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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 16, 2021 1:00am-2:01am PST

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>> covid-19 did not get into the nursing homes by people coming from hospitals. covid-19 got into the nursing homes by staff walking into the nursing home. shannon: we have a lot to talk about. it is tuesday february 15th is governor andrew, bucking the blame after his team and his reported thousands of nursing home death but now even democrats are calling him a liar, live in new york with the bipartisan backlash. >> millions of texans waking up without power after the power grid fails during that historic winter storm. some experts say the switch to
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green energy is to blame. shannon: easter celebrations will be slimmed-down, top bars and restaurants embracing from muted mardi gras. "fox and friends first" starts right now. don't ♪♪ >> are we in a power outage here. the way started, we have a lot to talk about, usually when somebody says that when i'm around i have done something wrong. to date is just governor cuomo. shannon: you are not in trouble yet. shannon: good morning, you're watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. shannon: let's get right to this. new york democrats:governor andrew cuomo a liar after he denies covering up nursing home coronavirus this. shannon: the growing backlash.
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>> the cuomo cover-up is quickly unraveled, they are forced to face a growing scandal that he has been running from. in a press conference monday andrew cuomo said the state didn't cover up nursing home death that admits he should have moved faster release information. >> anything you personally apologize for? >> we did not do a good and jeff job providing information. i take responsibility for that. the void we created from into the confusion. >> didn't apologize and is a lot of confusion. the state department of health reported nearly 900,000 covid-19 nursing home death in new york but the attorney general's report found depth double that close to 15,000, cuomo blaming nursing home staff are bringing up 24 into the facilities. >> staff working into the
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nursing home were asymptomatic because the experts told us you could only spread covid-19 if you have symptoms. that is how covid-19 got into the nursing homes. shannon: janice dean has been very outspoken on the controversy, she lost both her in-laws to covid-19 while in a new york nursing home. here's her reactions what he just said. >> i'm astonished, passing blame on everyone once again. it's like he has no one advising him to actually apologize, we are not buying it anymore, governor. >> quotients getting any love from his fellow new york democrats either. senator jessica ramos tweeting at the administration notify legislators about a doj investigation. people died and cuomo log, then he had the gall to write a book, lawmakers pushing to strip cuomo of emergency authority, to issue unilateral directives.
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>> reporter: he needs to win an oscar for his role as a lying the dogface tony soldier. to hear him not apologize, democrats in charge refused to take this executive order privilege back. he needs to resign. shannon: cuomo express conference comes days after he told democrats are called a worry nursing home data would, quote, be used against us in a doj investigation. shannon: unbelievable. thank you. >> guy benson sounding off on the governor's press conference and his inability to take blame. take a listen. >> astounding was one of the most consistently dishonest performances i've seen from a politician in either party. he was essentially saying all of this is a lie. everything from his own attorney general, carlson his own party, the associated press reports, democrats from his own top-rated meeting, it is all a toxic environment, not his fault,
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textbook gas lighting. todd: governor cuomo feasting impeachment calls over this scandal. to washington where nancy pelosi says congress will establish a 9/11 style commission to investigate the capitol hill riots. shannon: griff jenkins joins us as capital police deliver a no-confidence vote in leaders. >> reporter: rank and file delivered an overwhelming vote in their senior leadership after the union's executive board review details of the events leading up to january 6th. speaker pelosi wants her own review calling for 9/11 commission writing in a letter to the democratic caucus, quote, to protect our security, our security, our security, next step will be to establish an outside independent 9/11 type commission to investigate the facts and causes related to the january 6th, 2021, domestic terrorist attack on the united states capitol complex, this
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after the speaker tasked the commission similar to the one congress created in the wake of the 2001 terrorist attack and already there is bipartisan support. >> did nancy pelosi no one january 5th that there was a threat to the capital? what did donald trump do after the attack? we need a 9/11 commission to find out what happened and make sure it never happens again. >> reporter: this as house republicans send a letter to pelosi demanding answers over the timing of the guard deployment and if her office had requests from the capital police, 6000 of those troops remain here with razor wire fencing around the capital which former governor mike huckabee is politically driven. >> they are there as a show, still trying to somehow show that what happened on january 6th was the worst thing
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that has happened and in part so that they don't have to answer for all the things that happened in detroit, portland and seattle and many -- minneapolis and new york city and washington dc. >> how long will the troops stay? that is unclear. a letter obtained by our fox affiliate in dc suggest the guard looks at what they can, quote, sustain through the fall but no decisions have been made. todd: we will talk to commerce and michael walsh at the end of the show, he is a military guy, thanks. shannon: extreme weather, winter blast moving east kills 19 people across the us. overnight a tornado tears through north carolina, rescue teams are searching for missing people. earlier at least one person was injured and a second tornado in georgia, icy roads caused hundreds of crashes including this one in texas where cars slammed into a police cruiser.
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residents leaving their cars, 4 million people were without power in the lone star state alone. texas airports were shut down as crews cleared the snow, 6000 flights have been canceled nationwide. in louisiana strong winds caused power lines to search with electricity. that video is wild. todd: calling out the vice president after the vaccine rollout. >> no stockpile, we are starting from scratch on something raging for almost an entire year. todd: former health and human services chief of staff brian harris tweeting i wish you would build on, not the spirit, the successes we left you. identify areas for improvement please improve, that opposed to distortions and figure pointing will speed our victory over covid-19 and be a win for all americans. vice president kamala harris contradicted previous remarks from covid-19 saying the biden administration was not starting from scratch.
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>> former georgia senator david purdue exploring a senate run in 2022, filed the ftc paperwork, republican lost his reelection bid during one of the georgia runoff elections against john ossoff last night. he would run against rafael warnock. todd: their won't be any big mardi gras celebrations in new orleans, bars shutdown as part of the temporary restriction. the cs mayor put in place to curb covid-19. liquor sales, to go beverages band, parades, large gatherings, the owner of a new it learns restaurant will join is coming up on how the crackdown is affecting business. >> you might see a lot more people as people come gathering. todd: 9 minutes after the hour, fox news alert, a rocket strike in iraq kills the contractor and 5 others heard including an american soldier. live report overseas on a deadly attack.
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>> support to recall gavin newsom growing. when california police officer says this recall should be a wake-up call that his policies are failing. that officer joins us live next.
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and i pray holocaust survivors will be given the basic needs that they so desperately pray for to survive. >> this rising crime it is going through to california residents is the policy put in place by governor newsom. he's been releasing thousands of inmates from prisons throughout the stigma doing so without any threat assessment, complete disregard for the safety of californians. >> california police sergeant calling out governor gavin newsom and endorsing the campaign to recall him while as the state suv gives 125,$000 to the recall ever. >> adam garcia joins us now, good to see you, thank you for being here.
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let's talk about -- a lot of people haven't been thrilled with gavin newsom's policies over the last few years but you say this goes deeper than that. why do you think everything is coming to the surface right now? >> i wish i had a good answer. with covid-19 and everything it just seems like the perfect storm of bad policies and leadership in a pandemic coming together at once. as law enforcement officers, the men and women who do the job doing the best we can to hold things back but when you start talking about defunding the police, having crime policies it becomes overwhelming for us to guarantee the safety of californians which is never guaranteed in the first place but we do the best we can. we could use the support of government to help us combat these crimes. todd: is get into that, the recall discussion surrounding gavin newsom has been about covid-19 lockdowns, all that
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goes along with the virus, you're focusing on public safety as to why he should be recalled. what is the rest of the nation need to know about public safety under gavin newsom's tenure? >> as i said before, what classifies as a nonviolent offender in california to be released from jail is very alarming. looking at an individual 60-year-old man who did a 15 year prison term for copulation of a minor, this individual was released under low grade probation and was put back on the streets. he classified as a nonviolent offender for weapons violation. in california an individual who sexually assaulted a child and later with a weapon is considered a nonviolent offender in california and we don't know where this individual is. this individual is out in the community now. he should know these policies are in place, and he has endorsed quite a few of them.
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he should see this system is not working. all the systems were designed, community safety, enhance public schools. you can look around california they don't look any better under gavin newsom's policies. shannon: the signatures that have been collected, more than 1.5 million, 2 million is the new goal. they reached the signatures they need but they want that 2 million mark to be sure. who do you think makes up the signatures, not necessarily all republicans because he is a democratic governor and they don't like him. these are parents, people with loved ones who live in different areas all across -- who makes up the signatures and why that is important. >> this is california speaking out. this isn't about democrat or republican. what you see right now is
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california coming together saying your job was to help us through covid-19 as safely as possible. i'm not a covid-19 denier, the nasty virus that has taken lives but at this time you're being surrounded by policies, people from all across the table saying enough is enough. if i can ask gavin is one question, please tell me why my family and i can't sit at a restaurant with a table that has been disinfected by staff but nfl football teams can run up and down the field and sweat all over each other and that is okay? there is no uniformity to these shutdowns and it shows bad leadership. this is a movement of californians together. todd: we appreciate your time. in his early on the west coast.
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jillian: officers rushed into a burning building and make an incredible rescue. >> get out, get out. jillian: the heart pounding moment. todd: fat tuesday a little bit slimmed-down, mardi gras celebrations come back to covid-19 restrictions. we will talk to a bar owner about the impact on his business next. ♪♪ ce policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy, even a term policy, for an immediate cash payment. call coventry direct to learn more. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized that we needed a way to supplement our income. our friends sold their policy to help pay for their medical bills and that got me thinking. maybe selling our policy could help with our retirement. i'm skeptical, so i did some
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delegating? oh, good one. move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. >> all bars in the city of new orleans will be closed, both
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indoor and outdoor, including bars, operating as restaurants. there will be no packaged liquor stores sales in the french quarter. jillian: it is surely a slimmed down fat tuesday as new orleans shutdown bars for mardi gras celebrations, but these latest restrictions heard even more. joining us now, owner of redeye grill, appreciate your time. happy mardi gras. it is not the happiest. let's talk about what happened, your bar has been shutdown since february 6th for operating outside the pandemic guidelines. explain what happened there. >> operating over 25% guidelines, so the city shutters down but also shutdown because
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the whole city until today. shannon: let's pull up that information because the bars are ordered to close from fabric 12 through the seventeenth. we are in the middle of that right now. 5 days is a long time, they are close citywide from 7:00 pm to 3 am. what are some of your fellow restaurant owners and bar owners saying about what is going on q i'm sure this is hurting a lot of people? >> the biggest week in the year in new orleans. for some of these people this is a tough one. we need for a while mardi gras wasn't going to look the same. we've known since august it would be nowhere near as big as it has been in past years. i don't think it was new -- it was going to be the capacity of drinks or anything that caught them off guard. it is a tough below.
1:24 am
we have already lost following, saints home game, new year's eve, another tough below. the hardest part is not knowing when it is going to end? will be april that the vaccine comes out, 50% of the people in town as it? is it in august? the toughest parties not knowing the end game? where is it? are getting close? we are hanging on by a thread here? same with my staff, the staff that is hanging on, some going into credit card debt to stay afloat. it is a tough thing to be part of and witness, how do we keep getting through this. shannon: more questions than answers, that is what i'm hearing from you. if you knew a date, a end date he would do everything you could to survive to that point but when you don't have a end date it makes it hard for survival. how much money would you normally break in over mardi gras?
1:25 am
>> mardi gras alone is between 50 and 75 an hour and that four days span. in the warehouse system. but that is one weekend. by far the week of the year. coming off of, we just had -- we just had the single biggest day, we've been open 25 years, we had our single biggest day with the national championship, celebrating after everything else, going into a great mardi gras last year and the shutdowns happened and as you move forward we are thinking it is going to be 3 months, no big deal. now as we move on to the eleventh month and 12 month it is becoming -- it is tough, fatigued, the staff that has
1:26 am
held on to us is hanging on, it is a tough thing in the government, federal government assistance has been tough, the ppp loans were based on places that have high payrolls and a lot of places like ourselves don't carry that. we don't have a lot of general managers. it is putting us in a tough spot all around. we don't want people to think because of the things that happened that we are doing them just to blatantly do them, we are doing them because we have are back against the wall. >> thank you for your time, we appreciate it, people are going through this all across the country, thank you. >> 26 after the hour, historic lows hit texas causing wind turbines to freeze, millions without power as leaders
1:27 am
question with a green energy can hold up in a crisis. live report on the growing concerns. the botnet ministration letting 25,000 asylum-seekers cross the border this week, is another crisis brewing? we discussed next.
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fox news alert a civilian contractor killed, 5 others injured after an attack on the us-led military base in iraq. >> the deadliest attack against forces in nearly a year. >> this major escalation it is not just a challenge in the iraq context but very likely roads from this attack lead to iran so it is an early test of the biden administration as it works out its policy on both countries. 14 rounds were fired, four rocket landed inside the us
1:31 am
military compound, 10 outside. a contractor who was not an american citizen was killed, four american contractors were injured, one us servicemember was also hurt. the action happened around the airport, it is rare for attacks to occur there. us secretary of state anthony blinkian said i reached out to the kurdistan regional government to discuss the incident and pledge our support for all efforts to investigate and hold those accountable responsible. a little-known group called the guardians of the blood brigade claimed responsibility for this, no proof but it is widely believed this may be a front for an iran linked militia. neil: thank you. shannon: 25,000 asylum-seekers could enter the us as president biden reverses donald trump's remain in mexico policy, republicans crying foul saying
1:32 am
there's a crisis at the border. >> senior national security fellow todd vincent. to a lot of americans this is simply a new story but for the men and women trying to secure our border what does this change in policy mean for their day-to-day lives and they are trying to do their job of securing the border? >> what this does is creates a powerful suction for mass migration. all the conditions are in place for thousands and thousands of migrants to want to come to the united states. this is the oldest name in the world, the claim is asylum so that you can get inside the country and stay perfect actuated forever. letting these 25,000, most of them are not going to win asylum claims, the vast majority of
1:33 am
central americans, haitians and other economic migrants who claim asylum don't win asylum. 80% to 90% don't. that's not the game. the game is to get in and live forever and it is made worse by the fact that we are not going to be deporting anyone. >> let's look at some numbers, asylum-seekers, it starts with 2019, in january you can see a little over 58,000, 2020, 35,000 and as you see, fiscal year 2021, 78,000, that is a huge number and a lot of people concerned about coronavirus when you see numbers like that, people attempting to cross the border. senator ted cruz said this can result in the release of covid-19 positive persons and florida governor ron desantis echoed that.
1:34 am
>> this is all political. is opening the border, letting illegals for in. they are not doing any and covid-19 test spaghetti wants to potentially make you take a test if you just get on an airplane and fly from one american city to the next. >> a lot of people not digesting that thought well. what do you say? >> this is absolutely accurate. the point is the biden administration brought back catch and release, most powerful magnet for illegal migration, just searing large groups of patients at the greyhound bus station, nobody is getting covid-19 -- they are saying 25,000 asylum-seekers in mexico,
1:35 am
there are thousands of migrants in northern mexico waiting to come over and when they decide to come over imagine that. >> it will tax border patrol trying to do their best. we appreciate your time this morning, we will check back in with you as the situation deepens. shannon: let's talk about this. i don't know if you saw this yesterday but new york governor andrew cuomo did have a press conference, the first one he has had in a number of days and a lot of people, thousands of people in this area and beyond who have lost loved ones due to the covid-19 nursing home policy that went into effect march of last year, still looking for an apology and when asked if he was going to apologize listen to what he said. >> anything you personally apologize for? >> we did not do a good enough job providing information. i take total responsibility for that. the void we created contributed to the confusion.
1:36 am
>> that was the rationalization. here is the absolute deflecting of blame by governor cuomo. >> staff walking into the nursing home were asymptomatic, the national experts all told us you could only spread covid-19 if you had symptoms. that is how covid-19 got into the nursing homes. >> people are just tired of this. people are fed up, people want answers, they want apologies and they deserve apology. people like janice dean, thousands of people like her out there, you see her talking about this, she's been a fighter from the beginning and so many people are fighting for that apology, for those answers, they just want the truth. people didn't get to see their loved ones before they died in these nursing homes. they didn't get to do any of that and it is sad when you see
1:37 am
the walls closing in on him and closing in to finally reveal the truth and there is still no movement as far as getting the truth. >> instead of addressing that horrific part of the condition known as death he blamed some nursing home worker making maybe $10 an hour risking their lives especially at the beginning of the pandemic to provide care for people and instead he throws them under the bus. none of the soundbites we just played addresses why he covered up the numbers which is where we are right now. even if you assume everything he just said is 100% true he should still have released the numbers to the public and he did nothing. shannon: and the shift they brought in, none of that was used. there are a lot of questions that need answers because people deserve them and number 2 you need to figure out how to do this better going forward if we are ever in a situation where we
1:38 am
need to know the right and wrong and how to deal with a situation like this, let's pray it never happens again but you need a thorough evaluation. >> one thing that is telling about all this, not republicans that are sounding the alarm on this, democrats too. democrat state senator jessica ramos, quote, at no point did the administration notice of high the legislature about a doj investigation. people died, cuomo lied, then he had the gall to write a book, powerful language from a democrat, here's another democrat, state senator, to new yorkers watching cuomo's press conference it is riddled with lies, fear and deflection, you wonder if he's going to maintain his stranglehold in albany because he has for a number of years, this is his third term, curious to see how much longer he can keep that hold. shannon: we will continue to follow it. in the meantime more stories. >> minnesota house democrats create a $35 million fund to bolster security during the murder trial of eric show them, the police officer charged with
1:39 am
killing george floyd last may. demo all opposing providing additional security in fear that there will be a repeat of violent riots. >> michigan deputies being held as heroes for rushing people out of a raging apartment fire. >> got to get out, let's go, get out. >> deputies running into the complex just before flames engulfed the building in michigan. some reportedly jumping out of windows. several minor injuries were reported. still had a call to boycott the to a t 22 beijing olympics to stiff china. >> a live report on that next. ♪♪
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shannon: the biden administration is expected to give its first official position on a new push to boycott the 2022 of the games in china. jillian: republican congressman putting pressure on the white house. >> reporter: republican congressman urging the united states to boycott the winter of the games in beijing, introducing a house resolution saying the us cannot participate in the games, china could be emboldened by legitimacy of hosting from. the olympic games our celebration of international culture meant to be independent of political, ideological and diplomatic disagreements. the former congressman says the games being held in beijing amid abuses by the chinese communist party and the coronavirus
1:44 am
pandemic would be, quote, unethical and wrong. the resolution comes after president biden spoke with chinese president xi jinping for the first time since taking office. during that call the president outlined his view on china's aggressive abuses. jen psaki said biden is clear eyed about us china policy and says the administration is taking a, quote, strategic approach. he hopes the biden administration will get on board with his resolution. you can catch them coming up in the 5:00 hour of "fox and friends first". todd: thank you. todd: millions in texas in the dark. the historic cold freezing, that is not good, calling green energy into question was a live report on the systems failure. >> more californians went out of the golden state. the leader of the movement to form a new state joins us next. ♪♪
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jillian: winter storm leaves millions without power, power companies filing out frozen gas lines and wind turbines. todd: the efficacy of green energy. >> nearly 4 million texans battling the bitter cold without heat or power. record low temperatures gripping the state. the unprecedented situation sparking a demand for power the electrical grid couldn't keep up with. rolling blackouts been implemented cities like dallas and austin experiencing temperatures in the single digits forcing some residents to sleep in their cars. residents in abilene without running water as the city was forced to shut off its supply, dallas and san antonio airports forced to cancel virtually all flights.
1:49 am
part of the problem, frozen wind turbines. the electrical grid operator releasing a statement saying there was limited gas supply to generating units on february 14th, significant number of additional generating units tripped off lines when the weather worsened overnight. former energy secretary rick perry lost power during his interview with tucker carlson lastly but after using a backup generator to rejoin the show he had this to say. >> we got to have an energy supply that is diverse, a baseload the you know when you call on it it is going to be there. i don't hear the current administration, the green new deal talking about anything other than wind and solar. those are fine but the point is
1:50 am
you better be thinking long-term in this game and there's not enough people thinking long-term. >> the texas national guard and roughly 6400 emergency personnel have been deployed across the state to perform checks. todd: from recalling governor gavin newsom to recalling the entire state, the jefferson movement has never been more active as the group looks to turn northern california into the 50 first state. the leader of the movement saying these 22 rural counties you see on your screen have little in common with the liberal parts of california. mark baird is the leader of the group enjoins me live, thanks for being here. we just showed that map, why should those counties north of sacramento no longer be part of california? >> people invented government to secure their rights and secure their liberty and when government fails to do the job, then we have the right under the california constitution article 2 section 1 to alter or reform the government any time the public good demanded in the
1:51 am
public good definitely demands we get rid of the state that is irreparably broken and irretrievably unfixable and the only way for us to do that is to start our own state. >> this area in northern california represents a population of 1.7 million people but in terms of representation in sacramento, and washington dc you don't have a lot of representatives which is very small compared to the land mass. critics in la and san francisco would say your presentation is based on population and population alone. how do you respond? >> that is true. our representation is based on population alone and that is where we take exception to the rest of california because thomas paine said as the colony goes representation must also grow so all parts of the colony remain represented so the people left won't be able to some form separate agenda from those who elected them.
1:52 am
in california we elected a monarchy and don't be surprised when they start acting like it. todd: i lived in california for 12 years. i quite frankly did not know many of the names of the counties north of sacramento much less the towns within them, much less their representatives. is it true that other parts of california like la where i lived for 8 years really don't care about the northern part of the state? >> they don't care and why should they? things that happen to us don't affect them. we have to have government that adequately represents our needs and we have lives too and the right to adequate and fair representation and that is what we are striving to achieve through a state of our own with
1:53 am
the constitution that is very difficult to change and will prevent these kinds of government overreach from ever happening again. >> california is a very big agricultural state but even within the ag community what you grow in northern california is significantly different from what they grow in the central valley so even though you might have the common bond of farming it really isn't much of a bond at all. do you believe your efforts will be successful? >> our efforts will succeed because whenever government fails to serve the people the people have the right to alter or abolish it anytime they see fit and if we have to that is what we will do. >> who knows, if this is successful it could balance out the other 50 first state they are talking about on the other side of the country washington dc. q please keep us posted, this is fascinating. shannon: donald trump greeted by hundreds of cheering fans on presidents' day. supporters chanting usa as his
1:54 am
motorcade drove by in florida near his lorillard go home. coming up in the next hour of "fox and friends first" president biden taking aim at gun rights which antonia oka for says anti-gun policies only hurt honest citizens, she joins us coming up. retired police lieutenant randy sutton and congressman michael walsh in the next hour. ♪♪
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>> covid-19 did not getting to the nursing homes from people coming from hospitals. covid-19 got into the nursing homes by staff walking into the nursing home. neil: you hear that? it is tuesday february 16th, new
1:59 am
york governor andrew cuomo bucking the blame enter his state report under reported nursing home deaths, even democrats are calling him a liar. live in new york with bipartisan backlash. >> millions weekend up without power is the power grid fails during a historic powerful and dangerous winter storm. expert say green energy is to blame. todd: fat tuesday's celebrations will be slimmed-down. how far restaurants in new orleans are bracing from muted mardi gras. "fox and friends first" continues right now. todd: producers have no idea. this is the song after my wife and i had our wedding dance song. i have a font place in my heart
2:00 am
for that song, nothing to do with the news cast. todd: i like that, i love this song. todd: serious stuff today. todd: you are watching "fox and friends first". todd: new york democrats:governor andrew cuomo a liar after he denies covering of nursing home coronavirus death. todd: jackie ibanez live with a growing backlash. >> reporter: the near governor forced to face the growing scandal he has been running from. andrew cuomo said the state did not come from nursing home death but he admits he should have moved faster to release information, information to the public. the press is been asking from it, cuomo claimed the doj and state legislatures both requested a


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