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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  February 14, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PST

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♪. will: start with a fox news alert. former president trump acquitted in his second people people trial. jedediah: the vote coming after the senate reached an agreement to skip witness testimonies. pete: griff jenkins live in washington with the latest. break it down for us. reporter: good morning, pete, jed, will. it looked like it would drag out for a few more months when a fight erupted to call witnesses. they enter ad simple statement into the record and ultimately voted 57-43 to acquit former president donald j. trump. democrats needed 17 republicans
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needed to convict, you see them there. richard burr the only surprise. mitch mcconnell voted to acquit but took to the floor to give a scathing view of the president. >> the leader of the free world cannot spend weeks thundering that shadowy forces are stealing our country then feign surprise when people believe him and do reckless things. reporter: trump was watching from mar-a-lago releasing a statement minutes after the a tall and thanking republican senator snortings who stood by them. i look forward to achieving our great american journey together to achieve incredible greatness for the american people president bidennen said the sad chapter of history we must be ever vigilant, violence, extremism, has no place in
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america. in an interview with fox news, defense attorney michael van der bean reviewed the trial has taken a toll on his family. >> my home was attacked. i would rather not go into that. to answer your question, my entire pham i also, my business, my law firm are unsiege right now. reporter: pete, will, and jed this is the end of the road. it looks like it. there was a movement for censure vote as well but speaker pelosi joined house managers press conference blasting republicans who voted to acquit shooting down any talk of censure. will: there is talk of censure, the 14th amendment, potentially criminal pursuit when it comes to going after president donald trump. thanks so much, griff. we'll check in later as well. what an odd day that was yesterday, pete, jedediah. good morning to you both. itch two words i want to focus on yesterday, purpose and standard.
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mitch mcconnell talked about purpose a little bit and why he voted to acquit president trump the purpose of impeachment is to remove a sitting president in office. obviously that purpose cannot be fulfilled if president trump no longer holds office. the second word i want to focus on is standard. through the this entire process, sometimes as an attorney i tend to overanalyze things through a strict legal standard but i couldn't find a standard, what was the standard of guilt? seemed to be trial by video. trial by social media. trial by emotion. trial by tv. it is hard to convict someone of something if you don't know the standard by which you should convict them. what's the purpose of the entire thing? i want to play for you both quickly darrell issa. he suggested here, this was the purpose of this entire show. watch. >> they knew they were going to lose but they tried to smear not only the president but the entire republican party and it
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fell apart. many people may not look at it in real time but as time goes on as they realize the defense simply showed the very words again and again and again and again that they accused president trump of saying as incitement, people including the managers had all used. so they tried to make the case that it was who said it, not what was said. that just didn't pass the muster. it didn't change eel effectively one vote. jedediah: so you know, will you talked about standard and we just heard darrell issa talking about the incitement charge. i think that was the issue from the start. take the constitutionality aside as someone like mitch mcconnell made it clear that is what his vote was about. he didn't believe it was constitutional time. he went on to indiet the president as his behave i don't, i can't vote for this on procedural reason. here is why. he laid out a case which could
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potentially worked out for impeachment managers which was a interesting a little bit, the charge incitement is challenging. you have to prove intent there. it has to be very explicit calls for violence. the real charge, andy mccarthy better charge was dereliction of duty. was the president doing while all the riot was ensuing. did he call for any forces to shut down the riot? why did he not get out front and center and tell people to go home? what was the delay? that would have led witnesses to call what he was saying, get mccarthy in there. disclose the real nature of that call what went on. when you lead with an incitement charge, you don't prove that the whole thing kind of shuts down. so i think the issue was the charges, the constitutionality, yes, that can be debated among constitutional lawyers that know a lot more about that than i do, i think that was the struggle,
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the charge itself. pete: very much so. the whole thing was preordained we knew from the vote to begin with when there was no jurisdiction whether there was going to be impeachment here. will, to your point. it was predictable. there is witnesses now? this could go on for weeks. democrat john warner, said finally something unscripted i looked back up at tv couple hours later, closing arguments happening, deal has been made, reading something into the record. everyone didn't want to prolong this. both sides would submit witnesses, would get even messier and totally unnecessary. the big takeaway was mitch mcconnell. he voted to acquit on procedural grounds. he may have well given a speech from democrat house managers which is totally out of step with the base of the republican tomorrow. what is coming out, is yesterday a fracture in the republican
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party but over trump. washington, d.c. over rest of america. mitch mcconnells, list cheneys said we're done with trump. we'll see whether the rest of the country and rest of republican party is. gop in louisiana, north carolina, rebuke bill cassidy and richard burr to their votes to convict. there is fracture point. a lot of d.c. will get out in front of its skis. you might see challenge to mitch mcconnell as minority leader because of something like this. will: on that point, sorry, jedediah, it shows impeachment was not the proper recourse for anyone who has an issue with president trump. what it shows is politics is the way you handle this. pete: whole thing was political. will: my point being if president trump pays a price on january 6th, that price should be paid through the political process meaning votes. he will lose people if it is true that he did something out of step with everyone else or mitch mcconnell will. the point is the mechanism for
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check is the political process. it is not criminal. there was nothing here that added up to criminal incitement t wasn't impeachment. that proved to of course the wrong process. it is political. it is our votes. it is our opinion. the ultimate check on anything that happened. jedediah: quickly pete, i want to point out i agree with you. there is an enormous fracture in the republican party, but here is the issue, right? you and i think are perfect examples of this, the way you described that i would disagree with. we agree there is a fracture, we agree there is a divide. you described your vision of it. my vision of it, there are people who want to distance themselves from president trump's behavior from the time of election until now. they want to distance themselves from his rhetoric. they condemn that. liz cheney voted on cone shuns. they wanted to distinguish themself sells say, this is not what the republican stands for. there are a lot of people who support the president. who believe what he told them about the election which was untrue, but they believe him.
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there is a separation about president trump right now. there are other issues that will cause division in both parties. it will be interesting to see where this lands. the difference how you and i describe it is a manifestation of the what is going on the country. pete: d.c., media folks, will find themselves on much smaller they exist. every single day joe biden puts america last, people look back at the policies of donald trump. i want trump to put america first. he wasn't perfect. regardless how we feel about the election outcome. that baked into the base of the republican party. yesterday was a fissure point. no doubt about it. we'll keep bringing you reverberations as it happens. we talked about code king cuomo in new york city. the revelations come out about what he's done with fudging the numbers as far as people in the nursing home. ultimately a lot of that information came out because after leaked call that governor cuomo had with state democrats.
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well, now you have the new york assembly members, specifically one mike lawler calling for the release of that entire tape. they believe the whole conversation was recorded. we should hear what the governor said and his secretary about the real numbers. what are they covering up. new york assemblyman mike lawler talking about call. they secretly recorded a call with state democrats and released a partial transcript. clear they have a full recording of the meeting. they should demand the release. no different than the knicks sown white house tapes, not releasing the tape would be destruction of justice. there are is more evidence what cuomo knew and when he knew it. will: speaking of impeachment and criminal charges this might apply to cuomo. congressman steve scalise says we've been looking into this quite some time.
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>> this report from the "new york post" is a devastating bombshell. frankly the saddest part of it thousands of people who shouldn't have died from covid going back to march when governor cuomo gave that deadly order mandating that covid positive patients from hospitals be sent back into nursing homes even if the nursing home couldn't take care of them. that by the way went against federal cms guidance that said not to do that. cuomo continued to try to hide this i am on a select subcommittee, we've been asking governor cuomo to give the data to us. be transparent with the facts going back to june. he is very smugly said we don't have to show it to you. jedediah: since june, guys. since june. he has been asking for that evidence. the one thing that i think is a ray of light here is that, i know politicians don't often receive accountability they deserve in terms of things they have done wrong but i think here because you have so many democrats and republicans united
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wanting these answers, some people lost loved ones as a result of this atrocity, i have faith answers will be demanded and there may be some pretty adequate consequence for governor cuomo himself. will: let's see. let's hope. >> we shall see. turning to headlines, gypping with extreme weather. winter weather stretching coast to coast hitting millions of people with snow, ice and bitter cold. up to nine inches of snow falling in seattle covering the pike's place market. nebraska fearing the storm could wreak havoc on the state's power grid. deputy white house press secretary t.j. ducklo. after allegations threatening a political reporter. in a statement he said in part i said no language that no woman should hear from anyone. it was language that was abhor rent and disrespectable.
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he reportedly told the reporter i will destroy her. a new york city waitress receive as big tip. >> everyone around the world donated money. we want to give you $7,000. >> oh, my god, are you joking? >> no. it is yours, to do whatever you want with it. jedediah: comedian robin shah challenged her followers to donate, broadcasting live from instagram. she raised enough money to write checks to the cooks in the kitchen, amazing. diners recently reopened at 25% capacity. those are your headlines. more stories like that, please. pete: that is a great idea. don't give us any ideas. we could try that on the show sometime. we'll give it all to will. you will. you should. we told but the push to let kids return to sports. there is a new request in the let them play movement. one middle school nurse is calling for return of school music programs. she joins us next to explain.
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will: fox news alert the senate voting to acquit president trump in his second impeachment trial. jonathan turley has testified in past impeachment cases including bill clinton's and donald trump first trial. good to have you. in as short amount of time i want to get as many questions answer as possible. i read your column in "usa today." you made the assertion you think democrats in fact were tanking this effort.
3:18 am
anyone familiar with sports, tanking is a purposeful attempt to lose. do you think this was not a honest effort to win the impeachment trial? >> what i'm not saying it was intention, there are legitimate questions asked why the house didn't try to make a case to conviction? the key to conviction to establish a state of mind. there were a dozen witnesses they could have called four weeks over the snap impeachment to lock in the testimony and they didn't do so. then this perry mason witness said i made this offer right before closing argument. it didn't make any sense. they offered a stipulation to what they just said in the record it left all of us confused. if you want to win this case you would have spent four weeks before the trial locking in this testimony including the witness talking about. she was stating in the media she
3:19 am
was talking about the conversation conversation with the a week. mack cart think note knew about it within the weeks. the house members suggested they just learned about it the evening before. will: i asked this in the opening segment of our show, what is the standard of guilt for an impeachment trial? in a criminal trial we follow the law. we have a burden to live up to. incitement is the standard usually is, did it lead to imminent violence, whatever it is, whatever words that would lead to incitement would amount to. what was the standard in this trial if there was one? what would have proven guilt? >> that is what was most difficult to discern. usually when you use terms like incitement you refer to how the courts have defined those terms. that is traditional. it is not that you are bound by those definitions but that is your point of comparison. instead representative raskin said, don't worry about the definition of uncitement. this is unique.
3:20 am
we call this presidential incitement, and offered elements of their own. well that is not how we have done it in the past but more importantly no matter how you define incitement the state of mind of donald trump was the key question and they really did not want to call witnesses previously. they didn't want to establish that element. they wanted to try it on circumstantial evidence. so of course it collapsed. will: videos and that sort of thing. really quickly, less than a minute, does this go anywhere from here? we heard talk of pursuing a 14th amendment disqualification of donald trump. maybe even pursuit of criminal incitement charges. do you think this is over or does it go anywhere else? >> there are serious constitutional questions about the 14th amendment option. schumer seemed to put that to rest, it will be left up to the voters. all these legal experts said this is a led pipe cinch of a case for criminal incitement. here is your chance to prove it.
3:21 am
bring the case. i'm very doubtful that it could survive, if not at trial than appeal. i think it would collapse. will: as in, thank you for your clarification and time this morning. >> you bet. will: one middle school nurse is calling for the return of school music programs. she joins us to explain next. makes it brilliant. the visionary lexus nx. lease the 2021 nx 300 for $359 a month for thirty six months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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♪. jedediah: a new battle in the fight to let them play. we've talked about the push to get kids back into sports but in ohio where student athletes have been able to participate the focus is now shifting to other activities on lockdown. our next guest, a nurse from ports mouth west middle school said we should let them play music as well.
3:25 am
she joins me now for her push for those programs. welcome to the show. thanks for joining us this morning. you bring up an important point here. there is a lot of talk about sports, rightfully so, what about kids interested in other activities? could you first tell us a little bit what happened in portsmouth with respect to music programs over the last several months. >> well it has not just been the last several months. we actually since last march things have pretty much shut down for the kids at school. being able to participate in a musical activities, any plays, public speaking like fsa. and it also includes the adults in our community too as our portsmouth wind symphony has not
3:26 am
been able to practice or have their concerts right since last march. jedediah: you know your bio is really interesting as well because you're a school nurse right now. prior to you were a pediatric nurse. you and your husband are both musicians. talk about the importance of music, what that can do for kids, particularly post-quarantine when they have been isolated so much? >> absolutely. music is so important. it is belonging to a group. being able to express yourself. it's, it's a therapy. it's a window to your soul. it's, i can't explain it. jedediah: yeah. it's clear -- >> been in music since i was
3:27 am
very, very young, perhaps in utero because my mother was also a music teacher. >> yeah. no, it's clear that you're passionate about it. i love that. i always love when someone can't find words. that means so much to you. i totally completely get that. i do want to ask you quickly though, you are a nurse, one of the concerns about singing has been brought up, is it safe, can it be done safely? because you have that passion for music, but also are a school nurse, do you feel that is something that safely could be done in schools right now? >> yes. i do think that it can be done safely. there are special masks that can be warn. students can be spaced six feet apart. there's, you know, when weather permits. obviously in ohio right now we're under a winter storm warning. we have can't have outdoor are r
3:28 am
venues which are possible. jedediah: well. cara, thank you so much for joining us. i love music itself. i think it is so important for kids. i'm glad we got to focus on that discussion. we appreciate you being here. >> i thank you. jedediah: thanks so much. fans are gearing up for the daytona 500 on fox and this year you will have a chance to cheer on the "fox nation" cars hitting the track. >> "fox nation" on board. just paint this amazing picture what it is like to be great, living here in america. really excited to be a part of it. jedediah: very cool. ashley strohmier talked to drivers who will behind the wheel live from daytona next. ♪.
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3:33 am
anti-trump advertisements on broadcast or cable and online during the 2020 campaign. another 7 million went to firm controlled by reed gail lon. ron, boutique firm collected additional $20 million. the revelations come as the group faces allegations of sexual harassment against one much its cofounders. nearly two dozen have come forward claims of abuse of john weaver. he advised late senator joan mccain during his bid for president and former ohio governor john kasich and his quest for the party's nomination. the lincoln project has not returned requests for comment however it is hiring outside group to do a top to bottom analysis of the organization we're told. back to you. pete: jackie, thank you very much. funneling money through your own organization. that is how washington, d.c. works. the funeral for a yale student,
3:34 am
kevin jang of. he was found shot multiple times outside his car. his fiance described him as a man of faith and love. >> kevin would want to cherish the gift of life we have on earth and share the good news of eternal life in christ jesus. pete: police are looking for a person of interest reportedly last spotted in georgia. police officer working together with good samaritans to save a man from a burning car. >> open the door. >> each the door. >> come on, the car is on fire. pete: the ohio's officers smashing the car's window the driver suffered an medical emergency. they pulled the man from the car. no one was hurt. the driver was taken to the hospital. well-done. forget chocolate this valentine's day, will, because it's all about cheese.
3:35 am
>> ask me some questions and if the chemistry things will start flowing. >> do you like cheese? >> why, yes i do. my favorite is gooda. pete: gratuitous playing after movie clip. data from signal analytics, they were turning to cheese as healthier option as focus on wellness foods. they tracked 173% surge in queso conversations. compared to last valentine's day. those are your headlines. will, i don't know if you got a gift for your wife. you were talking about what to get, cheese it is. will: you totally buried the headline. for everyone watching across this nation you can be heartened this morning. queso is now a health food. who knew. jedediah: oh, i'm so glad that you brought that up because i was going to tell people if you go for dark chocolate that is the much healthier option. the good news is people have cheese in the refrigerator.
3:36 am
if you forget a valentine's gift, open up that cheese and you're right to go. rick reichmuth, would you rather get chocolate or cheese for valentine's gift. >> not the half eaten block of cheese. only a quarter of a slice of american. there you go. guys, we have a massive storm across parts of the u.s. cold air settled in across the south. it is 18 degrees in dallas, texas, right now. 12 degrees in anchorage, alaska. part of the problem we have the cold air is coming into the a parts of the lower 48. everywhere you see the pink, pretty much all the state of texas under a winter storm warning. the storm beginning to get going right now. we have one storm across parts of florida, primarily coastal areas of georgia and the carolinas. take a look at this, snow in
3:37 am
across parts of eastern colorado, and areas of oklahoma. we'll see a foot of across central oklahoma by the time the day is done. as the day moves on it pulls farther to the south. meeting cold air already in place. we'll talk about a ice storm will set off for a lot of people in the country. we have snow, we have ice, we have rain. rain looks to be coastal areas across parts of east. in the pink, you will see half an inch of ice. causing massive power outages. rough conditions on the road. snowy spots up to a foot. major winter weather across almost all the lower 48. back to you. pete: rick, thank you very much. appreciate it. as they say start your engines. the 63rd running of the daytona 500 kicks off the 2021 nascar season this day. will: you will also be able to
3:38 am
root for "fox nation" cars on the track. jedediah: ashley strohmier talked to the drivers behind the wheel. she joins us from daytona. ashley? reporter: it is race day at daytona international speedway. it is raining all morning. it is still sprinkling a little bit right now. there is rain in the forecast but we'll cross our fingers hope it is just florida, you never know what to expect with that rain. it can stop and start at anytime. i also had a chance to catch up with the "fox nation" drivers this past weekend about how they feel about the daytona 500 and what their partnership with "fox nation" means. take a look. ♪. have you always wanted to do this. >> my grandfather raced back in the 70s, 80s. my father started racing. definitely loving of the great american racing. >> as soon as i remember. all i wanted to do when i was eight i started raising go-carts. >> i raised go-carts at age
3:39 am
five. i have a itch to go fast. >> what is the fastest you got into. >> 208. >> 210. >> probably just over 200. reporter: do you ever get nervous? my palms are sweating thinking about it. >> i get more nervous on the road street or than i do in a race car. >> i have two boys. whenever i jump in the car after a race my wife is freaking out. she loves the race at superspeedways. hates it at same time. it is definitely more nerve-wracking than any other racetrack we go to because of the pack racing. reporter: explain that. >> 40 of us knows to tail 500 miles the. unlike other tracks there is room to have your own race. get into rhythm. you're on edge of your seat racing 200 miles an hour. inches off each other for hours at a time. it is definitely nerve-wracking. >> this is your first daytona 500, second and third. how has this changed since
3:40 am
coronavirus? >> it's a little disappointing but the biggest thing we're here. we're still racing. we do have fans in the stands. we have fans in the infield. the at end of the day it is daytona 500. >> when there was full capacity, there is nothing like that. especially last year when the president was here. air force one. it was, i never experienced anything like it. reporter: like the all-american dream. like you have people who bleed red, white and blue. die-hard nascar fans. that is the same thing with "fox nation." >> i'm excited about it. >> all i do is ever watch fox. >> to have "fox nation" on board. it paints this amazing picture what it is like to be great, living here in america. really excited to be a part of it. >> "fox nation" on the car, this is one of the most american sports in the country. to have fox, which our race is broadcast on fox, have fox on our cars, i'm excited for that. reporter: you got your "fox nation" hat on. what happened? now we're good. we have the "fox nation" hats on.
3:41 am
that's what we like. jedediah: so you saw those three drivers. there is a fourth driver, derek cope. he is 62 years old. he won daytona back in 1990. cross your fingers today, this rain moves out of here by 2:30. regardless you can watch the race on fox at at 2:30. coverage starts at 11. will: all three drivers add all the ages together i wonder if it adds up to the age of derek cope. that is what i would like to know. reporter: i'm not good at math buff i think it is close. will: that is the point. remember download the fox super six app for a chance at $25,000. download the fox bet super six app now. squad member ilhan omar is rising through the ranks of the house foreign affairs committee, but should she be leading considering her controversial comments on israel?
3:42 am
we'll discuss.
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if keytruda can be part of your story. ♪. pete: welcome back, minnesota congresswoman ilhan omar controversial comments on israel, many of them, once again unscrutiny as the progressive squad member rises through the ranks of the house foreign affairs committee. omar's office says she will be vice-chair of the subcommittee with jurisdiction over africa and global human rights issues. if the congresswoman tweeted israel hypnotized the world lead the way under any american foreign policy? here to react, president of the israel allies foundation. josh, thanks so much for being here. you heard the comments. we're familiar all about the benjamins. the tweet she pushed out about the israel lobby and nefarious nature all of that, what do you make of her rising in the ranks, what it says about america's foreign policy, stance towards
3:46 am
israel? >> thanks for having me on the show. it is actually just shocking. they talk about she is anti-israel. she is an antisemites. if you look at ngos in 2019, she was voted the anti-semite of the year by she just doesn't talk about israel and american jury that they have dual loyalty to israel. not only is she allowed to be on the foreign affairs committee, actually got a promotion should be worrying to anyone. pete: josh, you will recall this comment she made about 9/11 as well. listen. >> cair was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties. pete: some people did something remains a perspective she has. >> i mean, another perspective, she is actually for boycotting,
3:47 am
divesting sanctioning the one free democracy in the middle east. israel. she doesn't want to divest, sanction from iran. she doesn't want to divest, sanction syria. israel, the only place with universal freedom and rights for all citizens, not just all israelis in israel, just jewish israelis. this is serious thing. we're seeing it over and over happen. i hope people are paying attention. pete: here is the scary part. she may not be out of step with the modern democrat party. what the white house declined to stay this week, jen psaki asked about alliances with the state of israel. here is what the white house press secretary said. >> saudis and israelis important allies? >> well you know, again i think we, there are on going processes, internal agency processes we confirmed an inneragency meeting this last week to discuss a range of issues in the middle east. we've only been here 3 1/2
3:48 am
weeks. i think, i'm going to let those policy processes see themselves through before we get a complete lay down what our national security approaches will be to a range of issues. pete: the question was simple, is israel an ally? u, we got processes. what does that tell you? >> the rhetoric is lot less worrying than some of the actions come out of the administration over the last three weeks. there is a lot made about what the press secretary says. when will president biden call prime minister netanyahu. that is all semantic. we see last three weeks, talk of rejoining jcpoa, lifting sanctions on iran, would give them ability to create nuclear weapons within five years that is a disaster. we see the biden administration talk about rejoining the united nations human rights council. cuba which is a member of. all they do is really bash israel for human rights violations. most of the members are some of
3:49 am
the worst egregious human rights violators in the world. we see they will give funding back to the pa, which goes against u.s. latte lore force act which prohibits money going to the pa, doing pay for slave program. paying terrorists and families for killing israelis and american citizens. pete: could lead to undoing the abraham accords and substantial peace agreements the trump administration crafted. josh, you have a book, titus trump and triumph of israel. i want our viewers to be aware of as well. thank you for your time from jerusalem. >> thank you so much,. pete: pete you got it. up next. when you think think of pizza,s this is how we transition on "fox & friends" cities like new york and chicago usually come to mind, most americans were surprised when pizza hut unveiled a detroit style pizza. i was one of them. the person that created the slice. they will be giving us a slice
3:50 am
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♪. jedediah: you have probably heard of new york pizza and chicago pizza but pizza hut puzzled unfamiliar americans, us included when they thrust detroit style pizza into the spotlight. pizza hut says the rectangular pan pizza pays homage to historic detroit chain, buddy's pizza. pete: that is my death row meal. detroit pizza. look at the crust. i really didn't know what it is, it looks amazing.
3:54 am
we dialed up detroit icon buddy's pizza, started it all. they heard us. they sent slices straight to the set. will: before we try it out, burton hice is with us. thank for watching and hear about our confusion. pete is digging in. i need questions answered. mine is really hot. i need it to be cool as well. questions answered what is detroit style pizza? what makes detroit style pizza? >> good morning. thank you very much for having us on, for respecting, respecting the detroit style. so the basics it's square and deep dish. that is not what makes it unique though. really what makes it unique you have to go back to the origin story here. back in 1946, a guy named gus, what they called in detroit area a blind pig, essentially a speak easy. he decided to make it a respectable place to start serving pizza.
3:55 am
he reached out to kind of what he had at hand. the first thing he found was the steel utility pans they use in the automotive industry which connects it to detroit. what happened though is that you put the dough, which would normally be a light, airy deep dish crust in that steel pan, it gets this crisp outer layer. we use wisconsin brick cheese we go from edge to edge ends up carmelizing around the edge, giving it a really unique flavor. top it off with sauce, get a little bit in each bite. that is detroit style pizza. will: really good. jedediah: i'm a brooklyn girl, italian to boot, i am intrigued. these look delicious. i will try some of that out. i want to ask you about lockdowns, impact of lockdowns on your business in particular. working with pizza you were probably able to maintain some of that delivery. let us know how it went?
3:56 am
>> we're fortunate to be in pizza, though before the shutdown our business was 70% dine-in. it was clearly pretty impactful. i think the biggest change we had to make is getting used to making change. we probably changed our operating procedures and things more in the last 12 months than we did in the first 74 years of existence. but we've had to get used to that. i think the good news we fared pretty well. we've had the opportunity to create some new revenue streams. we recently partnered with gold belly, so we can the exact pizzas you got in the studio today we can ship nationwide now. that has been a big help. it has been difficult. but we've done okay. pete: the best thing you have going for you is a great product. i will attest to that. buddy's pizza. can send it half-baked what we got. you bake it rest of the way. the crust unbelievable.
3:57 am
will: absolutely. pete: buddy's pizza. thank you so much. >> really appreciate it, that is the key, the crust. will, we have pepperdine alum special. sorry we missed each other back in malibu. will: oh, you did. there you go. oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture, now might not be the best time to ask yourself, 'are my bones strong?' life is full of make or break moments. that's why it's so important to help reduce your risk of fracture with prolia®.
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>> man: what's my safelite story? i spend a lot of time in my truck. it's my livelihood. ♪ rock music ♪ >> man: so i'm not taking any chances when something happens to it. so when my windshield cracked... my friend recommended safelite autoglass.
4:00 am
they came right to me, with expert service where i needed it. ♪ rock music ♪ >> man: that's service i can trust... no matter what i'm hauling. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪. jedediah: we begin with a fox news alert. former president trump acquitted in his second impeachment trial. pete: seven senate republicans joining democrats in voting to convict. will: griff jenkins live in washington with the latest. good morning, griff. reporter: good morning will, pete, jed. the closest a senate has come to impeaching a president since 1868. ultimately democrats voted unanimously but fell short. they needed 17 republicans. only seven you see here crossed the aisle. burr was the only surprised. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell voted to acquit but delivered a.
4:01 am
said the former president could still be prosecuted. >> we have criminal justice system in this party. we have civil litigation. former presidents are not immune probeing accountable by either one. president trump is liable for everything he did in office as an ordinary citizen. reporter: speaker pelosi joined house managers afterwards, slamming mcconnell and republicans who voted to acquit. >> what we saw in that senate today was a cowardly group of republicans who apparently have no options because they were afraid to defend their job, respect the institution in which they served. reporter: former president trump released a statement afterwards thanking his attorneys and those who stood by him, adding in the months ahead i have much to share with but i look forward to continuing our incredible journey together to achieve american greatness for all of our people. president biden also issuing a
4:02 am
statement saying this sad chapter in our history has reminded us that democracy is fragile. that it must be always defended. we must be ever vigilant. that violent extremism has no place in america. the question this morning, guys, is this the end of the road? there was a movement for censure but as speaker pelosi slot that down at the press conference as well saying it is a slap in the face to the constitution. jed, will, pete. will: thanks, griff. jedediah: thanks, griff. criticism of mcconnell for the way he voted is unfair. i think what he was saying listen, i don't believe this process to hold donald trump accountable is constitutional. i can't support it but then he went on to give this enormous indictment of the behavior of donald trump, of how he feels there may be other outlets to hold him accountable. i don't think that crittism he is getting is fair. you know, i think the two things to consider, one is the votes weren't there, right? this was not going to happen.
4:03 am
there would not be a conviction. we knew how people would vote and there was not much change but with one surprise. secondly if the goal here not to convict, goal to get people information they wanted, what was president trump doing during this entire time during the capitol riot? who was he talking to? let's get mccarthy on record? was he trying to stop this riot? was he performing a dereliction of duty here? what was going on. those were the questions that people actually had. by virtue of using incitement charge, not dereliction of duty charge that prevented people from getting that information. ultimately there is no conviction. people don't have their questions answered. essentially lookeds like a bunch of politicians sat down and got nothing done for a week and at enormous expense for taxpayers. that is a problem. pete: jed, we can agree the outcome was preordained. there were votes for
4:04 am
republicans. richard burr, north carolina republican party censured him for that vote, gives you a sense. we'll have to agree to disagree on mitch mcconnell. what he did was absurd. he voted not to convict based on procedural grounds effectively created himself so taking himself out of the boat while slamming the president in a way that even more so than the impeachment managers would have done. i find it hard to believe, will, you're a lawyer, i'm not, is a president really civilly or criminally liable for decisions they make while they're president of the united states? could a commander-in-chief be tried for sending troops off to war? where do you go with that whole idea and mind-set? opens up a rabbit hole i don't know if mitch understands what he is doing there. he also created division. it's a very real one. there will be an ongoing discussion going forward is mitch mcconnell the right man to be the minority leader in the senate or is it time to turn the page based on his rejection of
4:05 am
will of republican voters. there is d.c. view of the world, will, it represents, mitch mcconnell and liz cheney there is a base of republican party and 75 million americans who feel differently about the words that came out of mitch mcconnell's mouth. will: disagreement, americans, republicans might have going forward perhaps embodied to some extent by disagreement between the two of you is the operative question. that is important. what we're debating today, over the last several days, whether or not impeachment was the appropriate mechanism for accountability for anyone that thinks president trump did something wrong and the answer obviously is no. impeachment was not the appropriate mechanism. mitch mcconnell hinted at potentially criminal charges. pete you asked me if that is appropriate? i don't think so. there is incredibly high standard to survive an incitement charge in the court of law almost certainly. i spoke to jonathan turley about this. almost certainly the president trump would be acquitted of any kind of charge like that. the question becomes the
4:06 am
political one. disagreement between pete and jedediah. among republicans what happened on january 6th everybody condemns was awful. president's trump role or lack of role, disqualifies for you, you watching at home, you voting. that is how we hold politicians accountable. that is how this all would essentially bring this home. i asked jonathan turley about this whether or not impeachment was the real mechanism we should have been using to answer those questions. whether or not even democrats were trying to answer these questions as you alluded to jedediah in this impeachment hearing. here's what he had to say? >> there are legitimate questions to ask why the house didn't actually try to make a case for conviction. the key to conviction was establish a state of mind. there were a dozen of witnesses they could have called over the four weeks after the snap impeachment to lock in their testimony and they didn't do that. no matter how you define
4:07 am
incitement the state of mind of donald trump was the key question. they really did not want to call witnesses previously. they didn't want to establish that element. they wanted to try it on circumstantial evidence. but all of these legal experts said this is a lead pipe sin much of a case for criminal incitement. here's your chance to prove it. bring the case. i'm very doubtful that it could survive, if not at trial, at appeal i think it would collapse. will: i happen to agree with that analysis by jonathan turley. i think it's a very weak case. let's move on to talk about another example of heightened hypocrisy of the bide administration. you will end up in some very odd and wrong positions. for example you end up thinking andrew cuomo did a great job during the coronavirus pandemic. you think origins of the coronavirus is conspiracy theory, that it came out of the lab. you think the w.h.o. told during the commercial break, pete said
4:08 am
do not call it the who, who is a band or some other organization. w.h.o., we were told that the first the trump administration correctly that the w.h.o. failed, right? failed when it came to the coronavirus. we were told by the biden administration is wrong. w.h.o. is something we need to rejoin. now they seem to be backtracking. here is national security advisor jake sullivan. we have deep concerns the way early findings of the covid-19 were communicated questions about the process used to reach them. we have independent, free from intervention by alteration by the chinese government to better understand the pandemic and prepare for the next one. china must make data available from the earliest days of the outbreak. all countries including china should participate in a transparent and robust process for preparing to respond to health emergencies so the world learns as much as possible as soon as possible. pete, jedediah, this was obvious
4:09 am
from the beginning t was obvious from the trump administration, it was obvious to americans, the w.h.o. failed. jedediah: yeah. i think that's clear too. what is curious to me. you see a statement, that sounds great, expecting transparency and accountability from china, how do you get that? do we really think china is going to say, you know what? here is a change of heart, here is all the data. here we'll be transparent, tell you everything. this is the origin -- that is unrealistic expectations. so how do you force that? how do you go about getting those answers? the answer is i don't know. i don't know that you can force it. you can have investigative can curiosity lacking for months and months. now that the curiosity exists. i don't know that lends itself to answers from a place with no interest in transparency or accountability. pete: welcome to the world, jake sullivan. welcome to the world, joe biden. communist chinese is evil regime looking to create its own system t wants to manipulate the world
4:10 am
health organization for its own means. they will never give us real data. they still have not given us access. millions of people around the world and hundreds of thousands of americans died because of a virus they gave to us, we're just now figuring out maybe they should be a little transparent and robust in their process. this is an unserious administration from the beginning when it comes to china whereas, people like mike pompeo and donald trump and the previous administration understood exactly what the communist chinese wanted to do. they were willing to call them out on it. mike pompeo was on "watters' world" last night. here is what he said. >> sure looks pretty handy to me to have that conclusion reached by the w.h.o. but when we unpack this, i assure you that investigation will prove to have been a whitewash. they won't have gotten access to the original virus. we know that was destroyed. i doubt they got access to the original records. i doubt they really did much while actually visiting that laboratory beyond getting a briefing from someone monitored by the chinese communist party.
4:11 am
we need to be clear what they saw, what they didn't see, when we get to the bottom, jesse, we'll find less an investigation, more a trip to confirm what i think the w.h.o. knows for political reasons, it neated to conclude. pete: one thing that needs to be investigated the w.h.o. and their involvement from the beginning on this we can only trust our own sources not theirs or the chinese, will. will: absolutely. the chinese lied, they hid the truth. the w.h.o. kowtowed to the chinese during the entire pandemic. we still don't know the truth. turning to a few additional headlines this morning charges are filed against suspected drunk driver accused of hitting an kill agdal last police officer. phillip maybe bring was allegedly speeding as he struck the officer directing traffic from a previous crash scene. he later died at the hospital. officer pinton joined the department two years ago. trouble in the bachelor nation. batchelor host chris harrison we told you yesterday, apologizing
4:12 am
for excusing historical racism in a recent interview on past behavior from a current contestant. photos surfaced of rachel kirk connell dressed at native-american at a ball. harrison is stepping aside from the show after the apology. a wedding ring missing for almost 50 years turns up. robert and karen have been married since 1966. but karen's wedding band has been missing since 1973. it knew off her hand, into a chicago snow while helping her three children into the car one day. a few social media posts about it. it got the attention of chicago historical society somehow helped her track it down. she will be reunited with her ring today by mail. those are your headlines. i once lost a wedding ring, jedediah in the ocean. this is number two, i think. slipped off. gone. jedediah: did you, big question,
4:13 am
did you get in trouble, will? will: no. very understanding. there was a little bit of snorkeling. a good-faith effort to try to find it. reporter: it happens. more details on that story, right? how do we identify this wedding band? why didn't she look harder when it fell into the snow. was she standing there when the snow melted. why did the historical society -- there is a lot to. follow up with hard-hitting. what if the mail doesn't get there today? it isn't always reliable on sunday. will: right. pete: just saying. >> up next, cuomo's coverup, it continues, the new york governor facing bipartisan backlash following the scathing report that he hid the number of nursing home deaths in his state. how democrats are responding. don't miss a moment of our big show. nascar president steel phelps and rachel campos duffy are on deck.
4:14 am
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which may mean a life-threatening reaction, or uncontrollable muscle movements, which may be permanent. side effects may not appear for several weeks. high cholesterol and weight gain, high blood sugar, which can lead to coma or death, may occur. movement dysfunction, sleepiness, and stomach issues are common side effects. when bipolar i overwhelms, vraylar helps smooth the ups and downs. ♪. jedediah: new york governor andrew cuomo facing bipartisan calls to resign from office as 14 democrats in the state senate seek to repeal his emergency powers granted throughout the pandemic. one assemblyman plans on asking the state's legislature to consider impeaching cuomo for covering up the true covid-19 death numbers from nursing
4:18 am
homes. let's bring in new york state assemblyman, dov heekin. there needs to be transparen sieve and accountability. where do you stand on this. >> it is very, very clear. i call him king cuomo. that is the worse abuse of power i can remember. it sort of nixonian. it is beyond belief. 15,000 people died as a result of a policies of this governor, and this governor has been hiding pretending, pretending he is a leader when he is nothing of the sort. he is anance absolute failure. refused to share information with families, grandfathers, grandmothers, mothers and fathers. unbelievable when that governor has been getting away with. a coverup of the worst kind.
4:19 am
i'm not surprised. i know this positive. he will never admit that he did anything wrong. part of his leadership, one of his leadership ideas is to blame other people. whatever it is just blame someone else. it's trump. it's the weather. it is whatever it is, it is not him. but he will pay the price. they need to take away those emergency powers. the department of justice must investigate. where is the district attorney vance in manhattan who is busy looking into donald trump. this is a great case for him. this is a tragedy. our governor's behavior beyond come comprehension. he is been lying to the people of new york and lying to the people of america and he has to be held account. this is a tragedy.
4:20 am
jedediah: you are a democrat. you're illustrating that very point. this is not a partisan issue. a issue where people across the aisle are disgusted by what they have seen. remind everyone, that this is someone who got an emmy. went on a book tour, touted his excellent management throughout the pandemic. so the honest question to you though, as someone who is in the political system, is there likely to be accountability? we know what should happen but what will happen? >> well, i think, you know, look it is great to see democrats standing up. that is a rare thing with a democratic governor. just remember that cuomo is a tyrant. people fear him i'm telling you. you know, people have told me for quite a while, what are you doing? he will come after you. that is his reputation. but look, it is the people out there. it is the communities all over new york, who must demand from their elected officials they hold this governor accountable for what he did.
4:21 am
let's understand this, this governor did something so stupid, so idiotic, he took people with covid and sends them into senior citizen homes. you don't have to be a scientist to know you don't do that. that idiotic. but this governor did it. i mean, my god, that is crazy. jedediah: it is crazy, dov, i hate to cut you off. we are running out of time. there is a call for transparency with respect to the phone calls where the coverup transpired, what was said in terms of keeping that transparency blocked. thank you, dov. appreciate your thoughts. despite millions of vaccine doses administered, primary care doctors are reportedly being left out of the rollout. thdr. marc siegel on that next.
4:22 am
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♪. pete: time now for your news by the numbers. first, 1.3 million, that is how many cars mercedes is recalling. it is over an error in the emergency call system that could send first-responders to the wrong accident location. owners affected will soon be notifieded. next, 15,000, how many homes a cryptocurrency magnet is wanting to build in the nevada desert. jeffrey burns aims to build a smart city based on bitcoin, i editorialized there, with hopes of becoming a growing met prop list in 75 years. i wish him luck. 15-pound, 3 ounces size of brown trout caught ice fishing in massachusetts. jamespy pollard made the catch just shy of a state record. he had to build big enough hole
4:26 am
to take that beach. out. will: you have to teach me about ice fishing. doctors are disgusted over their exclusion from the vaccine rollout. tufts medical school chair, dr. michael altman, telling "the new york times" the center piece should be primary care. if you distribute the vaccine to all the practices go at their pace it, would accelerate that rollout dramatically. fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel. dr. siegel, do you agree with that assessment, we should be focused on primary care doctors? >> i don't entirely agree. tell you what i think. i think primary doctors are the cornerstone of a vaccine rollouts. we do about half the vaccinating in the country. we'll play an enormously important role. i think the latest kaiser family foundation survey, those hesitant to get a vaccine, 80% can be talked into it discussing
4:27 am
with primary doctors with back and forth to figure out whether they are going to need it. we'll play an enormous role. here is the catch, will. with a limited supply we've had and all the difficulties with logistics we need larger centers to get the initial rollout out there. now as we move into a period of time with more and more vaccine availability, especially the moderna shot which i can put in my freezer, then you're talking about primary care. right now pharmacies are extremely important and major vaccine centers. then the primary care doctors are going to be able to convince people to take the shots. very, very important role. will: now i'm fascinated by this, dr. siegel. i can't wait to hear your response. we know now, the numbers are cog in, flu, traditional, regular, seasonal flu numbers, have absolutely cratered, down 99% in terms of hospitalizations. last year's numbers to this year's numbers, plummeting why?
4:28 am
why is the flu essentially disappearing? >> you know as you know i've studied the flu, i've written books on it. i'm amazed at this. we only had a few thousand reported cases. only 1% of people coming into the primary care doctors have the flu. why? first of all of we got very little flu from the southern hemisphere from australia. they had a very small outbreak. that is what causes the flu here. secondly we have never seen more flu shots given in the united states ever. 193 million doses were given out. thirdly, all the masking, distancing, careful caution we're showing works even better for the flu because the flu isn't as contagious as covid. will: that is my follow-up with you, dr. seeing gel. first of all i will ask the question, many at home are wondering does this have something to do with covid numbers going up? is it possible flu is not being calculated like it normally has in the past? the point about masking, why is
4:29 am
masking effective with traditional flu but covid numbers are on the rise? >> there was a big fear message at beginning of the year, you will have a twin dem mick, there will be cold and flu. i have do not think flu is being undercounted. i do not think because covid is way more contagious than flu, and people get sick from covid not flu. we don't have as much flu. the fear worked for us because we took the flu vaccine. will, the masks protect against flu way better even than they do against covid, it is much harder to catch the flu. we keep washing your hands, keep distancing, wearing masks, we'll not get as much flu. will: vaccinations i hear you on that, increased vaccinations when it comes to flu. i have more questions going forward, dr. siegel. we'll talk again i problem mills. >> thanks, will. will: fox news alert, former president trump acquitted in his historic second impeachment trial. sean and rachel duffy here to react next.
4:30 am
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♪. will: fox news alert. we've been telling you about the senate voting to acquit former president trump in his second impeachment trial. pete: here to react former wisconsin congressman sean duffy and rachel campos duffy. good morning. we'll get to that as well before the segment is over. sean, i want to start with you, what is your takeaway yesterday? we knew the way the would go,
4:34 am
but when we look how it all unfolded what is your takeaway? >> pete, this is a distraction right, from the policies, democrats implement through the executive orders that people don't like. biden has open orders. he has a china first policy. he has this green new deal. he doesn't want to talk about the men and women in wisconsin, minnesota, that lot of their jobs in the keystone pipeline. they can't support their families. they want to talk about donald trump. not only that, pete, they're raising millions of dollars off donald trump and in impeachment. they will need million millions of dollars to go back home to defend the seats with the policies that americans don't like. i don't think this is going away. you will see at an attempt at 14th amendment. they continue to talk about donald trump. he is the best foil for horrible policies from democrats. will: love to follow that quickly, i put this to you, rachel, sean you follow up, i agree with analysis about donald trump. it is their addiction. worked electorally and ratings
4:35 am
for television networks. that leads to this, why didn't they neglect to call withins, they could have drug this thing out further? why didn't they, rachel? >> i was thinking great, get witnesses, how quickly everything shut down the question of bringing it nancy pelosi as a witness was brought up. look to me, this brought into focus this was all backwards. we need ad full investigation before this show trial, before this impeachment. and, this process brought that to focus. i also think the other point that is not brought up and was part of why they did this, is that this was not discuss about humiliating donald trump and his supporters or even silencing them. i think this was about making an example out of donald trump. any rising stars in the gop who are populist, who might possibly challenge the establishment, any businessmen out there who are wealthy, think, maybe i will be the next donald trump, i will take on these guys, oh, boy, this was about sending a
4:36 am
message, this is exactly what we will do to you. we have the power. we won't just defeat you with everything you read about in that horrible "time" magazine piece where we learned what big tech and everybody else did to take down and big business did to take down donald trump. this was going, we'll get you even after you're out of office. this was a message to anybody challenging establishment power. will: great point. >> democrats didn't want to see what we would find. was it nancy pelosi? no. when did she know it? if she knew there was attack on capitol why didn't she secure it earlier? why didn't she bring in the national guard? what did mitch mcconnell no or aoc know. >> mayor bowser. >> they have want to keep focus on donald trump, not what they didn't do to protect the capitol. will. pete: opened it up to unscripted moment for couple hours and ultimately put their head back down and leave it where it is. the states of mississippi,
4:37 am
tennessee, utah considering laws would bans transgender girls from women's sports. they have an unfair advantage. what does it say where we have to codify the obvious here? >> it shows that this is popular issue. that the federal government is going to stand in the way. this will only happen at a state or local level. moms have let their daughters down for a long time on this issue. this is only going to get worse. you may not even have a child now, you may not have a daughter now, you may just have a little baby now, if you don't get in the fight women's sports won't be there for them. this is very, very serious issue. a lot of people have sacrificed, worked hard to make sure women had you know, title ix, had a place to, to, compete in sports. we're going to eliminate all of those gains you know, just out of spite. a very small minority of people, so i'm glad that we're finally standing up for our girls. they can't do it for themselves. they are in these schools where
4:38 am
they have stood up for themselves they have been called transphobe and insensitive and time for us to defend them. >> make another point. you can't move the federal government. i spent 10 years in washington. it is really hard to get anything done. if you want to make a difference, work on the school board, county board. move your state. states have a lot of power. parents and families advocating to the legislators in their states, making policies that reflect their values. if you want to change america, change your state. that is how -- from federal government. will: what predictment to the left, they love to describe any disagreement as bigoted n this case they're literally tearing down one the of the greatette gains in feminism, in decades, tearing down women's sports. pete hinted at this. talk about it quickly. let viewers know what this week, rachel campos duffy guest-hosting fox news prime time all this week, 7:00 p.m.
4:39 am
eastern, five days in a row. big time, rachel. we'll be excited and watching all week long. we wish you the best of luck. >> thank you. soup ever excited. i brought, i brought sean with me this week. i'm calming him my emotional support animal. i'm excited for the week. there is so much to talk about in the news. also i'm hoping to use that time to talk about a lot of the culture issues that are affecting our family and kids. i'm really honored. i'm hoping to have both of you on the show as well this week. will: good luck to you. peet peet sean you will be a great emotional support turkey, whatever you want to be. appreciate you guys. >> have a good morning. pete: we'll see you all week. we'll toss it out to rick reichmuth who himself is a emotional support pet for will and i. rick: exactly. the truth is, rachel just wanted to get away from wisconsin for the week because it is so incredibly cold going to the
4:40 am
east coast where it is at least a little bit warmer. windchill warnings in effect anywhere you see, any color on the map here, all the way across the northern plains, across down parts of deep texas, way down to the south, into louisiana as well. it is also not going anywhere very quickly. where you see the pink, that is the real arctic air mass that indidded down into parts of lower 48 the last few days. it will stay here until thursday and friday. begins to retreat, places like texas, oklahoma, you may well below average, below freezing all the way into maybe thursday or friday. cold air is in place. along with cold air, we have active storm pattern. winter storm warnings, anywhere in pink, we have 150 million people from impacts under blizzard conditions. across parts of new mexico. anywhere you see pink that is winter storm warnings most of the state of louisiana. you don't see this very often,
4:41 am
get that type of storm across parts of the south. of how this will play out throughout the day today. snow across much of texas. maybe up to a foot in some places across oklahoma. by this evening we start to see ice begin to form across southeast texas. throughout tomorrow, a ice storm builds in across parts of the deep south. rough conditions the next few days. back to you. jedediah: thank you, so much, rick. awaiting days when rick brings news of sunshine and warmth. i promise. a dramatic car chase ends with a touching moment. rather than put her in handcuffs, police hugs the terrified driver. that chief shares what inspired him to reach out next.
4:42 am
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4:45 am
♪. jedediah: we're back with some quick sports headlines. basketball players at bloomfield college plan to stay in the locker room for the national anthem in the rest of the season. response to virginia university suspending the entire team kneeling, forcing them to for fifth a game. this nfl wide receiver is switching sports. chris hogan announcing he will enter the draft for premier lacrosse league. he tweeted in part my roots are in lacrosse. i'm excited to fight for a roster spot with the best in the world. hogan has not officially announced retirement from the nfl. pete: played for the jets. a pretty good life choice. high speed car chase with an unexpected ending. [siren] bodycam footage showing a
4:46 am
heartwarming moment when police chief james richardson hugged the terrified driver instead of handcuffing here. here is the story, police chief james richardson from the hodgenville police department. sorry if i butchered that. my apologies, chief. you do a big job. on this day, you were responding to this. what happened. >> responded to a vehicle came in from greene county. we had no idea going on. we knew a deputy was in pursuit, entered into our county, the city, we got the vehicle stopped. like i said with 23 years on the job i never hug ad suspect at the end of a car chase. however in this situation it was like nothing i had ever encountered before. as soon as we got the door open you could tell she was absolutely scared to death. she was shaking so fast to get her seatbelt off. i reached in to help her get her seatbelt off. grabbed her hands, calm down.
4:47 am
talking to her. next thing i know gave her a you had. talked about it for a second, calmed her down, everything turned out great. chief, as you said, done 23 years on the force. eight years in the army. never seen anything like this. what did you see in her ice or reaction that had you go, guns are drawn, you don't know what to expect. this is car chase from a domestic dispute i believe. you could clarify that for me. it could be anything to go from guns drawn or hugging, what did you see in her? >> as you can see in the video my sergeant garth is individual has camera on. he had lethal cover at the front of the vehicle. when i opened the door, that is what she was staring i haven't talked to her since, i can only imagine seeing a gun pointed at you, somebody standing outside your window with another gun, she was absolutely terrified. the look on her face, her reactions. she had her hands up, shaking uncontrollably. at that moment it didn't seem
4:48 am
like, our usual tactics were needed. i wouldn't say that we just threw them away but when we got up to the car, i looked at her eyes, something different typically i see at end of a pursuit. it was something happened. i'm sure she plan for her day to turn out. that is just how it turned out. pete: did you know it was a domestic dispute? did you know the origins of the call? >> we did not. they knew deputy was in pursuit. lost radio contact. there had been altercation between her panned her husband at residence down in greene county. she had fled from that i don't know if she was suspect, victim in that. we try to treat everybody fairly, equally, assume everybody is doing the best they can with what they have got. like i said, we don't know folks. we, when we deal with folks, we deal sometimes at their lowest. it is important to remember
4:49 am
that, when we're dealing with folks. one of these days we may be in a position we need help. that may be something we need to think about. again, i told people for the last couple days, i talked to several folks in the media. this goes on around the country every day. we don't see it in the media as much as we'd like to. one of the reasons why we shared the video. this is the majority of what happens every single day across the country. the use of force that ends in death those are the anomalies. those don't happen as often as we see them but you know we wanted to get some good news out, hey, look this, is what the police are doing across the country every day in your communities. you know, we wanted somebody to see, hey, look what happened. pete: you answered my last question. grateful for what you do. you meet people on the worst day. how do i pronounce the blitz department? >> hodgenville. pete: hodgenville police chief
4:50 am
james richardson. thank you for what you do every day. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. pete: you got it. on another story, it is almost time to start your engines of the daytona 500 just hours away. drivers will have the chance to win nascar's biggest prize. bit reporter, jim welch is here with a preview. to support a strong immune system, your body needs routine. centrum helps your immune defenses every day, with vitamin c, d and zinc. season, after season. ace your immune support, with centrum. your grooming business is booming. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a shortlist of quality candidates from a resume data base.
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4:53 am
jedediah: almost time to start your engines. nascar returns to the tracks today with the daytona 500 own
4:54 am
fox. pete: 2:00 p.m. eastern time kicks off with the great american race and plenty of history on the line. will: here to give us a preview, fox sports pit reporter vince welch. good morning. there are so many questions, will we have three-time winner, three times in a row winner which would be historic. start with the weather. all morning long rick reichmuth is giving weather reports across the country. will it play at daytona? >> we still have a way to go until the green flag drops. it rained heavily this morning. it is not raining right now. the last couple of days the forecast has been horrible here in daytona. we gotten in the two races. truck race friday night. the xfinity race yesterday. we're keeping our fingers crossed. we're anticipating we get it in this afternoon. jedediah: vince, i'm not a nascar expert by any stretch but i'm interested in what your preparation looks like the few days before a race like this.
4:55 am
can you give us some insight into that? >> well, so much time is spent in the garage and really, like the teams themselves for those covering the event your preparation really begins weeks, if not months ahead of time in staying in touch with the teams, continuing your regular contacts with the crew chiefs and the drivers and being prepared before you ever arrive on site. then it is just a matter of fine-tuning the little details in the last minute challenges that pop up during the course of an event. for the most part whether we're, you're talking about the reporters or announcers, or those behind the scenes preparation for the daytona 500 begins months in advance. we show up and knock it out of the park. we're excited about that opportunity just as the teams are today. pete: vince, what's the big storyline you're watching today on this race? >> well and you touched on it a little bit off the top, denny hamlin has an opportunity to do
4:56 am
something that has never been done before. no driver has ever won the daytona 500 three years in a row and hamlin has an opportunity to do that today. you also have a couple of big names from the entertainment world and also from the outside sports world. michael jordan has joined forces with denny hamlin on 2311 racing and the driver bubba wallace. pitbull joined forces with joins stun marks to own the team track house, their driver daniel soares. that is a big this brings an opportunity to give new fans some insight into the excitement of nascar, especially beginning with a race like the daytona 500. it is a great opportunity for all of us. will: nascar is changing. one thing remains the same daytona 500 every year. we'll watch it. see if denny hamlin wins three in years in a row. jedediah: thanks, vince.
4:57 am
>> still have time to enter the fox bet super six nascar contest for your chance to win $25,000 of clint boyer's money. finish positions of your six favorite drivers. there is still time left. more "fox & friends" next stay restless with the icon that does the same. the rx crafted by lexus. lease the 2021 rx 350 for $429 a month . . . for thirty six months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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zero dollars for botox®. so, text to see how you can save. botox® has been preventing headaches and migraines before they even start for 10 years. so, ask your doctor about botox® today. pete: we begin this third hour of "fox & friends" weekend with a fox news alert. former president trump acquitted in his second impeachment trial. will: the vote coming after a last minute deal to totally skip the calling of witnesses. jedediah: griff jenkins is live in washington with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. it was a roller coaster yesterday. looked like it might drag out for weeks when the lead house manager moved to call jaime herrera beutler as a witness over her claim president trump refused to call off the riot in a phone call with kevin mccarthy. in the end, they agreed to no witnesses and instead entering a statement into the record as raskin made a closing argument.
5:01 am
>> after he knew that violence was underway at the capitol, president trump took actions that further incited the insurgeons to be more -- insurgents to be more inflamed and take more extreme, selective and focused action against vice president mike pence. >> reporter: it wasn't enough, failing in 57-43 vote to acquit, democrats needed 17 republicans to cross the aisle, only seven did. afterwards, the lead defense attorney, bruce castor, weighed in. >> they failed miserably on all sorts of grounds, not the least of which is the jurisdiction over somebody out of office. they were wrong on the law as relates to the first amendment and due process. >> reporter: former president trump reacting, thanking his attorneys and those who stood by him, saying, quote n the months ahead i have much to share with you and i look forward to continuing our incredible journey together to achieve american greatness for all of our people.
5:02 am
president biden issuing a statement, saying this sad chapter in our of history has reminded us that democracy is fragile, that it must always be defended, that we must be ever vigilant, that violence and extremism has no place in america. so the question is are we finally done? well, there was also a movement to censure, but speaker pelosi shot that down in a press conference saying censure is what we do to people who use stationery wrong. pete, jed, will. >> thank you so much for your time. i was interesting watching yesterday, after our show. you turn on the tv and suddenly they're voting to allow witnesses, something no one thought was going to happen. in fact, the democrat from virginia, senator john warner, said finally something unscripted. it appears to be so. there was real uncertainty inside the chamber. it was like buzzing bees, what's happening next. a kim hours later, after the president's attorney saying these are the types of people we could call and oh, by the way,
5:03 am
they eventually accepted reading a letter into the record. they got rid of witness, went on to the closing statements and that final vote. the surprise vote was richard byrd who voted already that it was not constitutional. he switched to the other side. was immediately censured by the north carolina republican party. that's my take-away from yesterday, the president acquitted, can move on. doesn't look like there will be more action. the fracture in the republican party is real. the speech mitch mcconnell gave ticked a lot of people off, especially the base who feel like you voted against this p conviction because of a technicality and then you sounded like the house managers, like the democrats, condemning him. is he on sound footing with the republican party, with a base that is very much behind donald trump. will: that's the operative question. it will be asked going forward. i want to return to that moment for one more moment, it was a curious unscripted moment of will we or will we not call
5:04 am
witnesses. here's why i found it so fascinating. why were we going through this if the outcome was fairly obvious. sean duffy was on our show just a little earlier. he said this was the purpose of the entire impeachment trial. listen. >> this was a distraction, right, from the policies that democrats are implementing through the executive orders from biden, the people don't like. biden has open borders, he has a china first policy, he has a green new deal. he doesn't want to talk about the men and women in wisconsin and minnesota that lost their jobs in the keystone pipeline. they want to talk about president trump. they will need millions of dollars to defend the seats, the policies that americans don't like. i don't think this is going away. you're going to see an attempt at the 14th you amendment,
5:05 am
they continue to talk about donald trump. he is the best foil for horrible policies from democrats. will: i think that's accurate. i think democrats love talking about donald trump. i think most mainstream media outlets have experienced a big business boom, ratings growth from talking about donald trump. i think democrats think it's good for them to talk about donald trump and not their policies, which let me take that back to that curious question. why end it? why not pull in witnesses? sean said there's potentially two reasons. one, they don't want to hear what they might have found out from other witnesses and focus nancy pelosi and others and what happened on january 6. there is a pros detective, maybe -- prospect, maybe they got a call from the biden administration that said let's move. why they didn't call witnesses is fascinating. jedediah: i think it's because the charge was flawed, the charge of incitement was flawed. if you needed to call witnesses, you needed the charge to be
5:06 am
dereliction of duty. the call with mccarthy would have been front and center. i think the fact that the article wasn't written well from the beginning, was not formed well and that became painfully obvious throughout the week i think weakens the case to call witnesses. i think the impeachment managers did a disservice. people left the week saying what did we learn from this. with respect to mcconnell, i think that he was well within his right to say i can't vote for -- to indict because of constitutional reasons. he was citing constitutional reasons. he was saying i don't believe this is a constitutional trial but he felt obligated to come out and say this behavior was wrong, this merits perhaps some type of consequence and here's the type of consequence that you potentially could look into because he wants to distance himself. you're right, there is a fissure
5:07 am
in the party, there's people who want to distance themselves from that behavior and there's people who feel that that behavior and -- and i'm not just talking about the day of the capitol but before that was justified. that is not a policy difference. that's not comparable to the fissure we saw in 2010. this is a difference about behavior, about character, about approach, about what happened after the election. pete: yeah, behavior, style, it could be all of those things. mitch mcconnell's making a political choice and will have political consequences. i see a challenge to his minority leadership coming imminently. that's the sense of the base that feels rejected by the kind of speech he gave yesterday. we'll see. it comes down to politics. the republican party has a decision to make. president trump, former president trump still the most popular figure there, no doubt. we'll continue to cover those developments. but another development this week is inside the biden white house, jen psaki has been doing press conferences, there's a
5:08 am
deputy press secretary who has been in the headlines because of threats he made to another reporter who was looking into his relationship. there's a picture of him right there. before we get into what happens, remember, joe biden said i'd have zero tolerance for anyone talk down to anyone -- talking down to anyone else. listen. >> i'm not joking when i say this. if you ever work with me, and i hear you treat another colleague with disrespect, talk down to someone, i promise you i will fire you on the spot. on the spot. no ifs, ands or buts. >> pete: it was revealed that tj ducklow was threatening a reporter who basically found out about a relationship he was having with another reporter and he used dismeaning language to the female reporter. jen psaki was asked about it. here's how she wiggled on it on friday. >> it doesn't meet our standard. it doesn't meet the president's standard and it was important that we took a step to make that
5:09 am
clear and that included not just an apology directly from him and apologies from us at the highest levels there but also a step to suspend him for one week without pay. and that in our view was an important step to send the message that we don't find it acceptable. pete: there were a lot of ifs, ands or buts about that statement. will: i'll fire you on the spot no ifs, ands or buts. tj ducklow ultimately resigned. he said i used language no one should have to hear from anyone. it was language that was abhorrent, disrespectful and unacceptable. i'm devastated to have embarrassed my colleagues and president biden and after a discussion with leadership tonight i resigned my position and will not return from administrative leave, jedediah. jedediah: yeah, that's a statement you give when you know
5:10 am
that you're going to be looking for another job after this and people aren't going to want to hire you so you have to do the walkback. the biden team should be careful if they're going to say this is going to be a consequence of someone's actions and not follow through, they'll be held accountable. and he has been. i think that's why you saw the resignation, not a firing. but the guy's gone, none the less. pete: absolutely. are we going to -- we're going to headlines. we have one more story we really like. we promise we'll get to it. there's the tease for you. jed, the headlines are over to you. jedediah: yeah. we're going to go to headlines right now. authorities identify some of the victims killed in a massive pile pileup on a texas highway. 133 cars collided outside fort worth. one of the rescuers call it as
5:11 am
a, quote, genocide of metal. facebook is paying oversight board six figure salaries for working only 15 hours a week. the new yorker reported the salaries while facebook's everyday content mod raters reportedly earn less than $29,000 a year. the board oversees content moderation disputes and can overrule ceo mark zuckerberg. milwaukee police stage a fake traffic stop in the name of love. an officer told leona she was pulled over for a broken taillight. her boyfriend appeared and dropped to one knee. she said yes. congratulations to taylor and leona. those are your headlines. it's an interesting proposal, guys. pete: it's a good idea. i like that. jedediah: not bad. pete: did you have an interesting proposal? jedediah: i had a simple one, a bed and breakfast, beautiful. it was simple and that's exactly what i would have wanted. pete: the truth is, i put you in an impossible situation
5:12 am
there. had you said no, it was boring, you would be in really big trouble right now. jedediah: especially on valen valentine's day, will. will: that's true. it is valentine's day. don't forget that, your significant other. .will: i didn't. pete: will's all set with cheese or chocolate or flowers. will: chocolate. pete: old school. coming up, new research reveals millions of the lincoln project fund raising dollars are being funneled into the pockets of their own executives. the growing outrage coming up next. still ahead on "fox & friends," we have jason chaffetz, joey lag lagono and maria bartiromo all coming up. ♪
5:13 am
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i was glad to learn that today td is manageable. learn more at
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>> out of $87 million that was raised by the lincoln project, about 63 to 66 million of that money went to voter conduct. -- contact. >> where did the other money go? >> the law requires -- the law requires that you make disclosures but you don't have to disclose subcontractor payments. >> more controversy around the lincoln project. the group claimed the mission
5:17 am
was not a money making one as research reveals about $50 million went to firms controlled by lincoln project executives. here to react, reason senior editor, robbie suave. good morning to you. i think it's important -- i'm not sure everybody at home really understands what the lincoln project was about. these are, quote, unquote, former republicans who were treated as principled object objectors to donald trump. they were spin meisters before this. now they were painted as principled objectors. >> specifically by the mainstream media. they were beloved by the likes of cnn, msnbc, et cetera. they appeared so frequently on msnbc, for example. and they were brought on to tell the audience that, look, we're republicans but we hate trump.
5:18 am
it's affirming what they already believed. it was never the case they were doing what they said they were doing, which was reaching out to republican voters and people and persuading them to turn against president trump. that was never actually occurring. they were selling liberal audiences on the idea that they were doing that but it was only among liberal audiences that they were ever popular. pete: the term is used a lot right now, the term grift, which is try to make money off of the perception you're principled, to actually make money here. the fascinating thing, these were paid msnbc contributors so the grift was on the left. they were bilk the left for money through all of this. >> exactly. they had incendiary theories of ads making fun of and belittling donald trump. they were not like big tent ads.
5:19 am
they were not talking to maybe independent or undecided or semirepublican voters about how their lives had gotten worse under donald trump or something like that. it was about irritating donald trump himself which got them, again, lots of attention, lots of money potentially as we're seeing how much money the firms that the founders controlled raked in, was not going to be successful or important whatsoever toward the election, toward swinging voters. >> i have 30 seconds on this. we need to bring it up. the left has totally covered -- the mainstream has totally covered for andrew cuomo, i mean, it's one of the biggest -- talk about miss information, disinformation, -- misinformation, disinformation, ever spread. are they going to tell the truth? >> i'm glad to see the media is starting to cover this very important story, the nursing home deaths that cuomo covered up. but this is why we -- we need
5:20 am
alternative media and conservative media. they stuck by this from the beginning and this story would have been buried if it was just up to the mainstream media. i'm glad they're finally starting to maybe pay attention to it. many have been there for a long time. it's a critically important story to find out what exactly happened, to expose what governor cuomo did. >> you're absolutely right. this would not have been covered. we would have not known the truth. the truth is, they still don't know the truth. we'll find if it ever breaks through. great to talk with you this morning. >> thank you. >> president biden will take a trip to the badger state this week with plans to help american manufacturing. we'll speak to a manufacturing worker about what he hopes to see and hear from the biden administration.
5:21 am
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5:24 am
jedediah: president biden is set to make his first official trip as president to wisconsin next week. how do manufacturers in the state feel about his policies so far and what policies are they looking to biden to implement to help the industry. joining me now is kip ideberg. thanks for being with us. what do you think manufacturers want to hear from joe biden this week? >> well, good morning, jed. thanks for having me on, first of of all, i've got to tell you, we are excited to welcome president biden to our hometown, the beating heart of american manufacturing. we're pleased with the initial focus of his administration with revitalizing manufacturing. no one supports buy american more than equipment manufacturers. what we want to hear from the president are policies to help us sell american. sell american, increase global competitiveness and allow us to
5:25 am
create more family sustaining jobs right here in america. jedediah: what are your concerns right now? if you were to voice to him concerns about the manufacturing industry that potentially the administration could aid with, what would those be? >> that's a great question. i think a couple of things. number one, we have hope that his first executive order would have been to grant us tariff relief. tariffs are taxes on american job creators and workers. that would have been a good start. our concern is not necessarily so much what he might do, but what he might not do. we have to rebuild the infrastructure, put americans back to work, open up the economy. we worry there won't be enough momentum. inaction is not an option. we have to put party first and move forward with common sense, bipartisan solutions. we hope the president will speak to that in the town hall on tuesday. jedediah: kip, you referenced the made in america executive order and some components of that that look good. so if you had to specifically
5:26 am
modify that order and say look, this is great but we need to do x, y and z, what would those specific things be to help the manufacturing community right now? >> well, i think we have to recognize that we compete in the global economy. we're not competing against ourselves or against countries like us. we're competing against the chinese, koreans, germans, et cetera. they all have global supply chains. we've got to make sure that we promote policies that create more family sustaining jobs in america, revitalize american manufacturers and make sure we are competitive. in order to do that we need global supply chain. we hope the president will strike the balance between more jobs here, keeping us competitive globally and allowing us to sell american. jedediah: kip, thanks for being here. i hope the president brings good news to wisconsin for manufacturing this week. >> thank you very much for having me and happy valentine is day. jedediah: the daytona 500 is
5:27 am
hours away. we are live at the daytona international speedway gearing up for the flag. ♪♪♪ it's velveeta versus the other guys. clearly, nothing melts like velveeta. ♪♪♪ wanna build a gaming business that breaks the internet? c that means workingts night and day... ...and delegating to an experienced live bookkeeper for peace of mind. your books are all set. so you can finally give john some attention. trusted experts. guaranteed accurate books. intuit quickbooks live. my nunormal: fewer asthma attacks. less oral steroids. taking my treatment at home. nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur.
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5:30 am
pete: we're following two big stories this weekend. former president trump is acquitted after being impeached
5:31 am
on charges he incited an insurrection. will: seven republicans sided with democrats. thats was not enough. this as pressure builds for andrew cuomo to release the full transcript of his nursing home call. jedediah: state lawmakers are trying to strip his emergency power as they call for his resignation. pete: turning to nascar's biggest race of the year, the daytona 500 is returning to the track at 2:30 p.m. eastern time on fox. jedediah: some famous faces joaning the nascar family, michael jordan and rapper pitbull bringing a-list star power as co-owners. pete: ashley strohmier is live in daytona beach along with nascar president, steve phelps. >> reporter: let's get to it. they said in the intro, michael
5:32 am
phelps and pitbull -- michael jordan and pitbull, they're part of the family now. >> it's important that they've come to the sport. you think of where we are with a sport and the stand we took for social justice, that opened us up to new fans. >> reporter: is pitbull performing, by chance? >> he is not performing today. he's the grand marshal. >> reporter: he's a part of it in some way, shape or form. >> he is part of it, yeah. >> reporter: nascar, it really paved the way for professional sports as far as coronavirus, it hit right after the day toes that -- daytona last year. you are the first back. you now you have more fans in the stands than any other professional sport, 30,000. i mean, what can other professional sports learn from you guys and what did it take to get to that point? >> we needed to make sure that we were safe coming back. so we were the first major sport back, may 17th at darlington
5:33 am
last year. that was important for us. there's some pressure that came with that. i talked to other leaders of professional sports and they were rooting for us. they wanted us to come back. had they want us to be safe. so we're the first sport back without fans and then we were the first sport back with fans. as you said, we're going to have 31,400 people in the grandstands, thousands more camping for the great american race on fox this afternoon at 2:30. >> reporter: what are your expectations for today? it's a big day. >> it is a big day. this is our biggest race of the year. so my expectations and these fans are going to see a great race and the fans on television will see a great race. it's always an amazeing amazing spectacle. we'll have carnage with cars being wrecked for sure. that's part of what it is. denny hamlin may get a three three-peat.
5:34 am
>> reporter: coverage starts on fox sports at 11:00. you can catch the race at 2:30 on fox. back to you guys. >> there will be carnage out there. that may make you tune in. remember to download the fox bet super 6 app. it's your shot for $25,000. pick six outcomes from today's big race for your chance to win. it's free to play. all you have to do is download the fox bet super 6 app now. i'm telling you, this could be a day where wrecks and weather stretch that race out over the entire day. in the era of tom brady and guys winning over and over and over again, maybe nascar emulates it. maybe denny hamlin gets three in a row. that will be something to see, between that and wrecks, don't forget to watch the daytona 500. pete: you know what i learned, will? my nascar knowledge is thin. is that the daytona 500 track is 2.5 miles around one loop. did you know that? will: no.
5:35 am
i did not. pete: there we go. will: i did not. pete: i didn't know it either until i was informed of such information. and now we know. now i'm a nascar expert. let's bring in another expert, florida congressman, michael waltz. i don't know if you're one or not but you're there. they're in florida and open of. >> that's right. i mean, florida has figured out how to live with this virus. we had the super bowl just last week. disney is open of. and now we're going to have the most fans at 30,000 plus of any major sporting event. and you know, the other thing, this really is america's race. it started on the beach in daytona beach decades ago where raced up the beach, down one side and turned down u.s.-1. no one is afraid to sing the
5:36 am
national a anthem. we'll have the thunderbirds doing a flyover. families are out there the week prior. this is an amazing time for the country. jedediah: congressman, i want to ask you about those fans being there because that's one of the biggest impediments to having a normal sporting event in many arenas, fans aren't allowed. what is the impact of that? even though it's a limited number of fans. 30,000 is -- it's there. so what is the impact of that on the sport itself? how do the nascar drivers feel about that? >> well, they love having the fans here, right. i mean, and the fans love it. you just can't beat that with any sporting event. for so many people who have had such a tough year, their kids can't go to school, they're told they can't go to church, they're told now we're having issues with social media. to be able to come here and celebrate america's race, nascar unlike any other of sport has
5:37 am
their super bowl at the very beginning of the season. really just means the world for them. and it's a great, positive distraction for everyone. pete: it's normalcy. don't we all need a little bit of normalcy. i want to ask you about the senate impeachment trial yesterday. before we do, i hear you have a shoutout to a special racer there this weekend. >> you know, i've got to pay homage to the king, richard petty with number 43 here. there is a local race team led by 16-year-old daniel dye that is doing a race to stop suicide. and to bring awareness, particularly for veteran suicide. so richard petty allowed them to use his iconic number and it's just such a great cause that i want to give a shoutout to and pay homage to. pete: the senate acquitted president trump in his second impeachment trial. you saw everything go down
5:38 am
yesterday. what's your reaction? >> well, look, this is why i voted against it. i think it's unconstitutional, president trump has left office. there was no due process. we saw that with the unfolding of do we have witnesses, do we not have witnesses, that should have been done before it even got to the senate. there's been no investigation. i think we have a lot to learn about what happened before january 6th. and ultimately, guys, you know, it's just a distraction for the country. and we have to keep in mind that a year ago while that impeachment, the first impeachment was going on, the chinese virus was -- the coronavirus was unfolding, that we didn't -- that was a distraction then. now we have a year later, the country is barreling towards bankruptcy. i think people want congress to get back to work, to do things that affect -- do things that help affect their lives in a positive way.
5:39 am
and that's -- i think a lot of the country is just saying what's the point, let's move forward. pete: and not the kind of distraction we need. we need the kind of distraction that's taking place in florida. i'll be watching that 43 car. that's an interesting story. we'll be watching that 43 car today in day dough that. thanks for being -- daytona. thanks for being with us. >> okay. see you guys. and go daytona. go america. pete: there you go. turning to your headlines. national guard troops could be staying in washington dc through the fall. what? internal e-mails obtained by fox's d.c. affiliate reveals national security council officials asked the dod and capitol police how many troops they can keep for an extended period after most are expected to leave in mid-march. they are expected to discuss the issue on wednesday. janet jackson's "control" soars to the top of the music charts once again. ♪
5:40 am
pete: the album released 35 years ago signaled jackson taking control over her career. it's regaining popularity following an apology from justin timberlake. jackson thanking her fans in an emotional video posted to twitter. >> and i want to thank all of you for making "control" number one once again after 35 years. pete: timberlake admitted to failing jackson following their 2004 super bowl, even benefiting from the infamous half time performance at her expense. this comes as he apologizes to britney spears amid the free britney movement. and those are your headlines. if you were ranking your "fox & friends" weekend hosts who have commentary on those last two stories, i would get last. let me go ahead and turn it over to the more pop culturally centered pete hegseth and jedediah bila. go ahead, jed. jedediah: i was going to say that song by janet jackson gets
5:41 am
everyone dancing. i love it. that's one of my favorite songs and good for her, man. she has had a successful career. she owns of that moment. pete: i had the same reaction when you read that headline about troops being there until the fall. what in the world? what is the rational? what could it be. that's going to be a huge story. you can't say you have to stay indefinitely. will: permanent militaryized presence in our nation's capitol. someone has to answer questions about that. pete: let's bring in rick reichmuth who -- britney spears or nancy pelosi, your pick. >> pick whichever you want. i'll take neither. i'll take the weather. i'll tell you what, guys. we've got incredibly cold air. will was worried about texas and rightly so. it's 18 degrees right now in dallas. 10 degrees in anchorage, alaska. that givens you the idea of the -- gives you the idea of the
5:42 am
cold air that got displaced, it will be with us for the better part of the coming weeks. we have rain across parts of the southeast today. that will stick with us. the storm we had yesterday across the west, beginning to build here across areas of the southern plains and that's where we're going to watch for significant snow and eventually significant ice for a lot of people. winter storm warnings everywhere you see this pink. that is a lot of area, about 150 million people right now that are under some sort of winter weather advisory. be careful this weekend. rough conditions, even starting into this week, the coldest air. take care of your neighbors, family and friends. pete: thank you, very much. will, i've been distracted during rick's weather by the plant in your backdrop. what is that plant? will: i didn't notice it until you said something. pete: right behind you. what are you growing there. will: what are we doing here? it's just a plant i'm being told. jedediah: i think it's beautifully decorative.
5:43 am
pete: i've never seen a plant back there. jedediah: i think it's an oxygen plant. they give off beautiful oxygen into the air, so treasure it. talk to it. embrace it. pete: there it is. we're going to vette and bring it to -- strength and bring it to you -- investigate and bring it to you at the top of the hour. the oregon department of education looking to put an end to, get this, racism into mathmatics. we ask dr. carol swayne if that adds up, coming up next.
5:44 am
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i'm a performer. if you can't afford your medication, always have been. and always will be. never letting anything get in my way. not the doubts, distractions, or voice in my head. and certainly not arthritis. voltaren provides powerful arthritis pain relief to help me keep moving. and it can help you too. feel the joy of movement with voltaren. pete: get this story, the oregon department of education promoting a training program for teachers that seeks to undo racism in math. the pathway to equitable math instruction tool kits explains how white supremacy allegedly infiltrates math classrooms, arguing the concept of
5:47 am
mathmatics being purely objective is false, meaning two plus two does not equal four and teaching it is even much less so, upholding the idea that there are always right and wrong answers perpetuate objectivity as well as fear of open of conflict. i'm exhausted. here to react, dr. carol swain. doctor, help me. history, you know, politics, social studies, i get you can have debates. math? help me here. >> i have a question. i wonder if those board of education members would want their own children taught that two plus two equals nine. the problem with the racism is that it ensures that minority youth that are taught by teachers who follow that curriculum will be turning out students who can never be matt mathematicians, they can never be scientists, they can never be engineers or pharmacists because
5:48 am
engineering requires mathematical precision, otherwise buildings and bridges collapse. pharmacists, if they don't understand math, they would kill patients because they would never be able to fill the prescriptions. and so it is lunacy of the political left. i would encourage white people that are on board with that diversity training, ask yourself, do you want your children taught that way because i fear that everyone's child will be taught that nonsense. and the only hope we have comes from home schooler as well as those people who have their children in schools that are teaching traditional education, basic principles. pete: basic math. you said it's right. it's lunacy. the education department is defending it, saying the equitable math program helps educators learn key tools for engagement, develop strategies,
5:49 am
and to join communities of practice. it's a lot of gobbledygook. they said white supremacy manifests itself by focusing on finding the right answer. how could finding the right answer be white prep. white supremacy.>> the thing bs racist. they're saying minority students cannot learn the same concepts that white students and everyone else can learn. so they are doing the opposite of what they say and we were moving towards an equitable society before the restorative justice regime and before the marxism and critical race theory that decided on steroids during the obama administration, it had been around before but it is destroying american education and the opportunities not just for minority students, but for everyone's child. pete: dr. carol swain, always
5:50 am
spot-on. thank you so much for breaking this down. i don't get it but you called it what it is, lunacy. all right, well, it may take a canine to tackett covid. a talented group of dogs are using their sense of smell to detect the virus. more on the potential breakthrough, coming up next. keeping your oysters business growing has you swamped. you need to hire. i need indeed indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a shortlist of quality candidates from a resume data base claim your seventy-five-dollar credit when you post your first job at
5:51 am
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5:53 am
jedediah: a team of researchers at florida international university are turning man's best friend into covid's worst enemy, training dogs to detect the virus on surfaces with up to 90% accuracy. the method is becoming increasingly popular at large events. the miami heat now regularly using canines to screen fans before they enter games. could this be a turning point for detecting coronavirus?
5:54 am
let's ask dr. julianne men del, assistant director. and cobra is stunning. we'll get back to cobra in a second. doctor, i want to start with you. can you tell us what these dogs can do and what they potential impact of this could be? >> right. thanks for having us. so the fiu canine program as you said is geared toward detecting covid on surfaces. so it's just another tool in helping us to safely reopen, repopulate our campuses at this moment, we're able to then quickly screen areas so that our students are safe and our employees are also safe as well. jedediah: so i want to ask you a little about that training and what does that look like for a dog? how challenging is it? how long does it take? >> well, for a dog like cobra who has been in the field for six years, for her it was about
5:55 am
a month training, just changing, imprinting on a different owner but for a new dog, starting from -- if they have the right tools, i mean, excuse me, the right personality and temperment, then it will take about six months. jedediah: so doctor, i want to ask you in terms of expanding this, because we're talking about surfaces, now it has been widened a bit to talk about arenas, for example, sports arenas and whatnot. how far can you really go with this in terms of dogs being the new mechanism to really filter out potential cases of covid-19? >> right. so the great thing about dogs, other than how wonderful they are as man's best friend, they're extremely sensitive at detecting odors. they can screen a large area fairly quickly with a canine team. for right now, we're developing currently our training protocols, getting them down in a method that can be shared with others and other canine handlers and agencies to enable them to
5:56 am
actually utilize covid dogs as well so that will help with rapid expansion, not just with fiu dogs but dogs across the country to be able to do this as well. jedediah: if you could just give some insight into cobra's age, if you would, and what cobra's particular experience, because there she is featured on our screen, has been in this process. >> cobra is an 8-year-old, she has been in the field since she was about a year old. her first project was actually detecting a fungus that has actually taken over and has killed 20% of the trees, avocado grove in south florida. she is actually not only that, she's very intelligent dog. she has a he very method call nature when she searches. she dozen joy -- it's a game of hide and seek for them. they get a lot of reinforcement and a lot of down time and it's really about not just training our dog, it's about having that relationship where we can read
5:57 am
our dog and read their behavior. jedediah: i don't want to interrupt you. i could stare at cobra all day. we're running out of time. we want to thank you for being here and we wish these dogs the best of luck. i know they'll do amazing things. we're going to have more "fox & friends" coming up. it's totally normal to have constipation with belly pain,
5:58 am
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6:00 am
jedediah: we begin with a fox news alert, former president trump acquitted in his second impeachment trial. will: seven republicans sided with democrats to convict him of inciting an insurrection. pete: griff jenkins is in washington, d.c. with the aftermath. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it was a wild day indeed that almost dragged out for weeks but ended up being the shortest impeachment trial in history, just five days. democrats voting unanimously to convict but fell short, 57-43 to aquist, only seven republicans crossed the aisle. they needed 17. senate minority of leader mitch mcconnell voted the acquit, then delivered a harsh rebuke
6:01 am
suggesting trump could still be criminally prosecuted. watch. >> we have a criminal justice system in this country. we have civil litigation. and former presidents are not immune from being accountable by either one. president trump is still liable for everything he did while he was in office.. as an owner citizen. >> reporter: speaker pelosi blasted republicans who voted to acquit, calling them cowardly and adding this. >> hang mike pence was the chant and they just dismissed that. why? because maybe they can't get another job. what is so important about the political survival of any one of us that is more important than our constitution that we take an oath to protect and defend. >> reporter: former president trump thanking his attorneys and supporters and teasing this in a statement, in the months ahead i
6:02 am
have much to share with you and i look forward to continuing our of incredible journey together to achieve american greatness for all of our people. president joe biden issuing a statement as well, saying this sad chapter in our history has reminded us that democracy is fragile, that it must always be defended, that we must be ever vigilant, that violence and extremism has no place in america. so are we at the end of the road? well, it seems like we are. there was a movement for censure but pelosi shot that down, calling censure a slap in the constitution's face. jedediah: thanks so much, griff. so we've been breaking this down for the last few hours and we've talked about how that charge of incitement was problematic, very, very hard to prove, perhaps a better charge would have been dereliction of duty. the reality is, it's done. it's over. he was acquitted. you could argue he was acquitted but not vindicated. fine.
6:03 am
the bottom line, we talk about division within the republican party. my hope is this becomes a conversation about policy. there was always division in the republican party. there was always division in the democrat party. there was a time when that division was about the national debt, when that division was holding the gop establishment accountable for not dealing with taxes or the debt or things of that magnitude. policy debate. that has vanished from the stage for some time now. it needs to come back. the national debt is still growing. people are still having trouble in their businesses. their taxes are too high. the problems have not gone away. the focus has just shiftedism ed.i'm hoping that everyone cant on board and bring the focus back to really the issues that ultimately will help people. will: counts me as skean at this call. there was -- skeptical. there was a time in television when people said if it bleeds, it leads. you know what has led? it's donald trump. it's been a boone to television
6:04 am
and democratic politicians. they believe talking about donald trump has been a win for them. the impeachment trial was about trial by tv, by social media post, trial by emotion. there was no standard to convict donald trump. what was it? was he guilty beyond a reasonable doubt? was it more likely than not? there was never a standard set. there could never been guilt established. the purpose, impeachment was not the vehicle if you want to hold donald trump accountable for something. that's to remove a sitting politician from office. mitch mcconnell said there are other mechanisms for a private citizen. i'm also skeptical that donald trump is guilty of anything the criminal or civil courts. what this ultimately comes down to is this is a political process and if there are people out there -- everyone believes what happened on january 6 was terrible. if there are people that are out there that believe donald trump is responsible, the accountability mechanism is the ballot box. they can choose not to vote for
6:05 am
him in the future. and pete, that brings us to the point you've made several times this morning. there will be a divide in the republican party when it comes to that mechanism for holding donald trump accountable. will they support him going forward? pete: it was all about politics from the beginning. the rush in the house first and the senate is the reason why there was that wee bit of uncertainty yesterday when it was unclear whether they would call witnesses or not for a couple hours. then a deal was cut and they finished it off. it was a snap impeachment. it was for a former president, which the constitution as many believe does not allow and with the speech that mitch mcconnell gave, while not the beginning of the divide, will, indicative of it. this is a minority leader who took to the podium and said i'm going to vote to acquit based on procedural grounds but i'm going to slam the former president in a way that seems quite unnecessary and very heavy-handed and was read that way by a lot of the republican party and his base. you saw the parties in north
6:06 am
carolina and louisiana immediately sort of criticized bill cassidy and richard burr who voted to acquit. you'll see with mitch mcconnell. i would preview you'll hear calls for possibly a leadershipp challenge. i agree with will's skepticism. the disagreement is real even if it's not on policy. is it the d.c. establishment class, the sort of d.c. first or is it the america first movement that donald trump has led that sort of rejects a lot of the deal making that has not worked in favor of american citizens, the taxpayers and workers. that's i think the divide that is still very real and came out in what mitch mcconnell talked about. jedediah: let me just say though -- yeah. no, i was just going to say that what mitch mcconnell was saying, he's not attacking america firms he's just simply stating that this behavior was wrong and there is a fierce condemnation of that behavior, not only that day, but leading
6:07 am
up to it, that doesn't preclude the fact that he had to vote -- maybe it's deeper. but it's not about policy. this is not a debate we're having about policy. no one is saying well, mitch mcconnell doesn't care about taxation. that's not the debate we're having. maybe that's the debate we should be having. we're talking about censoring people for voting their consistent shuns, talking about mitch mcconnell not being able to say this behavior was abysmal. why can't he say that? a lot of people stand with that. will: just skeptical. i think television is addicted to personality. there is a restructuring of policies right now that divides elites from the every man out there in america. i would hope that will soon be reflected. i think it has been reflected in the last four years in policy. pete: affirmation mitch
6:08 am
mcconnell may get from the new york times editorial page, democrats, will not be reflected back from him from the small number of republicans that feel the same way. he'll find that out. will: if it can find its way into policy, continue to find its way into policy, that means getting back to work. congressman michael waltz was on our show earlier, he talked about okay, now, time, it's time to get back to work. >> it's a distraction for the country. we have to keep in mind that a year ago while that impeachment, the first impeachment was going on, the chinese virus was -- the coronavirus was unfolding. that was a distraction then. now we have a year later, the country is barreling towards bankruptcy. i think people want congress to get back to work, to do things that affect and -- do things that help affect their lives in a positive way. i think a lot of the country is saying what's the point, let's
6:09 am
move forward. will: moving forward to another story, this should help highlight the concept of cause and effect. i heard about the segment earlier, two plus two should still equal four. how about this? if you want to defund the police, you might have trouble recruiting police officers. i take you to minneapolis. well, you'll recall what was said in june. listen to this. >> we should and can abolish our current minneapolis police system. >> all that money has been going into the police department and what have we gotten in return? pain, trauma and hurt. >> this council is going to dismantle this police department. >> our commitment is to end our city's toxic relationship with the minneapolis police department. to end policing as we know it. and to recreate systems of public safety that actually keep us safe. will: so that was june. and that was actual minneapolis city council members. here they are today.
6:10 am
minneapolis is prepared to spend $6.4 million to try to recruit more police officers. this what is the associated press is reporting. the city council voted unanimously to approve the additional funding the police requested. the department has 638 officers available to work roughly 200 fewer than usual. unprecedented numbers have quit or went on extended medical leave after george floyd's death and the unrest that follows. cause and effect, two plus two equals four, pete. pete: these -- my friends at a local radio station call it the minneapolis city clowncil. it's the logical extent of the same thinking. the department of education in oregon said traditional matt mathmatics where something adds up is white supremacy. the consistent torting of the -- contorting of the view you that police don't protect white
6:11 am
people and black people, it's where cops leave and cities get dangerous. jedediah: in new york, the nypd is deploying 500 officers to pa toll subways after four stabbings in less than 24 hours that left two people dead. this is a problem that you're seeing. wherever the defund the police movement gained steam, you see these issues. have you an increase in crime. the murder rate has gone up. some people have moved families out of the cities. the defund the police movement was widely unpop of later for the democratic party -- unpopular for the democratic party and any democratic politician that embraced that. people that support that movement need to think what the consequences of the defund police movement would look like practically. pete: you saw new york before giuliani, before the crackdown on crime. minneapolis before this, was
6:12 am
murder-apolis. will: starting with extreme weather, winter weather stretching coast to coast, hitting millions of people with snow, ice and bitter cold, up to 9 inches of snow falling in seattle, covering the iconic pike place market. in the lone start state, that's texas, fears are growing that a massive storm could wreak havoc on the state's power grid. the system is expected to move into the mid west tonight and into tomorrow. a major milestone reached in the effort to vaccinate americans from covid-19. the cdc revealing 50 million doses have been administered, more than 13 million people have received both doses of either the moderna or pfizer vaccine. the cdc will review johnson & johnson's vaccine which requires only one shot later this month. so more americans appear to be looking for love online amid the pandemic. a data tracker app reports that dating apps like tinder, bumble
6:13 am
and hinge, i said all those right, all saw a surge in users and time spent online last year. the hottest thing to have this valentine's day is a vaccine. a new report says tinder saw a 258% increase of users boasting about getting their shot. okay, cupid saw 130% increase. i wish we had a single person on set right now. i'd like to know if that's a dating filter now. hey, vaccinated -- pete: i'm sure it is. jedediah: i have a lot of single friends and they're like i want to know if you've been vaccinated. i will go on the date. no questions asked. if not, i need to know what you've been doing for the last three months. i want details. pete: it used to be different things they would screen you for. now it's the vaccine. jedediah: now it's the vaccine. pete: move on from there. jedediah: frustration over covid lockdowns fueling the recall new some movement. why student athletes are
6:14 am
pressuring the governor to let them play. that's next. still to come, joey logano joins us ahead of the daytona 500 airing today on fox. ♪ people all over the world join hands. ♪ start a love train, love train. ♪ people all over the world join hands. ♪ start a love train, a love train. ♪ nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: try hypnosis... or... quit cold turkey. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette
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call your doctor about unusual mood changes, behaviors or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. elderly dementia patients on latuda have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about fever, stiff muscles, and confusion, as these may be life-threatening, or uncontrollable muscle movements as these may be permanent. these are not all the serious side effects. this is where i want to be. talk to your doctor and ask if latuda could make the difference you've been looking for in your bipolar depression symptoms. jedediah: the recall gavin newsom campaign getting the 1.5 million signatures needed to trigger a recall. organizers of the effort are hopeful they'll reach 2 million. the governor facing backlash over his handling of lockdown restrictions including on school sports. student volleyball player zelby raider joins us now, as well as an attorney who has sued the
6:18 am
governor over his restrictions. zelbi, what has been the impact on your sport and how have you felt about it over the course of the last several months? >> hi. thank you for having me. i think the impact for me definitely was not being able to get recruited to play college volleyball. i've been playing since fifth grade. it's been super hard on me, not just me, but many student athletes. also academically, it's so hard to be on a screen eight hours a day. to be able to interact with students and the teacher, i feel we could do that safely with restrictions in place where we can be in person. jedediah: those are all great points that i think parallel the way a lot of students are feel around the country. i'm looking at some of your points here and it says here that you sued the governor over a dozen times in the past year. what were those lawsuits related
6:19 am
to and have you had any success? >> well, starting back in april we began to file lawsuits regarding the first amendment violations with the governor treating churches and other houses of worship differently than retail establishments. so even to this day, there are different rules for churches in california than for going to costco. going on to protests, the governor banned protests in the capitol including our clients who he protest shutdown violations. the governor shut down nail salons, hair salons, restaurants, treated restaurants and other retail establishments differently than big corporate, big box stores and shut down weddings and funerals and the ability of people to visit their relatives in adult care facilities. so all of these are challenged on constitutional grounds and the governor has really not responded other than through the courts. even shut down the beaches in orange county. i filed two lawsuits over there
6:20 am
and he quickly reversed himself after he was sued. we just won a pair of cases in the united states supreme court with the court ruling twice in the past eight days that the governor shut down on religion was unconstitutional, sending the cases back down to the lower courts. what zelbi is experiencing is what millions of california children are experiencing. it's devastating and it's unscientific and it's what we've shown in the lawsuit to open up the schools in california. it's gotten so bad we had to take action at the ballot box to get rids of the governor who is ignoring the law. jedediah: i think your voice is incredibly important. if you had a message to send to the politicians that have stood in the way of students resuming a level of normalcy in terms of activities, what would that message be? >> i think all i have to say is that gavin newsom is a hypocrite and liar and that even goes past whether you're democrat or republican when your rights are being taken away. when you're shutting down
6:21 am
churches and things that are essential to people, like for me, i would have not found god if my church didn't stay open when he was trying to shut down churches. i wouldn't be where i am. i would be struggling. i want to say there's a better way to run the state and we need to figure out someone who wants to run or we need to recall and get these signatures through because there is someone out there who can better the state and better all of us. jedediah: well, i want to thank you both for being here, an important topic and zelbi your voice on this incredibly valuable. thank you for sharing that today. we appreciate you both. still to come, scandal surrounding the lincoln project as it's revealed millions of fund raising dollars were funneled back into the pockets of their own executives. victor davis hanson calls out the hypocrisy next. plus, we'll check in with joey logano before he hits the track at the daytona 500 track, airing
6:22 am
live today on fox.
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will: more controversy surrounding the anti-trump lincoln project specifically when it comes to money they raised. the $90 million they raised, where it actually went. while they claim their mission was not a money making one, new you research reveals about $50 million went to firms controlled by their own executives. here to react, hoover institution senior fellow victor davis hanson. thanks so much for being with us this morning. so the lincoln project, they fancy themselves a group trying to hold trump accountable in
6:26 am
2020. it seems they were the ones lining their pockets. >> yeah, i'm afraid it was an empire of lies, pete. they said they were successful political operatives. they were all pretty unsuccessful in the past. they passed themselves off as conservatives. they empowered not just the democratic agenda but a far left agenda we haven't really seen since the 1930s. they said they were successful and would get that 10% of republicans that had not voted for trump in 2016. that went down to 6%. they weren't successful in 24-rr boast. unfortunately, they tolerated somebody who was a serial pedorist in their midst. apparently they knew about it. a lot of young men were victimized as mr. we've tried to leverage his influence and power. a lot of money was missing. they had shadow companies where they redirected monies to their
6:27 am
friends and themselves. the only mystery i have, i don't know who was the more victimized, the $100 million donors who gave money to these people thinking that they were going to help their agenda, and use them as useful idiots, or they who took advantage of these naive billionaires and squandered their money. they deserved each other in the end. pete: they sure did. isn't this the sort of washington, d.c. out in the open, victor, things happen like this all the time. they build fake careers, ultimately false narratives, build a lot of money and enrich themselves. >> if a hollywood script writer, pete, tried to envision a classic example of swamp corruption and insider abuse, he couldn't have come up with this lincoln project script. it's the most deplorable, disgusting thing i've ever seen and it has every element of washington corruption. the money, the lies, the
6:28 am
misrepresentation, the sex, and the political infidelity, trying to pass yourself off as something that you never were and you're not now and the only result of the whole thing is i guess if the conservatives think they did anything positive, they took $100 million from the left and burned through it with no effect. pete: with no effect indeed. we don't have much time, victor. but i would be remiss if i didn't give you 45 seconds to break down what you saw this past week with impeachment and the president being you acquitted. >> yeah, i think -- remember, this is the third time that the house introduced impeachment and this was the second trial that we have. there was no chief justice presiding over a constitutionally mandated event and there was no president, he was a private citizen. so it was a farce from the beginning. you can argue what degree of sobriety or lack of that trump had. it wasn't about trump. it was trying to deplatform him
6:29 am
from future political activity. i guess because they're scared of him. if they had confidence, they would just say bye-bye, mr. president, go out and do what you want. we've already hurt you. we've impeached you. we had mueller investigate you. we had our friends deplatform you from social mead -- media. they feel he's some kind of person that will rise from the dead and come back and haunt them. it was kind of an act of desperation and it failed. pete: well said. thank you so much for getting up early with us this morning. all right. more on our top story this morning. former president trump acquitted by the senate with impeachment in the rear view window, -- rear view mirror, excuse me, is america any closer to mending the divide. jason chaffets joins us after the break. we'll check in with joey la logo before he hits the track with the daytona 500 airing today on fox, with fans.
6:30 am
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pete: we're back with a fox news alert, the senate acquits former president trump in his second impeachment trial by a vote of 57-43. will: leer to react is fox news contributor, jason chaffets. jason, what a roller coaster, witnesses, no witnesses, gil guilty,innocent, what's your ren to how it all played out? >> i don't think history will treat this very well. it didn't have legitimacy that i
6:34 am
think that democrats thought it would be. the chief -- the supreme court chief justice was not presiding. the senate president did not preside. kamala harris i think knew how bad it was going to be. she didn't show up. calling witnesses and then not calling witnesses. they really didn't sway anybody. i think it was a complete waste of time and democrats are now 0-2 and america wants to move on. jedediah: one of the topics we've been talking about a lot is cancel structure. you're hosting the wise guys. tell us about the wise guys and the topic of cancel culture and what you'll be breaking down for us on there. >> it's about the cancel culture. it's also about censorship. we have a great cast of people that are coming together to have this discussion. tammy bruce, dave rubin, conrad black, he's got a real good voice on this issue as well. how did we get here? how did we get to this place?
6:35 am
what is america doing? what can we do to move forward? how do people get their voice back in this country? because right now there's an attack on the first amendment, there's an attack on conservative voices and we can complain about it but we've got to actually do things and that's what the whole discussion is, it's i believe 10:00 p.m. eastern tonight right here on fox. pete: you are correct, 10:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. it also airs on fox nation. you're right, jason, people are asking that question. if they can silence the president of the united states and a lot of other -- project veritas most recently, they can certainly silence me when i have an opinion that's not of the current popular strand. here's a small clip of what leo said on your show. >> in 2016, when president trump won the election, the left wing media got upset, angry. they never expected it. over the last four years,
6:36 am
they've been plotting, planning, to make sure it didn't happen again. they're in bed with big tech. they're in bed with left wing media. they're in bed with silicon valley. and they they just basically decided to shut down all avenues of information to the general public. pete: jason, i can't wait to watch it tonight, 10:00 p.m. eastern time. did you get the solutions? what can be done about it? how do you fight back in this kind of environment? >> >> that's exactly -- again, we hit the surface. we state the obvious. but then the question that i posed to each of the fourth panelists, okay, what do we do. what do we actually do? it's more than just complain. it's more than just type out a tweet. we'll get into in-depth tonight at 10:00. will: that was a tease. i want to know what we're supposed to do as well. here's my strength, how i stand up. it's a mechanism built upon feerks everyone be strong --
6:37 am
fear, everyone be strong in your convictions. businesses be strong. i'll be watching. i want to see what your answers. fox nation is a members of only streaming service, access to exclusive content. jason's upcoming book, they never let a crisis go to waste, the truth about disaster, liberalism is now available on preorder. jason, thanks so much for being with us today. jedediah: thanks, jason. >> thank you. happy valentine's day. will: same to you. jedediah: same to you. all right. we're going to turn to headlines for you now this hour. family and friends mourning the loss of a murdered yale graduate student, kevin janks funeral was held at a church where he volunteered. he was described as a man of faith and love. >> kevin would want us to cherish the gift of life we still have on earth and share the good news of eternal life in christ, jesus.
6:38 am
jedediah: police are looking for a person of interest. he was reportedly last spotted in georgia. and a real life super woman, a woman getting a year's supply of milk after being filmed single handedly pushing a massive milk truck up a snowy hill in scotland. she said she couldn't stand by and do nothing. the milk company's shareman was impressed but -- chairman was impressed but warned others not to repeat her actions for safety reasons. a hospital throws a party for this dog's service during the pandemic. he helped comfort nursing working the frontline. the nurses showed their appreciation. she will move on to be a service dog. congratulations to win. pete: let's get to a story that's affecting as we were told earlier roughly 150 million americans, that's extreme weather. we need rick reichmuth to tell us what's going on across the
6:39 am
country. >> almost half of the population of the country under some sort of winter weather advisory right now. everywhere you see the pink, that is winter storm warnings. pretty much the entire state of texas, a lot of louisiana. you don't normally see those kinds of warnings that far down to the south. a lot going on. obviously it's cold. everybody's aware of that you're experiencing it right now, the cold's been in place, stays in place. we have two storms we're watching, one across parts of florida. that's all rain, across coastal georgia, into the carolinas. this is going to be the first big weather maker for this week, bringing snow across parts of the pan handle, oklahoma today, up to a foot of snow falling across areas of oklahoma. ice across coastal areas of texas. it's going to be treacherous travel conditions, stay off the roads if you can. you're not going to be able to get anywhere on that kind of ice. back to you. jedediah: thank you, rick. >> i have perishable items for
6:40 am
valentine's. i must you arrive in texas today. you can get the american icon series on fox nation. i participated in the latest one which is gerald ford, an american icon. we talked about gerald ford, his football career, his presidency and ultimately his loss to jimmy carter. listen to this. >> president ford inately understood that any great competitor knows how to lose with dignity. on january 20th, 1977, the nice guy from michigan watched the peanut farmer from georgia succeed him as the next president of the united states. the two men both shared mutual respect for one another. will: there's a clip from american icons, gerald ford. it's streaming on fox nation. are there other presidents who played d-1 football? i don't know if there is. pete: i don't think so, will. he's also the only president never to get a vote as a vice president or president but was still president. will: i don't really know
6:41 am
what's going on with this plant behind me. did you ever decide? what are you growing? what are you -- pete: didn't you look. will: i don't understand, dave, what you're growing. are you surprised it's on television. pete: you didn't do any investigation? will: i looked. it's suspect, pete. very suspect. [laughter] pete: questionable. have it removed. jedediah: i like it. pete: it's very green of you, will. i didn't know you would be a green guy. coming up, the biden administration demanding accountability and transparency from the w.h.o., the world health organization, and its investigation into the covid-19 origins and how will's plant got there. will the deep concern translate into tough policy. we'll ask maria bartiromo and who will come out on top at today's daytona 500 on fox, we will chat with 2015 champ joey logano before the race. ♪
6:42 am
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6:45 am
with vascepa. pete: we are back with a look at the week ahead, tuesday is mardi gras. due to covid-19, parades are canceled, bars are ordered to close and there are limits on gatherings. it shall be back soon. then ash wednesday kicks off lent season for christians. many churches will sprinkle ashes instead of placing it on foreheads. the ceos of robinhood and reddit are scheduled to testify before congress over the gamestop trading frenzy. will. will: the white house now demanding transparency in the wake of the w.h.o.'s investigation into the origins of covid-19. national security advisor jake sullivan claiming we have had deep concerns about the way in which -- sorry, jedediah, i took it from there.
6:46 am
the findings of the covid-19 co9 investigation were communicated and questions about the process used to reach them. it's apparent that this record be independent with expert findings free from alteration. all countries including china should participate in a transparent, robust process for preventing and responding to health emergencies. jedediah: here to react, sunday morning futures anchor, maria bartiromo. your thoughts on that statement that we just read? maria: i think it's really important, guys. good morning to you. it's very good to see that the biden administration is acknowledging the threat that china truly represents and the world health organization rolling over for the chinese communist party. look, we all remember the january 14th 2020 tweet and that january 14th 2020 tweet from the worse stated very clearly -- the world health organization stated very clearly that the coronavirus is not transmissible through humans and that was absolutely incorrect
6:47 am
and they said that in january of 2020, at the direction of the chinese communist party. so we all knew this, that the w.h.o. was in the pocket of the ccp, and also that the chinese communist party would not allow the leading health organization in the world actually get to the bottom of it, the cdc. the cdc was not allowed into wuhan, with its own expanded team, independently, to actually investigate the origins of the coronavirus. i would say it's very good news to see this pushback and this push for transparency from the biden administration because that is exactly what we need. we all know the threat of the chinese communist party and the entire world should be worried that the communists want to overtake the united states as the dominant global power. pete: you know this issue so well. so i take your point, better late than never. hopefully they do end up holding them accountable, certainly the trump administration wanted to. you've got a great show today.
6:48 am
share your lineup. maria: thanks so much, pete. we're going to lead off with governor ron de santis, we're going to talk about this conversation being had about the potential for a travel ban within the united states. obviously, florida is soaring, home construction is up, new home sales are up. the economic growth is up. even revenue is up in florida even though they have no income tax and very low taxes. we'll also get into the impeachment trial with allen dershowitz and representative jim jordan. then we will look at new york, we're looking at florida, we're looking at new york and california as well and representative lee zelden will join us on the nursing home scandal. we've got breaking news coming up out of the florida as well as new york. so do join us. we'll see you in about 12 minutes. pete: you know what else is up in florida? the population. the ultimate vote is people moving to your state. i know ron de santis is seeing people move into florida. we'll be watching.
6:49 am
still ahead, it's race day in daytona. which driver will join with us the glory? joey logano joins us live before he hits the track, next. ♪ wild thing, you make my heart sing. ♪ you make everything groovy. ♪ wild thing. ♪ y for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high you know how i feel ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel ♪ [man: coughing] ♪ it's a new dawn, it's a new day... ♪ no matter how you got copd it's time to make a stand. ♪ ...and i'm feelin' good ♪ start a new day with trelegy. no once-daily copd medicine has the power to treat copd in as many ways as trelegy. with three medicines in one inhaler, trelegy helps people breathe easier and improves lung function. it also helps prevent future flare-ups. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. will: in just a few hours 40 drivers will take the wheel at the daytona 500. history will be on the line as denny hamlin looks to be the first driver ever to win the daytona 500 three years in row. there is a crowded field of challengers including joey logano.
6:53 am
he finished first in 2015. he joins us now. joey, great to see you. why don't you take us onto the track. what's it like, 40 drivers, close to 200 miles an hour at times. lap after lap after lap. i've heard you say it's a balancing act of aggression and caution, confidence and patience. what's it like? >> you said a lot of it there. it's controlled chaos and a balance of trying to stay up front, trying to keep your car in one piece and at the end it is pandemonium. it's nuts out there. it's the great american race, the daytona 500. everyone realizes what that. everyone ends up being aggressive with blocks and maneuvers on the racetrack. you hope to position yourself in the right playstation and ultimately -- right place and ultimately go for a second daytona 500. will: how much team play is it? i know there's blocking.
6:54 am
when it comes to the last lap or two, every man for himself? >> for the most part. you can't get there on your own. a lot of the manufacturers will work together. you'll see team penske cars work together along with the ford as well as other manufacturers in their own group, strategy, pitting together in the draft will be important to try to position yourself in the front and also it's the safest way. you have your friends around you, maybe they're not out there putting you in the worst spot. at the end of the race, everyone realizes what's on the line. only one person can get the trophy, only one person is able to put the name on there with the pioneers of our support. everybody realizes that. you also have to have some friends to get close to it. will: what is it? it's like 25 wins, how many wins in the career, something like that. so i know you've said in sports more and more and more. that's the ethos. in order to keep winning more and more. i was watching the tiger woods
6:55 am
documentary last night. the clock is ticking. you never know when whatever is going to happen will happen. injuries or of who knows what. tiger looked like he was definitely going to take jack nicklaus' record. then everything fell apart. that more and more and more is sort of necessary, right, because you're on a clock. >> you never know what life is going to bring you. if i looked ten years ago where i was to where i am now i would have never guessed it. you don't know where god is going to take you one day to the next. you have to live every day of to the fullest and try to make the most of it. as an as lead, as anybody, you have the to look for more. you have to realize what worked last year won't work this year. everyone is evolving, getting better. that's continues. that's what sports are. that's what makes it fun. you have to keep challenging yourself, further than you thought you could be. will: i'm sure you're excited. 30,000 fans in the stands today. it's going to be cool down in daytona. we'll be watching, rooting for you joey. good luck to you today.
6:56 am
>> thank you very much. glad to have some fans back in the stands here. will: you still have time to enter the fox bet super 6 nascar contest for your chance to win $25,000 of clint boyer's money, download the app and pick the finishing positions of six drivers for your shot to win. it's free to play. don't miss out. play now where there's still time left. more "fox & friends" moments away. ♪ what's the #1 retinol brand used most by dermatologists? tah-dah, it's neutrogena® with derm-proven retinol, rapid wrinkle repair® smooths the look of fine lines in 1-week, deep wrinkles in 4. so you can kiss wrinkles, and other wrinkle creams goodbye.
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7:00 am
celebrate with a little chocolate. a little something, something. pete: happy valentine's day. have a good day, everybody. go to church. ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. welcome to sunday morning futures. i'm maria bartiromo. acquitted again. coming up the senate votes to acquit president trump for a second time, congressman jim jordan and constitution attorney alan dershowitz on the merits to have case and impact on the country and constitution. plus the show must go on complete with armed guard and fence on u.s. capitol. ric grenell on the potential intel threat that would justify half a billion dollar price tag and the police gate until at least


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