week. what is one thing you learned after a full week of doing it, trey gowdy? >> trey: practicing law is a lot easier, bret. congratulations on your knees. this is hard. you make it look easy, but it is hard, brother. >> bret: all right, have a good one. and ♪ ♪ >> trey: you too, take care. good evening, and welcome to "fox news primetime." i'm trey gowdy. thank you again for joining us tonight. well, that didn't last long. joe biden, kamala harris, and the mainstream media love to talk about unity. these are the words of president biden just moments after he took the oath of office. >> president biden: my whole soul is in it. today, on this january day, my whole soul is in this, bringing america together, uniting our people, uniting our nation, and
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i ask every american to join me in this cause. >> trey: last night and early this morning, the united states senate split 50/50 on a number of amendments. democrats are using the process called reconciliation, which is a really weird word to use when there is no reconciliation, at all. but they are using that process to bypass republicans. that is not unity, that is raw power. yesterday, president biden criticized former secretary of state mike pompeo over foreign policy. >> america is back. diplomacy is back. at the center of our foreign policy. we must restore the health and morale of our foreign policy institutions. >> trey: that's not unity. kamala harris thinks telling west virginia coal miners to start clearing land mines is unifying probably, probably because she will not be the
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one clearing those landmines. she even went to west virginia to put pressure on a democrat to get in line. that is not unifying, either. that is just raw politics. listen to a democrat senator joe manchin said in response. >> i couldn't believe it. no one called me. we are going to try to find a bipartisan pass way. we need to come of that we need to work together. that is not a way of working together. >> and of course, next week, house and senate democrats are going to try to remove someone from office who isn't even in office! and then bar him from ever holding office again. they have no chance of a conviction. they have no chance of barring donald trump from future office. they cannot get a conviction. but they will march forward, anyway, not because they think they can win in court, but because they think it will help them win elections. that doesn't sound very
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unifying. unity is defined as a state of oneness, a state of being joined as a whole. the senate's 50/50. the house is almost equally divided. that doesn't sound like oneness to me. so if it's unity we are looking for, it's not going to come from a speech, and it's not going to come from government, and it's not going to come from politics. it's going to have to come from us. and it will be a process. sometimes, a lengthy process. but like all journeys, you're not going to get there unless you start walking. the super bowl is sunday. i probably won't watch because dallas isn't playing. i'll probably go in the other room and watch hallmark movies with my wife. actually, that sounds awful, so i probably will watch the game, after all. there are rules in football. there are rules in golf. we have rules in every facet of life. some are written. most are not.
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but we know them, and we follow them. and politics, there are just no rules. the objective is simply to win. the end justifies the means, and power is the currency of politics. if you are serious about unity, stop looking for the 50/50 issues and focus on those things for which there is consensus! we want to miss virus defeated. we want jobs. we want economic opportunity. we want our children to be educated. we want to be safe. americans would rather see a sermon then hear a sermon. so why don't we start there. practice what you preach. now that would really be unifying. here to respond, former white house press secretary and fox news contributor, the great ari fleischer. ari, how are you? >> trey, great to see you. >> trey: what do you make of this unity juxtaposed with 50/50
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votes in the senate and using the reconciliation process to jam something down people's throats? >> well, first of all, your line about -- i've never heard that saying before about americans would rather see a sermon then hear a sermon. that is a beautiful thing to say. you captured so much of that one sentence. in terms of what we are seeing in washington and with joe biden, the centrist, who wants to be a unifier, his whole soul is in it, i have come to the conclusion that half his soul is in it, the other half is not in it, and kamala harris will cast the tie-breaking vote for his soul. joe biden wants to be the unifier, but he certainly isn't governing like the unifier. if he wants to unify, there is no question to be on a bipartisan path right now, and there's nothing wrong with -- if you've got the votes, shove it through. that is how lbj, lyndon baines johnson, would govern, and he made no bones about it. he didn't say he was a unifier.
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joe biden said he is a unifier. he is not a unifier. >> trey: well, let's give -- let's just give joe biden the benefit of half a doubt. behalf of him that wants to be the unifier. i don't think any part of his face is going to let that half live very long. i don't think they are going to allow it. am i wrong? >> no, that's exactly the problem, that if he thinks he wants to be a unifier, he gets buffeted by progressivism that he can't stand up to them because he is just too weak. and you saw it in his presidential run. when he ran for president, he abandoned many of the centrist positions he used to take as a senator. he used to be against taxpayer-funded abortions. he came out against it when he was running for president. he was a tough on crime senator. then he came down and did 180 on that. he kept backing off joe biden's old positions, becoming the voice for the progressive left, to the point where bernie sanders that he will be the most progressive president
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we've ever had. biden has proven bernie right, that is a real problem for america. >> trey: ari, one of the reasons i love to talk to you is i think you make an effort to be fair and you kind of call it like it is. you had one of the toughest jobs in all of washington, at the white house, dealing with the press corps. has the media changed since you were in the bush administration, and how do we get that societal referee back? >> trey, it is night and day. it is 100% different. back then, almost 20 years ago, the press was liberal. they have been liberals for decades. but they acted and tried to be down the middle of. they did think it was part of their job to report the news fully, fairly, and accurately. and for after poll, gallup wow, più poll, shall be a majority of american people do not think the press is fair and accurate. they are too biased from the start, too liberal when they come to journalism school, made more liberal in the course of their political careers, and
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especially for younger journalists lighting pressroom's on fire with rebellions against fairness and against neutrality, journalism is broken, tray, the only thing that will make it come back as if when they talk y actually practice ideological diversity. it will strengthen them. it will let them see half the country that they really don't do a good job seeing. it will stop them from making a lot of mistakes, because they wouldn't have ideological blinders on, were the only people they bounce things off of our similar-minded people. that's the only thing i think will save journalism. >> trey: all right, we got about a minute, but you talk about newsrooms should be split. speaking of split, we are going to have a jury trial of sorts next week with a split jury. i don't think a single one of them is not already made up their minds. what's the smart way for republicans to handle next week? get it over as quickly as possible, or what would you suggest? >> well, the democratic strategy is consistent with everything they did after joe biden became
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the nominee: continue to shine a light on donald trump, and keep all the lights off of joe biden. this is their strategy. they don't want the focus to be on joe biden. republicans, this is a waste of time, as you point out. donald trump will not be convicted. donald trump will not be remove from office. he already is. he won't be barred from running again, that is a decision the american people should make. the democrats have an interest in stretching this out. republicans should keep it short. what is a waste of time. get it over with. >> trey: great advice. i hope there listening. ari, i hope you have a great weekend. thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you, trey. >> trey: next, one of the fastest rising stars in the republican party, kim klacik. ♪ ♪ new advil dual action with acetaminophen fights pain in two ways. advil targets pain at the source... ...while acetaminophen blocks pain signals. the future of pain relief is here. new advil dual action.
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♪ ♪ >> trey: my father thought it was important for my three sisters and me to learn these idioms, these old sayings. you probably remember some of them here for a penny saved is a penny earned. i always thought, well, if it is just a penny, why are we even talking about it? my father insisted we learn that idiom. a house divided against itself cannot stand. that was one of his favorites, and i remember think to myself, well, house divided, and might be a duplex. but i didn't say that out loud because i didn't think my father would find that to be as funny as i did. but my dad was right. and before him, a guy named abraham lincoln was right. he talked about a house divided. and before abraham lincoln, a man named jesus talked about a house divided against itself. then, of course, it was ronald reagan who famously added to the ten commandments, and 11th one: do not speak ill
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publicly about another republican. all of that makes me wonder where we are now, both as a country and as a political movement or party. how much is enough? how good is good enough? how can we have contrast without conflict? debate without disunity? in december of 2008, it felt weak. president obama had just won and the democrats controlled the house and the senate. the republican party was being written off. it was being told it needed to change everything. it's core convictions and everything. and then the most amazing thing happened. republicans won back the house two years later, in 2010. two years in the wilderness, and then we were back. so the challenge remains the same as it was and 2008, where are we as a country and as a political party? how much is enough, in terms of agreement? is there room in the republican party, as reagan suggested, for
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an 80% friend? who even gets to decide which issues are deal breakers and which ones reasonable minds can differ on? kim klacik ran for congress, not in a ruby red district where she would've been guaranteed to win. but in a district that used to be represented by elijah cummings. that takes courage for a republican to do. kim klacik joins me now. hey, can. how are you? >> i am doing good, congressman. how are you? >> trey: i'm doing fantastic. so, courage. we are not always called to be victorious, we are called to be obedient. you ran -- i mean, you moved to south carolina, you would be in congress now. you ran in a tough district for a republican to run in. what led you to do that? >> yeah, first of all, thank you so much for having me. like you said, it takes courage to go in and try to do something that is kind of like the unthinkable.
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you look at places like west baltimore, you see the quality of life, and you see children living in these areas, and you think they deserve better, and so that is why i ran in districs west baltimore and howard county. at the same time, basically one of the lowest poverty rates in the district. ten times the national murder rate in the entire country is right there in baltimore city. so i thought, you know what? somebody has to chip away, and it's going to be me. >> trey: well, we are going to have tim scott on later on tonight. he is the only person of color in the republican side in the house and senate. how does the republican party appeal to the kim klaciks of the world, other constituencies that may not be giving the republican party a hard look based on past perceptions? >> yeah, well, i really appreciate your history lessons in the opening there because in 2008, you are right, we did not have control of the house or the senate, so i want people to still feel like, look, there's
4:19 pm
still light at the end of the tunnel. i believe in '22 we can switch the house, i believe we can flip the senate, i believe we can take back the white house in '24, but the g.o.p. has to be open to embracing minorities and embracing those i wouldn't necessarily run for office. you know, we have a lot of great fresh faces that came in with the freshman class. madison cawthorn, byron donalds and, a lot of people stepped up. marjorie greene, a lot of people that stepped up and took on the challenge, and they think they are doing a great job and being top voices out there, and so, right now, even myself, i'm in orlando, florida, with willie montague and he is going to be stepping up in '22. there's so many candidates that are ready to run, ready to go, but the g.o.p. has to support us. i really do think we can take back the house in '22 if the g.o.p. really steps up and says, look, we've got to make a change. >> trey: you are such a good messenger for the party. it makes me ask, will we see you as part of that wave that takes
4:20 pm
back the house in '2022? >> you never know, d3. you never know if you're right and i'm starting a pack called red renaissance, people go to, they can see our official landing page, launched next friday, february 12, supporting candidates all across this country that are fresh faces, that are in those districts that people, like you said, aren't ruby red, and people are afraid to run in, but you know what? you got to start chipping away. people want to see more from the republican party, whether it is to balance the budget, talk about, you know, getting our education system back to what used to be. we have a problem in human trafficking, that is one of the issues here in florida. we got to step up and really just take on the messaging, you know, we go along sometimes with the mainstream media, that narrative that liberals push, but you know what? it is time to push our message and really fight the narrative. >> trey: well, kim, you have courage, and there is always a market for courage. i remember the first time we met, i was in the house and you came by to see me. i did not realize we would be having a conversation on national television at some
4:21 pm
point, or if we did, i thought you would be asking me questions, so best of luck to you. have a great weekend. thank you for being with us tonight. >> thank you for inspiring me, trey. thank you so much. >> trey: yes, ma'am. thank you. up next, my friend, the senator from the great state of south carolina, tim scott. ♪ ♪
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4:27 pm
they put on their mask, and they go into the classroom every single day because they understand what's at stake. here is one of them. >> this is all i've ever wanted to do. i spend more time with the students in my classroom then they do with their families or than i do with my own children. i'm kind of like their mom away from home, in a way, for kindergarten. you know they still need that motherly love, and i want them to feel comfortable, and i feel like that helps them learn. >> trey: joining me now is that teacher, carrie johnson from sarasota, florida. hey, kari, how are you? >> i am doing well. how are you? >> trey: i'm doing great. i want you to educate a lawyer who probably doesn't know why is it so much better for the teachers and the kids to be in the classroom, as opposed to e-learning or virtual? >> well, i feel like all
4:28 pm
teachers, of course, want their students to be in the classroom. it's -- you make great connections. you can do more hands on activities. it's just wonderful to be able to be in the classroom and do what we do, and teach, and enjoy our students, enjoy our time together. however, this year, teachers have just shown that they can be creative and go above and beyond, and still try to make those connections with those students who are learning remotely. it is not the same, but teachers have just proven that teachers can teach from anywhere and do amazing things. >> trey: all right. you are also a mom. >> mmhmm. >> trey: you are every bit as concerned about your health. shieh no mike i am married to a teacher. and yet, it can't be simply a question of being concerned about health. you are a mom and want to be healthy, too. yet you are in the classroom. what led you to say, "you know
4:29 pm
what, it is worth it, i am going?" >> i think our health is obviously the most important, but also a huge part of going to school is that social and emotional growth, and i can speak for kindergarten. that is the number one goal, for them to be able to interact appropriately, problem solve, work with their peers, you know, we just put on our masks, we have lots of safety protocols in place. we have our desk shields, we wash our hands multiple times of day, and we make the best of it and are still able to accomplish what we need to accomplish. >> trey: you know, you put your finger on it. learning is obviously critically important, but there is a socialization involved in school, also, particularly in kindergarten, that you wouldn't be able to have if you are not in the classroom. tell us about that part of it, that we might not get if we are not teachers, ourselves. the social part of it.
4:30 pm
>> you know, so much of learning is sharing, thinking with each other, sharing ideas, working as a team. lots of partner activities. and that is harder to do when they are at home. however, teachers have been able to be successful in that, but it's just not the same experience for the student when they are at home. but it still possible. >> trey: well, kari, let me tell you this. anytime young people come to me and sitting want to go to law school are going to politics because they want to change the world, i tell everyone the same thing, "if you want to change the world, teach." teachers change the world. so, thank you for what you are willing to do. the happiest four years of my life was kindergarten. so, thank you for what you are willing to do. >> well, thank you. >> trey: thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you for having me. i really appreciate it.
4:31 pm
>> trey: yes, ma'am. good luck to you and your students. tim scott, from the great state of south carolina, maybe you remember the same, those were the happiest four years of my life, kindergarten. how about you? >> you know, i only spent three years in kindergarten, but i will say kari reminds me of a beautiful teacher in south carolina named terry, who is also what can a guarded and loves her students and goes back to the classroom, and kids like you and i, we may have spent a total of seven years in kindergarten together, trey, but the truth of the matter is those teachers change my life, like they changed your life. i would not be in politics today had a teacher, young teacher, not saw something in me that i could not see in myself. it changed the way i saw the world. and the other thing that kari talked about is the emotional damage being done to kids. in las vegas, they are rushing to open the schools backup
4:32 pm
because the suicides are climbing through the roof, trey. >> trey: i think you are the cosponsor of an amendment, maybe it was senator blunt from missouri, kind of conditioning money to return to the classroom, right? >> absolutely. the hypocrisy of the left, they say they want to follow the science. the cdc says open schools. the biden administration says, no, we will wait and follow something else. we had an opportunity last night, senator blunt and i, promoting a simple amendment to allow for schools to reopen, get more money once the teachers have been vaccinated. they wouldn't even agree to that. fact is, in december, we approved $82 billion, billion dollars, to reopen schools. they still won't do it. i'm stunned, trey. truly stunned. >> trey: well, it's one thing for me to be stunned.
4:33 pm
i'm not in the united states senate. but you are, and you are trying to do something -- you are trying to condition the money on getting back in the classroom. i want to ask you this, and i can't tell the story because i'm going to start crying, and i don't want to cry on television, but can you tell the story of what education has meant in your own family? how it's changed the course, the trajectory of the scott families life? >> you know, trey, when i was seven years old, my parents divorced and i ended up moving to my grandfather's house, and one of the most striking memories i have, sharp memories come as my grandfather reading the newspaper every single day at the table, and i was wondering, what in the world is so interesting in that paper? it was 20 years later, before i realized that my grandfather could not read. he wanted us to have a model to follow of someone who was so engaged in world affairs that
4:34 pm
his two grandsons would understand the power of reading and the power of education. it's because of his example that the scott family went from picking cotton when he was a kid to picking a seat in congress. so from cotton to congress, in his lifetime, because the power of education is truly the closest thing to magic in america. it doesn't matter where you're from, who you are, or what color you are. in america, education can close the gap and make you actually achieve dreams that are barely outside of your grasp, but you can get there. and in this country, you get there. the one so, your grandfather, who never have the chance to learn to read or write, has a grandson who is picking out a seat in the house and in the senate, may run for president. and then you've got a nephew who is a medical doctor, after he
4:35 pm
got his masters at duke, and is already a medical doctor, right? >> exactly. this is the story of america. this is why i think the most important, the most important issue for us as a nation, to close that chasm, the gap between they have and have-not. it is not focusing on race, it is not focusing on money, it is focusing on education. my nephew, who has -- he is the smartest, best looking-s guy, he gets it all, literally, the guy went to georgia tech, then he went to duke, medical school at emory. he is going to change lives in ways i could not imagine, and he is also an investor. this is the fourth generation, following my grandfather's focus on education, and when we tell american students to stay home, when we tell single mothers that they must be homeschoolers and go to work, but not take their
4:36 pm
kids, we are sending very garbled, mixed messages that are hard to follow, but if we understand the power of education, if we set that captive free. if we allow kids to literally experience the highest highs, to see their dreams becoming a reality, to chase them, our nation is better, but when we keep the kids are home when they should be in school, they are learning goes down, their emotional challenges go up. their futures and our nations future grows darker and darker and darker. they deserve better from us. they deserve better from the biden administration than that. we have to focus on getting those kids back to school. >> trey: well, senator, thank you for looking out for the students of america, like those teachers looked out for the scott family in charleston. god bless you. i'll talk to you this weekend. thank you for being with us
4:37 pm
tonight. >> look forward to it. >> trey: all right. the republican running to replace governor gavin newsom got some good news today. his first prime time interview is next. ♪ ♪ it's totally normal to have constipation with belly pain, straining, and bloating, again and again. no way. more exercise. more water. and more fiber is the only way to manage it. is it? maybe you think... it's occasional constipation. maybe it's not. it could be a chronic medical condition called ibs-c, and time to say yesss! to linzess. linzess works differently than laxatives. it helps relieve belly pain and lets you have more frequent and complete bowel movements. do not give linzess to children less than six and it should not be given to children six to less than 18, it may harm them. do not take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain, especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe, stop taking linzess
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♪ ♪ >> trey: with all the things going on in our country right now, one democrat on the house judiciary committee knows exactly what you need. you need a psychological evaluation. she's introduced a bill calling for you to have a psychological evaluation before you exercise one of your constitutional rights. do you want to guess which one? you want to guess which constitutional right you need to clear with a psychologist? and if you're thinking this house democrat wants people to undergo a psych exam before running for congress, nope, that's not it. well, maybe she wants you to undergo a psych examination before you exercise your right to free speech, or to vote. no. that's not it, either. she wants you to undergo a psychological examination before you exercise your right keep and
4:43 pm
bear arms. your right to defend yourself and others. i can't speak for you, but i am not going to be lectured to on the issue of gun violence by a democrat. the hardest day i had in congress was the day john boehner asked me to meet with the parents of the children killed at sandy hook. i have met with grieving parents more than i can count, but never that many at one time, and never when the victims are that young. it was the hardest thing i did those eight years. one of the hardest things i've ever done in my life. that room was so full of grief and anguish. and when other republicans were not interested in meeting with the students from parkland, florida, after the school shooting, i did meet with them. because i needed to hear the pain. we need to hear the pain. waiting to experience the pain as best we can come alongside
4:44 pm
them. i knew we would probably not agree on the solution, but i owed them a chance to tell me how this had impacted their lives. they deserved to be heard. i spent six years prosecuting firearms cases, trying to keep guns out of the hands of people who weren't supposed to have them, and in ten years prosecuting murder cases. i do not need a house democrat lecturing me on gun violence. the question is, how do we stop it? there are currently laws on the books as it relates to who can possess firearms, what kinds of firearms you can possess, and where you can possess firearms. lots and lots of current laws. you cannot legally possess a firearm, or even a bullet, if you are a convicted felon. a habitual drug user. you cannot lawfully possess a firearm if you are in this country unlawfully, or if you have been convicted of domestic violence, or been court-martialed, or if you've been adjudicated mentally ill.
4:45 pm
those are just some of the categories of people who cannot currently own or possess firearms. any firearm. period. so you may be wondering, if the goal is to keep firearms out of the hands of people before they commit acts of violence, how are we doing? and the answer is, not very well! prosecutions for gun offenses actually went down when joe biden was vice president. that's right, they went down. so if you're asking for more gun laws, don't you think it's reasonable to ask, well, how are you doing with the current laws you have at your disposal? and if you're not enforcing the current laws, why would you ask for more laws that would also be unenforced? if there really were a test we could give people that would tell us if that person was likely to hurt or kill someone else, then give the test.
4:46 pm
give it to everyone. i don't want homicidal people with a plastic fork, much less a gun. life is the foundation for every other gift and right we have. if you tell me that you have a test, and it's going to let me know if someone's going to take another person's life, then show me the test. show me the test that can predict human behavior, because i'll take it. but there is no test. so, in the meantime, let's enforce the law. let's enforce the ones we have, and if the evidence shows there are other laws that will do the job better, let's debate that, too. count me in on the side of stopping people from hurting others. but i will also note the irony that some of the same people who want you to take a test before you exercise a constitutional right are the same people who want to defund the police and clear out the prisons.
4:47 pm
i'm all for stopping the violence ahead of time. you show me the test that can do that, and then we can have more test givers and less prosecutors. until then, don't lecture this old prosecutor about how to stop the violence. with all the things going on in our country right now. and up next, kevin faulconer.
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so call unitedhealthcare and take advantage of the variety of plans we offer, including ppo plans that let you see any doctor who accepts medicare, without a referral. if you're on medicare or retiring soon, call unitedhealthcare or go online today. >> trey: the current democrat governor of california gavin newsom appears to be in a lot of trouble tonight. not only are his approval numbers in the tank, thanks to his handling of the pandemic, now more than 1.3 million people have signed a petition to get him out of office. the republican who hopes to take his job, the former mayor of
4:53 pm
san diego, kevin faulconer, joins me now. mr. mayor, how are you? >> trey, it's great to be with you, thanks for having me. doing great. >> trey: thank you. do you think he will be recalled, and are you going to run no matter what? >> oh, i think he is going to be recalled, i am going to run, and i think they hit the nail on the head. so much momentum right now in california, because people want to change, trade, and i just launched my campaign this week. we are talking about a california comeback. you know, i launched my campaign. i'm so glad you have been talking about education and getting our kids back to school, because all california kids are falling behind, and i launched my campaign this week out in front of a public school that is closed, but yet, right across the corner where i was was a private school that was open, with teachers and kids safely in the classrooms learning, because that school reports to parents. but the school that i was at, public school reports to gavin newsom, and it was closed.
4:54 pm
this is just absolutely unacceptable, and everyone in california, democrats, independents, republicans, they all agree, we need to open our schools now. not next week, not next month, now. >> trey: all right, mr. mayor, we've got about one minute left. education, covid-19, his response to the virus. what is the third most important issue that should be on the minds of californians? we've got about 45 seconds, all yours. >> well, i'll tell you, there is so much i could talk about homelessness and how california is continuing to skyrocket, and the fact in san diego, we were the only big city that reduced homelessness literally by double digits, and i'll tell you just really show quickly, the issue of jobs, trey, the issue of protecting our california jobs, keeping them here and keeping them going in california, i'm going to be a governor that does just that. >> trey: well, there is a picture of ronald reagan that sits on my dad's desk, it would be amazing to see another
4:55 pm
republican in california in my lifetime. we wish you all the best, mr. mayor. >> trey, thank you. we are ready to go. thank you very much. >> trey: yes, sir. have a good weekend. kevin faulconer, thank you very much, mr. mayor. ♪ ♪ i want dee dee fine it. it's hard word to capture. there is a verse in the bible that goes something like this. these these things remain, faith, hope and love and the greatest of these is love. it is literally impossible to go to a wedding in south carolina without hearing that verse. and the focus of that verse is love. love is great. love wins, we all know that.
4:56 pm
but, hope must be really powerful to even be mentioned in the same sentence with love and faith. only three things remain. and hope is one of them. so, maybe i need to get better at hope. and it's hard. i'm a cynic. i didn't used to be but the court system is not a hopeful place. politics does not make us feel hopeful. the media does not make us feel hopeful. so we have to be intentional about it. we have to be affirmative about hope. whatever challenges america has, i would rather have our challenges than anyone else's. and whatever problems we have, i would rather have our problems than anyone else's. we are so fortunate to live in this country. we should strive to make the country even better. of course. but we need to spend at least as much time appreciate the gift of living here as we do focused on
4:57 pm
those areas in need of improvement. none of us likes it when people spend all of their time highlighting our weaknesses. we don't like it and we usually don't spend a lot of time around negative people. so if we won't put up with negativity in our open lives and should not put up with constant negativity when others are talking about this collection of lives called america. my hope is that we spend more time reflecting on what is good and right about this country. we have to be intentional about it. because we are losing confidence in many of the institutions we have relied on in the past. government, the political process, the media, the justice system. it's been a difficult period for us as a country. but there is one institution that rises above the rest. and that is the collective goodness of this country. manifest in the hearts and
4:58 pm
actions of the american people. most americans are good. they are honest. they are kind. and that is what fuels my hope that we can emerge from this difficult period. we should put hope to the test challenge hope. cross-examine hope. we should make sure we take the time to experience hope and we should take the time to practice hope and then share it with others. the greatness of america is and always will be the goodness of the american people. that is the one institution that will never let you down. so as we say good night for the evening. it will not be with imams of famous politicians or cabinet members. it will not be famous athletes or entertainers. we'll say good night with the most beautiful part of this country.
4:59 pm
the one institution that will never let you down. and that is you and people like you. the elementary school children in chicago who threw a parade for police and first responders. the anonymous investor in dallas who donated his stock profits to a local hospital. the pennsylvania football players who shoveled their neighbors' sidewalks in lieu of practice. there are millions of good people doing good things for each other across this country with no desire or expectation of reward or recognition. but i want you to know we see you and because we see you it gives us hope. time is the most precious commodity on earth. so thank you for sharing your time with us. have a great evening.
5:00 pm
i will see you again soon. ♪ "tucker carlson tonight" is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" i'm mark steyn in for tucker. what is the united states congress for as they tell us incessantly. it's the citadel of democracy. even though it doesn't do any of the things other democracies too. there are no debates just staff or written speeches in which a man pretends to be addressing a legislature by talking to himself in an empty room like an eric swalwell presidential rally. sometimes they move a staffer adjacent to the greatr


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